Today’s post brings another update on the upcoming Pandora Autumn and Winter 2015 collections, with a selection of live shots from recent official press previews! Pandora have been hosting numerous AW15 previews for journalists and bloggers over the last couple of weeks, but pictures of the jewellery itself have been frustratingly hard to find – however, after previews in Romania and Thailand, we finally have some absolutely gorgeous shots of the new collections.

pandora winter 2015
Image by tanchiraofficial

The Pandora Autumn 2015 collection will be out worldwide on the 27th of August; the Winter 2015 collection on the 29th of October. Just a warning that this post is rather picture-heavy, haha – there are lots of gorgeous images to sift through!

Pandora Autumn 2015 Live Shots

One of my favourite new Autumn 2015 pieces is the Locked Hearts charm, with its delicate two-tone detailing; if you missed out on the LE Vintage Heart charm from 2014, this would offers a great alternative!

pandora autumn 2015
Image by Petra Magazin
pandora autumn 2015
Image by biankastyle

It is a little hard to tell from this picture whether these are in fact the new CZ Fascinating Blush beads, or just the Autumn 2014 Fascinating Ochre bead. I’ve heard from a couple of sources that the new Fascinating CZ beads may be delayed and not available on the 30th of August with the rest of the collection – it’s notable that the green version is not pictured anywhere in this preview.

pandora autumn 2015
Image by garanicky

However, the Fascinating Ochre certainly does make a worthy substitute – it looks gorgeous with the Locked Heart and Lace Bontaique two-tone pieces.

Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita

In this shot, you can see some additional floral detailing on the new Dragonfly Meadow – how adorable! Also notable are the new plain silver Feathered clip, the Majestic Feather pendant and the new pink enamel heart dangle.

Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita

Pictured in this beautiful image are the new pale pink Eternity spacer, alongside the new Timeless Elegance pendant and Radiant Splendour. It’s worth noting that the Sweetheart charm, which saw a limited release for North America earlier this year, is seeing a wider release for the Autumn 2015 collection. I’m not sure which regions will be getting it exactly, but Asia will be for sure.

Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita

This bracelet shows off the collection’s new purple charms, including a new version of the Geometric Facets. However, the stand-out piece of this design for me is the Majestic Swan, just tucked into the left-hand corner of the bracelet. While Pandora + pavé often leads to overkill, the new Swan really does seem to me an example of how to get it right!

Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita

Here, you can see the new Hearts Tiara pieces:

pandora autumn winter 2015
Image by pimpilaib

Finally, we have a few shots of the accompanying Autumn 2015 rings and jewellery:

Pandora Winter 2015 Live Shots

In contrast, for Winter 2015 we have a nice selection of deep blues, cherry reds and delicate pinks. In the top right of this image, you can get a clear look at the Winter Geometric Facets, in a vivid icy blue and a delicate opalescent white. The new Blue Fascinating Iridescence also looks rather pretty – let’s hope no production issues get in the way with this one, too! ;)

pandora autumn winter 2015 preview
Image by life_hu

The next few shots show off the new icy blue Winter pieces: while the icy blue of the Radiant Hearts looks pretty, I’m not as keen on the Crystalised Snowflake pendant (pictured centre), however.

Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita

In the next couple of shots, it’s worth noting that the Geometric Facets pictured are the deep blue ones from the Autumn 2015 collection – they go very nicely with the lighter Winter blues.

pandora winter 2015
Image by madamefigaroth
pandora winter 2015
Image by PriewMagazine

You can also pick out the new Dainty Bow pieces in these bangle – although I think I personally would have showcased them with the delicate pinks and whites, rather than the bright blues. Nevertheless, the safety chain and the accompanying LE bangle are two of the highlights of the Winter 2015 collection for me!

pandora winter 2015
Image by moncelebonline
pandora winter 2015
Image by neil_chillchill

The new opalescent Eternity spacers look gorgeous!

Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita
Image by feonalita

Next up, we have a closer look at the cheerful festive pieces! Pictured here are the new synthetic sapphire Geometric Facets – unfortunately it does look like their true colour is close to the stock image, making them more of a deep pink than the cherry red some were hoping for.

pandora winter 2015
Image by Nylon Thailand

From the stock image, I was a little worried that the Holly murano looked rather orange-y in tone – however it’s reassuring to see from the live shots that it will be a delightful cherry red!

pandora winter 2015
Image by Instyle Magazine Thailand

This shot offers another look at the Holly murano – it does look rather gorgeous in combination with the new Prancing Reindeer dangle.

pandora winter 2015
Image by graziathailand

Speaking of the new reindeer dangle, doesn’t its red enamel sparkle in this shot?

pandora autumn winter 2015 9 feonalita
Image by feonalita

Another of my favourite pieces from the initial Winter 2015 previews was the adorable Christmas Puppy; his little red enamel hat is so cute! He looks a nice size as well.

pandora autumn winter 2015 18 feonalita
Image by feonalita

Next, we have a few shots of the new delicate ribbons and pastels that are coming out for Winter 2015. Here, you can see the new Abundance of Love charm, with its sparkling white enamel. It looks beautiful with last year’s Everlasting Grace pendant! Also pictured to the right is the Forest Fairy, one of my favourites from the Fall 2015 collection – my only concern is that her wings and head look rather pointy there…

pandora winter 2015
Image by marieclaire_th
pandora winter 2015
Image by dontmagazine
pandora winter 2015
Image by Instyle Magazine Thailand

The new pavé bracelet goes nicely with the new ribbons and present charms. The Heart & Bow dangle actually looks rather nice here, although I’m still not sure it’s something I would buy!

pandora winter 2015
Image by lisa_guru

Finally again, we have some beautiful shots of the accompanying Winter 2015 jewellery:

My Comment

It’s wonderful to finally have some live shots, and such good ones at that! I’m actually seeing more must-haves for me in the Winter 2015 collection; I love the Christmas Puppy and Christmas Holly murano, while the ribbon and bow pieces are beautiful – especially the delicate pearl Delicate Sentiments ring! I have decided that I’m just going to bite the bullet and start a dedicated Christmas bracelet this season – it’s likely that a number of these new festive pieces will be going on it. ;)

Having said that, I do have my favourite pieces from the Autumn collection; the Dragonfly Meadow is beautiful, and I especially love its additional floral detailing as revealed here. The Forest Fairy looks cute but I do have concerns about how comfy she will be to wear haha.

Which pieces are standing out most for you? Are any going on your wish list?

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  1. Nooo…so disappointed for the fascinating green!!! Also the plain silver feather heart is not represented (I might be wrong) but I’ve seen sneak peek on the official site so I don’t think it will not be released.
    However…same thought as when we had the preview….I’m looking forward to have the feather heart, the Forest Fairy and possibly the star spacer (also this not shown here?) and someone of the ethernity spacer to have a touch of colour. I’m not attracted by Christmas beads and alll the other sparkling! The only piece which is taking my heart little by little and I didn’t consider first is the locked hearts…maybe I can find a home for it!
    Great post Ellie! Thank you!

    • Hi Sara! Just to clarify – the media previews just show off a selection of what’s coming out for AW15, they don’t include every single bead. You don’t need to worry if something isn’t pictured here, it’s most likely still coming out! :) It’s just that I’ve heard that there are problems with the CZ murano beads specifically :( It is a shame and I hope that they do get it sorted in time for the release! There always seems to be something delayed with every collection at the moment, haha.
      Great picks! The little Fairy will most likely be coming home with me too. I have to say, I’ve surprised myself by really loving this year’s Christmas selection! I was kind of ‘eh’ about last year’s, but I love the puppy, the reindeer charms and the holly murano in particular. <3 The Locked Hearts is a beautiful piece – if I didn't already have the Vintage Heart, I would seriously be tempted!
      You're welcome, thanks for commenting Sara!

      • Which are the muran CZ beads that you and Sarax are referring to? Where can I see a pic? What kind of issues are they having with murano’s Ellie?

        • The CZ muranos we’re talking about are the pink and green faceted beads pictured in the Autumn preview :)
          I’m not 100% what the issues are exactly, though – the info comes from someone who works in a store, who has been informed of potential delays with those two beads. :(

    • Oh, and I’ve just spotted the Starshine spacer in this picture – top right! ^^

      • Thank you, Ellie! I love reading your posts and seeing the sneak peaks to every upcoming Pandora collections. I find your posts very informative and insightful. Also, many of the Pandora charm pictures that you post are all beautiful. Excellent work, Ellie!

  2. What a great lengthy post, and so nice to see the new charms on different bracelet combinations. I was happy to see the dangling angel wings pendant (with the pink enamel) because that one is my favorite from the entire Autumn collection. The single line pave spacers are adorable and nice in all the different colors. The bright blue and purple new style facets are absolutely stunning, what rich bright colors. From the entire Christmas collection I am most impressed with the Christmas tree, the red enamel present and the Jared reindeer snowman, somehow I can even see the red present looking good through out the year on a bracelet with other touches of red, not just to be used for Xmas. I do not like those yellow murano’s (are they new, did I miss seeing them?) Also I am not particularly fond of the new radiant hearts/splendor collection, nothing personal I just think for the price they are nothing to brag about and rather use those new facets for pops of color. The winter bow is one of my favorites from the entire collection and I believe is a must for me. So excited to begin seeing these pieces in stores.

    • Yes, I love seeing the live shots too – it’s great to be able to see the charms on bracelets, and to start to work out what they look nice with. ^^ The new spacers are rather pretty; especially the pink and opalescent versions! I imagine that they will prove to be popular!

      I love the Jared reindeer pendant too! I really wish that I didn’t have last year’s Christmas ornament pendant, as I do think I prefer this enamel version haha. It’s nice that it has just a little dash of red too, as it means that it’s festive but is still nice to wear all year round.

      The yellow muranos are from last year’s Autumn 2014 collection, they’re called Fascinating Ochre. They look quite nice with two-tone designs, but they’re not particularly to my personal taste either! I haven’t made up my mind on the Radiant Hearts pieces (I’ll admit that I don’t really like the Radiant Splendour, although the photo of it here is rather pretty!); they have an old-fashioned, vintage look that I quite like. On the other hand, as you say, they are very pricey for what they are!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ellie!! I have told you several times I just love reading your posts and I love seeing all the sneak peaks. So many things are beautiful to me (I am a bling girl). In June I got the new sparkling palm tree clear CZ charm that I wear alone on a chain. I have decided I would like a charm for every season and switch them using the same chain. I think for the Fall I will get either the majestic feather or the pink enamel heart charm. For Winter then I want to get the crystalised snowflake and I’m sure there will be one in the Spring I will love!! There are several Winter charms on my wish list I want to get that match beautifully to my icey blue Cinderella bracelet I’m working on now. They are the blue geometric facets, blue radiant hearts, and blue eternity spacer. I am tempted to get the pave bracelet for these charms and I have told you already they are on the heart clasp bracelet now. I know you said it took yours awhile to loosen up and I’m still getting used to mine. I’ve had it since May!! I wear it quite often so I hope it loosens up more soon. It takes me so much longer to put it on than my other barrel clasp bracelets. I’d hate to waste a whole bracelet though. We shall see I guess!!

    • I have the same problem with my heart clasp bracelet, it seems to be taking longer to loosen up and there is no way I can fasten it on my own, I always have to ask someone to help me put it on.

      • Totally agree about the heart clasp, Sarah. Was most embarrassed recently when I had to take it off for airport security and had to ask them for help to put it back on!

    • You’re very welcome! ^^ I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the posts. It’s lovely to be able to chat with people who are as excited for Pandora news as you are! This collection is definitely great for you, if you love bling. ^^ Your chain idea is lovely, and rather a nice way of making sure you can pick something special from each season. The pink enamel heart charm would be so beautiful on a chain! It’s nice and substantial, but still delicate-looking at the same time.

      Ooh yes, the blue charms would look lovely on a Cinderella bracelet – particularly that lovely Eternity spacer! It’s a very pretty colour. They’d go nicely with the blue Disney muranos from Spring as well.

      Oh no, that’s a pain about your heart bracelet. :( Mine loosened up quite quickly – maybe after a couple of months of semi-regular wear? It probably depends a bit on the individual bracelet, though. I hope it settles in soon, as they are such a pain to do up when the chain is stiff! If it doesn’t get any better, it might be worth checking in with your store?

      • Does it look to you like there are several colors of the geometric facets coming out? I liked the light sky blue in your earlier pictures and now these pictures look like the blue is really dark. I hope those are two different beads and not the same ones!! Also it looks like there is a white one coming out. I was hoping there would be!!

        • Yes, there are several new colours! :) The dark blue is for Autumn 2015:
          The lighter blue and the white are for Winter! The lighter white one is meant to be kind of opalescent in shade:

  4. I was so excited when I saw this post. It’s great to see some more live shots, as you can get a better idea what they look like and I always find it helps me have an idea of what I want to get before going in the shop.
    I have got some charms and quite a few rings on my list. I may have added some more now, after these pictures. I agree with you about the Dragonfly meadow charm, I like the extra floral design, it makes it appeal to me more. This one might end up going on my list. Also the hearts tiara ring i really like the look off and the dangle charm to match is quite nice, I just worry about how it will lay against my wrist.
    I can’t wait to go and see them all in store and make my mind up of which ones I want to get. I already thinking up how they would fit into my designs I have already got and some new designs.
    Thanks for the lovely post.

    • I completely agree – I’m always really excited to see the live shots, too. You get such a great idea of the size of each piece, and what goes best together.

      I completely agree! I liked the Dragonfly charm before, but that little rose detail is so pretty. I’ve already got spaces planned out for the Autumn charms, too, haha! My must-haves are the Forest Fairy (which will go on my Pandora Rose bracelet) and the Dragonfly Meadow (which will go on my pink oxi bracelet). ^^ I’m not sure about the rest of the collection – I’ll have to see it in person! Are you going to do the rings promo at the end of the month, Sarah? I just can’t make up my mind what I want to get haha.

      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting, as usual! <3

      • Yeah I will definitely be going to the ring promo, I can’t wait for it. I love pandora rings. I definitely want to get the alluring brilliant marquise and the braided pave rings. I know these two will go with my other pandora rings I have already got. I just need to decide on my 3rd ring, which I think is between the Pave heart ring, sparkling heart ring and princess tiara ring. I need to try them on, see which l like and to make my decision. I’ll let you know which I go for when I’ve bought them.
        I’ve got quite a few pandora rings and have seen some more coming out in autumn and winter.
        The dazzling daisy and triple dazzling daisy rings go together really well. I bought these and would recommend them. I get loads of comments about how lovely they look and they look like one ring.
        Look forward to your next post.

        • Ooh, nice choices! I particularly love the princess tiara and the pavé heart ring. I’ll be interesting to hear which you decide on! ^^
          It’s funny that you mention the Dazzling Daisy rings, as those are among the ones I’m considering! I think that the Rose Sparkling Bow is a definite, and then I was thinking maybe one of the Dazzling Daisy rings and one of the alluring pavé rings… But then I also love the enamel florals and the plain silver stackable ones. I can’t make up my mind! ^^
          Thanks Sarah! :)

  5. :-) Thank you for putting this post together! I’m in love with all the hearts. And there is so much I like. I think I have to throw away my wallet and my credit cards… :-D
    Have a good evening :-)

    • You’re welcome! Really glad to hear that there’s so much you like. The Winter collection is what is calling to me the most right now, which is unusual for me. ^^ Have a good evening too! :)

  6. I have 2 Pandora jewelry boxes like the one you posted. It was a grand opening gift for concept store in June, spend Can $150 free box and leather bracelet as the same time. I have to see everything in person to get something for the Sept promotion. I quite like the reindeer pendant, jolly murano and the LE paved bracelet. Oh! Pandora outlet store in St. Catherine ( Niagara in the lake) still have the vintage heart for 30% off and some other retired item.

    • Ooh, I’m envious! They’re very pretty boxes. I don’t have any of the official Pandora boxes (aside from two of the little GWPs), but the Stackers boxes are a great alternative.
      I like the reindeer pendant and the murano, too! The murano will probably make it on to my Christmas bracelet – I’d like to get the reindeer pendant, but it seems silly as I already have last year’s ornament pendant. ^^

    • Michele, you are so lucky to get the grand opening gift from the concept store! Do you mind sharing the address to the St.Catherines outlet store? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yay! more live shots! my love and desire for the locked hearts hasn’t changed, in fact maybe doubled because of the additional live shots. Definitely in my next to-buy list.

    That cute red gift charm :) it’ll add a pop of color to any bracelet. And lastly the Blue Fascinating Iridescence muranos.. crossing my fingers that they got the formula right for this one already.

    Thanks so much for this long-awaited post Ellie :)

    • It’s absolutely beautiful! I love its delicacy. It makes me want to see more two-tone charms from Pandora. They are making some very heart pieces, but I miss the variety of two-tone pieces that they used to do.

      Yes, it’s funny – I didn’t think much of the red present at all from the first fuzzy campaign images that came out, but it looks so pretty in these shots! Pandora are great at their enamel-work, and that lovely red is just so fun and festive for the holidays. Aha, yes, hopefully this murano would make it out and stay out this time! ;) It does look pretty, and it’s a bit lighter than the Stardust charm, which is nice.

      Thanks for commenting! <3 Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Updated wishlist:
    Autumn – Maybe just the fairy? Oh and hey I think Olaf might be released next month instead of October. If this is true, then I’ll probably get him too. :D

    Winter – Holly murano (love the colours!), bow bangle, bow safety, and that Blue Fascinating Iridescence have to come home with me. The rest are just…… not to my liking.

    Thanks so much for the visual, I have checked your page nearly every day for news, and you never disappoint me, Ellie. ^^

    Kelly x

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks for the tip – I read the same about Olaf! What an odd schedule! You’d think that they’d want him out with the Winter collection, not Jasmine. At least you get to take him home with you sooner! ^^

      Your Winter picks are very similar to mine! ^^ The Holly murano is beautiful; it has that lovely festive red and green, but it’s not so in your face that you couldn’t wear it all year round, too.

      Thank you, that’s so nice to hear! I always enjoy reading your comments, so thank you too! ^^ xx

  9. Thanks for this great post and pics Ellie! I love seeing the live shots. I still want the same charms that I wanted on the first sneak peaks, forest fairy, swan, and probably the angel wings dangle. The Forest Fairy looks like a charm that will hang upside down, but I still like it.

    I actually really like the color of the red/deep pink facets, but I don’t know that I would actually buy them.

    • You’re welcome! I love seeing the live shots, too; especially at these previews. The jewellery is usually arranged really beautifully and it’s often a lot more inspiring than the regular stock images. ^^ I thought the same about the Forest Fairy, but you get used to that with Pandora charms haha.

      I like it too; it’s nice to have some more options in deeper pinks, as most of Pandora’s pinks are quite pastel/peachy in shade. I just know that some readers were hoping for red facets for Christmas! Maybe next year.

  10. The Draginfly Meadow is gorgeous, so I will definitely plan on putting it in my wish list.

    I must say, though, that there’s too much pave going on for me. I like having a couple glittery charms like that in a bracelet, however it seems like most of the collection is overwhelmingly pave. I’m not too fond of that! :(

    • Completely agree! I liked it before, but that little rose detail makes it even prettier. I’ve planned out a spot for it on my oxi bracelet with a pink colour scheme. ^^

      Yes, it’s a little disappointing to see quite so much pavé. It would be nice to see more of a mix between the pavé and traditional styles, but it doesn’t seem like they will be doing that any time soon. :(

  11. I would like to get the lace botanique dangle to wear on a necklace and possibly the pink facets depending on how it looks in person. I definitely will be getting some of the autumn/winter essence charms. I prefer the essence AW collection.

    • I am with you on that one, Claire! I’m more excited for the Autumn Essence collection, as well. I just love the new pearl bead and the delicate pinks! <3

  12. Bling, Bling and more Bling.

    However, the ribbons charm (silver not pink enamel) looks rather nice in these live shorts. And the new spacers are worth a look.

    • Yes, it is rather heavy on the pavé. There are a few more plain silver animals not pictured here but overall there isn’t much in the way of classic Pandora style. :(
      I quite like the Dainty Bow pieces (safety chain and clip), plus a few of the Christmas charms, so I’m all set for winter! It’s just the autumn collection that’s currently letting me down, haha.

  13. The sparkle is overwhelming! I think only you can make pave look good in pictures, Ellie. These pictures just don’t make me want any of these charms. I’m still getting the Curious Cat and a couple of Paw Prints from the pre-Autumn, and maybe still the Forest Fairy from the Autumn, if she has a face. From the Winter, I’ll have to wait and see the charms in person, but from what I’ve seen so far, only the Pup will be adopted. :-) The pave bracelet clasp is hideous, but even if it wasn’t, it screams seasonal, so it’s a wear for one month of the year. That’s such a waste of a bracelet.

    • Haha, thanks Lola – this selection is rather sparkly! It must be selling well for them, I suppose, but I do miss their older style. The 2013 collections were my favourites and, IMO, the perfect combination of old and new style Pandora; they mixed a few pavé options with some beautiful plain silver and two-tone pieces. In any case, I’m actually focusing on collecting some of the older silver charms before they go, so it’s good that I don’t want too much from Autumn in a way! ^^ I’m actually more excited for the Essence Autumn release, which is unprecedented!
      Your concern over the versatility of the pavé bracelet is also my issue with doing my Christmas-themed bracelet, as I will only be wearing it for a couple of months in the year! But I figure that, as it’s just going to be on a silver bracelet, I can always take the charms off it and do something else with it for the rest of the year. ^^

      • I have a triple smooth red leather I might use for Christmas, stick the snow globe and happy snowman on it and call it done. Lol.

        We have one place here where we can order retired charms, not a huge selection, but it changes quite often. I recently got two two-tone letter charms from there, and the heart of hearts clip.

        • Yes, I used a red leather to show off my Christmas charms last year! A great way to be festive without trying too hard haha.
          Ooh the two-tone letters are quite difficult to get hold of these days – nice find! There are a couple of places here that sell retired charms but fewer since they started doing official sales. The newly-retired pieces tend go to quite quickly every season now – that’s the downside of the sales! ;)

      • Lola- that Xmas bracelet idea might actually look super cute! What country are you in, would you mind recommending the retired website to me. ? Thnx.

      • Alex V, I’m in Canada. Charm Junction ( sells retired charms. They’re one of two shops here authorized by Pandora to sell online.

  14. I really want the Majestic Swan. It reminds me of my trip to Europe when I visited Neuschwanstein Castle. I really like all the Geometric Facets as well. I saw the summer ones in person and they are really nice. It seems like the hot pink ones may be more opaque, but I love Sapphires so I’m interested to see those in person. I like the shape of the Geometric Facets better than the the glass beads, and I like that the hardness on the Mohs scale is 8 for CZ and 9 for Sapphires so they won’t get damaged as easily as glass.

    • The Majestic Swan is lovely! When they make pavé charms like that, I have no problem with it. ^^ These new Facets do seem more opaque in general, but it’s good to have a variety of colours and textures I suppose. That’s a good point about their durability! I hadn’t thought about that but that is another big plus for the Facets. Some of my older muranos are very scratched and chipped (although I still love and wear them anyway ^^).

  15. In the picture that features the eternity spacers, is that a new murano? I haven’t seen it before, and I love that color!

  16. Hi everybody. Thank you for your wonderful post Ellie!
    All pandora’s addicted love you here in Italy too!
    Can you tell me what clips are the squared ones posted in the 4th photo?
    Thanks Giorgia

    • Hi Giorgia! Thank you! ^^ Those are new clips for AW15. :) I can’t quite tell what the patterning is meant to be, but it looks sort of cobwebby or maybe snowflake-like to me. They’re very pretty!

  17. Ellie, can you tell me what animals are the silver charms that we have not see. Photos of yet. Silver animals ( along with the enamel charms are my fave pandora charms) hoping there may be a whale or a sheep on the list seeing as how I find it odd that pandora has never done those before.

    • They’re all portrait charms like the pig and the panda we’ve already seen. :) There’s a chick, horse, giraffe and a cow – no whale or sheep I’m afraid. :( Maybe they’ll do some more in future collections!

      • I am excited to see the Giraffe head (although I prefer full bodied animals), I keep debating whether to get the current giraffe and there is just something about it that I do not love (to me it doesn’t really resemble a giraffe, although it is kind of cute) if they do a good job with this giraffe I will get it. also curious to see the horse one (seems they have done the horse many times in the past.)

        • The new giraffe is pretty cute! But I think I prefer the original haha – like you say, it’s not that giraffe-like but it’s quite adorable nevertheless. I’m actually quite tempted to get the original one now as it may well get retired soon, seeing as there is a new version out. :)

      • I highly recommend the original giraffe, at first I did not think I liked it either but I bought it on sale from a shop that was going out of business so I figured I didn’t have much to lose. It quickly became a favorite and looks great with all of my other animal charms! The more I look at it, the more I see that it does look like a giraffe!

        I wish Pandora would do different animal charms in the original style, not this new portrait head style. I’m so glad I got the original panda too.

        • Thanks for the recommendation Natalie! I always thought the original giraffe was rather cute – and I’m tempted to get it soon for my travel bracelet. :)
          Yes, I’d love to see more full-bodied animals! A lot of the new Disney characters are being made in portrait form as well (Winnie the Pooh, Minnie and Mickey, etc), which is a bit of a shame. To be fair, there is the Christmas Puppy in this collection which I find rather adorable! ^^

      • Yes I do think the original giraffe is cute and I have seen it in person and it is detailed and nice, however when I think of giraffe I think slender with ridiculously long neck and my first thought on this giraffe was why did they make his tummy so round and where is the neck? I do find his face and lil antenna’s cute though. I am sure I will get it eventually if they don’t make a better version. I too love the lil animal charms and wish Pandora would release many more, I am not a fan either of the face only, they are not cute at all to me, I would probably only get one of it was super adorable and super detailed, the pig and panda in the preview are not something I would purchase. hoping the giraffe is super cute, any way to post a pic of it Ellie? Thannks

        • Classic Pandora animals often have odd proportions (google the retired mouse! :P) but I think that they still have a charm about them nonetheless. I quite like how stylised they are. I should be posting a preview of the new giraffe soon, Alex! ^^

  18. I’m so sad with the fact that none of these charms will fit my one and only bracelet. Not a lot of charms draw my attention here and even if they do, they are completely out of theme with my bracelet. :( I love the two tone heart charms, maybe I’d get one of them as a more expensive standout charm, but will have to see how it will fit to my bracelet in store. If I could, I’d totally get multiple bracelets and would make different themes like I see other people do, but I doubt I’d ever be able to spend so much on Pandora. I am glad the charms look much better in live shots, not as disappointed in the collection anymore. :)

    • That is a shame :( – but I’m glad to hear that you’re more pleased with the collection after seeing the live shots. The TT Locked Heart is just beautiful, and I’m sure would look great with any number of different bracelet designs… definitely worth a look at in store as you say! :) I have to say that there is not much in the Autumn collection for me either, but seeing as I am going to do an xmas theme for winter, there are a couple of festive pieces that I think I will have to get from that collection. :)

  19. Hi Ellie!
    I really enjoyed your wonderful post with all these live shots! Great job as always! I must say, though, that Pandora’s official stylists do desperately need your advice and your sense of good taste! There are several gorgeous pieces there, but completely lost into pave! There were charms I wouldn’t have spotted in photos, if it hadn’t been for your comments below! :-)

    The pieces standing out for me are the Forest Fairy, the Abundance of love (both charm and ring) and most of the Christmas collection; the Red present, the Reindeer dangle and the Holly murano are really gorgeous and super red! May I ask about the red(?) facet(?) between the two pink ones in the image by Nylon Thailand? Is it something new or just a matter of light when this photo was taken?

    Thank you for this great post Ellie! I look forward to seeing your autumn-winter-christmas styling!:-)

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Aha, I’m also not very keen on the stylings pictured here, although some of the photos were beautifully shot (particularly those by feonalita!) and give such a lovely view of the new charms. I think most of the bracelets are all missing some of Pandora’s plain silver/two-tone character charms to balance out all the decorative pieces!

      Your favourites are all similar to mine! The Forest Fairy is one of my only Autumn must-haves and I love all the lovely festive reds for winter, too, even if they’re not particularly versatile. And yes, I was initially a little thrown by that red charm, too, but on a closer look I worked out what it was – it’s the underside of the Jolly Santa charm. You can just see the bottom of his beard if you zoom in, haha!×400/791405ENMX.jpg
      It would have been lovely to have a red facet in that ruby shade, though. Maybe next year!

      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting as always, Chrysa! ♥♥♥

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the awesome post, as always! Up until now, I hadn’t really paid much attention to the new Blue Fascinating murano, but wow it is gorgeous! I much prefer this shade of blue over last year’s version. I think it’s much more versatile this way. I also love the new Holly murano! I agree; the stock photos did not do it justice. I was concerned that the holly was going to lean towards an orange, but now seeing the live shots, this might have to go on my wish list!

    I was also surprised at the Dragonfly Meadow…the little flower detail is so pretty! I thought I had talked myself out of this one…I may be in trouble haha! Thanks for the extensive preview! :)

    • Hi Kristen! I have and love the Fascinating Aventurescent, but I have to say that, when it’s dark, it does look quite matte and black. This one looks like it will be more versatile, as you say. I’ll be interested to see how it looks in different lights! Yes, that was exactly my thought process with the Holly as well! I didn’t like how orangey the stock image looked, but it looks like it’s a much prettier cherry red in person. The stock image does it something of an injustice. It’s definitely on my wish list! ^^

      Haha, the Dragonfly Meadow was already on my wish list but it deserves its place there even more now! ;) My only two must-haves from Autumn (so far) are the Dragonfly and the Forest Fairy. I’m also tempted by the Swan but it’s quite a small list this year. :(

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting! :)

  21. Hi Ellie thanks for the pics I absolutely love the holy charm I wasn’t sure about the stock pics but now I have seen this I love it. I also love the pave clasp bracelet looks really nice. Ellie when did you say the ring promo was on?. I also love the sweetheart charm I was really disappointed when I heard it was a U.S. Exclusive I really hope it comes to the UK.
    I have just got back from holiday in Spain and there was hardly any pandora shops which was disappointing there was only one jewellery shop which had a small selection. I did get a few things I got the retired green spot murano, the silver horse charm which I think is retired and also the familia sagar da charm. Which I was very pleased with then at the airport they had pardone and I got the new green leather bracelet which I love I love the colour.

    • Hi Nicola!
      Glad to hear it – the Holly murano is top of my Winter wish list too! For my Christmas bracelet, I already planned to get the red faceted murano and the US-exclusive green looking glass murano, and I think it would look great with those two! The ring promo starts on the 29th of July, so this Wednesday :) Are you getting anything? And then the Pre-Autumn collection comes out the day after! ^^ Yes, it would be nice to see the Sweetheart charm come out here, too. I know a lot of UK ladies paid to get one sent over from the US!
      Aw, I’m sorry that your holiday Pandora was a bit disappointing! I’ve heard that Spain isn’t great for Pandora – they often miss out on whole chunks of the new collections. :( Sounds like you picked up a few nice pieces though – do you mean the green murano with the white raised dots? :) And yay, you got the leather! Isn’t it beautiful? And it’s limited edition to boot, haha! What are you putting on it?

  22. Wow! Just overwhelmed…I want more than I thought I would after seeing these shots! Top 2, off the top of my head, that I know I will get: 1) THAT SWAN! 2) Opalescent eternity Spacers, and soo many tied, along with currently available items, for 3!!!!!

    • Aha glad to hear it! The Swan is absolutely beautiful – it’s quite Swarovski in style. I’m trying to think of a way I could use it in my own collection, too, haha.

  23. Hi Ellie
    I was on our Australian site, seeing if they had uploaded any charms yet for this week’s release. Whilst they havent officially updated their site,they did have some sneak peaks. Included in the sneek peak was cute little silver duck (think rubber duckie but cuter with no bling). The swan was also featured. Have you seen anything about this duck charm?

    • Hi Lozzie! Ooh that’s interesting. I know of a chick charm that is coming out for Autumn, but no duck. There is a silver duck charm that came out years ago but I’m not aware of a new one. Where on the site are you looking? This is the original duck charm:×400/790955.jpg
      The site won’t be updated with Pre-Autumn yet as it’s not out globally until the 30th. :) I think the US have unofficially received it a little earlier.

      • Thats it but I worked out after I posted that it was retired! It was part of a pininterest feature for the new releases which appears to included some older charms as fillers. Sorry about that.

  24. Hi I love seeing all the live shots however I’m disappointed at the Blush murano being delayed. It was definitely on my wish list.
    Any chance of you getting the Ice Cream charm and doing a review lol. I love it but it’s a bit pricey to get it to New York.

    • Hi Linda! Well, you never know, they might sort it out yet haha. Fingers crossed!
      The ice cream is definitely on my list to look at in store – I am very tempted by it, haha. It’s not out here in the UK yet but if I do get it, I’ll make it a review priority! ;)

  25. Hi, do you know how much that red enamel christmas present will cost in pounds? I am hoping its the same shade of red as the Poppy/British rose charm so i can finally create a theme for my bracelet.

    • Hi Judie, sorry I don’t have any GBP pricing yet. It’s always the last to come out unfortunately! I don’t think the enamel is in the same as the Poppy charm, which is more iridescent, but in may well be similar in shade. :)

  26. Hi again! Ellie, do you have any information on that band ring that looks like little teardrops on their side and then they have either turquoise stones or little beads inside them? Those are very pretty and I don’t think I saw them in any of your previews. Thanks!

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, do you mean the gold and two-tone rings? They are the new Peacock rings for Autumn 2015 – the gold has blue topaz stones in it. I’ll be previewing them soon! :) They’re very pretty!

      • Yes those are the ones! I saw them in your newest post. I thought I was done with my ring collection but I might have to add the two tone peacock ring. I think it’s so simple and beautiful. Do you have the prices for those yet? I didn’t see them in the post. Thanks so much!

        • Yes, the two-tone one is lovely – I like the topaz version but I’d never be able to afford it, haha. I don’t have the prices yet, I’m afraid. The pics aren’t from a North American source, sorry. If I get more info on them, then I’ll let you know :)

  27. Hi, this question is not related to the new releases but I have a question that I really would like to find an answer to. Does the oxidized pandora bracelet normally turn regular (shiny) silver charms that are stored near it black? This happened to me and I’m so upset. I stored a brand new oxidized bracelet in my jewelry box with my regular silver one. Today, after only about a week, all my shiny silver charms on my regular bracelet are black! And it’s not due to age b/c this happened all of a sudden and the charms are fairly new. Any info or advice you can give me? Thank you in advance.

    • I have an oxidized bracelet that I have full of silver charms and they didn’t turn at all. Since the pandora charms are sterling silver, they do tarnish over time. I have a special tarnish resistant jewelry box I keep mine in and it really helps prevent my bracelets from tarnishing. Pandora retail stores in the US sell polishing cloths for 5 US dollars. They work great to clean your bracelets. Pandora US stores will also clean your bracelet for you for free. I hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your reply Jackie. I have had Pandora bracelets for 7 years and never had a problem with tarnish. I store them in a jewelry box with silica packets to help prevent tarnish. This was not gradual tarnishing, it was new beads turning completely black within a few days. One bead is black on half and ok on the other side. And the oxidized bracelet is the only thing that was added to my jewelry box and was stored right on top of the regular silver one. I was very surprised and cannot think of anything else that could cause sudden tarnishing like that.

        • Yeah that is very strange. Like I said, I never had that problem with mine but maybe they put too much of the oxidized color on the bracelet you got. I wonder if you could take it back to your store and see if they have had that problem or if they would exchange it for you? Good luck! Pandora is too expensive to have these kinds of issues!

      • Is there any specific brand of jewelry box or website that carried anti tarnish jewelry boxes for silver jewelry? Thannks!

    • Hi Jane, I’m sorry to hear that has happened! :( I have never had this happen, and I used to store my oxidised bracelet in the same box as my regular bracelet. It does sound like your charms have reacted to your oxidised bracelet in some way, which shouldn’t happen. It could be something to do with the specific conditions in which they were kept. Is it at all humid where you are? I would also advise taking them into Pandora for a clean down (as Lozzie says, their free cleaning service is very good and I expect it will be tough to get them looking as new on your own) and I’d ask their advice regarding the oxidised bracelet. I store my bracelets in separate sections in my Stackers box with silica gel packets to stop tarnish, which seems tow ork very well, so it’s possibly worth looking into another jewellery storage solution. :)
      I’m sorry that I can’t advise you further, but I do hope you get it sorted! Please let us know how it goes!

  28. Alex
    I don’t know if my jewellery boxes are anti tarnish or not. I use stacking jewellery boxes called stackers by lc designs,amazon sell them. Ive had mine for years and none of my jewellery has tarnished.

    • Mine is a Lori Granier jewelry box I got off of It hangs on the wall and is behind a full length mirror. I love it! It has a special anti tarnish lining. She has jewelry boxes of all sizes on QVC. I have a lot of sterling silver pieces and they are all shiny. I just polish them up every now and then.

    • Sarah, I have the Stackers as well – they’re not anti-tarnish but I’ve never had a problem with my jewellery tarnishing either! :) I think it helps that they are just trays stacked on top of each other and not sealed. Love my Stackers boxes!

  29. Jane, that would be awful! Hopefully, Ellie can give you some advice. If it was me, I would be taking my bracelets and charms into the Pandora store and showing them. The free cleaning service is excellent btw. Hopefully, this service will restore your charms to their usual shiny selves asap and the Pandora staff can give you some constructive advice. If not, I would post something on Pandora’s facebook page. Good luck.

    • There sure are! There’s a new collection due out for the Pandora Rose line for Autumn 2015. I’ve listed them here:

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