Today’s post offers a closer look at the new Layers of Lace clip, from the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2015 collections! While this clip has been available in most regions since the Autumn 2015 launch, it has only just been made available in the US and Canada with the Winter 2015 collection.

pandora winter 2015 layers of lace review

Hopefully this review will put you in a wintry mood, with pretty blues and icy pastels! I’m also including a first look at my Pandora Christmas bracelet design, which features the new Christmas Holly murano (a review will be coming soon!). :D

The charm

This clip’s pretty pattern looks quite like ice forming on a window, and it’s a great piece to style with the other wintry charms and pendants from the latest collection. The contrast between the polished silver and the oxidised detailing is absolutely stunning in person, and adds a lot of depth & interest to the design, without resorting to pavé sparkle.

pandora winter 2015 layers of lace review

One of the reasons I was particularly pleased to see this new design is that it reminds me of classic Pandora clips, but with some more sophisticated detailing. This kind of clip makes me want to buy them in pairs, to have them matching, and they are great to use if you like your Pandora bracelets nicely symmetrical. Pandora have released a few clips in this style this season – have a look at the new Feathered and Braided clips for more ideas. :)

pandora autumn 2015

The detailing on the clip itself is quite ambiguous, with pretty webs of silver and the occasional floral detail. Pandora have called it Layers of Lace, but it doesn’t particularly remind me of that. I find myself thinking of crystallised ice, or cobwebs and dew on a wintry morning. The nice thing is that, depending on what you put it with, it can pretty much be what you want it to be.

pandora winter 2015 layers of lace review


Of course, these clips would be perfect worn in conjunction with the new Winter 2015 icy blues – their plain silver detailing would offset all the pave crystals beautifully. However, here I’ve gone for something a little softer with the pale blue Looking Glass murano. It conveys a fresh wintry blue, just like the new Crystallised Snowflake pieces, but with a little more softness and delicacy. A little dash of two-tone adds to that classic Pandora look: the Carousel is one of my favourites.

pandora winter 2015 layers of lace review

They are also a great option for any festive designs you have planned. This is the basis of my Christmas design for this year, and I’m in love with its bright reds and greens – eventually I am going to swap out the Lace clips for the Dainty Bow and Twinkle Twinkle clips, but they are great place-holders until I manage to get hold of the Dainty Bow!

pandora winter 2015 layers of lace review

Finally, this is how I will ultimately be wearing my Layers of Lace clips: this is my Northern Lights design. The sparkly Anna and Elsa muranos are perfect for evoking the shimmering pinks and blues across the sky, while the Polar Bear makes a cute Arctic accompaniment. ^^ The Layers of Lace clips do look like icicles, and finish the look perfectly.

pandora winter 2015 layers of lace review

If you want clips to stay in place on the leather, ask your local Pandora for some black rubber clip inserts. :) This kind of design would be perfect in conjunction with the Glistening Wonder gift set as well, with its pretty pavé bracelet clasp and the Radiant Bloom charm.

pandora winter 2015 preview


Beautiful and yet nicely affordable, these clips seem like a welcome callback to Pandora’s very first clip designs and seem suited to please most tastes, whether you prefer new or old-style Pandora. I hope that Pandora continue to make some of these older-style clips, as they seem to me less obtrusive and better suited for spacing out bracelet designs and lending a little symmetry.

The Pandora Layers of Lace clip is £25 in the UK. In the US and Canada, they are only currently available as part of the Glistening Wonder gift set – please see this post for more details. :)

Have you bought this clip, or is it on your wish list? How are you wearing it?

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  1. These clips are beautiful! I was wondering if you knew anything about the two tone petite bow ring- the one without czs on a plain silver stacking band? I work at a Pandora in Canada and I haven’t seen it yet. Is it an outside of NA exclusive?

    • I don’t think it will be available in North America because it doesn’t seem as Pandora is saving its release for anything…:(

    • in the Pandora Autumn 2015 brochure it says the “layers of lace” clip will be available for individual purchase on January 2016. I visit the Pandora store (I live in Toronto) pretty often but I do not remember seeing them

      • Yep that’s right – all the pieces in the North American Winter gift sets will be available on their own come January 2016. Until then, you’ll have to get the set if you want them, or order from abroad.

      • I LOVE these, but not the rest of the gift set, as all that bling has zero appeal to me. I think these might be my next set of clips, once they sell individually in January. I’m really hoping these are popular enough that Pandora will decide to create a matching safety chain. I had initially thought to wait and see, but… hell… once Pandora comes out with something I like, it’s pretty hard to resist. :-)

        • Fair enough! I really like the Radiant Bloom, but not enough to pay the high RRP for it. :) A matching Layers of Lace safety chain would be so pretty! Maybe next year? ;)

    • They are! They’re my favourites of the new clip designs. :) The Petite Bow ring is not launching in North America this season. I don’t know why, and I’m not currently aware of any plans to bring it out at a later date either – it’s another ‘missing’ item from this season’s collections for the US and Canada. :)

  2. Great post Ellie. The layers clip is so lovely in design and seems like it could fit in to any bracelet design. Actually I very much like all three of pandoras recent clip releases ( although I must admit the braided one is my fave). I love your Xmas bracelt so much, it’s magnificent and I can only imagine how awesome it will look when the final beads are placed. I never took much notice before of that stocking but seeing It front and center on your bracelt–I just love it! How adorable! Which is the charm that is next to the layers clip and light blue murano on the ballerina bracelet?? <3

    • Hi Alex! The charm between the clip and the blue murano is the two tone sleigh (it sits “funny” on bracelets because of the way it’s threaded, across the sleigh, instead of along the sleigh like the older style one).

      • Yes it does sit a little oddly, but the details are so intricate and pretty compared to the original garnet sleigh that I love it best anyway! ^^ It’s quite light as well, it makes quite an odd metal sound when it hits against other charms.

    • Thanks Alex! <3 I like all three designs as well, particularly this one and the Feathered clips. They seem like such a nice little callback to those classic Pandora designs. I'm so pleased that you like my Christmas bracelet! :D The colours are so much fun in person, without being overwhelmingly Christmassy. Red and green just go nicely together and I feel the lighter green is a bit more versatile as well.
      Lily is correct – that's the Dashing through the Snow charm, a.k.a the two-tone sleigh! :)

  3. Really pretty Ellie! I love your Christmas bracelet so festive :-D That Holly murano is so cute. I’m excited to start wearing Christmas charms soon.

      • I don’t think so! I probably will soon too, I’m just enjoying my fall and other bracelets right now though :-D May as well get some wear though out of it if you already have it made up! I was super early with Halloween charms wearing them in August ;-)

        • I don’t really have any fall bracelets! I did put my golden vintage spacers on my two-tone bangle but that’s about as far as I’ve gone so far. Maybe next year! ^^

      • Oh pretty! I think two-tones are lovely for fall. I used a lot of golden, burgundy, and brown colors on my fall bracelets (I’m wearing the same 2 I recently showed you). I used a lot of forest animals, flowers and fruit, maple leaf, pinecone, and also house, windmill, and bicycle dangle like a little town. I even have the Pandora Pumpkin and Ohm Deadhead on there, I’m just not ready to put them away yet :-P

        • Ooh thanks for the link on the US promos. That is a very interesting intereview – did you see that they want to move well away from doing regular promotions full-stop? Perhaps we won’t be seeing the return of the bracelet promo any time soon… I had seen the UK link, they always do well over here. Most people I know own something from Pandora. Lots of teenagers are crazy for the rings at the moment too!

      • You’re welcome, I found it very interesting! Yes, I wonder what it means for future US promos? Maybe they don’t like that many people here in the US tend to wait for promos to buy. If they don’t tell us so far in advance when a promo would be and have them more as a surprise treat, maybe less people will wait.

        I don’t see that many people wearing European charm bracelets of any brand here. There are a lot of stores that sell Pandora but I just don’t see that many wearing it apart from sales associates selling it. I never see any of the other designer brands like Troll, Ohm, Elf, Chamilia, RedBaliFrog for sale in person. I guess I’ve seen Troll twice but both were little gift stores that used to carry it and were just selling their few leftovers from years ago.

        • I think you’re right – I think they’re trying to move away from having really predictable promos that everyone will save their money for. In the UK, they tend to change it up each year so no one has a fixed week to save for. It’s a shame though – I hope they don’t just scrap the bracelet promo entirely as it’s such a great one.
          That’s funny! I see so much Pandora (including the Essence line), and a little Trollbeads/Chamilia as well. Not much else. Pandora is incredibly popular here though. People of all ages wear it as well.

  4. I have bought these and love them. I just love the design on them and they can match so much. I have got mine with the pink primrose charm from Spring and the dragonfly meadow charm from Autumn. I like my bracelets symmetrical, so I have two of each. It’s one of my favourite designs. One of the ladies who works in Pandora commented on it and said she really liked it.

    • Sounds beautiful! <3 It definitely goes well with all the nature-themed charms. The design is very cobwebby to me. ^^ I love symmetry in my designs as well (although I don't duplicate charms as a rule) so these kinds of clips are great for pulling together designs in that way.

  5. Ellie,

    I recently bought the Glistening Wonder gift set primarily so I could obtain these clips in advance of the Jan 2016 release in Canada. The fact that they came with the pave barrel clasp bracelet was a bonus, another item not released until later. I whole heartedly share your opinion – these clips are the most versatile yet and are affordable enough to be purchased in pairs, they really do facilitate symmetrical designs. When you mentioned the crystallized ice and cobwebs I thought these clips could be used for Valentines and/or Halloween for a Victorian motif.

    Your various stylings have really illustrated the versatility. Hadn’t thought of adding it to the leather bracelet but it does look great. In fact I think I will pair it with my red leather bracelet and Wild Flower Tribute Murano to wear this week as a part of Remembrance Day.

    After seeing your designs I might have to invest in an additional set in January, I think they would look good on my Pandora necklace.

    Again a fabulous post!!


    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that you indulged in the Glistening Wonder set – I think it’s beautiful. It’s a shame that you can’t purchase the clips on their own yet, but the Radiant Bloom and pavé clasp bracelet are so pretty that it’s hardly much of a sacrifice to get the set. ^^ I absolutely love your Victorian idea! The Victorian age is the period of literature in which I specialised for my Masters degree, and so that would be perfect for me. They would be great on a Halloween bracelet, especially if you wanted to go for something a little more elegant rather than cartoony.

      Your Remembrance idea sounds lovely, too. I will be wearing my Wild Flower Tribute bead tomorrow as well – I also wear it on a red leather! :)

      I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the review – your ideas were a great read, as well! Thanks so much for commenting, Lisa!

  6. (Sry I’ve asked so many times but) Is there any predicted date for when the valentines day previews will be shareable? I’m trying to figure out a valentine’s bracelet plan sort of. :)

  7. Love your Northern Lights bracelet. The polar bear charm is so cute. I wanted to buy it when it was retiring but I just didnt have a spot for it on my bracelet.

    Thank you for reviewing this clip. I didnt even know it existed. At $39AUD its good value. Going to add it to my rather long Pandora wish list.

    • Thanks Lozzie! I’ve also wanted the Polar Bear for some time, and happily enough I did manage to snap it up in the sales. I was struggling to think of a way to use the Frozen muranos, but when I saw the Polar Bear it clicked. ^^

      Hehe, my Pandora wish list has been whittled down to its lowest point in a long time. I actually have a little bit of bracelet-block (I’m coining it) when it comes to thinking of new designs, lol.

    • Thanks Ellis! <3 I wasn't aware that the Netherlands had been left out. :( That's such a shame. I was in Amsterdam this summer and managed to get the new Pre-Autumn charms I wanted, but didn't think to look closely at what else was on offer. :/

  8. Yet another great review that makes me change my mind! You seem to have the magic touch – some charms spear unattractive to me but after your reading your reviews I get tempted! (Blush Radiant and this!) this lace clip being more rectangular in shape is indeed perfect for spacing out those round chubby charms, which would be so useful for my bracelets! Initially I thought they were too plain, but you pointed out the intrigue details on them oh I just can’t wait to look at them in person again!!

    • Thank you, that’s so incredibly nice of you to say! ^^ I’m so glad that you enjoy the reviews, and that they go some way to changing your mind on the charms you didn’t like at first. I do that a lot myself – you barely notice a charm from its stock image, and then maybe weeks later you suddenly see a live photo that completely changes your mind about it! These clips are definitely more intricate than they might at first appear, and they match beautifully with just about anything you care to put with them. :D Thanks for commenting!

  9. Hi Ellie! I am new to your wonderful blog, but I must admit that I have been enjoying it for quite some time! I have been a serious Pandora collector for several years now and have approximately ten bracelets. Last year, I completed my very first winter themed bracelet. I fell madly in love with the celestial themed charms from Winter 2014. I found them to be so unique and lovely and it was an absolute joy to create my star themed bracelet. Actually, I did purchase most of the charms from last year’s Starry Night collection! I was pleased to see a few celestial additions this year. I recently purchased the Starshine spacer and the Starshine earrings. I have toyed with the idea of a dedicated Christmas bracelet, but the holiday season goes by so quickly. This year I decided to create a mini winter/snowflake themed bangle, which like the celestial bracelet, can be worn for a longer period of time. I have recently purchased some of the older classic winter charms, because I realize that they will probably be retired in the near future. (I was so disappointed to miss out on the two tone Christmas Tree and the original silver Present). So, I recently purchased the original silver Snowman and the Snowflake with turquoise stones. During the upcoming Black Friday promotion, I plan to participate in the Dainty Bow bangle offer and purchase the LE Snow Globe and the Divine Angel. I also am a fan of these lovely silver clips and I am so pleased that Pandora has released more simple and affordable clips as of late! I have purchased one Braided clip and plan on getting one more for symmetry on my bangle. I plan to complete my bangle with two light blue muranos. I have been considering the Looking Glass and the Frozen muranos, but have ultimately decided on a pair of the light blue Effervescence muranos. I have always been a fan of the murano glass beads and usually add between two and four to my bracelets. :D

    •, has a few of the two toned Xmas trees for sale left if you wanted to still purchase it ( this one is my fave from all three trees so far as well, although they are all nice) I love your of idea of a mini winter bracelet as I decided last minute to do a mini Xmas bracelet for this year ( will add a few more for next Xmas) and am so excited as it will be so fun to have something so festive to wear the remainder of the year. I have done a few mini themed bracelets so far and I adore them all.

      • Thank you so much Alex for the info on the two toned Christmas tree! I just love the original tree! Yes, I really enjoy creating mini seasonal bracelets as well. I love a full bracelet, but it is definitely pricey to invest in so many charms at once! But, when it comes to Pandora bracelet promos, I simply can’t resist. I adore my mini bracelets/bangles as well and I love to stack them together! :)

    • Hi Carol! It’s really nice to hear that you’re enjoying the blog, so thanks for taking the time to let me know. ^^ I really liked last year’s celestial theme as well – I notice that a lot of the store in the UK have put it back out in their windows again this year, so I think it must have been popular. There’s hardly any of the new collection in the windows, haha. I do agree that the christmas bracelets don’t have the longevity of a more generic winter bracelet, but I love the bright reds and greens so much that I have given in and made one anyway this year. I am just going to start wearing it in November and get more use out of it, haha. And I might just wear it in the year when I want some bright colours and a pick-me-up!
      Your mini bangle sounds beautiful. It’s a good call to start picking up the classic silvers you like, as Pandora have been retiring them quite aggressively in recent years. The two you went for are real classics, I particularly love that original snowflake charm. <3 The Effervescence muranos (or Fizzles as we call them in the UK) will give it a nice pop of colour – I love the idea of the mix of new and old Pandora you'll have on there, if you add any of the new winter charms. It's nice to see designs that blend the two, as I think they do and can complement each other! The Crystallised Snowflakes might be nice?
      I'm glad to hear that you're also a murano fan! :D They are often the defining characteristic of a bracelet for me, and I usually base my designs around the murano beads I want to include. Pandora don't make so many any more and so that has changed a little bit, but I still love my colour beads. :D I have to have at least one murano on each design!

  10. Hi ellie these clips are beautiful they look like lace and are so delicate I would really like these they are on my long list. They made some really lovely clips lately. Your X mas design Really nice.

    • Hi Nicola! They are very pretty and definitely worthy of a spot on your long list. ^^ They have definitely upped their game with the clips lately. I’ve loved both their new-style clips (the Dainty Bow one is lovely) and their more traditional-style offerings. I might come back for the Feathered clips at some point in the future.
      Thanks Nicola, I’m glad you like it! <3

  11. Hi Ellie!
    I keep telling myself that your inspiration ideas are offering new perspectives to the charms you’re reviewing, but I’m still pleasantly surprised each time! :-) Well, when I first saw those clips, they reminded me of a special kind of lace handmade pieces gradmas in villages use on serving trays, to offer coffee or biscuits and cakes (my grandma does it too!). Here’s an example (hope it opens directly to the picture and not the text-let me know):
    Since I’ve seen your wonderful pictures I think of icy glass, too! I’ll need clips for the new bracelet but I haven’t made my mind yet on their design- I admit I like the Feathered clips a lot!
    I loved all your stylings once again! The way you suggested light blue for winter is so great; I used to think of blue as a summer/ sea colour! :-) In this review however, the picture that stole my heart is the one of your Christmas design! Adorable! It makes me totally impatient for more festive ideas!!!
    Thank you for this super inspiring review, Ellie! You’ve made my afternoon! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Thank you for the link (it opened to the text as well as the pic fyi), that’s such a nice comparison. It’s funny, as having seen the picture of the special lace, the clip design does look more like lace to me than it did before. ^^ I get more of a sense what Pandora were probably going for – so thank you!
      I love the Feathered clips, too. I may well go for them in whatever my next bracelet design is. ^^
      Thank you Chrysa! I actually really love a nice pale blue for a Christmas theme, especially if it is put with some frosty whites as well. Two-tone just makes it feel extra special as well. And thank you, I’m so glad to hear that you like the Christmas bracelet. I actually just got a bunch more charms for it – the puppy, reindeer and the dainty bow clip & safety chain. However now that I’ve added them, it doesn’t seem to work as well – I might need to rearrange a little! :P We will see.
      Thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! You are full of interesting commentary as usual. <3 <3

  12. Morning Ellie =)

    The Layers of Lace clip was an unexpected purchase for me when they first came out in the Autumn collection. Ever since I read about your rule in buying duplicates – I’ve cut back on buying the same charms/clips. My Pandora bracelets started off by being very symmetrical and matching – in the end I kept coming back to your blog for more ideas on styling (my friends think I’m crazy) and putting similar charms together to create the look =)

    The clips remind me of those paper coasters we had in school – where the school canteen used to line baskets with them, or were used to decorate tables during Christmas season! =P. The clips look like layers of those coasters to me, plus a mix of cobwebs like you said =D.

    I paired mine together with the Autumn feather clip, the olive bead and coffee pot (thank you to Jana!!), alongside the Dragonfly Meadow and the Fairy =D. I don’t think I have a very strong theme going there, but they seem to mesh well from a distance =P.

    I agree with everyone above – your Christmas bracelet is very eye catching in the pictures above! The pop of red and green, plus your Holly murano as a centre piece really ties the whole bracelet together! I get very excited reading your posts, even though my wallet can’t afford all the new pieces you change my mind on!

    Oh, and the Disney collection =D I had a look in the Pandora store, and they are so sparkly. Pandora have chosen all the sparkly pave pieces for the launch (Hong Kong), plus the Elsa and Anna fluorescent beads! I’m really loving the icy blue, and I can’t wait to purchase one to test it in the dark!

    After making it into the store I ended up with the new Iridescent bead, and the Abundance of Love bead =DD. I said to myself I’d wait for the US promotion or buy it elsewhere cheaper, but it came home with me! I was in store for a while just picking out the murano. There was a lot of shade variation in the Iridescent bead, and the amount of sparkle – ranging from the deeper blue (stock image) to a lighter, paler blue. The sparkle around the core seems to be the same as last years Midnight fizzle – but there are sparkles throughout the whole bead, plus the sparkle circling the core! It’s a delightful shade and I adore the subtle sparkle! The Abundance of Love is gorgeous too, bigger than I thought it would be though, and now I’m waiting for the Opalescent Snow Globe to tie it together! Will it actually be released? I can’t find anything on it anywhere =(.

    I’ve ended up waffling for so long (sowwie =P). I just wanted to express my joy in reading your posts and the excitement towards Christmas =D. Thank you again for your lovely posts and for bringing joy to us Pandora readers =) !

    • Good evening Suzy! Haha, well it’s only my rule – you don’t have to follow it if you like to purchase duplicates for symmetry. Symmetrical bracelets that use duplicates do often look absolutely stunning – I just like to try and achieve the same look by using similar charms, so each one is more meaningful. My friends/family think I’m pretty bonkers when it comes to Pandora as well, but four years or so into collecting means that they are mostly accepting of the crazy aha.

      Oh, you mean like paper doilies? My gran used to make proper fabric ones I think. <3 I can see that! Your combination sounds so pretty – very natural and vibrant, and rather in keeping with Pandora’s whole Majestic Kingdom thing they had going for this season. I must get the olive bead at some point soon. Your bracelet seems quite nature/forest-themed to me – the Coffee Pot is the only missing link, I suppose. Perhaps it’s a mysterious item found in an enchanted forest or something? :P

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like the Christmas bracelet. I did love having the Holly murano as a centrepiece, but I have since added the new Puppy and the Reindeer and now I feel like I need some more colour in the centre. So I might add in another light green murano next to the Holly and have something else for the centrepiece. This has thrown all my plans for it off aha. ;)

      The icy blue Elsa murano is one of the best for glowing in the dark! That one and the Cinderella are the ones to try. :D They will release more Disney in Asia with the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection – you can expect more of the red Minnie Mouse bows etc.

      I don’t know about the opalescent snow globe. :( I have my fingers and toes crossed that it is not a design that they’ve shelved in favour of the two-tone version. The minute I hear anything about it I will update you! It is definitely the version that I want to take home with me in an ideal world.

      No, it’s never waffle! Or, if it is, it makes for a delightful read. ^^ So glad you’re enjoying the posts and the run-up to Christmas (I am too!), and thanks as ever for commenting Suzy.

  13. It’s a really pretty delicate design but if I had to nitpick, it would be that the hinge leaves a bare space. The “s clip” for example has a different type of hinge that allows for the design to go all the way around except for the small hinge. But again, I’m just nitpicking lol

    • Ah, that’s a good point! I hadn’t thought of that, and you’re right in that most of the other original clip designs in the same rectangular style don’t have the same bare space at the hinge. Not even the Flower Burst clip, which is probably one of the most similar in style. I guess previous designs have done a better job of incorporating the hinge into the actual design. The Layers of Lace is very pretty nevertheless though! ^^

  14. Hi Ellie, I love your light blue design. In fact I went out and got the carousel charm today. It’s a lovely piece that I sort of overlook it till now. I think my new fairytale Christmassy bracelet may turn out to be more of a winter wonderland theme. I’m getting the pumpkin coach to put opposite it cos they both have a bit of gold at the top. As for murano, I think the blue frozen ones and the blue and white fizzles will match it. White abundance of love and the new White opalescent snow globe will have a spot in it too ( if I can get them). I’m so excited about the bracelet I’m creating but don’t think my wallet is. Haha… Love your post as always. :)

    • Hi, thank you! :D Oh good, I am glad to hear that – the Carousel is one of my absolute favourites! 2013 was the last year that Pandora really invested in some interesting and detailed two-tone designs. <3 Your Winter Wonderland sounds absolutely magical, I’m excited too just hearing about it – a pretty icy blue theme is always gorgeous, and will make your bracelet a little more versatile than Christmassy reds. I love the idea of the blues put with the softer whites, like the Abundance of Love, and the little bit of two-tone makes it extra special. The opalescent snow globe would be perfect for that – let’s just hope it does make an appearance, as I have heard so little about it since the initial picture leaks. :(

  15. Hi Ellie! These clips just came up on RueLala (January 3020). Came to see if you ever reviewed them and I’m not disappointed! I’ll be putting these clips on my beach bracelet; they remind me of seaweed! Thank you for all you’ve done for the Pandora community!!! ????

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