Today’s post continues my previews for the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2015 collections, with some high-res images of upcoming Pandora Essence charms! The Pandora Essence AW15 collection offers some subtle pastels for the season, with shades of pink and blue.


From what I understand, this collection is due out with the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection on the 27th of August. If/when I get more information on this release, I will update this post, so check back here for updates. :)

Pandora Essence Autumn 2015

The thing that instantly strikes you about this selection is that there are no new values. One of my initial concerns when the Essence collection was first unveiled was that there was surely a limited number of values that Pandora could feasibly represent, and I wondered how they would tackle this in future collections. Offering multiple representations of the same value seems to be the solution.

First up, we have another version of the Caring charm, which features some rather pretty openwork silver detailing.

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

The Love charm is a pretty plain silver design, with its open hearts running through its centre – it’s one of my favourites of this selection! Pandora are very big on their heart motifs, so it’s surprising in some ways that we haven’t seen an Essence charm with a heart-themed design before. ;) This charm should be nicely affordable, too.

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

*UPDATED* Pandora have opted for a pretty moss-green in this new version of the Creativity bead:

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

The Spirituality charm comes in a deep blue shade, which nicely matches the value it represents.

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

Next up, we have a pink cubic zirconia version of the Sensitivity charm. This seems to be essentially an Essence version of the Spring 2015 Pink Petite Facets charm.

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

The Friendship bead offers a subtler, paler shade of pink, which I find very pretty! However, it is made from opalescent pink crystal, so unfortunately it is a synthetic stone.

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

Last, not but least, we have a new Dignity charm, which is probably the bead I am most excited about from this collection. This charm is a freshwater cultured pearl – I have long wished that the beautiful pearls made by other brands such as Thomas Sabo or Katzenmaiers were available from Pandora, so this new Essence bead is really great to see!

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

My Comment

This seems a pretty and delicate little collection, with some lovely cool pastels for the autumn/winter season. I am really excited for the pearl bead, and I also like the pale pink of the new Friendship charm as well!

Nevertheless, this does seem a small selection, especially when compared to previous collections. Rumours have been abroad that the Pandora Essence line may be discontinued (although I would still be surprised should this prove to be true), so possibly this smaller collection represents a downscaling of the line.

What do you think of these new Essence charms? Are any going on your wish list?

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  1. Dignity, friendship and caring are all on my list! I love that the dignity charm is a pearl! I look forward to this release, however surprised at how small the offerings are.

    • Yes, I’m rather excited for the Dignity bead – it looks gorgeous! My picks from this release are Dignity, Friendship and possibly the Love charm as well. I have started a new Essence bracelet which just has the powder-blue Patience bead on it, and the pearl and the light pink should complement it beautifully. :D It’s possible that I am missing stock images but these are what I was given for now!

      • I was thinking of matching it up with Patience and the new friendship too! Might go for a TT essence bracelet. I already have the silver and beaded bracelets. I love Essence!

  2. Disappointed that there aren’t any new values or real gemstones, they could have gone for something like labradorite, chalcedony, amazonite, tourmaline, etc etc, but that’s probably too expensive… :(
    I like the new dignity tho, I think it would go nicely with eg my patience and honesty charms.

    • It is disappointing that these charms are not made from natural stones. :( Chalcedony would make a beautiful Essence charm! I did wonder how they were going to keep churning out new values when Essence first came out; and if they are already revisiting existing ones a year and a half in, it doesn’t bode too well for the future I suppose.
      The new Dignity charm is gorgeous – I’m also planning to wear it my Patience bead. :) I’d also like to add the pale pink of the new Friendship charm to offset them both, even though it isn’t a genuine stone!

      • Good call on your foresight about Pandora running out of values! I really think they should not keep coming out with new versions of the same values, I think it kind of takes away from the original collection. I never really bought the beads because of their values, but I bought them based on the material used or how the charm itself looks. Having said that I really like the new caring charm. However I also agree with you that it does not bode well for the line if they continue down this path.

        • Haha thanks! It was one of the first things that struck me when they launched Essence. It doesn’t really bother me personally either as I also tend to buy Essence beads based on how they look and not for the values. However, Pandora did push the values massively as a big part of the Essence USP when the collection first launched so it seems a bit odd that they seem to have very swiftly run into difficulties keeping them up! :S
          Thanks for commenting Jahndra! Looking forward to your next post!

    • I completely agree with you! I would’ve loved to see more real gemstones but unfortunately for some reason Pandora seems to be pulling away from using real gemstones anymore. It’s a real shame.

  3. When the essence line first came out I thought, that’s a cute idea but not for me. Then I saw it in the store and saw how pretty and different each one of the charms were and I now have 7 charms on my bracelet! I do think the original charms are the best in the collection with the exception of a few new. I want to go for an even 10 charms so I have three more to go. The caring is my favorite from this collection. The other two left for me are the rose 14k love charm and the yellow 14k creativity charm. These 2 cost a pretty penny so they are last on my wish list! I find that my essence bracelet really stacks well with my other pandora bracelets. I usually will wear my essence bracelet, my twinkling forever bangle bracelet, and one of my barrel bracelets stacked together and it is a very pretty combination! They aren’t heavy together either which is a plus!

    • I agree that Essence bracelet stacks well with other Pandora bracelets.
      I am currently wearing my Essence with the five clip bracelet and they look great together.

    • It’s funny as I was originally very sceptical of the Essence line, but it gradually won me over as I kept seeing how pretty certain charms looked in photos and arranged in store. Then the first pictures of the Autumn 2014 Essence collection came out (which was possibly the only subsequent release that really came close to their original collection), with all its pretty stones and silver designs, and that convinced me! Now I’m a true convert – although I never pay much attention to the values and I tend to just go for the beads that I like the look of best. ^^

      I’d also love one of the 14kt gold Essence charms -top of my wish list is the 14kt Sensitivity charm. That would be the only plus side if they discontinued the Essence line – it would be great to be able to indulge in a couple of the 14kt gold pieces at half price! ;)

      Your bracelet stack sounds lovely! I tend to put together similar combinations – I rarely wear the Essence bracelets on their own. I love wearing my two Essence bracelets together or stacking them with a couple of bangles. As you say, they are so lovely and light so it’s quite refreshing to just put together a bracelet stack that looks contemporary and is easy to wear!

  4. I love my Essence bracelet and my four charms. I don,t really need any more Essence charms but I love the Love charm and since it looks like it will be a reasonable price I think I will have to buy it.

    The dignity charm looks rather nice too.

    • I have four Essence charms on my first bracelet and love it as it is – I also don’t plan on adding more to that one. However I was given a second earlier this year by a friend and so I’m ready to start filling that one up. ;) I already have the blue Patience charm on it – the Friendship and Dignity charms would look lovely with it I think!

      I also rather like the Love charm, so perhaps that one will come home with me too!

  5. I haven’t been won over by the essence collections yet, to start a bracelet but the Sensitivity and Friendship charms had me at wow. I’ve always been a fan of pink and Friendship is just my favourite shade of pink.

    • I do love pink (it manages to creep its way into many of my bracelet designs, despite my best intentions), and so the Friendship charm instantly called out to me as well! It’s such a lovely delicate shade, and I love the opalescent quality too.

  6. Thanks for the new post. In the past I never wanted an essence bracelet but I am increasing thinking of getting one if there is a free bracelet promotion next year. I like that the bracelet is thinner than the moments and I think I would wear it as a ladylike or evenings out bracelet whereas my moments one is everyday. I think it would be nice with just one or three charms. I really like the new love charm and I’d like it if they did something similar for the moments range, the blue colour they picked for spirituality is beautiful although blue isn’t really my colour. I think the pearl for dignity would look lovely and delicate alone on the bracelet. Quite grown up!

    As regards thinking of new qualities to represent in charms, the Bible book of Galations 5:22,23 lists the fruitage of God’s Holy Spirit which are; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness and self-control. That would be a nice idea for a collection of qualities.

    • You’re welcome! Yes, the Essence bracelet is much thinner and more delicate – I don’t really wear my Moments charm bracelets out to something very dressy, as they seem a bit heavy and eclectic, but the Essence bracelets are more elegant and suited to occasions like that. :) I absolutely love the pearl Dignity bead and it seems to me exactly the kind of charm that is perfect for Essence. Very simple and yet refined in style, as you say! <3 It would look particularly pretty worn plain on the two-tone Essence bracelet I think.

      What a lovely idea! I'm surprised that 'kindness' isn't already one of their qualities, that seems like a must-have really. It's always wonderful to read how creative people are when coming up with new ideas for charms. It's a shame that Pandora don't accept suggestions any more!

  7. I like the love charm, I have a Ruby wedding Anniversary in August and dropped a hint to my hubby for the passion Ruby charm, but might change my mind now or ask for both. Think I deserve 2 after 40 years!

  8. The essence charms are really pretty I love the colour shades my favourite is the caring bead I also love the two pink beads. I would love an essence bracelets do you know if they are doing the sterling silver barrel bracelet promo.

    • Yay, I also love the pink beads, particularly the opalescent Friendship bead! <3 There are some lovely designs included here, I think, and I'm actually getting as excited for this collection as I am for the regular Autumn release, haha.
      From what I've heard, they should be running a silver bracelet promo in September like last year. So fingers crossed! ^^

  9. Hi!…I think that now the moments collection and the essence collection are becoming too much similar for example the new geometric facets are similar to essence’s charms and the new Caring is similar to galaxy moment’s charm.
    I think that Pandora should creates something new, for example :
    sympathy, elegance, perseverance, tenderness, grace, costancy…
    And it could be great to see the seven deadly sins’ collection!
    Finally I agree with Laura who says that Pandora should use more natural stones…


    • Hi Anita! You make a good point – I hadn’t actually noticed the similarities between the Galaxy charm and the Caring bead, but now that you’ve said it, I do see that!

      Those are absolutely lovely suggestions for new values! They’re all very elegant and pretty; I particularly like sympathy, tenderness and grace. It just goes to show that there is mileage in the idea yet. Pandora should take note! ^^


  10. I think Pandora has run out ideas for this line. They’re just mimicking the Petite Facets with some of these now while slapping words on them. They may as well just put the word on the bead, as they do with the Moments Hope, Faith, etc, and leave them at that because the new designs don’t at all convey the meaning of the word, without the word. For instance, the amethyst Faith bead would convey its meaning even without the word, given the metaphysical and religious attributes attached to that quartz. But take the word “caring” off that top bead and what do you have? A smaller sparkly Moments charm at a higher price (often a higher price for less of a bead). I’ve been on the fence about diving into this line. I’m off the fence now and running the other way! Lol.

    • I agree you with on the values front; revisiting existing values again seems needlessly repetitive (especially when others have suggested some great new ones even here in the comments!). It’s also true that the values and the charms themselves often don’t seem to have much in common (like you say, I have no idea how the idea of ‘caring’ and this openwork charm have anything to do with each other, lol). However I do really like this latest collection if purely for the aesthetics (I love the Dignity bead, and there’s nothing like that in the Moments range so far). If anything, I think that the Petite Facets are something of a knock-off of the original collection of Essence beads – and I think that you’re right in that, in carrying over Essence-style beads to the Moments range, it diminishes the Essence line and makes it less special. While being a fan of Essence, I totally understand where you and other consumers are coming from -if you can get the same look for your Moments bracelet, then what is the point?

      • I really do love some of the Essence beads–Love, Faith, Loyalty, Optimism–I love, love them. My daughter will be diving into the line next month, and I know if I go to the store with her, I’ll end up falling into it. :-) I’m weak!! But I think Pandora has lost the plot on this line. I do hope they find it again.

        • Aha! I know the feeling. At least with the Essence bracelet, I don’t get the same urge to fill it all up like I do with the Moments bracelet. So you could always just indulge in a couple of the original beads that you loved and leave it at that? ;)

        • That’s a very good question but unfortunately one that I don’t know the answer to yet! Pandora’s info on the promotion doesn’t specify whether they are or not – I would imagine they are, as technically they are charms, but I don’t know for sure. I’ll let you know if I find out.

      • Thank you. Salespeople don’t always answer questions around here, so asking is pointless. :-) I was surprised to see the pre-autumn collection available in stores on Tuesday. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

  11. Pandora has to use real semi precious stone for Essence line to make it stand out from Moment line. They don’t need to give the synthetic a fancy name, what for? It is expensive for synthetic for this bead, real semi precious stone is not that expensive though depend on the quality. There are so many choices out there, I just don’t think the price and the product worth the $.

    • I’d love it if they went back to using genuine stones in both lines tbh! I understand that the CZ pieces sell well and that they are better for the bottom line than the genuine stones, but even just a couple of genuine stones per collection would be nice… :) I agree with you Michele. I don’t think that the synthetic stones are often worth the price at all.

      • Pandora should upgrade Essence as a exquisite line for fans willing to pay. I won’t mix the expensive 14k gold bead with the cz bead, semi precious stone is ok. If they want to sell more 14 k gold bead then no cz bead for this line. Essence is a real jewelry line and Moments is a fashion jewelry, this is more clear marketing concept.

        • I also wouldn’t go for the 14kt beads with CZs in them. It’s too much money to shell out for something with synthetic stones. :( It’s a shame! You have some good ideas regarding Pandora’s marketing – you obviously have an eye for it! ^^

    • That’s fair enough! I am nowhere near as big a fan of the Essence range as I am of the Moments line, but I do love the simplicity and elegance of the Essence bracelets as a change. :)

  12. Hi Ellie!
    I must say I don’t like the Essence idea as much as the original Pandora concept… I prefer the different shapes and materials of the normal charms, and the mystery behind the unique bracelet I make! I’ve only bought few charms just for their beauty and even those are in a way related to certain period/ feelings/ trip etc. The Essence collection with its repetitive shape fulfils aesthetic needs; almost everyone, as I read, choose an Essence charm based on criteria that are rarely related to the value this charm represents…
    I have to admit though, that some of them are really so appealing, I wish they could fit in the regular bracelet! “Love” and “Dignity” look amazingly pretty!

    Irrelevant to the subject: I saw the pre Autumn collection today in my Pandora store and I would like to share my thoughts with you!
    – The new camera is stunning! I’ve never thought that black enamel can be so impressive!
    – The “Travel Together Forever” 2-pieces pendant, is a little bigger than I thought but still cute, with its light pink enamel! (Both parts are exactly the same.)
    – The “I love pets” charm has pearl-like enamel and is really gorgeous!

    I can’t wait to see your styling in the new collection! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I felt the same way as you when Essence came out; I thought it was pretty, but ultimately not as interesting as the Moments range, which has so much variety and character. I also had little time for Pandora’s rather sentimental marketing regarding the values (I prefer to give my own meanings to charms), which is why I still don’t tend to bother with them much, haha. However as I kept seeing photos and seeing people wearing them out and about, I gradually became won over. ^^ They are very pretty and delicate, and I love stacking them with my Moments bracelets or with other bangles for when I just want a casual, pretty look. :)

      Ooh that’s exciting! UK stores usually stick pretty scrupulously to the release date. :( Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – happily you mentioned both of my most-anticipated charms (the Camera and the TTF pendant)! I’m so glad that the new camera is cute. It’s kind of weird that the pendant is in two halves, and that they’re identical, but I do love the look of the pink enamel. Did you see the ice cream charm?

      Thanks Chrysa! I think I’m planning on getting the TTF, the camera and the Curious Cat. Can’t wait to get my hands on them and see them in person! :) ♥♥♥

      • I know, same here with the date thing! I don’t know how things became less strict. They needed a boost to overcome the crisis results maybe? Although I think Pandora wasn’t affected that much because they mainly sell to tourists rather than locals, who only see and don’t touch these days…
        Oh, I am glad you asked, I forgot to mention the ice cream! It’s cute! The cone detail is what I liked most on it! The pave isn’t really obvious as in other designs and the general idea you get is that of a silver charm and not a sparking one! I still think enamel would have been better, but I must admit it’s really pretty even with the cz and it will probably sell well! ♥♥♥

        • It is such a shame hearing about the situation in Greece. :( I do hope that things start a turn for the better soon, Chrysa.
          Oh good! ♥ Glad to hear that one’s cute too! I am envious that you’ve seen them all already, haha. I’ve been seeing some lovely live shots online – the camera looks particularly stunning. <3

  13. I’ve really not been interested in this line from the beginning. Right off, the “values” of charms that were important to me clashed in color and/or style, and just didn’t form an appealing design that would go with what I would wear. The very plain ball charms, even if faceted or containing CZ’s were just so… homogenized. There are individual charms that I like, though, and wish they had made this line compatible with a standard Pandora bracelet. The Dignity pearl, for example, would look really pretty with the Wildflowers Murano. No such luck, though. I

    • When I first saw the collection, the ‘sameiness’ of the beads put me off as well. Now I quite appreciate the delicacy and simplicity as a nice contrast to the eclectic style of the Moments range. ^^ I also think the lack of compatibility put a lot of people off at the start. It’s quite an investment to get a whole new bracelet and set of charms. And yes, I’d love to see something similar to the Dignity bead for the Moments line. I love the delicacy of pearls, and I’ve always regretted that the Katzenmaiers pearls weren’t compatible with Pandora. We can always hope!

  14. Hi! i was having real hard time to find out if the disney ariel murano charm i bought is fake or real..any idea how to tell?

  15. I love that they’re creating multiple versions of the same feelings/values. That gives everyone a chance to wear the ones they think that represents them without being stuck to just one choice (for example, if someone doesn’t like the first friendship bead they can use this new one). The beads look beautiful (especially because they’re simple) especially the love one.
    I may start building an essence bracelet or necklace. My boyfriend was going to give me one for my birthday but they din’t have my size so maybe next time…

    • That’s really a very good point Angela, and one that I hadn’t thought of! Clair in the comment above was just saying how she had initially been put off because the values she liked didn’t tally with the designs she most wanted. So I can definitely see the advantages in offering different designs for each value from that perspective!
      The new Love charm is very cute! I would definitely recommend Essence these days – I was unsure for a long time but now that I have mine, I wear it often! <3

      • I agree with Angela! I would like to represent “love” on my bracelet, but I don’t want to go in the “pink direction”. Since they have the solid silver one, I can add it but not have to go with the pink color. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t really care for the Essence Collection. I tried one of the beaded bracelets on yesterday! I was “in love” as soon as the bracelet was fastened on my wrist!! I chose Spirituality, Courage, & Freedom. It is so pretty. I have never been one to wear a bracelet with my watch, but I really do like it there!!! Oh well, guess I am now a full fledged “Pandora Junky”! I am enjoying every minute of it!!! Thanks so much for keeping us up to date!!!

        • Yes, that is definitely the advantage of doing multiple beads for each value that I hadn’t considered! And yay, I’m glad to hear that you just got started with your Essence collection <3 I did the same thing with the Essence collection about a year ago. I can imagine that it looks great with your watch, it's ideal for stacking! It looks great with the regular Moments bracelets too.
          You're welcome! :D Enjoy your new bracelet! <3

    • What a perfect description of the Essence range. That is the exact reason I love my Essence bracelet and charms.

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear that you’re a fan too! Hopefully it will keep going. I thought it seemed to be doing okay here in the UK so fingers crossed!

  16. Are these going to be available in the US? NO one at the store I go to has seen this offering and usually they have some idea of what I am talking about when I mention things I have seen here.

  17. Hey Ellie!

    For a while, I did consider getting an Essence bracelet, but I didn’t feel a connection to any of the values that Pandora has used so far. I wish they used adjectives instead such as “sweet”, “fun”, “mysterious”, “charming”, “humble”, “generous”, “ambitious”, etc. While some of the beads are quite pretty, I’m a bit disappointed at their insistence on using synthetic stone. I really think they need to revamp the entire Essence line if they don’t intend to discontinue it. Just my thoughts.

    I do see the positives though, such as the aesthetic appeal, and I’m guessing it’s probably quite comfortable to wear too (though I’ve yet to try it on myself).



    • Hi Tia!
      Those are great ideas, and much less stuffy than some of the rather high-blown values they have already. It’s nice to have a little bit of levity mixed in with all the gravitas of values such as ‘wisdom’ and ‘patience’. ;) I feel like all the adjectives you mentioned still fit in with the idea of capturing the ‘essence’ of you, too; you’re not just about your values, after all! Perhaps, if Essence does keep going, this would be a good direction to explore. I like how fun some of your suggestions are; they could perhaps change up the style a little more to match the bubblier adjectives like ‘sweet’ and ‘fun’! There’s a lot of scope there. ^^
      They are very comfortable to wear, and lovely and light compared to the regular Pandora bracelets. I know that you’re a Sabo Karma fan, though, so it probably doesn’t offer much as a charm bracelet alternative that Karma doesn’t already haha.
      Thanks for commenting Tia! <3

      • Thanks Ellie! I think Pandora should hire us as consultants as we have plenty of awesome ideas to make their Essence line better! LOL..

        I think the possibilities would be endless if they used adjectives because there are SO many words in the English language to describe a person. I would feel much more connected to a bead with a word on it that describes who I am.

        Haha, you know me well! I’m obsessed with my Karma Beads!

        Cheers, Tia

        • Lol! They definitely should! And I have plenty of ideas for the Moments range as well, haha. ;)
          Yes! You post some very tempting pictures, haha! Karma does have a range of styles and textures that Essence lacks I think.

      • Oh, I’ll bet you have plenty of fantastic ideas for Moments for sure.
        I think, at this point, I’m not ruling out the possibility of buying an Essence bracelet in the future. I like leaving that option open since I do like the moonstone and agate beads. ;-)
        I read on that this release will NOT be coming to North America, which I find really strange. I guess they don’t want to tempt me and my wallet should be content with that, LOL..

        • Yes it’s a little worrying, if that’s the case. It would certainly seem like a bit of a death knell for Essence if North America isn’t interesting in selling the new collections!

  18. Yes yes yes! I’ve been SO close to getting the Thomas Sabo pearl because I want to mix it with my moonstone Balance Essence beads. It’s so pretty – can’t wait for the pearl! Thanks for a great walk-through of the features of the upcoming collection – and great stock images as always.

    • Haha, it’s nice to hear from someone who is as excited as I am for the pearl charm! I’ve also been tempted by the TS pearl but I’m glad that I’ll be able to get a Pandora version. ^^ It’ll look beautiful with your Balance beads – I do love the gorgeous combinations that you post on IG! :) I keep meaning to try and hunt the moonstone version down but there always seems to be something else to get. ;)
      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

      • Oh WOW – you’ve seen my IG? I feel so flattered ??. Thank you so much!
        And yessss – the pearl will be amazing! Might just go ahead and get a bracelet filled with pearls only haha. I also intend to wear if with the gold beads – can’t wait!

        I’m with you on that! It took me soooo long to get the moonstone version – I always put it off because I was more in love with the gold.. Haha. But glad I finally did get them ?. You should too!

        • Haha, yes! I love your stylings. ^^
          The pearl would look fab with a little two-tone. I wish I could afford some! That would be the only plus side to Essence being discontinued – the gold beads might go in the sale. ;)
          I should! It looks beautiful in all the pictures I’ve seen of it, and I think it would also go well with my Patience bead. I’ll keep an eye out, haha.

      • I am SO curious.. If you’ve seen my IG you must follow me – can I know what your IG username is? :D. You can just let me know on IG if you do not feel like posting it here :) . And totally okay if you’d rather not say at all :)

        • Sure I don’t mind at all – although it’s funny as we’ve talked a lot before on IG, I thought you knew I did this too haha. It’s ohhellsbells. :)

        • I thought so!! YAY! Very pleased to put a face to this gorgeous blog ;) . Hi Ellie! Can’t wait to see posts from you on IG again soon! Even though you said something about the camera on your new phone being very bad right? Shame :/

        • Aha! Thank you! <3 That's really sweet of you. :D Yes, I stupidly broke my original phone (I'm so clumsy -_-) and had to replace it with something cheap which takes such awful photos! I do keep meaning it to replace it but my money keeps vanishing on more frivolous things, haha.

  19. I keep thinking about buying a pandora essence bracelet, as they look nice and lightweight, which makes a change from the moments bracelet. I can’t quite make my mind up about it.
    I do like the pink charms in this release. Also the freedom and the pink charing charm that are already out I like the look of.

    • I agree with Lynn – I love mine, even though, like you, I was hesitant before I actually bit the bullet and got it. They’re beautiful, light and easy to wear. They look great worn with the Moments bracelets or as a more elegant and simple alternative. :)
      I have the plain silver Essence bracelet and the two-tone. They look great stacked together. The beaded Essence bracelet is also nice, but I think if I had to choose one I would go for the classic silver snake chain one!

  20. Sarah, go for it, I have the essence bracelet, I’ve had it a year, wear it every day and don’t even notice I’ve got it on ( have 2 beads on mine). Also the beads grip on and don’t move around which is plus point for me. A truly lovely bracelet.

    • Lynn thank you for the information. That’s what I’m wanting it for to wear most days. That’s good that they don’t move round, that’s a plus point for me as well.
      Which of the essence bracelets have you got? I’m not sure which one to go for.

      • Sarah, glad it was helpful. I have the smooth silver bracelet (item no. 596000 on Pandora website) £49 with the love bead which is a lovely pale pink colour and also the Capricorn birthsign bead. Am hoping to get the new silver love bead shown above when it comes out! If you would like to know any more details, please leave a message x

  21. I had a look at the essence collection whilst in store tonight. I definitely want to get one. Ive decided on the snake bracelet and i like the freedom and pave appreciation charms. I do like the look of the new pink ones coming out soon. I think this may be my next purchase.

  22. Hi, do you know if the love heart essence bead is still due out 27 August, the one you previewed in this post please?

    • I don’t know why North America has not received this collection unfortunately. :( There are rumours going round that you may get it later, but nothing concrete.
      As Kathy suggests, Republic of Jewels are good – the Pandora eStore in Belgium is also offering international shipping on these beads, but their rates are a bit pricier!

  23. I thought I had most of the essence charms… but I see several here that I have not seen in my local Pandora store. Did they decide not to release them in the US this winter?

    • No, this collection was never launched in the US or Canada for whatever reasons. Rumour has it that it might see a delayed launch next year, as fans have been complaining, but we will have to wait and see. :)

  24. Mora has there been any update on when these new charms will be released in the US? I would love to get the new dignity and caring charms for my essence bracelet. I just received my first Pandora bracelet for Christmas from a good friend with the silver friendship charm. My husband added the hope charm and I soon will be getting the appreciation charm. I would love to finish it out with the new caring and dignity charms.


    • Hi! I did hear that these charms were coming out for North America for Spring 2016. I’ve not had confirmation on that yet but will update the blog when I hear something :) In the meantime, you could always order from abroad!

      • Thanks so much Ellie. I look forward to seeing them in the spring collection. I just received appreciation for Valentines Day and it looks very pretty with friendship and hope. RJ

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