It’s finally here! After a long wait, the annual free bracelet promo for Pandora fans in the UK has arrived. :D The promotion includes a choice of silver bracelets, including the silver Moments bracelet, the silver bangle, the silver heart-clasp bracelet and either the traditional or beaded Essence bracelets.

pandora free bracelet promo 2015

The promotion will run from today until the 4th of October, and the rules run as follows:

  • Spend £125 or more in a single transaction and receive a free silver Pandora bracelet

The promotion will be offered online, as well as in store, and you can purchase your free Pandora bracelet online from John Greed Jewellery! However, as ever, Pandora retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their region – so for any international collectors want to take part, you will need to find a friend in the UK.


With the recent debut of the Pandora Autumn 2015 collections, I’m sure that many of you will have no problem hitting that spend! ^^

Will you be taking part in the promotion? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. Morning Ellie =D

    I caved into the Pandora Rose line, and chose a normal bangle (my first one!) for the free bracelet =D I wanted to know if they’d let you upgrade, but having seen that they have specifically entitled the promo as free “silver” bracelet, I’m guessing no upgrades are allowed =(

    I’ve been good and just bought the normal rose moments bracelet and the rose version of the galaxy… and there goes my spend lol! I’m tempted to purchase the rose daisy meadow too, having seen it feature in most of your stylings =P Such a versatile piece! Oh by the way, where did you purchase your blush “murano”? I’d love to find a rosier/pink version than my current pale shaded version. =D

    Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for the reminder post! *hugsss*

    • Good morning Suzy! :D The official line is no upgrades, as far as I’m aware, although perhaps an individual store might be a bit more malleable on that. But sounds like you found a good solution – get the Rose bracelet AND a free silver bracelet! The bangle is great – so light and easy to wear – so I’m sure you’ll love yours. :D The Rose Galaxy is beautiful, and I’d have got one if it fitted in with the foresty theme of my Rose bracelet. And yes, haha, you’re right – the Rose Darling Daisy is one of my absolute favourites and it features pretty regularly in any Pandora Rose stylings I do. So pretty!

      I got my Blush charm from Beadazzle, seeing as John Greed don’t have them in. :) Perhaps if they let you add a note to your order you could put that you’d like one as pink as possible, or maybe even email them after your order? They are really efficient and friendly so hopefully they would be able to help you! :)

      Have a lovely day too and enjoy your new charm and bracelets <3 Hugs!

      • I was very tempted, but I think I’ll wait for the upgraded version in the Winter release =P. Oh, I messaged Beadazzle and this is what they said:

        “Thank you for your enquiry.
        We only have one remaining piece of Blush Glass in stock. Due to a delay in production Pandora have not been able to fulfil our stock requirements.
        As a result we cannot offer to hand pick a charm for you we can only offer this one charm.
        Another consideration with colour is that glass will look different in different lights, also in reality colour can vary depending on your settings of your screen. ”

        And yes, I went and purchased the last one haha =D Seeing as how it should be from the same batch as yours, I’m hoping it will be rosier! Fingers crossed =))) I’m guessing there’ll be a “new and improved” version of the blush charm too, with the reply the Beadazzle lady gave me. =D

        • Yes, I’m so curious to see the new version in person. It looks quite different from the Aventurescent in the pics I’ve seen – a lot bluer, for one thing, and not so dark.
          Haha, well I hope the one you’ve ordered is the shade you’re hoping for! ^^ It’s nice that Beadazzle took the time to write to you in detail. The idea of a ‘new and improved’ version is interesting, and it gives me hope that all these production issues won’t be the end of the new crystal beads ;)
          Let me know what you think of your bead when it arrives! <3

      • I’m tempted to buy more rose gold pieces…. and start investing in some stacking rings….oh no =))) I don’t usually buy pieces that fit together – I tend to buy pieces I like, and then make them fit somewhere, with the excuse that I need a new bracelet when it doesn’t have a home….=P.

        I received the bead from Beadazzle today, and it’s a spitting image of the stock image… it didn’t even have a tint of the rosiness of yours =((. I think this is my new quest now, to find a rosier version, haha.

        I’m also a bit annoyed that they decided to sell Pudsey the day after…=l But at least they decided to donate 20% =)

        • Haha, I’ve just got started on the stacking rings… I sense a slippery slope with those as well. ;)
          Oh no! :( Are you going to keep it? It’s so frustrating that stocks are so low of this bead, as it seems like it is one that you need to go and pick in person. I don’t really know what to suggest :/
          Yeah, it is a bit annoying – but I’ll be getting Pudsey regardless, seeing as he’s for a good cause! ^^

      • Suzy & Ellie, you both made me panic buy the stardust from Beadazzle in case it sells out! I was trying to resist until the end of yr sales in case there are any then but then you made me panic! Oh well at least I’ll have it now :)

        • Aha, well at least you have one now! :D It’s a very pretty bead, and so sparkly when the light catches it. I’m surprised that it hasn’t sold out before now, as whenever it appears anywhere else it seems like it goes almost instantly!

    • Sierra, at least you definitely have it now =D. I waited for the sales last year, and I couldn’t buy any of the ones I wanted – everyone else was so fast, and I was at work when the sales started. I think alot of us panic buy, so don’t worry, you’re not alone =)))

      Ellie, I ended up returning the blush bead lol. I only wanted one to start with – but since the topic of colour variation came to light, and seeing your post, I wanted to find a deeper rosier version =P I might go to the concept stores next week and see if I can find one =D.

      P.S. I have totally overspent in this promo… the rose gold is such a beautiful colour! I ended up getting a couple of the rose stacking rings… I can see this becoming another addiction… =PPP

      • Haha, good luck on your quest! I seem to have got everyone hunting! ;) I have not had much luck finding this one in actual stores, but hopefully the ones near you will have some in stock for you to peruse through! ;)
        Glad to hear that you did the promo too! :P The Rose collection is beautiful – I’d love to get some of the Rose jewellery as well. I only have the charms for the moment!

  2. Yay I think I’m going to get an essence bracelet but now there both on offer I not sure which yet. I also love the heart clasp are you taking part. Also I was wondering would you be able to upgrade for the rose bracelet. Thank you.

    • Yay, great choice! I love my Essence bracelets (apart from that one fabric cord lol). From what I’ve been told, officially you are not allowed to upgrade to the Rose bracelet – but you never know, it might be worth checking with your store. I don’t really have much experience with how flexible UK stores are, seeing as we don’t have many promos like this haha. I debated taking part but ultimately decided against it as I want to spend quite a bit on the Winter collection if possible ;) I’m also waiting for Pudsey on the 5th. It’s mean that they stop the promo just before he comes out :/

      • I think my mum wants to do the promo but she wants the rose gold it worth a try made a nice lady might lets us. Unlucky about Pudsey coming out the day after do you think they did that on purpose.

      • Hi Ellie, A good way to get a win-win is to purchase a gift voucher of £125 and get your free bracelet. I have done this in a previous promo where part of my qualifying spend was a gift voucher. Give it a try, and see if your store will allow it. This way you can purchase the winter collection later on.

        I plan to buy the retired mi amor earrings and everlasting grace earrings and then put the rest of the purchase on a gift voucher.

        • Hi Moji, that is such a good idea! I am working tomorrow but will dispatch my OH to find out if my local will let me do that. ;) That would be perfect, as that way I could get Pudsey on the 5th and then some winter beads when they’re out. Thanks very much for that idea!
          Sounds great, hope you’re able to do the gift voucher as well!

      • Yeah, another thing I’ve done is buy charms they have in stock that are the same prices as charms I want, and then just even exchange when what I want is available. Not sure what UK exchange/return policies are, at the shop in shop I go to in the US it’s basically unlimited time (within reason I’m sure but we’re talking several months to a year at least) or the concept stores are 3 months. The only bummer is you have to keep what you originally get as the free gift, that can’t be exchanged because it “has no value.”

        • Oh yeah. That’s another good idea! I hadn’t thought of that either :P I will have to ask the OH to enquire about that as well. In the UK you usually have a month to exchange products, so that would just about cover the launch of the Winter collection as well as Pudsey! Thanks Natalie!

      • So I managed to get to my local store today. I bought the retired mi amor earrings and everlasting grace earrings and £50 voucher to make up the £125 spend. I decide to have the heart clasp silver bracelet as my freebie. My 2 TT vintage heart charms, TT anniversary charm will go on it! At least now I have £50 to spend in the xmas sale ?

        • Yay! Glad you were able to get all you wanted :D my OH went to enquire at my local store as I have been working all weekend, but they wouldn’t let him put the whole thing on a gift card. Their logic was quite reasonable though – there was nothing to stop you buying the gift card, getting the free bracelet, and then turning around and spending the gift card straight away and getting another free bracelet. But I think I would have been okay if I wanted to put part of the transaction on a gift card! Definitely something to think about for next time. :D
          The heart clasp bracelet is gorgeous and will look great with your two-tone pieces ^^ Enjoy!

      • Hi Ellie I did the promo today I got the rain drop safety chain, the beautiful red fizzle murano,one of the round clips, and the health charm. And I got my essence bracelets yay. My mum didn’t do the promo in the end lol so we will know if we were able to upgrade lol. Ellie did you do the voucher thing I thought that was such a good idea.

        • Hi Nicola, you picked some absolutely gorgeous charms! I have the raindrops safety chain as well, it’s on my oxi bracelet. :D
          I haven’t done the voucher thing yet, even though it’s an absolutely fab idea… I’m not sure whether spending the money all in one go is a good thing or not haha, as it’s quite a lot after just doing the charm promo :S

  3. Happy for the UK…sad for the U.S. I was looking forward to this promotion and we only got the free charm. Oh well. Happy shopping.

    • Hi Ellie
      I finally bought my first pieces of Pandora today with the UK ptomo. I bought the essence dignity pearl gift set, freedom and sensitivity. I didn’t have sensitivity on my list, but when I saw it , I just loved the beautiful pink colour. I got the silver bangle free and bought the orchid to go with that. I’m so pleased I got the dignity gift set for £75, because this morning on the estore it was showing up at £94.
      As always thank you for your stylings and everybody’s comments on here, they are very helpful, now I need to make my xmas list…….?
      Thanks xx

      • Hi Marie, that’s a great haul! I have the Dignity pearl and absolutely love it. You’ve picked some beautiful Essence beads, and the Orchid will look perfect on your bangle. <3
        I noticed that on the eStore all their bracelet bundles seem to have gone up to full RRP for all the pieces included. I wonder if it is to discourage people from getting the bracelet sets and doing the promo, which seems a bit mean! :/
        You're welcome, I'm so pleased you enjoy the stylings! :D I've already put together quite a significant wish list for the winter collection, so I'm definitely in trouble haha. xx

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this event. I’m going to have to wait till Saturday to go. My picks are still the same as I told you the other day.
    I’m going to take part in this promo twice. I’m interested to see if they would allow me to upgrade to the silver bracelet with the crystal clasp, as I love the one I got last weekend. I will let you know.
    I just hope they have my sizes in, if not I’ll have to order from online.
    Are you going to take part?

    • Yes, and you have some lovely pieces lined up to get! I hope the store has everything you want in on Saturday. :)
      Officially I was told no upgrades, but I don’t know how strict the physical stores themselves are about sticking to it (I know that online they won’t let you upgrade). It’s worth a try, I should think! I’d be interested to know if they will allow it.
      I’m not taking part this time (although I was very tempted :P) as I’ve just spent quite a bit in the NA charm promo and I’d like to get Pudsey on the 5th (it’s annoying that they have timed it so that he comes out the day the promo finishes). I’m trying to curb my Pandora purchases this month ;)

      • I have been today and bought all my charms I wanted to get and got my two free bracelets. She put them through as two seperate transactions. I did ask about the upgrade, but they said no.
        While I was in there a ring and some more charms caught my eye. I might put them on my list. I’m waiting for the winter release now and then think I need to have a break from buying any pandora, till next year. This will give me chance to save up again. Whether that happens is another thing. It’s so tempting to keep buying.
        I’m thinking the charms I’ve seen might match some new charms from the collections next year, then I can buy them. The good thing with pandora is, I know they will still be there.

        • Yay, glad to hear you got all that you wanted :D I suspected that they’d be strict about upgrades, however.
          I’m waiting for the Winter 2015 release as well, and I’ll be trying to buy as little as possible up until then (which has never gone particularly well before…!). It is tempting, but you appreciate the pieces you have so much more if you slow it down a little and don’t get too caught up in the excitement of each new release!
          In any case, enjoy your new charms and bracelets! :D

  5. Hey I bought the pandora rose daisy, to go with my white enamel one & this will feature on my rose gold bracelet. I also went for the orchid charm as I have loved it for a while & finally as I am a lover of green, I went for the teal facet. Doesn’t go with anything I have, but hey I will have to start a new one…chose the bangle. for my freebie as I only have the bracelet :)

    • Hi Kerry! Sounds perfect – the Rose Daisy is one of my favourite charms and it looks beautiful with the other white enamel pieces as well. Great choice! I have both the teal facets and the Orchid too, as it happens, and I actually wear them together with the purple and multi-coloured sea glass charms. It’s a kind of tropical travel bracelet and they look surprisingly nice together :) Enjoy your new charms and bangle, I’m sure you will love the bangle!

  6. I’m an American Pandora fan who’s happy for the UK! I got a free bangle during our free bracelet promo earlier this year as well as 2 free charms last month and a free ring just this past weekend. I only shop in the concept stores during these promotions as I normally get 20% off at the Pandora store in Disneyland with my annual pass. There’re ways to be smart with this expensive obsession!

    • Aha, that’s nice to hear! ^^ Funnily enough I have done most of the NA promos this year instead of the UK ones, as we have had so few here and the ones we do don’t offer quite as good a deal (a £125 spend as opposed to $100 USD… it’s just a lot more to pay!).
      Oh I didn’t know that you could use Disney discounts on Pandora stores! Do they stock a whole range of Pandora at Disneyland then in addition to the Disney charms? If so, that’s a great deal!

      • Oh yes, we’ve had some great sales this year. I read (maybe on this website?) that other countries have an annual sale which the U.S. is excluded from so maybe that’s why we get better promos? And yes, my annual pass works at the Pandora store in Disneyland. The store looks like a mini concept store sitting in the middle of Disneyland! They have a smaller counter but they sell both the Disney and regular collections. It’s a really cute shop and I can’t help but stop in every time I go. I’ve gotten into a lot of… trouble… in that store.

        • Yes that’s right! North America only seems to have official sales through Rue La La, whereas almost every other region has biannual sales in all their stores.
          Aha I’d be in trouble as well if I could get discount on all my Pandora purchases ;) That’s just too tempting!

  7. I’m a bit of a late comer to Pandora (just started collecting in August), and have been on a countdown for this promotion! Placed my first order via the E-Store on Thursday and it turned up today… after being shipped from Belgium! Do orders normally come from there? I had actually been thinking of placing orders on the Belgium website as was surprised to find that they ship to the UK & their prices are better too.

    • Yes, all ordered through official UK eStore are fulfilled by Pandora in Belgium, for whatever reason! The only thing about the Belgian website is that their shipping fees to the UK can be quite pricey, so keep an eye on that when working out which site offers the better deal! :) And welcome to the rather addictive world of Pandora, haha.

  8. Hi Ellie!
    I admit you guys in UK pay a fortune for Pandora! 125£ are almost 170€! I recall last November’s promo here, when they offered a free bracelet with only 89€ of purchase! I should’ve participated more than once!.. Hopefully they’ll do it again this year, as Winter/Christmas Collection is full of beauties!!! I’ll let you know!
    Have a great weekend! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yes, that’s very true. I actually have greatly reduced how much I spend in UK concept stores. It used to be that pretty much 100% of my Pandora purchases came from my local store – now I mostly buy online from abroad as the savings are just so big! Even the promos abroad are much better value, as you point out, so this promo is not really calling to me too much….
      Yes do let me know! My fingers are crossed for you – I have lots I want from the Winter collection this year as well ^^
      Enjoy your weekend too! <3 <3

  9. Shipping from Pandora Belgium works out to be about £11, there is a charm I like which if bought in the UK is £40 but if I purchase from Belgium is about £28-29!! Ok, the exchange rate is in our favour at the moment but still!

    I’ve placed a few orders through various official UK retailers & not had great experiences. All my orders with Perlen Odense have gone smoothly though & with the better pricing I think unless it’s a sale or promotion like this, I’ll stick to overseas retailers.

    This is definitely an addictive (& expensive) hobby!

    • Yes, the exchange rates are really good for us – particularly when dealing with the Euro, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar! I’m doing most of my shipping from overseas as well. :D
      Lol it’s so addictive! I’m trying my best to cut down on my Pandora shopping this month – hopefully this will go well. ;)

  10. Hi Ellie! You’ve been busy – I’ve got a lot of posts to read. :P Did you take part in the promotion?

    Up until this morning I’d decided that I wasn’t going to be drawn in by this promo, but I had a last-minute change of heart! I didn’t initially think I needed another bracelet; I usually wear a 20cm Moments because I like my jewellery to dangle loosely, but the other day I wanted to try wearing only a couple of beads and my bracelet looked far too big. So, this morning I decided that I might as well buy a few of the beads I already wanted to get myself a smaller bracelet.

    I’ve really wanted some Abstract Floral Clips for a while but none of the shops around me have them, so when I saw them on the Pandora eStore I decided it was fate. I added two of the Teal Faceted Murano beads to get myself up to the total (they just look so vibrant in person) and went for the plain ol’ silver Moments bracelet. I can’t believe I have to wait 3-5 days for shipping – that’s longer than any of my orders from Perlen have taken!

    • Hi Liv! Haha, yes, there have been lots of reviews and promotion alerts! And there are more reviews to come ^^ I didn’t do the promo in the end, I was good, haha. I just did the North American charm promo and am thrilled with my haul from that, so I am not too disappointed! ;)

      Sounds great, I absolutely love the teal muranos and you can’t go wrong with the classic bracelet! ;) Which ones exactly are the Abstract Florals? Do you mean these clips?
      The eStore for the UK is really quite slow for shipping, as all orders are actually fulfilled by and dispatched from Pandora Belgium! So it takes ages, and it means that you have to pay quite a lot for shipping if you aren’t spending a lot. I tend to stick with other UK retailers where I can, as they’re a lot easier to deal with and you get your items so much quicker! Hope your new beads arrive soon in any case :D

      • The American charm promo did look quite good! Is your bank account looking a lot more empty now? :P

        Yep, those are the ones. They’re a very different style to the clips I already have, so I thought it would be a nice change. It was a toss up between the Turquoise Faceted Muranos and the Teal, but in the end the Teal won.

        I’d been putting off ordering the Abstract Floral Clips from the eStore simply because of their ridiculous delivery charge (especially when you consider how slow it actually is), but because of the promo I figured I’d go for it, as it would take me up over the minimum order for free delivery.

        I’m currently quite jealous of my order; it’s making its way through The Netherlands at the moment. It’s having a much more exciting week than I am!

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