Today’s post is a quick one, offering a sneak peek at an upcoming exclusive Pandora Disney Parks charm! The charm, which has been revealed on the Disney Now website, will make its debut at the Disney D23 Expo, running from the 14th to the 16th of August. The D23 Expo is an annual event held for Disney fans in California, which offers exclusive previews and info on upcoming Disney releases for the year; this Pandora charm is an exclusive item for the event!

The charm offers a glittering blue design, and the official blurb for the charm mentions a Disneyland60 engraving that we can’t see in the stock image:

 This Disney Parks │ PANDORA authentic sterling silver charm features a blue glitter enamel castle and fourteen (14) fancy blue cubic zirconia stones and Disneyland60 engraving to commemorate the Disneyland®Resort Diamond Celebration. 

pandora disney d23The charm will retail for $60 USD and will be limited to two per customer. This piece is likely to be quite hard to get hold of, as so far the special D60 anniversary charms have not been made available online yet via the Disney Store and you have to purchase them in person. The Disney Parks blog has stated that, should they decide to make the D60 charms available online (and it is not certain that they will be), it will not be until later in the summer.

I prefer the Disney characters to more generic charms like this, but the glittery blue enamel is very ‘Disney’ and it’s a cute design. What do you think of this charm? And, what other Disney charms are you hoping to see later this year?

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  1. I absolutely love this charm, it is stunning, I love the shimmery of the castle as well as the light blue surrounding the castle. If anyone in California is willing to help me out and get the charm for me, that would mean the world to me.

    • Yay, I’m glad you like it – the blue is a pretty shade. There a number of great Disney personal shoppers (I hear good things about Mockingjay Services) who will get hold of exclusive Disney items for ladies overseas, although I’m not sure which will be shopping the Expo. The fact that this charm is limited to two per person is not a good sign either :(

      • I have tried joining “Pandora Tribe” and “Pandora Angeles” multiple times and neither one has accepted me. Is there anyway you could help me join or know why I haven’t been able to join?

        • I know Pandora’s Angels has quite a detailed screening process and that there is a lengthy wait list but Pandora’s Tribe is usually quicker to get into – are you using a proper profile with friends, pics etc? If you make a profile just to get on to the group they might not accept you. Sometimes there are just delays when the admins are busy as well!

      • To get into Pandora’s Angels, you have to first send a Facebook message to their public page of the same name expressing your interest. They will then ask you a few questions about your collecting. This process took a couple of weeks for me after I had been on the waiting list for months. If you go to the Pandora’s Angels page, it will give you these details.

  2. Hi Ellie!
    It’s great to have Disney news! I am looking forward to seeing a new Pandora Disney collection! I have to admit, though, that this charm hasn’t attracted me so much. Its beautiful little blue stars remind me of “Cinderella’s dream”, which I am really lucky to have on my Cinderella-inspired bracelet since last Monday, with the kind help of a friend that visited New York recently! He needed to visit 4 different Pandora stores in order to find it, can you believe it? It must be a charm of great success among Pandora fans! I’ve read you liked it too; did you get it? It’s really gorgeous in person!

    What I would like to see from Pandora Disney? Hmmm… Something classic I guess! For example Alice in Wonderland or the Little Red Ridding Hood! Or even some characters of older movies, such as Nemo, Lion King, Ice Age… :-)
    Hopefully we’ll see more new Disney charms soon! Thank you so much for this post! Have a great weekend! ♥♥♥

    • I’d love to see a Dumbo charm, or Toy Story charms. Princesses do nothing for me. There’s so much more to Disney than that! :-)

    • Hi Chrysa!
      I know, Disney news has been a little thin on the ground lately! Pictures of the Disney pieces are always the last to come out unfortunately, but this is a little nugget of news to keep us ticking over haha. I love the Cinderella’s Dream, and I can totally understand why it sold out – it’s beautiful! Your poor friend, there is real dedication in the fact that he went to all those stores for you ^^ However I am waiting for the next time I want to get a few charms from North America to get it – ordering charms over here is quite expensive so I have to make sure it’s worth it!

      Yes, some more Disney classics would be great! Alice in Wonderland has the potential to make some amazing charms, it has so many iconic and interesting motifs – a little ‘Drink me’ bottle would be beautiful! I’d like a Lady and the Tramp charm as well, and Dumbo would be wonderful – I do like the animal charms, haha. Hope you had a lovely weekend too Chrysa, and thanks for commenting ♥♥♥

    • I think you’re probably right! :( I don’t really know much about how the Expo works and how many people get to go but having the charm limited to two per guest is going to make it rather exclusive.

  3. The little stars are cute but what is that big blue blob on it? It that supposed to be the castle? Yes, I know its the castle but I don’t get it, it looks terrible.

  4. I like the glitter (gives me a starry night sky feel) but I think Pandora should have made it in more detail. It vaguely looks like a castle but other than that I think it’s pretty cute!

    • I like the glitter too, Marina, and I get that magical starry night feel from it as well – it’s very Disney! However I do find the castle’s silhouette quite odd, in that it’s quite stretched out and sprawling. I’m not quite sure what they were going for with it..

  5. Somehow or another I like this very much. I like the castle with those glitters. I think it will match well with my blue themed bracelet.


    • Hi Nicola, I have not heard anything to that effect, no. :) As far as I’m aware, it was meant to be a part of Pandora’s permanent collection and is not a limited edition or anything like that. If I hear otherwise I will let you know!

        • Yes I saw that too, and that is weird – but it is not listed as retired on the UK or North American sites. Plus it is featured quite a lot in upcoming campaign images for the Autumn and Winter collections so I’d be surprised if it were going anywhere just yet :)

  6. I really like the blue glitter actually. I wonder if the castle looks a little better in person since it is so small. Although I fell like I might not ever see this one in person. I’m not sure if merchandise at D23 can only be bought by people in the D23 fan club. The Disney Store has some items like this and I think after the expo they make them available online, but you have to be a member to purchase them there as well. I like the Mickey head D60 charm better actually and I hope they do sell those online at some point.
    I feel like they will probably make some more princess charms, but I hope some of them are a little more closely tied to the movies the ladies came from. Some of the charms were very similar designs as other Pandora charms, but they just had the word Disney on them. For example I would have made one of the Ariel charms to look like the shell that Ursula keeps Ariel’s voice in, and I would have made the rose charm for Belle look like the rose in the glass case. The tiara is only really a key movie prop in Frozen and Tangled so I probably would have only had them for Elsa and Rapunzel, not all of them. I think they did the best job with the Cinderella charms.
    I’m assuming Rapunzel will be in the next set and I hope Jasmine and Tiana will be too. What I would really like to see is some parks exclusive charms based on rides from the parks like Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and It’s a Small World. I’d also really like a different Aulani charm, because I didn’t really love that one. I would also really like a Baymax charm, Jack Skellington for fall, and Inside Out charms. It would be great to have round glass or stone charms to represent all the memory spheres and charms of the little emotion guys. They have a simplified design version of them that I would think would shrink down to charm size well. Even though this is probably not likely, it would be so cute to have charms based on Sugar Rush from Wreck-it-Ralph. That sugary world is so cute and I love Vanellope.

    • I’ll be honest and say that I have never heard of D23 before so I’m not at all sure as to how it works! It does seem possible that this charm will be limited to D23 members, even if it is sold online. I’m not too fussed about owning this one though but it will be interesting to see how it works and how exclusive this design proves to be!
      Yes, I know what you mean about recycled designs. It bugs me too, although in fairness there were a lot of new designs for the Disney Spring 2015 collection too (Eeyore and the Pumpkin Coach spring to mind!). But a lot of new pieces, not just the Disney ones, are recycled or recoloured existing charms – Cinderella’s Wish is just a blue version of the Inner Radiance for example, and a lot of the 2014 Mickey and Minnie designs were just Disney-fied versions of existing popular charms. They seem like padding to a large extent!
      You have such great ideas Stephanie – really thoughtful and original! I also would have loved a charm of the rose in the glass for Beauty and the Beast, although I’m not sure how they’d have done it. If they could somehow pull off a murano glass bead with the rose trapped beneath the glass, that would be rather perfect I think! As for future princesses, I would also add Sleeping Beauty and Mulan to your list :) I’m excited to see what they come out with next in any case!

  7. Thanks Ellie! I was thinking the rose case could have been a solid silver charm with an enamel rose on the side. It probably would have made it very expensive, but the base of the case could have been gold plated. I like the idea of having it as a murano also, though. I’d like to see Sleeping Beauty and Mulan also. If they make Sleeping Beauty’s dress they should make one side pink and the other side blue. I bought the pink rose clip for my Disney bracelet to represent her and I was thinking about getting the cherry blossom clip to represent Mulan. They should really have at least one jade bead for Mulan if they do a collection for her. The princess charms all seem really sparkly and delicate, but I wonder if they would make a frog for Tiana and a bear charm for Merida.
    I noticed the Cinderella’s wish/Inner Radiance recolor. It’s a pretty charm, and I guess if it sells a lot more with the branding on it, they’ll continue that trend. Or maybe they will devote more time to charm designing for the Disney line if they sell very well.

    • Actually your idea sounds beautiful as well – I’d be happy to pay a little more for a two-tone version if they executed it well! They could do both the murano and the silver version, I think I’d love both ^^
      Your Sleeping Beauty idea is also really fun! Going back to muranos (I clearly have them on the brain), you could have a matching glass bead with pink and blue swirling colours to match it. I’d love more cherry blossoms for Mulan (don’t they feature quite a lot in her Reflection song?) and jade would be lovely too.
      Re-designing and re-colouring existing beads seems to be a trend for all Pandora’s collections at the moment so I expect that they’ll keep doing it for Disney too. In the upcoming Autumn/Winter collections you have Rose and yellow gold versions of the Inner Radiance and gold versions of the Floral Brilliance etc. Plus three new versions of the Sparkling Surprise present charm! It’s clearly just an easy way to generate new designs without starting from scratch/using different moulds.

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