*UPDATED 01/12/15 with US pricing* Think ‘pink’, think ‘hearts’, think ‘pavé’ – today we have a sneak peek at Pandora’s upcoming Valentine’s 2016 collection! Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for the brand, and they usually go all out with grand heart and romantic motifs. This year is no exception, and the colour scheme appears to be pink once again.

pandora valentine's 2016 sneak peek

Going on previous years, I would predict the release date for this collection to be the 14th of January. I don’t have pricing for these pieces yet, however, and it’s worth bearing in mind that this may well not be the full list of the charms and jewellery coming out with this release, too. I can now confirm that this is the full list of jewellery coming out for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Pandora Valentine’s 2016 Collection Preview

These two campaign images give a nice overview of the themes and colours of the Valentine’s release (click to enlarge them). The key phrase for this collection is Petals of Love, and there are a number of new designs that focus on flowers with heart-shaped petals (you can see the charm and clip in the second campaign image).

Charms & Bracelets

One of the most exciting new offerings is a new version of the classic charm bracelet with a pavé heart clasp, which effectively combines last year’s plain silver heart clasp bracelet with the Always in my Heart Mother’s Day bangle. ^^


The charms pictured here are invariably romance or heart-themed; I had fun making this collage, as the pinks do look rather lovely and rich when paired with the two-tone. There are a few more designs based on the AW15 Radiant Hearts set, and of these I rather like the Hearts of Gold openwork design; the pattern is very pretty!

The Love is Forever is this collection’s special charm in North America, and will retail for $70 USD.


Prices for North America are as follows (if the charm is not listed, I don’t have the price for it yet):-

Love Locks – $70 USD

Joined Together – $90 USD

Petals of Love (clip) – $70 USD

Ribbon of Love – N/A, part of gift set

Hearts of Gold – $375 USD

In my Heart – $40 USD

Love is Forever – $70 USD

*UPDATED* I now have a picture of one final charm for the Valentine’s 2016 collection: a plain silver heart design, entitled Filled with Romance. It has some pretty intricate openwork detailing, although it’s hard to make out the patterning exactly from the stock image.

pandora valentine's 2016 silver heart

In the US and Canada, the Ribbon of Love will initially be available exclusively as part of the Filled with Love bracelet gift set, which also includes the plain silver heart-clasp bracelet (590719) from last year and the Autumn 2015 Feathered clips (pictured below). This will retail for $185 USD and will come with a white leatherette wristlet.


The charm and the clips will not be sold individually until the 15th of February 2016.

Other Jewellery

Up next, we have earrings and a necklace to match the Petals of Love charm and clip – the necklace will be presented on a 90cm chain. In the US & Canada, these two pieces will be sold as the Petals of Love gift set, which will retail for $150 USD and be presented in a heart-shaped gift box. Again, the individual items will not be sold on their own until the 15th of February.


*UPDATED* I now have a stock image for another new necklace! This is a two-tone heart design, entitled United in Love.

pandora valentine's 2016 preview

Finally, I have pictures of three new rings for the Valentine’s 2016 collection. The Linked Love ring is actually plain silver, although the beaded effect makes it look a little like pavé.


Pricing for North America is as follows:-

Ribbon of Love – $65 USD

Petals of Love – N/A, part of gift set

Linked Love – $40 USD

My Comment

This is a pretty typical Pandora Valentine’s release, with hearts and pavé galore. It would have been fun to see them try something different – some reds or burgundies might have been rather nice – but I can understand why they are not going to change the formula if it has worked well in previous years. Again, this may not be quite all of the new jewellery so I will update the post or make a new one if any other pictures are leaked.

Of the jewellery pictured here, I love the double hearts pink murano, and I like the pavé heart clasp bracelet and Ribbon of Love charms. I don’t want to make another dedicated pink bracelet, however, so I will probably think of another colour or theme that I could pair the murano with. :D

What do you think of the new charms coming out? Is anything on your wish list?

147 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection Preview

  1. Yay! I only like the pave heart clasp collier :) It look stunning from an actual photo that a friend shared <3 other than that… the other charms look like a different brand and not Pandora at all :( I miss the old designs..

    • I’m envious that you’ve seen a real photo! ^^ Although it’s not too hard to imagine, seeing as it looks like the clasp from the Always in my Heart bangle popped on to a regular snake chain haha. Glad to hear it’s pretty though. I am not wild about this collection, I’ll admit, as I would have liked something a bit different. But the murano looks nice, and I am envisaging maybe putting it with the powder blue Cinderella muranos, seeing as it looks a bit purpley… :)

      • Same same, I’m hoping that they look sooo much better in person XD That’s a great idea, these new muranos with the Cinderella ones :) I’ll look forward to that combo from you <3 Thank you !!!

  2. I appreciate that Pandora tries something a bit different with Sweet love and In my heart. I like the Ribbon of love, it looks elegant and without too much pave. That being said, I probably pass on this collection (as expected). Hearts are not my thing. Neither is pink. Or pave.

    • Yes, that kind of blanket enamel detailing is a bit new isn’t it? They are most probably not for me, though. :) I like hearts, and pink, but I have too many of them in my Pandora collection these days, haha. I like the murano but will probably try and pair it with another colour to soften the pink a little bit. And I will most likely end up with the bracelet as well! ^^
      It would have been so great to have seen some pretty reds for Valentine’s Day this year, or some silver character beads – like the 2013 Valentine’s Love Birds. Of course, you have to remember that this may not be the full list – these are just what have been leaked to me so far – but I doubt there’ll be many surprises in anything that is left to be seen…

  3. Hi Ellie,
    My eyes were attracted by the sweet love, enamel is always my favourite, the murano and in my heart, I think that I could make a bracelet with the two tone of pink, and to do something of merry while waiting for spring with the orchid charm of this summer…
    If Pandora heard me : a deep pink would great ! A double piease, if I could choose I prefer aha !
    I hope like you some plain silver designs, no more pavé and hearts it’s enough…
    Always a pleasure ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! I do love the shade of enamel they’ve used for the Sweet Love. It’s the same as in the Cherry Blossom collection, which is one of my favourite sets of charms ever! I don’t think I’ll be indulging in this one though. :) Two-tone and pink is a gorgeous combination, and I think that the gold and pink in this set look great together. The Orchid would be perfect to add to them!
      Deep pinks, deep reds – something a little less pastel would be nice. And I absolutely LOVE pastels haha. Just something a bit different would be good. If not, there is always the adorable Chinese New Year piggy – which has both a lovely substantial silver design and a little dash of red!
      Always a pleasure too, Isabelle, and thanks for commenting. :)

  4. Hi Ellie
    Thanks for the review, I’m excited to see some new charms. I too really the like ‘in my heart’ charm and think it would look lovely coupled with the new muranos. I’m not sure what spacers I’d finish it off with though, maybe the open work hearts but in my head that doesn’t seem to match.
    I’m not sure about the petals of love, it’s nice to see some new clips but to me the design on the clip, charm, ring etc look like a four leaf clover and doesn’t feel much like Valentines. I’d like to see more photos of the ‘joined together’ charm. Although I think I prefer the Vinatge open work heart with the gold heart in the middle and will probably try to source this for valentines.
    Do you think they’ll be a bundle or gift set for the uk.
    Libby xx

    • Hi Libby! Glad to hear there are some pieces that you like – I think opinion is definitely more on the negative side from what I’ve read so far. The In My Heart charm is a bit unusual, being entirely enamel, but the colour is pretty. I’d like to see a live shot of it, to see what the finish is actually like in person!
      Aha, ‘clovers’ is actually how I described the Petals of Love pieces to someone before the pics came out. They do seem a bit un-Valentine’s-y, but maybe the concept of being ‘lucky in love’ plays a part as well? The Joined Together is in the campaign shot at the top, on the two-tone styling, just in case you missed that.
      I don’t think they did any Valentine’s gift sets for last year, as far as I remember. It’s possible that they will choose to bundle something (although I’ll be annoyed if it’s the pavé bracelet or the murano aha), but I don’t have the info on that yet.

  5. I like the in my heart charm just like a lot of other ladies. Is it enamel? I’m not that into hearts, but that one is really interesting to me for some reason. It looks like it would fit with the Anna charms. It would be cool to make a Frozen bracelet with all of the Frozen charms plus some from this winter’s collection and then the in my heart charm. I also like the heart clasp bracelet a lot.

    • Stephanie, I love that Frozen idea! I had thought of putting the muranos with the Cinderella blues, but now that you mention it, pale blues and deep pinks are perfect for Anna and Elsa. :D
      The In my Heart charm is deep pink enamel. It is a bit different from their other heart charms – I don’t think I’ve seen them do a charm entirely crafted from one enamel like that before?

      • The double heart murano would fit the theme as well since Elsa froze Anna’s heart. :) The only other full enamel (sort of) would be the apple I guess. That kind of clear enamel is on a lot of the Mickey’s fun wheel charm also. I like that you can see the silver detail beneath the enamel on that one.

        • Yes, perfect – two hearts, two sisters. ^^ I’ve never seen either the Snow White apple or the Fun Wheel in person before, so I’m not sure what to expect from the glassy enamel finish on this one!

    • Sorry-just saw that you said it was enamel in some responses. :) I thought it looked like it could be glass. I’m seriously considering getting it. I like the Snow White apple, but I haven’t gotten it because I thought the stem and leaf would catch on everything.

      • Ah now that you mention it, of course the Snow White apple was all from one enamel. I don’t know why, the In My Heart just strikes me as being a little different from their usual style for some reason. :) It is a pretty colour!
        I haven’t heard of the Snow White Apple being particularly problematic in terms of snagging clothing, but then I expect a lot of people are used to their Pandora charms catching on stuff haha.

      • Hi Stephanie,
        I wear my Snow White apple charm alot and I have never had an issue with it catching on anything. It;s such a gorgeous charm, you should go ahead and buy it :)
        (My statue of liberty charm – that one catches on everything!)

  6. Ellie,

    Thanks for the advance look into the Valentine collection. I have to agree, I see very little that appeals to me in this collection, it is nice to know the feathered clip will make its way to NA and particularly to Canada. I was able to get a set in Sept and think they are lovely but I might have parted the braided clip with the leather bracelet because it is reminiscent of a love knot. Too much pink and pave for my taste but what concerns me is the price point, I like a few all silver because they offer a more friendly price point for those looking to enter into the Pandora experience that the costly pave can’t offer. I also like the simple elegance of silver that can really make one or too pave or two tone pieces pop!
    I agree it would be nice if they used a few deep reds that way I could get more use out of my fascinating red murano. Right now I tend to use on both my Christmas and Canada Day bracelet.
    However as you aptly point out the collection is not without merit, if I had to choose one it would be the Love is Forever because it is simple almost Tiffany or Audrey like. My husband usually buys me a pandora charm in lieu of flowers and unless some other charms come out in this collection I think I might suggest he look at charms from last years release. I love the Together Forever heart dangle and the simple silver I Love You, both of which remind me a little of the Candy Hearts.
    Lastly, I agree with Libby the Petals of Love Clip is more like a four leaf clover and if I were to purchase it I would save it for St. Patricks day, which has only a few charms on it anyway.


    • Hi Lisa! Absolutely, that’s the other negative thing about all these pavé pieces (aside from the aesthetics) – it makes every collection so expensive! They tend to do this even more with the Valentine’s releases, I guess because they calculate that OHs will spend a little more for the occasion. I have pavé pieces in my collection, but they are usually used relatively sparingly amongst my other solid silver pieces and murano glass. I wouldn’t make a whole bracelet of pave pieces. Reds would have been nice, for sure. And I’d have loved some more classic two-tone pieces as well.

      Oh yes, I love the Together Forever pendant. I reviewed it last year and, while it is very simple, it is incredibly pretty and more effective, I feel, than some of these more glittery offerings. I like your idea of candy hearts, that hadn’t occurred to me. ^^

      Haha , I did think of clovers as well when I saw the Petals pieces. I suppose they are playing on the idea of being lucky in love, perhaps? A romantic piece that’s also a good luck charm!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lisa! I guess we will have to wait and see what else is coming out next year. ^^

  7. I only love openwork puffy heart charm like LE Vintage heart, June Birthday Heart. I don’t like the flat two sided heart which look like heart shade tiny cookie or dessert. I will still get one or two charm for fun, puffy Sweet heart and murano if Pandora has promotion.

    • I prefer the puffy hearts as well. :) I don’t have any of the 2D ones, although I did think the Locked Hearts design from Autumn 2015 was incredibly pretty. I actually quite like your idea of a tiny heart cookie or dessert though, aha.

      • I learned cake baking at the Japanese famous ABC Cooking Studio Hong Kong location last year when I was there with my family for 8 months. Pandora should have charm like cookie, different colour of macaron…etc. I would like to have it on my bracelet instead of eating too much to gain weigh, Ha! Ha!

        • Oh wow, that’s fantastic! I’d love to do something like that – I love baking. I was diagnosed coeliac a couple of years ago and have had to learn baking all over again from scratch as it has to be gluten free, but funnily enough it has only made me enjoy it more. ^^ I would love some sweet treat Pandora charms – macarons would be so cute! You could do a proper Parisian tea party bracelet. Have you seen the Chamilia In the Kitsch charms? Some of those are rather lovely, too.

  8. Hi Ellie, first thanks for the sneak peek! I absolutely love double hearts pink murano, I’m looking for a murano to pair with pink daisy Murano and till now I don’t like one.
    Frozen theme bracelet with pink, blue and two heart for two sisters Is a wonderful idea!!
    Then I like the pavé heart clasp bracelet and Ribbon of Love charms, also I would have some silver charms instead of that pink enamel!

    • Hi Rosy! Glad to hear that you have seen some things that you like :D Your picks are exactly the same as mine: the hearts murano, heart clasp bracelet and Ribbon of Love (in order of preference, haha). The murano would go very nicely with the Daisy I think – the two different shades of pink should contrast nicely with each other.
      The Frozen idea is a great one! I like that people are already thinking of more creative ways in which to use these pieces. :D Thanks for commenting Rosy!

  9. I only like the murano, that’s it….Pandora seems to mostly be about hearts and pave now. It’s a bit boring when I put together a bracelet and it’s mostly pink and more pink!

    • Well, I guess Pandora do usually go full-out on the hearts and romance for Valentine’s Day. It is kind of their bread and butter. ;) Having said that, this selection shows even less originality than usual. :S In previous years we had charms like the Love Letter card or the even the chocolate heart-shaped gift box. These are just straight-up hearts… I am already thinking of some other colours I could put the pink murano with though. I certainly don’t need another full pink-themed bracelet!

  10. While many of the charms are pretty, I do feel I have enough hearts. I really loved the subtlety of last year’s Valentine’s murano but don’t feel the need for another. So I probably won’t be getting any of these.

    • Yes, that’s the problem isn’t it – no matter how nicely Pandora keep churning out heart charms, long-term collectors are at saturation point with them. I suppose that we are not really their target market these days, however. I have my eye on the pink hearts murano and the heart pavé bracelet, but I will be mixing them with some blue I think.

  11. Thanks a lot for this preview! I really enjoy this new collection!
    I am going to buy captivating hearts charm, but I am not sure that this heart is hot pink, because I need just hot pink or deep purple colors o my bracelet. Sooo, if this charm is hot pink, I will probably buy it for myself!

  12. For me, the Valentine’s day collection is the least exciting one all year. Maybe because it comes on the heels of a rather beautiful and large Fall/Winter collection (I still have many things on my wish list to get!!). I do like hearts and pink but I think they are hard to style. I don’t think I want a whole bracelet dedicated to Valentine’s day. I think that a lot of the pink CZ and enamel pieces would go well with the rose gold collection. Maybe someday I will build a rose gold bracelet. I do like the ribbon of love ring and charm. Is the petals of love collection a Valentine’s day/St. Patrick’s day hybrid? It looks like a four leaf clover with heart petals to me. Very cute but I probably won’t buy anything from this collection. I’m excited to see what Spring and Summer will bring!!

    • I did use to get excited for the Valentine’s releases – I’ll admit that, when I first saw some sneak peeks for this collection a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty disappointed however. I have come around a bit now, and I’m happy that I have four things I’m pretty sure I will get in January – the murano, the bracelet, the ribbon of love and then the CNY cute little pig. That is probably enough ;)

      Yep I agree – these would be nice with the Rose collection I think! Pandora are going to be pushing the Rose line this Valentine’s. With all that pretty rosy gold, it’s very apt for the Valentine’s holiday. :)

      I think that you’re right, and the Petals of Love charm must be playing on the idea of ‘lucky in love’ or St Patrick’s Day, haha. They do look so much like clovers. I would have loved a more intricate flower/heart-petal design – with tendrils and delicate blossoms. The ones pictured here are cute but not exciting enough for me to buy!

      Anyway, yes – I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer! ^^

  13. I’ll be quite frank, I think this is the least appealing collection to me so far, I hope these are not all the charms Pandora will be releasing for this collection. But so far, I’ll be getting none of these, kinda disappointed actually, I was hoping for something different!

    • We will have to wait and see if there is more – but I’m not sure whether to be optimistic, seeing as there are 11 charms pictured here, which is the same number as they released last year. I was disappointed initially too, but I do like the murano, bracelet and the Ribbon of Love charm. Plus the adorable CNY piggy!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us, Ellie! It’s always so exciting seeing the new pieces <3

    I don't see anything here that is immediately must-have, maybe something will grow on me later when I see the collection in person or see more live shots. Most of these feel like redo's of charms that have already been done by Pandora. I like the idea of the 4 leaf clovers with heart petals, but I already have a cute pave four leaf clover heart petal dangle so I probably don't need more.

    I went to look back at last Valentine's collection, from that one I ended up getting 2 of the heart clasp bracelets (during bracelet promos), with love heart box (one of my absolute favorite charms, upon seeing it I knew immediately I wanted it), and pave sweetheart (didn't initially care about this one that much but it grew on me and now I love it).

    • You’re very welcome! I know we’ve been waiting for this one. ^^

      The murano I like very much. I hope it’s as pretty in person. The pavé bracelet and Ribbon of Love are pieces that I like, but don’t love. I expect I’ll end up with them. The rest I can leave! :P I agree with most of what you’ve said, in that these feel like rehashes of previous Pandora classics. All the lock & key motifs are nice, but not as nice (IMO) as the original Key to my Heart classic.

      Last year, I got the heart bracelet, heart gift box, murano and the Together Forever silver pendant. I loved the gift box as well, although I know a lot of people hated it for being too pink and sparkly haha. I still love it. So if I get the three I like from this collection, I’m still not doing too badly compared to last year! ^^

      • I was so crazy about the silver heart clasp bracelet last year, I think because something like that hadn’t been done before by Pandora, I still love that bracelet style and reach for it all the time. Now the pave heart bracelet just feels like a redo of the bangle for last Mother’s Day. I don’t know if I’m crazy about the pave only being on 1 side, I have some charms with the design on just 1 side and it doesn’t bother me because they were fairly cheap but I kind of expect more from Pandora for the price they are charging. I’d probably only get the new bracelet if it’s offered as a promo item.

        My favorite padlock is the Floral Heart Padlock from Fall 2014 :-D So pretty and just classic detailed silver, no pave needed.

        I’ve decided to get the pave Heart and Bow from winter collection, it will be lovely for Valentine’s as well! I like certain sparkly pieces :-D

        I love the Chinese New Year Piggy, I will get it when it comes out here in the US

        • Yes, the heart bracelet last year was so exciting and completely new. They hadn’t ever changed the clasp on the moments bracelet properly before… this is more derivative haha. It just is the clasp from the Mother’s Day bangle transplanted on to the snake chain bracelet. But I still like it, especially as the Mother’s Day bangle wasn’t that versatile with ‘always in my heart’ written on it. Hopefully it will be offered as a promo at some point, as you say – although after reading that article you linked me to, I’m not sure what to expect in the way of promos for next year!
          Oh yes, the Floral Heart Padlock is gorgeous. I was so excited to get that one. I wish they’d do more lovely intricate detailing like that one. It can tie with the Key to my Heart for me, then. :P
          Aw the heart and bow is very cute! I like certain sparkly pieces as well – mostly the ones that are character pieces as well, and not just hearts etc.

  15. Thanks for the previews! I have to say at first impression I’m not in love with this collection, I think the murano is the only one I care for. The enamel heart intrigues me as well but I’m over the pink. I wish pandora would step out of their comfort zone and try red for once.

    • I completely agree with you. It must be that the pink & heart motifs sell well, as it feels like Pandora make the same collection every single year for Valentine’s – each time with fewer original designs haha. Red would have been great!

  16. Hi Ellie, I was very excited to see previews. Is this a fairly small collection compared to last years? The murano is nice however I do like last years pink murano a bit more. I do like the Ribbon Of Love, In My heart and Sweet Love looks plain but simple. A lot of people say they hate the collection then when it comes out its a different story haha. Thanks for making my day. I like seeing any previews lol. Any news on Disney charms ?

    • Hi Linda! Yes, it feels like we have been waiting a while for Valentine’s pics doesn’t it? We were all spoiled by the early leaks last year! In terms of the collection sizes, it’s about the same when it comes down to the charms (assuming that these charms pictured here is all there is for this year). Valentine’s releases are never that big. :) Haha, that is true – seeing the charms in person can often provoke turn-arounds. I am guilty of that myself! :P No news at all on Disney or Spring 2016, I’m afraid. Bit early still!
      Glad to hear your day was made, Linda – thanks for commenting! <3

  17. I love the new bracelet but I think that’s all for me. Do you think they will release the abundance of love in the uk for Valentine’s Day as well?

  18. Thanks so much for this post, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxiously awaiting it. I have to say I adore this collection, the use of pave is subtle ( for once) and we finally see some bold color done right. I find these pieces so sweet my absolute faves are sweet love and in my heart, I wil be getting one of these for sure if not both. I needed a pop of color for a lil anniversary gift I recently acquired and one of these pieces will be perfect ;);) I also like the murano as well as joined together hearts and I like the first charm as it remind me of the radiant hearts. I have fingers crossed that they left a few pieces out maybe a little animal or something ;) how many do you think tou will get from this collection?

    • You’re very welcome! I think people have been spoiled by how early the pictures came out last year ;) I’m glad to hear that you like the new pieces, seeing as most people don’t seem keen (I am not massively enthused myself!). The pop of colour sounds rather nice – the In My Heart in particular would great for that, as the colour is quite deep and striking. I would also have liked a proper character charm, something that wasn’t just yet another heart lol. But there’s always the CNY pig!
      From these stock images, I can see myself getting three pieces – the murano, bracelet and ribbon charm. Perhaps that will go up or down, depending on what they look like in person. :) I would like to put the hearts muranos with the Cinderella muranos… powder blue and pink might be nice I think!

  19. Ellie, I see a few people were questioning the material of the fuchsia in my heart charm I believe you said it was enamel, is that confirmed?? It looks like glass to me kind of like the geometric facets but without the geo cut outs??

  20. I love seeing new collections. I know quite a few people have been negative about this release, but I like it. I like pave, hearts and pink. I am not a fan of red, so it suits me better being in pink. Also your always going to get hearts, as it’s the valentines collection.
    I didn’t like the summer and pre-Autumn releases this year. I only bought the orchid from the summer release. I don’t mind if there is nothing from a new collection that I want, as I know I’ll make up for it, in another collection. I always enjoy what I do get. The collections won’t always suit everyone. I’m sure a few people will change there minds, once they see Live Photos and them in store, as this is often the case.
    I agree it would be nice to see some more silver designs somewhere. We might get these in some of the other collections next year.
    I will definitely be getting the pave heart clasp bracelet. I like the look of the linked love ring, I like it’s simple design. In the charms the ribbon of love, captivating hearts and petal of love. I will have to see some Live Photos and see them in store, before making my final decision on them. I quite like the idea of them all going together and the pave heart clips I think would go with them and the heart spacers with pink or crystal stone. A design is already forming in my mind.
    I still want to get the ice crystal charm, when I can buy it on it’s own. I think I’d like to put the shimmering lace openwork charm with this as well.
    I can’t wait to see some Live Photos now and to see if there are any others coming out, we haven’t seen pictures of. Looking forward to hearing news about spring and Disney collection next. I know we probably won’t hear about these for a while yet. I just bought the pooh bear charm to add to my Disney collection. I’m hoping to put it with my other Disney charms.
    Sorry for going on a bit. I just love talking about Pandora.
    What’s going on your list Ellie?
    Thanks for the up to date information. I love this blog. Keep up the fab work.

    • It’s nice to hear that you’re a fan, as most of the feedback has not been great for this collection. I am not too enthusiastic about it as a whole myself, so it is helpful to hear from someone who is! I do completely agree that when it comes to Pandora, you are going to get hearts for Valentine’s. At the same time… in previous years, they have managed to mix the hearts in with some more original designs. The Love Letter, or that lovely gift box that opened to reveal an engagement ring. Or the love birds! I do feel like hearts and hearts alone is a tad lazy.
      I’m sure that you are right, and that a lot of people will be more won over when live photos emerge. I’m hoping that the murano is as gorgeous in person as it looks in the stock image!
      That is a lovely long wish list! Sounds like a bracelet is already coming together in your head. ^^ My wish list is only three pieces (although that is still a significant percentage of the collection aha) – the murano, the bracelet and the Ribbon of Love. I would like to get two of the hearts murano and then two of the Spring 2015 Cinderella muranos and alternate them on the bracelet – pink and blue would be a nice combination I think!
      Aw, I’m glad you got Pooh! I didn’t get him as I preferred the full-bodied Eeyore but I do feel slightly guilty that I have separated them lol. (Just kidding!) We probably won’t hear about Spring/Disney for next year until late December/January but I’m already keeping my fingers crossed for another big Disney release. The launch for AW15 was tiny, and a little disappointing.
      Thanks so much for commenting Sarah – it was great to read your thoughts. <3

      • I do agree it would have been nice, to have some other designs, rather than all hearts.
        I like the sound of your idea for putting the Cinderella murano together with the heart murano. Pink and blue is a nice mix.
        I just received my pooh bear charm today and love it. It’s so cute. I’ve put it with my other Disney charms, it looks at home with eeyore.
        It would be great if we did hear round Christmas time about the spring/ Disney collection. Yeah I hope it’s a bigger Disney collection. I love for them to release a tigger, some other characters from the films and some different designs for the princesses.

        • Thanks, I’m looking forward to trying out that combo. The annoying is that I won’t be able to try it myself in the store beforehand – I do wish the UK had the Disney collection, haha. It’s such a pain having to import everything sight unseen!
          I’m glad you like your Pooh bear charm. Tigger would be absolutely amazing – and they’d have to do a full-bodied version, as you can’t have Tigger without his tail! ^^ I’d love some more Disney animals. Dumbo, Bambi… anything that’s cute!

  21. Hi Ellie i love the bracelet Even if it Is a mixture of two exciting bracelets. Some of the charms are OK the captivating heart,the murano and in my heart they look quite nice I’m not sure about the rest it doesn’t really look like Pandora usual style.

  22. awwww….
    I’m disappointed. Oh well, at least I like the pav’e heart bracelet. :) I actually like pavé, but this collection looks like its not put well together. :( Thanks for sharing though. <3 Cindy.

    • I’m sorry (but not surprised :P) to hear that. I am not massively enthused either, although I do like the murano and the bracelet. What don’t you like about it, seeing as you’re a pavé fan? :)

      • It looks very costume jewelry-ish, and kind of cheap even though I know that the prices won’t be. :( Since Pandora has been growing, their pries increased, and their quality/craftsmanship kind of decreased. :( I mean the murano is nice but I can’t buy things that don’t last. The bracelet I am definitely getting but there isn’t much else. I hope the good part of the collection isn’t leaked yet. :)

        • Interesting :) I do dislike the way the pavé pushes up the prices as well. I suspect that this is the bulk of the new collection. Maybe one or two pieces that we haven’t seen :) Ofc, I can’t be sure on that though.

  23. Hi Ellie, thank you very much for this review! It is really exciting to see some new photos of the upcoming Valentines collection. I think like most people commenting, I am a bit disappointed that all the charms are ‘heart’ themed and not particularly unique. I’m hoping that there is more to this collection.

    I do like the petals of love earrings and the linked love ring! Both are very simple but also very pretty. I’m sadly not really feeling any of the charms, and I am a big fan of pink lol. I will say though that the murano is beautiful and I’m happy to see a new murano glass charm. :)

    • Hi Stephanie! You’re welcome – I was also a bit disappointed when I first saw the pictures, but I do very much like the murano and the bracelet. The Ribbon of Love is also nice. If I even just get those three, that’s still not bad going! :) It’s possible that there is more to this collection, but previous years’ have had around eleven charms so this may well be it.

      The jewellery is nice, and I think the Petals of Love clover motif works better in the necklace and earrings than in the charms – and I like the Ribbon of Love ring as well. :D

  24. Another lovely update from you. Thank you.

    Love the new bracelet. I have the heart clasp bangle and its a favourite so I will probably get the bracelet too at some point (maybe even a GWP – who knows?)

    I really like the In my heart charm because I love my Snow White Apple charm and I would love to have another charm with the same enamel finish. Would be a nice match with the Orchid charm which I plan to buy next year.

    If the Sweet Love charm is not too bulky and is the same colour as the Cherry Blossom clips – then that one is a must have- because its a gorgeous colour.

    Finally, the Ribbon of Love charm looks classy so I will probably buy that one at some point too.

    • Thanks Lozzie! :) It would be great if the bracelet were a GWP for you guys in Australia. I don’t think last year’s was, but we can hope!

      I’m pleased that there are beads you like here! The In My Heart would be great with the Orchid. They’re a very similar shade. The Sweet Love exactly matches the Cherry Blossoms and also other lovely pieces such as the Rose Garden beads, or the new Winter 2015 Sweet Sentiments. I’ll be interested to see that one in person! :)

  25. There is nothing among these charms to pique my interest, but that isn’t the end of the world. I’ve spent too much on the Winter collection, and I could use a lull before the Spring collection comes out. Thanks for the preview!

  26. Thanks for the Valentine’s preview. Many of us have been quite curious! I like beads with enamel, so I like the in my heart bead. I think it would look nice with the murano and the love is forever bead. I wonder if the love is forever bead is super sparkly like the floral brilliance bead. I’ll be interested to see. I have more than enough heart beads right now, so I don’t know if I’d actually get these beads. But they do look pretty. I’m glad I like at least a few of them.

    • You’re welcome! Glad to hear there are beads you like. I am surprised that they have chosen the Love is Forever bead as their special bead this season (like the Sweetheart charm was last year), as it seems a bit nondescript compared to the others (IMO). I don’t mean that I don’t like it, I’m just surprised that it’s their flagship charm. Perhaps, as you say, it is very sparkly and noticeable in person. :)

  27. I’m not particularly excited about this collection though I like the darker pink colour on the murano and in my heart bead. I’ve gotten the pave barrel clasp bracelet, would have gotten the pave heart one instead. Will just have to see how much I like it in person then.

    • I like the darker pinks as well, but would still have preferred a nice red this time around. ^^ It’s a shame that you would have preferred this heart clasp bracelet though. Perhaps having both is the answer, though? ;)

      • Oh, yes…. If my bracelet all filled up, I will need another one. Right? I think this darker shade of pink might go well with the Anna dress charm that I hope to get.

      • By the way Ellie, do you have any information on when the rose collection will be launch in Australia? Hopefully sometime next year.

        • I have heard nothing at all, unfortunately. :( My fingers are crossed for you, however. I did hear something about it not being cost effective to sell in Australia, due to the dollar being so weak, but have no idea as to the veracity/plausibility of that…

      • Oh dear… That’s very disappointing. I’m sure the AUD will be up again. There seems to be a up and down yo-yo cycle every few years. Finger cross.

        • Well, it is just a rumour… I don’t know why they wouldn’t just go ahead and release the Rose collection everywhere though. I’d like to know their thinking…

  28. Ellie =D

    This collection feels very rushed and sort of “mish-mashed” together. The new “button style” charm seems to be their new direction – I don’t mind them, there have been a few cute pieces I’ve loved from the Autumn collection, but it doesn’t feel very Pandora-ish anymore… just…. chunky bling… lol. Apologies for my English, I really don’t know how else to describe how I feel about the collection in general.

    The flat pale pink enamel…. just looks very…. odd *sigh*. The only thing I like out of this collection is probably the pave clasp heart moments bracelet, and the Ribbon of Love charm – which is probably a good thing as I’ll need a break after this Winter! =D Then again… hearts… I’m not a big fan of the hearts theme… I think I’ll decide when I have a good look at the collection and their campaign material.

    I just have to say, you’re amazing at finding information! I love all your posts and being able to find a space where I’m not alone in being addicted to Pandora and other charms =D Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Suzy! No need to apologise, I do know what you mean. It’s not my favourite collection in the world either, but in a way, that’s nice… it gives me some time to prepare the way for Spring (hopefully there will be lots of nice things to come!). Their valentine’s releases do seem to be getting more generic. It must sell though or they wouldn’t have moved in this direction… :S
      I like hearts, but I’m reaching my saturation point with them haha. I want more character beads really. The CNY pig is the 2016 bead I am most excited for so far!

      Thanks Suzy – it is lovely to chat with fellow addicts haha. Thanks for commenting! <3

  29. Hi Ellie!
    Like most people, I think this collection lacks that special sth, that would make it appealing. I only liked the murano and the bracelet! I have second thoughts on the pave barrel clasp bracelet, for my “Midnight love” theme, now I’ve seen what’s coming next! The thing is that Christmas charms took place on my one and only free AIMH bangle, and the mini midnight theme is now in the box, so I wanted the pave barrel to give it a permanent home! I’m sure that I will end up with both! :-)

    Unrelated to the subject, but perhaps useful: Tomorrow starts a free bracelet promo, which will last until 30/11. By spending 89€ on Pandora items (everything but Essence pieces), you get the classic silver bracelet for free! I was hoping I could find a Pandora shop that would let me change the plain with the pave barrel (paying the difference of course), but I didn’t get so lucky until now. :-(

    Thank you for this informative post, Ellie! It’s always exciting to learn the news earlier! :-) ♥♥♥

  30. I’ve seen a picture of another charm for the valentines collection and it’s called filled with romance, do you know if this is coming to the UK? I like the simple design of this charm.

  31. Thanks for the peek preview Ellie. I don’t like anything in this collection. It seems a bit ‘legally blonde’ and cheesy for my liking. I’m not disappointed though as I have a long enough wish list to be slowly nibbling away at! Last years Spring collection was full of lots of beauties and hopefully this year will be the same. I think it would great to have some more designs like the Dallah charm in the future.

    • You’re welcome Hazel! :) I very much like your term ‘legally blonde’, I know exactly what you mean aha. A bit brash, perhaps? There are pieces that I like here, though, especially the murano, so I am happy with a smaller wish list while I wait for spring! I’m hoping for some pretty floral designs and more solid silver character charms for Spring. The Arabian Coffee Pot was so lovely, it would be nice to see that kind of detailing applied elsewhere. :)

  32. Hmmmm…. that’s a lot of pave. I have the Forever in My Heart Bangle so I think I can give the bracelet a miss. The double hearts murano is calling my name though. It just looks so sweet. I like the idea of being lucky in love. The Petals of Love charm with the heart detailing around it seems rather interesting. I like the Ribbon of Love ring and the Linked Love ring. I have been holding off Pandora rings for a long time but really like the winter collection’s Bow with Pearl ring. The Linked Love ring might look good stacked with it?

    • It is a lot of pavé, but that seems to go hand in hand with Pandora’s latest collections. The double hearts murano is my favourite as well, but I think I will get the bracelet as well… I love the Always in my Heart bangle but would like a version of it without the script on it. :)
      I absolutely love the Winter pearl bow ring. I’ve asked for it from my OH, so we shall see. ;) The Linked Love would look great with it. I have the existing plain silver hearts ring and, if I get the bow ring, I’ll wear that with it!

      • Ahhhh, that was exactly why I went for the bow bangle promotion. I loved the Always In My Heart bangle but wanted another bangle with no inscription. It’s nice that OH is getting it for you. I do like the plain silver hearts ring too. Perfect duo!

        • Yes, I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about the inscription on the bangle! The script itself is very pretty but the sentiment is perhaps s a little bit ‘hallmark’ for me.
          Thanks Ariane! I’m slowly but surely building up my ring collection. ;)

  33. Pandora is losing my interest when it comes to t e overwhelming amount of pave, pink and hearts. To quote M*A*S*H, “WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE! WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE! WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!”

    Gonna have to vote with my pocketbook on this one yet again, and not buy, or add any of these to my wishlist. They must have great appeal somewhere, though, otherwise, there would be incentive for Pandora marketing people to step out of the pink pave heart-shaped box they’re stuck in.

    • Ahaha! It must be selling, though, as we all keep saying, or they wouldn’t keep ploughing on ahead with it? It’ll be interesting to see how well this collection does, as the reaction from long-term fans has been decidedly lukewarm… You’d think that they might throw in at least a couple of character designs for the more dedicated collectors. ;) At least there’s the lovely CNY pig!

  34. I don’t really like this collection much I think I’ll just be sticking to the new Disney ones & focus of getting more of Christmas charms that I love
    After I complete these 3 bracelets I won’t be able to get as much after & my second Disney bracelet only needs 5 more charms & the part that sucks about that is that all 5 of them that I want that are Disney are Disney Exclusive so I’m hoping I can get a hold of the 5 I want when I get to the parks this Christmas & well be getting some Christmas charms this week cause of the dainty bow bangle bracelet promo for Black Friday & than I’ll be getting a few more Christmas charms at the regular shopping malls on Boxing Day even though Christmas will be over with but I love Christmas charms

    • Well that’s a good plan! At least you know that you can focus on the pieces you really want :)
      I love the Christmas charms too! I’ve just made a whole Christmas bracelet up for this year, for the first time. And I’ve added the Disney Holiday Wreath which is extra lovely for being both Disney and Christmas related! ^^ Hope you enjoy your new charms and your time at the parks!

  35. The new Filled with Romance charm looks like something I would want. Since Pandora started launching so many round box and heart box designs, I knew it was inevitable until I would see one I’d like. No surprise it’s the plainest one of them yet. But it is so unique in it’s shape, I hope it looks as dark and oxidised in person! I feel like I need to bring some dimention to my bracelet. We will see once they come out, I haven’t browsed Pandora in person for an entire year! Had some other things on my present wishlist and the budget was tight anyway. I am determined to get a charm from my boyfriend on Valentine’s day though! Either he likes it or not hahaha. Thanks for the preview, I always look forward to these. :)

    • It is pretty! Intricate, but affordable – which is how I like my Pandora charms. ^^ All that pretty patterning reminds me a little of the Arabian Coffee Pot that everyone loved this season. I hope you like it as much in person and, if so, good luck convincing your boyfriend – this would be a nice one to get, haha!

  36. Is there going to be a rose collection or not? I mean I was totally expecting some because I mean like it is valentines day…

  37. Petals of love clip reminds me of a clover leaf. Nothing in this collection is a must get item for me this time. Awaiting the next Disney’s collection though.

  38. I love the collections, however, I must admit that some of these charms are a little over priced. Just my opinion

  39. 2016 Valentine’s Day Pandora collection
    Wow … awesome ..
    This certainly do ??
    It’s pretty.
    PANDORA I do not really disappointed .. ^^

  40. I think the only charm from this release that I’m excited about is the “Filled with Romance” since it sort of reminds me of the two-tone “Lock Hearts” which I cannot afford, LOL… Hopefully this one will be reasonably priced since it’s all silver. :)

  41. Always great previews. Loving the new collection but have to agree with adding red or burgundy. Valentine’s needs red colors (also red is one of my favorite colors) but overall loving the collection. Definitely adding the ‘ribbon of love’ and ‘in my heart’ to my “Love is All” bracelet :) The ‘in my heart’ would look great in red as well like the Snow White Apple. Beautiful. Also love the ‘linked love’ ring. Another to add to my ring collection. Can’t wait for the release. Thank You Ellie for another great post.

    • Thanks Sara! :D So pleased to hear that you like the collection – I was also disappointed not to have any red beads, but my wish list is now at four: the Ribbon of Love, the Filled with Romance, the pavé bracelet and the murano! Which I think is healthy enough ;)
      Your idea for a red version of the In My Heart is a brilliant one! I wouldn’t be surprised if they did one like that eventually :)
      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the preview!

  42. Hi)
    I have an information, that the charm Filled with Romance will be cost 35$, and it’s a concept store charm

  43. Geez, these are pricey! Seems like Pandora keeps on going up in price every year. May be time to look at another brand soon.

  44. hi, i loved this review of yours and liked the ribbon of love charm. i finally got one at the airport (manila) before i left for kyoto early march. i was able to finallt check on the charm yesterday (mar 25), placed it on my “always in my heart” bangle and it would only get past the threaded clasp and stop! i was unable to make it move further than that! what should i do?
    i got the “filled with romance” charm and it was fine!

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