Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for December 2015 – and beyond! This month’s news includes some exciting Valentine’s and Spring 2016 teasers, plus a round-up of all the fun Pandora Christmas GWPs for the season. :D There are some lovely offers going on around the world, with some very collectible GWP items on offer.

Coming up on the blog are my Christmas 2015 reviews, so look out for them in the run-up to the 25th! ^^

Pandora Valentine’s 2016 Updates & Spring 2016 Teaser

I have already posted a preview of the upcoming Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 collection, but I’ve updated the post with the full list of jewellery and some US pricing as well – so it’s worth having another look! :)

pandora valentine's 2016 preview ring

*Updated* These beautiful live shots showcase the new Valentine’s 2016 murano perfectly! The image is reproduced with the kind permission of Kasia Kubus, so please do not reproduce it without crediting her.

pandora valentine's 2016 murano
Image by Kasia Kubus

Additionally, we have a live shot from a recent Pandora SS16 preview in Amsterdam (hat tip to Stephanie for sharing it on my FB page!) – it shows off the new Valentine’s Wild Hearts murano beautifully. However, you can also see what looks to be a new pink flower murano to the left of the picture, which I assume will be a Spring 2016 offering. It looks rather lovely! Wouldn’t it be great if there were some more colours in this style, too?

There is also a new double heart pendant of some kind at the centre of the bracelet, in between the two pink Petite Facets.

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by flyershots

There is also, as a bonus, this little campaign shot from Spring 2016. I have seen a tiny handful of the jewellery coming for Spring 2016, and there is a whole set of jewellery (rings, earrings) in the style of the gold pavé ring pictured on the fourth finger here, plus a glitzy floral ring with purple stones and a plain silver floral necklace. The theme for this year is apparently something along the lines of poetic blossoms and I hear that, yes, there may well be more daisies…

pandora spring 2016
Image by flyershots

Pandora Opalescent Black Friday 2015 Charm Update

Back when the first images of the 2015 Black Friday charm were published online, the Pandora world was puzzled by the fact that two versions of the charm were leaked: the North American two-tone Wonderland charm, and a mysterious one with opalescent crystals. This opalescent version has not been mentioned by Pandora since, and they have just made an official statement on their Facebook page to say that this charm will not be released. :(

pandora black friday 2015 previewThis is the official explanation:

this charm never actually went into production. It is the first design of the US exclusive Black Friday charm. Sorry for the confusion.

It’s a real shame as it was by far and away my favourite of the two versions. :(

Pandora Christmas Snowflake Ornament 2015 Promo

The Christmas Ornament GWP starts today for the US & Canada, and will run whilst stocks last. The spend is $125 USD ($150 CAD) – normally, that spend would be easy to hit, but I imagine there will be quite a few of you shopped out after all the Black Friday promotions! ;)

pandora christmas ornament 2015

  • In the UK, this promotion is ongoing while stocks last. Many stores have run out, but some online retailers are still offering it.
  • In Australia, this promo has now finished – but the Dainty Bow bangle GWP will be starting instead on the 10th of December and running until the 20th of December, with a $150 AUD/$180 NZD spend.

I have my snowflake ornament, and I love it! It has heart detailing in the middle, and the lovely silver detailing at the heart of the snowflake and around the cut-out hearts just adds to its delicacy. Very pretty!

pandora christmas ornament 2015

I already had the 2014 sleigh ornament, so this brings my collection up to a grand total of two! ^^ The only thing about the snowflake ornament is that there is no pouch or place to put charms in, unlike the sleigh.

pandora christmas ornament 2015 snowflake

Pandora Jared Exclusive Christmas Ornament 2015

But now for Pandora’s best-kept secret of the Winter 2015 season: there is also a second porcelain tree ornament for 2015! This second is a porcelain Christmas tree, and it will be offered exclusively by Jared’s in the US. (For the uninitiated, Jared’s Galleria is a chain of stores in the US which sells Pandora jewellery.) These live images are by eBay user vinnie-baby, and show it off nice and clearly.

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2015 Jared Exclusive

No other region or store has received this ornament, making this one rather exclusive indeed. It will be available starting from today (1st of December) with any spend of $125 or more on Pandora.

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2015 Jared Exclusive

Pandora Asia Starry Box GWP

Pandora Asia are offering this limited edition porcelain gift box as a gift with purchase for the holiday season, with varying spends and dates depending on the individual country! It has a rather lovely starry design, which complements the star-themed Asian-exclusives Pandora released this season.


In Singapore, the promotion will run until the 25th of December, and the qualifying spend is $400 nett.

In Hong Kong, the qualifying spend for the box is $3,500 HKD. What’s more, if you shop on the Pandora Hong Kong eStore and buy any gift set, you will get this Christmas card for free, which lets you record an audio message for your loved one. It also comes with a 3D decorative Christmas tree, pictured below. Hmm!

pandora hong kong christmas card 2015

My Comment

There are some really fun promotions running this year, and I love the little collectible releases Pandora have come up with for the season. The Jared’s tree ornament is pretty (although not as much as so as the Snowflake, I feel), so it’s a shame that it is so exclusive!

It’s exciting to get our first taste of the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, small as it may be! ;) I really like the look of the pink floral murano, even if I really do not need any more pink-themed designs, haha. It would be nice if there were more colours in the same style. On the other hand, I am not as sure about the Valentine’s 2016 murano from the live shots – it looks a bit more translucent than the stock image suggested, if that makes sense!

Will you be taking part in any of the promotions this month? What are you hoping from next year’s collections?

72 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up For December 2015

      • If they are Mother’s day then I’m happier! I always love the Spring collections, and I don’t care much for the Mother’s day ones probably because I’m not into daughter stuff lol. Last year’s spring collection was my favorite, and I’m already excited for this one!

  1. In the picture of the pink bracelet, on left between the two pink muranos, is a new heart saying mum, is that part of the new Mother’s day collection?

  2. Thank you so much for these updates I am beyond thrilled to see the new spring release. That pink flower type murano looks stunning and I also like the double heart Murano in live stock images. Not sure if u missed it or not but there is another new charm in the above photos, there is a heart which says MOM on it, on the left of the petite facets ;)

    • You are most welcome! ^^ It is exciting to see previews already. Hopefully there will be more live shots from others to follow. The new flower murano looks so pretty. I doubt there are other colours, but it would be so nice if there were!
      I did miss it! It looks quite a lot like one of the Autumn 2015 charms, so I didn’t really notice it.

  3. I won’t spend for Pandora ornament because I spend enough for the BF promotion already. I love hand crafted murano glass bead, I think I will pick them up.

    • No, I imagine a lot of people in North America are all shopped-out! ^^ There have been a lot of promos there. Do you mean the new muranos in the sneak peek? The flowers one is particularly pretty!

      • I ended up with 2 free bangle and 1 free BF with the Glistening set, Reindeer, Holly and 3 more charms. Glistening set is $225 for $290 value so it is great deal. I have to save for 2016 promotion now, no more Pandora shopping!

        • Beautiful choices! I have the reindeer and holly myself, and I am excited to get my BF and bangle, they should be posted tomorrow. Hopefully they will be here to review by Christmas!

      • The Glistening Wonder set is very beautiful with the paved bracelet, Layer of Lace clip and Radiant Bloom with a leather box. At first, I didn’t think will this set when it launched last month without any promotion, quite expensive $225. The shop manager told me still has a few sets left but the bracelet set only come in smallest 19cm, she even changed to 17cm for me, so sweet! So I am very happy for this promotion, I am wearing my mini X’mas bracelet with Holly, Cinderalla’s coach, BF, Star & Moon dangle in between Layer of Lace clips on paved bracelet.

  4. Hi Ellie thank you for the post,I have just ordered my bundle for the ornament it’s not arrived yet but I’m very excited. Those rings look really pretty very simple and delicate. Both those murano are really lovely I would really like them. it’s weird hearing about the spring collection when we’re in December lol.

      • Hi Nicola, yes, so did I – I’ve added it to the post. :( I doubt they will ever make the other one, which is so disappointing as I think it’s just lovely. It was a bit of a mistake/tease on their part to include it in the Autumn 2015 video… now everyone is dissatisfied with the version they did actually release, haha.

    • Hi Nicola! That’s so exciting! You will love the ornament :D Is it that the Black Friday bundle you’ve ordered?
      Lol, it is funny isn’t it? It’s weirder writing about the Christmas collection in June though. That’s always a bit surreal! ;)

      • IT was the one were if you spend £125 you get the ornament. It came yesterday and when I first opened it I though they hadn’t sent me everything. But they put it in a different bot style not the boxes what you normally get. It was a long rectangle box at the top they had put the bracelet then at the bottom there was like a charm bar and they put the charms on their. It’s so lovely I will take a picture later to show you.

  5. Hooray for images of new pieces! Thank you for sharing :)

    I took part in the 2 promotions available in Portugal, which are quite different:
    – with a spend of 109€ receive a jewellery travel box, this one is similar to other European mainland countries like Spain and Germany, although the spend differs between countries;
    – with a spend of 199€ receive the “I ♥ you” cube charm.

  6. What a treat Ellie, giving us another post so soon :-D Thanks for sharing all these pictures, I’m excited to see what else Pandora is doing for spring and summer! I’m not overly impressed by anything new I’m seeing so far, I think the only unreleased charm we’ve seen that I’m interested in is the CNY piggie with red bow <3 But spring is always a big collection, so I'm sure I'll find some nice charms when the full previews come out! I've bought so many charms lately anyway, so I'm probably happy if I only like a few ;-)

    • Haha, I wanted to get this one out actually on the 1st seeing as that’s when the US ornament promo started! ^^ I’m excited as well – I like floral motifs, so I’m sure there will be some Spring pieces I like. They do also tend to do some animal beads for Spring as a rule, so hopefully there will be some cute ones this year. :D
      The CNY bead is far and away my favourite too! The little red bow is so adorable. I’ve way overspent this season as well. Rue La La kind of killed me! ;)

  7. I love the Jared exclusive ornament, but unfortunately, my local Jared sold out of it very quickly and I didn’t get a chance to get one.

    • Oh no, Joanne! The Jared exclusive Christmas tree is my first choice as well. I love the silver detailing and also the fact that I can display it on my coffee table instead of hanging it on the tree. It’s too exclusive and fragile! I hope that it is still available on line? Can’t believe that they would sell out so quickly!

      • Apparently it’s an in-store only promotion, so Jared are not offering it online at all. :( I’d get yours sooner rather than later, as it looks like this ornament will be popular!

    • Oh no, that’s such a shame! :( I was tempted to buy one from eBay, but they seem to have sold out as well. Ah well! I bet this ornament will become something of a collector’s item, too.

      • Luckily, I did manage to get the Jared exclusive Christmas tree ornament. I went to my local Jared yesterday and they did still have a fair number of ornaments in stock. However, the Sales Associate knew nothing about the promotion and had to ask a manager about it. In the meantime, I found the ornament on display in one of the cases! Unfortunately, for some reason, the service at Jared’s isn’t always the best. Probably because they are more interested in selling diamonds than Pandora! Lol! I am just so happy that I was able to get the ornament! :D

        • I have heard that Jared aren’t that great when it comes to selling Pandora. Perhaps it’s because they have a lot of more expensive jewellery on sale elsewhere in the store. I’m glad that you have your ornament though, I will keep an eye out for any opportunities to get one myself! For now, I have overspent, what with Rue La La and the Black Friday sales haha.
          Enjoy your ornament! <3

      • I agree. I try to stay out of Jared’s as much as possible, as I think they get paid on commission as most sale associates. The SA at my Jared’s are so mean, and they also think people into random things they didn’t even agree to! Glad you got your ornament though. :)

        • Oh really, I hate it when the SAs are on commission. You can always tell when you walk into a Pandora franchise as well, and the SAs try to up-sell you. We get told to do it at the shop I work at part-time, but I ignore that advice for the most part, as I hate making customers uncomfortable! I am a bad SA in that respect ;)

      • How nice of you! I wish more SA were like that! My old figure skating coach actually works at my Pandora and I find that I go there more often since she joined! The service at my Pandora is either hit or miss, but I’ve had a lot of good experiences there. My Jared’s has a LOT of pushy SAs who try to make you buy diamonds or something, and even charge other people’s stuff on your card. Ughhhhhh.

        • I hate pushy SAs, especially at Pandora! I love going so much, and I don’t often get to shop there in person, so it’s frustrating if it’s spoiled by someone trying to upsell you. I once went in for one silver charm and the SA was trying to sell me a whole bangle full of pavé beads. -_- And another once talked to me the whole time I was there about why it was time for me to ‘transition’ from my two-tone bracelet to the solid 14kt gold one, haha!

  8. Lol Ellie…. The Xmas card! I’d love to just be able to try it out!! It seems like its geared towards men recording voice clips in the card and gifting their OH’s with Pandora =P. What a fun concept! I’m so glad I’m not hooked on that porcelain box. However, I still want the dangling ceramic snowflake! If they made a snowflake box, or a star that would have gotten me, haha.

    It’s a shame about the opalescent version of the snow globe =(. That seems to have been such a big mistake to make by Pandora! You don’t include unconfirmed designs in final promotional material and bring consumer hopes up! (I really really wanted the opalescent version…..). If the BF charm was the opalescent version with the gold snowflake on top, I think it could have easily been a best seller =P. They should have a consumer panel to see what charm versions are best … haha.. *dreaming…*

    I think I’ve spent more on shipping than anything else at the moment lol. I opted to keep the boxes for my BF haul (the LE ones) which have bumped up the prices slightly…. However, for something I can’t get here, I’m still super super happy =P.
    Oh, and I see what you mean about the comGateway prices and making the most of it. They round up to their minimal weight values and give you a flat out price – so if you don’t make that weight and it’s under, you still pay the same rate as if you hit the actual weight of the category – so mean =(.

    I remember you asking if I could mail it to the lovely lady that helped me with the BF haul (I forgot which post). I haven’t actually asked her, as she’s so busy with her work, and has only just been to her local post office to ask for shipping rates. I’d feel awful to ask her to forward goods to me later. I feel so indebted to her already! I guess I need to make some US friends too =P.

    The pink floral murano looks alot like how Trollbeads do their glass floral beads *chuckles*. I know what you mean about the translucency – I think they didn’t bother colouring around the core and may have just left it silver (they usually go for white don’t they?). I’m looking to go on a ban from Pandora after Christmas =X. I’m not too enticed by the Valentines collection yet, so I (my wallet) can breathe a sigh of relief for now haha.

    Thanks for the lovely round up Ellie ^__^. Made my day! xxx.

    • Aha, the voice recording card made me laugh a little – I’m not sure I could keep a straight face if I opened it on Christmas day and my OH’s voice came out of it, haha! It’s a sweet idea, though. I have the snowflake ornament, thankfully, but now that they’ve released the Jared ornament, I want that one too! :P Not that I am likely to find one, though, luckily.

      I completely agree with you, I have no idea what that snowflake charm was doing in the Autumn 2015 video. Someone obviously made quite a big mistake. I’m surprised that no one at Pandora caught it, or seemed to know about it when asked. I tried asking a few people about it, and no one had any answers. Bah :(

      My BF items haven’t been posted yet, but I am anticipating quite a big shipping charge! But I have such a weakness for the boxes, it will be worth it ;) We don’t really get special boxes here in the UK.
      Yeah, the freight forwarding companies have to make a profit, so they effectively create a minimum amount that you have to spend with each order. Which is why it is great if you are spending a lot, but not so much if you are just buying something small. Although com do allow you to save up your deliveries for a month or so and to combine them to save on packaging. If you can find a kind friend in the US who can put your Rue order in a reasonably sized envelope (Rue sends charms out in ridiculously huge boxes) and forward it on for you, that is definitely the best solution!

      Yes, those flowers are kind of Troll like, which can only be a good thing. ^^ Troll glass is beautiful! The Mother’s Rose they did this year was so pretty. I don’t think Valentine’s Day will be too expensive for me in terms of Pandora, so hopefully there will be lots I like from Spring instead :D

      Thanks for commenting Suzy! <3

  9. Awwwweee what about the 2016 Disney Parks Pandora exclusive charm?

    I wish there was more info on that charm sense I know I 100% wanna get it & im very confident that it’ll look even more beautiful in person than it does in the stock photos

    • I’ve not heard anything I’m afraid! You can safely assume that it will be either this month or January, I’d have thought. Hopefully the Disney Parks blog will tell us soon! It does look nice :)

  10. I’m surprised they didn’t decide to make the opalescent black Friday charm. Maybe they thought the snowman and tree didn’t stand out enough, but I really liked that one. Maybe they will make a similar charm with those colors for next year.

    • I am, too. I thought it was by far and away the prettiest design! Maybe they felt the gold snowflake made it a bit more special, or perhaps the opalescent stones presented production issues? I know that some stores didn’t get all the opalescent spacers in straight away.

  11. The C N Y piggy is still my pick of the litter for 2016. I’d hoped the opalescent version of the snowglobe would be released eventually, but it’s better to know it’s fate than to wonder. Thanks for the update!

    • It’s my favourite too! Such a cute little charm. :D I really should get around to making a dedicated lunar new year/asian bracelet, as I have a nice little collection of the CNY charms now, haha.
      It is a shame about the opalescent version, and someone at Pandora definitely made a mistake in releasing it with the Autumn 2015 video. I wonder how on earth that happened!

  12. Hi Ellie! The Spring floral murano looks quite lovely! I also am very fond of The Valentine’s hearts murano. I really like the way that the darker pink hearts seem to “pop”! I hope that there is another bracelet promo sometime in the future. I definitely want to complete a mini Valentine’s/romance bracelet! I also am a fan of pink and the signature Pandora hearts! It’s what initially attracted me to Pandora. However, my former heart/romance bracelet somehow turned into a fairytale bracelet. Therefore, I will have to start a new one for 2016. Lol! :D

    • Hi Carol! The muranos do look nice, although I was trying to convince myself not to do any more pink themed bracelets (I have quite a few already lol!). A lady shared another amazing image of the double hearts murano from Valentine’s Day on my facebook page, you should take a look! It looks even better. :)
      Aha, if you like pink and hearts, then Pandora’s most recent collections must have had a lot for you to love. :) Fairy-tale bracelets are always so much fun to make, so I don’t blame you for getting side-tracked, haha! They do so many nice fairy-tale charms!

  13. It’s a shame there not releasing the opalescent snow globe, I would have liked that one.
    It’s great to see some live shots from valentines and some of the spring collection. I can’t wait to see more pictures from the spring collection. Hope we won’t have long to wait, before we see the previews. The Spring collection was my favourite from this year.
    I hope we get some promos again next year.

    • I agree. It was my first choice, and the opalescent stones seemed better suited to representing snow! Ah well!
      In previous years, we have tended to get stock images for Spring towards the end of January – but press previews often run beforehand, so hopefully more pictures will come out soon! :D I think Spring was probably my favourite from this year as well. The Disney collection was phenomenal.

  14. :-) I’ve never seen any of these Christmas ornaments / gifts before (only here) in stores. I’m not even sure we get get them in Austria.
    But the ring reminds me that I need to post my ring. Pictures are taken… just need to find the time to do the write up.
    Take care and thanks for sharing all the wonderful info! X :-)

    • No, I don’t think they do the Christmas ornament promotion in Europe for some reason. :( You have a new ring? :D You should definitely post that! I’ll look forward to reading about it.
      Take care too, and thanks for commenting! <3

  15. On an unrelated topic, Ellie, what’s your collection looking like these days? It’s been awhile since you’ve posted the whole thing, and with all the recent reviews, it sounds like it’s grown! I think you need to do an upcoming post on that, and what your favorites are. My own has grown as well. 3 completed “regular” bracelets (my first one in blue, my “family” bracelet, and my 2015 that has 3 Wildflower muranos, and may soon acquire 2 Darling Daisy Meadow clips to match), 1 oxidized theme bracelet (my “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” with the fairies), which is perpetually a work in progress, awaiting appropriate charms for it. I have 1 completely empty silver one waiting for 2016, 2 leather doubles, and 2 bangles (1 of which just got a holly murano and a red enamel Santa and became dedicated as a Christmas bracelet!). I think I can safely say I’m obsessed, but I bet you have me beat by a mile! :-) Other than the pink, our tastes seem pretty similar, and I’d love to see what you have in your collection.

    • It’s looking over-sized, Clair, if I’m honest with you! ;) I have added a couple of bracelets since my last picture, I think, and re-shuffled a few others quite a lot.
      I will definitely take another picture for you and write something about it, it’s nice that you’re interested in what I’ve added! Funnily enough someone else just asked the same thing yesterday. It might be a nice way to finish up the year.
      Your collection sounds lovely, and much more reasonably-sized than mine! :) I always like the sound of your Midsummer bracelet especially, as that appeals to the literary student in me as well! Our tastes do seem similar, so it would be nice to see some pictures of what you’ve come up with as well! :D

      • Now I’m so looking forward to seeing your collection Ellie. I have been secretly curious too… My collection is not large but all over the place, 3 pairs of earrings, 3 different necklaces, a couple of rings,1 full bracelet (no particular theme), 5 clip bracelet, heart clasp bracelet, essence bracelet (no charms on), pink double leather bracelet and grey triple leather bracelet (size 3 too big for me so I will give it to my mom).

        I managed to get the complete black onyx statement heart pieces (mi amor), and the everlasting grace pieces, though I lost the ring first time wearing it to a party!

        Please post a picture of your collection ASAP cant wait!

        • Aha, you should always just ask! :) I will take you a picture when my latest haul from Rue La La/Black Friday sales arrives with me in the UK and then you will get a good overview of how gigantic it has got, haha. It should be soon, I hope by next week sometime!
          Your collection sounds lovely! I’m sorry to hear about your Everlasting Grace ring, though, that’s a real shame. I have not lost a piece of Pandora yet… although the amount I have, something seems bound to happen at some point! ;)

      • I’m a hospice nurse by trade, but have always loved literature. My favorite class in college was Masterpieces of English Literature. Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc. If ever there was a class I just wanted to “move in to” and stay, that was it! That particular play also reminds me of a production of it that my middle daughter was involved with in high school when she was a freshman. They did a really beautiful job of it. They captured that magical, mystical quality so well, and that’s the version that comes to mind when I’ve added new charms. That bracelet recently got the new fairy on the mushroom, and the Hubs got be the Dragonfly charm for Sweetest Day, so it found it’s home on that one too. After Christmas, I’ll send a few pictures along. I’m hoping for another charm or two under the tree. :-)

        • Yes, I’ll look forward to seeing some pictures! :) Midsummer Night’s Dream is such a great play to actually go and see, and not just read – it’s funny and so very watchable, but it also has that lovely mystical quality that you describe. and it’s nice that it has that your tie to your daughter as well. :D

  16. I am so excited for more daisies!!! I have only one bracelet and guess what, it’s floral-daisy themed! Thus obviously spring is my favourite release for years ^^

  17. Hi Ellie!
    What a lovely and informative round-up! Thank you! :-)
    The Valentine’s murano looks even prettier in live shots! The colour of the hearts is so vivid (they get closer to making something red for Valentine’s Day..!) and the idea of colourless glass is rather interesting! I think it will be the new mother-daughter common charm we’ll have with my mom!
    It’s a pity, the opalescent version of the BF charm didn’t make it to production! I hope they’ll reconsider, and we’ll see it in the next Winter collection!
    I’ve received a similar birthday card with recorded wishes several years ago, and was so funny! This one would make a perfect Christmas card for a Pandoraholic! :-) I forgot to tell you that in Germany, when I took part to the GWP Box promo, they also gave me a lovely Christmas card, in this year’s gorgeous light blue colour with the wish “Merry Christmas” written in several different languages, accompanied by a matching envelope! :-) Winter is so exciting in Pandora’s world!
    Talk to you soon, Ellie!!! Thank you for all the December news!♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Sorry for the delayed reply again! :( I’m not sure what happened to my notifications, but this is the first I have seen of this comment. Which is a shame as you know how much I enjoy reading your thoughts! ^^
      Yes, the Valentine’s murano looks absolutely lovely in Kasia’s pictures doesn’t it? I’m excited to see it in person. I think it would be perfect to go with your Orchid pendant – you and your mother both have that one don’t you? :D
      I would love to see the opalescent version appear in the future, although I have my doubts, as there must have been a reason that they had to change it. :( Perhaps they will realise how excited people were about it and make it happen somehow! I’m waiting on my two-tone version to arrive from Canada, and hopefully I will love that one anyway in the meantime.
      Aw, that Christmas card GWP sounds gorgeous! We don’t get many little extras like that in the UK. I like to collect the little extras that Pandora give out. ^^ I have to say, I think I’d giggle if my OH tried to record me a serious greeting in one of those Hong Kong cards, but knowing him, if he actually had one to give me he’d try and wind me up in some way lol!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3 <3

  18. Pandora outlet at Cooktown and St. Catherine Ontario has special promotion. LE paved Star bangle with Tree of Lights is Can $110. Two toned Christmas Tree, Gift box and Santa’s Elves as a bundle $85. Birthday Bloom buy 2 get 1 free. Spend $125 get 1 last year X’mas oranment Sleigh, spend $200 get 2 Sleigh as extra gift. Sales until 11th Dec.

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