*A full and updated preview of this collection, plus accompanying jewellery, is now available here* Today’s post looks forward again to the Pandora Winter 2015 collection, with some beautiful campaign images, live shots and updated stock photos. The collection, entitled Crystalised Embellishments, will be available from the 29th of October and offers Pandora’s typical mix of icy blues and warm Christmas reds.

pandora winter 2015

These pictures are taken from the Pandora launch guide for AW15, and there remain stock images missing from this set. The stock images pictured here are kindly provided courtesy of Sheila Holmes at A Few Charms, which is a wonderful Pandora blog about the unique and often inspirational meanings behind her charms and jewellery. You can also follow her on Facebook or Instagram for more Pandora inspiration and sneak peeks! :)

Pandora Winter 2015 Charms

A chief proportion of the upcoming charms are decorative, with some icy blues and a lot of sparkle for the winter season.

pandora winter 2015

Of these, I like the deep pink Geometric Facets, which is made out of synthetic sapphire, although I can understand the disappointment of those who wanted a nice cherry red Facet for Christmas. The opalescent look of the Eternity spacer on the right is also rather pretty, and I’d like to see that one in person!

pandora winter christmas 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Geometric Facets – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Braided clip – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Eternity spacers – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Blue Fascinating Iridescence – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Radiant Hearts – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Inner Radiance – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Ice Crystal – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Crystalised Snowflake pendant – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Crystalised Snowflakes – $70 USD / $80 CAD

Starshine spacer – $40 USD / $45 CAD

You can see a few of the new blue Winter 2015 pieces in this live shot from Grazia magazine, including the new Radiant Hearts and the ice blue Geometric Facets. The December Signature Hearts charm from the Autumn 2015 also makes an apperance! In addition to the charms pictured in the stock images above, you can see a new pavé snowflake disc charm on the central bangle.

pandora winter 2015
Image by grazia_nl

My favourites from this collection, however, are the white enamel and ribbon motifs. The bow motif and snowy hearts are perfect for the winter season, but also offer something that’s a little more feminine and wearable all year round. I absolutely love the new Dainty Bow safety chain design, and it’s so nice to see new chain designs after a drought of two years or so!

The Abundance of Love charm will be a concept-store exclusive in North America, while the Sweet Sentiments will be a shop-in-shop exclusive; they will be available as usual in other regions.

pandora winter 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Tumbling Hearts – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Abundance of Love – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Abundance of Love spacer – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Dainty Bow clip – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Shimmering Sentiments – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Dainty Bow safety chain – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Sweet Sentiments – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Heart & Bow – $80 USD / $90 CAD

In this next picture, you can also make out a new limited edition bangle for the holiday season (top right of the picture)! It features a special Dainty Bow clasp and will be available a little later from the 27th of November. I am not looking to own any more bangles (and I managed to avoid getting last year’s LE holiday bangle, despite being sorely tempted) but this one is rather lovely!

pandora winter christmas 2015

As usual, there will be a selection of festive charms for the holiday season, featuring some fun Christmas charms detailed in bright red enamel, such as the adorable Christmas Puppy and Red-Nosed Reindeer, but also a couple of more thoughtful two-tone pieces.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Inspiration Within – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Family Heritage – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Eternity spacer – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Divine Angel – $65 USD / $75 CAD

All Wrapped Up (gold) – $375 USD / $415 CAD

Sparkling Surprise – $75 USD / $85 CAD

All Wrapped Up (silver) – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Heart of the Family – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Christmas Puppy – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Twinkling Christmas Tree – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Christmas Holly murano – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Red-Nosed Reindeer – $30 USD / $35 CAD

Christmas Stocking – $50 USD / $55 CAD

The Red-Nosed Reindeer also looks much prettier in these bracelet shots than he does in his stock image – definitely one of my favourites for the holidays this year!

pandora winter christmas 2015

Similarly, I also wasn’t that keen on the new red enamel Sparkling Surprise from the stock image, but it looks cute in this campaign shot:

pandora winter 2015

Finally, there will also be a new limited edition Moments charm bracelet, featuring a pavé clasp (this picture is courtesy of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page):


Pandora Winter 2015 Jewellery

The jewellery selection for Winter 2015 is considerably smaller than those previewed for Autumn 2015, with a focus on rings and a couple of earrings.

pandora winter 2015

The Delicate Sentiments ring is one of my preferred pieces of the Winter 2015 collection, and I love the combination of the ribbon design with the delicate pearl. <3

pandora winter christmas 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Radiant Embellishment – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Alluring Brilliant Marquise – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Crystalised Snowflake – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Delicate Sentiments – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Starshine – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Abundance of Love – $45 USD / $50 CAD

The stone of the blue Radiant Embellishment ring looks very striking in this live image from a Pandora AW15 preview in Amsterdam:

pandora winter 2015
Image by imfongliu

Finally, we have a selection of wintry earrings, with a couple of snowflake designs and the cute little Starshine studs.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Starshine earrings – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Crystalised Snowflake earrings – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Snowflake earrings – $65 USD / $85 CAD

My Comment

While the individual pieces a bit sparkly and, in some cases, repetitive, overall the Winter 2015 collection has cohesion and the jewellery complements each other very nicely. I absolutely love the delicate bows and white enamel, and the Christmas offerings are fun too – particularly the cute Reindeer and Puppy. The novelty bracelets are also really pretty this season, particularly that Dainty Bow bangle – it looks like there will be some beautiful gift sets and LE items this year!

I am actually considering creating my first dedicated Christmas bracelet this season and would like to do a red green theme, something simple. I’d add the Dainty Bow collection and a couple of the new red enamel Christmas charms to this one! :)

pandora christmas bracelet idea

What do you think of the new Winter pieces? Will any be going on your wish list?

89 Comments on Pandora Winter 2015 Updated Pictures & Prices

    • Sorry, I mistyped the USD price – it’s actually $40 USD. ^^ That puts it in line with the Her Majesty spacers, which have a similar amount of cubic zirconia detailing.

      • If you look in Singapore site they already have many of their new charms out like ” family heritage” and the pave clasp in stores now. I just came back from there three weeks ago. It is listed $159SGD I assume it will be more or less similar pricing. Should be around $110USD. I’m surprise they have more release before we do.

        • Pandora have started a few specials and early releases for the Asian market, for reasons unknown! The Family Heritage charm is classed as an ‘Asian pre-launch’, meaning they exclusively get it early. The pavé clasp bracelet was released for Autumn 2015 everywhere apart from North America, where it will be out for Winter 2015 as part of a gift set. :)

  1. Don’t really like this collection. Geometric facets can be useful in other designs for their color as well as the spacers but for the moment I’m not planning to use any of the colors in this collection (but I want to see the deep red/pink in person!!!). Also the bows are not really attracting for me! I’m sure that most of Pandora fans will disagree with me! The only pieces I love are the star ones, it seems like they forgot to put them in last year collection!!…I love the spacer and the earrings even if for the earring maybe it’s a too simple motifs to justify their price….you just pay for the brand in this case! Any news about the upcoming black friday charm??

    • That’s a shame! :( There aren’t too many individual pieces that I need from this collection, mainly as they are very similar to what has gone before, but overall the jewellery is nicely coordinated and the collection as a whole looks good. I’ll confess that I do really love the bows and ribbons, and the new safety chain is lovely – that alone makes me excited for the 29th of October haha.
      The Starshine collection is really pretty but I know what you mean – they do seem like something of a hangover from last year’s starry collection ^^ I’d be most tempted by that little spacer, it’s very pretty!
      I don’t have any more news on the Black Friday charm, other than apparently this year it will be marketed just as a limited edition charm and not as specifically for Black Friday. I’d love to see something two-tone and classic this year, but I’ve resigned myself to the likelihood of sparkles instead! ;)

    • I love bows but I really don’t like the ones in this collection. Fortunately I have the plain silver bow which is wonderful so I don’t need more. Only thing I’m interested in this collection is the inspiration within spacer cause I need a spacer and my bracelet has some red elements to add color. I hope one day they release a geometric or petit facet that is truly red. I agree with you, I really don’t see anything special in this collection. Pandora’s design is getting weird, fortunately they still release some plain silver cute charms in each collection.

      • Of the bow pieces, I love the ‘Dainty Bow’ clip, safety chain and bangle, but I’m not as keen on the others. Luckily that is more than enough to keep me occupied when the Winter collection finally comes out ^^
        I would love to see them experiment with more colours in the Facets range. I was hoping for some dramatic shades in black and white too for Autumn as it’s been rather requested! Hopefully they’ll do a pretty cherry red next year some time.

  2. I’m still attracted to the dainty bow clip and dainty bow chain! And now, you make me want another limited edition (I’m such a loser for this) bangle with dainty bow clip.

    Fascinating blue iridescence is pretty and it should come home with me on my blue themed bracelet too!

    **drooling over the bows**

    The next thing I am dreaming of (apart of Disney AW 2015 collection) is a Rose bangle. At this rate (new LE bangles released every season?) I am sure Pandora is thinking about making its bangle with Rose clasp.

    **keeping my finger crossed**

    • Yay, the Dainty Bows are my favourites from this collection too! Haha, I also get that urge to collect all the limited edition bracelets ;) I’m going to try and avoid getting this year’s as I think three bangles is definitely enough for me! Even though it’s very pretty ;)

      The Blue Iridescence looks pretty, and I’d be interested to see how similar it is to the failed Fascinating Aventurescent that came out last year. It seems like this is their second go at a sparkly blue murano!

      And yes I would absolutely love a Pandora Rose bangle! It would suit the contemporary look of the Rose charms perfectly. They were going to bring out a bangle with a solid rose gold clasp (google Pandora bangle 590717 and you’ll see obsolete listings for it) but it seems to have been shelved :( Hopefully they will make a Pandora Rose version instead!

      • I can see that the listing was only available in dk (Denmark), fi (Finland?), sv (Sweden?) but not on US or other countries’ sites. It was probably going to cost the same amount as the regular bangle with 14k gold – and I don’t think I will be able to afford that. :(

        I will just eagerly wait for the Rose bangle to come out, at one point in time!


        • Yes, it would have cost the same amount as the yellow gold so it would have been super expensive! But very pretty ;) I’d be surprised if they didn’t do a Pandora Rose bangle; the bangle is one of their most popular pieces! x

  3. the pave clasp looks like on the wheels on my son’s trucks.
    the heart of the family design is weird
    the divine angel looks like a scotty dog to me (or maybe its my eyesight?)

    But the family heritage charm is a must have
    and the christmas charms are cute

    I wonder if the bow bangle will be a GWP at Christmas in Australia?

    • Lol, I love your thoughts on these Lozzie! Although I tried very hard to see the Scottie in the Divine Angel, but I’m afraid that one has passed me by, haha.
      I would imagine that yes, the bow bangle will be a GWP again for Australia – that has certainly been the pattern with the previous LE bangles and it seems to have worked really well for them. It’s a great GWP and I’m sure I’d have ended up with all the bangles if the UK had run something similar!

  4. Why do Pandora need to release a new christmas tree and new present charm each year? Talk about repetitive!

    • I know – and not one, but three new present charms this year! ;) I guess they just thrown in those each time around as they are guaranteed to sell for the holidays.

  5. Only the paved clasp bracelet may be if Pandora has good promotion. I am getting bored for Pandora after become a 4 months customer. I will become very picky now.

    • Aw, I am sorry to hear that. The pavé clasp bracelet will be part of a gift set for North America when the collection comes out but I don’t have any specifics on that just yet!

  6. This collection isn’t really surprising compared to the previous ones. Still lots of pavé, lots of big round beads.
    I’ve decided to move to other brands (elfbeads or novobeads are closer to what attracted me to pandora at first), but have however started to take an interest into rings. And I have the same issue: lots of pavés. My heart goes to the old collections, made of crafted silver.

      • Trollbeads are a great alternative. :) I keep meaning to take the plunge and get myself a Trollbeads bracelet but there’s still enough Pandora I want to keep me going for now!

    • I know a lot of Pandora collectors feel similarly to you. :) I miss the old emphasis on silver beads with lots of detail, too. Sparkle is nice, but I’d like there to be more of a mixture in new collections – and it’s such a shame not to have any natural stones these days, too. I just got the retired moonstone cabochon spacers in the UK sale and they are so beautiful!

      • Trollbead will have 25% sales start tomorrow, their is a milky quartz stone bead. Ellie, I got Trollbead lucky starter set last week, beautiful! I don’t mind to collect Trollbead and Pandora, Pandora bead can put on Trollbead bracelet.

        • Ooh lovely, that is a beautiful starter set! Pandora and Trollbeads do go very nicely together; I absolutely love Trollbeads glass beads. Some of the designs are just exquisite. I will definitely check out those sales tomorrow! <£

      • I had a Pandora bracelet that was too big. Pandora stores refused to do anything about it. I contacted Trollbeads, and sent them the bracelet through the “Ultimate exchange program”, where they take back any silver bracelet from any brand (Pandora, Chamilia…) in exchange for a chain and a basic lock. I got a $73 discount toward the good luck starter kit. One silver bead, one murano, a chain and a lock for 46$ and a bracelet I didn’t wear seems like a really good deal.

        Trollbeads seems very gothic to me though. For now, I’m more attracted to novobeads and ohm beads.

        • Ooh yes I heard about that exchange program – what a great idea! You got an amazing deal. I’m not sure whether they run it here in the UK though, come to think of it.
          I think some aspects of Troll can be quite gothic (the literal troll charms themselves for one!) but overall I really don’t get that feel from the brand. They do have some absolutely beautiful glass designs in all colours and some of their silver beads are quite pretty and quirky, and wonderfully detailed, so they are well worth a look :) Ohm Beads are wonderful too though – I absolutely love the originality of some of the things they come up. I keep meaning to get myself their Typewriter bead <3

      • I’m a person with a very casual lifestyle, and I like to wear my Pandora collection regularly. I usually have one on most times that I go out. All the sparkle just doesn’t fit with my style at all. I picture bracelets with a lot of glitz on someone dressed to the nines, not my typical work attire or after hours jeans and a shirt. Added to that is the factor that I’ve heard of the occasional pave stone dropping out, and an unwillingness of Pandora to offer a replacement when that happens. I have one or two pave pieces, but unless they come up with something I really feel like I HAVE to have, I’ll likely keep the pave very limited. Besides, those suckers are pretty pricey.

  7. I think from this collection, I only like the Christmas puppy (who is hopefully coming home with me during Christmas) and the Blue iridescence. But I am not sure about Blue Iridescence just yet, I feel like I need to see it in person… It looks similar to the Fascinating aventurescent that I wanted but took too long to get because it retired quickly. The Blue iridescence looks a lot lighter than Fascinating aventurescent… I am getting rather picky now XD

    • Aw, the Christmas Puppy is one of my favourites too, alongside the Rudolph charm! Can’t wait to see them both in person. <3
      The Blue Iridescence does look a lot lighter than the original Aventurescent, although it is hard to tell too much from the stock picture. Hopefully it will offer something similar though for all those who missed out last year! The Aventurescent was something special ^^

  8. Surprisingly I like most of it, in pictures. But a few things will definitely be coming home with me just based on the photos–the bow bangle, sparkling surprise, the pup, and abundance. The geometrics, maybe, depending how they look in person. I have the others and I love them. They’re so versatile to use. I like them much better than muranos for adding color. The Braided clip looks cute, but I’ll be getting the Feathered clips, which in photos looks very similar to the Braided.

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear it! The ones I think I will be getting for sure are the Puppy, Rudolph, and the Dainty Bow safety chain/clips. The Abundance of Love also looks rather beautiful in white, so I’ll be looking out for that one when I see them all in person ^^
      I’m getting rather fond of the Facets as well, although murano glass will always be my favourite method of adding colour to my bracelet designs! They do blend in much better with other charms in terms of size, for one thing. The only thing I dislike is the fact that they aren’t natural stones!

  9. I love the Christmas puppy and well as the reindeer! I am not so sure how well they would look on my bracelet though as they are pretty summery, and I don’t have any previous Christmas charms! The crystallized snowflake is gorgeous but it looks pretty big so I’ll have to see it in person. The family heritage one is really nice and a lovely concept maybe get that for my boyfriends mom for Christmas! I’m surprised that one isn’t coming out in the fall collection it would fit better in there. I love the radiant embellishment! The blue is absolutely stunning. There might be a lot on my Christmas list haha

    • Yes, they’re both so cute and two of my favourites as well <3 But that's the problem with these bright red enamels – they're not at all easy to match with your existing collection in many cases :/ which is why I'm finally debating actually starting a Christmas bracelet as I am running out of designs that I can just slot festive charms into, haha.
      I originally thought that the Family Heritage must be an Autumn charm but nope, it's listed with the Winter. I was surprised by that too, especially as its item code groups it with the rest of the Autumn charms and not the Winter ones. Maybe they changed their mind at the last minute and stuck it in with the winter ones :S
      Glad to hear that you're enthused in any case! I have plenty that I like from this collection too, with the Puppy, Reindeer and the Bow clips and safety chain :D

  10. I do like this collection, I think the blue is a lovely colour, reminds me of frozen film. I like the crystallised snowflake charm and the radiant embellishment ring. Nice to see some live photos. The starshine spacer and the bow clips I like, but don’t know if I’ll get them, it depends whether they match any of my designs.

    • I know, the blue does look rather beautiful – especially in the live shot of the Radiant Embellishment ring! I’d love to see more from those live previews, I’d be taking photos of everything if I were there haha. Glad to hear that you like the collection :)

  11. I would love to make a Xmas bracelet I know don’t know weather the bracelet or the bangle would look best. You surprise me by saying you are going to do a Xmas bracelet I thought you said you never would?. Do you know if the blue fascination is instead of the adventure fascination.

    • Lol, did I say never? I should really know not to do that by now haha – I usually end up changing my mind :P I was always a little reluctant to start an xmas bracelet, primarily as I didn’t like the idea of having a bracelet that I only wore for a couple of months a year. But it’s got to the point where there are so many new Christmassy charms coming out that I like, and I don’t have room for them in my regular collection – so I’m getting very tempted into making a special bracelet for them! I think a Christmas design would look great on either the bracelet or the bangle, it depends on how many charms you want on there :)
      And yes, I think the Blue Iridescence is this year’s answer to the Aventurescent. Hopefully it will last a little longer! ;)

        • Lol I know, it does feel slightly ridiculous! But at least this way I can have something ready in time for December, should I decide to take the plunge and start an xmas bracelet ;)

      • In a way my first Pandora bracelet was an exclusively Christmas-themed one. In October of 2013 I bought one of Pandora’s “iconic” bracelet gift sets (my first). I selected a couple of extra beads and then went back again a week of so later to get the witch, ghost and pumpkin for Halloween. That was the year Pandora was doing the Twelve Days of Christmas charm promotion. If you bought the 12 new Christmas charms you got the Black Friday one free and a large and very nice jewelry box. I am a sucker for just about anything Christmas so I went for it. When I picked it up I added a couple of the red and green Muranos and Paves and voila, instant bracelet. Last year I said to myself that I did not need anything else Christmas. Did I listen to that inner voice? No I did not. I loved so may of the new charms that I now have 2 Christmas bracelets. Yes that same inner voice is once again telling me that I do NOT need any more Christmas charms. It is telling me that the Present charms are derivative and I do NOT need them. But they look so appealing side by side in that shot that once again I am wavering. Maybe just those on a red leather bracelet? Stay tuned.

        • Haha, thanks Chris – you have made me feel a lot better about my Christmas bracelet idea! My inner voice is telling me that I shouldn’t put together a bracelet that I will wear rather infrequently but I do really want a couple of these pictured here and I have nowhere else to put them! ;)
          I was very envious of that 12 days promotion at the time; North America does get some absolutely love promotions, and the Winter 2013 collection was one of my absolute favourites. Most of my favourite Christmas charms come from that set. <3 Your red leather bracelet idea sounds lovely – it's a delightfully festive colour! You also have the Sparkling Present from last year to consider… ;)

  12. Hi- my local store is having a retirement party Thursday. Do you have any idea which pieces are about to be retired?

  13. I think the geometric facets remind me of the essence charms and they would make a nice addition of color to any bracelet. I agree with you- it may also be time for me to start a Christmas themed bracelet as I haven’t done so yet. In the past I have preferred to purchase charms that could be worn all year round. As always I look forward to reading your newest postings :-) perhaps the “Black Friday” charm this year won’t just be all sparkles…I’m excited to see!

    • In the past, I have always been like you – I have tended to choose the Christmas charms that I can blend into bracelet designs that I wear all year round. :) I never liked the idea of making a whole bracelet that was only relevant two months of the year, but I think now there are definitely enough Christmas charms coming out that I like to make biting the bullet worth it. Plus I’ve always wanted the green Looking Glass murano and I’ve just not been sure how to use it. This seems like a good opportunity! ^^
      Yes I’d be so excited if this year’s Black Friday offering was something classic and two-tone, without the sparkles! :) I have and love the pavé BF charms for 2013 and 2014 but it would be nice to have something different this time around. Maybe something like the Midnight Hearts from 2011!

  14. Hi Ellie!
    Oh dear! The right question is which one is not going to be in my wishlist! They’re probably less to count! :-))
    I love everything in that off-white colour: the facet, the eternity spacer, the Abundance of love charm & ring! And although, as you’ve predicted, I was hoping to see a red facet, I think that this deep pink matches perfectly the summer orchid!
    Needless to say, the Christmas charms are coming to satisfy my wish for red colour! The reindeer, the red present, the Christmas tree and the – hopefully? – red spacer appeal to me most of all for the Christmas bracelet I want to start. If the murano’s colour is that of the picture above (I think it appeared darker previously), it will enevitably come home, too! :-) Oh, Christmas is always nice to talk about, even in 32°C!
    Thank you for this post and wonderful pictures! Can’t’ wait for more! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Aha, I’m glad to hear that there is so much that you like! I also love that off-white sparkly enamel, but I’m not sure how I can fit it into my collection – I particularly love the new white Abundance of Love, even more so than the original baby pink version. <3 My wish list is a little more manageable than yours haha: my must-haves are the Puppy, Reindeer and Dainty Bow clips and safety chain. I'm sure more will creep on to there when the collection actually comes out! ^^
      I very much like your idea of putting the new Geometric Facets with the Orchid – that hadn't occurred to me before, but they do look like a great colour match!
      Yes it is rather surreal to be talking about Christmas and snow in the middle of June isn't it? Nevertheless, it is very nice to look forward to and I'm already musing a lot on my possible Christmas bracelet design haha.
      Thanks Chrysa, glad you enjoyed it! ♥♥♥

  15. Hi Ellie, I’m a sucker for red so I will check out the red present. The holly murano looks interesting too. Will also want to see the deep pink and blue geometric facets. The deep pink will hopefully match the Anna Disney muranos and the orchid charm. I want to see whether the petite facets blue or geometric facets blue will be nicer. Overall, I don’t find as many Pandora items to covet as in the past as they are so bling bling…I also started to collect Trollbeads, lol

    • Hi Bebe, I wasn’t sure on the red present at all from the first leaked pictures, but I think it looks stunning in the campaign shot with the girl holding it up. Such a pretty vibrant red! It looks me to like the deep pink Geometric Facets would go well with the Anna murano; it will be interesting to see how the colour of the Facets compare in real life to these stock images!
      Haha, I keep being tempted to try other brands as well – not because I’m particularly disillusioned with Pandora or anything, but more because they do offer such beautiful glass beads and silver charms to complement what I already have. I particularly love the look of Trollbeads in particular, and Ohm Beads also do some pretty quirky pieces. But for now I do usually find enough in each new Pandora collection to tempt me into spending most of my ‘bead’ allowance ;)

    • Same here, I bought a Trollbead lucky starter set, a silver rose ( my birth month flower) which is so beautiful with a tiny pearl. I use it at a center piece with 6 stunning glass beads and a silver Sakura, the lucky clover in between. I am building up a flower theme bracelet now.

  16. I wish they would slow down their previews to be honest. I feel like there is nothing to look forward to after being disappointed with the previous seasons. We see the summer and don’t really like it so at least we have the hope that fall will have something, then we see fall and winter at the same time and there are no hopes lol all the way until next v-day, I think it would be, and we all know what that will be about! :( I really wish there was more I liked.

    • To be fair, that is kind of my fault too as the blogs are still the ones who make the decisions as to when to publish the images so I am sorry that you’re disappointed! :( Pandora always do release the pics for their autumn and winter collections together, so they do tend to get leaked at the same time. I tend to always just publish the images I have fairly promptly as it feels weird to sit on stock images when you want to share them and talk about them with everyone :) On the plus side, we still have yet to see the new Disney charms and the Essence collection proper so there are still those to look forward to! Also the pictures published so far are not the full set of stock images so there may still be pieces that you like that we haven’t seen yet :)

  17. I don’t really see anything here I must have, but I do have a few from the Autumn collection on my wishlist. There are some nice designs, but I already have similar charms to a lot of the themes.

    You are so funny Ellie on starting/not starting a Christmas bracelet! When I first started collecting Pandora it was spring and I didn’t think I would ever do holiday charms. Then I bought the two tone Christmas tree, old sleigh with the garnet, and the jack o lantern 60% off from a store going out of business, thought those would be my only holiday charms. Then I got a few retireds, the ghost and witch and silver santa, on Ruelala soon after that. Well, that was all it took. Now I have enough charms to do a full Halloween bracelet and probably 2 full Christmas bracelets!

    • You have some lovely classic charms there Natalie! I always kick myself for not getting the two-tone xmas tree when it was discounted here in the UK sales. Haha, I also have quite a few Christmas charms dotted throughout my collection – probably enough to fill a bracelet as well. :P The problem is that I’ve kind of run out of designs that I can incorporate Christmas charms into so I think I may as well bite the bullet and start a dedicated bracelet to which I can add my favourite festive charms from each winter collection. ^^ My problem is that I was so confident when I first started collecting that I wouldn’t do a Christmas bracelet that it’s something of a climb-down haha.
      I have to say, I am rather disappointed that they aren’t releasing any new Halloween charms this year (or that they don’t appear to be so far)! I was really sad to see the classic silver Halloween designs and I felt sure that they would replace them this year. :( The classic silver ghost and lantern are two of my favourites!

      • I know, the old style Christmas and Halloween charms are some of my absolute favorites! I can’t wait to start wearing Halloween, I probably will start in about a month (that’s when I broke them out last year as I was so excited, I probably love Halloween decorations even more than Christmas although I love pretty much any holiday).

        I would have loved to see some new Halloween charms from Pandora! I think they missed the boat on this, I know Halloween is popular and most of the other brands do Halloween collections.

        • Aha, Halloween is a lot of fun! I only have the Ghost and the Pumpkin so it’s hard for me to make an exclusive Halloween design but I’m tempted to stick them on a purple leather with some darker charms for Halloween this year :D
          Yes, I can’t understand it – the original silver designs seemed to be so popular! I felt sure that they would just be retiring them to create new, sparklier versions for this season. I’m very surprised to find that this doesn’t seem to be the case!

  18. There must be a demand out there for Christmas charms because Pandora have released so many. But I am yet see someone wearing a bracelet comprising 0nly christmas charms. Lovely idea though.

    • Yeah I think they sell really well every year – my local stores are always sold out way ahead of time. I see a lot of dedicated holiday bracelets online on Pinterest etc and they do look lovely – my only reservation is that they are only relevant for a couple of months each year. My plan for mine (should I do it, I’m still deciding :P) would be to add some more generic decorative pieces such as the sparkling bows etc to make it not quite so full-on Christmas heavy!

  19. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I wish they would release more Halloween charms, as my Halloween bangle looks pitiful. I have a Christmas/winter bracelet. I combine charms like the Christmas tree, sleigh, etc. with winter charms like snowflake, poinsettia, and snowman to get more use out of the bracelet.

    • Yes, I was really surprised not to see any Halloween for autumn this year, especially considering they just retired all the existing Halloween charms :( they always seemed really popular too! I’d love to see a black cat, or a cauldron, or a spiders Web openwork!
      I think, if I do a Christmas bracelet, I’ll do something similar in that I’ll mix some more general decorative pieces in with the festive ones such as the sparkling bows. I love the poinsettia charm you mention top!

  20. Love the bracelet. I think it’s so different. The family heritage charm is a must have as well as the icy blue facet. The combination of the icy blue facet and the snowflake charms I think would look amazing. Thanks for another post that I enjoyed. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Yes, the Blue facets look gorgeous with the snowflakes in that live shot, don’t they? Those blue shades are just beautiful for winter. Thanks Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed it! <3

  21. As a newbie to Pandora, I love the winter collection. I can understand that long time collectors might be frustrated if they look like previous releases. But as a newbie, I am excited! While I liked the autumn release for the most part, there are really only two that I plan to buy, the angelic feathers and angel wings. However the winter release – ! – I can’t narrow down what I want! Winter is my favorite season so I love the snow flakes! And I’m a sucker for Christmas so want all those charms! I’ve already told everyone that I want Pandora for Christmas!

  22. Is the Blue Fascinating Iridescence like last years Stardust murano? Have there been any IRL previews of it? :) xxx

    • It’s not the same as the Stardust – it’s much bluer. There are some live shots of it here:

  23. I looked everywhere to find a detailed picture of the opalescent facetted murano but found nothing …does someone has a better picture of this coming bead please?

  24. In an earlier post you posted the two tone pave snow globe – Christmas 2015
    Will it be selling n when n where. I really love it! I am from Malaysia n have friends in Australia. Any chance it it been available in this 2 spot.

  25. OMG, I’m loving all that I see and that’s my problem. I try to do a theme bracelet and then I get off track because I want them all :). I’m really liking the blue collection. I hope it’s available in Michigan. Thank you for the preview!

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