Today I am dipping again into Pandora’s Pre-Autumn 2015 collection, with a review of the new Ice Cream Cone pendant! :D This sweet little charm was not released in Australia or North America, but it’s available everywhere else – I’m still not sure on the reasoning for this, as it seems like it has pretty universal appeal.


I got mine last week on holiday in Amsterdam and it’s made a very cute memento of my trip there (even if Amsterdam isn’t particularly ice creamy… but I already had the Windmill and the Bicycle, haha). Read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration!

The charm

While the design is rather a neat and simple one, there is still some nice oxidised detailing for the waffle cone itself and a little strawberry sauce is picked out in red pavé stones at the top of the ice cream. The colour is quite subtle, however, and the overall look of it is predominantly silver.
pandora pre-autumn 2015

As a concept, ice cream is a really great idea for a cute holiday charm. It’s not a charm that they’ve made before, so it’s one of the more original pieces from the Pre-Autumn collection!

pandora pre-autumn 2015

However I was initially a little disappointed that Pandora went for pavé detailing – I did say in my initial preview of this charm that it would have been great if Pandora had used some pastel enamels for the ice cream. On the other hand, I do appreciate that the subtler sparkle of the pavé does make it a lot more versatile, even if enamel would have been really cute!

It looks especially pretty in sunlight, and that’s when the sparkle of the pavé becomes more noticeable. In person, it’s really quite a slim, dainty pendant, and it doesn’t feel too heavy on your wrist unlike some Pandora dangles. It has a pretty thin bail, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your bracelet, too.

pandora pre-autumn 2015


My first styling was a beach-theme, with dashes of two-tone to represent golden sand and teal shades to conjure up that lovely Caribbean sea! The pinky CZs on the Ice Cream are pretty subtle so they don’t clash with much and it is perfect for creating that vintage sea-side feel.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

As I said before, I associate pretty pastels with ice cream shades and I really want to make a soft styling that brought that out. The pink leather bracelet is perfect for this purpose – it has a delicate pink shimmer to it that really lightens it and makes it pop. To go with the ice cream, I added some classic silver travel charms and a complementary white murano!

pandora pre-autumn 2015

The other thing that instantly came to mind when I thought about ice cream cones were the fun of theme parks and days out. This then led me straight on to the Pandora Disney collection! Here I’ve styled my Minnie Mouse charms with the Ice Cream pendant on the retired red leather. It’s worth noting that the Ice Cream charm and the Minnie pavé clip share the exact same mix of clear and red cubic zirconia, so they match each other perfectly.


I am adding this charm to my travel/summer-themed bracelet, which has a fun mix of silver travel and animal charms on it. This is a bracelet that looks at it’s best when it’s on your wrist – the colours really pop, especially in the sun! If you’re into very coordinated colours, then this won’t be your thing – and I do usually colour coordinate my bracelets – but in this instance I just really like the mix of different tropical shades. ^^

pandora pre-autumn 2015


I love the concept of an ice cream charm and, while I was initially disappointed that they didn’t go for enamel, this design has grown and grown on me since I first saw it. In the end, I was really excited to review this one and made it a priority as soon as I got back home. ^^ In person, it is really very cute, and the subtle pavé makes it that bit more versatile. It’s also pretty reasonably priced. Going forward I still have a couple more Pre-Autumn reviews to get through before the Autumn collection proper launches at the end of the month, so keep an eye out for those! :)

The Ice Cream Cone is £35 or 39 euros – it’s not available in North America or Australia. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it alongside the rest of the Pandora Pre-Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Do you have this charm, or is it on your wish list? If it’s not available in your region, are you trying to obtain one?

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    • I already went to my Pandora store here in Mexico and they’ve told me they think it is a charm exclusive for Spain :(

      • Hey Olga, it is sold in Spain but it’s not exclusive to there. It’s widely available in Europe. Unfortunately it’s not coming to North America, which includes Mexico. Sorry I don’t have better news :(

  1. Even though I’m not a “pink person”, and not crazy about a lot of pave on my bracelets, I really like this one. If it were available in the US, I would very likely buy it ( I also really liked the Asian green pear, and would have bought it also). It looks like a fun charm, reminiscent of childhood without being childish. Hopefully this one will eventually make it here.

    I wonder if there are plans for a Disney ice cream charm? Maybe Mickey on a stick or something? Just a thought, but it might explain why it isn’t being released here. It’s not like Americans don’t like their fair share of ice cream. Or pears!

    • Yes I really liked the Asian pear as well, but the conversion worked out even more expensive than it would have been in the UK so I gave it a miss. Perhaps the Ice Cream will make it to North America – as we all keep saying, it just doesn’t make any sense to me that they’d miss it out! :/

      Aw that would be really cute! One of my first ideas for styling the Ice Cream was a Disney theme. ^^ It just suits the idea of a day out at the theme parks perfectly.

  2. I managed to get two of these from Singapore with the help of an amazingly lovely lady posted to AU. These are super cute, delicate charms, and I’m loving mine on my holiday bracelet. Was totally worth the buy. Showed my SA and she can’t understand why we didn’t get them either. Her comment was much the same – they would be super popular here too.

    • Yay, I’m glad it didn’t disappoint! It is really delicate and neat in person isn’t it? And the pavé sparkle is nice and subtle. It’s funny that even the SAs aren’t told why not. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all!

  3. Which Murano bead is used the in the stock image at the top of the post? It looks lovely paired with the orchid and the ice cream cone.

    • It’s the Shoreline sea glass! It’s pictured live in the last image in this post. :) Such a pretty murano – I already had one but I bought another one myself specially to go with the Orchid after seeing that campaign design!

  4. So nice to hear you were here in the Netherlands! You just missed the opening of the new concept store in the center of Amsterdam, which is today :p

    • Thank you! ^^ Oh man I can’t believe I missed that! That would have been the perfect thing to finish off the holiday, haha. Is it tons bigger than the other one?

  5. Hi Ellie

    I went to the shop yesterday to help someone pick up You Complete My Heart and the Pear so I get to see this ice cream in person. It does look cute but doesn’t really appeal much to me. I would have bought it if it’s something I like, am I strange to say that I don’t really fancy ice cream that much? Haha!

    I love your styling and all the photos you spent time taking and editing. Maybe one day if I read this entry enough, I might go get the ice cream for myself too, who knows. :P

    On a side note, I also grabbed the France flag to add to my French bracelet. I’m also having the Postcard charm and the Globe clip coming my way soon. I guess I need not add 3 muranos to represent the flag since I already have 3 pave balls for that. ^^

    • Hi Kelly! I’m not a massive ice cream person either these days but I was when I was little. It reminds me of family holidays when I was younger and it just seems like a nice symbol of summer in itself. :)

      Aw thank you, haha! I do that all the time with photos online. I think that I definitely, absolutely, categorically do not want a certain charm. And then I happen to catch a certain styling or a particularly nice photo of it and all of a sudden I have to have it. ^^

      Ooh lovely! That design sounds like it’s coming along nicely. :D The postcard is pretty perfect for your bracelet. ^^ Is it near finished now?

      • Hi Ellie~ If I wear all these charms with the safety chain and 2 clips, then I consider it completed. ^^

        This is probably the first bracelet that I complete it properly by slowly thinking of the meaning for each charm. The next project is me, my husband, and our cats. Haha… He is with the Navy so I got one anchor to represent him, I am trying to think what could represent me. I should also start looking for the birth month charm for him as I already had mine (he was the one who got it for me) lol…


        • Well that’s good! I’ve actually managed to finish off a few designs myself this year. :D I have two left that are nearly finished – my travel bracelet and my Pandora Rose design.
          Aw that sounds like a cute bracelet-to-be! In a way, many of my bracelets and charms are kind of odes to memories with my boyfriend as he is the one who started me with Pandora and he often suggests new things to go on bracelets and generally humours me, haha. Which version of the birth month charm will you go for? I like the Signature Hearts coming out for Autumn but there’s just something about the classic look of the Birthday Blooms that I think I prefer :) x

  6. No, it just doesn’t work for me–waffle cones taste awful–so I have that grimace going on–and it just doesn’t look like ice cream. It doesn’t look tasty. See the birthday cake charm? It looks like a St. Honore birthday cake, and it looks tasty. They missed the reality on this ice cream cone charm.

    • Oh yes, I absolutely love the birthday cake charm. It’s one of my favourite silvers they’ve made recently! It’s funny because the detailing around the edge of the cake looks like roses from the side but when you look at the top, it’s actually strawberries. I only noticed that a few months after I had the charm, haha. Perhaps I was the only one. ;)

      • I can’t see that from the website picture, and I don’t have the charm. I’ve wanted it, but I’m afraid it won’t sit well on any bracelet. Like my teacup charm, it’s impossible to use unless it’s all alone. If to gets between any other charms, the saucer gets wedged and the charm won’t turn, so it stays upside down.

        • Here’s an old stock image that shows all its sides. I think it’s designed to look like both. It’s sweet:
          I have it on my pink and red bracelet and it sits fine with my other pieces. I have it next to a murano charm which helps!

  7. AlthoughI live in the U.S., I was able to get the ice cream cone thanks to the help of a lady on one of the FB pages. I wear it on my metallic silver leather with the orchid and the Frozen Anna murano between the two dangles.

      • Kelly (fluffyby) has been very kindly offering to help here with the Ice Cream charm and Asian exclusive charms – for other country exclusives you can always try joining the Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels Facebook pages. There are lots of ladies from all around the world who help with exclusive charms. :)

      • Thank you very much, I really do appreciate the help. Would you please help me with the getting the Asian pear and the ice cream cone?
        I really like the ice cream cone. I think it is so cute! I like the pear also and it is on my wish list.
        Thank you so much :)!

  8. I love this charm it so cute it’s on my very long wish list this charm is so reasonable to I love your styling on the red leather with the Disney and also your travel bracelet on question what the reasoning be hind the ghost charm on the travel bracelete.

    • Yay, I’m glad you like it too! As for the ghost, there is no real travel reason behind it haha. I’m not that strict on my themes and I just kind of liked how it looked with other plain silver travel charms. I did vaguely think that different myths about ghosts and the supernatural form a large part of many different cultures but that was reaching at straws a little I think. ;)

    • Hi Ellie I saw this amazing bracelete design yesterday it was a Harry Potter theme it was on pandora tribe Facebook page. I would love to make a Harry Potter theme bracelete one day. I don’t know Ifyou have seen or like Harry Potter if you are potter fan do you know any charms that would fit in this theme. Thank you

      • Hi Nicola! That’s so fun, I’ve seen a few Harry Potter bracelet designs that I’ve loved in the past. I think having coloured muranos for each of the houses is a really fun idea- I’ve seen people use both the retired candy-stripe muranos and the faceted muranos in the past.
        In addition to that… I would definitely go for one of the silver owl charms (Hedwig), a silver cat charm (Crookshanks) and the Chinese zodiac rat dangle for their animals. Then for the fantasy animals and beasts they meet you could do the retired Dragon, the Unicorn pendant and maybe the silver snake to represent the basilisk? One of the pavé starry clips seems like a must, too.
        Then you could also get the Study Books as it is a school… and it could stand for spell books as well. The silver ghost charm could be Peeves and then there’s always the Witch charm, although that’s quite cartoony. You could try and get the Disney Parks Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat charm for the Sorting Hat as well! Finally, maybe the little Elf charm to represent Dobby?
        There’s so much you could do with that theme! It would make a great bracelet design. :D

  9. So cute Ellie, thanks for reviewing it! I especially like it on your beach theme bracelet (with your new turtle!), your red leather bracelet with your Minnie charms, as well as your travel bracelet you’re leaving it on :-D I agree it would have been really cute with enamel for the ice cream!

    • Thanks Natalie, glad you liked the designs! <3 And yes, you spotted my new turtle! He's so cute – I mainly did the beach design so that I could use him haha.
      Perhaps they could do another enamel ice cream charm with a flat bottom that isn't a dangle. That would be really adorable!

  10. So cute. I’m so jealous!
    North America is not getting the ice creme, the animals other than the pig or panda, or the new Essence for autumn or winter :( hopefully we will get them in the spring. Also the safety chain with the stars in the Disney photo is not in the North American winter launch :(

    I was told that the countries each get to choose which items they have for their launches. Guess North America decided to wait on some of those.

    Olaf arrived in stores here now and the Jasmin ones will be out for the Winter launch in October.
    I’m excited to see the Disney Park exclusive charms for the fall there are so many exciting photos.

    • Hi Katie

      How does Olaf look like in real life? I am excited now! It’s still summer but I am already looking forward to wearing him on my Christmas/Winter bracelet!

      Kelly x

      • I’ve just seen a photo of the Olaf charm. It’s on Pandora whistler village Facebook page.
        I’m not sure on it now I’ve seen it, which is a disappointment. I don’t see it matching in with any of my collection.

      • Or above :p he is a little scary looking but the snowflakes and lettering is done well. There are little indents in the center of each snowflake. The inside of his mouth doesn’t have any enamel

        • Aha really? :D It’s great to see a photo of him. ^^ I also think he looks a tad scary, the ‘I like warm hugs’ is this charm’s redeeming feature for me!

    • Ooh thanks very much for the info Katie! :) I’m very disappointed for you guys in North America about all the new pieces you’re not getting. It’s a real shame – lots of people were really excited for the animals and the Essence charms. :( Also, I am beyond puzzled about the pavé star safety chain! It seems weird that they would use it in the Disney campaign and then not release it there? Perhaps it was a mistake. I have a stock image for it and it’s definitely coming out in Asia (for Autumn I think) but I have zero info on it for other regions! :S

      Ah that’s exciting about Olaf! What did you think of him in person? I can’t wait to see how the turquoise Jasmine pieces look in live shots. I’m quite tempted by her Signature murano from the stock image!

      • Her signature Murano is stunning. The color is a beautiful rich green. Darker green than Ariel but more like a jade color than the fascinating green. The dress is more similar to Else’s than the other princesses. The shoe is cute.

        Olaf is kinds cute and super popular already. He will sell out fast but his face is a bit scary. It is very white like in the photo

        • It’s good to hear that Jasmine’s murano is so pretty! Is it more of a jade than turquoise then? It’s so hard to pin down what colour it is exactly haha.
          Oh really are you already selling him then? I can’t say that I’m that keen on him as a charm, although the concept is cute. I just find his face a bit disconcertingly disembodied – although of course it sometimes is in the film. ;)

      • Yea he is already for sale in Canada so I assume the US as well but I have told some stores here don’t have him yet. We tend to get things a bit early.
        Autumn arrives here probably today. Our other store got it Friday.
        Jasmin will be here in October so I will get a photo when it arrives. Her Murano is darker than the teal faceted. It’s a new colour but would look good with teal.

  11. Ohh wow you got the turtle charm! Haha
    Ice-cream cone not a must buy at the moment. However, I’m hoping Pandora comes up with other innovative designs (such incorporating your suggested idea of Enamel).
    Thanks for the post Ellie. I think I’m addicted to your blog and reviews haha.

    • Aha yes I did! It was another Amsterdam purchase. Super cute and the exchange rate worked very nicely. ;)
      Absolutely, I thought this one was a nicely original concept – a lot of the other Pre-Autumn charms they’ve made before (pets, camera, hearts, globe) but the ice cream is completely new.
      You’re welcome! Thank you so much for reading, it’s lovely to hear that you’re enjoying it haha.

      • I was thinking if the ice-cream was double scoped and placed on top it would look better. And for the enamel, pandora could be more creative by doing something like a choc-chip ice cream or any other flavor designs (I wonder if that is possible though….).

        • Aw that would be really cute! It would be fun if they made different flavours for different countries or something – the same silver base with different enamel versions.

  12. I was keen to buy it before but now having seen it styled, I dont think it would suit my bracelets. (It looks good on your Disney bracelet though) So it doesn’t matter that is not being released in Australia. I will save my money for the next release.

    • Ah well at least it’s another one you don’t have to worry about getting! I don’t have that much that I want from the Autumn collection (apart from Essence!) but there’s a lot I want from the Winter release this season. :)

  13. Off topic, but featured in the above photos, is the suitcase charm “I love to travel” still available on international flights?

  14. I’ve been looking forward to this review for awhile. I was so excited to read it since my ice cream cone is on its way to me from Spain. Is it my eyes but does it have somewhat of a melting affect ( not sure if that’s the correct word to use) lol where the ice cream is and the cone begins. Hope you understand what I am trying to say. I love your pink leather. I only have the brown leather but the pink looks quite nice. thanks again for another great review.

    • Yay, I hope it lived up to expectations! Yes it does have a melting effect – the silver line between the ice cream and the cone is all wibbly like the ice cream is starting to drip down. :) It’s cute and I hadn’t really looked at that properly before you said! ^^ Thanks Linda, the pink leather was my first leather bracelet and is still one of my favourite shades they do. I’d like to own the brown leather one day myself – it looks so pretty with the Wildflower murano from the Spring collection.

  15. I love Halloween and seeing your ghost on your travel bracelet reminds me Halloween is not too far off. Do you know if Pandora is going to come out with any new Halloween charms now that all have been retired.
    I really like the color combination on your travel bracelet. The orchid looks so good with the Murano glass charms you have with it. I have the orchid and the same Murano glass charms on a bracelet. Love those colors!
    Since I saw the photo of the new coffee pot charm, I have placed it on my wish list. Will it be coming out soon? I love all the detail :).

    • There will be no new Halloween charms this year, which I am so surprised about! I was sure that they were retiring the original silver ones to at least do new sparkly pavé and enamel versions, but apparently not yet. Perhaps they’ve decided that Halloween is not part of their hearts & flowers image nowadays? We’ll have to wait and see until next year.
      Thank you! :D I do love the Orchid with a tropical colour scheme – particularly with the Sea Glass muranos. It’s so fun and pretty for summer.
      The coffee pot is lovely – I love the detail, too! It’s coming out with the Autumn 2015 collection on the 27th of this month but not to North America. I’m trying to find out exactly which regions will be getting it :)

  16. Hi Ellie!
    How lovely and summery review!
    I like this ice-cream a lot! As I’ve told you when I first saw it in person, you almost get the impression of a delicate silver charm! It’s, as you often say, the right use of pave!
    I loved all your stylings, it’s one of these times (again!) I can’t tell which one I prefer most! After having looked your pictures several times I made up my mind on a not so Chrysa-like styling: the last one! I usually choose to have colour harmony but the combination of charms and colours on this bracelet almost screams “I have so much fun!!!”
    Thank you for this great review, I’ ve really enjoyed it! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!

      Absolutely – while there is a little dash of pavé on it, it blends into the silver very nicely and the overall effect is similar to that of a plain silver charm to me as well. It’s quite subtle. And haha yes I do use that phrase a lot. I obviously have quite rigorous criteria lol!

      Thank you! ^^ I’m glad that you do like that bracelet, as that’s the one that I do actually wear haha. I usually go for colour-coordinated bracelets as well but I was just suddenly inspired to throw together the two sea glass muranos and to mix in a variety of tropical colours. It’s not what I usually wear but it is so pretty and fun for summer! You always get exactly what I’m going for with my bracelet designs. :D

      Thank you so much Chrysa! Glad you enjoyed it – talk to you soon! ♥♥♥

    • I have two recommendations – firstly, have it in stock and should ship to Australia. :) Shipping is about 10 euros I think.
      Otherwise, head over to Facebook and take a look at selling pages such as Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe. There are usually ladies there who help out with the regional exclusives. :)

  17. Hello! I was curious about the ice cream charm now that I am back from our vacation in Tuscany. Not sure if this was posted in the comments, but you can note that in Florence, one of the Pandora retailers presents it as a charm representative of Italy – for gelato! I bought it over the Medici charm, Italian flag heart, Venice and Rome charms (neither of which we visited), etc. But we ate so much gelato during our holiday and I felt that it was most representative of our trip! I thought it might be a more generic charm, but I am okay with that. I just wanted something that wasn’t widely available in any store (which I could buy later).

    Nice blog post and photos! ;)

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