Today’s review features one of the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection’s most popular – and elusive – charms: the Arabian Coffee Pot! Also known as the Dallah charm in some regions, this little charm has been very well-received by Pandora collectors due to its beautifully intricate detailing and original design.

The charm is based on a traditional Arabian dallah; from what I gather reading online, coffee drinking as a tradition has a lot of currency in the Middle East, and these intricately-designed coffee pots have a deal of significance.

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot

This charm was not released in many regions, and has proven quite hard to find. From what I understand, this charm is available in some European countries, including France, the Czech Republic and Greece, and some Middle Eastern countries. I’m not sure if it is available in any other Asian countries. It is not available for purchase in the UK, Australia or North America.

I was able to snag mine from Republic of Jewels before it sold out (they are apparently no longer stocking it – who knows why they had it initially), and happily enough it arrived pretty speedily! It was priced at £25 or 29 euros, when it was available.

The charm

Every detail is just exquisite in this charm; I find it hard to think of a Pandora charm that matches it for sheer intricacy. The other pleasing thing about it is the originality of the design. It’s nice that, in amongst the high volume of hearts, flowers and family motifs, Pandora can still produce gems like this one. It would be nice to see them reach for fresh ideas more.

pandora autumn 2015 asia exclusive

In person, the charm is pretty true to the stock image, and just as gorgeous – the silver swirls and hearts are accentuated by oxidised shading that add beautifully to the vintage look of the charm. However, the thing that struck me most when I first saw it in person is that it is absolutely TINY. It’s amazing that it boasts so much detail, as it really is small – even for a Pandora charm. It is very slim; the base is about as a wide as a Pandora Essence charm, perhaps even a little smaller.

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot

The ALE hallmarks are unobtrusively placed on the base of the charm, which is encircled by some more little hearts.

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot


I’ll admit that I had a little trouble at first when I was trying to think of stylings for this charm. It’s beautiful, but its very distinctiveness and character make it a little hard to blend in with other charms. Your instinct is to make the rest of the bracelet design work with it perfectly. Nevertheless, I did come up with a few combinations that I liked :D

This one is a mini-Arabia-inspired bangle design, featuring my two Arabian charms – the Dallah and the Camel, which also features an amazing level of detail. The hint of two-tone and the green spinel stone of the Vintage Allure adds a little opulence, and works to set off the other two charms nicely.

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot

My next design is based on a loose interpretation of an Arabian Nights theme. I’ll confess straight away that I haven’t actually read the Arabian Night stories, and have only gleaned snippets from hearing them mentioned in other books. So these are just charms that fit with my hazy notion of what an Arabian night might entail. ;) I’ve gone for the Midnight Fizzle murano to represent the night sky, and then some other fairy-tale two-tone motifs to complement it.

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot

You can also really appreciate how tiny the Coffee Pot is from these styling pictures, though! I’ve found that, on a full bracelet, you have to be a little careful as to what you style it with. It can get a little swamped and obscured by bigger charms.

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot

My final styling offers something completely different, and is much more on the cute side! This is an Afternoon Tea themed bracelet, with a focus on tea, cake and coffee. ^^ I find this sort of design rather whimsical and very comforting – it would be great on a bangle, too. If you can’t get hold of the Dallah charm, you could always substitute it for the two-tone Teapot charm (which is retiring soon, so grab it while you can!).

pandora autumn 2015 coffee pot

I don’t actually know how I’ll be permanently wearing this charm in my collection yet, however. I’m quite tempted to put it with a couple of the new blush charms – particularly the new Radiant Hearts. I haven’t got around to getting those yet, though, so I’ll have to try them together in a later review! :)


This is an absolutely beautiful charm, and one that proves the level of originality and elegance that Pandora can still achieve. I love both the elegance of its design, and the fact that it’s an unusual and original concept for a charm. My only reservations are that it’s so small (although that does make its RRP quite reasonable) and the fact that it is a little hard to style, as it is both very delicate and very full of character.

It is a shame that so many regions have seemingly opted not to offer this one, seeing as the beauty of its design holds universal appeal and it has proven incredibly popular with collectors.

Are you a fan of this design? Have you managed to obtain one?

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      • The Dallah charm was inspired from 1 dirham coin of UAE. The neck, lid and arm was from UAE dallah while the body was a mixture of middle east dallah. Dallah means hospitality, that is why majority of arab houses has one either outside or inside of their home, to welcome you even with a tea to drink :-)

        • Oh wow, thank you so much for that info! It’s so interesting to know a little bit more about the culture behind the charm, as I had never even heard of a dallah before it came out. Thank you! <3

  1. Hi Ellie,
    I agree with you,it is a little small but so tiny ! I have buy it to put on my travel bangle, it remember me every where we drink a mint tea, near the camel I think that is not so small ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! Yes, it is really tiny. It could have been done with being a little more substantial, I think, but it is so beautiful that I love it anyway! It will be lovely with your travel bracelet, I’m sure! I’m going to put mine with the Camel ultimately as well :)

  2. Sooo in love with this charm!!! Finally found it on the Pandora EStore page in Belgium. Sold out….. ??? so frustrating…. And still no reply from Pandora in Holland if it will be for sale here…. There are not much charms which I like from Pandora at the moment, and the one that I do like is so hard to get…. Same with the new snowglobe charm that will be for sale only in USA and Canada… Not customer friendly….

    • It’s great that the eStore are stocking it – they ship internationally as well, I’m told! :D Hope you’re able to get hold of one soon. I expect they’ll restock in the near future in any case.
      The country exclusives are getting a little frustrating, and this collection in particular has been absolutely all over the place in terms of distribution. I don’t get the point of the Asia exclusives really, either. :(

  3. One of my faves from the new releases, although I will probably never get my hands on it, any ideas why roj will never be getting more? that’s all a bit odd to me… thanks for the post, it is so cute to see it on different bracelet designs, I think my fave Is with the coffee and tea collection, its so sweet and delicate….even though its small I still think it looks cute next to some of the larger charms, makes it look even more dainty, love the little hidden hearts as well <3

    • I have no idea why ROJ won’t be stocking it any more… it’s weird! All trace of it has gone from their website. I wonder if they were given their initial stocks of the charm in error. I was lucky to be able to get mine from there, and especially for such a great price.
      Thanks Alex! The coffee and tea theme was my first idea for styling this charm. ^^ ‘Dainty’ is a very nice word of describing it. I think you just have to be careful as to what you put it with – some charms really bring out that daintiness, others just make it look squashed.
      Thanks for commenting :D

  4. This charm is very cute, Ellie. I like it best as part of your “afternoon tea” bracelet. I am surprised how small it is. I wonder why they made it that small? The detailing is impressive for a small charm. I took your advice and ordered two Essence charms from ROJ the other day. We did not get the new Essence line here in the US and I really wanted to get the caring and sensitivity charms. I can’t wait to get them! Thanks for letting us know about the ROJ site. I don’t like how Pandora is only releasing certain things in different counties and I hope they improve this in the future!

    • Thanks Jackie! :) I don’t know why they chose to make it so small, it seems like the design could be made bigger quite easily. The detailing is beautiful in any case!
      You’re welcome, glad you’ve got your Essence beads :D I have bought three of the new Essence charms – Friendship, Love and Dignity. I was very tempted by Caring as well, though, it’s a beautiful design! It’s a real shame that North America have opted out of the new Essence collection and I do hope that it isn’t a sign of its impending retirement. :( I have found this season very difficult in terms of regional exclusives, both from my perspective as a blogger trying to give the right information and as a consumer myself, and I very much hope that everything goes back to normal next season ;) It certainly isn’t usually like this at all!

  5. I absolutely love this charm.They are almost sold out in Prague (last 50 left). Next delivery should be in 2-3 weeks. Well, no wonder when I myself already purchased 22 of them :D

  6. Looks great, Ellie, I love all of your styling ideas! I wish it was bigger as I seem to gravitate to the larger charms. I love the detail though, hopefully they will make more charms in this style in future collections.

    • Thanks so much Natalie! :D I think it could have done with being a little larger, as well. It wouldn’t have affected the delicacy of the design, and it would prevent its tendency to look a little ‘squashed’ when put with the wrong charms. :) But yes, this is mostly nit-picking, and my fingers are also crossed for more charms with the same level of detail and originality in future collections as well!

  7. I am really excited as I just got mine today from the Pandora E-store in Belgium, the shipping bumped the price up a little and another poster said they are out of stock just now, but it seems they do ship to many countries, including the UK. I love this charm! It is small but very beautifully designed and I am going to use it in a fairytale design as I can really visualise it as an enchanted lamp. Thanks for all the great design ideas! :)

    • Oh that’s really exciting! I had no idea that they shipped internationally. I’ll have to check it out – what address is that, That is an absolutely lovely idea to use it as an enchanted lamp – I was going to mention the possibility of using it with the upcoming Disney Jasmine charms, but completely forgot! Enjoy <3

      • Yes, that is the website, I had no trouble ordering to the UK, but the shipping is a little expensive. Although with the exchange rate at the moment I saved a little too, worked out to about £33 altogether. Now I have the charm though, I feel it was worth it, it really is a lovely little charm and so original!

        • Thanks Debbie! I’ll remember that for future releases :) The euro to pound exchange rate is really good at the moment – I stocked up on a few things when I was on holiday in Amsterdam. ^^ Enjoy your new charm!

  8. Hi Ellie, I cannot wait to hold this lovely little charm on my hand. Hopefully, I will get this charm soon. I love how you styled your Afternoon Tea bracelet. I have a “country exclusive” bracelet and that’s where this lovely charm is going to go. Have a great day!?


    • Hi Melanie! Yes, it is really beautiful, despite its size! It would be great for a country exclusive bracelet – Pandora should make more detailed cultural designs like this one. Glad you liked the afternoon tea styling; I love how cute and comforting Pandora’s cake and coffee charms are. ^^ Have a great day too! <3

  9. I agree with everyone above – I like it on your “Afternoon Tea” bracelet =) I think I’ll try the travel bracelet/bangle that Isabelle mentioned above, and see how that works. I’m still waiting for mine, I’m so excited! I want to try putting it with green and maybe a bit of two-tone perhaps? =D

    Thanks for another lovely post Ellie =D

    • Thanks Suzy! I haven’t decided how I’m actually going to wear mine yet, but the afternoon tea theme was tempting. ^^ Two-tone would definitely look lovely! It’s an elegant charm and would look great with a little gold. :D
      Thanks for commenting Suzy, so pleased you enjoyed the review!

  10. Thank you for clueing me into Pandora’s Angels. A kind lady from France helped me and I got this today. You’re review is spot on.

  11. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a storage box suitable for Pandora Jewelry? I would like to be able to store all my jewelry in one place.

    • Have a read of the review Ellie wrote on this blog on ‘Stackers’ jewellery boxes. I bought one after reading it and it is excellent. I bought the 3 stack classic Stackers and two charm bars from Amazon. Pandora also sell their own jewellery boxes too which are shown on their website as well as other retailers websites.

    • Hi Cheryl, my top recommendation is the Stackers jewellery boxes (as sierreleone noted ^^). The link to the review I wrote (it’s a very old post now though!) is here:
      The good thing about Stackers boxes it that they come in a number of different sizes and colours, so they are completely customisable to your taste and needs. You can also purchase new layers and increase the size of the jewellery box as your collection grows.
      I have also heard good things about Wolf jewellery boxes, which are apparently also anti-tarnish. It might be worth checking those out as well :)

    • Hey Cheryl, I have been looking for a jewelry box/storage as well, and this is what I found by using google, it’s called Vault trays and lif made by Wolf. If you’re in the US, sells them. I will order mine today. They sell the lid and trays separately, and pretty cheap, too. Goodluck!

      • Hi Cheryl and Michacha, for whom ever was looking for a jewelry box if you go on (craft store) ans type fabric jewelry box, a very nice option comes up for a very affordable price, I ordered one last week and it just shipped so I am waiting for it to arrive, I cant speak for quality yet since I have not received it, but I can let you guys know as soon as it arrives. ;)

  12. Thanks for the review Ellie. I think this is such a beautiful charm. Very tempting to add to my wish list but I wouldn’t have any plans for it. I like your afternoon tea design the best. I think it would work well as a lamp for an Aladdin themed bracelet too, especially as its so small. I love the details on it and hope to see some more charms like it.

    • Glad you enjoyed the review! I don’t really know how I’m going to wear mine yet either to be honest with you, haha. I think it might end up with the Camel but haven’t got further than that to be honest. ;) I was thinking about starting another fairy-tale theme but am rather hazy on the specifics for now!
      It would make a great Aladdin’s lamp and several people have mentioned how nice it would look with the upcoming Disney Jasmine charms. :D

  13. Beautiful pics as always, but the charm? My first thought was ‘It’s all hole!’ My second thought was the same, and my third was that Pandora is now charging, and overcharging, for holes, basically for nothing. Silver is dirt cheap, and there isn’t much of to this charm, not enough to charge for. I think Pandora has seriously lost the plot. I like how you used the camel. I still want that charm.

    • Thanks Lola! From side-on, the threading does take up a lot of space. It’s very petite, and I feel like it could easily have been scaled up in size. I do love this charm, but it is so small! I do wonder why they made that choice, as they could have made it bigger and priced it at £30, not £25…
      The Camel, on the other hand, is also beautifully detailed and is nicely substantial. You won’t go wrong with that one :)

      • That’s almost 60.00 CAD with taxes in, kind of pricey for something so small. I imagine that’s why the charm wasn’t released more widely. Lots of women who wouldn’t buy it if they saw it in person first, will buy it simply because it’s being restricted–hard to get, makes it more valuable to them, regardless of actual value in the product. That’s a classic marketing gimmick Pandora uses to great effect.

        • Well, UK RRPs are notoriously expensive so I wouldn’t go off that. £25 is rather cheap for a silver charm here (they are £30 on average), and the equivalent in North America is usually about $30 USD or $35 CAD.
          I am sure you are right about the country exclusives being a key part of the marketing strategy!

      • I see. I was just going by exchange. Now I’ve looked at the UK site, and now their pricing between countries makes no sense. Some charms are 5 and 10.00 difference, while others are 40 and 50.00 difference between UK and North America. I realize we just had price increases, but not that much.

        • No, the UK prices are incredibly depressing, especially compared to Canada and Australia. Our prices include 20% VAT, but the difference is still significant. It kind of takes the shine off buying in UK stores, knowing I could get it a fair bit cheaper elsewhere!

      • I wish I could edit my comments. :-) It would save me cluttering up your comments stream.

        I totally missed the rrp mention. I blame macular degeneration for that. :-) I just automatically do exchange in my head because that’s how other manufacturer prices work. Trollbeads, Endless, etc., the UK price and the Canadian price are direct exchanges–£35 = 70 CAD–and that’s what we both pay. Pandora prices for what they think certain markets will bear. I can never get my head around that. Lol.

        • Unfortunately the blog runs entirely according to the rules of and their commenting system, so I have no ability to add those kinds of functions. :( It is annoying, I’m sorry! If I ever do make the move and start the blog as a website in its own right, I’d hopefully be able to improve the commenting system a little :)
          Absolutely. Pandora is huge in the UK market and we are used to paying a little more for things here, so they get away with it mostly!

  14. Have a read of the review Ellie wrote on this blog on ‘Stackers’ jewellery boxes. I bought one after reading it and it is excellent. I bought the 3 stack classic Stackers and two charm bars from Amazon. Pandora also sell their own jewellery boxes too which are shown on their website as well as other retailers websites.

  15. Hi Ellie I love this charm this was another one I was really looking forward to which is not available in the UK. It looks beautiful and really dinky I love designs like this. I can’t believe Republic of jewels had them for £25. Do you know if Spain has them there?.

    • Hi Nicola! I know, I was so disappointed when it never came out here. It’s a really beautiful charm, I don’t know why Pandora UK opted out. :( And it is a further shame that ROJ are no longer stocking it! I wonder if they were originally given it to sell in error? Very strange! I’m not sure about Spain, let me double check! :)

  16. I had my order from RoJ cancelled and refunded…. they oversold obviously and told me they are now no longer stocking it :( I did manage to find a lovely lady in Belgium to help me get it though and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival in the post!!

    • That’s so disappointing! :( I can imagine demand for that particular one was high. I got in there almost as soon as they listed it, and it was gone a few hours later. Odd that they would stock it initially and then not be getting any more – I wonder what happened there.
      Glad to hear that you’ve found one elsewhere, though! Hope it gets to you soon, I’m sure you’ll love it :D

  17. I got mine for R599 as soon as it was released here in South Africa. I did have my eye on the espresso pot and was just about to get it when I read your preview on the arbian coffee pot. I have the been wearing it on my everyday bracelet which has some of my favourite things. I especially like the arabian coffepot since its not a dangle charm. I had to remove all my dangle charms from my everyday bracelet since the stem of my cocktail glass hooked onto my jeans and was bent. (Thankfully the store has replaced my cocktail glass). P.s. I was given a rectangular cream leather jewellery box with black interior as a gift from the local store for being such a regular customer. It looks much like the Stackers box with four rails for charms and mini compartments for bracelets and watches. Any idea what it retails for?

    • Lovely! I’ll add South Africa to my list of countries that have received this charm. ^^
      Regarding the Stackers box, I don’t think that was ever just sold on its own, so there’s no RRP – it’s always been a gift with purchase. They are rather sought-after, though, so I expect it would fetch a decent price on eBay or the Facebook pages :) It’s nice that your store just gave you one, that’s great service ^^

  18. Wow! This charm is tiny!
    It is really refreshing to see a new level of design from Pandora!
    Too bad it’s not available in a lot of countries… I think Pandora could’ve brought in a lot of dough (money) if they had it everywhere. This charm is so pretty!

    • I completely agree with you! This charm was a complete surprise to me, as I don’t really expect designs like this from Pandora anymore, but in the best possible way. It is a shame that so many regions decided not to offer it, though. :(

  19. Thanks to the lovely Jana ,I was able to get this beautiful charm
    Yes,while it is tiny it’s also beautiful
    I’m going to use it on my Disney bracelet for genie lamp

    • Yes, Jana has been an absolute star helping out with this charm! :) Glad you were able to get one – it will work perfectly as a little Aladdin’s lamp I think! I will probably end up using it in a fairy-tale design as well. :D

      • I’m glad that they are finally arriving. It is nerve-wracking to watch them on the online tracking :) And it is even worse where tracking is not available, such as UK :D I still have a few left if someone needs.

  20. Hi Ellie!
    Having a few days away from work and Athens, when I returned home I once again wondered how you do it! When you were on vacation, you posted 2-3 reviews per day! I had some days off, and didn’t even find time to check my mails! :-)) You are definitely a Supergirl! If Pandora ever makes that “S” (Superman’s sign), you deserve it for sure!
    As far as the Coffee Pot is concerned, as I’ve already told you when I first saw it, I think all fans of genuine Pandora, like you, would adore it! Its size doesn’t bother me, because its delicacy is just overwhelming! I’ ve put it on my travel-themed bracelet (although too crowded…) to represent my trip to Sarajevo some years ago, where I was served delicious coffee in a similar pot!
    I loved your styling, as ever! You always make a charm look completely different depending on where it is! I love it on the “Afternoon Tea”-it’s cute and makes me think of girly tea parties, with tiny pots and cups for dolls! I admit I prefer it on the “Arabian Nights”, where it reveals mystery and hidden secrets! I always tend to adore your midnight-themes, what can I say? :-)
    Thank you for this great review! I promise I won’t be so late on your next one! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Aha, well, I’ve been a little lazy with the blog over the last couple of weeks to compensate ;) I finished my dissertation and have collapsed a little, so posting has been a little slower. It should be back to normal this week :D I hope you had a lovely holiday, I’m sure you deserve it! ^^ It’s always good to switch off completely for a couple of days, I think. That is also a very cute idea for a series of charms – superheroes :P
      How lovely that you have a real life memory to associate with this pretty charm! I mainly got mine for its beautiful delicacy, as you say. I can also get over its size (although that does make it a bit harder to style); one way of looking at it is that its delicacy is even more impressive, considering how small it is. ;)
      Thank you so much! You are always so sweet and thoughtful in your reviews of my reviews ;) I like midnight stylings as well – my pavé star safety chain arrived from Singapore today, and it finished off my permanent midnight bracelet very nicely. I feel like my Arabian Nights theme could have been much better, but I was missing some of the charms I’d want to put with it. ^^ I’m sure someone could run with that idea and create something beautiful though!
      Aha, thanks very much for commenting Chrysa. Your comments are always a treat to read! <3

  21. I like wearing mine on a delicate silver chain. It gets lost as you said with bigger charms. I do like your scene with the vintage green and camel though.

  22. Thank you to a wonderful person, Jana, for taking the time to purchase, pack, email and ship this beautiful coffee pot to me in the U.S. I received it super fast, in a few days. IRL this dainty coffee pot is so cute and the design is so delicate. I love how it looks. Jana you are such a gem! XOXOXOXOXO

  23. I also want to say thank you to the lovely Jana who sacrificed her time to help so many of us out. I got the coffee pot and the olive fascinating crystal and they are stunning together! I plan to wear them with the olive spacers and the fairy, since it is also on the small/dainty side, and maybe two other charms.
    I also got the blush fascinating from my local store… I’m not usually much of a “pink” person but the color of these are so so pretty! :)

    • Hi Jana!

      I am a new collector and was wondering if you had any of the charms left? This is my favorite charm out of all of the ones I have seen by far!

      I must add that I am also newly obsessed with this blog…haha

      • Sorry, they are hopelessly sold out in all concept stores in Prague. Pandora should restock in 1-2 weeks. Send me your contact details and I will get back to you, when they are available again :)

    • Thanks Jana! I miraculously found one! I was talking with a friend and she had it but it didn’t fit with her bracelet so she sold it to me. It was fate I think haha. Thank you so much anyways, I will keep you in mind for other country exclusive charms in the future :)

      • Ooh, this is so great :) I love small coincidences like this one! Well, we will have the complete winter collection here as well, so if there is another situation as with Arabian coffee pots and Olive green fascinating, I can help again.

  24. I have to share my teapot story! I wanted this little charm as soon as I saw it online. I was traveling to Australia with a long layover in Qatar.
    so my husband and I got visas to enter Qatar and we rentd a car and driver to take us to the Pandora store at the Lagoona Mall. But I was so disappointed to find they had sold out of the charms! They took my name and I was hopeful that on my return through they would have restocked. In the meantime, I wrote to Pandora on their FB page! Not only did they answer me, but they put me in direct contact with the wonderful ladies at the Lagoona Pandora Store!!!! I am going to say I was very lucky because the new supply came in last Thursday and I traveled through Sunday. They emailed to let me know they had my charm! So my teapot is really precious to me and I have to say I never expected Pandora to respond and be so wonderful about assuring that I was able to pick this up as a memory of my trip through Qatar. Because of my insane quest to get this charm, my husband and I spent two wonderful days touring Doha and enjoying the generous hospitality of this amazing and beautiful city!

    • Oh wow, what an adventure! I have never heard quite such an intrepid quest for a Pandora charm before, but how amazing that you got one and that you got to go adventuring at the same time. :D Thank you very much for sharing your story, it sounds like everything fell into place just at the right time for you!

  25. I was in Dubai for business trip last year May15 but this was not available yet. I managed to get my colleague who travel to Dubai to get it few days ago.. Can’t wait to see the real stuff and mix into my bracelet. Will share with you once i got it… I guess must be very very nice

      • Frankly, I’m still cracking my brain what to match with this Arabian coffee pot in the bangle. Would appreciate if you could share some ideas :)

        • The new Filled with Romance has beautifully intricate oxidised detailing, just like the Arabian Coffee Pot :) Or you could put it with some travel pieces.
          Or with some of the CNY charms? Or the Camel, which is also marketed as a UAE charm :)

  26. I got this on my trip to Dubai at the end of the year. I’m new to Pandora but I’d got a bracelet as a pressie and I love the idea of the travel theme. Nice momento from holidays. Got home and it doesn’t fit on! So I got the essence bracelet for my Xmas there but it seems enormous on that. Can you advise any? It’s just a delicate piece I really want to wear it but I’m just starting with my collection and seem to have gone all wrong!

    • Hi Lynsey, which Pandora bracelet did you have originally? The Dallah charm is designed to fit on the Moments bracelets, so it should fit on the traditional snake chain or bangles with no problems. :S It is not designed to go on the Essence bracelet, so it will seem very large in comparison with the Essence chain. The Essence bracelet is very delicate and you shouldn’t put many Moments charms on it, if any. :)
      So what was your first bracelet? Was it a snake chain bracelet? Feel free to send some pics to if you want to illustrate the problem you had getting the charm on!

  27. This review was a long time ago, but I’m just reading. The Arabian coffee pot would be great on a Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker themed bracelet. Could also include the enchanted mouse (for both the tea and the Mouse King), fairy, ballerina, candy cane, Russian doll, ice crystal and child/children. All that are missing are the nutcracker, lamb/sheep and chocolate. There must be charms out there that could represent this, right?

  28. This looks awesome!! I’m planning to get mine soon <3

    btw what is the charm on the 6th and 7th picture called? Looks like a pot of gold to me. Looks interesting too!

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