Today sees the start of one of the UK’s most anticipated promotions of the year – the 3 for 2 ring promotion! Pandora collectors in the UK have been waiting extremely patiently for this deal, which will run until this Sunday. ^^

pandora promo rings

The promotion guidelines are simple: buy three Pandora rings of any value, and Pandora will let you have the lowest-priced ring for free! The promotion will run from the 29th of July until the 2nd of August (unless your local store is shut on a Sunday, in which case it will finish on the 1st). The offer applies both in store and online – you can get your Pandora rings from authorised retailer John Greed until Sunday.

The ring promo offers a great opportunity to start your Pandora ring collection, or to indulge in some of Pandora’s newest rings! There have been some beautiful rings released so far this year, particularly for Spring 2015:


My Comment

This is a great deal, and a welcome end to the recent promotion drought we’ve been having in the UK. :( With the leather bracelet apparently not going ahead this year, we’re down to a grand total of two big promos – the ring promo and the silver bracelet promo, which will run later this year.

Nevertheless, I’m excited that this one is still running and I have decided to take part this year, although I still haven’t made up my mind exactly what I want, haha. I have a little list that I will be taking in store and I guess it will be down to what catches my eye at the time! ;)

Will you be taking part in this promotion? Are you a fan of Pandora’s ring collections?

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  1. Sad to say my fingers are not ring fingers! However do you have anymore news as in the bracelet promotion for the UK? I want to get a 2nd Pandora bracelet…was going to get the bangle, but I am just unsure. The leather ones are too thin…for the price :) PS great site, I am new to Pandora & have had a lot of fun reading your posts new & historic!

    • Hi Kez! I hear that there should be a silver bracelet one running in September for the UK. I don’t have any specific dates yet but will update my promos page when I hear more! :) I am a big leather bracelet fan, but I got most of mine for free during past promos – I can understand you not wanting to pay the full RRP. they are pricey! And it’s really nice to hear that you’ve been enjoying the blog :D welcome to the rather addictive world of Pandora! ;)

  2. I’m so excited I might go tommorow or Saturday I’m definitely get the November birth stone ring to replace the one I lost :(. Then I just need to decide on the other 2 I like the princess ring and those small heart rings the £35 ones. I’ve never done this promo before does sizes run out quick do you know.

    • It is a shame that you lost your ring :( but at least you get to replace it and get two others in the bargain now! ^^ The Princess ring and the little heart rings are some of my favourites, too. I’ve found that stores do tend to run out of the most popular sizes (they had to hunt all round the displays to get my Dazzling Daisy ring, and it’s only the first day!) so it might be worth getting in sooner rather than later. :)

  3. So nice promo! Happy shopping to all Pandora friends in UK! :-)
    Ellie, please post a photo for us with your rings when you get them, will you? ♥♥♥

  4. New to this page but I have to say am loving it!! Glad to hearse are having another promotion in the UK! I went and bought my 3 today! So happy I had 3 for my birthday a few weeks ago! I am now obsessed with the rings! Oh dear!

    • Aha, Pandora is very addictive! I’ve mostly been collecting the charms up until this year, but my ring collection has suddenly got a lot bigger quite quickly haha. Which rings did you get? :D I

  5. Love your choices, thanks for posting a picture. I have the dazzling daisy and heart ring and love them. I do like the cherry blossom and may buy this in the future. Im hoping to go tonight for mine.

      • Ive got my rings, i went for the alluring brilliant marquise and braided pave, which were my two definites. I then ended up going for the cherry blossom, which i knew id get at some point. Im so happy with them. Ive got all the rings i want now, until the autumn and winter collections come out.

        • Yay, lovely choices! I was very tempted by the Marquise as well but went with the florals in the end. The Cherry Blossom is very pretty, isn’t it? <3
          I also potentially have my eye on a few of the AW15 rings! I love the two-tone Peacock design from Autumn, and the pearl bow ring from Winter is beautiful too. :D

  6. Love your ring choices. Went to my local pandora to get my rings too. Was originally going to get either the rose gold bow ring or it in silver, after trying them both on was so disappointed that they looked flat on my fingers and didn’t really jump out at me lol after waiting a long time to get these. Finally decided on the Dazzling Daisy, shimmering leaves clear, and the clear cubic heart ring after spending an eternity in the shop trying different rings and combinations, was finally happy with my purchase oh and the wonderful helpful and patient pandora ladies.

    • Thanks! <3 I was also thinking about the Rose Sparkling Bow but wasn't that wowed when I actually tried it. You picked out some lovely pieces, though – I was very tempted by the cubic zirconia heart rings too! It is nice when the sales assistants are happy to let you um and ah without rushing you, haha. Enjoy your new pieces :D

      • I will be getting a few new pieces at the end of the month also as it is my birthday on the 28th. I have my eye on the dog pet charm with the bone in the bowl .also another rose gold charm for my new bracelet which is filling up nicely? so many new charms to choose from get spoiled for choice. I don’t have any earrings and love butterflies so maybe my husband will treat me again!!

        • Nice! I saw the dog bowl charm the other day and it is adorable <3 I don't have any Pandora earrings either but they are very lovely – maybe some day. Fingers crossed you get treated to some though! ^^

    Hi Ellie this is what I got I love my rings and know a bit obsessed with the rings. When I was in there the lady serving me said she liked my green leather bracelet my mum then said I’m a pandora collector and the lady said that she recognised me lol how embarising. And then as I was leaving she said see you again lol. I go in the shop so much that they are recognising me lol.

    • Ooh your new rings look so pretty, Nicola! Great picture. The My Princess ring is gorgeous, and it goes great with the Her Majesty band too. <3 Lovely choices!
      Aha I used to get that at my old store too before I moved! I actually got to know the manager, who'd always keep an eye out for me when I was in store. It was nice but also kind of embarrassing haha. However, I do quite miss it now that I go to another store – it's nice to have a relationship with your local store, especially when the people who work there are passionate about their Pandora too! So maybe it's a good thing that they're getting to know you lol.

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