It’s just under a couple of weeks now until the launch of Pandora’s glittering Winter 2015 collection, and this post offers some detailed commentary and HQ images of the new charms! Entitled Crystalised Embellishments, the collection will hit stores worldwide on the 29th of October and features Pandora’s typical mix of cute holiday charms and seasonal icy blues. I have also included some details on this year’s holiday gift sets, so check for the end of the post for that.

pandora winter 2015 preview

This preview encompasses the new charms and bracelets; to see the accompanying jewellery please read my previous Winter 2015 preview. For live shots, please see my coverage of Pandora’s press previews here! :)

Colours & Crystals

Kicking off the preview, we have some new colours of the Geometric Facets in synthetic ruby, icy blue and a white opalescent crystal. These are all priced at $50 USD ($55 CAD) or £40.

pandora winter 2015 preview

pandora winter 2015 preview

While the stock image looks quite matte for this white shade, I’m hoping that in person it might have a pretty shimmer when it catches the light.

pandora winter 2015 preview

There’s also a new version of the Radiant Hearts out for Winter – this one is a fabulous icy blue, and it looks like the cut-out hearts beneath the stone will shine through really clearly, too. This one will retail for $80 USD ($90 CAD) or £55.

The Fascinating Blue Iridescence murano (something of a mouthful!) is this year’s answer to the 2014 Fascinating Aventurescent, which unfortunately was retired almost immediately due to production issues. Let’s hope that this version lasts a little longer! It’s more of a navy blue than the Aventurescent, but also boasts a sparkly effect. This one will be $50 USD ($55 CAD) or £35.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Eternity spacers are being released in three new colours for Winter 2015. They are priced at $40 USD / $45 CAD / £30.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Particularly pretty is the opalescent version, I think:

pandora winter 2015 preview

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Inspiration Within spacers will be coming out in a festive red for the holiday season, as well. It will cost $35 USD / $40 CAD / £30.

pandora winter 2015 preview


The Inner Radiance is already available in silver and a Pandora Rose finish; it is now available in 14kt gold, for $400 USD ($440 CAD) or £325.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Seeing the high-res image has made me take another look at the Crystalised Snowflakes charm, as I love its graded colour effect and the deep blue star at its centre. This one is priced at  $70 USD ($80 CAD) or £50.

pandora winter 2015 preview

There will also be a pendant version of this charm, retailing for $65 USD ($75 CAD) or £50.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Ice Crystal will cost $75 USD / $85 CAD. In the UK, it will only be part of a bracelet bundle until January. It will be sold with the silver barrel clasp bracelet and two Sunburst clips.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Another ‘button’ style charm, the Radiant Bloom has a pretty celestial design and will retail for £55. In the US and Canada, this will initially only be available as part of a gift set.pandora winter 2015 preview

The Starshine spacer will retail for $40 USD ($45 CAD) or £30.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Ribbons & Hearts

Next up, we have a selection of feminine ribbon and bow designs. My favourite of these is the new Dainty Bow safety chain – which makes the third new safety chain for this AW15 season! After a drought of two years or so, Pandora have been spoiling us with some new SC designs. :D This one is $65 USD / $75 CAD.

pandora winter 2015 preview

There will also be a matching clip at  $50 USD / $55 CAD.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Heart & Bow is a statement pavé design – I’ll have to see this one in person to decide whether I like it, I think. It’s a little pricey at $80 USD / $90 CAD.

pandora winter 2015 preview

This new openwork ribbon charm features Pandora’s signature pastel pink enamel in a design that will hold its appeal all year round. It’s priced at $50 USD / $55 CAD / £40.

pandora winter 2015 preview

It is also available in clear pavé at $60 USD / $65 CAD / £45. I love pink enamel and clear pavé together, and these two charms would look great worn together!

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Braided clip is another beautiful plain silver design from Pandora. It is really reminiscent of some of Pandora’s first clip designs, and it’s nice to see them drawing inspiration from some of their original work. This one is priced at  $35 USD / $40 CAD / £25.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Abundance of Love was originally released in pink enamel back in Spring 2014, but it now makes an appearance in a gorgeous off-white sparkly enamel. It is priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD / £55.

pandora winter 2015 preview

There will also be a corresponding spacer, although without the two-tone detail. It is priced at $35 USD / $40 CAD.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Tumbling Hearts is now available in gold for $400 USD / $440 CAD / £325.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Classic Christmas


Now, the Christmas Holly murano has become another of my favourites from this collection. I was initially a little put off by the orangey, burnt look of the berries, but this appears to be a quirk of the stock image. If you look at live images of this charm, the berries appear to be a cheerful cherry red, which is much nicer! This one is $45 USD / $50 CAD / £30.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Prancing Reindeer is another Christmas charm I really love, with its cute red enamel reindeer design! If I didn’t already have the ornament charms from last year, this one would definitely be coming home with me. It will be sold for $60 USD / £40 – in the US, it will be a Jared’s exclusive. 

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Twinkling Christmas Tree will be $65 USD / $75 CAD / £40.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Christmas Puppy is another of my must-haves. I am definitely a puppy lover – stick a red enamel Christmas hat on too, and I’m sold! ;) This one is $45 USD ($50 CAD) or £35.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Red-Nosed Reindeer is another design I’m sure will be popular – it will also be taking a place on my Christmas bracelet I think! ^^ I do like his red enamel nose, although I still prefer full-bodied designs when it comes to Pandora’s animal charms. This one will be sold for $30 USD / $35 CAD or £35.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Sparkling Surprise will cost $75 USD / $85 CAD / £60

pandora winter 2015 preview

The All Wrapped Up design is an openwork version of the sparkling present charm, and will be available in both gold and silver. The silver version will be $60 USD / $65 CAD.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The gold version will be $375 USD / $415 CAD.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Next up, we have a few classic two-tone designs. The Heart of the Family will cost $65 USD / $75 CAD / £65.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Divine Angel features a pretty gold halo and will be priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD / £55.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The Family Heritage isn’t a Christmas charm as such, but its themes of family fit in well with the celebration. It will retail for $65 USD ($75 CAD) or £55.

pandora winter 2015 preview

Bracelets & Gift Sets

The Dainty Bow is this season’s limited edition bangle:

  • It will be sold individually in the UK for £65.
  • In the US, it will be available as Cyber Monday promo from November 27th – 30th with a spend of $125 USD – after that, it will be sold individually with a gift box for $75 USD.
  • In Australia, it will be available only as a GWP from 10th – 20th December with a spend of $150 AUD ($180 NZD).

pandora winter 2015 bow bangle

The US & Canada did not receive the new pavé clasp Moments bracelet with the Autumn 2015 collection like everybody else – instead, it will now be available as a rather stunning gift set for $195 USD, along with the Radiant Bloom and Layers of Lace clips. These pieces will not be available individually until January 2016.

pandora winter 2015 preview

This set comes with a rather lovely leatherette gift box (image by Pandora Chinook):

pandora winter 2015 preview
Image by Pandora Chinook

There will also be a gift set for the US & Canada featuring the Delicate Sentiments necklace and earrings. I love pearls, and this gift set looks like such a lovely present for the holidays. This one will retail for $150 USD.
pandora winter 2015 preview

It will also come with a beautiful gift box:

pandora winter 2015 preview
Image by Pandora Mall of Georgia

My Comment
I am really looking forward to this collection’s launch and I have quite a long wish list already! ;) While I find the icy blues and crystals very beautiful (particularly in live shot – the colour is stunning), I am more interested in the more festive selection this time around. This is primarily because I am starting my first dedicated Christmas bracelet and I’ve earmarked some of these new pieces to go on it – I have to have the adorable Christmas Puppy and Red-Nosed Reindeer, and the Holly murano looks beautiful in live shots. I’d also like the Dainty Bow clip and safety chain to add a little delicacy to the design. :D

Overall, I think this is a really nice Winter release from Pandora, with a nice mix of dramatic wintry blues and cute festive reds as usual. However I do sometimes wish that Pandora would do something a little more quirky when it comes to their holiday charms – a lot of these motifs we have seen before (especially the Sparkling Present!!) and it would be nice to see them do a gingerbread house or some mistletoe, or just some kind of entirely new holiday motif we haven’t seen before. I always look at Chamilia’s new holiday collections and think that a little of that whimsy could really liven up Pandora’s too! ^^

Are you looking forward to this collection? Which pieces will be coming home with you? :D

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    • He’s such a sweetie! I knew I had to have him, even though I already have three dog charms to represent my puppy haha. The other opalescent charm I can’t wait to see is the new snow globe of course! :)

  1. Do you have any info on the availability of the starshine spacer in Australia? It didn’t appear in the new catalogues in Aus with the rest of this collection.

  2. Wow, there are quite a few beads I really likewise this release! Lately I’ve been concentrating on purchases from other brands, like Troll, Ohm, etc., but I’m getting tired of having to buy online. Once I receive a bead in the mail it’s often not what I was expecting. But with Pandora I can hop in the car and see it in person in 5 minutes.
    The geometric facets look stunning and I like the snowflake dangles and beads. Honestly, there’s hardly anything I don’t like! Thanks for the photos!

    • I enjoy to buy jewelry in actual shop with display and service. I can refund or exchange if I really don’t like it. Pandora and Thomad Sabo have many concept stores in Toronto.

      • You’re lucky to have so many stores near you Michele! :) I used to live in a big city in the UK when I was doing my undergrad degree and it was nice to have lots of concept stores around – but it did mean that I spent more than I should ;)

    • I have had to buy a lot online in the last year or so, as I moved and don’t live close to a Pandora store anymore. :( I really miss going in and buying charms in person, but I have to say that being forced to buy online has meant that I now get a lot of charms from overseas – so I save quite a lot more than I used to! And it’s exciting knowing that something is coming for you in the post, too. ^^ So I have grown to like both ways of shopping haha. It must be nice to have a Pandora only five minutes away, I don’t know how I’d do with the temptation! ;)
      Glad to hear you’re a fan of this collection! There are some gorgeous decorative beads as you say, particularly the facets, but I think I am going for some festive pieces this year! ^^

  3. Oh wow there are so many that I really like! I love the new geometric facets, especially the icy blue and the opalescent. I also really love the stocking that has the little bear on top! I just can’t wait to see all of these new charms in person!

  4. Hi Ellie! Do you know if the delicate sentiments earrings and necklace will be available separately after the holidays? Thx. Enjoying this post as always. :)

    • Hi Cindy! Yes, I think so – Pandora’s marketing specifies that gift set pieces should be available individually starting in January. :) Glad to hear you enjoyed the post and thanks for commenting!

  5. I love the look of those ruby facets, I am really contemplating 2 of those, they are such a pretty color! This is the first time I’ve been tempted by any Pandora murano or facet type charm.

    I also like the look of the Heart and Bow charm and the special snowglobe! I want to do the Dainty Bow bangle promo (maybe even 2 transactions?) so I’ll have to decide what I want to get as I also have some older pieces I’d be interested in.

    • Yes, they’re such a pretty pink! Really nice and deep. I’ve noticed that they have been including lots of different ‘interesting’ shades of pink in the last few collections, haha. Before, a lot of their pinks were kind of peachy… we have a few different shades to choose from now ^^ Oh really, are you not a fan of Pandora’s glass beads? I did notice in your lovely bracelet pics that you tend to go for other brands when it comes to colour.

      I think I will do the Dainty Bow GWP as well, if I can! It seems like such a good opportunity to get hold of the Black Friday bead, and I’m actually really really tempted by a couple of Chamilia’s Christmas charms this year. I think they’d be nice on that bangle for a mini-festive design :D I’m still dying to know which version of the snowglobe charm will come out where, I’m a little incredulous that we don’t know yet haha.

      • I like Pandora glass okay, but for the price I can buy other glass much cheaper, especially since I often buy in multiples. I also am not a huge fan of their big branded cores, it’s not a deal breaker for me but I would have to really like the design to pay Pandora glass prices, I’d rather spend more on the silvers (we all have our thing I suppose). I really like those ruby facets though, I don’t really have anything that color, I have a pair of true red faceted muranos and some blush (kind of a medium hot pink) muranos from Elfbeads but nothing that pretty magenta ruby color! The facets are so pretty, and with that shape they almost look like stones to me.

        Yes, it will be interesting to see what they do with those snowglobes! I like both versions. The Dainty Bow GWP is such a great deal, I’m glad they threw in this extra little promo. I agree, Chamilia does have some nice Christmas charms this year. That Nutcracker set is really nice, I like the sparkling plum in it. :-D

        • That is a fair point – Pandora glass is quite expensive. I don’t mind the branding at all, as I’m used to it, but can appreciate how it might seem intrusive. At least on the Facets and the newer glass beads, the hallmarks and the silver cores are greatly reduced and not so noticeable :) The Facets are very jewel-like, they do look kind of like stones!
          I am hoping that maybe one snow globe will be available worldwide and the other as the traditional North-American exclusive charm. :) Oh my gosh, yes, I love that sugar plum charm! It’s so disappointing that it’s only part of a gift set, as I would definitely have had that. But I can’t afford £300 on Chamilia beads haha. As it is, I am going to go for the new Gingerbread House charm from Chamilia and their Rudolph charm. :)

  6. Ruby and opalescent geometric facets, Abundance of love for 100%.
    Then I really want to see the braided clip. I wonder if it is very similar to the retired Forget me knot. No idea what it would mean for me though. I don’t want to have same charms but technically it is not the same and it would fit nicely to my other charms :) I think I will be looking at it for some time and decide later.

    • Nice choices! I’m looking forward to seeing the Facets in person, particularly the Opalescent one! :D Yes, the Braided clip is very similar to the Forget me Knot charm isn’t it? It makes for a nice clip design :) I don’t like buying duplicates of charms either, but seeing as one is a clip, they are technically different – I think you could get away with it! ^^

  7. I can’t wait for this collection to come out and to be able to see it in store. On my list is the abundance of love charm, starshine spacer and radiant bloom charm. Also the radiant embellishment ring and the single starshine ring. The single starshine ring I was told the other day will be £35.
    I think I will be definitely getting all the charms, it’s just the rings I need to see, try on and make up my mind on.
    I love the jewellery box, that comes with the gift set. I was hoping this would come to the UK. We never seem to get the best gift sets.
    Thanks for the new information. Look forward to your next post.
    Hope we see some previews for next year soon, interested to see what they bring out.

    • I’m really excited to see this collection in person – especially as I always feel even more Christmassy once Pandora gets all their holiday marketing underway too haha. Thanks for the tip on the starshine ring price – it’s a really lovely piece! Although I think I’ll be getting the two bow rings from this collection. :D
      No, North America definitely get the best promos and gift sets, all things considered. I think Pandora sells well enough in the UK that they don’t feel the need to bother with the extras. Pandora NA know how to make each holiday promotion feel extra special. :)
      Yes it would be nice to know more about next year’s collections! I’ve been told that Valentine’s 2016 will be on the pink side again… unsurprisingly. ;)

  8. I know we are not getting it here but that glistening wonderland gift set looks rather nice. Of course, I am looking forward to the GWP bow bangle promo. Such a good promo.

    • The Dainty Bow promo is a fab deal, although I think I might try and do the US version seeing as I could get the Black Friday at the same time. The Glistening Wonder is a beautiful set, and my oh my that box is pretty too! Even better than previous years’, I think!

  9. I’m gutted that they won’t be able to get the dainty bow clips on their own here in the UK. Pandora don’t do many clips I like but those ones are really cute!

    The Pandora e-stores in Belgium & The Netherlands, do you know what releases they’ll be getting? Do Pandora group Europe together as one region, or does each individual country get their own picks?

    • Europe is definitely not one group, the country offers differ a lot. I judge based on the availability of Arabian coffee pots and Olive greens from the Autumn release. Honestly, I don’t understand the logic of releases at all. Why would any country decide to get the Blush and not the Olive? I imagine that Pandora organizes a global meeting where country managers draw the raffle who gets what. :D

    • Well, if they are part of a bracelet bundle, they should be made available individually in January :) I have to say, Pandora UK’s tendency to bundle the most popular items in holiday times really annoys me. Happily enough my brother will be in Australia when the Winter collection launches so he will be able to get me the Dainty Bow clip and SC! ^^

      As far as I know, all regions are down to get 100%, or near enough, of this collection. I’ve not heard of any omissions so far (although you never know, Pandora could always surprise us on the day :P). Jana is correct – each country in Europe is allowed to choose their own picks, so availability does vary between countries. Spain is known for only getting very partial releases for example!

  10. Hi Ellie,
    For me the abundance of love and his spacer are my best (I don’t know yet if I want it on my christmas or fairy bracelet) just after the dainty bow safety chain. I can’t put a bracelet without a safety chain, and I would that Pandora create more choices. I have ask a friend to bring me back the star safety chain from asia market. First I saw the Reindeer, I would to have it, but know I think it’s a little childish, I will have preferred more realistic…
    Always a pleasure ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! The Abundance of Love pieces are beautiful, I think I prefer them to the original pink version :) The sparkly enamel just looks like packed snow, it’s very pretty.
      I do wear bracelets without safety chains, but in an ideal world I would have a safety chain for every bracelet design I put together. :) It’s great that they have suddenly produced three new ones this year (technically five, if you count the two Disney ones too!) and hopefully this is the start of a new trend ;)
      I like the new reindeer and will be getting him, I think, but it would have been nice to have a full-bodied design! I’m not as keen on the portrait animal charms, they are always a little cartoony :)
      It’s a pleasure reading your comments too Isabelle! Thanks <3

  11. I am so excited for this release, I love Christmas and apon release I will be getting Rudolph and the Christmas tree, then when the dainty bow bangle is available as a gift set I will be getting that too. Also on my list for later purchase is the dainty bow clips and safety chain, as well as the holly murano, star spacer and red inspiration within spacer as well, also the icy blue radiant hearts looks appealing as well as the icy blue and opal petite facets.

    So excited!!

    • Lovely choices, sounds like you have quite the wish list there! :D I’m going for some Christmas pieces as well, I love this time of year. Your picks are very similar to mine, in terms of the holly murano, Christmas pieces and the Dainty bows. I really like the wintry blues, but don’t have a place for them in my collection at the moment.

      Glad to hear you’re excited! Thanks for commenting :D

  12. I saw the paved clasp set Can $225 with leather case. I only like the bracelet and I can get it later so no rush for this set. I will wait for LE Bow bangle promotion.

  13. Christmas Puppy charm is a must for me! ?
    Also, yesterday, I bought the “Picking Daisies” charm and noticed that it’s noticeably bigger than my “Falling In Love” & “Love You” charm.. Still pretty though! I am wondering why Picking Daisies is bigger than the others… But I’m guessing it’s because its an older design?

    • Oh and me! He’s very cute :D
      The Picking Daisies just is a little bigger than the other openworks. I think it’s unique like that. There are older openwork designs that are a normal size, I guess it’s just something Pandora tried out with that charm! :)

  14. U.S. and Canada are under the same company based in U.S. We have the same promotion every time. Every Pandora items in Canada is shipped from U.S.

  15. Is the holiday gift set available in canada too? If it is…is there a limited time on the purchase or is it available until christmas? It says it starts oct 29 th and the free dainty bow bangle starts at the end of november so can the gift set be purchased during the free dainty bow bangle deal? Also, the price you have on the tree is 4 pounds and i think it probably should be 40 pounds.

    • Yeah, the gift sets are available in Canada too! :) They will be available until January 2016 I think, or while stocks last, and then you can buy all the pieces individually. So you should be able to buy the gift sets as part of your spend for the Dainty Bow bangle in November. :)
      Aha yes you are quite right! Someone else pointed that out to me on Facebook as well. I’ve fixed the price now ;)

      • Thanks. I was looking forward to the bracelet with the pave bead clasp and this set is very pretty. I think i will wait until the deal with the free bangle. My wrist is a bit larger and the bangle is very tight when worn together but it was pointed out to me that others have discovered that you can wear it open with the matching clip on the open end. I am looking forward to getting both. Love your blog and am obsessed with checking it daily to see all the new things going on with pandora. You usually have more info than the official website does.

        • Yes, that’s a great idea! :) The bangle would look great with the matching Dainty Bow clip too, that sounds lovely.
          Yay, thanks Tammy! That’s really nice to hear. Pandora are usually pretty tight-lipped about upcoming releases and promos, but word tends to get out anyway ;)

  16. Hi Ellie! My favorites from this release are the star shine spacer, dainty bow clips, sweet sentiments, abundance of love (& spacer), the stocking with the bear, and the twinkling Christmas tree. Like you, I prefer full-bodied designs for animals, but the reindeer is cute (& looks very happy) so he and the puppy will look nice on your bracelet. Pandora’s snowman bead is nice, too. (Not new, the one that’s been around a long time). I don’t have any bangles. Maybe I should get my first one with the upcoming special. So many temptations from Pandora!

    • Hey Judy! It’s nice to hear that you’ve got a long wish list from this collection, too. I’m still hopeful that Pandora will do a full-bodied reindeer, not a dangle or a portrait charm – but I think I might go for the gorgeous Chamilia Rudolph in the meantime! I also prefer the older Pandora snowman – I just don’t like the semi-vacant expression of the new one, it’s a little creepy to me. Although he does look cute from a distance! ;)
      Yes, you should definitely consider getting a bangle! They’re so light and easy to wear, just like the leathers, and they’re great for showcasing your favourite pieces. I especially love the limited edition bangles, as they look great even when worn on their own. I don’t have the plain silver bangle, just the special edition ones. :D

  17. I saw the Glistening gift set this afternoon in Toronto for Can $225 come with the leather jewelry box already. It will be hard to have right size even though there are some sets left until 27th Nov free LE Dainty Bow bangle promotion.

  18. HI
    Thank you for another great review. Will the prancing rein deer available in the UK? I will be in UK during the release and if it’s a Jared’s exclusive, it won’t be available in Canada. I’m also hoping to come home with a jewelry box! Do you know the dimensions of the larger one? :) Thank you so much for such great info.

    • Hi Janet! Yes, the Prancing Reindeer will be available in the UK, so far as I’m aware – so you should be able to pick it up when you’re over here! :)
      I just had a little look online for some more details on the jewellery box, and the dimensions are: 32cm Width 20cm Depth 14cm Height.
      This is also a description I found of the different sections and compartments:

      The inner lid hosts a large mirror and also features the Pandora Unforgettable Moments logo. A ribbon holds the lid upright when open.
      The top layer has 1 bracelet sized section, 2 medium and 8 smaller compartments for storing jewellery and a long rod for charms (a useful tool for planning your bracelet layout, charms are easy to place on here) there is a slotted area for rings and stud earrings.
      The centre drawer is divided in half. On the right there are 35 small compartments for charms whilst the left hand side has 9 larger compartments.
      The lower drawer has 3 sections. The front half is the full width of the box and the rear half is split into two sections.

      Hope that helps Janet! :)

  19. I got the last set of Valentine Day gift set ( small size bangle ) because I was waiting until the free bracelet promotion. I had to call around to get it.

  20. US ladies – the bangle promo information here is only PARTIALLY correct. The bangle gift with purchase is available in ALL CONCEPT STORES from Black Friday through Sunday. This is NOT just a cyber Monday web deal. Come in to your concept store for the winter collection!

  21. Hi Ellie!
    I thought I would have seen the new collection by now, but unfortunately it seems they are stricter with the dates this time! :-( In any case if I see anything before the 29th, I’ll be back to share my thoughts with you! :-)
    With these larger pictures you posted, I’m convinced my favourites will be the Abundance of Love, the Red Sparkling Surprise and the Holly Murano! Do you think the Dainty bow safety chain would fit nicely on a Christmas bracelet or I should try to get the Starry one?
    I look forward to seeing your festive bracelet!!!
    Thank you for another great, super informative post, Ellie! I’m in totally Christmas mood now! ♥♥♥

    • Oohh the bow safety chain is cute. I think that it would be better than the stars, but that’s just my opinion. :)

      • Thank you for your proposal Cindy! I admit the more pictures I see of the Bow safety chain, the more I like it! Apart from that, it is easier to obtain it whereas the Starry one is Asia exclusive and hard for me to find it! ♡

      • Thank you Lisa! I’ve read your comments on the winter collection and now I can’t wait to see the new pieces! At first I thought stars were more related to Christmas but perhaps the bows would look more elegant!
        I was suprised you didn’t like the Abundance of love… I loved its pictures and I’d feel disappointed if it proves to be unappealing in person. I’ll wait and see! Enjoy your new pieces! ♡

    • Hey Chrysa!
      Oh no, that’s annoying for you! I hear from some ladies in the US & Canada that stores have already started selling it over there. It’s a shame… either everyone should stick to the release date or they should let everyone sell the new pieces when they get them in. :(
      I am actually planning to have the Dainty Bow safety chain on my Christmas bracelet, so I think that would work very nicely – the themes of ribbons and wrapping are very appropriate for Christmas too! At the same time the pavé starry one would look great, also. It matches the Twinkle Twinkle clip, which has always struck me as very festive. I am going to be publishing my review of the starry safety chain soon and so you can have a closer look at it then and see what you think :)
      I’m so excited to put my festive bracelet together :D I’ve already started adding the pieces and it looks good so far. Thanks for commenting Chrysa, always a pleasure! :)

  22. Saw new collection today:). Bought blue iridescent fascinating, jasmine teal muranos, white geometric facets, ice crystal bead and sweet sentiments bow charm. All beautiful. Abundance of love in white not very striking in person. The dainty bow safety chain is great, with the end pieces the same size as the clips!! Also, they were selling the pave moments bracelet separately from the gift set , so I bought it. The biggest surprises were how nice the dainty bow spacer and ice crystal are. Biggest disappointment aas tbe abundance of love beads, which look nondescript. Tbe blue iridescent fascinating was almost nicer than the fascinating adventurescent! Nice collection.

    • Oh how exciting! :D It’s great to hear that you like the collection as much in person. I just saw some pictures of the new Jasmine muranos, they look absolutely gorgeous. I’d like to see a picture of them and the Ariel muranos together though, as it’s a little hard to tell how much they differ. When you say ‘Dainty Bow spacer’, which piece do you mean? :)
      I’m sorry to hear about the Abundance of Love, as I thought that would be lovely in person with that sparkly white enamel. :(

  23. Pandora is the most popular brand in Toronto has many concept store and shop in shop. There is no Chamilia store here, only 3 independent jewelry shop carry it. I only like the Sugar Plum which is cute, but not enough for me to spend U.S. $300 to get the set. Pandora Moment line is my 1st choice then Thomad Sabo Karma.

    • No, I’m with you on the Sugar Plum front – I’d absolutely love one, but not enough to buy a full set of Chamilia charms. My favourite brands (after Pandora obviously) are Chamilia & Ohm Beads, but Chamilia is the first brand I’ve actually bought from. Karma does appeal a lot to me, as well, though. I just find that the pieces from Karma that I like always seem to be the most expensive…

      • Yes! High end Karma is double the price as Pandora. I will build my Karma as a real jewelry bracelet ( no cz and synthetic ). I have 5 stones (2 Rose Quartz, 2 White Jade, 1 Cloverleaf Rose Quartz ), 2 silver , 2 big stoppers & 2 free bracelets from the promotion total Can $300 tax in. I am waiting for the exclusive bead come in Jan 2016. I am saving for the Silver diamond Lotus with Rose Quartz and Milky Quartz, this bead will be Can $180 each. I will finish up my silver, white, rose colour flower theme bracelet within budget. Can $700 to 800 is not bad for a real jewelry bracelet.

  24. I saw some of the new charm, Divine Angel, Family Heritage,Holly murano,Dainty Bow clip, Braided clip, Dainty Bow safety chain, Sparkling Surprise, All Wrapped Up, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Puppy, Ice Crystal, Crystalized Snowflakes, Radiant Heart Sky- Blue. I like the 2 toned Family Heritage, Divine Angel. The Dainty Bow clip and the Holly but kind of disappointed.

  25. Oh Ellie I’m so disappointed, I was hoping I’d be able to share some photos with you after I drove to my local store today after being told that they received the new collection yesterday, to be told in store that they won’t be on sale until next week! I have seen lots of live shots on Instagram though and I think this is a really stunning Christmas collection.

    I’ve seen live shots of the blue ice crystal facets and they look very close to the summer blue, which the lady in the jewellery store also told me today. I was hoping for more of a sky blue, but there are so many pretty pieces in the collection that I’m sure will tide me over! I just wish the Australia bow bangle promo wasn’t still a month and a half away, I really want to buy me some Pandora :P.

    My wish list (may change when I see the collection in stores) includes the new Christmas tree, Christmas stocking and either 2 of the blue spacers or the opalescent spacers depending on which suits. I also think the abundance of love looks very appealing. x

    • Aw, I would have loved to have seen those photos! It’s a shame you weren’t allowed to see them – but at least you get to enjoy the anticipation for a little longer. ^^ I have seen some live shots as well (and another kind reader has posted some photos on my FB page as well, if you want to take a look!).

      I would also like to see a photo of the new ice blue geometric facets and the original summer petite facets side-by-side. It’s hard to work out how much difference in shade there is from the current shots. I was hoping that the new GF would be quite an electric, icy blue – the Summer GF is quite muted in shade. Aha, are you waiting until the promo to get anything? That’s so sensible of you! ^^

      Great wish list – mine remains fixed at the Dainty Bow clip and safety chain, the Christmas Puppy, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Holly murano. I’m hoping that I don’t feel the need to add anything else to that after seeing all the pieces in person :P Let me know what you think when you do get to see the new pieces x

      • I would really like to wait until the promo but I have been so excited for this collection that I think I may bring home something this week :p I’m thinking that I might bring home 2 of the spacers depending on which colour suits my bracelet the most. I got to see some of the new pieces today but my local concept store aren’t allowed to sell them until Thursday! The little puppy is just adorable and I love the detail of his face and his tail.

        The bow open works are so pretty and I think would suit a lot of different bracelet themes. Currently my bracelet is all silver with just one pink petite facet, but I have been wanting to add either white or soft blue to it for some time now. I didn’t try the spacers on my bracelet but both of the colours are gorgeous, and the opalescent shines a lovely pearly white/purple/pink/blue colour. The opalescent facet is quite a milky white but it has a lovely shine of colours to it once you put it up to the light! I think people will be disappointed that the ‘red’ facet is more of a cranberry pink colour, but it is striking in person!

        • Oh I’m glad to hear that you liked the puppy! :D That’s one of the new pieces I’m looking forward to the most. I won’t be able to see them all until Thursday!
          Your bracelet would look nice with a little white and pink I think – soft blue might be nice too. The opalescent spacers would be great with whatever you choose to add to it, seeing as they glitter blue, pink and white haha! I am excited to see the opalescent facet too. I have the pink Essence opalescent charm from Autumn and it shimmers such a lovely range of colours, depending on the way the light is hitting it. :D
          Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Can’t wait to see the new charms myself. :D

  26. I looking forward to purchasing he Glistening Wonderland Set. I sad I have to wait until January 2016 to purchase. I think the pave’ barrel is gonna be beautiful in person. Love reading your reviews, keep them coming.

    • It is a beautiful set! I personally very much like the look of the pavé barrel clasp in person (although I do not need any more bracelets for now :P), so I think you will like it ^^ Thanks Karen, I will do!

  27. I stopped in to my store yesterday to see if they had any of the Winter collection out yet and they did!! They usually get it a week early. A lot of the charms were so beautiful. All of the blues are so pretty and stuck out for me. For me, the sky blue crystal geometric facets was one of the prettiest. The sky blue crystal radiant hearts was a little lighter than I thought it would be but I still plan on purchasing it, LOL. I love the dainty bow clips and safety chain. I also thought all of the variations of the presents were very pretty. Especially the all wrapped up clear CZ open one. But best of all, they had the Winter jewelry out and I was able to include the radiant embellishment ring into the ring promo!! It is so beautiful in person, the book doesn’t do it justice. The way they cut the blue stone is just stunning. I was able to get it along with a may birthday blooms ring and the sparkling leaves clear CZ ring. I wish I could’ve bought some of the new charms but since I did the ring promo I have to wait until next month. I am trying to pace myself, lol!!

    • Oh how exciting!! Not long for me to wait now either. :D I suspected that the sky blue ones would be pretty, especially the Radiant Embellishment pieces. That blue looked so crisp and beautiful in the campaign images. The jury seems to be out on the Radiant Hearts in blue so far, so I’ll be interested to see that one in person :D
      Glad to hear you like the Dainty Bow safety chain and clip – I’ll be getting them asap! I need them for my Christmas design. ^^ How fab that they had the new rings in time for the promo! My favourites are the new bow rings – but I imagine they’ll end up going on my Christmas list now. ^^ Enjoy your new rings and thanks for sharing! :D

  28. Hi Ellie I’m really excited for this collection and to stArt my Xmas bracelet I would like a silver lobster clasp for my Xmas bracelet what are you going for. I have recently come back from holiday and got the dark green cut glass charm I will go on my green bracelet for now then I will put it on my Xmas. I also managed to get the Arabian coffee pot I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it I was in so much shock I just had to get it. It’s on my fairy tale bracelet at the moment and I do like it there but I feel like you don’t really notice the beauty so I may move it to my oxidised bracelet or on my pink heart clasp bangle.

    • Hi Nicola! Yay, I’m so excited for my christmas bracelet as well. It is coming along nicely :) I have just gone for the regular silver bracelet (only because I cannot do up lobster claps on my own without bugging my boyfriend or whoever happens to be nearby haha). What else are you putting on your xmas bracelet?
      Oh lovely, how did you get hold of the Coffee Pot? Isn’t it lovely! Such an amazing amount of detail packed into such a little charm. I do feel like you’re right and that you need to be careful what you put it with – it is little and can be swamped by other pieces. Hope you find the right place for it :)

      • The coffee pot was at the airport I had to take a second look when I saw it it was on the first tray just looking at me so I had to have it. I got a few Xmas charms from last year the Christmas pudding,the snowman,snowflake. Then I go the letter to Santa and the elf open work in the republic of jewels sale for £10. I will probley get a few from this years collection too and there some from last year what I still like to. I think this one I will do gradually so collect a few from each year. Do you know what’s happening with the snow globe charms.

        • Oh cool, how funny that they have them at the airport but not at official stores. :S Sounds like you have some amazing charms there, that should be great. The ROJ deals were really good – I paid full price for my Letter to Santa, lol. I still have no idea what is going on with the Snow Globe charms haha. I’m trying to find out but no confirmation yet…

  29. Hi Ellie, have you already solved the snowglobe mystery? I was just browsing Pandora site in UAE, because my friend is going there soon for a vacation, and one of them is there already for sale! It is the one with golden snowflake on top. I was also quite shocked that Pudsey is available there…

    • Hi Jana! No, not solved it yet haha. They have been listed on the UAE site for some time, I’m not sure whether it is an error or whether they are actually available in stores already though :S It would be interesting to see what your friend finds when they get there!

  30. I just received my eternity ruby red spacers and am disappointed that in person they are really more of a purple/pink colour than a true red. I was looking forward to putting it on a christmas bracelet but think they will clash with the red enamel of the christmas charms.

    • Oh no! That’s a real shame, as they do look red in the stock image. Perhaps they vary in person? You could always try returning them and picking some out in store?

  31. Hi Ellie,
    I’m base in Australia and my local jeweller had already started selling the winter collection since last Thursday. I’m so surprise to see them out before official launch. I’ve gotten myself a blue iridescence murano. It’s absolutely stunning. Having it on my starry theme bangle. Hope to get the shimmery blue sleeping beauty charm in Dec during my trip to HK Disneyland to complete the bangle. Cheers.

    • Hi! :) I’ve seen some live shots of the new blue murano and it looks absolutely stunning. Even sparklier than the Aventurescent. It’s like the Midnight Fizzle and the Aventurescent were combined to make an even prettier charm, haha. It would look great with the Sleeping Beauty bead – I hope HK Disneyland have it in stock for you! ^^

  32. Hi Ellie, is the winter collection the final one for 2015 or will there be another collection due close to Christmas?

  33. I had a chance to view part of the winter collection at a local store yesterday and was able to buy two of the icy blue geometric facets which are beautiful. I also bought the red nosed reindeer. I am sorry to say the charm does not match the stock images, the eyes are not black and the white around the mouth is missing.

    • Oh lovely! I’m hoping to go and see it today. :) I’m sorry to hear that the reindeer is not as you hoped – he is definitely on my wish list and I’ll keep an eye out for him when I make it to a store.

  34. Hi Ellie! I had a few questions about the dainty bow bangle promo for the US. Is it if you spend $125 USD you get the bangle for free? Also cyber Monday is usually all deals found online. Is Pandora letting us do a promo online? I love the bangles and the two I have are filled with charms. I thought about getting the dainty bow bangle and wearing it plain and stack it with my other bracelets or adding that beautiful ice crystal charm to it. Thanks so much!

    • Hey Jackie! Yes, if you spend $125 CAD or more, you get the bangle for free. The deal will also be available online I think for Cyber Monday. I will be posting some more info on this deal in my round-up for next month. :) I’m also planning on getting the Dainty Bow bangle and I’m going to do a mini festive design on it I think with some (Gasp) non-Pandora pieces ;) The Ice Crystal would look great on it too!

      • I figured it was free but I just wanted to check and make sure. That is great they are letting us participate in a promo online!! Hopefully there will be free shipping then too ;). I almost always participate in the promos because I think they are such a great deal. I have several moments bracelets, leather bracelets, an essence bracelet, and rings that I have gotten for free. It definitely makes collecting Pandora more affordable!! That is funny you want to put non Pandora charms on the bangle. Other than Alex and Ani, I’ve never gotten into any other brands of “build your own” jewelry. Not that I don’t think they aren’t cute!! I’m still undecided of what I want to put on my bangle. I might just leave it empty. I think it’s cute the girls at the store do that and they stack them all together. I’m sure I will change my mind a hundred times before the promo comes along, lol.

        • Hehe I like to wait for promos too but we have rather few in the UK. Luckily I have a few kind friends in the US and Canada who help me out with the great promos you guys have. It works out much better value!
          I have always kept up with other brands, and have often been tempted, but have never bitten the bullet and purchased any before. I saw two Chamilia Christmas charms this season that I loved and had to have. They will be going on the bangle and I’m actually really excited for them. ^^
          Yes stacking the empty bangles always looks very effective I think. My problem is that charms come along that need homes and the bangles end up getting at least one or two charms on them haha. :P

  35. Hi Ellie, do you know if the abundance of love charm and spacer will be available in the UK. They are the only two I really wanted and can’t find them on the UK websites but they are available in USA and Europe :(

    • Hi Shelly, it doesn’t look like it :( I can’t find them listed on any UK sites or the UK All these partial releases are getting so hard to get track of. I really can’t see the point!

      • It’s so frustrating when they only release part of the collection in certain regions. This happened with the daisy dangle charm and I had to get it shipped from Australia! The 3 I really liked were the abundance of love charm and spacer and the ruby facet so I am totally out of luck :( I’m even thinking of booking a trip away to get them lol

  36. I checked in my local store and the abundance of love item codes were not coming up on their tills so it looks like the uk won’t be getting them at the moment. I’ve managed to get the spacer as my mum is on a cruise and picked it up today when she stopped in St Tropez. They didn’t have the ruby facets there either.

    • Rumour has it on Facebook that the Abundance of Love pieces might be coming out in the UK for Valentine’s Day. Glad to hear that you managed to get the spacer, anyhow!

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