It’s an exciting day for Pandora collectors in the UK, as the Pandora Rose collection makes its long-awaited début here today! :) VIP Club members were invited to special store events to purchase the collection yesterday, but today sees the collection’s official launch in concept stores across the UK. It’s worth bearing in mind that the Pandora Rose line is exclusive to concept stores, and will only be available online from the official Pandora e-Store in the UK.

pandora rose uk release

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pandora Rose line, it is a line of plated 14kt rose gold charms and jewellery – underneath the plating is a ‘unique blend’ of metals that are also pink-hued. It first launched exclusively in North America last September, but is now beginning to launch in other territories, such as the UK and Brazil. To find out more, take a look through the Pandora Rose tag. :)

Otherwise, for some more Rose inspiration and some additional details, read on!


Pandora have been showcasing the collection to the media in the last couple of weeks, resulting in some gorgeous pictures on social media. Check out the tag #makeitrose for some more inspiration!

pandora rose uk
Image by cosmopolitanuk

They’ve also been running a rather gorgeous ad in British fashion magazines, pictured below in a screenshot from my iPad! ^^ What struck me though is the fact that there is an openwork silver version of the Darling Daisy Meadow charm on the top bangle in the left, despite the fact that it is currently only available in a Pandora Rose finish. I’m wondering whether this is a Photoshop error or whether there was originally intended to be a silver version, which has since been pulled for some reason…

Pandora Rose Spring 2015 - UK release

Pandora Rose UK Pricing

I already shared these in a previous post but, just in case you missed it, here are some shots from the latest catalogue ^^:

My Comment

As my regular readers will know, I am very excited for the Rose launch and I’m really looking forward to actually being able to look at the whole collection in person for the first time. Hopefully I will be able to make it into store at some point this week to see it all – and possibly to pick up a little something to go on my Rose bracelet! ^^

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows

Are you excited for the Rose collection to launch in the UK? If you already own some Rose pieces, how have you found them in terms of durability?

44 Comments on Pandora Rose launches in the UK!

  1. The silver version of the darling daisy meadow is still available in the U.S. Maybe eventually the UK is also getting the silver version and that’s why it’s pictured?
    Love your blog!!!

    • I don’t have any official information on an Australian release, but according to word online, there aren’t any plans to bring it out there this year at least. :(

  2. I love your rose bracelet! Looks very inspiring! I should consider buying a bracelet, for a start.
    Is Path to harmony charm a regular one? Or is it intended for the Essence collection?

    • Thank you! <3 I would definitely recommend having a look at the bracelet, it really is quite lovely. The Path to Harmony is a regular Moments charm, yep – it was part of the original Pandora Rose collection. You can see it on my bracelet actually, next to the Dove pendant!

  3. I love the Rose. My daughter bought two pieces on Saturday, so I’ll be borrowing them to see how I do with the plating. Fingers crossed.

    • Yay, I love it too – and it’s great that it is so much more affordable than the gold collection! My fingers are also crossed for you about the plating – it would be such a shame if you couldn’t wear it! :)

  4. Hi ellie. If i am looking at the right charm, top bracelet, top charm on left, i think this is the openwork primrose charm and not daisy meadow. I have this little beauty from the Spring collection. Correct me if I am wrong. The petals of the primrose are made up of little hearts. On another note, picked up my club charm. Just love it. Classy little stunner. Have a good trip shopping for your rose gold pieces. Let us know what comes home with you, because we know something always comes home with each of us haha.

    • Hi Cheryle! The flowers do look like daisies to me – I think it is probably a photoshop error :) It’s a shame as I would really like to buy that charm lol. The Primrose Meadow is gorgeous as well, though – I also love way the flowers are formed from the hearts! <3
      Oh how exciting! Mine literally came in the post this morning, as well. I'm also smitten. It is really beautiful – and it's more substantial/larger than I was expecting, which was a nice surprise! I will definitely let you know what I get when I go see the Rose collection. I will hopefully be in on Thursday – and yes, I have resigned myself to the fact that I can't go into a Pandora store and leave empty-handed lol! Thanks for commenting Cheryle!

  5. The rose collection looks beautiful, it’s interesting that it’s only avaliable on estore. What is a concept store is it the official pandora shop?. Have you been to see the collection are you planning on buying anything. I love your bracelet with the rose and the White.

    • I spoke to a retailer about it, and they said that Pandora want to cultivate the idea of exclusivity with the Rose line. Limiting it to the estore is part of that, unfortunately :( I don’t really get on with the e-Store (they charge a lot for delivery and their stuff takes longer to arrive) so it’s a bit of a shame!
      Yes the concept stores are the official Pandora stores. :) I haven’t been to see it yet – I think I will be able to get to a store on Thursday, I’m so excited! Have you had a look yet? Thanks Nicola ^^ I am planning on maybe getting the Sparkling Butterfly or Love & Appreciation heart to add to it. Can’t wait!

    • I have just been to my local store and the collection is beautiful very tempting. Have you seen or purchased anything.

      • Yay, I also finally got to my store today and saw all the new Rose pieces – they are just stunning! It was great to finally see them all together, the Light as a Feather pieces are beautiful. I got myself the Love & Appreciation charm, and I will definitely be back for the butterfly. ^^ Were you tempted by anything?

      • I was they all looked really nice in person even the ones I wasn’t sure about in the pictures I liked.

  6. I think they photoshopped the darling daisy meadow to be silver because first all the charms are silver and then they all become rose gold. They wanted to include this charm in the ad!

        • Yay! <3 I have that one too and absolutely love it. It's probably my favourite Rose charm:

  7. I agree, must be photoshop for the Darling Daisy Meadow openwork in silver or a prototype they never made. It would seem repetitive to have this in both clip and charm version, they must have decided to make it a clip for the silver. Initially I thought I wanted these clips but ended up getting the regular last year’s Darling Daisy clips instead.

    Love the rose, that’s great it’s coming out in more markets!

    • Yes, I think Photoshop is the likely culprit here. I would really have loved a silver version to match my Rose one, though haha – the Darling Daisies are some of my favourite pieces. <3

      I agree! I'm hoping that we will see it launch everywhere eventually. I don't really like all this limited distribution business, haha.

  8. Pandora rose silver is 1/3 more than the regular silver item. I got 2 rose light as a feather bead as a pair of earring for Can $160 + 13% tax and $30 + 13% tax upgrade to a rose bracelet. Have to wait for next promotion in Sep.

  9. I wasn’t sure about the pandora rose before but I think it’s really pretty now, especially when combined with the white enamels and some silver. I was planning on creating a ‘two tone’ gold pandora bracelet one day using the ‘silver and gold’ charms I have combined with other ‘silver and gold’ ones still on my wish list but using the silver bracelet (couldn’t afford the gold!). But now I’m wondering how a rose bracelet with rose clips and a mixture of rose charms and ‘silver and gold’ charms would look. Do you have any that you could take a picture of together? I’m not sure if the gold on the ‘silver and gold’ charms would look too yellow next to the rose charms but I thought as the gold on the ‘silver and gold’ charms is normally just small details it might work well together.

    • Yes, it looks so beautiful with white enamel – that’s what I’ve gone for with my bracelet. <3 I'm planning on adding another white daisy spacer and a couple more Rose pieces to mine, and perhaps the silver Forest Fairy from Autumn 2015 to finish it off! A little hint of pink also looks nice, but I've decided to go for a more classic/natural look with mine for once! :)
      Absolutely, I will put something together and try and take a picture for you in the next couple of days :) It's something that a couple of people have asked me recently and not something that I've explored that much myself, so it's definitely worth taking a look at!

    • Just to let you know that I have taken a couple of shots of a design with Pandora Rose and some two-tone charms – I’ll be including it in my Pandora Club charm review next week :)

  10. I do not think its photoshopped per se, but rather a black and white image. It then transforms into the Pandora Rose image. If you look at the ribbon it starts out somewhat whiteish then turns rose colored. What I think is strange about the ad is that none of the bracelets have clips on the threads.

    I have the Darling Daisy Meadow charm on a necklace. I thought it might be a little more durable over time. If they come out with a Pandora Rose bangle I might be interested in that.

    • Lol, we have a few theories now! I see what you mean about the ribbon – well-spotted! In any case I don’t think that I will be getting my silver version, haha. Yes, the lack of clips also bothered me :P In the top one the clip is actually NEXT to the thread – I suppose it’s possible that the people who put the ad together and did photography don’t know how the bracelets work, haha.
      I’d love to see a Pandora Rose bangle. They were going to release a solid 14kt rose gold two-tone bangle at one point but it seems to have been shelved. A Rose version would be nice!

      • Hi, I don’t suppose you have any update on the two tone rose / silver bangle? I’m after a new P bracelet but really wanted a bangle this time – I was going to go for the yellow, but now I’ve seen the rose collection I’d absolutely love it in the bangle – not sure if I should wait and see if they bring it out, and if I do, for how long? Or just buy the yellow one………… but I prefer rose :o( arghh

        • Hi Danielle! No, sorry, I have not heard any more about it. :( I don’t think it will be released unfortunately – I imagine that they will be focusing on the plated Pandora Rose line instead of 14kt rose gold options. Having said that, I would be surprised if they didn’t make a Pandora Rose bangle at some point as I’m sure it would sell well! :) If you’re wanting to go for a TT bangle soon, however, I’m afraid the 14kt yellow gold is your only option. Hope that helps!

  11. I have the rose gold butterfly, darling daisy meadow, love and appreciation, family, and dangling hearts charms. I simply adore the butterfly, daisy meadow and love and appreciation charms. The pave detailing on the butterfly and love and appreciation is a work of art. The gaps in the love and appreciation make set it apart from other hearts where it does not look cutesy, but rather classy and modern. I know Pandora and pave (need I say more), but they did those pieces right in my opinion. So much detail in those 2 charms. They are quite expensive, but worth it. And the rose gold on the darling daisy meadow (as you pointed out once) gives the flowers a slight pinkish tone that the silver does not. It is all things girly!

    I’m a big fan of the rose line. I may not be one to ask because I am as gentle with my jewelry as I can be, but I have seen no difference in the rose gold versus the silver charms. I would tell someone to have no reservations going with the rose gold.

    Enjoy your new charm or charms! You won’t be disappointed in either.

    • You’ve picked out a lot of the ones I love too! The butterfly and the Love & Appreciation are next on my list – and I love the Interlocking Hearts too. Definitely examples of pavé detailing done right, I agree – the butterfly is particularly stunning as a statement piece!
      I try to be gentle with my jewellery but I am notoriously hard on everything I own (shoes don’t last very long with me and I literally just disastrously cracked my phone screen a couple of days ago by dropping it on concrete… -_-). I have not noticed any deterioration with my Rose pieces either (aside from the smooth heart, but that is more about it picking up scratches rather than the plating fading). I would not hesitate to recommend it either. :) Thank you! Can’t wait to go and see them in person :D

        • No, luckily it was just a Moto G, which I have been using while I decide which phone to get next. I did want the iPhone but knowing how easily they smash too, that’s probably not a good idea now… ;)

  12. So sad that we don’t have pandora rose in Singapore:( … Can we have this designs in Singapore as soonest?

    • Yes, I don’t like the fact that the Rose line is so restricted :( I don’t really know the reasoning behind it, but hopefully it will make it worldwide sooner rather than later!

  13. The rose collection wasn’t something I liked when it came out but it has definitely grown on me!! My husband got me a rose tone watch for my birthday (that is beautiful!!) but I don’t have any other rose toned jewelry to go with it. I’m considering getting the rose feather ring in the ring promo next week. I would like a ring, necklace, earring set and I thought about getting all three feathers in the rose gold. I’m hesitant though because I don’t want it to chip or change color over time. I feel like it’s too expensive to worry about that. Has any one experienced this problem with their rose gold? I have a lot of sterling silver and white gold pieces and I think the rose goes better with these pieces than yellow gold. I’ve never been a big fan of yellow :)

    • Lovely – the Light as a Feather set is really pretty, especially in Rose! I have had some of my Rose pieces for over a year now and I have not noticed any discolouration or fading in them, even on the clasp of my Rose bracelet which gets worn very regularly. I think eventually the plating will wear off but the colour of the metal underneath is rose-coloured as well (a mixture of silver and copper) and apparently Pandora advise that the colour will intensify over time, and not fade. Hope that helps!

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