Today’s post offers my next Pandora Autumn 2015 review, with a closer look at a few of the new charms from the Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 collection! Featuring some cool pastels and a couple of pretty silver designs, this collection was mostly well-received by collectors – and it didn’t disappoint in person. :D

It’s worth noting that this collection was not released in North America, and the rumours that the Essence line may be discontinued soon continue to circulate. It’s a real shame, as this collection is just as stunning in real life as it is in the stock images.

pandora essence autumn 2015

In fact, this is the first time ever that I’ve made a special effort to go out and purchase Essence beads as soon as they’ve been released! I came away with three charms, and what follows are some close-up images and thoughts on them.

The charms

While the whole of this collection is really rather lovely, I opted for a couple of the delicate pastel beads and the silver Love charm – I find softer colours a little more versatile, especially as I tend to wear my Essence beads for dressier and more elegant occasions. I didn’t really consider which values they represented, as I tend to pick out Essence beads based on aesthetics, and not on their meanings.

In the UK, Dignity is only available as part of a silver bracelet gift set for £75 until the launch of the Winter 2015 collection, when it’ll be made available on its own for £45. It irritates me a lot when Pandora UK bundle popular charms in order to get people to fork out more for a bracelet too, so, instead of waiting until November, I made the effort to acquire one from abroad instead.

The Love charm is the most affordable of the new Essence options, and features a simple plain silver design. It is the first time we have seen hearts in the Essence line, which seems funny considering how prevalent they are in everything else Pandora does, haha. It’s quite a simple design, but it’s pretty.

pandora essence autumn 2015

The Friendship charm is a delicate opalescent shade. It’s quite similar in style to the blue lace agate Patience charm (pictured on the bracelet at the top), and they go really beautifully together.

pandora essence autumn 2015

When the light hits it in a certain way, it gets a beautiful deep shimmer to it, which plays across the surface of the whole charm. My sales assistant described it as like a ‘sunset’, which is very apt. This does give it a slightly orange tinge in some lights, though. I think it’s beautiful, but you should probably check it out in person to see if it’s what you’re looking for, as the stock image is not really representative of its colour changes. It’s definitely not just a pale pink.

pandora essence autumn 2015

Last but not least, my favourite of these new beads has to be the new pearl Dignity charm.  The idea of ‘dignity’ goes very nicely with the elegance and simplicity of the pearl. It’s worth noting that these pearl beads do vary slightly in shade, so you might want to pick yours out in person. They vary from a purer white to being a little more pink in shade – mine is on the pinker side. :)

pandora essence autumn 2015

My only concern with this beautiful pearl bead is its potential for scratching. I’ve found with my Viola Bloom (or is it Garden Odyssey? that bead has so many names!) pendant that the pearl does show up dints and scratches quite easily, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one to see how well it wears.


This is how I am wearing my new beads: on the two-tone Essence bracelet, with the beautiful pastel blue Patience Essence bead. I’m thinking that, some day, I’d like to get one of the two-tone Essence beads as a centrepiece for this design, and to complement the clasp. ^^ I like the cool tones of the pastel shades on this bracelet, and think it makes for quite a delicate option for the winter season.

pandora essence autumn 2015

Essence bracelets are so great for stacking; and I wear this design with my existing Essence bracelet, which utilises beads from the very first Essence collection. They also look good with other light bracelets, such as the bangles and leathers!

pandora essence autumn 2015


I really loved this collection from Pandora Essence, and I certainly hope that it isn’t Essence’s swan song. The Dignity is absolutely beautiful, particular if you select one with a slightly rosier sheen to it, and I’d love to see Pandora make an equivalent bead for the Moments collection. I love pearls, and they’re wonderfully versatile too. The only thing is that I would recommend that you see these beads in person, or at least go digging for some live images of them, as some look different in real life to how they do in the stock images – the opalescent Friendship, in particular.

If you’re in the UK, you can purchase the new Essence beads alongside the rest of the Pandora Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you purchased any of these beads, or are any on your wish list? Would you be sorry to see the Essence line discontinued?

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  1. I’m am really tempted at getting a essence bracelets I’m hoping it’s one of the options for the free bracelets promo. they just look so lovely and simple and look great stacked together I also love the other essence bracelets the one with the little balls. I hope they they don’t discontinue it.

    • If it’s a silver bracelet promo coming up for the UK, then I would expect that the Essence bracelet would be included :D I also really like the beaded bracelet, but I’ve never got it as I have a Tiffany bracelet that’s very similar. I did get one of the essence grey fabric cords in the latest Rue La La sale, though, seeing as it was so cheap. It arrived today and I was not impressed! It looks a bit like a hair scrunchie on haha.

  2. I have 2 essence bracelets with 3 beads on each and I absolutely love them. I am waiting on a couple essence beads from Singapore from the new Autumn Collection and I am so excited. I love the new colors and after seeing your photo of Dignity, I have now placed that one on my wish list. I am very disappointed in Pandora not offering them here in North America. Is there a chance Pandora will be discontinuing this line? I hope not. They are so dainty and look good on.

    • Glad to hear that you’ve managed to get hold of the new beads! :D Which did you go for? The Dignity pearl is absolutely beautiful and will go with just about anything, too. I have heard rumours that Pandora may be discontinuing the Essence line, or at least considering it, but nothing concrete so far. I also sincerely hope that they don’t, as I have really grown to love the Essence line! The one thing that I feel is that they need to get this ‘values’ concept sorted out. Releasing multiple versions of the same value will only work for so long.

  3. :-) I cannot tell you how in love I am with this collection. The beads are so pretty and I really wouldn’t know which one(s) to buy. As you know I’m all for hearts, so the silver one is MINE and the opalescent is one I’d consider as well.

    May I remind your readers that I still have a Pandore bracelet giveaway on my blog

    —> <—

    Thank you for letting me share these news here!

    All the very best and take care xo :-)

  4. Hi Ellie!
    I don’t have an Essence bracelet, but I really loved your choices in this collection! I hope the opalescent bead coming with the Winter Moments collection will resemble that of friendship! :-) I totally follow you regarding the Dignity charm- so elegant and beautiful, just too hard to resist! I love pearls so much; hopefully your wish for a similar Moments bead comes true!
    Great photos and review as ever! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! The Friendship essence bead and the upcoming opalescent Winter 2015 bead are not made of quite the same material – the Friendship bead is pinker in tone, but I hope that the lovely shimmering effect will be similar! I would absolutely love a version of the Dignity bead for the Moments collection. Other brands do them, and it would be lovely to be able to wear them with the regular beads – especially with a beautiful two-tone theme. :D It might be nice if they did some coloured pearls, too. I love pearls, basically! ;)

      Thanks so much Chrysa! <3

  5. Looks beautiful Ellie, I especially love that pearl as I love pearl charms! The pink friendship is a lovely color too. <3 It looks so nice stacked with your pave heart bangle.

    I never got into Essence, mainly as I don't tend to gravitate to small charms or round charms or charms with words on them :-P Probably too because you have to have an Essence bracelet and no other brands' beads are really compatible with it and I like that with Moments I can buy other brands for it.

    I do think a lot of the Essence beads are nice though, especially the natural stone ones and the pearl, I wish Pandora would get back into that again for the Moments line but I don't see it happening. I like the idea of the silicone underneath as well so the charm stays in place, I often put a clip liner or o-ring under openwork Moments charms for the same purpose if I'm not filling the bracelet.

    • Thanks, Natalie! <3 I love pearls, too, so I was very excited for the Dignity bead. It would be great to have something similar for the Moments range.

      I don’t really like charms with writing on them, either, but I just ignore the Essence values for the most part. :P The writing on them is so tiny that it is easy to do!

      Pandora did actually toy with the idea of doing silicone-lined charms for the Moments range. The Eternity spacers that came out for Autumn 2015 were originally meant to be released with the Spring 2015 collection, and they were going to be silicone-lined:
      For some reason, they scrapped that idea though, and released them as regular spacers for AW15. I was quite disappointed, as they would have been so useful for the bangles or just for unfilled Moments bracelets as you say!

      • Yeah, I remember the silicone/suddenly not silicone spacers! I wonder if they were difficult to move over the threads on the bracelet/bangle. Brands with bracelets that aren’t threaded often sell stoppers with silicone linings, but these usually won’t go on Pandora bracelets, as they have to be a little snug to sit tight so then the opening is too narrow for the threads.

        It’s easier to put the charm on first, and then put the O-ring on and move the charm over it. I also cut one of the clip liners in half, so I will wedge half a clip liner under a charm once it’s on the bracelet and then it stays in place and doesn’t flip.

        • Yes, I hadn’t thought of that – that could well be why! I got quite frustrated with some silicone o-rings I bought online for my leather bracelets, I’ll admit, and I gave up on them in the end. I dismantle my bracelets quite often to use charms for review and I felt that the difficulty I had in getting the silicone rings on and off was definitely putting strain on the bracelets. :(
          That’s a nice tip with the clip liners! I use those quite frequently, and that sounds like it could work very nicely. Thanks!

  6. Ooh after seeing this review I’m now confused and don’t know what bracelet to go for in the UK promo next month! Do you think they would include the pearl essence bundle at £75? I think that might swing it if they did! I really like the simplicity of the pearl. I like the cut out hearts too but would rather see something like that for the moments bracelet. I’m tempted by the essence range but I don’t think I would be too upset if it was discontinued.

    • No, they don’t include the bracelet bundles in the promo I’m afraid :( The Dignity pearl won’t be available on its own until November either – it annoys me so much when they bundle the most popular items like that! I usually take my shopping abroad, as I don’t want to give in to their marketing strategies haha.
      I think a lot of the Essence charms would work really well as Moments beads – I expect that that is one reason why they’ve started to introduce the Petite Facets line! I’d love to see a Moments version of the pearl in particular.

  7. I wasn’t sold on the Essence line at first, but after trying one on…..I am sold!!!! I love the delicate beads! I have two. One plain & the beaded one( my fav)! I just couldn’t wait until they released the Pearl in the U.S., I ordered it last week. I can’t wait to get it!!! I really hope they will continue the Essence line. I really enjoy wearing one with my watch, something I have never done before. They stack so pretty with the other bracelets!!! I think my next purchase will be the ” love” & the “loyalty” beads!!!

    • Yay, I love the beaded bracelet as well! The only reason I haven’t got that one is because I have a Tiffany bracelet that is very similar.
      They do look absolutely amazing stacked! I don’t tend to ever wear an Essence bracelet on its own, but they look so lovely worn together or with other bracelets. :D I can imagine how nicely it complements your watch!

  8. I too love this Autumn release and was so sad to learn it wouldn’t be available in North America. I really hope that the Essence collection stays and we do get these charms with Valentines Day. (A girl can dream!)
    I’ve also, thanks to a couple great friends, been able to purchase the friendship, caring and Dignity charms. I’m so excited for my pearl to arrive, as it’s also my birthstone :)

    • Yes, it’s such a shame that North America is missing out this time. Hopefully it’s just a blip and not because they’re discontinuing Essence permanently. It would be great if this latest Essence release did turn up in Canada eventually, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Better late than never! :)

      <3 I hope your Pearl gets there soon :D It’ll look great with your other beads!

  9. Hi, I am in the USA so what is my best option to get the Dignity and the Love bead? They are a must for me! Thank you, Carol

    • Hi! You have a couple of options. If you want to go through official routes, there are a couple of retailers in Europe who will post out internationally. I have personally used and found them to be good; their rate for international shipping is about 10 euros I think. The only thing is that the Dignity Pearl is only available as part of a bracelet bundle, and won’t be available separately until November.

      However, recently I have also been told by a couple of readers that the Pandora eStore in Belgium ship internationally and they have all the new Essence collection in stock. I hear that shipping to North America is pretty steep, though. The address for that one is:

      Otherwise, I would advise joining one of the Pandora Facebook groups such as Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe. There are lots of ladies who are helping out with the country exclusives and I have myself got the Dignity bead that way. :)

      Hope that helps!

  10. No! Don’t say about discontinuing the Essence collection!!!
    I have just purchased the new love bead with the little hearts through it and also strength the black one. Love this range.

  11. Hi Ellie
    This is also the first time I’ve been excited about an Essence release, and, as luck would have it, it wasn’t released in North America. I live in Canada. And I didn’t realize that Republic of Jewels ship internationally until your post on release day. So thanks to you, you are an enabler :), I ordered my first charm from them right after reading your post on August 27! I ordered the sensitivity bead as I loved the colour, and I wasn’t disappointed! It is gorgeous! I also have dignity beads on their way from Australia (I can’t blame you for this one!). After reading your post I am really looking forward to receiving those.

    Do you know when the promotion in the UK is? I will be there for the last week of October and it would be great to be able to participate. Are the jewelry boxes still available in the UK? :) Just in case I have extra space in my suitcase. ;)

    Thank you again for another great review.

    • Hi Janet! Aha, I’m glad you were able to get your Essence beads and not too sorry to be something of an enabler ;) I think you will love your pearl charms, and it will be interesting to know if there is much variation between the ones you get. :) I do love the pinker sheen on mine, it’s very pretty when the light catches it and it goes very nicely with my Friendship bead!

      I think that the UK promo is due to start on the 2nd of October, from what I’m hearing, so it looks like you will miss it, I’m afraid. :( On the other hand, the new jewellery boxes are still available to buy! I saw them in store the other day, and they really are rather lovely. I have the Stackers jewellery boxes as I like being able to add layers as and when I need them, but the official Pandora ones are a great alternative. ^^

      Thanks for commenting, Janet, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the review!

  12. I am just like you, prefer to wear my essence for dressier occasions. I got and love the pearl too, thankfully it’s available to me… I was on the fence about the friendship but I’m getting it today! I love your two tone and loyalty, so pretty.

  13. I was never really interested in the Essence bracelets but I am very tempted to get an Essence necklace. I love that the beads stay at place. (With Moments collection it is vice versa … love the bracelets but cannot imagine getting a necklace). :)

  14. I am afraid to say that Essence is not doing well in Toronto, I am not surprised the new bead is not coming here. Petite Facets and Geometric Facets from Moment line look like big size Essence. We will see this trend more to come for customer don’t want to buy Essence.

    • You have a few options Katia! :) The cheapest way to get it is probably to get help through the Facebook selling pages – I recommend Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe. There are lots of reputable personal shoppers helping out with these exclusive beads, and at no extra cost! This is how I got hold of my Dignity bead from Australia.
      However, if you’re looking to go via official means, the Pandora eStore in Belgium will ship internationally – but at pretty steep shipping costs. Or, you could wait until November when it will be available from Republic of Jewels, who are an Irish retailer. They have much more reasonable shipping costs. Those websites are:
      Hope that helps! :)

  15. Hi All
    I have just bought an Essence bracelet with the dignity, freedom and sensitivity. I was wondering on the sizing of it. It seems to dangle slightly under my wrist, I also have the 17cm bangle and that fits perfectly. My wrist measurement is 15cm and the Essence bracelet is 17cm, but I was reading online that normally an Essence bracelet should be 1cm more than your wrist measurement. I was wondering what size bracelet other people have in relation to their wrist size. I might add one more charm to it.

    • Hi Marie! :) That advice is correct – the Essence bracelet has a very thin chain and the charms are all quite delicate, so you are advised to go down a size from your regular Moments bracelet. So possibly the 16cm Essence bracelet would be a better fit for you.
      I wear a 19cm Pandora Moments bracelet and got my first Essence bracelet in an 18cm, which was perfect. My second Essence bracelet is a 19cm, but that works perfectly as I only ever wear it stacked with my original Essence – and I want it to hang a bit lower on my wrist than that one.
      Hope that helps!

      • yes! that is a big help- thank you!. I think also the smaller size is better because I would like to stack it with my bangle, so I think they will fall better on my wrist with them both not being the same size. Fingers crossed that today they will change it for me in store.
        I am already too thinking of another Essence bracelet!

        • Hi Ellie
          They did change my Essence bracelet for a smaller size and it fits perfectly! The bangle also hangs better with it as well, they are not getting caught up as mich. I absolutely love my bracelets, so pleased that I choosed Essence! Thanks

  16. Your Essence bracelet looks BEAUTIFUL! I love that combination of beads. I’m a big fan of all of the new beads, I can’t decide which is my favourite! I will be devastated if they discontinue Essence, and I feel like some stockpiling might occur if they do. :P

    How is the pearl holding up? Has it scratched? It’s on my wishlist!

    • Thank you!! ^^ I’m a little in love with the new beads as well, and they look gorgeous worn together! I’ve been wearing it a lot since I added the new collection beads, and the pearl is still looking great! Obviously it is early days, but no complaints yet.

  17. I haven’t worn my Essence bracelet that much because I am undecided on the sizing, I think I will go to the Pandora store and try a smaller size on tomorrow.. The pearl doesn’t look like it would scratch, it is very beautiful. the sensitivity charm wasn’t on my wish list, mainly because there is a moments charm version of it, but it is a really pretty vibrant pink that in natural light glistens beautifully and it goes really well with me other two charms

    • Yes, you are definitely recommended to go down a size for Essence from your regular Pandora bracelet. I wear a 19cm Moments, and the 18cm Essence fits me best! The only reason I worry about the pearl scratching is that my Garden Odyssey pearl is quite scratched in places, so I’m keeping an eye on my Dignity bead. So far, so good though! ^^

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