There’s set to be even more choice for Pandora fans in the US this Black Friday (November the 27th), as shopping site Rue La La have announced that they will also be running a sale on Pandora jewellery! The sale offers significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches.

Looking at the banner for this year’s Black Friday sale, I can spy a few exciting new items – including last year’s limited edition pavé star bangle! The newly-retired pavé Tree of Lights and Santa’s Elves charms are also pictured.
pandora rue la la sale black friday 2015

The sale is due to start at 11am EDT on Black Friday (aka, this Friday) and it is currently listed on the Rue La La site.

pandora rue la la

The best discounts tend to go quickly, so it’s recommended that you check out with the items you want sooner rather than later. Readers should note that Rue La La can take a while to dispatch items – a month is not unusual. When adding items to your cart, take a look at Rue La La’s estimated dispatch date in the items’ descriptions (see below). :)

rue la la shipping

For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards, if you submit a US billing and shipping address – although it is a bit hit and miss as to whether this works or not.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping!

50 Comments on Promotion Alert: Rue La La Pandora Sale starts on Black Friday!

  1. yasss I’m so excited. Do you think that the pavé heart bangle will be available? I really want it because I’ve gotten so into collecting the limited edition bangles. ^^Thx for the alert!

    • Yay :D I would have thought it would be a little early for the Mother’s Day bangle tbh… I expect it will just be the pavé star bangle (which is incidentally the only LE bangle that I haven’t got so far!). You’re welcome, hope you find some bargains on Friday!

  2. Yay, Ruelala sales are always fun to look at, even if I haven’t bought anything the last few. Their prices aren’t quite as good as in the past (used to be all 50% off, now not many items are the full 50% off) but any discount on Pandora is welcome!

    • Oh I hadn’t noticed the change in discount. The prices just look good to me all round, due to the price difference between US RRPs and UK RRPs. ^^ I usually find something or other that I’d like in each sale… ;)

      • Oh yeah, I know you pay a lot more for Pandora in the UK! Yeah, I just noticed now items are more like 40% off, especially the cheaper charms that are less than about $50 retail, like a charm that retailed for $25 they will sell for $15.99, or a $45 charm is $25.99 so that’s not really 50% off, and with shipping $10 not that great of a deal unless you buy at least a few charms. Some of the more expensive gold are still 50% off so that’s a really good deal.

        They also gave me a year of free shipping soon after I initially joined, so even if I only saw 1 or 2 charms I’d still order since the shipping was free. But now that’s run out, so I have to pay the $10 each sale if I order something, so to make it worth it for me I have to want at least a few items.

        • Aha, I think I’ve grumbled enough about it by now ;) The deals on the gold are pretty good, but I’ve never gone for one of them yet. There’s still something in me that can’t quite commit to paying so much for just one charm! Although my OH insists that he believes I will do it one day. ;)
          A year of free shipping is pretty nice! I don’t think I ever had that offer. I only ever order if I want a couple of things as well, just to make it worth getting it shipped here to the UK. :) Luckily I have found a few gems in the last few!

      • I got the one year of shipping for $30. I figured it was worth it since I spent $40 in shipping the first year! And actually, it sweetens all deals. When something is sold at 15 instead of 25 and you have free shipping, you usually go for it ;)

        • Oh, I didn’t even know you could do that! :) That probably is worth while – I always get grumpy about paying shipping, aha. For the most part you can avoid it here if you have a discount code or spend enough!

  3. Yay, do I see the two-tone stars? They are my favourite charm. I seriously consider having my first pair :) I hope to find more two-tones there. Thanks for the alert!

    • Oh yes I missed those! Hopefully there will be some other great things too. I’m hoping to find the two tone teapot, it’s one of those charms I’ve always wanted and never got around to getting. :D

  4. Thank you for the information Ellie! I’m hoping to be able to pick up the original silver present and the two toned Christmas tree. I prefer the simplicity of Pandora’s classic silver charms. I much prefer them to the newer and pricier pave charms! :)

    • You’re welcome! I got the original silver present a couple of Rue sales ago, and it is just lovely. It’s a real Pandora classic! I’d like to try and pick up the two-tone Christmas tree as well. :)

    • The US do get some great Pandora promotions – luckily there are lots of people happy to help out. On the other hand, we do get official sales in Pandora stores in the UK and Europe, which the US don’t, which is always a plus! :)
      Thank you! Have a nice evening!

  5. Thanks Ellie! I kept checking the Ruelala site looking for this and I thought they weren’t going to have a black Friday sale. I keep forgetting that it starts on the next day my time so they listed it under Saturday. This one is at kind of a weird hour for me though, usually it starts at 1 am my time, this time it is 3am.

      • Oh, right daylight savings. :) The Southern hemisphere swings by 2 hours from the Northern because we “spring ahead” when you “fall back”. I’m still getting used to living south of the Equator. :)

  6. How exactly do these exclusive charms look like & do you have ANY updates yet as to when the Disney exclusive 2016 charm will be released yet? I definitely don’t wanna miss out on that one

    5 reasons why I wanna get that one is cause I’m going to Disney World this year, I love the color of it, it’s Pandora, it’s Disney Park exclusive & last but not least & the most precious little detail on it is that it has pretty little music notes all over it cause music is a big part in my life so it’s a good thing I didn’t get the 2015 one & I didn’t like it nearly as much so I’m happy I saved up my money for the better one the year after I just had this gut feeling that the 2016 charm was gonna be much better than the 2015

    • Hi Amanda, what do you mean by ‘exclusive charms’? I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you’re asking :) Unfortunately no updates on the 2016 charm yet. I would assume some time in December, but will let you know when I find out more. I don’t think you have much chance of missing out, as the Fantasia and Wishes charms haven’t gone out of stock since their launch – it looks like Pandora have supplied enough of the latest Parks exclusives. :)
      I do agree that the 2016 version is prettier than last year’s charm! The little music notes are really sweet. I hope you have fun at Disney World!

  7. I just purchased the santas elves and tree this oast week? I really wanted them and found them in a store so i thought i better purchase them while i can before they were gone. I didn’t even receive any free promos!

    • Yay! I got it to work! =D. I was really surprised that everything I wanted was still available when I woke up.I thought everything would go straight away o.O. I thought that if I woke up, and they were still available, it would be fate to buy *deludes self* =P

      I did a bit of research to see how other people got it to work, and it was just toggling the address format. I decided to use the comgateway freight forwarding service you told me about last night, so fingers crossed! They had 50:50 reviews, I hope nothing goes missing =/ or is damaged.

      Thanks for all the help Ellie =D

      • Hey Suzy, sorry for the delay in reply! I’ve been busy with work. I’m so glad that you got it to work and that you have your items! :D I am also surprised that things haven’t sold out yet – in previous sales they must have had a lot less stock, as huge chunks of it was sold out within hours. It’s great for us though, haha! I like your idea that it was your fate though ;)

        Interesting that it’s just a matter of toggling the address. I have never known why one of my cards will work and the other won’t. I kind of just put it down as purely random haha. I have used them three times and nothing was missing, everything went smoothly. They charge a fair bit (and I had to pay import fees when it arrived in the UK too, as our import tax threshold is miserably low haha) but were pretty efficient. The reason I’ve stopped using them is because with the import fees I wasn’t saving anywhere near as much. :) I don’t think you will have that same problem!

        What did you go for in the end? :D

      • I get confused how to reply properly on here when there’s no direct reply button under the responses, =X lol. I ended up getting the tt tree, the Open Sky spacer, and the Lazy Daisy clip – I was torn between a pair of clips, or a single clip…. When I added a pair, I looked at the price and thought “oh no” because I still have the BF charm and pumpkin carriage coming…

        Then the process of adding and removing the clips started haha…. until I said to myself “No, let’s not be too greedy now…” I then just ran to checkout in case I added more to it!

        Do Rue add boxes to shipments, or do they just flat pack charms? ComGateway seem to calculate costs via volume rather than weight… so if it’s going to take up a lot of space, I can see the costs going higher. We do save on tax here, but I’ve read that there’s fuel charges on top too?! Fuel, handling, shipping, customs and gateway charges. I read on a review site that someone paid 36 USD for something weighing 0.15kg (and the item cost around 17 USD)…. I’m slightly worried =/

        • Sorry, Suzy, it’s the wordpress commenting system! It’s a pain in the neck sometimes, haha. I don’t know why they won’t let you reply to later comments directly. :( It’s also being a bit more dense than usual, and not ordering all the comments in a thread according to date for some reason. I’m not sure why, and I hope they fix it soon!
          Aha, I know the feeling! It’s hard when the prices are so good, especially for me in the UK! I did go for two of the lazy daisies. ^^
          They don’t add the charm boxes, they tend to ship everything in plastic wallets or anti-tarnish pouches. The downside is that, regardless of the size of your order, they pack it in a reasonably large cardboard box. Comgateway shipping is reasonably expensive, which is why it is best to use it if you’re ordering a few charms. They will also hold the package for you for about a month so you can combine any other orders you might make. I can’t remember which other ones Rue recommend, I think it’s comgateway and someone else… I only ever tried com though! :)

        • Oh, and for the future – is it possible that the kind lady who helped with the BF charm might be able to help you with the Rue sales? I have a kind friend in the US who forwards them on to me now :) It saves a lot on shipping!

  8. I had always browsed Rue La La and never gotten down to huying anything but this round I caved! I bought the Midnight Bloom clips, the original boy charm to signify my son, the five clip bracelet and the pink single leather bracelet (I exchanged my red leather bracelet, Ellie. I visited three outlets and all of them are the same brownish red which I wasn’t keen in. I got the single strand simple bracelet with a singular row of CZ and hearts at the side of it… Eternity? I am sorry, I forgot the name of the bracelet). So, the auspicious pig in 2016 shall sit on this pink bracelet instead. I wanted to get the Christmas tree but I find myself liking Ohm’s Beadsma Christmas Tree instead as there is more detailing on it. For once, I am straying away from Pandora. I also saw the Open Sky spacers and had two in my cart but Rue La La’s payment gateway was a challenge and by the time my transaction gone through, there was only one left and I had to let it go. I hope next round I have a chance to score them as I will prefer a pair.

    • Hi fellow Ohm Beads lover :) I got Ohm’s retired christmas tree during the 4th of July sale, and I don’t regret it. The new one seems really cute too!
      I don’t have the feeling that Rue la la restocks beween sales, but maybe they’ll have some returns on the open sky?

      • Hi Melora,

        I have not started collecting Ohm yet but just looking at the various beads is surely getting me all excited, especially all those cute animals. So detailed! I will definitely get the new Christmas tree and the meditation bead as I enjoy Yoga. I sure hope Rue La La stocks the open sky spacers again but hopefully with other good stuff so I don’t grumble about the shipping fee.

    • Huzzah! Great haul, I absolutely love the pink leather. :D It might have been worth getting your red leather from Rue La La… I have a cherry red one from there and it looked pretty red from their campaign image. Might be worth considering if it comes up again!$RTBJPG$
      But pink and red go so well together and I think your little CNY pig will go perfectly on the leather! Are you going to add more of the CNY reds to it?
      I do like the level of detailing in Ohm beads. :) On the other hand, I love Pandora’s classic Christmas tree even though it’s such a simple design. It’s one of those really classic beads I associate with their original style and design. :) It’s a shame you missed out on the Open Sky spacers! They have been on Rue a few times, so there’s definitely a possibility they will crop up again next time!

      • Yeah! I will be sure to look out for the red leather from Rue La La then. I saw it too and was so excited. A little disappointed that it was not listed but the pink single leather will do for now. I intend to get the Chinese Doll dangle and perhaps some red Muranos to compliment them. Hmmm… or maybe the new Blush faceted murano instead. Hahaha, I just realised the Ohm Christmas bead might not fit on the Pandora bracelet. I find I like Pandora for its dainty designs and Ohm for their edgy look. I will be sure to look out for the open sky spacers!

        • The red leather was listed on Rue this time around, but it sold out very quickly :( The Chinese Doll is so cute, you should definitely add that one! I think red muranos would be gorgeous with those pieces – the fascinating red muranos are a nice cherry red, or the Fizzles might be nice too?
          Oh dear, are Ohm beads not universally cored? I’m not up on my brand compatibility unfortunately!

        • I love both the look of the fascinating red muranos and the red fizzles. Oooh, this is so exciting! I haven’t even started my Christmas bangle and here I am, conceptualising about CNY. Hahaha! but that’s the fun of building your own unique bracelet. Truth be told, I spent some time reading abou compatibility of various brands last night and ended up very confused. Perhaps easier to stick to Pandora but the other brands’ muranos are so gorgeous. I took advantage of Trollbeads BF deal and ordered the exclusive BF murano, Midnight Brilliance, it’s black with copper flecks. I love it and intend to get the Trollbeads new offering, the copper bangle to go with it. Hmmm, you might love this new bangle Ellie, knowing your love for Rosegold.

  9. wow, have you seen that the golden star is now down to $80? I didn’t get it, because I’m saving for Cyber Monday with Ohm Beads, but maybe next time. I did get the Mom charm, though. it’s been on my wishlist for a while.

    • I did! It was very tempting, but I have filled up my midnight/starry bracelet. ^^ Perhaps it will come around again – they often get the same items in for a few sales in a row!

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