There have been lots of exciting previews and sneak peeks lately, and today’s post brings another, with a look at an upcoming new limited edition charm for the UK! The charm will be sold in support of the BBC’s Children in Need charity, and features Pandora’s take on the CIN mascot, Pudsey the teddy bear:

children in need logo

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Children in Need is a UK charity run by the BBC (our national television company) in support of disabled children and young people in Britain. It’s a pretty big deal here and they run big televised appeals every November. :) Last year’s appeal raised £32 million!

Its mascot is Pudsey, a teddy bear who wears a bandana over one eye – he’s very recognisable here in the UK!

Pandora Children in Need charm

The charm features Pudsey’s signature bandana, detailed in white enamel and multi-coloured CZ stones. It will reportedly be exclusive to the UK and I can’t imagine what appeal it would have in other regions, in any case!

pandora children in need charity charm autumn 2015

From what I’ve heard, this charm should be available from the 5th of October and will be sold until Children In Need airs on the 13th of November. It is priced at £40.


These lovely live shots come courtesy of Emily Beavan, and give a wonderfully clear close-up look at this new charm. Isn’t he a cutie!

My Comment

I have a great deal of affection for the Children in Need appeal thanks to childhood memories fundraising for it and I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Pandora have created a charm in support of it. It’s also pretty exciting to have an exclusive charm here in the UK again. ^^

What do you think of this LE charm? Will you be getting it?

29 Comments on Pandora Children In Need Charm Preview

      • Oh good, I wasn’t sure what appeal it would have outside the UK, but he is a cute mascot. ^^ I think there are already ladies on the Facebook pages offering to help :)

    • Glad you like him! I think your only option will be to get help from someone in the UK, as retailers aren’t allowed to ship outside their region… given the currency conversion rates, it will probably be a little pricey :(

  1. I think this is such a good idea and such a good cause, I would like to see the design in person but I’m sure I will be getting it whatever, do you think some of the money will be going to the charity.

    • Yes, I was really pleasantly surprised to see this charm pop up, especially seeing as it really only has relevance to the UK and so it’s not an obvious cause for them to go for. Having said that, Pandora sells really well in the UK and Children in Need is something of a big deal for us ofc. ^^ And yes, some of the proceeds will be going to Children In Need! :)

  2. I do like the charm, but not enough to buy it, as it wouldn’t really fit with what I have already got in my collection. It is nice to have a UK exclusive for once.
    I’ve heard that some of the proceeds will be going to Children in Need, which I think is a great idea.

    • It doesn’t really fit with my collection either but I really love the concept and it is for CIN so I will probably end up with it anyhow. ^^ I much prefer it to the Royal baby carriage that was the last UK exclusive too, haha. I’ve never got that one, even though it went down to £10 in the last sale! And yep, some of the proceeds will be going to CIN – not sure how much yet though.

    • I did think that a little myself! While I think he’s very cute in this stock image, he looks a bit more like a chipmunk than a teddy bear haha. Perhaps he’ll look different in person.

  3. It’s a sweet little charm for a super cause that I’m sure people all over the world would support. I think it should be opened up to larger markets next year with the proceeds going back to the CIN. But then there are prohibitive rules about that I’m sure. I would definitely buy a few if available here, but not with the exchange.

    • Yes, it would be nice to see it made available to more regions. Especially as it’s for such a worthy cause! I imagine that as you say there are probably guidelines prohibiting it. I can understand you not wanting to pay the UK RRP – the exchange rate between the UK and other countries is always fairly terrible. We pay a lot for things here! ;)

  4. Congrats to whoever had this idea! Great initiative! I find the teddy really adorable and I hope the part of proceeds that will go to CIN, won’t be small…

    • I agree! I love it when Pandora do charity charms- they used to do a special charm each year for a Danish charity event called Indsamling but unfortunately they stopped in 2013 :( Those charms are really hard to find now! I hear that 20% of each sale of this charm will go to CIN :)

  5. I think the bear charm looks quite ugly actually, But as its for charity, i will most probably get it. Great fund-raising idea though

      • I’d love to see them do more charity offerings. :) They did do the Wild Flower Tribute murano last year for the Soldier’s charity last year, as well, so hopefully the trend will continue!

    • It looks cute to me from the stock image but not that much like Pudsey haha! I think many people will probably do the same as you and buy it regardless as it’s for a good cause. I’m sure I will! ^^

    • Hi Gina! No, from what I understand, Pudsey will be a UK exclusive. I recommend joining Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels on Facebook – there are already ladies there who are volunteering to help out at no extra cost. :)

  6. I have heard some pandora stores are already selling this, even though it’s not out yet. Also house of Fraser are selling this charm on their website.

    • Yes that’s right – but I think Pandora have rapped their knuckles now, as they are not meant to sell it before the official release date. Apparently it being a charity charm means there are more rules and regulations around it! I was tempted to get it from HoF but have decided to wait and get it when it’s out proper. :)

  7. Received my Pudsey today, thanks to my lovely MIL who posted from the UK. He certainly isn’t as cute as other charms, but being for charity is for good cause. I will say that the green and clear cz’s are the only colours than can be seen clearly, the red and blue are actually enamel and really only show under flash. Still a worthy purchase and will be happy among my christmas charms :) Interestingly enough he’s listed on the fr-be Pandora site now as being 49 euro, ( so perhaps he will see stores on other european countries? Idk, Ive given up guessing….LOL

    • Oh lovely, that’s nice and early! Quite a few stores were selling them ahead of the release date, although I think most have stopped now. Ah, yes, now that you point that out, I can see that the red spots are enamel from the stock image. I suppose it would have made it quite expensive to use so many different coloured stones.
      I was originally told that this bead would be a UK exclusive but that seems like it might be incorrect now, as I’ve had someone else tell me that they think it will see a limited release in Dubai as well. :S So I’m not 100% either on this one haha! It is super confusing. I don’t really know what mass appeal this charm has outside of the UK, but who knows!

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