Today’s post celebrates Black Friday with a round-up of all the promotions for Pandora in North America and the UK! 2015 sees Pandora release their fifth limited edition charm in celebration of Black Friday – this special bead is always exclusive to North America, although collectors from around the world usually scramble to get help to obtain one as well. ^^

pandora black friday charms 2011 - 2015

This year there are a few other offers & sales running, plus a special bracelet gift set for the UK, too. Read on for a round-up of all that’s on offer for Pandora over the Black Friday weekend, plus live shots of the LE charm!

Pandora UK Black Friday Bracelet Set

Black Friday is slowly starting to become a ‘thing’ here in the UK and, while we may not be getting the exclusive charm, Pandora UK are offering a special bracelet starter set to celebrate it.

pandora black friday 2015 bracelet

From today, you’ll be able to purchase this Black Friday bracelet set for £99 (RRP £160), which includes the barrel clasp silver bracelet, the logo clips and the new openwork CZ present. You can purchase your Sparkling Present bracelet from authorised UK retailer John Greed, who are offering it online! :)

Pandora Black Friday 2015 Charm

This year’s LE Black Friday charm is called Wonderland, and retails for $75 USD or $85 CAD. It offers a pretty pavé snow globe design, with sparkly silver enamel at the base and a gold snowflake on top. :D Unfortunately the charm is exclusive to the US & Canada, and retailers are not allowed to ship internationally – so if you’re an international reader, you will have to find a friend in NA to help you get this one!

pandora black friday 2015

Stores have been uploading some lovely live images to social media, and the Wonderland charm does look much prettier than the stock image suggested, IMO! The base of the charm is engraved with the year, and the sparkly enamel blends into the rest of the charm really nicely.

The charm box is a little different this year, with a square top and a more substantial design. :D

pandora black friday 2015 box

Pandora North American Dainty Bow Bangle GWP

In addition to the release of the Black Friday charm itself, Pandora will be running a rather special GWP for North America! Until the 30th of November, spend $125 USD ($150 CAD) and get the LE Dainty Bow bangle for free. This will also be offered online for Cyber Monday only. After the promotion has ended, the bangle will be sold on its own for $75 USD.


This is the perfect opportunity to pick up the Black Friday charm, and something a little extra! The bangle will come with a special leatherette box, which you can see in this sweet picture by Pandora Joliet:

pandora black friday 2015
Image by Pandora Joliet

Jared’s Exclusive Gift Set

Jared’s Galleria in the US are offering an exclusive gift set, featuring many of the newest Christmas 2015 charms and the new Black Friday charm. It’s retailing for $500 USD (RRP $740) and comes with a cute presentation box as well!

Rue La La Sale

pandora rue la la black friday sale

If you’re in the US, don’t forget that Rue La La are running a Black Friday sale on Pandora jewellery today from 11am EDT! For more information, see my previous post here.

My Comment

I hope everyone in North America had a nice thanksgiving yesterday! There’s certainly a host of Pandora goodness available for Black Friday as a nice follow-up. Pandora NA always do such a great job of making their exclusive releases feel extra special – the LE boxes for the Black Friday charm and the Bow bangle look beautiful, and wonderfully tempting!

I have already put in my own order for the North American bangle promo – I’ll be getting the Black Friday charm (it looks so much prettier in live shots, IMO) and a couple of Disney muranos! I’ll also be stalking the Rue site at the start of the sale, as I have a couple of pieces that I would absolutely love to get my hands on. ;)

Will you be getting the Black Friday charm or taking part in any of the offers?

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    • No news on it I’m afraid :( it’s certainly not fake or false, I had the stock image for it with the rest of the autumn charms and it’s pictured in the Autumn campaign video, too. But it seems to have potentially been withdrawn or cancelled in some way. No one I have asked seems to be able to offer any clarification. :(

      • That’s a shame ☹ I’m in the uk so I can’t get hold of the Black Friday one and wanted it as an alternative. Besides I do prefer the opalescent look it’s very Wintery :-)

        • I know, it is disappointing! I preferred the opalescent version as well. I find it frustrating that Pandora leaked it themselves on the Autumn video and yet haven’t offered any kind of clarification… and we’re all left guessing :( Perhaps there were production issues and the two-tone version replaced it?

      • In case you missed it, this mystery has finally been solved. Pandora came out and said that the opalescent version was the original version of the BF charm and that the opalescent one will not be released. Pandora’s response has been posted on Pandora’s Tribe and Pandora’s Angels.

  1. :-) OMG – they are all lovely. Now I’m happy I don’t live in the US and that I can’t order them. I’d probably buy them all and be broke. hahaha! :-D
    Thanks for sharing and have a very HAPPY weekend :-)

    • Aha I live in the uk and still somehow end up ordering them all and broke! Happily enough the Canadian dollar works out pretty well in GBP so I can trick myself into thinking I’ve saved something by getting the black Friday charm ;)
      Enjoy your weekend too and thanks for commenting!

  2. Ohhhh Ellie there are some lovely pieces in the Rue sale!!! (The two tone Christmas tree!!!) I think I’ll participate next time after I figure out how to use their forwarding freight service etc… The LE box for the promo is gorgeous =D, I can’t wait for my BF charm =DD yay!

    • I know! So much choice compared to the last few. I’ve really gone for it this time lol. I got the two-tone tree, the teapot (!! I’ve been wanting that one for ages!), the pavé star bracelet and a couple of clips. So bad, but I couldn’t resist!
      I’ve used the freight forwarding before, but it can be a bit pricey! So it’s best if you’re buying quite a few pieces to make the discount worth it. So glad that you got your BF charm sorted! :D

      • I missed the two tone tree from the UK sale last year, and I haven’t figured out how to use the freight services… meh! The ones I wanted were the two tone tree, the Lazy Daisy clip, and the Open Sky spacer =DDD… I seem to be going for a lot of two tone lately… I was thinking Blue Irridescence plus two-tone, and some white (Abundance of Love, and white muranos) to make my Winter/ Midnight bracelet…. =D So happy you got your haul though!

        • It’s pretty easy if you want to do it… there’s still time! Just sign up with one (I used comgateway but idk if others are better) and get Rue to ship it to that address with your name. :) The only thing is getting Rue to accept a foreign credit card, which can be a bit difficult. It’s worth a try!
          That sounds like a beautiful combination. I have some two-tone on my midnight bracelet and it just adds a little bit of richness. The white is a nice contrast as well! :D I’m sure some of these pieces will crop up again in later sales if you don’t manage to make this one!

      • I’m awful with travel boxes! I think that I enjoy the boxes more than the actual charms…. that’s how the pink heart one from Valentines ended up coming home with me =DD

  3. Although I passed on the rue, it was quite impressive this time around, I did do my first ever pandora promo and I ordered two new ruby red eternity spacers and the doghouse with red enamel ( nice combo huh?) to receive my first ever bangle, I am so excited for this batch to arrive ;) I am so happy you got your teapot and the two tone tree is my fave tree by far, if it is still available next year around autumn I will snag one for my mini Xmas bracelet. Which clips did you buy ;);)

    • Yeah, I thought it was an improvement on the last couple. :D I got the Lazy Daisy clips. I’ve been looking out for some two-tone clips for a while! Your charms will look so pretty together, I absolutely love the Dog House charm. <3 What are you going to put in the bangle?
      Oh and I forgot to say – I got my panda as well! Oops ;)

  4. Yesterday, I accidentally stopped by a Montreal Pandora store figuring I would just ask if I could see the Limited edition Snow Globe charm, in case they had them out in preparation for today. I was informer that they had started the sale early. I wasn’t even planning on getting it but when I saw it I really fell in love with it and had to get it. I would say the enamel at the bottom is more pearly than silver. I’m not normally a fan of pavé but it is gorgeous on this charm and the gold snowflake on top is really a nice touch. None of the photos I’ve seen so far do it justice, like for many Pandora charms.

    Along with that I also got a chain and clip to reach the 150$ CAD mark to get the Dainty bow bangle and I love that two, together and with a few coloured muranos, they are going to form my first holiday bracelet. I am now broke though.

    • I did hear that stores started early last night! I wonder why that was. It does mean that a lot of them have already sold out of some sizes of the bangle, which doesn’t seem very smart. Glad you were able to get your Wonderland charm though, and I’m pleased to hear that it’s so pretty in real life! Pearly is a good way to describe the enamel effect. :) I can’t wait to get hold of mine, but it’ll take it a little while to make its way over the pond to me in the UK!

      Sounds gorgeous! I’m going to put some holiday charms on my Dainty Bow bangle as well. I am also absolutely on a Pandora ban now until after Christmas. I still have a large chunk of Christmas shopping left to do! ;)

      • Actually, they were already sold out of the small bangle yesterday afternoon, and they were running out of the Wonderland charm also, I don’t know why they started early, but I don’t usually shop on black friday and Canada doesn’t have the option to order online so I’m kind of grateful I could get it then.

      • In the US, Black “Friday” now usually means most of the stores and malls open on Thanksgiving (Thursday) evening around 6 P.M. The malls in my area opened at this time, so the Pandora stores did as well and began selling the BF Cham and bangle when they opened.

  5. The snow globe looks nicer in the live shots. I would have liked the other one to be released, as that was the one I liked the best.

    • It does, doesn’t it? Apparently it looks nicer again in person. I’m looking forward to receiving mine, although I am very disappointed that the opalescent version hasn’t made an appearance too. I wonder if production issues with the crystals got in the way or something.

      • On republic of jewels in the UK they are selling the openwork Christmas present and ice crystal on there own, so you don’t have to buy in the bracelet bundle. So I have ordered the ice crystal.
        They have also got about 40 items (charms&rings) reduced in a sale, some have got 50% off. I have bought two of the shimmering lace openwork charm, which I’m going to put with my ice crystal. There was 30% off this charm, which was a great saving.
        I’ve noticed Acotis have got 10% off Pandora at the moment.

        • Oh good, thanks for the tip! It’s a shame that they don’t have the autumn bundles on their own either – the dignity essence pearl and the feathered heart still aren’t available on their own!
          The Shimmering Lace will look nice with the Ice Crystal :D Acotis are doing 20% off on a lot of beads until Monday as well, so it’s worth a look! :)

  6. Hi Ellie! I am in the US and just received notification from Jared’s that they are offering a special Twelve Days of Christmas set which includes Wonderland, Prancing Reindeer, Holly Murano, Divine Angel, Braided Clips, etc….for $500 US! Jared’s is also offering a different ornament which is a lovely porcelain Christmas Tree!! Happy Holiday shopping to all! :D

    • Hi Carol! Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll add that gift set into the post. I have seen the Christmas tree ornament on FB, and it looks absolutely lovely. It’s so tempting to try and get hold of one but I am going to try and hold off.
      Happy shopping to you too! ^^

  7. I just purchased a jack-o-lantern charm that I’ve been hunting for all fall for $16, plus the $10 shipping. I’ve had issues with this company sending things ( even by their estimated time), so I’ve not ordered anything that I need by Christmas. My suggestion is to scrern shot their estimated time until delivery, should you have a problem. In this case, my estimated date of delivery is December 8.

    • Oh good, the pumpkin is very fun and rather HTF these days. That’s a good idea about screen-shotting the date, I remember the issues you had before. Luckily they’ve always dispatched my items quite promptly when I’ve been shopping, but the waits did use to be a lot longer on average!

      • I’m really hoping to see some improvement with shipping times, as there have been some great deals. I got an email stating my charm had already been shipped. Quite a bit faster than my past experiences. Fingers crossed! I’d really love to love dealing with this company.

        • My order has shipped as well! My last couple of orders from them have shipped out almost immediately, too. I think that they know Pandora will sell, so perhaps they just get in all their stock in advance nowadays? I suspect that you will have a better experience with them, going forward! :)

  8. Is the next big sale in the UK on Boxing Day? If so, is it online?

    The Black Friday UK promotion is a little bit disappointing esp compared to the US deals, but I suppose BF is still relatively new over here so may get better in years to come.

    Acotis seems to be 20% instead of the advertised 10% & has quite a good selection too.

    • Yes that’s right! All the online retailers take part, and it’s usually worth shopping around to see who has what, as it does vary a little bit.
      If I am absolutely honest, I do not think the UK Black Friday bracelet is a great deal. It’s not particularly exciting! If they are going to do Black Friday, it seems like they should just bite the bullet and offer the special charm as well :) Maybe next year! ^^
      Yes, Acotis are doing 20% on a lot of items until Monday. Definitely worth a look!

  9. Ellie,

    I wasn’t able to participate in the Ru La, La sale since I live in Canada, probably just as well since I would go But I was able to participate in the Black Friday Charm and Dainty Bow bracelet promo. Nada Fae wrote that her Pandora location started yesterday, so did the one in my area. I sent the store I deal with an email inquiring about the bangle and when I didn’t get a response after a few hours I thought I would drop by. Glad I went into the store, they were swamped with customers and they were selling the bangle. I snapped one up on the spot with the Black Friday Charm and some spacers. Good thing I bought yesterday, I got an email response today from the SA who informed me that they sold out shortly after they opened today. I love the bangle clasp it is very classy!

    The Black Friday Pave is gorgeous. I know some people were looking for the other version but the Pave reminded me of a snow globe that has been shaken and the sparkle reminiscent of the falling snow. The enamel base does give the charm added dimension and make it look more like a snow globe. At first I thought the $85 price point was steep but the gold snow flake on top made it worthwhile.
    Kudos to the person from the UK who was able to purchase in Canada, our slumping dollar does mean a more favourable exchange for her, and I agree I think she saved money! Thanks for giving our economy a little boost!! Win Win.

    Thanks Ellie for all your information, I soooooooo enjoy your blog!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!
      Aw, well, as you say, perhaps that is a good thing. Since Rue started accepting my card, I’ve definitely added way too much to my collection. ;) I’ve also done the Dainty Bow promo to get the Black Friday charm, so between the two offers I am shopped out and on a ban until after Christmas lol. Glad to hear that you managed to get your bangle, and that you’re pleased with it – I’ve heard from a lot of people that the bow bangles have sold out very fast! Seems like a bit of a shame, seeing as the promo is meant to run for another couple of days.

      I’m also thrilled to hear that you like this version of the BF charm. :) The other version was also pave, but with opalescent white stones and a silver snowflake on top. It would have been a lot like falling stone as well, but I’m sure the effect is very similar on this one! The gold snowflake on the NA version is also rather nice. I do wonder what has happened to the opalescent version!

      Aha, that person was me! I get a lot of my big Pandora purchases from Canada, as the exchange rate is so good, so I’m doing my bit for your economy lol.

      You’re welcome Lisa! :D Thanks for commenting, it’s always a pleasure!

  10. I just picked my preordered stuff and my bangle and I can say the the box is pretty nice even though it doesn’t have any dividers. :) I didn’t really like the BF charm that much so I skipped. The rue lala sale has a lot of great gold pieces and silver ones, but I think of it as a great opportunity to buy gold. I can’t really coordinate my words because I’m so tired from shopping today my mall opened at 6:pm last night and I stayed up. ? The posts are always so fun to read even though posts have been made about similar information in the past. So are the comments. ^^ Have a wonderful day/night. Going to sleep. ?

    • Aw, I’m looking forward to getting my special boxes! They don’t need to be that exciting for me, haha, just pretty. ;)
      It is definitely a great opportunity to buy gold, but I didn’t see any gold pieces that I had to have. Maybe the spacers :) I don’t have a single 14kt gold charm yet but I’m sure it’ll happen some day!
      Oh gosh, do you mean that you stayed up since 6pm? :o That is some dedication if so haha! Get some sleep and thanks for commenting – I’m glad you enjoyed this post ^^

    • I second the that Cindy! I love reading the posts and comments =D. Especially now that I am completely and utterly caught in the Black Friday, Christmas, Winter Pandora craze. I never thought I’d love the Winter collection this much =))

      • I know. It’s like you act casual about everything in the beginning, and then you pop on the blog, go to the mall, and the story completely changes. ^^ This story is so me. :P LOL

  11. Just looked on rue la la website there some really nice charms on there. The us promo. are so good. I’m not sure about the uk bracelet bundle I’m not sure about the open work present charm.

    • There are some great pieces on Rue this time! I’m surprised more isn’t sold out, but then maybe they have more stock for a big Black Friday sale.
      I don’t think the UK BF promo is up to much, haha. The bundle is nice, but it’s the same deal as they usually offer their starter sets really.

      • I’ve shifted away from buying any Pandora in the UK unless its the end of year sales o.O. At most, the UK only offer 20% off throughout the year (minus tax) and even then, it doesn’t match up to the US or Canadian prices/offers =/.

        Psst….Ellie…..upto 50% off Chamilia, 20% off Trollbeads…. might explain some of the diversion from Pandora? ;)

  12. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the review, as always, very informative :)
    Looking forward to what’s retiring, this year, have had a few sneaky peaks at my local Pandora :)

    Anyone in Canada who might be able to help me get the Black Friday charm, please?


    • Hi Julie, glad to hear it was useful! Ooh, what did you see in your sneaky peeks, haha? I read on FB that, for the UK at least, the Carousel and Forest Trinity are in it, plus some other blue charms…
      I hope someone is able to help you out! :) If not, try the FB pages, perhaps?

      • Hi Ellie, the light blue and pink butterfly kisses, mystic floral openwork, gold heart, open vine spacer gold, pink murano with the little pink hearts in it, ballet slipper these are just afew of the ones I remember that are being retired ! I know there is afew more gold and black charms going.

        • Hi Julie, I am amazed to hear the butterfly kisses are up for the chop! :o They are so new, and I’d have thought they were really popular! Same goes for the pink hearts murano :( I’d like a chance to get the open vine spacers in the sale though! thanks for the updates!

      • Ok more updates this time Essence, we will have to say goodbye to all the zodiac sign charms and stability, trust and optimism, it looked more yellowy in store, but I think it’s that one! Yes, the forest trinity is going! Will update as I find out more lol

  13. Dear Ellie, LE Dainty Bow bangle is all gone. Pandora will give the BF Wonderland instead with same spending. Dainty Bow bangle is simple classic with one bow each side not like the paved star on one side only.

    • Yes, I’ve heard that many stores have sold out – and that Pandora have authorised stores to give out the BF charm. It doesn’t seem to me like that many people have bought the BF charm this year – you usually see tons of pictures on social media!
      It’s interesting to know that the bow bangle clasp is on both sides. Usually they want the Pandora logo on there!

      • Last year LE one side paved Star still has overstock in outlet store and Rue La La. Pandora really show appreciation to customers this X’mas. I like the ribbon on both side then I don’t need to turn the pattern side face up like the Paved Heart bangle.

        • Yeah, I’m surprised that the pavé star bangle is not selling out on Rue. I snapped that one up, as I think it might be nice for a mini festive design next year!
          I quite like having the pandora logo clasp on one side of the bangle – I have the 2014 pavé heart bangle as well, and I like that I can just turn the clasp around and wear it as the regular bangle sometimes. My clasp is quite stiff and tends to stay whichever way round you put it :)

  14. Such a great (but expensive!) charm weekend Ellie! First Ruelala sale, I bought just the Love Bouquet for myself, but got gold teddy bear for my mom for Christmas, and then she bought 5 other charms so it was well worth our $10 shipping (we share 1 account to save on shipping). Then I bought 4 Trollbeads on Perlen 20% off plus the usual 20% off for VAT. Then we went to 3 Pandora stores, I did 2 bangle promos with my favorite SA, got your favorite enamel snowman :-P (I will show you my Christmas bracelet!), Everlasting Grace pearl dangle, simple pearl dangle, Cool Breeze blue topaz dangle, and midnight blue crystal star dangle. The Dainty Bow Bangles were snapped up quick, stores still had mediums left but very few or none of the small and large. I got 1 small and 1 medium. Sounds like you got a great haul too Ellie!

    • Aha, I’m glad that you seem to have indulged as much as I have! ;) Luckily I only have the deals on Pandora to tempt me, though. I bought so much from Rue, and I am still hovering on there, wanting to get a couple more pieces ;) That’s a lovely present to get your mum, the prices on gold are rather amazing!
      Ahaha, I do love that snowman ;) I would love to see your Christmas bracelet, please do share a picture of it! The Everlasting Grace is so beautiful, you picked out some lovely charms. :D

      • No bead budget for other brand after Pandora great promotion. I did one more transaction today to get the free BF Wonderland. I got 2 free bangle and 1 free BF Wonderland.

      • Yes it’s been a charm indulgent weekend, I didn’t buy anything else apart from charms, except a shirt and dress that cost less than $30 for both of them together! I just love buying charms more than anything else :-D My mom and I were poring over Rue together on our 2 laptops when the sale started, and she said she wanted the teddy for her all gold bracelet and told me to order it (on her credit card) and then I said I’m getting you that for Christmas! I like to buy her something special each occasion, usually a charm these days as we are both obsessed (she only does Pandora though). I will post a pic of my Christmas bracelet on Facebook tomorrow :-D

        • The only other things I bought this weekend were Christmas presents. ^^ I got some good deals on those, so hopefully everyone will be pleased haha. I have to admit that, as much as I love buying clothes, I do get the most excited when buying charms too haha.
          Aw, that is so lovely! My mum is stubbornly impervious to Pandora and its charms (pun intended! :P). I would love nothing more than to get her a bracelet, but she maintains that she wouldn’t wear it enough, or that if she did she would ruin it >:( ;)
          Looking forward to seeing your Christmas design :D

  15. I was able to upgrade to gold clasp bangle for $500 spend. Also got 3 dainty bow bangles for free plus my store allowed me to purchase 2 for $75 each. I bought the dangling snowflake, opalescent spacers, red present, holly murano and the black friday charm, plus some other charms. The black Friday charm is really nice. The dainty bow bangle is very nice but not spectacular. Bow decoration is not prominent, so you can really use it for anything. Maybe for a free bangle design they did not spend as much to produce it? Anyway, it’s still very nice. I would love to see what Jared did for their special!

    Love this blog! So helpful!

    • I’d just like to comment on the production value of the bow bangle. It’s not free everywhere, like it was for you. In Europe it’s only available through direct purchase, retailing at 69€.

      • Didn’t know that! As i said, it’s a lovely bangle, just with a more subtle design.
        Thanks for the info!

    • Oooh sounds like you got a rather spectacular haul! As Lily mentioned, the Dainty Bow bangle is sold outright in many other countries. However I do wonder if having the bow design on both sides of the clasp was a means of keeping production costs down, nevertheless. As they can just use the Dainty Bow clips without having to change them in any way? Just a theory! You picked some lovely charms, I’m glad to hear that you like the BF charm. I’m still sad about the opalescent version, but I’m excited to see how the two-tone version looks in person!

      Glad to hear you enjoy the blog and thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy your new pieces!

  16. Hi Ellie, I’m just wondering if you know how quickly the bf charm sells out. My brother is off to nyc in 3 weeks and I was hoping he might be able to find one.

  17. Do you know when a 2015 retirement list will become available? I know a few charms have been already named, but didn’t know if there was going to be an announcement soon. Just trying to decide which ones to ask for Christmas!

    • I don’t know for sure. The only list I have seen so far is on My Xpressions, but that’s for North America. It sounds like the UK list might be quite different. I will keep an eye out! :)

      • I have the list of charms being retired for Australia, and I must say that I’m disappointed in the amount of beautiful (and popular) charms being retired :(

        I’m surprised that there are charms from spring this year being retired, including the adorable ladybug! Loads of gold, two tone, classic silver, and even some of the popular openwork silvers are being cut. At least I’ll be able to get some of these charms on sale, so there’s an upside at least :D

        Hopefully this helped a bit :)

        • Oh man, there are some really new and surprising pieces on that list. I can’t believe the Ladybird is going already, it’s such a sweet little charm. and the Mountain Dog! :( But I guess Pandora do stick to the charms with the widest appeal these days. Is that site an official retailer then? I’ve not heard of them before!
          Thanks for sharing Kim!

      • Yes, its sad that the majority of character charms seem to be on their way out
        They used to be an official online retailer but they are no longer allowed to sell online since the Australian e-store opened, which is a shame. They still keep up to date lists of new charms and retirements though which is handy :)

        • Yes, or the new character charms get retired quickly. :(
          Ah okay. Thanks for the info! I noticed that all the Australian online retailers have had to stop since the estore launched. It seems a bit heavy handed.

  18. Most of Canada sold out on ALL the Limited Edition bangle bracelets in only a FEW hours & I had to work on Friday so I would of missed out on it if Pandora didn’t start their bangle promotion on Thursday which I was lucky to get one on Thursday after noon
    But on Friday they sold out on the bangles so fast that they had to start giving the new limited edition snow globes out to people that spent over 150 cause they had nothing else
    It kinda sucks though cause so many people walked in & we’re expecting to spend 150 & receive the limited edition bangle not the charm & I’m happy I went on Thursday to get my bangle cause I don’t really like this charm anyways really & would of been disappointed cause I’ve been looking forward for this bangle for quite some time now & I wish I can get that ornament dangle charm with the red raider on it & it almost looks similar to the one with all the snowflakes all over it with a bow

    I hope you got the bangle too if you really wanted it like I did

    • Oh wow, it does sound like they sold out fast pretty much everywhere. Perhaps Pandora just didn’t anticipate the demand. Giving out the BF charms is a good gesture though :) It is disappointing for those who wanted the bangle, but at least you can get something! It’s great that you were able to get the bangle – the box it comes with is so pretty too!
      You mean the Jared exclusive Prancing Reindeer? I just got that one, it is so pretty in person. The red enamel reindeer really shimmer. Can you not get a friend in the US to help you? Jared are also doing a pretty nice GWP where you spend $125 USD and get a Jared exclusive Pandora ceramic christmas tree ornament that no other stores have!

      • Well I’m going to Disney World this Christmas & we’ll be getting some of the Disney exclusive Pandora charms so I may just stop at a Jared store in Florida & get the prancing reindeer there & what ever other exclusive Pandora charms they may have that I may like I also want the sparkling surprise red charm

        But I wish I can somehow get the twinkling star safety chain that clips on cause I only see the clip it’s self in the Pandora stores

        • Oh good plan! There are a number of Jared exclusive charms you could get! :)
          The star safety chain is not a clip-on, it screws on. I know it looks like the twinkling star clip, but it’s actually threaded! You could try and find a friend in Asia who might ship it to you – join Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe on Facebook if you can, they are great for that kind of thing.

  19. Hi Ellie,
    I’m looking for an Canadian Pandora online store for the promo tomorrow but cannot find one. Where did you place your order? doesn’t seem to offer the Dainty bow promo. Can you help me out?

    • Hi Jessi, I got my order from a physical store through a friend in Canada. The online offer is just for Cyber Monday, but I don’t know which retailers will be offering the promo online tomorrow, unfortunately – it might be a matter of waiting to see. Sorry I can’t be of more help! :)

  20. Hi Ellie!
    As most people, I’m wondering too, what happened to the opalescent version of the BF charm! If they have production issues they usually admit it (like with the Autumn’s muranos), right? Mystery!
    I find the US promos really tempting every time! It’s so nice they make it easier to purchase the new designs of bangles and bracelets! I hope yours will arrive soon! I’m waiting for your comments on the BF charm! :-) ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Yes, the opalescent BF charm is a total mystery. I have seen some theories that it was just a production sketch, but it has its own actual item number (791759NOW) and it clearly existed as an actual charm, as it is photographed in the Autumn 2015 campaign video. What exactly it was for, though, is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was a scrapped version of the charm or prototype that was eventually replaced with the two-tone one. If that’s the case though, I have no idea how or why it made it into the Autumn 2015 campaign video.
      Yes, there is something particularly special about the US promos. The special boxes and all the pretty campaign posters make them extra exciting! :D Thanks Chrysa, I am hoping that my BF charm won’t take too long in the xmas post, and that I’ll be able to offer a timely review. I live in the wrong country for a lot of the exciting Pandora releases, haha! <3 <3

  21. I am in Aus and waited till the US bangle promo was online their time monday. I got the BF charm & 2 starshine spacers (which were not released in Aus). That qualified me for the free bangle. Love the boxes the BF charm and bow bangle come in, we tend not to get them in Aus except for Valentines day. I use a mail forwarding service, so I have everything crossed that they arrive before xmas. As it is items we can’t get in Aus, I don’t mind paying a bit more on exchange rates & shipping. Next week we have the free bangle promo starting in Aust, can’t resist, will probably get another 1. I have 4 dedicated xmas bracelets and loved a lot of Chamilia & Pandora xmas releases this year. Will put bangles aside for next years xmas beads!

    • Fantastic, that’s great that you were able to get the pieces not available in Australia! I didn’t know the Starshine pieces didn’t come out there – I wonder why that is.
      Fingers crossed your pieces make it to you quickly! ^^ It may be a little pricier for you to buy from the US – but you do get those pretty boxes too! I love the box they’ve used for the BF charm this year, it’s a bit different to usual. We only get the Valentine’s GWP boxes in the UK, as well. Which mail forwarding service do you use, out of interest?

      • I use ShopMate, which is run by our national postal carrier, Australia Post. They give you a postal address in Portland Oregon. It is good because I pay the postage from US in Australian dollars, so you don’t have to calculate another conversion. I have been stung once with excessive postage from them, as they charge by the dimensions of the package as well as weight, but for a small RueLaLa box it is normally around AU $25.

  22. Hooray! I placed my order! I got the BF charm, the winter mittens dangle (I previously dismissed it as I thought it was a pair of baby mittens, silly me!) and the bicycle dangle. I was so close to ordering the Da Vinci clips but felt the Midnight Bloom clips from Rue La La might seem a bit similar so I stopped myself and quickly checked out.

    • Yay that’s great Ariane! I absolutely love the mittens dangle – it’s one of their cutest Christmas charms, I think! The Bicycle dangle is another of my favourites.
      Haha, well done on being sensible and sticking with the Midnight Bloom clips! I did the same with myself on Rue La La – I could feel myself itching to add more to my basket, so finished my order quickly. ;)

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