Today’s post brings my next Winter 2015 review, with a closer look at the new Dainty Bow clip and safety chain! Pandora have created a matching safety chain, clip and bangle in this design – I went for both the clip and the safety chain to add to my Christmas bracelet. :D

pandora review winter 2015 dainty bows review

This season, Pandora seem to have started a little trend – matching safety chains and clips. I have been desperate for new safety chain designs for a long time, and I’d love to see this trend continue. There are a lot of existing clips that would look great turned into safety chains. :D

The charms

What I love about the Pandora’s bow charms is that they are great for the Christmas season, as they evoke the magic of beautifully-wrapped presents, but also offer a pretty, chic design that has appeal all year round. They feature a spherical cute bow design, with just a dusting of pavé on the tops of the bows.

pandora winter 2015 preview

I got my beads pretty much without seeing them in person as first, as my brother picked them up for me in Australia (the exchange rate is greatly in my favour, haha). So I was interested to see how they compared in person!

pandora winter 2015 preview

In person, the design is very sweet, but perhaps not quite as striking – the insides of the bows are not actually oxidised, and the detailing doesn’t look quite as defined as in the stock image. As there is a lot of smooth silver, there’s also a concern that it might look a bit scratched and dull over time.

pandora winter 2015 dainty bow review

In the right light, however, the little dash of pavé at the tops of the bows does look very pretty. It’s a rather subtle design, overall, and it works well for a clip or a safety chain – it’s cute, but it blends in very well.

pandora review winter 2015 dainty bows review

Like the Asian-exclusive starry safety chain, the Dainty Bow chain is on the chunkier side – it takes up more space on the threads than a traditional screw-on safety chain. It’s a bit heftier than its name would suggest, but it does look beautiful once on.

pandora winter 2015 dainty bow review


My first instinct with the Dainty Bow pieces was to put together some delicate, soft designs. As I said before, it’s not exactly a statement piece, and so I wanted to put with some other similar charms to really bring it out. Here I’ve used the Mother’s Day 2013 Circle of Love bangle, with its delicate lilac stones, and the adorable Sparkling Bow pendant, which is a recent acquisition of mine. ;)

pandora winter 2015 christmas holly murano review

This sort of look translates well into a larger charm bracelet design – here I’ve gone for some pastel pinks and whites, utilising the Pink Hearts murano and the white Fizzles. As usual, I like to offset my softer pastel colours with the edgier oxidised bracelet – I love the contrast between them. The darker chain also really sets off the glitter of the pavé charms.

pandora winter 2015 dainty bow review

However, the bow design also struck me as perfect for a Minnie Mouse design. Her signature motif across the Pandora collections is her pretty red bow – and the Dainty Bow pieces would be a very pretty and feminine complement to the Minnie-themed charms. My styling for this idea is slightly hampered by the fact that I only have two Minnie Mouse charms (the clip and the cupcake), but I expect that some of you will have more Minnie pieces than I do – so you can do this more justice than me!

pandora winter 2015 dainty bow review

Personally, I have added both these new charms to my Christmas bracelet. :D You will have seen (and will be seeing) a lot of it recently, so I won’t picture it again here. :P If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at my Holly murano review!


This became quite a ‘pink’ review in the end, but I couldn’t help indulging in my love of Pandora’s signature ribbons when it came to reviewing these beads. ^^ These two charms are very cute, but are not stand-out pieces for me. They will beautifully complement other charms, however, and I do think that they are a great choice for Christmas, fitting in with the presents and gifts theme, but also offering versatility beyond the season. Moreover, I am still thrilled that Pandora have come out with so many safety chain designs this season, and I do hope that the trend continues :D

This design also works wonderfully as a clasp on the Dainty Bow bangle, and I’m looking forward to picking one up in the North American promo, with a little help from a friend! ^^

The Dainty Bow clip is  $50 USD, while the safety chain is $65 USD- in the UK, they are currently only available as part of a gift set. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it alongside the rest of the Pandora Winter collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

What do you think of the new Dainty Bow pieces? Have you indulged in any of them, or are they on your wish list?

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  1. I initially asked for the bow safety chain for my birthday but when I got it I found that it was too heavy I had to exchange it, which is a shame its a beautiful piece. I exchanged it for the family tree charm which I absolutely love :)

  2. It’s so cute. :) I’ll probably end up getting two of the clips to go one the matching bangle. I just went to the pre-sales yesterday. ^^ The clips and safety chain look so good on the oxidized bracket that I think I’ll have to get one. Thx for this review. :)

    • That sounds cute, would you add anything else to go with the clip and bangle? :) I have my pieces put away for me ready for Friday as well! Oh yes, you should definitely consider the oxi bracelet :) the effect does fade a little over time, but you can re-oxi it at home or get Pandora to do it (sometimes they charge you though). I love my oxi bracelets! ^^

  3. The safety chain is on my wishlist currently and will be a Christmas gift shortly. I like a bit chunkier charms as I don’t fill up my bracelets as much, I like the movement and sound a slightly emptier bracelet makes. It’ll go with my Christmas one which has the red and white fizzles, clear inspiration within, the twinkle clip and the star/crescent moon clip, last years tree, ornament and present. Also to come at the same time is either 2 of the new red inspiration within or the new red spacer (can’t remember the name but it has the square red stones).

    I love your review. I’m not much of a pink person but the designs you’ve put together are really sweet.

    • I like the feel of an emptier bracelet as well – but inevitably I buy more charms and they need somewhere to go, so my bracelets seem to end up full no matter whether I planned them that way or not. ;) Your bracelet sounds lovely! Very festive and fun, I love the Fizzle muranos. :D

      Thank you so much Ivanka! I’m really pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I did go a bit overboard with the pink. ;)

  4. Now I need to find out if the official Pandora website from Australia ships to The Netherlands!!! Amazing tip, think I need some Disney charms now ??

  5. Hi Ellie. Great review as always. I too picked up the safety chain and clips. Was surprised at how “chunky” and substantial they both were. We certainly are getting our money’s worth here. I also intend to put them on my new Christmas/Winter bracelet. Yes i did break down and start one. I will be picking up the candy cane, winter mittens, red nosed reindeer, holly muranos and pinecone on the 29th when I go in for my back surgery. I have been waiting for the snow globe and the dainty bow bangle promo. I will also purchase the glistening bracelet set and Jasmine slipper and muranos to enable me to receive free 4LE bow bangles and the big spend for the gold clasp bangle. The girls from my concept store have phoned to confirm my order and tell me they were packing everything up to be picked up on the 29th. Something more exciting to look forward to. I think i will add my green Fascinating or red Fascinating and the sparkly Christmas tree to the bangle as well. Not quite sure yet till I get everything together. I love all of your stylings above but then you always come up with some great ideas and combinations. Patiently waiting to pick up my goodies. By the way have you finished with your schooling. Congrats on that. Takes a lot of hard work. Talk to you soon and keep the postings coming. Oh and any word yet where the opalescent snow globe will be available?

    • Hi Cheryle, that is a good way to look at the chunkiness – getting good value, haha. I’m glad to hear that you went ahead with the Christmas bracelet! I have so enjoyed building mine over the last few months and I’ve already been wearing it all this week :D it cheers me up just to see all the pretty festive colours. I love the pieces you chose, with all the cheerful reds. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to, once the surgery is over and done with (best of luck with that, again!). Four LE bangles and a gold one too! My oh my. ;) I will be getting the dainty bow bangle as well, but I’m going to go for the BF charm and two of the Disney muranos. :) You will have to let me know all the delightful bracelets and designs you concoct once you have all your pieces! :D
      I have finished my master’s yes – and thank you! :) I still don’t know my classification or final results, even though I finished in mid-September, as there’s quite a complex marking and moderation system for the dissertations. It’s weird being in limbo, haha. I don’t have any word at all on the opalescent snow globe. I’m wondering if they have just axed it and it won’t be available at all… I’d be so disappointed as it was far and away my favourite version. I guess we will have to wait and see. It would be nice if Pandora clarified its status, seeing as it was pictured in their own Autumn campaign video! ;) Anyhow, talk soon and best wishes again for your surgery.

    • I actually don’t have anything else on my wish list currently, believe it or not. ;) The pieces I have got are the Dainty Bows, the Puppy, the Reindeer, the Holly murano and the Disney holiday wreath charm (which is probably enough, haha). The only other one I have planned is the Black Friday charm. Do you have anything on your wish list?

      • Well I love the holly murano, puppy, reindeer, also some of the older X mad charms the pine one charm keeps popping in my head. I m thinking about doing the Christmas ornament promo I wasn’t going to but I’m going to get my mum Pandora for Christmas and I thought I might as well do the promo. I’m going to get her the navy leather, cathedral rose charm, an open work then I might get myself the holly murano. Are you doing the promo.

        • Oh you should do the promo if you can :) this year’s ornament is just lovely! I was going to do the promo but a lot of stores near me have run out, so I actually bought mine from Acotis in the end. Or rather my OH did for me as an early Christmas present! ^^
          Sounds like a lovely bracelet for your mum. I’d like to get the navy leather at some point! :)

        • Sounds perfect! :) I’m not sure what I’d put on mine yet.
          I remembered another charm from this collection that is on my wish list, lol. The Prancing Reindeer – I’d forgotten about it, but it’s super cute!

  6. Thanks for the review Ellie,

    I liked the Minnie theme with the bows best. I don’t have any safety chains and I don’t think I will ever get any as I have never had a bracelet open on me yet and don’t like the chain part of them.

    I was interested to see live shots of the dainty bow design though as I will be taking part in the bangle promotion in Australia in December :) When I first saw the preview of the dainty bow I wasn’t sure I would really like it but as you said it’s quite simple and will blend into many designs. I think for me I will just get the bangle as I prefer more interesting clips. I’m hoping to be able to find the two tone Daisy clips in the end of year sales as they are being retired :)

    • You’re welcome! The Minnie design is one that I would have liked to do more justice to, as I only have the two red Minnie charms. I can just picture a fuller red Minnie bracelet looking great with the Dainty Bow clips and safety chain. :D
      Glad to hear that you’re going to take part in the promo! The limited edition bangles are a lot of fun :) I’m going to be doing the US version, so I can get hold of the Black Friday charm. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the Boxing Day sales in the UK as well – last year’s sale was absolutely great, and I got some pieces I’ve always wanted at a great price (the best of which being the two-tone braided heart clips :D). I’d love to get hold of the two-tone Dragonflies.

  7. I got the clips a couple of weeks ago & have to confess I haven’t used them yet.

    Although they are very cute, I agree that in person they don’t quite live up to the stock image.

    I’m still glad I got them though as I do feel that Pandora have been lacking in their selection of clips. I will always use clips & up until now only had one set that I actually like!

    • No, they’re not quite as pretty in the flesh – I think it’s because the insides of the bows aren’t oxidised, and the whole design doesn’t stand out quite as much as it should. They’re nice nevertheless though! I am impressed that you only found one set of Pandora clips you liked before, aha. I have too many ;)

  8. These are both lovly although I think I prefer the bow clip in this case. It’s up there for me with the braided and feathered clips which have all been recently released. The bow clip seems particularly versatile as it seems both fancy and plain depending in which bracelet u have it on. I particularly live it on your oxi bracelets, and I love the red and white Minnie bracelet, how simple but yet so bright and bold!!

    • Yes, Pandora have done some really nice clip designs this season! :) I loved all three of their classic silver designs they did as well as this Dainty Bow one. I’d like to get the Feathered clips at some point as well. :) Thanks Alex! The oxi bracelet is a favourite of mine :D

  9. The safety chain is a bit too chunky for my liking. And the clips are quite expensive for a not very paved piece. However, I like your styling. So sweet and pretty.

  10. I think the bow pieces are very pretty! I had thought I would get the safety chain, but I thought it was a clip on safety chain. I guess because of the size. Oh, well! I just like the clip ones better!!

    • It does look like the clip-on style! I don’t think the clip-on safety chains are very popular for the most part – most people want to save the space on their bracelets. :) They are a heck of a lot easier to get on and off though! The screw-on safety chains are annoying to review, just in terms of getting them on and off the bracelets haha.

  11. I got two set of retired clips 50% off from outlet. Flower with real pink stone and flower with amethyst, I love this two colour. One set of silver Circle of Love, I love heart too. I got what I love already so not tempted to any new clip.

    • Which outlet? Are you sure it is Pandora? Do you have a website name? Cherry Blossom series still not complete, and with 50% off…..?

      • Now i need friends in North America too ?? I wish there was an outlet in The Netherlands ?? I love the Cherry Blossom set!! Only have the big ring, and the earrings!

        • Aha, it is good to have some lovely Pandora contacts in useful places. ^^ I love the cherry blossoms as well – it’s funny as I think the big ring and the earrings are the only ones I’m missing, haha. I have the pendant, clip and small ring. ;)

  12. Looks great Ellie! Cute little bows <3 I am looking forward to getting the bangle this week. I like your idea with the Minnie charms, I think one way I will wear the bangle is putting my Minnie sparkling ear hat on it now! And of course I love your bracelet with all the pink and girly things too :-D That is right up my alley!

    • Thanks Natalie! I’m really looking forward to the promo as well, although I won’t get my items for a little while. I’m excited to see the BF charm in person, even if it is not the opalescent version that I wanted most :) I love the idea of wearing the bangle with Minnie ear hat on it! A really cute, sweet, subtle tribute to Disney. ^^

  13. I must have finally gotten used to Pandora bling because I find these quite plain.
    Had planned to get the GWP bow bangle but not so sure now. I am also not getting the Christmas ornament either as having seen it in store its not to my taste at all.
    Will save my dollars for the next Pandora promo in the new year.

    • I think that the design doesn’t stand out as much in person as it does in the stock image. The clips are cute, but they tend to blend into bracelet designs, rather than standing out I think. I have this year’s Christmas ornament and I really like it! The only porcelain ornament that they’ve done so far that I didn’t like was the Father Christmas. I’m never that keen on Santa designs for some reason. ^^
      Good plan! Unfortunately I’m not being so good – I’ll be doing the US Black Friday bangle promo this week… :S

  14. I am a huge bow lover and great review as always Ellie! I love both your stylings. The first styling is minimalist but really brings out the bow pendant’s intricacy and I like how the subtle pave details on the bow clip contrasts with that of the bow bangle. I intend to take part in the US bow bangle promo too and a bow clip will be lovely when I want to wear just a simple dangle with it or perhaps have my mix of festive enamels with it. The second styling is so sweet. I love Pandora’s sweet pink enamel pieces but somehow wish there are more lavender pieces as well. I know an oxidised bracelet will somehow lose its colour in a matter of months but I really like how the silver pieces contrast against it.

    • Thanks Ariane! Your ideas for the bow bangle promo are very nice – I like how versatile the bangles are. You can dress them up or down. ^^ I would like some more subtle lavenders or pastel purples as well. Technically the Circle of Love bangle is classified as pink, according to Pandora, but the stones are definitely more lilac/lavender in person. :) The oxi bracelet does lose a lot of its colour or go patchy very quickly, but I love it nonetheless. ^^ It still does look darker than the regular silver bracelet even when it is faded, and it goes to quite a pretty silvery colour. Thanks for commenting! <3

  15. Hi Ellie,
    I have buy the dainty bow safety chain and the star safety chain from Asia. I don’t know witch one I prefer, and like you I am waiting some new models. I can’t wear a bracelet without.
    For the clip I should wait ;) In my christmas bracelet there is no place for clip : so I should buy a bigger bracelet or an other one : cruel dilemma !
    Each time I saw your oxidized I find it gorgeous, but I have one, and in two months the oxidation is totally lost. it was exchanged to me, but I do not dare try again.
    Nice day !

    • Hi Isabelle! I love both safety chains, but I think the pavé star one just edges it for me. The little twinkling pavé stars are just so cute!
      Aha, well you know that I would always recommend buying another one! ;) It is a shame that the oxidised finish on the bracelet doesn’t last. Mine have weathered as well, but the finish is still darker than on the regular silver and I love them nevertheless. You can always re-oxidise them at home as well! :)
      Have a nice day too and thanks for commenting Isabelle!

      • Thanks, Ellie, you just made up my mind between the twinkle and dainty bow safety chains! Am definitely purchasing the twinkle one. Also, I have two oxidized bracelets and neither has faded, I am glad…didn’t even know that might happen.

        ThanKS again.

        • That’s a good choice! ^^ It would be easier to come back for the bow safety chain at some point in the future, too. It’s good that your oxi bracelets haven’t faded, how long have you that them? They do fade eventually, especially if you have charms that roll around the chain and rub away at the oxidised finish. :)

  16. I got the dainty bow clips to put on my icey blue Cinderella bracelet. They just reminded me of her since she was a seamstress. I also thought they were very feminine and delicate. They look great on my bracelet. The subtle pave stones are a nice contrast to the blue and other rather blinged out charms I have on it, lol. I will be going to the store next Monday to buy a few charms for my bracelet and to get the gwp bow bangle. I intend to wear it plain as I told you that’s what the girls in my store do and I think that’s really chic. I can’t get there before Monday because of Thanksgiving weekend being so busy so I hope they aren’t sold out in my store! I guess I can order them online if they are. I do like the safety chain also but I don’t like the idea of the safety chain. I tried one a long time ago and I felt like it just wrapped around my bracelet and never laid right. Do you have that issue with yours?

    • Oh, that’s perfect! Bows are perfect for Cinderella – I’m reminded of that scene in the film where the birds lift that pink bow on to her dress as well. ^^ I’m sure the clips look lovely – clear pavé and icy blue are a great combination.
      I love wearing the bangles plain as well. I only have a couple of charms at most on them anyway, and a lot of the time I take them off and just stack them (I have three). Fingers crossed that they’ll still have a bangle for you! Can you not get them to put one aside for you? :)
      I don’t have that issue with my safety chains, but I tend to only wear them with full bracelets, so they don’t spin off the threads and get tangled up. I also mostly go for the 4 or 5cm chains, which are a bit shorter – I’m not sure which lengths they offer in the US. What exactly do you mean by wrap around the bracelet? Do you mean get caught up in the charms or just that it moves off the threads?

      • Yeah, the chain itself seemed to wrap around the other charms. Maybe the one I had was the longer one and I might try the short one this time. Thanks for the tip!

        I went today and my store had run out of the bow bangles but they gave me a regular bangle for free. I was pleased with that as I am going to have the bow clips and safety chain on my other bracelet anyways! I thought it was nice of them.

        • I see! I’ve not had that problem with my safety chains, no. The chain doesn’t seem long enough to do that – perhaps it helps that I always wear mine with a full bracelet design, so they don’t move off the clasp and get closer to/tangled up with the other charms.
          That is really nice of your store! It’s great that they made sure you got something. :) From my reading online, it seems like some are being better than others at dealing with the shortage of bow bangles!

  17. I’m really liking the trend of the matching clips and safety chains. The bows themselves have no particular appeal to me, but I have an empty heart clasp bracelet ready and waiting for Pandora to come out with a design that I like. Hint to Pandora people if you want my money: easy on the glitz. Plain silver, but with some interest would be great (the plain silver seems to show scratches more easily), and please… not hearts, and not pink! I’d LOVE to see a matching safety chain for the Layers of Lace clips.

    • I’m a fan too, especially if it means that we get more safety chain designs! I like cute little designs like the bows, but I second your request for less glitter! I need more plain silver, character designs (like the Arabian Coffee Pot) – the ones with intricate, oxidised detailing are best. ^^ I like pink, but I feel like it’s time to explore more colours! The Layers of Lace clips would make an absolutely gorgeous safety chain, I’d love to see that.

    • Tough question! ^^ My absolute favourites are the Arabian Coffee Pot, Majestic Swan, and the Forest Fairy. I also love the fact that they released all the new safety chains, especially the starry one and the Dainty Bows. How about you?

      • I like the red robin, the dragonfly meadow, and the dainty bow clips. The safety chains are really nice, but are a little big. Still debating on whether I should get one or not. The only safety chain I have at the moment is the two toned flower-clip one because I like that it stays on your bracelet nicely. Did you ever have a problem with the safety chains screwing off?

        • Aw, the robin and dragonfly meadow are both lovely! I have them both.
          Do you mean with the safety chain screwing off the end threads? If the bracelet is not full, then they will pretty much always unscrew themselves from the threads while you’re wearing them unfortunately. That doesn’t really bother me though!

      • I’ve started noticing other people’s Pandora bracelets, and one person I met recently had a second set of safetyclips on the ends to prevent that. I suppose you would need the little black rubber thingies under them, though I didn’t ask. I don’t think I could give up bracelet “real estate” that way, but it’s an option.

        • That’s a good idea – you would need the inserts I think. If the clips were nice enough, I might be prepared to give up the bracelet real estate, haha. A lot of Pandora’s more recent clips are quite charm-like!

  18. I am going to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon for X’mas holiday. There are a few LV exclusive charms and there is a Pandora outlet there, I will check it out.

  19. I love your oxidised bracelet Ellie =D. I don’t usually like red, but the murano you have contrasts perfectly with the white, silver, and dark bracelet! It never occurred to me that the contrasting light and dark colours could work so well.

    I have yet to purchase the Dainty Bow pieces – I want to buy them all! Plus the fact I’d love to participate in the upcoming Black Friday US promo, but I haven’t a clue how to do it =(. I have the FB pages to the Pandora’s Angels and Tribe (thanks to Jana for clueing me in) but will they be able to authorise this week? (I’m a newbie… and I’m not really an FB user… =/).

    Any word on the Opalescent version of the snow globe? It seems to have magically disappeared =(, I was so excited for it!

    • Thanks Suzy! I never used to be a fan of red designs either, but they have really grown on me – I love all the CNY red enamel pieces, for example. I also really love to contrast light pastels with the oxi bracelet, it just toughens up a little bit and stops them from being overly cutesy. ^^

      I’m not quite sure what you mean by authorise, but if you go online and either have a search through existing posts on the Angels or Tribe pages, or make a new ‘in search of’ post, you should be able to find some help. :) I have seen a few people offering to help, so I’m sure someone will be able to get you a Black Friday charm! Send me an email if you are still struggling and I should be able to point you in the right direction :)

      Nothing at all! I am also so disappointed. It was in their own campaign video for Autumn, and yet nothing has been said about it. I wish they wouldn’t be so secretive haha, especially if it has been pulled. My fingers are crossed that it is still appearing somewhere…

      • Me too! I want both versions. ^^ Fo you think the enamel will yellow in time? I never had good experiences with enamel. I had the white daisy clips, and the petals fell out. :(

        • No I don’t think it will yellow – that only tends to happen with the white enamel. This is silver, so it should be okay. :) I have seen that happen to a few of the Daisy clips, and yet I haven’t had a problem with either my Daisy or Cherry Blossom flower clips. I wonder if there was a problematic batch or if they are susceptible to any knocks or scrapes…

      • Authorise as in.. adding me to the groups =P. They did say on their pages that they’d take a few days minimum to screen members, although I have no idea how they do that with my non-existent FB page, but yes, haha. Fingers crossed, I really want to take part in the promo! This is when I wish I was in the US… they really do have the best deals going… =/.

      • Haha… no need to be sorry Ellie =P
        I didn’t join earlier because I realised I’d probably spend so much more after joining, so I sort of dismissed the idea until this Black Friday promo =D
        It’s such a great deal! The bundle price that we have here for the bangle is nowhere near as good as the US pricing system or promo. You save absolutely loads. =O

        It would be lovely if someone from the US or Canada would be willing to help me out! Thanks for asking on my behalf Ellie *hugs*.

      • Hi Chris =)

        I was hoping to purchase the BF Wonderland charm and the Cinderella pumpkin coach whilst taking part in the free LE bangle promo. We don’t have either here in Hong Kong, and my local SA hadn’t a clue whether the Disney releases near Valentines would have the pumpkin coach. =/

        I haven’t been accepted on the FB groups because I have a blank profile lol… ><!

        • Hello again Suzy,

          Please email me directly at with your address. In the meantime, I will be sure we have Cinderella pumpkin coach at the concept store I usually go to.
          I don’t have facebook at all!!
          Love to help if can.

          Chris, USA

  20. I’m planning to get the dainty bow bangle this week and it’ll be my first bangle. I’m curious, if you wear your bangle with beads, do you usually 1) not use clips, 2) use two clips opposite the bangle clasp, or 3) use one clip and the bangle clasp as the other “clip”. I’m so used to clips on my Moments bracelets that I’ll probably use the two clips, but I’m curious how you and others use clips on your bangles. Thanks! :)

    • My answers in relation to the bangle would be 1) and 3). ^^ On my two-tone bangle, I have one openwork charm that is sandwiched between the clasp and a two-tone clip. On my other two bangles, I have one or two openwork charms on them without any clips at all. :)
      I would probably go for 2) if I had more than two or three charms on my bangle. When it comes to leather bracelets, I often use two clips however, as I tend to add more charms to them than I do the bangles. Hope that helps! :)

  21. Hi Ellie!
    I’m back!!! I had a lovely week in Germany! Christmas was everywhere, in all the wonderful Christmas markets full of toys, colourful lights and delicious tastes! I already miss the fun! :-)
    So I returned with great memories and lots of Pandora goodies! I got the pave barrel clasp bracelet and the Dainty Bow SC, so I was gifted the stunning leatherette jewelry box! :-) I also got pretty Christmas charms, presents from the cousins I visited there: the red enamel Santa, the silver snowman, and the black enamel pinguins, all adorable!
    You’re right about the chain’s different appearance compared to the stock image. It would have looked prettier with a hint of oxidation, but it’s a nice design and really appropriate for my Christmas bracelet for the time being, and Cinderella’s theme later! I also like the fact it looks like two more charms on the bracelet, due to its size.
    I loved your idea of a Minnie Mouse theme; really inspiring! Is that how do you intend to use your chain after Christmas? Thank you for your wonderful post Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!! I’ve missed you and your lovely comments! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful time in Germany (it sounds like you did very well on the Pandora front :P) – the markets sound amazing! They do an amazing German market in the city where I went to university, and my OH and I try and go back these each year – as it’s where we had our first date! ^^
      I’m so pleased you got the German GWP box! Is it as pretty in person? :D I love all the festive enamel charms you chose – I just find all their enamel designs so fun and sweet, especially for Christmas.
      Yes, that is the nice thing about the new Dainty Bow safety chain design (and the pavé star one) – it does look like two extra clips on your bracelet. It will go great on your Cinderella bracelet! :)
      Thanks Chrysa, the Minnie Mouse design is one that I wish I had more charms to do justice to! <3 I'm actually not planning on dismantling the Christmas bracelet for now… I love it so much that I'd like to at least have it to look at still. If some other design comes up that I feel would be great with some of the bow pieces or the muranos, I might take it apart, but until then I'm just going to enjoy it haha! Probably a bit sad, but there you have it. ;)
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa, it's always lovely to read your thoughts! <3 <3

      • What a wonderful thing to say! Thank you Ellie!:-)
        Yes, I had a great time! Above all I enjoyed our visit in Köln, where the Christmas Markets were inspired by elfs (perhaps there are photos online) and that special hot red wine, we were drinking in cute cups! The decoration and all the lights made the atmosphere totally fairytaly! Oh, what a romantic story! You were studying in Germany then or there was a German market in UK?
        The GWP box is even prettier in person, in a lovely off-white colour, with nice details! I now can have all my Pandora bracelets and charms together, although the way my addiction expands will soon create a need for another one! ;-)
        I’m with you on the maintenance of your festive bracelet the way it is! I’m in love with mine too! Since I love Christmas so much, I pack the decoration and tree late January, so I can imagine that my red-white bracelet will stay the way it is a little longer! I’ve already decided to treat the Holly murano as cherries and I’m sure I’ll find a good excuse for Santa to stay out for spring! :-)) ♥♥♥

        • I googled the Koln Christmas Market, and it looks just magical! :D Fairytaly is just the right word to describe it. I was studying here in the UK, but my university city has a German Christmas market every year. It’s got nothing on the Koln one though ^^ But we like to go back and get hot chocolate and wander around each year, if we can. :)
          Aha, yes… I have a few pretty boxes that I’ve had to discard as my collection has grown. I use the Stackers jewellery boxes these days so I don’t have that problem so much. I can just add another layer! ;)
          I’m glad to hear you’re in love with your festive bracelet too! I imagine there will be a few Pandoraholics who don’t want to take theirs off in January. ;) I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas as to Santa in spring, haha! I’ll need to use them too :P <3 <3

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