Today’s post brings a brief update on the Pandora Winter 2015 collection, with a sneak peek at a couple of previously-unseen pieces! :) I previously previewed a good chunk of the Winter 2015 release back in June, but these three items are the collection’s Jared exclusives for North America. This means that they will only be sold in Jared Galleria stores in the US, and will be unavailable from concept stores or shop-in-shops there; they won’t be sold at all in Canada.

However, these distribution restrictions apply only to North America; they will be sold as usual with the rest of the Winter 2015 collection in all other regions! :)

Pandora Winter 2015 Jared exclusives

The jewellery includes a blue geometric drop set of earrings and a matching pendant; there is also a new Christmas ornament dangle, which features some adorable red enamel reindeer detailing!

pandora winter 2015 jared exclusives

*UPDATED* I now have names and the US pricing for this set:

Frosted Droplet (earrings) – $85 USD

Prancing Reindeer – $60 USD

Frosted Droplet (pendant) – $120 USD

The Winter 2015 collection is due out on the 29th of October, so there’s a little while to wait!

Campaign Images

You can see the earrings and pendant in action in these two campaign images for the Winter 2015 collection:

My Comment

The Christmas ornament is very cute, and I think its red enamel detailing makes it even prettier than last year’s ornament pendant; but, as I already have that one and the 2014 Black Friday charm, I’ll probably skip this version. The colour of the earrings and pendant is a beautiful icy blue, too, and I’m sure they’ll look stunning in person.

It’s worth bearing in mind that we still haven’t seen all of the Autumn 2015 or Winter 2015 collections yet, so there are still full previews to look forward to. :)

Are any of these pieces going on your wish list?

28 Comments on Preview: Pandora Winter 2015 Jared Exclusives

  1. The reindeer charm is stunning. It’s makes a perfect partner with last year’s Christmas ornament dangling charm. They’ve the exact same design on the loop. I believe the price will be similar to last year’s. Looking forward to your update, Ellie!

    • It’s very pretty, and I do love reindeer-themed things for Christmas! I would get it to wear with last year’s Ornament pendant, but I have that paired up already with the 2014 Black Friday charm on a midnight blue bracelet – so this wouldn’t really go with that…
      Thanks Charmaine! <3

      • Like yourself, I also have both the black Friday and Christmas ornament dangling charms but this reindeer piece screams Christmas and reindeer does bring about the festive theme. As mentioned above, it’s going to be available in other regions so I do hope SG doesn’t have a ridiculous price tag for it.

        • Yes, it’s definitely got more of a festive feel to it then the original – Pandora’s red enamel always makes me feel Christmassy! ^^ Enamel isn’t usually too pricey here in the UK… it tends to be the pavé charms that prove very expensive! Hopefully this one will be reasonably priced.

      • The Christmas ornament last year is $88sgd here. I can’t remember the price of the black Friday charm as I got it from the help of a friend in US. Hopefully the price is similar to that of $88sgd like last year’s else it’ll be really a hole in my pocket for sure.

        • Fingers crossed! It might even be a little less, seeing as they tend to charge less for enamel than they do for pavé detailing. One can hope! ;)

  2. Hi Ellie!
    Your post came like a relieving breeze in today’s 36°C! Winter seems so far away!
    Well, I wasn’t very excited about earings and necklace; despite their beautiful colour, the design seems kind of repetitive to me! The Christmas ornament, on the other hand, is really adorable! I agree with you that is nicer than last year’s with this red detail and -surprise!- not even one zirconia! It’s really early to tell, but I hope I’ll be able to get it…
    Thank you for this lovely post Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Oof, 36 degrees, that is fierce! It’s been rather lacklustre weather-wise here in England for the past couple of days, especially after the lovely hot weather in France. ^^ It is always rather strange to be writing about winter and Christmas pieces in the middle of summer, haha.
      I do think the colour of the earrings/necklace is beautiful, particularly in those campaign shots – but they’re not that exciting to me either. The Ornament, on the other hand, is lovely; I love little dashes of enamel detailing like that! :D
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥♥

  3. I don’t normally buy dangles, but that reindeer is adorable! I am thinking of actually doing a simple Christmas-specific bracelet this year, and where I have the retired sleigh with the garnet, it would go well with my red “theme”.

    Any idea what stone those blue ones are? They look very similar in shade to a couple of their blue topaz pieces. Both the earrings and necklace are beautiful; I love the CZ detail and the simplicity of the designs!

    • Yes, I love all things reindeer at Christmas, so it really appeals to me as well. ^^ And I’m also thinking of making my first Christmas bracelet this year! I’d like red and green to be my main colours (but a lighter green than you might usually see), so this would work well with that… It’s just so similar to the two ornament pendants I already have! It would look great with the garnet sleigh – both are a slightly darker shade of red. :)

      The blue stones are just described as ‘sky blue crystal’ by Pandora so they’re not genuine gemstones unfortunately. Glad to hear that you like them; the blue is very striking!

  4. I like the ornament charm. But I like last years version also. Which do you prefer? I definitely want a Christmas bracelet this year. I think the Christmas charms are the most fun.

    • Much as I loved last year’s ornament, I think I prefer this one! I love the little dashes of enamel detailing, and the reindeer are very sweet. How about you? I’m now 99% sure that I’m going to start a Christmas bracelet this year too ;) – I actually want more from the Christmas release than I do from Autumn as it currently stands! ^^

      • Yes, I like the reindeer ornament a little better. The one from last year is a little more versatile though. I’m swooning over both the Autumn and Christmas collections. I actually am adding a little to my red, black and white Disney at the moment. I took your positive reviews on Cinderella’s Castle and the enamel mickey and minnie safety chain. I am waiting rather impatiently for them to arrive. I indulged in the silver galaxy and minnie portrait too. And I switched those charms from my silver bangle to my oxidized bracelet for comfort. I am no longer a fan of the bangles with charms on them.

        • That’s true regarding their versatility. The red is so nice and festive, but it is hard to co-ordinate sometimes!
          Oh good, those are two of my favourite Pandora Disney charms – particularly the safety chain. Your bracelet sounds like it is coming along very nicely. <3 I am a big fan of the oxidised bracelet, and I can imagine how well it contrasts with your colour scheme. :) I don't wear lots of charms on my bangle, either. I find that the bangle scratches much faster with charms on it and it just isn't very comfortable for me!

  5. If I were doing a Christmas themed bracelet (and I may, eventually) that reindeer ornament would be really cute. I’ve heard the other reindeer dangle snags on things easily, so that would solve that problem. And it would look great on a red leather ( or green too) bracelet. Okay…. I need to stop, before I talk myself into it!

    • Oh yes, the existing reindeer pendant is a nightmare for snagging on things. Especially during the Christmas season when you want to wear jumpers and other knitted things! Luckily it’s one of my favourite charms or I’d have probably have given up on it. ;)
      Aha, I think that sounds lovely and that you should definitely consider it! ;) I used my red leather for my Christmas charms last year and it looked very festive indeed. They could do with releasing a leather bracelet in a more festive shade of green, couldn’t they?

  6. I think the Christmas ornament dangle is nice and I do like last years and have thought about getting it.
    Nice to see some more pictures of the radiant embellishment ring, that one is on my list.
    I’m intersted to see the full list of autumn and winter releases. Can’t wait to see more pictures.
    I always look forward to your new posts, as I love Pandora. It’s nice to be able to talk to others with the same interest as well. Glad you update it regularly, I’m always keeping a look out for updates to read on your blog.

    • The new ornament is lovely! Even nicer than last year’s, and I loved that one too. ^^ The blue of the Radiant Embellishment is so gorgeous and vivid in these shots – I hope the colour proves to be as vibrant in real life!
      Yes I’m excited to see it all, too! There are some animals from the Autumn collection still to see and some other odd charms as well. ^^ Soon, hopefully. :)
      Thank you, that’s so nice to hear! I love chatting Pandora as well, and hearing what other people are excited about or the bracelets they’re working on; so it’s always a pleasure to write these posts and then read your comments. :D Hope you continue to enjoy it!

  7. I really like the Christmas charm that one will most problem gong on the list. That exciting that we haven’t seen everything yet.

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? Those little reindeer are so cute! Yep, I think that we have seen a significant proportion of the new items but there are still a few more pieces that haven’t been previewed yet. :D

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