Today’s post continues the Pandora Summer 2015 reviews with a closer look at the rather beautiful Orchid pendant! This charm was the only one that I knew for sure that I wanted when the first stock images for summer emerged (although since then I’ve also indulged in the new green leather and the green Petite Facets! :P) and it has proved one of the most popular of the summer pieces!

pandora summer 2015 review orchid

With its deep fuchsia colour and floral design, it has an appeal that, while tropical, also goes well beyond the summer season. Read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration! :)

The charm

In person, the colour is pretty true to the stock image (see below) – a lovely deep shade of pinky purple, which looks brighter or darker depending on how the light hits it. There’s a little purple cubic at the centre of the flower, too. <3

pandora summer 2015 review orchid

While I am often ambivalent to Pandora’s love of pavé, I do love their use of enamel detailing! ^^ I probably would have preferred this charm without the additional sparkle at the bail, but it doesn’t detract very much from the overall design. In person, you don’t notice it so much – it just adds a little complementary glitter to the stone at the heart of the flower.

pandora summer 2015 orchid

I realised that I hadn’t seen a picture of the back of the Orchid before, and was pleasantly surprised by the pretty leafy details and buds engraved there. I love little touches like these!
pandora summer 2015 review orchid

It is a reasonably big dangle, but it is refreshingly light. Obviously, with the pavé detailing at the bail, it is not threaded, which contributes to its lightness.

pandora summer 2015 review orchid


Personally, I’ve added the Orchid to my black double leather bracelet, as I love the dramatic contrast between the black and the fuchsia. I was thinking that I could add a couple of the Pre-Autumn 2015 travel charms to this design – perhaps the new Camera and the Travel Together Forever pendant.

pandora summer 2015 review orchid

The charm is very beautiful and vivid in shade, and it is more than capable of being worn on its own – it would look beautiful as a necklace pendant, too!


For a fun, exotic styling, try switching the black out for the green leather instead. It’s not a pairing that would instantly have occurred to me, but it really does work, conjuring up that tropical look that characterises this collection. :)

pandora summer 2015 review orchid

I absolutely loved this styling from Pandora’s Summer 2015 campaign. My plan was always to try and recreate something similar for this review, but unfortunately I only have one Sea Glass murano and it was deliberately chosen to be light and not too vibrant, haha. I also just don’t have a lot of clear pavé or beachy charms.pandora summer 2015 review orchid

Instead, for my silver bracelet stylings I’ve decided to focus on the Petite Facets again – they go so well with the new pieces for 2015, and are a great representation of how pretty ‘new’ Pandora can be. The deep pink of the Orchid goes well with the lighter pastels of the pink Facets, especially when off-balanced with a little white enamel.

pandora summer 2015 review orchid

However, I actually loved this combination a little more! :) The green and pink Facets do work together remarkably well, and the addition of the exotic-looking Orchid only adds to the effect.
pandora summer 2015 review orchid

This styling would look great with additional Petite Facets, and some plain silver charms – perhaps some beach-themed charms, such as the Dolphin or the Turtle, and some more floral pieces. :)

pandora summer 2015 review orchid


This is a rather beautiful little pendant, and a worthy centrepiece to a bracelet design (or a necklace pendant, too). It suffers a little from the usual superfluous pavé detailing, but the bright pink of the enamel is dramatic enough that it is doesn’t stand out too much in person. Of all the summer pieces, I think it is one that has the most appeal beyond the Summer months!

The Orchid is $45 USD or £40. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it alongside the rest of the Pandora Summer collection from authorised retailer John Greed.

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? How does it compare with the rest of the Summer release?

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  1. When it was first pictured, I just wasn’t sure about it, but that changed when I got a glimpse of it in-person! It is really pretty! My favorite look is when it is between two of the sea glass Murano beads. The colors compliment it so well. The sea glass has become some of my favorite beads. I don’t have the blue( think it’s called deep sea) one , but that might have to change. I would also love to get the turtle, but I can’t decide if I want the new pave or the old, plainer version. I love my little lady bug, but one of the little black stones came off of it. I was very disappointed & concerned. So many of the newer beads do have the pave . Sure hope they don’t start loosing stones. My jeweler replaced my charm. Was very proud of that!

    • Yes, I really wanted to be able to recreate that lovely Sea Glass design from the campaign shot – it does look so pretty, particularly with the purple versions. I can imagine that the Tropical multi-coloured one also looks amazing. I’m tempted to get another brighter pink/purple one to go with the Orchid as well – the one I currently have is one my fairy-tale bracelet and is really subtle in colour. :D
      I do like the new pavé turtle, and one thing in its favour is that each side of the charm is different – i.e. one side is the pavé shell and the other side is a plain silver underside. With the original plain silver turtle, it looks the same on the both sides, so it has two faces etc – which I don’t like as much. Both are cute though! I’m sorry to hear about your ladybird :( I seem to have been lucky with my pavé charms so far and I have not had any issues with some losing stones. Good to hear that your jeweller sorted it for you! :)

  2. :-) I love the colors of the Orchid. The charm is very pretty. But I’d be afraid that I’d catch something with its leaves…
    Have a very beautiful and HAPPY week :-)

    • The colours are beautiful – very vibrant and tropical! :) The corners of the leaves are quite rounded and soft, so I don’t think that they’re too much of a snag-risk – not compared to some Pandora dangles, lol.
      Have a lovely week too, and thanks for commenting! <3

  3. Hi Ellie!
    I was looking forward to enjoying a new review of yours, and I am really excited this one incudes one of my favourite charms! Orchids, in every colour and shape you can imagine, have been part of my daily life when I was living with my parents, since it’s my mother’s most preferred flower and a my must-gift for Mother’s Day (before I discovered Pandora haha)! So this charm kind of represents a mother-daughter bond for me and the sweet nostalgia for home!
    I prefer the Orchid as a necklace pendant so far, but it’s also adorable when added to my summer blue leather bracelet, as it is to your green! It seems that this charm, despite its bright colour, fits surprisingly good in many different stylings, as you’ ve presented above! My favourites are the combination with the green bracelet and facet, and the one with pink facets and daisies clips! Needless to say, you’ve just reminded me I need some daisies in my bracelet! :-)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Great job as always! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa, how lovely that the orchid has so much meaning for you, and you write about it rather wonderfully! Sounds like Pandora have made your perfect charm. ^^ Does your mother have Pandora too, then? Mine doesn’t really like jewellery at all, which is disappointing lol.
      I know, it really does look good with so many different colour combinations – which you wouldn’t think as it’s such a rich purple! <3 I think I will probably switch it between my leather bracelets and a necklace chain, like you say. And yes, you should definitely get some of the Daisies – they also look beautiful with just about anything! I've been using them so much in reviews lately, as I just love them – they're a great staple piece :D
      Thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! Glad you enjoyed the review ♥♥♥

      • Hi Ellie!
        Me and my brother gifted our mom her first Pandora bracelet on Mothers Day 2015 with 2 clips (an old design with hearts; you have it, too), the “Motherly love” openwork and the “We love you” pendant, instead of an orchid plant, as usual! She loved it! I also purchased the 2 pieces “Mother-Daughter” pendant (not sure about the name, it’s the one that looks like a silver heart and when you separate it, it’s red inside) and we now have one half each! There are only few charms on mom’s bracelet yet, but I’ll help her make it perfect! I bought an Orchid for her too, but she hasn’t seen it yet; I’ ll visit her next week! I think she will be as excited as I am!
        Why don’t you surprise your mom as well? If she sees a piece of jewellery full of meanings and feelings, she won’t be able to resist! :-)
        I’ll follow your proposal for daisies; they are already in my wishlist! ;-)
        Thank you for all your great work here! ♥♥♥

        • Hi Chrysa, oh that’s lovely, I’m so glad that your mom loved her bracelet! I would absolutely love to start my mum on Pandora but she is vehement that she wouldn’t wear it and that I shouldn’t spend the money on it. I do consider surprising her and I can imagine the pieces I would pick out for her, but I wouldn’t want her to feel obligated to wear it if she didn’t like it. I love that you surprised your mum though and I’m sure she will be thrilled with the orchid pendant, seeing as it is special to you both! <3
          Thanks Chrysa ♥♥♥

  4. As a recent convert to Pandora I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    Slightly random but I watched Jurassic world last night and was rather amused to see there was a Pandora store inside the Jurassic world theme park. I wonder what their resort only charms look like?

    • They should make Jurassic World charms! It would be cool to have something a little different from the flowers and sparkly charms (even though I like those). One that looked like stone with a fossil in it? Amber? A silver dinosaur egg? I suppose the teeth on a skull would get snagged on everything….

      PS-Great review Ellie! It’s nice to get a close up view including the back of the charm.

      • Yes, I’d love something to go with my very cute retired Dino! ^^ Your ideas are fab, I hadn’t really got beyond ‘tooth pendant’, haha. I particularly love your amber idea – that would be pretty and yet still on theme. The dinosaur egg also has the potential to be really cute – especially if they did one with a little dinosaur peeping out or something.

        Thanks Stephanie! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

    • I noticed the Pandora store too (wonder if it was paid product placement?) As a Pandora addict, I was wondering the same thing – what’s in that store??

      • Yep, Pandora will have paid out a lot of money to be included in the film – there have been a lot of articles lately about how much product placement is in the film, including Starbucks, Samsung, Mercedes etc.
        I would so love to know, too! It would have been so fun if they’d done a Jurassic World charm. ^^

    • Haha, yes, I heard about that too! My OH was mad about Jurassic Park as a kid so he’s pretty excited for this new film – it’s kind of fun that two of our loves have come into collision, lol. It’s disappointing that there isn’t actually a set of JW charms as I’d have loved to have written about them! A tooth charm/pendant like they teased on the website would have been great. I’m hopefully going to go and see the film myself this week – I will keep my eyes peeled for the Pandora store. ;)

  5. Hi Ellie, it was my top buy for the summer release, and orchids being my favourite flower too. I love how you styled it with the green and pink petit facets! I had a similar idea as I paired it with the teal and pink faceted muranos on the bangle (haven’t bought any petit facets as yet!) It sure is a versatile piece and can go with any colour leather bracelet. I tried it with the silver leather at the shop and it looked great too! I also do love how the back looks. About the pave bail, I’m partial to a bit of bling, so I quite like it. Thank you for the lovely styling ideas. I believe this is my favourite must have charm for this year!

    • Hi Bebe, glad to hear that you love this one too! I can imagine that it also looks beautiful with the teal and pink muranos – really tropical and pretty for summer ♥ It really is wonderfully versatile, too; there were so many stylings I could have done for this review, I was somewhat spoilt for choice! It’s surprising, as it’s quite a deep rich colour and you wouldn’t think that it would go with so much.
      Thank you for commenting, I’m so glad you enjoyed the review. :D This charm is one of my favourites for the year too – I’m sure I will be wearing it a lot this summer!

  6. Thanks for your lovely review! It was nice to see the back of the orchid as I hadn’t seen it yet and it does have some nice detailing. The orchid is one of the items due to arrive in my pandora goodies and after reading the review I’m even more pleased that I will have it. I have also always loved orchids and I thought the orchid charm would also be a nice reminder of a trip we took to Singapore and their beautiful orchid gardens which have hundreds of varieties of orchids. As this is going to be my first pendant charm (I don’t really like the idea of dangly charms on my bracelet) I think I will wear it mostly as a necklace pendant but I think especially after seeing the review I will wear it on the leather bracelets I have arriving. I really liked the picture of it with the purple pink muranos too. I hadn’t really paid attention to those muranos before but they look really pretty on that bracelet.

    Thanks again for the review and hard work you out into your blog. I look forward to the next review :)

    • Oh thank you, I’m glad to hear it was useful! I was pleasantly surprised by the detailing on the back of the charm, too, it had never occurred to me to wonder what it looked like haha. Your description of the Singapore gardens sounds rather magical, so much so that I just Googled it – the pictures are just beautiful! I’d love to go and see those some day. Cherry blossoms in Japan are also on my bucket list ^^ I’m planning on switching the Orchid between a necklace and my leathers, too. The pendant charms go particularly well with the leathers, I think, as the bracelet itself is so much lighter and you don’t notice the weight of the pendants so much :) The Sea Glass muranos are really beautiful – and I’ll confess that that campaign image made me look at them afresh as well! I already have one very pale one, but I’m tempted to get another brighter one to go with my Orchid at some point!

      Thank you, it’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying the reviews! I’m already working on more ^^

  7. Wow! I am not tempted by the charm itself, I must admit. But I knew I would be impressed by your stylings. And I was right! This time it exceeded all expectations! I particularly like it on the green bracelet. As well as on the silver one between the facets. The bracelets look so nice that this is making me give certain pieces a second thought. I am afraid am no longer immune to the summer collection!

    • Yay – thanks so much, Natali! ^^ Haha, despite being rather lukewarm when the first stock images came out, I have been rather inspired by the summer collection lately, particularly the gorgeous greens. I knew that I would love the Orchid, but the Petite Facets and the green leather rather snuck up on me! Glad to hear that I’ve persuaded you to give the Summer collection another look, haha.

  8. This didn’t appeal to me when I orginally saw the promo pictures, but I really like it now I’ve seen proper pictures of it and you can really see the colour. I think the colour is lovely, I think I will have to buy this next time I go shopping. I could see it matching some of the charms in my collection already.

  9. Your stylings are lovely, Ellie, I do think this charm goes with a lot! I just love it, including the pave hanger, to me it’s like getting an Inspiration Within type spacer as a bonus! The charm’s back is pretty too, reminds me of the pink enamel dangle bouquet charm that came out a couple years ago (Jared exclusive in the US), I love that one too.

    Too funny about the JW product placement! Would be fun if they did do a special tie-in charm but I’m sure it would already be out if they were doing it.

    • Thanks Natalie! <3 I hadn't thought of looking at the hanger as another spacer. I can definitely see how that would be a bonus! ^^ Yes, the pink bouquet charm is also really lovely and I remember when it came out – at the time I didn't have a very big Pandora budget so I focused on the fairy-tale charms. It is super pretty though and I'm sure I'll end up with it at some point too, haha!
      I know, I thought the same – if there was going to be a JW charm, we'd know about it by now. It's kind of a tease to have them describe a fictional tooth pendant on their website for the Jurassic World park though haha.

      • Haha, I just find it out of left field for Pandora to do a dino tooth or any charm for JW. I’d expect it from a brand like Ohm but Pandora I just don’t see it for some reason, Pandora is more about the pretty than the quirky. It is a very visible movie worldwide so I do think the product placement should be good advertising for them!

        • I know, I do look at the amazingly quirky things Ohm do rather wistfully! I just haven’t managed to persuade myself to take the plunge with other brands yet. Pandora is expensive enough as it is, haha. It would be nice to see them experiment with some more left field pieces, though. Even just some more quirky vintage pieces – I’m still waiting for my typewriter charm… ;)

    • Yeah, I started with just Pandora and some non-Pandora cheap glass, then I ordered a few charms from another brand (Individuality Beads) as they had some nice two tones and yellow and rose gold plated over sterling pieces and I just didn’t want to pay Pandora prices for solid gold and they didn’t even make Pandora Rose yet! I thought that would be it on non-Pandora charms. Well, I liked them so much and they looked so nice with what I already had I just kept finding more charms to buy as the prices were just so good and the store had sales and coupons all the time. But of course it’s money too and adds up so I’m not sure I really save that much but oh well :-) Then I started reading charm blogs that show other brands like Ohm and Elfbeads and Red Bali Frog and heard about sales and promos and end up trying some other brands…really is a slippery slope so could be good for the wallet to just stick to Pandora ;-)

      I think you would like Ohm, they really aren’t any cheaper than Pandora unless on sale (that was the only time I bought from them when they had some retired pieces 50% off for Black Friday). They are threaded and fit on Pandora bracelets and are nice quality and most are about the same size as Pandora. I think they are worth it if you really like a design that is unique to them.

      A typewriter would be cute, makes me think of the old alarm clock charm which I have and love. Pandora just doesn’t seem to make as many pieces like this anymore. Now they seem to want to do every version of heart they can think of. I love hearts and have many but you get saturated and just want something a little different. Like others have said over and over, they’ve also overdone the pave. I love pave as an accent but I don’t want a whole bracelet of full on pave, it loses something when it’s all pave you just don’t know what to look at.

      • I also follow the other brands as well and I have been so close many a time to just going for it. I particularly love Ohm, TB, Elfbeads glass and Redbalifrog. Oh and Katzenmaiers pearls haha! I haven’t heard so much about Individuality Beads, but I just googled them and they have some nice unique designs too! I almost caved during the Trollbeads free bracelet promo recently but managed to talk myself out of it lol. I do consider just getting a TB chain and using it for all the really special/unique beads that I love from other brands. We’ll see! ^^ Thanks for the tips re Ohm Beads… perhaps I will reconsider getting their typewriter bead! It has that beautiful vintage look that I wish Pandora would do.


        Yes I have and love the retired alarm clock too – I got it during last year’s sales. <3 Pandora have definitely moved away from pieces like that; there is very little classic silver without at least a touch of enamel or pavé. They're successful enough that you think they could dabble in a few things off the beaten track for each collection, but perhaps it doesn't work like that. There were a few more original things with Spring (I loved that little espresso pot and the London Guard, although he did have the enamel) and I snapped them up ^^ I don't dislike pavé as an accent either, it's more the way it's become the norm to add it to every charm as superfluous detail. I also like to just add a dash of pavé to a bracelet design, instead of having it be the main focus :)

      • Cute, I like that Ohm typewriter! Yeah, I was glad to see the Forest Fairy for this upcoming Pandora collection, I know I’ll be getting that one for sure ;-)

  10. I love my orchid! I wear it alone on a babgle but love your leather styling! Did you think it looks oxidized? Mine totally does and I was thinking it was tarnished but the more pictures I see, the more I think it supposed to look that way. Makes me scared to polish the back

    • I’m wearing my orchid today so I took a peak, I don’t really have much oxidation on mine so may just be tarnished?

    • Do you mean on the back of the charm and on the edges of the petals? The edges of the petals are a little darker on mine, and obviously a lot of the details on the back are darkened using oxidation, but I think it is just part of the leafy detailing :)

  11. Love this review. I’m thinking about getting the orchid charm. I think its so pretty. I was torn between the orchid and the new boy charm. I chose the boy charm ( for now) because it reminds me of my 5 year old lol. I can’t wait to get the orchid.

    • Oh I’m glad to hear that you’ve got the little boy charm, I know that you have been considering that for a while. <3 The Orchid is lovely too, I hope that it comes home with you soon haha. Thanks for commenting Linda!

  12. Well, thanks for this review ,without your reviews I would be a lot richer but not nearly as well dressed so went out today and bought it along with a new bangle and 2 dazzling daisy clips , 1 for each side of the orchid.
    Your UK price of 40 GB Pounds translates into $82AU , it’s only $55AU out here, that is scary.

    • Aha, I’m sorry! I’m glad to hear that you did get this one though, as your bracelet sounds delightful. I can imagine the pavé bail looks great next to the Dazzling Daisies!
      Gosh I know. We pay so much more here in the UK, although it’s best not to think about it too much haha. I try and get as much as I can from abroad, just on principle! ;)

  13. I got this a few days ago! I absolutely love it, I also bought the dolphin as well as the palm tree that same day. I put them on my summer/flower/heart bracelet! I have thought about doing themes and they kind of are, I have two bracelets a pink one and then blue. I just don’t know if I would actually like doing a themed bracelet! What are your opinions on themes?

    • Oh lovely, the Dolphin is really cute too! I love the look of other people’s themed bracelets but I personally don’t tend to do strict themes for my bracelets as I find it limiting sometimes. I’m much more likely to pick out a particular colour scheme and work around that, or to pick a certain style like ‘edgy’ or ‘cutesy’ or ‘vintage’. :) I only have two themed bracelets – a two-tone fairy-tale design and a teal travel-themed bracelet. The rest are just based around colours and charms that match well together or have particular significance to me. :) Having said that, if there is a theme that had great personal significance to you and inspired you, then I would definitely do it!

      • Sorry one more question haha do you have safely chains on your bracelet and do you like them? I was in Pandora yesterday and the lady suggested I put a safety chain on mine. I assumed they would be rather annoying, especially if they were on both my bracelets since I wear them at the same time. Thoughts?

        • I do like safety chains! I have all the screw-on versions bar the 14kt gold one, and I’ll definitely be getting the new Dainty Bow one that’s coming out for Winter. They just make a bracelet design look more finished for me and it does add a little bit of security should you ever get a bracelet with a faulty clasp (I have to say that in three years of collecting, I have never had a bracelet clasp open unintentionally, not even with Essence). I also never notice them when I’m wearing them – the dangles are more likely to get caught on things or get in the way than the chains.
          The only thing that I’m not sure how I’d feel about is stacking two bracelets with safety chains, I imagine that having the two chains against your wrist might feel a bit annoying!

        • I saw them! They are just gorgeous. :D I replied to you on Facebook as well. If you want to see a shot of my whole collection, I posted one in my review of the Petite Facets :)

    • My dangly charms get caught on a lot of things! I was thinking of the danty bow one for my blue bracelet! I always wear my two bracelets together so that is why I’m a little bit worried about them! I’ll have to see I guess. I’m about two charms away on both bracelets from being completed which is why I’m debating getting the chains! Is there any way I can post a picture and show you my bracelets or message you them on fb! Id love to share and see yours as well :)

      • Lol mine too – I’ve had to stop wearing certain bracelets with anything knitted! :P perhaps you should have a safety chain on one and not the other? That way you can at least see how you get on with them before getting two!
        I would love to see your bracelets! :D I have a Facebook page (link in the sidebar) where you can post to the wall or message me your pics. Or, if you upload the pics to an image hosting site like pinterest, you can post the picture url in the comment and we’ll be able to see them!

  14. I got my first Trollbead lucky starter set and June rose ( my birth month ) and 3 glass beads, 1 is free. Oh! Trollbead glass is stunning, they are the original bead bracelet inventor in Demand. Ellie, I am really looking forward to see your Trollead collection like Pandora to get the inspiration. Why not?

    • Yes it seems a shame that Trollbeads don’t get as much recognition as Pandora, seeing as they actually coined the whole European bracelet idea haha. I am considering asking for a Trollbeads starter bracelet for my birthday this year (in September) but I do waver a little as to whether I should – I spend enough on Pandora without adding more brands into the mix ;) I’m sure I will get one at some point, though Michele!

      • I still like Pandora because it has tons of new release and promotions in Canada. Beautiful concept stores and many shop in shop at every corner here. Pandora become my hobby and some sales girl know my taste, ha! ha! Pandora is the 3rd biggest jewelry company and go public on stock market, I am thinking to buy their stock to make what I spend. Asia market is super huge, the price there is 25 % higher than North America and no promotion. Trollbead keep as a small family business, only 2 releases a year. You can wait for the buy 3 get 1 free or buy clasp get the bracelet free or starter set. I don’t think we will spend a lot on Trollbead like Pandora. I only want to build a flower theme slowly for Trollbead to satisfy my collection for all the brand name.

  15. Well, it’s just I have a nostalgia,as do many, for the “old Pandora,” and a sneaking suspicion that said “era may have been a bit more durable..(case in point: I’ve been wearing the made-out-of-2-bracelet-chains necklace with “old-style” charms for 8 years straight, literally; a Pandora store employee recently commented on “how well I must take care of it,” (If that means never polished, worn through the the “four S’s, sure!). I find those charms are in equal if not better condition than the newer ones I only handle with washed hands, polish regularly, etc…though I understand fragility has necessarily increased with the growing inclusion of pave…
    ..Anyway, after all that explanation, I kind of want to make the orchid my “never take off necklace of the summer,” and have a second to treat, care for as I do the rest of my collection, though I’d be pleasantly surprised if the worn-all-the-time orchid held up!

  16. Yay I finally got my orchid today and I love it! I played around with it in different combos and the colour looks great with my pink, green, teal and purple leather bracelets. I like it with between clips with my openwork hearts and butterfly charms and the daisy meadow and light as feather charms. But I really love it on the necklace and think that’s how I will wear it most.

    • Yay! :D It looks great with so many different combinations doesn’t it? It almost seems a shame to stick to any single one, haha. I particularly love it with pink and teal, and it goes beautifully with the daisies and butterflies as you say. Enjoy your new piece! <3

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