Today’s post offers another update on the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection, with a fuller preview of the upcoming collection! This post has clearer stock images, plus some unseen pieces. :) The collection is entitled Magnificent Kingdom, and features some natural forest motifs and pretty shades of moss green and blush pink. It is due out on the 27th of August.

pandora autumn winter 2015

I’ve dubbed this post a ‘fuller’ preview as, while I’m pretty sure that these are almost all of the new Autumn 2015 pieces, I’m still not 100%. ;) I’ve listed North American pricing where I have it – I am missing some prices for some of the new stock images, however, so if I haven’t listed it then I probably don’t have that info yet! For some live shots of the new pieces, please see my preview here!


Kicking off the preview, we have a couple of new bracelets for the autumn season! First up is this delicate pavé offering, featuring some cut-out heart detailing. It’s priced at $50 USD.

pandora autumn 2015

Next up, we have the new pavé clasp charm bracelet – I’m tentatively listing this piece as an Autumn 2015 piece as I’ve seen it down as both for Autumn and Winter 2015 and I’m a little confused as to which it is globally. In North America, however, it definitely will be available with the Winter 2015 collection as part of a gift set with the Layers of Lace clip (pictured below). It won’t be available individually until January 2016, unfortunately. :(

pandora pavé clasp bracelet


First up, we have a selection of charms inspired by the natural world – most of the charms we haven’t seen before are listed here. Included are a number of new silver animal portrait charms, including a chick, cow, giraffe, panda, horse and pig! Pandora have suggested that these are cake pop inspired, which is a very cute idea even if I’m not sure how obvious that is from the charms alone haha.

Also notable is the rather beautiful Layers of Lace clip, a new plain silver offering. I’ve included it here because, although the name suggests lace, I find it also rather reminiscent of natural motifs such as dewy cobwebs, or delicate icicles. In North America, it is also part of the pavé clasp bracelet gift set, so it won’t be available on its own until January 2016.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Majestic Swan – $70 USD$80 CAD

Silver animals (chick, cow, giraffe, panda, horse, pig) – $30 USD / $35 CAD

Red Robin – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Forest Fairy – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Dragonfly Meadow – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Feathers are another big theme for Autumn 2015, and this set offers an elegant take on that motif. As I’ve said before, I’m especially drawn to the simplicity and classic style of the Feathered clip, while the blush pink enamel at the heart of the Angel Wings pendant is also rather a nice touch.

However, I’ve been told that the Feathered clip has been pushed back to the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection, for North America at least. :( I’m not sure if this applies to all markets, so I’ve included it here just for reference.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Majestic Feathers openwork – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Majestic Feather pendant – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Angelic Feathers – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Angel Wings – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Feathered clip – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Next up, we have a selection of colourful decorative pieces! Of these, I particularly love the blush pink and moss green shades – they match perfectly with some of the nature charms, such as the Forest Fairy and the Majestic Swan. It’s worth noting that the Fascinating charms are made from CZ and not from murano glass – something a little new from Pandora!

pandora autumn fall 2015 preview - muranos

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Radiant Splendour – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Fascinating Blush & Olive – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Eternity spacers (pink, green, blue, purple) – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Radiant Hearts (pink, purple) – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Geometric Facets (blue, purple) – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Forever PANDORA – $50 USD / $55 CAD

As usual, there is only a little dash of gold for collectors of Pandora’s 14kt range – the dangles are technically two-tone but as they have a significant amount of gold I’ve included them! The two solid 14kt gold charms both contain cubic zirconia and are new versions of existing silver designs.

pandora autumn fall 2015 preview

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Love & Appreciation (gold) – $375 USD / $415 CAD

Lace Botanique – $150 USD / $165 CAD

Floral Brilliance – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Magnificent Heart – $120 USD / $135 CAD

Of this next selection, the Locked Hearts stands out by a mile for me, with its intricate two-tone design. It’s just lovely, and a worthy successor to last year’s Vintage Heart. ^^ The rest of these I find a little uninspired, but it’s understandable as to why Pandora includes them – they are sure to sell well as birthday gifts etc.

It’s great to see another safety chain design, too, even its family-theme makes it a little less versatile (the wording on it says ‘family forever’). I’m tempted to get it anyway, as I am desperate for more safety chain designs and I love the style of the script, even if I don’t really tend to go in for the family-themed charms.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Heart of Love clip – $70 USD / $80 CAD

Majestic Heart – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Hearts Tiara – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Locked Hearts – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Friendship Heart – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Daughter’s Love – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Birthday Wishes – $50 USD / $55 CAD

You are so Loved – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Family Ties safety chain – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Replacing the existing Birthday Bloom series, the Signature Hearts are a new collection of birthstone heart charms, all priced at $55 USD or $60 CAD. They feature a mix of genuine and synthetic stones, ranging from garnet to synthetic ruby. They definitely have a more contemporary, fashionable look than the original Birthday Blooms, which are more classic in style.

pandora autumn fall 2015 preview - signature hearts

Other Jewellery

pandora autumn winter 2015

There are a couple of new rings that we haven’t seen here before – the two new gorgeous Peacock designs. The Peacock Feathers ring is 14kt gold with blue treated topaz stones, so it’s much like the existing Ocean Treasures charm.

pandora autumn 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Lace Botanique – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Hearts of Pandora (gold) – $375  USD / $415 CAD

Forever Pandora – $135 USD / $150 CAD

Hearts of Pandora (silver) – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Hearts Tiara – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Classic & Timeless Elegance – $85 USD / $95 CAD

Majestic Feathers – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Crystalised Floral Fancy – $125 USD / $140 CAD

Shimmering Leaves – $150 USD / $165 CAD

Petite Luminous Leaves – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Luminous Leaves – $85 USD / $95 CAD

There are two new necklace chains coming out in silver and gold (there’s also a Pandora Rose version due out for Autumn!). The silver version is $25 USD ($30 CAD), while the gold version is $300 ($330 CAD).

pandora autumn 2015

The earring selection for Autumn 2015 includes some feather motifs and more classic designs:

pandora autumn 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Lace Botanique – $360 USD / $400 CAD

Forever PANDORA – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Classic & Timeless Elegance – $95 USD / $105 CAD

Timeless Elegance studs – $85 USD / $95 CAD

PANDORA Hoop – $40 USD / $44 CAD

Shimmering Feathers – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Love & Guidance – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Majestic Feathers – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Geometric Drops – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Finally, there are a number of pendants and necklaces coming out with the collection, including some beautiful statement necklaces on long 70 and 90 cm chains.

pandora autumn 2015

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Lace Botanique pendant – $300 USD / $330 CAD

Timeless & Classic Elegance – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Majestic Feathers – $140 USD / $155 CAD

PANDORA Signature – $95 USD / $105 CAD

Angel Wing – $150 USD / $165 CAD

Hearts of PANDORA – $125 USD / $140 CAD

My Comment

Again, this is not my favourite collection Pandora have ever produced, but I already have spots planned out for both the Dragonfly Meadow and the Forest Fairy charms. ;) The Majestic Swan is also a rather nice example of how to get pavé detailing right, although I’m not sure I have a space for it in my collection right now. I’m also pleased to see a return to producing some classic silver clip designs – both the Feathered and the Layers of Lace clips are beautiful in their simplicity.

The new animal portrait charms are sweet (I think my favourite is the Giraffe!), but much more cartoon-like in style – they lack some of the sophistication of the classic Pandora silvers that they are replacing, perhaps.

What do you think of these new pieces? Are any going on your wish list?

99 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2015 Collection Full(er) Preview

  1. Am I understanding correctly the pave clasp bracelet won’t be available in NY separately until January 2016 ? Also I noticed the blush and green muranos are back that does mean that they will be released next month? Thanks for another great review.

    • That’s what Pandora NA’s marketing for this collection says, unfortunately. The gift sets will be available from the 29th of October, and the individual gift set items will be available from the 1st of January 2016. :/
      I have left the blush and green CZ muranos in, as I am not 100% on their status and they’re still part of the collection even if they’re delayed. :) You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. :-) Oh, my, gotta hang on to my wallet here :-D
    The little delicate bracelet is charming. That might find its way on my wrist…
    Thanks for all the beautiful information! :-)

  3. I am not wowed by this collection but there a couple of charms I will get. The animal heads are a bit childlike but the horse head is cute and I like the price.

    • I’m not bowled over either. My wish list is pretty small (only two must-haves) but in a way that’s good – and it leaves me more pennies for the lovely Autumn 2015 Essence collection!

    • Hi Lisa, that’s really helpful – thanks so much for the info. I think it must just be an winter 2015 release in North America. Do you know if there’s still anything that we haven’t seen from Autumn? :)

  4. I am actually super excited about the two new “peacock” rings. I wasn’t sure when we saw them in your last post with the live shots if Pandora was teasing us by pairing the new items with retired designs. I love that I had that reaction to them because to me they are a better representation of the classic Pandora style, and the gold “Ocean Treasures” piece is a huge favorite of mine so those two are definitely on my list :)

    • Yes, they’re beautiful, aren’t they? You’re right, they do have that lovely classic Pandora feel to them – and the name ‘Peacock’ is rather perfect, too! I’m quite tempted by the two-tone version myself (I doubt there’s any way I’d be able to afford the gold!).

      • I haven’t seen anything for these rings in a while as far as North America is concerned.
        Do you know if they will be coming here? They aren’t in the new catalogs for North America either, and those have everything through Christmas….

        • Apparently they are not going to be available in North America, for now at least. If it’s not in the catalogue, then it won’t be coming out there. North America are missing out on quite a few pieces from the new collection this season, including some of the new silver animals, but I don’t really know why I’m afraid. :( Sorry that I don’t have better news!

      • No worries! It at least let’s me know what’s what so that i
        I’m not looking forward to something that’s not coming. I am very disappointed though as I really liked those designs, and I’m almost positive that my boyfriend was thinking about buying it for me, which isn’t something he normally makes an effort to take an interest in showing lol.

        • I can totally understand how disappointing it is (especially as your boyfriend was considering stepping up haha!). I don’t really have any answers as to why Pandora North America have passed on so many new pieces this season but I will try and find out!

  5. I will not be purchasing the portrait head charms although I think they did a good job with both the giraffe and the cow, however the chick is ADORABLE!! He is at the to of my list of upcoming charms that I would like to purchase. can we put chick in a different category from the other animals since he has little feet? soo cute! <3
    The green murano is awesome, will look great on so many different bracelet combinations.

    • Yay, glad to hear that there’s something you love! <3 I guess he does technically belong in a different category, seeing as he isn't just a head – although he is nice and round like a cake pop, too, haha! ;)
      It is pretty! It would look so pretty with some of the forest pieces pictured here. I loved Pandora's styling with the robin in this pic:

      • Both bracelts are styled nicely here, although the animal/forest bracelet is exquisite, something to copy for sure for anyone who can get a hold of all those charms. the green murano is my favorite current murano out right now, hopefully it will not get pulled back due to manufacture issues.

        • Yep, fingers crossed that it makes it out on time! :) I don’t really have much green in my collection as it is, but it does look so beautiful and natural in combination with the other animal/nature beads. Very tempting, haha.

  6. Thanks for the updated pics Ellie! I still don’t really care for the new portrait animal charms, probably a good thing since I have a lot of the old style animals already :-)

    I still want the Forest Fairy, Swan, and now Red Robin I think for the new charms. I’m less keen on the Angel Wings dangle than before, mainly because it looked small to me in the live shots, but maybe I will change my mind in person.

    • I’m actually on a bit of a hunt for the original silver animals, as I’m a bit worried that they are all going to disappear and be replaced by these – you’ve convinced me regarding the original giraffe bead. ;) I’m going to try and pick one up to go on my travel bracelet! I like these portrait charms, but prefer the original full-bodied characters.

      The Forest Fairy and Dragonfly Meadow are the ones that are definitely on my wish list, but I do love the Swan, too! I like the Robin, but he looks to me like he’d take up quite a bit of room on a bracelet. ^^ Looking back at the live shots, I see what you mean about the Angel Wings pendant… but it could have just been done a disservice by being bracketed by the Majestic Feathers pendant, which looks quite big there I think. Definitely one to see in person! :)

      • Oh good, you will love the old giraffe ;-) I haven’t worn my animals in a bit, now I want to get them back out, I will have to make a bracelet or 2. I love the ones they did with the babies on them too, like the chimp, kangaroo, and penguin from last year. I know you have the older style elephant too (I think it was your first bead?), that’s also one of my favorites!

        I’m not totally against animal heads, I love the king of the jungle lion head from last year, but that’s such a beautifully detailed bead, definitely a different vibe from these which are cute but just not screaming out to me.

        Yeah, the Robin probably will take up some room, which I’m okay with since I’m forever redoing bracelets anyway. I want to do a birds and nature themed bracelet, and I can also use it for Valentine’s Day! I also like the pave on it, looks like the same pretty pinky red color they used on the pave apple which I have, I’m thinking those will go well together.

        • I’m off on holiday for another week from tomorrow and I’ve made a list of Pandora to look at while I’m away – Pandora is so much cheaper in Europe than in the UK! The Giraffe is top of my list, along with some Pre-Autumn pieces :D Yes, the elephant was my first charm! Well-remembered, haha! ^^ It’s still probably my favourite bead – so cute and yet with a lot of detail. The animal mother and babies are adorable, they should definitely make more of those!
          Yes absolutely – the King of the Jungle is kind of in a different class to these. I have and love him, as he’s just so wonderfully detailed. These are much more cartoon like, cute as they are.
          That sounds like a great bracelet project! The Robin would look great with the apple. The Sparkling Ladybird also features those pinky stones, and is super cute as well. I love how the Robin looks with the Fascinating green CZ murano in Pandora’s campaign imagery too – although I can appreciate that doesn’t really work with the Valentine’s theme like the red pave does!

    • I agree Natalie, although a few portrait heads are cute they are not as detailed and sweet as full bodied silver animals, I just got myself a hold of the retired kangaroo yesterday and I am so excited, I love it not only because its a silver animal charm but also because it is “mother/child”, I was kind of also thinking to myself they should do more mother and animal baby charms as I am sure people would love them, I saw the penguin one and although its cute its nothing I must have immediately, however I do not believe I have ever seen the mother/baby chimp, anyway you can add a link or pic for me, I am very curious now…thnx…..

  7. I like the pave clasp bracelet, but not sure if I’ll get it. I like the design of the lace botanique ring and pendant, but I’m not a big fan of gold, I would like them in silver.
    On my list for definite are hearts of pandora silver ring and timeless or classic elegance ring.
    On my possible list are the dragonfly meadow charm, crystalised floral fancy ring, classic and timeless elegance pendants.
    I’m a big fan of all the pave.
    Since seeing the live shots I am disappointed and I’m not keen on the purple and blush pink, there not quite the colour I was expecting.

    • They often make gold designs into silver, and vice-versa, so perhaps we’ll see a silver version of the Botanique pieces. :)
      Glad to hear that you like the pavé pieces! I also like the Dragonfly Meadow. Of the rings, I most like the pearl Luminous Leaves ones, and the new two-tone Peacock, which is really lovely!
      That’s a shame, Sarah! It could just be the light in the live shots, I suppose? We didn’t see too much of the blush pink pieces, especially the murano, so perhaps they’ll be nicer when we see them in store!

    • Oh! No, they’re not there lol. They were at one point, but they must have been cut accidentally when I reshuffled the post. This is what comes of last-minute editing, haha. I’ll sort that now – thanks for pointing it out!

  8. Hi Ellie I love the pave clasp bracelet,the swan, fairy,dragonfly both of the new clips, the murano glass lucky likes. Those animal heads are quite cute as well I just don’t were they would fit or which I like the best my sister would love the horse so that might be an bday or Xmas gift. There not much I don’t like from this collection lol but that seems to be like most of the collections lol.

    • Hi Nicola! That sounds like a healthy wish list! ^^ It’s nice that you’re seeing lots you like from all the new releases. We like a lot of the same pieces from this collection – the Swan, the clips and the CZ beads are also lovely, I’m just not sure how I would use them yet. So the Dragonfly and the Fairy are my only must-haves so far! To be honest, that’s something of a relief after Spring 2015 – I wanted way too much from that release haha!
      I like the animal heads as well, but my priority for now is actually collecting some of the older classic animal designs. Next on my list is the classic giraffe, and maybe the plain silver turtle. ^^

      • You don’t have the old turtle Ellie? Definitely a must-have! Looks great for animal or beach themed bracelets! :-D

        • I don’t! It’s funny, as I so almost got it in the first couple of months of collecting – I was looking at it in the tray, but then went for the classic dice charm at the last minute instead. It’s been on my wish list ever since but I’ve just never got around to it. I would love it to go on my travel bracelet! ^^

  9. The 2 peacock rings look great! They are actually the only things appealing to me in this release. I keep being disappointed at the charms.
    A couple of days ago, I tried to make a bracelet witheall my 2-tones. It’s far from being fulle but still great, so I was looking for other charms to add to my wishlist, but almost everything I want is retired :s

    • The Peacock rings are beautiful! I wouldn’t be able to afford the gold version, but the two-tone is lovely. :)
      Yes, so many of the lovely classic two-tone pieces are retired. And they don’t seem to be making many more, either – most of the new two-tone pieces are hearts or love-themed, so there’s not a lot of variety. :( Your bracelet sounds lovely, though!

  10. I wish they came out with a geometric facet in that lovely blush pink colour. I’m not a fan of muranos. And I think the eternity spacers are way to overpriced. $45 CAD? I may as well just get a petite facet for the same price.

    • Yes, that would be gorgeous! And I’d like one in the olive shade as well. :) Well, unfortunately, I’ve heard that the Petite Facets are seeing a price hike. They’ve just gone up from £35 to £40 in the UK, and I think the same may be true for North America, too. :(

      • Yes, this is true in Ireland too. But in Italy or Spain the price is still the same….weird decisions…

        • Yeah it’s annoying. I went into the shop on the day the summer collection was released and they’d just crossed out “£35” in the book and written in £40 by hand! Not very well done!

  11. I have to wait for the paved barrel bracelet with the layer of lace clips set in a nice gift box. I like to wear bracelet in a simple style, just 2 charms and 1 dangle in between the clips and 1 pair of matching earning.

    • Yes, that is the great thing about Pandora NA – they do such lovely promotions for the holiday seasons. The gift boxes and gift sets are just beautiful! Even when Pandora UK do gift sets, they’re never particularly special haha. Your style sounds very pretty – very minimal and classic!

      • Ellie do you have any news about free bracelet promotions in UK/Irish market? last year the promotion was out twice with the silver bracelet and once with the leather one……

        • No leather one this year, from what I’ve been told. :( However, there should be a silver bracelet promo running in September still! Will let you know when I hear more!

  12. I don’t really understand why the14k with cz piece still charge the same like14k with tiny bit of diamond. Gold is with diamond not with cz, just downgrade that piece of jewelry. People Jewelry big chain store in North America can get 10k or 14k gold with tiny diamond for this price point easily.

  13. Oh! No, cz for the fascinating blush then I skip it. I only like real murano glass which is works of art, each artist can only handmade 20 beads in one day. Cz bead can use machine to mass production, I just won’t pay for it.

    • Yes, there is something very special about the murano beads. It’s lovely to see the variation between them and to know that that’s the result of individual workmanship. :)

  14. I don’t think the Pre-Autumn collection has been released in the UK yet…any idea when we will be getting it?

  15. Do you know if there will be a promotion associated with this release? Such as spend $100 and get something free.

    • There will be a free charm promotion from September 17 for North America – spend $100 USD and get a charm worth $65 for free. :) I have the details listed on my promotions page for 2015 I think!

  16. Is there a price yet for the two peacock rings? I couldn’t find it in the list. I love the two tone version, simple and classic Pandora style!

    • Hi Tracy! No, I don’t have any pricing for the Peacock rings yet, sorry. The pics aren’t from a North American catalogue like the others. When I get more details I will update the post! I love the two-tone one, as well. So pretty and classic, as you say!

  17. Hi Ellie!
    Thank you for the updated preview! Fortunately my only two must-haves are the Forest Fairy and the Hearts of Pandora silver ring, and I was glad to see they both have reasonable price! :-)
    I think the Christmas collection is much more appealing!

    Did you have the chance to see the pre-Autumn collection in person? I look forward to reading your comments on it!

    • Hi Chrysa!
      My must-haves are rather few from this collection, too – which is a relief in many ways, as I want three pieces from the new Essence collection haha. I also prefer the Christmas collection, which is unusual for me!
      No, not yet! I’m dying to, but it doesn’t get released here until tomorrow. :'( I feel like everyone has seen it but me haha! I’m most looking forward to seeing the Camera, the new Curious Cat and the Ice Cream pendant. ♥♥♥

  18. Upon seeing this, it looks like only layers of lace clip is beckoning me. If the USA gift set is interesting enough (good price + cute gift box), I might just get it since I don’t think I can wait until January for the clip to be available, that’s almost half a year’s wait! Besides, pave barrel clasp on the bracelet looks a little like it is a charm by itself. ^^

    I’m starting to feel skeptical towards the forest fairy. Not sure why, though.

    This collection is a relief for my wallet, and perhaps the next collection too.

    Ellie, do you have any idea if other Disney charms are going to be released, apart from what we have seen (Jasmine, Olaf, and those Disney Parks exclusives)? x

    • There will be a special gift box, according to Pandora’s notes, but no pics of it yet!
      I really like the Forest Fairy, but my only reservations are that it looks like it could be a bit pokey on a bracelet and that it will probably spend most of its time upside down. I already have a spot planned out for it on my Pandora Rose bracelet so I’ll be getting it anyway haha.
      There will be two limited edition Disney charms for Christmas – apparently pave portrait charms of Mickey & Minnie. Don’t know if there will be anything else yet! x

      • Speaking of charms being ‘pokey’, Castle charm and Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage poke my wrist all the time, lol.

        Oh yes, now I remember those 2 pave Mickey and Minnie portrait charms. If anything, I’ll probably get the Minnie piece. ^^

        • Lol yeah, I find that with the Carriage too sometimes! I get more irritated with dangles that catch on everything though – the Bicycle pendant is the absolute worst for pulling threads!
          I’m excited to see a proper picture of them, even if I tend to prefer other characters than Mickey & Minnie in general. It’s fun that they are doing some limited edition pieces, although I imagine the demand for them will be pretty fierce! x

  19. Hi I just found out that the Blush murano isn’t coming out until mid September and the green one wasn’t going to be available in the US. Those were the only 2 I really wanted. What luck I have lol.

    • Hi Linda, oh no! :( That sucks! Where did you hear about the blush murano? I did hear that North America is missing out on tons of the new jewellery this season – including the new Essence release and most of the new animal heads, for some reason. :S I don’t know why that it is. At least you know that there will be people willing to help out with the pieces you can’t get :)

  20. I sent a message to a Pandora store and they got back to me stating that the blush murano was delayed. I treated myself this past weekend and ordered the ice cream cone from someone in Spain lol. I sent her a message about the green murano just in case she gets it.
    I hope to get the ice cream cone soon. ( don’t know how long it takes to get from Spain to NY ) I’ve never ordered anything from there. Haha. Can’t wait for your review of it though.

    • That’s such a shame! I really don’t understand why you guys are missing out on such a big chunk of the new collections. You are usually the ones who get all the exclusive launches etc so it’s weird that you’re not even getting some of the basics this season. I’d love to know the reasoning behind it!

      Oh yay, at least you’re getting the Ice Cream Cone! I’ve found that post from the UK to the US/Canada gets there pretty quickly (within a week) so maybe Europe will be speedy to. :) It will be my next review and should be up soon ^^

  21. Yay for the signature hearts. The birthday bloom for December was just plain ugly (turquoise) which looked really cheap. this London blue crystal looks much better.

    • Yay! I’m glad you like these better. ^^ I really like the look of the September signature heart charm (my birth month) here too, although it’s a shame that it’s a synthetic stone.

  22. Help Ellie. Just coming “down” from a shopping trip into the city yesterday. Saw most of the new Fall collection (read bought, most of the new Fall collection). Omg. Just beautiful. I went a little nuts haha. Got the little fairy, dragonfly meadow, swan, angelic feathers,the little robin, panda, angel wings pendant, blush and purple radiant hearts. Fewww out of breath just listing them haha. The fairy is soooo small, light and delicate and i wouldnt worry about her poking or catching on anything. The robin’s red breast is a lighter or truer red color. It looks a tad more red than the pinky red stones of the apple or ladybug. The color of the blush radiant hearts is amazing. It is different from any of the previous pink charms in that it is a soft plum blush. Love it. The purple radiant hearts is juicy enough to eat. A very regal purple! Looking forward to getting my hands on the Fascinating Green muranos from Asia. As a bonus i discovered the angel wings pendant is actually a locket that opens on the side and the size is comparable to the Spring sparkling daisy pendant or the Summer Anchor charm. If you love the little chubby robin, you will be obsessed with his little feet and heart shaped breast and he actually stands by himself on the table. Think i will take the plunge into rose gold to go with some of these pieces. I will try and calm down now as i figure out how to put a design together for them. Haha. Have a good one. Love the kitty Ellie. He is a handsome dude.

    • Eek, your comment has got me so excited to see it all myself! I’m so envious, haha.
      That is such an amazing haul! No wonder you’re all aflutter, aha. I’m sure I will be next week, as well. I’m glad to hear that the Fairy is not prone to catching on things, as that was my number one concern with her. Does she have a face, or is it blank like the stock image suggests? The Radiant Hearts have actually caught me by surprise a little – I saw some live shots of them recently on Facebook and was struck by how beautiful they are! I love that you can see little hearts beneath the crystals. I’m particularly excited to see the new blush pink version.
      What kind of colour is the enamel inside the Angel Wings pendant? Is it a blush pink like the others or softer? I can’t really tell from the stock image! And oh my gosh, the Robin stands on his own! That is so cute. I can’t wait to see all these for myself next week. :D
      Thanks Cheryle! <3 The kitten is a sweetie. I don't want him to grow up, aha! Please do keep me updated with the designs you make with these new pieces! Enjoy!!

      • So glad you are as fired up about these new pieces as I am. They are truly beautiful! Sparkly but beautiful. I will probably not keep them all together because of all the shine but will try and spread them out amongst other colored or plain silver charms to have them dazzle on their own. Have to go back into the city on Monday so will decide then whether i will get another heart closing bracelet (which by the way has loosened up now to close) and which I really really love, or whether I will get the rose gold barrel bracelet or if i can’t decide, both! Haha. Regarding the color of enamel inside the Angel Wings pendant it is the same soft pink as the Mother’s Day Delicate Rose charm. Took me awhile to match it up. Didn’t realize Pandora made so many variations of pink. The fairy does appear to have very tiny indentations for eyes but they are almost invisible to the naked eye. Her head is about the size of the end of a large needle it is difficult to see. I actually took out a rather large and powerful magnifying glass to have a look at her face and still couldn’t say with 100 percent accuracy that “yes” she has a face. Because of her diminutive size, I think this is why Pandora left the face to our imaginations. The radiant hearts are exquisite. Both the Blush and the purple would look lovely as a pendant and I may try them like that. They also style very nicely with the Daisy Meadows from Spring. I know you have these on your brac let and you could just add the radiant hearts to set them off. Disappointed about the Hearts of Pandora bracelet closing. Too tiny for me. Oh well I’m sure I can find something else to take its place. Sorry to be so long winded. Have a great weekend Ellie.

        • That’s exactly what I like to do with my pavé charms, Cheryle – mix them in with some classic silvers so that their sparkle doesn’t get overwhelmed, and so that the overall look of the bracelet stays quite subtle. :)
          Aha that’s an exciting choice to make, I love both my heart bracelet and the Rose bracelet. I vote for both :P I’m glad to hear that the heart bracelet has loosened up now. They do tend to, it’s just a pain waiting for that to happen!
          Wow, thank you for checking out the Fairy for me. I didn’t realise she was so small! I’m glad to hear that there are some markings on her face, although I’m glad that it isn’t too minute and detailed – I find very realistic miniature faces on charms a bit creepy sometimes haha. I’m excited to see the Radiant Hearts – I do have the Daisy Meadows, and I might bring that bracelet into store to see how the Daisy pieces look with them. :D
          Please do not apologise for your lovely long comment! As I can’t see the pieces myself yet, it’s so nice to be able to hear all the details in the meantime, and it’s always fun to chat with you. :D Have a lovely weekend Cheryle and thanks for sharing!

  23. Oh Ellie, forgot to mention that I also tried on the Hearts of
    Pandora bracelet. It is lovely and light. However that said it has a tiny tiny closure and i could not get it done up. I had to have the salesgirl help me. She mentioned she had the bracelet and that her boyfriend helped her every single time she put it on. I had to pass on this bracelet for that reason although it was very lovely.

    • Yes I find the same with all lobster clasp bracelets haha. I tend to avoid them unless I really love them, as it drives me crazy having to go and find someone else to help me put them on! Pandora barrel clasps are great for that reason. ^^

  24. Radiant splendour and Radiant hearts are both Can $90 + 13% tax! Locked heart and Majestic heart are both $100 + 13% tax! Majestic swan is $80 + 13% tax. They are all overpriced, I don’t know who will pay this price for CZ pieces. The Rose gold line is much worth the $ for the Fall release.

    • That’s interesting, thanks :) I really love the look of the Locked Hearts, as the detailing is quite intricate, but I do prefer the more substantial look of the Vintage Heart.

  25. I like puffy heart not flat surface heart. I didn’t buy 2015 LE 2 tone heart which is flat and the back has no gold on it. Ha! Ha! Very picky for charm. Signature heart $60 is puffy and the price is cheaper than Birthday blooms $75. I might consider the June heart with real moonstone. Birthday blooms, Love bouquet..are not retired yet in Canada.

    • Which LE two-tone heart do you mean? The Mother’s Day Always in my Heart? If so, I found that one a bit disappointing as well.
      Yes, that is the nice thing about the Signature Hearts at least – some months feature genuine stones. I think it’s nice that they are still offering both the Birthday Blooms and the Signature Hearts in Canada. They’re very different to each other!

  26. Vintage heart and the new Signature heart are same style which will look great together. You will get what I mean when you see it in person. At first I don’t consider the Signature heart at all but I change my mind after I see it. It look like white gold or platinum because of the shinny polish.

    • Hey Jahndra, it won’t be coming to North America from what I hear but it’s not exclusive to Europe. Australia and Asia are getting it as well! Hope that helps :)

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