Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for October 2015! Included this month are live shots and more details on the upcoming Pandora Winter 2015 collection, an update on the limited edition Pandora bangle for Breast Cancer Awareness 2015, and some other little tidbits of news!

pandora christmas 2015

This is a pretty full round-up this month, as there’s lots going on! ^^ Coming up on the blog this month are more Autumn 2015 reviews (my haul from the recent Pandora charm promo in North America arrived!) and possibly some inspiration for Halloween as well. :D

Pandora Pudsey Children in Need Charm Release

Pandora’s limited edition Pudsey charm will be available in the UK from the 5th of October, and will be sold in aid of the BBC-sponsored charity Children in Need until it airs in November. The charm is a cute representation of the charity’s teddy bear mascot, who has a multi-coloured bandage across one eye.

pandora children in need charity charm autumn 2015

For more live shots and additional details about this release, please see my detailed preview here!

Pandora Winter 2015 Collection Release

The biggest event of the month is undoubtedly Pandora’s last collection launch for this year: the Pandora Winter 2015 collection. Entitled Crystallised Embellishments, this collection features a mixture of icy wintry motifs, cute pearls and ribbons and some bright pops of festive colour! The collection is due out worldwide on the 29th of October. For a full preview and live shots, please have a browse through the Pandora Winter 2015 tag. :)

pandora winter 2015

I went digging recently and also found a few new live shots of the upcoming pieces, and please credit their respective owners if you are sharing them. I particularly love the look of the new Holly murano, and I’m rather excited to be starting my first dedicated Christmas bracelet this season!

In addition to the regular Winter 2015 release, there will be new Disney pieces out at the end of the month, including a set of Princess Jasmine inspired charms for Pandora concept stores, and some Disney Park exclusives, as well.

pandora disney parks exclusives spring 2015

Pandora Disney Chef Mickey Release

This is a quick update to let you know that the Chef Mickey charm from the Pandora Disney Parks AW15 collection is now out, and available both online from the Disney store and in Disney Parks locations. It is priced at $65 USD and has been released ahead of the rest of the collection in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (spot the ’20’ on Mickey’s hat?). 
pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

I have to say, this one looks so cute on a closer look, which is funny as I didn’t really notice it from the initial preview pictures! I have no idea how I’d use it, but it’s rather tempting.

Pandora Promotions for October 2015


There are a few promotions running this month, and I’ve collated the ones I’m aware of here:

Additionally, the limited edition Pandora breast cancer awareness bangle is now available in Australia until the 31st of October, where it is retailing for $99 AUD. The bangle features the pink BCA ribbon on both sides of the clasp (no Pandora logo on either side), and 30% of each sale will go to Breast Cancer Research.

pandora australia breast cancer awareness bangle

This bangle is also available in some European countries, including Spain, Greece and France – please double check with your local stores for individual availability!

Pandora Australia eStore Opens

Our final item of news is for Pandora fans in Australia – finally, Pandora have opened an official eStore for Australia! This follows the recent establishment of an eStore for the US earlier this year.
pandora estore autralia opens

This does seem to mean, however, that existing Australian online retailers such as Charm Me have lost their contract. Pandora list their own eStore as the only official Australian online retailer. This does not affect New Zealand, however.

My Comment

I’m very excited for the launch of the Winter 2015 collection at the end of the month, as I have my eye on a few of the new Christmas beads and the Dainty Bow pieces for my upcoming festive bracelet design, which will feature a traditional red & green colour scheme. :D Consequently, I’ll be attempting to save my Pandora funds until then. ;) I will, however, be making an exception for the LE Pudsey charm as I am a big fan of the Children in Need appeal and you can expect a review of that soon after its launch! :)

What are you most looking forward to this month? Are you excited for the Winter collection’s launch?

54 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for October 2015

  1. :-) OMG, the Micky charm is so cute!
    But I really like the pink ribbon items. Even though I feel these bangles are kind of big, I prefer it over the dangling charm, because I think the clasp is really pretty.
    HAPPY weekend! :-)

    • It is! I’ve seen a couple of live photos of it, and it’s absolutely adorable. I love the special boxes that the Pandora Disney Parks charms come in, too. I will have to get a charm from the upcoming Disney Parks collection just for one of those boxes, haha! ;)
      I also really like this new BCA awareness bangle – the pink stones match the new Radiant Hearts in blush rather nicely, and it’s for such a good cause!
      Happy weekend to you too and thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Just an update for you regarding the Breast Cancer bracelet:
    It is running from 1st Oct – 31st Oct then won’t be sold or stores will just sell out of stock (so people need to get in quick to us Aussies) whichever they choose. It is $99AUD and features the ribbon on BOTH sides of the clasp (so unusual! Normally Pandora do their signature on one side). Maybe that explains the price too :p

    • Hi Karolyn,
      Thanks for the update. I just saw a photo of the bangle in a magazine and came to this blog to see if Ellie had posted anything about it as I hadn’t received any info from Pandora Australia. No doubt Pandora will send out an email next week but you would think they would promote it before its release. I buy their BC release each year and I particularly like this bangle so I will head to my local store and see if they have it in stock.

      • Yes – there was no email, no announcement nothing. But my 2 stores had huge celebrations for the BCA and had giveaways, etc.
        Now, if I wasn’t online all the time looking up beads, I would have no idea idea about the bangle without going into store. It was very hush hush…

    • Ah, thanks so much for that extra info! I wasn’t aware that it was only available for October – I’ll update the post. You’re right that Pandora have been surprisingly quiet about promoting this one so far – it’s available on their eStore but there’s very little POS advertising this bangle specifically. :S

  3. Hi Ellie, thanks for all the info! The pudsey charm is adorable, and , for a good cause. Wish I could get a hold of one. I just recently requested joining Pandora’s Angels and Pandora Tribe group. I hope to hear from them. I can’t wait for the Winter collection to come out, and, the Disney collection, as well. Have a wonderful day!!


    • Hi Melanie! The Pudsey charm is super cute, I’m going to be ordering one tomorrow :D I’m not at all sure what I’m going to style it with but I will have a play around with my charms and see what I can come up with haha. Hope you hear back from the Facebook pages soon – if you want to speed up the Angels page approval process, they have some advice on their public page here:
      Have a lovely day too and thanks so much for commenting! :)

  4. I can’t wait to see your Halloween creation Ellie! :-D You know how much I love Halloween! I like that pearl pendant you have pictured from the winter collection, I went back to your winter preview to see it again, I wish it had the type of bale where you can wear it on a bracelet but it looks like just a necklace. I’m hoping for some Valentine collection pictures soon, last year by this time we’d already seen nearly the whole collection!

    • Thanks Natalie! I do know, and chatting with you about it definitely inspired me to go out and actually make a dedicated Halloween bracelet ^^ At the moment, it’s just a mini design on a black leather but I’m excited for it nevertheless. I have just tracked down the orange candy stripe for it, so hopefully that will be here soon. :D I’m still debating adding charms from other brands, as it’s quite disappointing that there aren’t any new offerings from Pandora to go with the Halloween beads I already have. :(
      Mm, really love the new pearl pieces as well! The ring version is definitely on my wish list. The Garden Odyssey pearl is really gorgeous, and quite similar? Although, looking at the campaign image pictured here, it does look like the Delicate Sentiments necklace should just slide off the chain – so perhaps you could add it to the bracelet?
      Yes, the Valentine’s pictures came out really early last year! I remember writing up the preview with a real sense of bemusement haha.

      • Oh, any Halloween charms are exciting, it doesn’t have to be a full bracelet! The black leather with the orange stripe will be perfect! I’m hoping Pandora will do some more Halloween charms next year, I was just telling Victoria on Endangered Trolls I’d like to see them do an orange pave pumpkin (maybe just pumpkin for more versatility, not carved like a Jack o’ Lantern?) similar to the pave apple and maybe a silver scarecrow. I wouldn’t expect really scary/gory designs from Pandora, and that really wouldn’t be my thing anyway.

        I have the Garden Odyssey pearl, one of my favorites and among the first 4 charms I bought! You might be right, it may be the type of bale that is round like the Snowflake pendant and can go on a bracelet, I thought it might look oval in this picture but it’s hard to tell. I’ll have to look at it when it’s out, I might want it for a bracelet if it would fit.

        It’s so funny, I went to the mall yesterday not intending to buy anything, and of course I found a costume pearl necklace and earring set that reminded me of this set! It doesn’t have bows, it’s more of a vine design with crystals at the top of the earrings and bale of the necklace, but it will look great worn with a bracelet featuring my Garden Odyssey and other pearl charms. The pearls actually look really good and best part the whole set was only $6!

        Can’t wait for Valentine pictures to surface, I keep checking to see if anyone has them :-D

        • Yes, I’m excited for the orange candy stripe murano (the idea of candy is perfect for trick or treating too!)- but I had to source it from Canada and I had it shipped to a friend in North America who could forward it on to me. However it seems to be taking a roundabout route in the mail to her… but hopefully it will arrive there soon as I really want to be able to review it in time for Halloween! :S Oh my gosh, a pavé pumpkin is such a fun idea and so very Pandora. I do worry that they have moved away completely from the quirkier pieces to a more commercial, ‘pretty’ aesthetic but then Thomas Sabo seem to manage okay with their Karma line… and they do still produce the more original pieces from time to time! I wouldn’t want scary/gory designs myself, tbh :P I absolutely hate skulls (I personally can’t get along with the idea of wearing a symbol of my mortality as a fashion accessory lol, it gives me the shivers) so I am more than happy with my smiley ghosts and cute pumpkins from Pandora haha! The scarecrow would also be great. I have a little list of Halloween designs I’d like to see as well!
          Yeah, that necklace will definitely be one to see in person when it is out. It would make such a lovely centre piece on a bracelet, just like the Garden Odyssey. :D That costume pearl set sounds amazing! I just love pearls in general, and the vines sounds beautiful. I love floral designs as well!
          It is always kind of random when pre-release pictures get out. I seem to remember the year before that we didn’t see any of Valentine’s until like December maybe? It’s quite unpredictable but keeps us on our toes haha. ^^

      • I know, I was just thinking how much I like the design of some of the latest Thomas Sabo Karma charms such as the orange enamel jack o lantern and some of the animals, and how great they would have been as standard type charms! I really wish they had done the Karma line to be compatible with Pandora Moments and all the other charm brands as they really do have nice designs, it would just be so expensive to do a whole bracelet of Karma and I can’t bring myself to start another charm system that won’t really work with any of the stuff I already have. I also don’t really like small charms and I know these would obviously be on the smaller side.

        I will take a picture of my pearl set for you, I love it so much! The timing of finding it was so funny, as just before I found it I was reading this article and liking that Pandora pearl set! Then I’m at the mall, not even planning to buy anything but just browsing the clearance jewelry at a department store (it was all buy 1 get 1 free) and I find this set! It was marked down to $12, and I also then got a crystal pave cluster necklace with earrings set that was also $12, so I got them for $6 each! I love finding a deal :-D

        I like skulls, but more the type I can see being cute rather than scary. I have a skull with flowers on it on my Halloween bracelet that I just love. I also like Chamilia’s skull with the heart eyes and crystal teeth, Love You To Death. I think that one is pretty small though based on pictures I’ve seen of it with other charms.

        I just can’t wait to see what Pandora has planned next for Valentines! I just get way too excited for previews <3

        • Absolutely, the new collections for the Karma line have been so great lately! I love that they are not afraid to do something completely different all of a sudden. Pandora seem quite wedded to their original concept with Essence, which is in some ways a shame. It’s a beautiful line, but I think it would do better if they expanded the scope of the values at least! I feel the same as you about Karma… although you could always add them to the Essence bracelet?
          I just saw the pearl set on Facebook! It is gorgeous, especially considering how inexpensive they were :D That’s just the kind of thing I love. <3
          I do appreciate skulls in other people's designs, I just couldn't deal with having one of my wrist/on my clothing hanging around with me all the time haha.
          Haha! I love previews, too. It's nice to have new beads to look forward to. I do hope that they don't go for baby pink as a colour scheme again though…!

      • I think some burgundy beads or the dark pink crystals they call red (like on the sparkling ladybug and pave apple) would be lovely for Valentine’s! I’m so tempted by those “red” (they look bright pink to me in pictures) Geometric Facets that are coming out for Winter too! Hoping they look as nice in person.

        I can’t wait to see what you do with Pudsey, he is so cute! He would be great on a red/green Christmas design too :-D

        You should definitely do the Dainty Bow Bangle promo if you are getting the Black Friday charm anyway! Sounds like you get some good deals in Canada compared to the UK, I think the CAN $ exchange rate works pretty well for most of the world right now. I ordered some Elfbeads from a store in Canada a few months ago and I got them much cheaper than I would have if I bought from a US store, although they did have an extra promotion going so maybe it wasn’t exactly comparable. I wish Pandora was not so strict about shipping out of country.

        I am curious to see what they end up doing with those snowglobes, if they do even release both versions.

  5. I have to wait for the free Dainty Bow bangle promotion on 27th Nov, then choice something I really like in person. Be honest, I don’t want to overspend by impulse.

    • I’m trying to decide if I want to do the dainty bow bangle promotion (if I do I’ll try to find someone in Australia) but I’m not sure if I like it enough. I want a bangle but didn’t want the plain one they had in the uk promotion and I don’t like the engraving on the pave heart bangle. What do you think about the dainty bow? It is meant to be on both sides of the clasp as well.

      • I really like the Dainty Bow bangle and if I didn’t already have three Pandora bangles it would definitely be on my wish list for Winter! I prefer the special LE clasps to the plain Pandora bangle, as I find them just a bit prettier and the special clasp means that they stand out even more when worn on their own as well. I’ll be getting the Dainty Bow clip and safety chain at least. :)

    • Yes, I am definitely trying to cut down my Pandora spending a little too until the Winter launch. It’s hard! ;) The Dainty Bow bangle is a great promo to wait for!

    • I wasn’t planning to get the Dainty Bow bangle until I saw it would be a promotion, now I’m all in! I don’t have any special clasp bangles yet, just 2 silver and 1 duotone. I wear my bangles a lot actually, small size with just a few charms usually stacked with another bracelet, or medium size full of charms. I like the bangles because there are no middle clip stations to worry about, and even the plain round clasp appeals to me more than the plain barrel clasp on the snake chain. I do like the heart snake chain bracelet, I have 2 of those also. The spend is not bad for this upcoming promo, just $125, and the new winter collection will be long out by then. I’m going to have to see what I want to get! I may get the snowglobe as one of my charms.

  6. Hi Ellie,
    I will not buying something until the 29, not hat I do not support the cause, I give money, but I don’t want “wearing” like a streamer, that’s what I feeling, and I understand that the cause need that help. I think that the Pudsey is easier to cary, but like I said it’s my feeling, I don’t want hurt anyone.
    See you soon

    • Hi Isabelle, that is fair enough and I am trying to curb my spending until then too! ^^ There is no obligation to buy or like the charity pieces – they are just one of many ways to support the causes you feel most passionately about. :) For me, Pudsey is lovely and I will definitely be getting him, even though I don’t know how on earth I am going to style him yet haha.
      Thanks for commenting and talk soon! :)

  7. Hi Ellie I’m very excited for Pudsey and of course the winter collection I’m also looking forward to seeing the jasmine collection. I have heard rumours of a ring promo for the uk is this true. Thank you Ellie for the post.

    • Hi Nicola! I’m also looking forward to Pudsey, and will be ordering one tomorrow I think. :D It will be interesting to see exactly what colour the Jasmine pieces are in person too, after all the stock image shenanigans haha.
      I haven’t heard anything official about another ring promo for the UK, no. I’ll let you know if I do!
      Thanks for commenting Nicola! <3

  8. I’m very excited about the Winter release!! I plan on adding the dainty bow clips, sky blue radiant hearts, sky blue geometric facets, and sky blue eternity crystal spacers to my Cinderella bracelet. Not all at once of course, lol!! I am adding more and more of the regular jewelry to my collection as well and I love it!! I got three new rings in June and three new rings in September during the ring promos and I also added the square timeless elegance to my collection. It looks so pretty on a plain sterling chain!! It was also very hard to find, I had to go to three stores to get it!! For the Winter I want to add the radiant embellishment sky blue crystal ring to wear with my blue Cinderella bracelet and also the crystalized snowflake pendant to wear on my sterling silver chain. Wish my wish list wasn’t so long, lol!!

    • Aha, my wish list from Winter 2015 is also about a mile long! I love your idea of adding all those lovely icy blues to your Cinderella bracelet, that is going to look stunning! Most of my Winter picks are going to be going on my first Christmas design, which will feature the traditional reds and greens. :D I have to have the Dainty Bow clip & safety chain, and then I’ll be after a few of the traditional Christmas charms too!
      I’m also getting started properly with the regular jewellery too! I have four rings so far, and am eyeing up two more from the Winter collection too. It never stops! ;)
      It’s not too long to wait until the Winter launch now! ^^

  9. I’ve took part in the bracelet promo. I’m waiting for the winter collection now at the end of the month. can’t wait to see the collection in store.

  10. Ellie, I’m so in love with my new bangle that I think I’ll cave into the bow bangle too! (oh no….. another line of addiction..) I also want the Dainty Bow chain and clips, plus the Delicate sentiments ring! The ring looks absolutely beautiful! I’m not much of a ring-wearer, but after seeing lots of ladies wearing gorgeous stacking rings, I wanted to try it out too, and it’s just as addictive as collecting the charms lol =)))

    I’m also after the new iridescence charm, and maybe the Abundance of love charm. It’s the only pale/white colour that I think would work wonders with the Opalescent Snow globe charm! The list goes on….. =P I think after I read half your reviews I’ll end up buying charms I never thought of! lol =D

    I want to order the Pudsey today… I’ve spent so much on Pandora the past couple of months… I need to curb my spends =/. Thanks for another lovely post! Can’t wait to see your reviews on your new charms =)).

    • Aha, I’m glad to hear it! The bangles look great stacked together, so that sounds like a great plan :P I am completely with you on rings. Before I got into Pandora, I only ever wore them occasionally, as I found they got in the way – I usually went for lots of bracelets and pretty earrings. Now, I do everything – bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings. All Pandora’s fault ;)

      That is such a good idea to wear the new Abundance of Love charm with the opalescent snow globe! They look like they’d go perfectly together, and the Abundance of Love would add that hint of gold that the Snow Globe is missing too :D Aha, sorry! We are all dreadful enablers of each other in the Pandora world really. I see everyone else’s bracelets and my wish list just keeps on growing!

      As I didn’t do the bracelet promo, I felt like I’d saved money in a strange way… so I went ahead and ordered Pudsey :P Hopefully he’ll be here tomorrow or the day after, I really want to review him! All the cute packaging that comes with him too looks really cute. I love Pandora’s special releases, especially when they go all out on the campaign materials too!

  11. Hi Ellie!
    Oh, I just love those Round-Ups! Colourful summaries, with hidden surprises (chef Mickey is super cute!), well organised reminders of our Pandora plans!

    What has enormously pleased me this month, was the generous support of Pandora Greece to the campaign against Breast Cancer! Pandora was the main sponsor in “Greece Race for the Cure” (the race took place on 27/9 and we run for all women survivors and against the cancer), and donated 20,000€ to the organisation that helps women to their fight against breast cancer! Moreover, they offer the LE bangle with the pink ribbon at a low price (39€ instead of 69€) for the period 27/9-12/10, to make it affordable and increase its sale and consequently the amount of money they will give to research! Great move, isn’t it? :-) I bought the bangle as a gift to a friend who had an adventure of this kind last year, fortunately with a happy end!

    I now look forward to seeing the new Winter/Christmas Collection in person (apparently in about 2 weeks here, if they’ll follow summer’s schedule)! You’ve awaken my christmassy mood since early June, with your first preview!!! :-) And now I read about Valentine’s Day??? Ok, it’s never too soon for red hearts for me! :-) Pleeeeeease let it be RED this time, instead of pink!

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your posts? Thank you for another lovely one! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Isn’t Mickey adorable? I feel bad as I just hadn’t paid it any attention in the original previews, but the detail on it is surprisingly cute. :D

      Wow! I had no idea that Pandora Greece played such a big part in the breast cancer awareness campaigns. How wonderful of them! I’ll add that to my list of promotions :) I’m so glad to hear that your friend is okay, too – that’s amazing, and what a lovely gift you are able to give her!

      Yes, if you get to see the new pieces early again, please do feed back with your usual comments! <3 It's always frustrating having to wait until the release date proper here in the UK. ;) I'm prematurely Christmassy as well, as a) I'm writing about Christmas for the blog, b) working in a shop part time where we are, yep, putting up Christmas displays already and c) doing some freelance work for a magazine's Christmas issue as well. I'm surrounded by it and it's only October! :P I would also love red for next year's Valentine's collection. I definitely have enough pink from Pandora, and that's coming from someone who's favourite colour has always been pink! ;)

      Aw, thank you so much Chrysa! Your comment has cheered me up tremendously. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your enthusiasm as ever! ♥♥♥

  12. Just wondering if the rose gold clasp bracelet is still good even though it is rose gold plated! I was thinking of getting that one instead of the regular silver one! :)

    • Well it’s relatively early days still, as the first Rose pieces only came out in April 2014. Nevertheless, I got my Rose bracelet then, and it still looks perfect now, despite being one of the bracelets I wear most. :)

      • I heard that because it is plated rose gold that some people’s colours are rubbing off and the Pandora store doesn’t clean rose-gold items because they are delicate? I am wondering if let’s say mine would rub off, would Pandora replace it or give me some kind of compensation?

      • I’ll just chime in Marina that I haven’t had any problems with my Pandora Rose bracelet or charms either. They are rose gold plated over rose silver (basically 925 sterling mixed with some copper, rose gold is yellow gold mixed with copper) so even if the rose gold plating wears off it would still be a pink metal underneath, may look a little duller but would not appear silver.

        That being said, I even own rose gold and yellow gold plated charms from other brands, that are plated over sterling silver, and even those I’ve not seen wearing off of the plating and I’ve had them well over a year and worn quite often. I think as long as you aren’t hard on your jewelry, wearing it frequently in water (I never do), or cleaning it with harsh chemicals or rubbing it really hard with a polishing cloth, you should be fine.

        I’m pretty sure it clearly states that Pandora Rose plating can wear off with time, so I don’t think they would replace it if the finish just looked a little duller as that’s not really a defect.

      • Thank you, all, for the input! I’m still not sure if i should go for the regular silver or the rose gold clasp LOL

  13. PLEASE tell me all the Disney winter exclusives are going to be out by November 5, 2015. Was there first week of September and was told “WISHES” will be out in November by the Disney cast members. Will be returning got that one weekend in November and HAVE to buy that awesome WISHES charm.

  14. Have we got any information on what gift set bundles are going to be available in the UK for the winter collection?
    I have seen one, but not sure if it’s only available in America.

    • Hi Sarah, yes I have some info on the UK bundles (it’s not complete but will give you a rough idea at least) and they are different from the US gift sets – I will include them in an upcoming post! :) There’s one that features basically the whole of the new bow charms and safety chain, which is super annoying as I wanted to get them on day one!

  15. Thomas Sabo just open a new concept store in downtown Toronto Eaton Center, beautiful jewelry. I bought Karma grey mother of pearl, silver clover rose quartz & the cute Karma bead jewelry box with 10% off, love it! I love Pandora Moment line but not Essence, I love Karma bead which is not that expensive as I thought. The basic bead even cheaper than Essence, just need one or two focus bead on the bracelet. The total value of the whole bracelet is the same as Pandora.

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying your Karma beads Michele! I have to say, I really like their new animal beads, particularly the Owl and the Hedgehog. They are really cute!

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