Today’s post features my next review from the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection, with an in-depth look at the new blush Radiant Hearts charm. This charm is another sparkly offering from Pandora, and is available in pink, purple and blue (the blue isn’t out until the 29th) – I went for pink, as I like the vintage look of the blush.


Read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration! :)

The charm

In some ways, this charm epitomises ‘new Pandora’; it’s showy, it’s glittery and, yes, it even has little hearts on it. :P I have never been against Pandora’s pavé offerings completely and, in fact, I like a great number of them; what I do feel, however, is that Pandora should keep up with their classic silver pieces as well as these new sparkly ones. In this instance, these cute button-style charms rather appeal to me, and the Blush in particular has rather a pretty, even an old-fashioned, aesthetic to it.

pandora autumn 2015 review

This is another instance where I think the stock image is pretty far removed from what the charm actually looks like in person. The bead depicts a ruddy, vintage-looking pink, one that is quite matte in shade. In person, my Radiant Hearts is almost a pale purple – it is nowhere near so warm in tone.

pandora autumn fall 2015 preview

It’s an openwork charm, and features heart silhouettes around it. The blush stones are significant in size, and actually protrude quite far from the charm itself.

pandora autumn 2015 review

If you’re wondering where the name ‘Radiant Hearts’ comes from, it’s not just because of this openwork heart design around the side of the charm. If you look closer at the blush gemstone itself, you can actually see the silhouettes of hearts beneath the stone! It’s a very cool effect, and one that is not as obvious in the dark purple version of this charm – the stone is too dark for the hearts to show through clearly.

pandora autumn 2015 review

While the Blush Radiant Hearts and the Fascinating Blush do go really nicely together, they are quite different shades of pink. My Fascinating Blush is a warm, rosy pink, while my blush Radiant Hearts is much cooler, almost purple-y in tone.

pandora autumn 2015 review


While I have seen photos of many lovely full bracelet designs featuring this charm, for this review I’ve opted to go with more minimal designs and to utilise it as a fashion piece, a focal point. Here, using the Viola Bloom pearl brings out the old-fashioned feel of this charm a little more and emphasises the prettiness of its pavé detail.

pandora autumn 2015 review

You can give the charm a softer look by pairing it with some nature-themed charms – here I have used the new Autumn 2015 Dragonfly and Majestic Swan. Their pavé accents go nicely with the sparkle of the Radiant Hearts, but their delicate details work nicely to offset its more dramatic style.

pandora autumn 2015 review

Finally, we have an updated look at my Arabian brown leather bracelet design – I previously featured it in my Fascinating Blush review and, with the addition of the Radiant Hearts charm, it is now complete! I really love the combination of the warm pinks and the brown leather together, and the colours look beautiful worn out in the daylight.

pandora autumn 2015 review


While I can appreciate that this charm is not to the taste of some long-term Pandora collectors, for me the detail of the hearts shimmering through the stone is really lovely, and I quite like its sparkly aesthetic. Wearing it on my leather with some solid silver charms helps to offset its glitter. If you’re considering purchasing this one, I would advise trying to see it in person, seeing as its colour in reality varies quite a lot from the stock image.

The Radiant Hearts charms are $80 USD or £55. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase them alongside the rest of the Pandora Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list?

51 Comments on Review: Blush Radiant Hearts from Pandora Autumn 2015

  1. Looks beautiful Ellie! I don’t have this charm, initially didn’t plan on getting it at all but I do like it now so maybe down the road? It looks really nice on your brown leather with the Arabian charms :-D This style of charm is a good option to add color to a bracelet different than the usual Murano or pave sphere charm.

    • Thanks Natalie! :D Glad you like the Arabian design! I didn’t initially plan on getting this one either, but I was swayed by the effect of the lovely hearts set in the stone and the fact that it’s quite a delicate purpley pink in person. ^^ And yes, it is definitely another lovely option to add a little colour to a design, especially if you don’t like murano glass!

  2. I really want the blush one. I have a bracelet with hearts and charms representing my daughter. So the pink will look lovely!

  3. Another great review Ellie, you’ve done quite a few for this collection. I still can’t make my mind up about this one. I’ve seen it in store and it looks a different colour in different light. I love the hearts round the outside, but also the hearts in the gemstone, which I think is a nice touch.
    I think it would be nice as the centre piece on a bracelet. I think it looks perfect on your brown leather bracelet, they match together so well.
    I might purchase at some point in the future.
    I’m going to get the radiant bloom from the winter collection, which has the same heart design round the edge. I’ve seen some live shots and it looks nice. Saw some other Live Photos of the winter collection on a Facebook page of a Pandora shop in Canada, really liking the look of the collection.

    • Thanks Sarah! I have ended up doing quite a few reviews this time around. I ended up loving quite a few of the new charms and reviews are great when other news is slow too. ^^
      This one definitely shifts colour a lot in different lights. I was going to take a pic in natural light inside (as opposed to indoor light) to showcase the difference, but ran out of time. It can look more pink/purple at different times, but it’s always pretty to me. Glad you like it on the brown leather :D
      Oh yes, I really like the look of the radiant bloom as well! That celestial pattern is so pretty. It’s tempting but I don’t know how I’d use it in my collection. I’ve also seen a few live shots of the new pieces – nothing has disappointed me yet, and I’m looking forward to seeing it all in person! :D

  4. I love the look of this charm! Great combinations! I will definitely have to get this charm. :) thx for this review. ♥

  5. I love this charm. I wasn’t planning on getting it but after I saw it in the store I had to have it. I originally purchased two with two barrels and I wore them as earrings. Later I decided to put them on a champagne cord with the angel wings charm and they go lovely together. I’m looking forward to buying 2 of the blue versions for my blue Cinderella bracelet.

    • I can see how this one would make lovely earrings, but it sounds beautiful on your leather. I think styling it with pearls really brings out that classic, vintage feel to it as well. :D
      I just saw a live shot of the blue version and it looks gorgeous, very icy. You can see the hearts through it really clearly as well!

  6. I really like the way it sticks out on either side. That and the fact that you can see the hearts through it made up my mind, and I bought one.

    • Glad to hear you like this one too! I like the prominence of the stones as well, and the heart detailing is so cute. Pandora do a lot of hearts, it’s true, but I still find it quite sweet when they hide away hearts within designs. ^^

  7. I saw the light blue one today and you can see hearts in it too. But I wasn’t a fan of it. Kind of a dull topaz color.

      • I’m interested to see that one as well. I think a big part of the appeal of the Radiant Hearts is their old-fashioned vintage setting – the blue is quite modern, so I’m not sure whether that will work as well as the pink. :)

  8. Hi Ellie!
    I must be the only person worldwide that hadn’t noticed the effect of the hearts in the stone!!! This detail made the charm gain extra points! I’ll wait to see the blue version, as I generally prefer blue colour to pink, to decide which one will enter my wishlist for later! For the time being I’m focusing on my Christmas design! :-)
    I prefer your leather styling, and really loved the combination with the purple one, you pictured on your Dragonfly’s review! Simply wonderful!
    You consider this one as a really dominant presence on a bracelet, don’t you? I’ve noticed you proposed only minimal stylings with bangles instead of “crowded” bracelets! I think I would love it on its own on the “Always in my heart” bangle, too! :-)
    Thank you for this lovely review, Ellie! You always expand my Pandora horizon! ♥♥♥

    • No you are not the only one. I was just looking at this charm last weekend and I didn’t notice the hearts in the stone at all! That makes me want to go back and take another look. I had been contemplating the blue for my mom for Christmas, now the hearts make it even more special.

      • Hi Nina! Well, it’s plenty of us out there! :-) When I first saw pictures of this charm, the crystal seemed awkwardly huge, and I just ignored it in stores… After this review I’ve reconsidered! The sparkling hearts on it are so pretty! I can’t believe I paid so little attention on it! Great idea to gift this to your mom! It’s elegantly vintage and classy, perfect choice for such a beloved person! ♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Aha, I really like the little hidden hearts as well, they’re very sweet and it’s a pretty cool effect in person as well. I’m surprised that you hadn’t noticed them before ^^ The blue also looks nice from pictures I’ve seen (although Pamela in the comments above mentioned something about it looking a little duller in person), so you should definitely wait and see which one is to your liking. It might be nice for your Cinderella styling, too, no? :)
      Thanks Chrysa! I’m so glad you like the leather as it is the design that I am going to keep together. ^^ I have to say that I wasn’t that inspired to create a whole bracelet design around this charm – ‘dominant presence’ is a good way of describing it. I would either want to use this charm as a focal point on a bracelet design, or have two to balance each other out. It just seems like quite a statement piece and not one that necessarily blends in that well. The Always in my Heart bangle would be great with it – I think the Radiant Hearts look nice with other pavé pieces!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Your comments are always so thoughtful and enjoyable to read. ♥♥♥

  9. Your leather bracelet looks great! The colors are pleasing and the simplicity allows each charm to stand out. I didn’t even look at this bead due to the not so exciting stock image. I’m a sucker for hearts, so I need to check this charm out! The little hearts within the stone is quite unique. This charm may have a little more bling than I usually like, but I think I’ll still have to go take a look. I’ll wait till the winter release is out so I can see the blue one, too. Thanks for another great review!

    • Thanks so much Judy! I am pleased with how that leather turned out. :) I wasn’t sure initially if the brown and pink would work well together, but they blend nicely in person. The stock image definitely doesn’t do this one justice – especially in terms of the colour, which is so pretty and shimmering in person. It is a bit on the sparkly side, but I think it has an almost old-fashioned aesthetic that stops it from being too much. The blue looks pretty, too.
      Glad you enjoyed the review and thanks for commenting! <3

  10. Hi Ellie it’s such a pretty charm and has a vintage feel to it I love it on your brown leather bracelet. I have never really cared for the brown leather but I love your styling with it what other colour or theme would you suggest for it.

  11. Thanks for a great review. I love this charm. It looks stunning. I am however waiting for the blue one from the winter collection. Hopefully for either my birthday or Christmas it will be mine lol

  12. Just purchased the purple Radiant Hearts charm, it is simple beautiful. Never really like the color purple, after I saw this charm in person, I decided that I will do a purple bracelet :). Thanks for the reviews!

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