Today’s post brings my very first Pandora Autumn 2015 review, with an in-depth look at the new Forest Fairy charm! Happily, this charm seems to have been released in most, if not all, markets, so it’s not at all difficult to obtain.

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy

This charm was one of my only must-haves from the initial collection. The addition of the little toadstool for her to sit on is rather perfect, and makes it even cuter than the existing two-tone Pixie charm IMO.

The charm

The charms I get most excited to review are the ones that most reward a closer look, with little aspects and shadings that aren’t necessarily apparent on a first glance; the Forest Fairy is definitely one of those charms! The wings are veined and beautifuly shaded, both on the inside and the outside. This charm has more of a classic Pandora feel, with a focus on interesting design rather than showy sparkle – it wouldn’t look out of place in one of the beautiful collections of 2013, for example. <3

(I’ve used the Essence bracelet for these pictures, FYI, as I didn’t want the chain to be too prominent.)

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy

The stock image is fairly true to the charm itself – the only thing is that it doesn’t really convey all the lovely oxidised shading that give depth to the mushroom and the fairy’s wings.


She has a hint of a face, but there aren’t really any specific details – a little curve for her nose, and not much else. The face is so tiny, though, that you would never notice and I had to really get close to be able to tell at all.

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy

The only thing is that she spends all her time upside down. There’s not been a time that I’ve looked down at my wrist and seen this charm the right way up – the uneven weight balance just means that it flips very easily.

The other thing that I am less keen on is the prominence of the ALE hallmarks. They are placed either side of the plain silver part of the charm, and are very noticeable. I feel like they detract from the overall delicacy of the design a little. It’s curious that they aren’t pictured in the stock image, at all, so you don’t realise until you see the charm in person!


The Forest Fairy would fit really nicely on a traditional fairy-tale-themed bracelet, with charms such as the Song Bird, Frog Prince etc, but for this review I’m actually more inclined to focus on the ‘forest’ aspect of this little charm. I find myself more inspired by the idea of her hidden amongst flowers and leaves, and deep foresty greens, rather than as part of an explicit fairy-tale theme. I love this styling from Pandora, for example, where the Fairy is just tucked into the top corner of the left bracelet design:

pandora autumn fall 2015

First of all, I’ve opted for a mini forest theme, with fresh, bright colours and some delicate butterfly and flower openworks to set off the Forest Fairy as a centrepiece. The Flowers for You muranos are retired, and I suppose a little dated in their simplicity, but I still love them! The purple version is particularly beautiful.

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy

Next up, we have another forest idea, which makes use of some more recent Pandora pieces. This is how I will be wearing my fairy: on my actual Pandora Rose bracelet design, with the Wildflowers murano as a focal point. I’m thinking of replacing the pearl bell charm with the new Majestic Swan charm; I also want to add the gorgeous Pandora Rose Sparkling Butterfly next to the fairy. :D

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy

I’m rather fond of this combination of colours; the warm colour of the Rose charms is surprisingly beautiful put with the more delicate Wild Flowers murano from Spring 2015.

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy

Finally, however, I’m suggesting something a little different. This is a midnight magic design, using the darker oxidised bracelet, starry motifs and some beautiful moonstone cabochon spacers – while the copper glitter of the Aventurescent offers just a hint of fairy dust! You could easily add some floral charms to this design to match with the Fairy, too, and really go for a ‘midnight garden’ sort of feel. :)

pandora autumn 2015 forest fairy


This is the only charm from the regular Pandora Autumn 2015 collection I’ve purchased so far; all the rest have either been Essence or country exclusives such as the starry safety chain or the Arabian Coffee Pot. I have others on my wish list still, but this lovely Fairy stood out for its affordability and lovely whimsical details. The only thing that lets it down a little is that it invariably flips when it’s actually on a bracelet.

The Forest Fairy is $35 USD or £30. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it alongside the rest of the Pandora Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Do you have this charm, or is it on your wish list?

55 Comments on Review: Forest Fairy from Pandora Autumn 2015

  1. Hi!!! This is the first Pandora I bought in a long time… I like the plain silvers, not a fan of the sparkly stuff… This bead is just so loveble…
    It sits on my fairytale bracelet with purple flowers, but now I think more green muranos…
    And the Arabian Coffee Pot is still on my wishlist, but not fore sale in Europe??
    So if anyone can help me with that one….?
    Love from The Netherlands

    • Hi! :D I’m really glad to hear that the Fairy has inspired you to buy a little Pandora again – they have definitely changed direction a lot in the last couple of years, but little classic pieces like this still slip through with each collection. ^^
      Jana (she has replied to you) was offering to help out with the Arabian Coffee Pot! It has come to some European countries, but not all.
      Thanks for commenting! <3
      Ellie xxx

    • Hi Marikaisa!
      I’d be glad to help you if you wish! I live in Greece. The Coffee Pot’s price here is 29€. Check the price with Jana and let me know if you want me to send it!♥

  2. I may have to pick this one up after all. Your description and photos are wonderful! I agree with what you said about this being much more like the “old Pandora” – a great design without any bling needed.

    • Yay! Thank you very much Robin, it means a lot that you enjoyed them. :D It definitely feels like more of a classic piece, and I’d love to see them make more like it. It would be perfect with the other forest charms from the Autumn 2013 collection, in particular.

  3. Hi Ellie!
    I have a very favorite for your midnight magic design : absolutely gorgeous and unexpected for me. But I have read that the blue bangle make some charms black ?
    For the charms who turn ( it makes me crazy oO ) I have cut a plastic for the clip and put inside the charms : it goes !
    Don’t forget I am french so may be my English is approximate ;)
    See you soon

    • I have notice that on your photo it was an oxidised bracelet, but I have been disappointed that it loses its oxidation very quickly, so I was thinking to take a leather bracelet instead…

      • Yes, I don’t have the navy blue leather so don’t have any experience with colour transfer on that one in particular unfortunately. :( I have a number of other colours, including the dark purple, and haven’t had any issues though.
        The oxidised bracelet does lose its colour very quickly, it’s true. All of mine are quite full though, so it’s not too noticeable underneath all the charms. I keep meaning to write a guide on the different ways of re-oxidising it but it keeps getting shelved haha.

    • Hi Isabelle! Glad that you liked the midnight design – it’s not what you’d instinctively put the Fairy with, but I think it’s good to go for something a little more unusual every now and then. ^^ I do wish that I’d added some extra floral charms, as that would make it perfect I think!
      That’s a very good idea! :D I think some people do use the little silicone spacers as well to keep charms in place/the right way up, but as I move my charms on and off bracelets to make up designs for review all the time, it’s not that practical for me.
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. Hi Ellie I love this charm and I love your styling I would love it on my fairy tale bracelets. Ellie do you know if the Purple and blue Geometric facet and green and blue eternity spacer.

  5. Great review, as always. I do like the forest fairy, but i think it might annoy me, with her turning upside down. I like how delicate she looks. I saw her in store and thought she looked cute.

  6. Ellie- I see you referred to this fairy as sitting on a toldstool, I always thought it was a mushroom she was sitting on, do u think its a toadstool for sure, if so I may look at this charm in a whole new light. I dont like mushrooms very much Lol. She is a cute lil fairy either way. I want to check her out in person. I love your dangle flower bracelt, it is soo so sweet, Extemely well put together.

    • Hi Alex! I think of it as a toadstool, but I don’t think Pandora are particularly clear on whether it is a mushroom or a toadstool. Pandora UK describe it as a ‘toadstool’, Pandora NA as a ‘mushroom’. So if you prefer toadstools, you could always just decide it is one ^^ I don’t particularly know the difference to be honest haha.
      Thanks Alex :D so pleased that you liked that design, as it’s the one that I actually wear! ^^

  7. I really want this charm and the swan!!! They would go nice on the new bracelet Im starting with the florals that came out in May.

    • Yes, I would love to get the Swan as well! <3 It's on my wish list. The Spring florals would be absolutely lovely with the Forest Fairy in particular, I like the sound of that!

  8. Thank you for the great review. I have wanted her but the fact that she flips upside down is making me re-think it. The Teddy Bear does the same thing and it sort of drives me nuts. I look down and see his bottom. I am planning for the charm event in the US. Thanks for all of your help in getting me educated about this release.

    • Thanks Carly, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes, she is one of the worst charms I’ve had for flipping, as the core is placed very low on the charm, making the weight distribution quite uneven. It’s a little bit of a shame, as it’s such a pretty charm that it deserves to be seen the right way up ;) You get used to it with Pandora though haha. I have the same thing with a lot of my animal charms!
      You’re welcome ^^ thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. I love how you styled her in the Wildflowers bracelet. I will likely still get this even though she flips over, though I have the nymph one and she hardly gets used due to the flipping over as well…Is there any way to reduce the flipping?

    • Thank you! ^^ I am also pretty accepting of the fact that a lot of Pandora charms flip – the majority of the animal charms do the same thing. I wonder if that’s why they have been leaning towards portrait animal head charms lately – the weight distribution and detailing is probably easier to get right! I think some people put silicone stoppers between the charms and the threads to try and get them to stay in place. I’ve not tried it with charms (I take mine and off for review all the time, so having the silicone isn’t that practical), but that might work.

  10. Hi Ellie =)

    Love your post on this charm! I didn’t even notice that the stock pictures had missing hallmarks until you pointed it out. I’ve put my fairy charm next to my piano charm to stop it flipping as much, as the shapes sort of fit together like a puzzle piece =P Also I liked the idea of a musical forest, so I put them together on my bracelet.

    Lovely design and styling though! I particularly like your midnight blue theme – but I’ll have to wait until the release of the “levelled up” fascinating blue murano =) I think I’ve just seen Spring, Autumn and Winter in your styling of the Fairy =D She’s so versatile! I absolutely adore this charm, it’s my favourite of the collection. I was debating whether to get the Swan, but the more I look at it the more it really does resemble Swarovski… =X.

    Thanks for another great post, can’t wait to see the rest of your reviews when you receive all your charms =D

    • Hi Suzy! Thank you, I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I was really looking forward to doing this one :D I think it’s a bit naughty that the stock image doesn’t show the hallmarks, as I’m sure people will order it online without realising how prominent they are. Haha, I like that you’ve found a solution to it flipping – the piano is the answer, then! ;) A musical forest is a lovely and rather unique idea! You must have some birds on there, then?

      Oh yes, I think you’re right – the designs do follow spring, autumn and winter quite nicely, and in that order lol. What a nice idea! I missed out summer though, but I don’t particularly associate fairies with beaches haha. She’s my favourite of the regular Autumn collection too, but I do have quite a fancy for the Arabian Coffee Pot, too. It’s so small, but unbelievably detailed! I like the Swan. It is kind of Swarovski-esque, but I fell in love with its detailing a little bit when I saw it in store. ^^

      Thanks so much Suzy! <3 I'm definitely looking forward to getting my paws on more to review haha.

      • I am still debating over whether to purchase the dove charm dangle or the swan. I remember the dove charm being a very light yellow or green CZ detailing at the top, and I think it’d be a great colour with the new olive bead, and the wild flower murano! I think the whole bracelet will look more like Spring than Autumn though by the time I’m finished with it, haha.

        I think I’d associate a Fairy’s Summer with the Fairy taking a break from the forest at the beach…. =P haha. I have no idea what to do with the coffee pot (styling wise) so I can’t wait for your review to give me some ideas what to do with it =D

        By the way, a very random question – do you know if the Pandora rose line is available at the airport (UK)? =D

        • The dove has light brown cubics at the top – they’re a very subtle shade, and I’m sure they’d look lovely with the Olive facets and the Wild flower :D That sounds like a very beautiful combination, very fresh and pretty. I agree with you that it sounds more like a Spring design – but then do think that the olive shade in general is a lot more suited to spring than autumn in general – I’m surprised that they went with such a light green for autumn! :)
          Aha, yes… I will have to come up with a design for that. The Fairy, and maybe the enamel beach ball, perhaps ;) I’m planning that the Arabian Coffee Pot review should be ready to go by the end of this week! It is a tricky one to style, despite its beauty. It’s so characterful that it’s hard to blend in :)
          Oh! Erm, I don’t know for sure I’m afraid. I think Pandora Rose is concept stores only, come to think of it, so I’d imagine that it would not be available at the airport unfortunately. Could be wrong though!

  11. I have 2 purple Flower for you murano look nice on oxidized bracelet with 1 lavender Morning butterfly dangle in the middle and 2 retired amethyst flower clips. Pandora shop sales team like it very much. I think the Forest fairy will look nice on my flower theme oxidized bracelet. I have to figure out 1 more transaction for the free charm promotion. 2 transaction this time, ha! ha!

    • Yay, I love the Flowers for You muranos, particularly in purple. I can imagine how lovely it looks with the other purple charms you mention :) The Fairy looks great on the oxidised bracelet, you should definitely go for that! Two transactions sounds good ;) I am only going for one, but I have spent more than I intended to already so even that one is pushing it a bit haha.

  12. Hmm, upside down, not a fan of charms that flip so easily, The mushroom edges also look like they might get wedged into charms to either side of it on a full bracelet, like the teacup saucer wedges, though the teacup saucer is thinner. I do love this charm, but I think I’ll pass.

    • The edges of the mushroom don’t extend as much as the teacup and they aren’t as harsh either, so I haven’t found that they wedge too much. The flipping on the other hand is pretty chronic and if that will bother you I wouldn’t recommend this one :)

  13. Thanks for the detailed pictures Ellie, I just love this charm! I am going to get it when they have the US promo. It is annoying they cored it in a way prone to flipping, but I can live with that. I will probably try to place it near a clasp, clip, or other charm that helps it stay upright. Maybe on a small bangle screwed onto the station next to the clasp, I do that a lot with the pixie sitting fairy and she stays in place that way. I really hope they make some more charms in this style in future collections as I love fairytale designs!

    It looks lovely on your Pandora Rose combo :-D

    • You’re welcome, glad they were useful! ^^ I can also live with the flipping- your bangle idea sounds promising too! I think you’d really have to wedge it between two other charms to get it to stay up, otherwise. I’d love to see more fairy-tale pieces, as well – a fantasy release in general would be so much fun! I think I remember that another brand recently did some mythical creatures, some of them more obscure, and I’d love to see some of that creativity with Pandora.

      Thanks for commenting Natalie! <3

  14. Hi Ellie!
    I totally L♥VE this charm! In my opinion it is the best piece in this collection and a proof that delicacy and beauty can be expressed without sparkle! This little fairy made me so enthusiastic as I was when I received Cinderella’s coach pumpkin! Although the flipping issue bothers me a little (I think someone should teach Pandora’s designers some simple rules regarding physics and how to find the center of weight, to avoid production of pieces with balance problems), I still find her irresistible!
    I once again adored your styling! Your ideas gave me a new perspective on what this fairy could represent! She looks carefree on the green-purple forest bracelet, elegant on the rose bracelet and mysterious-romantic on the midnight one! :-)
    Thank you for this wonderful review! Can’t wait for more! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! <3 Sorry for the delayed reply; I've been at work this weekend, and have been spending every other spare minute finishing my dissertation. Hand in day is tomorrow and then I'm free! :D
      Glad to hear that you love this charm too! It is definitely my favourite piece of the regular collection, as well. <3 Your comments regarding basic physics made me laugh. :D I think sometimes charm designers do accept that their design is going to flip in order to keep the proportions and details true to their original vision. ^^ With the Fairy, for example, they know that she's lovely enough that people will buy her anyway! I imagine that the new animal portrait charms are one way of solving this problem!
      Thanks Chrysa! <3 I always love your interpretations of the bracelet stylings. So pleased that you enjoyed it – thanks for reading and commenting as ever! A review of the Arabian Coffee Pot should be forthcoming some time next week. ^^ ♥♥♥

      • My dear Supergirl Ellie, how is it ever possible that you apologise about delay?! You are dealing with so many different things simultaneously, that we, common people without superpowers :-) , wouldn’t even consider! I always admire your devotion on your different projects!
        I hope everything went well today! Did you do the presentation as well, or you have to wait for your professor’s comments?(Sorry, I’m not familiar with the procedures there!)
        In any case you have my very best wishes and sincere congratulations on your hard work! ♥♥♥

        • Aha thanks Chrysa! It did go fine, thank you! I’m so happy to be done with it ;) We already did our presentations a couple of months ago – on our course, they have you do it in the initial phases of the project so you can present your plan and get feedback. :) it was still rather nerve-wracking though haha.
          Thank you so much for the kind wishes Chrysa! <3 <3

  15. Hey Ellie!

    As always, you take fantastic pictures! I also love this little “fairy on a mushroom” charm – it’s just so adorable and it’s one of the few new charms that’s all silver. Too bad that it’s always upside-down though. Regardless, I’ll probably end up getting it sometime in the near future since my self-control is pretty much non-existent. :D



    • Hi Tia! Thank you so much, I’m really glad that you enjoyed them! Yes, it really is beautiful and quite a throwback to Pandora’s older style. There’s something about it – I think it just shows a lot more thought, and originality, than a lot of the other designs that Pandora have done recently, which seem to revert to the old tropes of flowers and hearts all too often. In short, you should definitely get one :P Plus, the plain silvers weren’t affected by the NA price increase, so you can buy this one without gritting your teeth too much ^^
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  16. LADIES, PLEASE …. I am more than happy to help you getting your arabian coffee pots and olive “not-muranos”, but first make up your mind and only then contact me (FB or email janaham at These constant changes of your orders are killing me. I am trying hard not to drop the ball and you are not making it any easier. FYI this is how my coffee table looks like now: :D

  17. Thanks for the review Ellie. I love seeing different design combinations. I really like this charm but its not what I’m after so it won’t be on my list. I like your design on the rose bracelet the most. I hope pandora releases more charms like this; cute, threaded, and full of details. Maybe when they see how quickly this charm and the dallah charm sell out they will see that’s the type of charm most collectors are wanting.

    PS A what point does one turn into a collector? Since reading your blog I have doubled my collection and yet ‘my wishlist’ is the same size (44) as ‘my jewellery’!

    • The Rose bracelet is how I’ll actually be wearing my Fairy charm so I’m glad it was your favourite. ^^ I completely agree with you! I know that the hearts and the flowers must sell, or they wouldn’t be making them, but it would be nice to see more original, substantial designs like this one and the Coffee Pot! Those two designs are easily my favourites of this collection. :)

      Aha, that sounds pretty collector-esque to me :P I think I knew that I was a collector once I finished my first bracelet and then just kept going! Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you enjoyed the review! <3

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