Today’s post brings another Pandora Christmas 2015 preview, with a sneak peek at the upcoming limited edition holiday ornament for this year and some details on its availability. This won’t be sold until later in the year, but pictures of the ornament have already been shared on Facebook. :D

pandora winter 2015

The Christmas ornament gift-with-purchase is a tradition that Pandora have been running for a few years now, and there is always a lot of anticipation amongst collectors to know what design Pandora have come up with for each year. For a list of previous Ornament GWPs, starting from 2008, please see my post here!

There will be a number of other holiday gift sets and promotion for both North America and the UK, and I’ll be previewing those in another post.

Pandora Christmas Ornament Promotion 2015

This year’s ornament is a sweet porcelain snowflake, complete with a Pandora ribbon to hang it from your tree! It has a few heart details at the centre of the ornament, as well. This picture is courtesy of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, so as ever please do not reproduce it without crediting them. :)

pandora christmas ornament 2015

The ornament is usually available as a GWP promotion, and historically has been available in a wide variety of regions including North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In North America, the promotion will run from the 1st of December whilst stocks last, with a spend of $125 USD or $150 CAD in a single transaction to qualify for a free ornament. I don’t have the details for other regions yet, though. :)

My Comment

I really like this promo, even if I don’t always take part, and it’s funny how Christmassy Pandora’s holiday marketing makes me feel. Last year’s ornament was a rather beautiful sleigh, and my OH managed to snag me one when buying me a Christmas present last year:

pandora sleigh ornament

This is the only ornament that I have collected so far, however. I don’t know if I’ll be getting this year’s, as the spends are often quite high and I’m not really a collect ’em all sort of person. I do like this year’s design, though, and I think it’ll look very sweet in conjunction with previous Pandora ornaments too!

What do you think of this year’s Christmas ornament? Do you have any ornaments from previous years?

41 Comments on Preview: Pandora Christmas Ornament Promotion 2015

  1. Hi Ellie!
    You are obviously the reason I discover unknown Pandora worlds! :-) I’ve learned about Pandora Disney last April when I discovered your blog and now this! Thank you!
    I’ve never heard of these ornaments before! Obviously not available here, right? Although I won’t participate, I find the idea super clever, a terrific marketing move, especially for those who love Christmas! And the designs are really cute! I just had a look on your post with previous ornaments- I think the snowman was the best!
    I like this year’s, too! It’s well designed and I love those little hearts! It’s nice they keep same material (white porcelain)- it will be easier for collectors to maintain their tree’s “personality”! :-) I think they could’ve added the year, though!
    Thank you for this informative, lovely post, Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Haha, I’m surprised you haven’t come across them before – although now that you say it, I’m not sure on whether this will be offered in Europe this year and I don’t think they have been in past years either. I also really like the ornaments as a tradition! All Pandora’s festive marketing always makes me feel very Christmassy, no matter how commercial it is haha.
      The porcelain is really pretty, although I never hung my sleigh up last year as I was a bit scared of it breaking haha. At least you don’t have to worry about that with the metal ones, even if they aren’t as pretty. The year would be a great thing to add. I do like that detail on the Black Friday and the Club charms, it really adds to their collectability.
      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting Chrysa !♥♥♥

    • Aw, well. That would be nice, but I can imagine this ornament promotion is a nice little money spinner when people are buying their Christmas gifts. :) It would be good to see some kind of customer loyalty program – like buy x number of charms and get one free! Some countries have trialled that but it’s never been properly instated.

    • Hi happyface313, are you based in Germany or Austria? I am trying to find a pandora friend to help me with the 3 for 2 ring promo in Germany and Austria this month. I want to buy 3 rings for a friend of mine. Would you be able to help?

    • Oh no! :( I thought it was available in Europe as well. That’s a shame!

      Oooh, that’s exciting! :D How lovely of Pandora to donate that gorgeous bracelet to celebrate your blog’s birthday. Congrats on three years of blogging! <3

      Have a lovely week today.

  2. Hi Ellie! Hope you had a nice weekend :-) I think the ornaments are nice, but not really must-have for me. I’d rather time my charm buying for better promos like free charm or bracelet, but the ornament is better than no gift at all! I think it would be nice to give for a Christmas gift to a Pandora lover with a charm or 2. The sleigh was a little more clever for this purpose.

    • Hi Natalie! Thank you, I hope you did too! :) I am with you on that one, even though I really love the ornament promo, and it makes me feel very Christmassy even if I don’t take part. The only ornament I do have is because my boyfriend bought me a Pandora present for Christmas last year and managed to snag me the porcelain sleigh. I love and treasure it but, like you, I also wouldn’t go out of my way to do the ornament promo myself. :) Yes, I thought the same! The little charm pouch on both the Santa and the Sleigh ornaments was rather a nice touch and made the ornaments a very pretty way to present your charms as a present. This design is still nice, though, I think.

  3. In France we never have any gifts or promotional items. I discovered your post there is a multitude of object “Pandora” (Christmas decoration, pen, notebook, pocket mirror …) we never had the chance to discover Europe.

    (sorry for bad english, I use Google translate to help my writing)

    • That’s a real shame! We don’t get much in the UK in the way of promo items, either, but at least we get the ornament. :) Some regions are just luckier with their GWPs. You could always see about getting help with this promo from someone abroad?

      Your English reads very well! Thanks for commenting. ^^

  4. Hi Ellie !
    I don’t know, if in France we will have this promotion, but I am not in trouble with that… The thing that I really regret, it is that we do not have access to the black friday charm, especially this year !Then still thank you to the Pandora’a angels, with which helps us so much ;)
    For me the prettiest ornaments were the sledges, but I will not seek to acquire them for as much, I prefer to increase my collection of charm aha !
    Have a nice day, Ellie

    • Hi Isabelle! I’m not sure on whether the ornament will be available in Europe this year – I’ll let you know if I hear more. :) That is a real shame about the Black Friday charm, although there are some rumours that a version of it might be available worldwide this year. No confirmation on that yet though so I guess we will have to wait and see! I have to have that beautiful white opalescent version. It’s just beautiful!
      Haha, that’s fair enough! I have the sleigh, and it is lovely. Annoyingly I was too afraid of it breaking to hang it on my tree though ;) with my puppy around, she is sure to pull things down and break them!
      Have a nice day too Isabelle, and thanks for commenting! <3

  5. Its a lovely ornament but the idea of having to spend $150 to receive it,doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer the free bangle promos for the same amount.

    • Yes, I can appreciate that! Especially as the free ornament and free bangle promos run very close together in Australia, don’t they? I think it’s fantastic that they offer the limited edition bangles as GWPs in Australia – it’s a really fun promo. :)

  6. I see our spends have gone up 25.00. Will that now be the spend for all promotions after the September charm promotion, do you think, or just for the ornament promotion?

    • The spends for the Christmas ornament have been at $125 USD for the last couple of years. It just is a little more expensive than the charm/bracelet promos for some reason. :/ I don’t think you’ll see any change in the spends for other North America promos :)

  7. HI!

    I love this ornament. I have all of the ornaments that they released except for the first year. Last year I bought the black Friday charm and the jewellery box and was able to get the Ornament. This year I plan on doing the same. Unfortunately I don’t think they are selling the Olive and Blush Muranos in Canada. At my local store they told me they did not come in and they are not pictured in the Pandora book. I am going to Las Vegas on Friday so plan on buying them there if I see them.

    • Hi Sandra! Oh how fun, some of those ornaments are really quite hard to find. I love the porcelain ones in particular. They’re so pretty and I imagine they look lovely on a tree together!
      No, the olive facets will not be available in North America – the blush facets should be, but I hear that there are problem with production and supply, so it’s possible that they will not be sold for you. :( It’s possible that you might find the blush facets in Vegas, though, so fingers crossed! :)

    • There are a lot of brush crystal bead (not murano glass ) in Toronto. I just went to 4 shops with my niece this afternoon. They told me spend 250 get 2 free charm, 375 get 3 free charm…. can be on one bill. Some customers spend 2000 get 8 free charms.

  8. I love this ornament! I ask for Pandora for Christmas presents anyone, so it’s nice to get an extra gift for what I spend. I collect all of the porcelain ornaments and hope to be able to add this one to my collection this year!:) I’m not a huge fan of the 2008 and 2009 ornaments, but the porcelain ones just have something so special and Christmasy to them!

    • Yay, it’s lovely! I really like the little hearts at its centre as well. The porcelain ornaments are also my favourite, even though they are more breakable – they look so gorgeous and snowy together. I only have the Sleigh but I do treasure it. ^^

  9. I am planning on getting this Christmas ornament this year. I actually got a few of the old ornaments last year from my mom for Christmas and I have a little ornament tree I display them on. I have the two sleighs, the Christmas stocking, and the Christmas ball. I like collecting things like this. The very first ornament is actually the most collective of them all and is hard to find and expensive in the US. I’d like to have that one also to go with my collection but I’m not sure if I want to spend a lot of money on it!!

    • Yes, the original ornaments go for quite a bit these days! While it would be nice to have them all, I’m saving my money for HTF charms instead haha. You have a very nice collection as it stands anyhow, and I’m sure they all look lovely on your little ornament tree!

  10. I think this is a very cute ornament to add to the collection! I only found out about the Christmas ornaments last year, so I got the little sleigh with my spend =D (yay!)
    The sleigh became unavailable very quickly across all the Pandora stores last year – I think it was within a week. I then saw some discounted Pandora online, (older charms), and their GWP was the Santa from 2013 =P (and yes, this is how I got my Santa lol =DD)

    I still prefer the bracelet promos, but I’m sure when the Christmassy vibe starts, I’ll probably want to splurge and meet the spend … well … because it’s Christmas! (A wonderful excuse haha). I didn’t hang my ornaments either, as I was afraid of dropping the porcelain, but I did make a mini Christmas display with it =D it was so cute! I’ll have to see if I have any other charms I must have during Christmas =P but for now, I’m waiting on the Black Friday charm!

    Hope you have a lovely day Ellie =) Thanks for another lovely post!

    • Yes I remember that it sold out super quickly here in the UK! I quite like that though, as a lot of the time pandora seem to make tons of their LE charms and they hang around for ages and so it doesn’t feel so special. How fun that you got the Santa as well! I just have the Sleigh. ^^

      Haha, I always get really into Christmas as well … So you never know. Maybe I’ll send up caving and getting this year’s as well. :P aha, I’m really excited for this year’s BF release as well – I have to have the white opalescent version! It’s frustrating not to have more info on which version will be available where.

      Hope you had a lovely day too Suzy! Thanks for commenting <3

  11. Hi Ellie I’ve never really cared for the decorations I always think the price is a bit steep to get one. Like someone else said I would rather get free bracelets or charms. I do wish we could get the Black Friday charms thought they always look so nice I’ve not managed to get my hands on any of them yet. I’m looking forward to the UK gift sets that should be interesting to see it is.

    • Hi Nicola, I really love the decorations but have never gone out of my way to get hold of them for the same reasons as you – the spend is always pretty steep (it used to be £175 in the UK!) and if it came down to it, I’d rather have a free bracelet. The Black Friday charms are an amazing tradition, on the other hand, and I’d love to see something similar launched worldwide. :)
      The UK gift sets aren’t really anything too exciting, I’m afraid – they’re more like new bracelet bundles. We don’t get much that’s special like North America, haha.

      • Ohh I’m never keen on the bracelet bundles the only one I like is the autumn premix bundle I thought that was brilliant and would really like that one.

        • No, I know! I hate the way that they include the most popular pieces of each collection :( The Phoenix bracelet was a lovely set, but it would have been even better if you still had the option to buy the individual pieces from it!

  12. I have every single ornament. After I saw the first two were rare, I continue to buy them. I don’t buy charms anymore and instead go to ebay. This year the snowflake is their signature, but the Christmas tree is also being sold exclusive to Jared. I’m hooked and bought both. I love them!!!

    • I bought the snowflake ornament outright as well this year – Acotis in the UK are selling them off for a reasonable price. I’d love to be able to get the Jared Christmas tree as well! :D

  13. Thanks for the sharing, I managed to get multiple Snowflakes ornament from Australia in end Nov’15. And now, i’m getting crazy into hunting the ornament for previous year. They are so lovely and i hope i can get the deal soon, keep you posted.

    • Aha, good luck with your search! The one I’m sad to have missed out on is the Jared exclusive Christmas ornament for 2015. Have you managed to find that one?

      • Hi Ellie, i managed to get ornament for yr 2011, 2014 and 2015 as of now. I found 2012 and 2013 too but pending to close the deal right now. For Jared exclusive ornament, i love it too!!! But this is the toughest one to find, will keep you updated, still asking around. :)

        • Hi, the Jared exclusive is really tough to find! I regret not grabbing it when I had the chance, there were a few on eBay for a while. Do keep me updated if you find one somewhere ^^

        • Hi Ellie. I managed to have all 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 ornament with me now. Soooo happy OMG!
          For jared ornament, unfortunately i couldn’t find any, tough… This is really really tough…

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