Today’s post sees the first in my series of Pandora Christmas 2015 reviews for the month, with a closer look at the Pandora Disney Minnie’s Holiday Wreath charm! :D As a Disney Parks exclusive, the Holiday Wreath is available only at Disney Parks locations in North America, or online from the US Disney store.

pandora disney parks holiday 2015 mickey minnie wreath

This charm was originally called ‘Minnie’s Holiday Wreath’ by Pandora, but the Disney Store seem to have changed it to ‘Mickey’s Holiday Wreath’. I prefer the original name, for reasons I’ll explain in the post!

The charm

What I love most about this charm is that it’s Christmassy, but also so delicate and cute-looking. The delicate wreath detailing, studded with green stones and combined with little silver bows, is very pretty and would go beautifully with Pandora’s existing feminine bow charms. It’s a subtle way to add a little festive cheer to your bracelet, without having to indulge in the less versatile red enamel detailing of many of Pandora’s other Christmas charms.

pandora disney parks holiday 2015 mickey minnie wreath

In person, it looks pretty true to the stock image, although the green stones are a little cooler in tone in person.

pandora disney parks autumn winter 2015

What you don’t realise from the stock image, however, is the patterning of the Wreath. In person, the wreaths are shaped into the traditional Mickey/Minnie mouse silhouette, with a little silver bow – so cute, and a very subtle little homage to Disney if you don’t like the more in-your-face pieces. (This is why I’m also continuing to call it Minnie’s Holiday Wreath, as Pandora originally titled it – if it has a bow, then it’s Minnie! :P).

pandora disney parks holiday 2015 mickey minnie wreath

I ordered my Holiday Wreath from the Disney Store, and was thrilled when it came with the adorable exclusive Disney Parks box. It just makes the purchase that extra bit special! You can see the cream inside of it in the photo right at the top of this article. ^^

pandora disney parks holiday 2015 mickey minnie wreath

The charm is an openwork, and fairly lightweight in person. This works well for its tinsel design.

pandora disney parks holiday 2015 mickey minnie wreath

The charm has the usual Pandora and Disney Parks hallmarks, one on each side.

pandora disney parks holiday 2015 mickey minnie wreath


I have gone with two styling ideas for this review, demonstrating what I mean about this charm’s versatility. My first features a variation on my favourite delicate pave design, which offsets pretty whites and pastels against the darker oxidised chain.

With its bows and sweet detailing, the Minnie charm looks at home with the delicate Dainty Bow clip and Ballerina, while the lilac stones of the heart charm complement the subtle green.


On the other hand, the Minnie charm works beautifully in full-on festive designs as well! ^^ Here it is in residency on my Christmas bracelet:

However, it would also look nice, perhaps, as part of a Christmas design that focused on festive decorations and ornaments – you could put it with the ornament baubles, any of the Christmas trees, the present charms or the Candy Cane for example! :)


This is such a sweet design, one which nicely blends delicate bow motifs with Christmas fun. I’m surprised Pandora haven’t done something similar that isn’t Disney, as the design seems like it would have universal appeal. My favourite detail of the charm are the little silver bows, which are so pretty and understated. The Disney aspect doesn’t figure that much in this charm for me – I mainly bought mine as I liked the tinsel/bow design. However it is a nice way to add a subtle dash of Disney to your Christmas bracelet, without going all out with the red enamel that features prominently in other Mickey/Minnie pieces.

The Minnie Holiday Wreath is $75, and is only available from US Disney Parks locations or the Disney Store online.

What do you think of this charm? Have you hunted down any of the most recent Disney Parks designs?

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  1. This charm looks so much nicer in your Live Photos. I love the design they have done and didn’t realise until you said that it’s in the mouse silhouette, which works well. I love the detailing they have done and the bows just finish it. I agree with you that it is Minnie’s because of the bow design.
    I think you can match this with lots of different charms. I would put this on a Christmas themed bracelet, if I was buying this charm. If I ever start a Christmas bracelet in the future, I would buy this for it. I might eventually get round to starting one at some point in the future.
    Keep the reviews coming. Looking forward to reading your other reviews on the lead up to Christmas and also to see your Pandora collection.

    • Thanks Sarah! The stock image really doesn’t do it justice, especially as you can’t even see the Mickey/Mouse silhouette. I love it best on a Christmas themed design as well, but I think it goes well with many of Pandora’s pavé designs if you want to wear it all year round as well :D
      I will definitely keep them coming, glad you’re enjoying them! :) I will take a picture of my Pandora collection once my Rue La La pieces and Black Friday haul arrive from North America, as that will most probably finish me off for the year, haha.

  2. Such a feminine pretty charm! It’s perfect for ur lovely Xmas bracelet. U know Everytime u post that dangling Ballerina–I want it!! Haha

  3. This is such a pretty charm, Ellie, it looks much better in your photos than the stock photos! I agree, should be Minnie’s wreath but who knows why they changed it. I love the color of the crystals and the silver bows, I like that it doesn’t have to be Disney if you don’t want it to be. It looks so adorable on your Christmas bracelet :-D

    • It is definitely much prettier in person. It’s a shame that not many people can view the Disney Parks exclusives in person before they buy them. Thanks Natalie, I’m glad you like it on the Christmas bracelet! It is definitely more versatile than a lot of the Disney pieces :)

  4. so pretty! I am definitely getting this charm because It brings back so many joyful memories, and I love green. :) Are you going to wear this charm when the holidays are over? ps thx for so many posts!

    • Oh you should, especially if you love green! It’s really a pretty shade. I don’t know whether I’ll be wearing it after the holiday season, as I want to keep my Christmas bracelet together ideally. I certainly think that you can wear it all year round if you want to, as it blends into other designs a lot better than the bright red Christmas enamels! :)

      • how long are these available for? I’m going to Disney for Spring break as I want to travel domestically more. ^^ 5 out of the 8 trips I’ve been on this year were international and I’m tired. SO excited! The last time I went to Disney was when I was 10! (I hate shopping online :( )

        • The Minnie’s Holiday Wreath is not a limited edition so it should be available for you to get over spring! I am very envious of both your international and domestic trips, haha. I’d love to go to North America. I’m terribly afraid of flying, so that’s something I will have to get over before that ever happens ;)

  5. Wow Ellie this charm is so lovely I really like it I think this charm you could wear all year round it doesn’t scream Christmas. It’s so pretty.

  6. After reading your review I went straight over to The Disney Store and ordered this charm, I love the dark green and silver together. I had forgotten that this charm was now available. I will wear this charm on my Christmas braclet then after the holiday I will transfer it to my Disney braclet. Once again Thank You for all your great reiews.

    • Hi Beckie, that is just what I like to hear! ^^ I’m glad it convinced you. It will work beautifully as either part of a Christmas or Disney design, so it’s great that you have that versatility. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad that you enjoyed the review! :)

  7. I got this charm too. It is very shiny and delicate looking in person. I think it goes very well on a Christmas bracelet, but from an arms length away you can’t really tell it has a Christmas theme and certainly not that it has a Disney theme so I think that is nice because you can definitely wear it all year round.

    It seems like Pandora makes so many red Christmas charms. I love red, but for Christmas I think of dark green predominately. I think Scandinavian countries really use a lot of red during Christmas so maybe that is why Pandora uses it so much, but it is nice that this one contributes some green.

    • I completely agree with you Stephanie – if you look at it from far away, it’s just twinkly and pretty and green, and the Disney motif is easy to miss. Definitely one to wear all year round, if you want to!

      I would also like to see more of a mix of colours for Christmas. The last two years, they have principally gone for red. In previous years, they have often done two-tone or blue or other pavé shades. It would be nice to see them do a mix of styles again. :)

  8. I agree with Stephanie. It’s nice that this charm contributes some green (and it would be nice if Pandora would offer more charms with green). As usual, your image looks much nicer than the stock image and is certainly from a better vantage point. This is a great addition to your Christmas bracelet. I bet this time next year you’ll be working on your next one! (Aren’t you surprised you went this long before creating a Christmas bracelet?!).

    • I would like more green too! I wanted to do an even mix of red and green in my festive design, but finding the cute green charms was quite a difficult task, so I’ve ended up with more red!
      Aha, another one! I suspect that you’re right. ;) I do have the star bangle from Rue La La, so I could always make a mini design on that one… I hope I don’t go all out again! I am surprised and not surprised that it took me this long, haha. I always promised myself that I wouldn’t make a Christmas bracelet, as you only wear them for a short time – but I finally broke that promise this year!

  9. Love your review, Ellie! This charm is surprisingly lovely. I’m surprised that I like it even though I’m not a Disney fan. :)

    • Thanks Tia! <3 I like this charm a lot as I think it's such a subtle nod to the Disney line. The hidden Minnie silhouette is not that noticeable, but it's a nice detail all the same.

  10. I loved this charm from the first time I saw it. I love the way you added it to your Christmas bracelet. It looks great.
    By any chance will you be reviewing the Black Friday charm. I was interested to see what you think of it. I received it as a birthday gift and I love it but it doesn’t shine the way I thought it would. Thanks again for another wonderful review. They always make my day

    • Thanks Linda! I really like this one as well. It’s my favourite from the latest Disney collection.
      I will definitely be reviewing the Black Friday charm, provided it gets to me in reasonable time. :) It was posted yesterday so fingers crossed! I’m interested to hear your thoughts about its shine, I will have to see what I think when it gets here! I do find myself wondering what the opalescent version would have looked like, too.
      That’s so wonderful to hear Linda! I hope you continue to enjoy them, as they are so much fun to put together :D

  11. I have to admit that when I first saw the stock images for this charm, I didn’t care for it. However, your pictures really show it off. I love the detail and delicacy. It reminds me of looking for the hidden Mickey/Minnie silhouette throughout the parks. I guess I know what it is being added to my wish list. Thank you for the awesome images!

    • Thank you, I’m glad the pictures helped to change your mind! I find it puzzling that Pandora didn’t use a stock image that showed off the cute Minnie silhouettes. It really is delicate, and the bows are so pretty and feminine. :D

  12. Wow, what a sweet bead! I just love the silver bows. We spent the last two Christmases at Disney World and it’s such a magical time of year there. It looks just lovely on your bracelets!

    • Thank you! <3 The silver bows are my favourite part of it as well. I love the Minnie Mouse designs best of the classic Disney beads. I would love to go to Disney World some day, too. :D Apparently they have wreaths that look just like this charm there. Thanks for commenting!

  13. I previously had resisted the allure of the Disney charms, but your review sold me on this one! I am expecting mine before Christmas. Thanks, Ellie!

  14. I actually love this charm so much
    I love it cause you can put it with all your other Disney charms if your a Disney fan or even better if your not so much a Disney fan it works for this charm or you can add it on to your Christmas bracelet & you won’t even know it’s actually a Disney charm unless of course you have it on a Disney bracelet with other Disney charms which in my case I’m a fan & collect both collections of Christmas & Disney Charms so I love how I can keep switching my bracelets up with this charm

    I can’t wait to see what the new Disney pandora charms will be like this Spring/Summer but I’m sure we’ll see those soon cause a lot of places after the holidays will start preparing their spring collections but then again I don’t like rushing anything lol cause it already goes by as fast as it is

    • That’s exactly why I like it too! It’s pretty, and it’s not too in-your-face about Disney or Christmas either haha.

      I have high hopes for the next Disney Spring release! Autumn/Winter was disappointing for me, tbh. I’m hoping for some cute animal characters most of all!

      • Oh ya animal characters would be awesome too
        I’d also love to see more of Disneys Animal Kingdom even though I know those ones would be exclusive but still
        I wish there was also something of Simba from Lion King but not exactly sure how the design would turn out all I know is that it would probably be a really unique colour to it even if they just made like a head bead of it like they made Minnie & Mickey head beads & make it like a yellowey orange color which is the colour of Simba & sence no charm company has ever produced a Simba charm so Pandora would be the first & if they made it really good I bet it would sell & sence Simba is one of the top known favourite Disney characters

        • Simba would be lovely! They don’t need to colour it either, they could just do it as a classic plain silver bead, which would make it easy to do. :) And then they could do some tropical looking muranos to go with it! The Lion King was always my favourite film as a child so I would love to see Simba & Nala in charm form!

      • Or maybe even have Simba in a sitting position but that means that if Pandora makes a Simba charm (& please not plain silver lol) it means it would only make sense is if they make a Nala charm & in her original colour too
        Gosh I think she’d look so gorgeous

      • Ya or they can come out with both cause everyone likes different I guess but I know that it would be gorgeous no matter what just cause it’s Simba and Nala & they still need to complete the princess dress collection too I mean Pandora has all the princess dresses but they need still an Aurora & Rapunzal dress charms Aurora in pink of course which would really stand out & Rapunzal in purple then the Pandora princess coloured dress collection would be complete & obviously have muranos to match both dresses like they do with all the other princess dresses cause I just don’t think it’s complete yet without Aurora & Rapunzal but I do have high hopes that they’ll hopefully be in the Disney Spring collection sence they are more summer/spring kinda princesses but I could be wrong cause if not than they definitely should be

        • Yes, I’d love to see Aurora in particular! Are she and Rapunzel the only missing princesses? Isn’t Tiana one too? I get a bit confused as to which heroines are actually members of the official Princess line-up, haha. I do think it would be fun to do a Signature colour murano for Aurora that’s pink and blue twined together, like the fairies’ fight over her dress!

      • Oh ya a mixed murano for Aurora would be good but at the same time it wouldn’t really match up with all the signature murano princess colors cause all of them are already one colour oh ya I forgot about Tiana ya she is also part of the Disney princess line so that’d be 3 left for Pandora to make to complete the collection but I’m hoping they’ll make them & release them in the spring but I’m afraid that Tiana’s signature murano color it’ll be very similar to Tinker Bells that they’ll almost have to put her name on it but I’m wondering what Aurora’s item thing is like the thing that presents her like for Ariel it’s the sparkly seashell, Elsa the snowflake, Snow White the red apple like each princess has like an item thing that presents them

        • I could live with it not matching… but, actually, another idea might be to have it pink in regular light, and then blue when it glows in the dark. That would also incorporate the pink/blue thing that Aurora has going on!
          Oh gosh, I don’t know what Aurora’s item would be… it’s been so long since I last saw Sleeping Beauty. A woodland animal? A spinning wheel? A bed or a birthday cake, lol? Those are the main things I remember from the film haha.

      • Oohhh that would actually be like one of the best ideas cause sence Aurora is mainly pink & the way they fight of the fairies of what colour her dress should be it’d be the coolest thing ever if it was mainly pink of course as it would have to be & glowed in the dark blue wow I can just imagine how cool that would be & normally to be honest with you I don’t really buy a whole lot of murano beads just cause they are big & take up a lot of room on my bracelet but I would get the Aurora one if it was pink & glowed in the dark blue cause I only have 2 murano beads & both happen to be green ones the tinker bell one & the other one is the spring one with all the white flowers on it so it’d be really awesome if the Aurora murano bead was pink & glowed blue I’d get it for sure & with the pink dress charm which would look so good & sense Disney Pandora doesn’t have little to almost no pink charms

        Aurora just seems like a perfect Valentine’s Day release set cause she’s pink & Rapunzal is more of a summer release or Mother’s Day cause in the movie the villain pretends to be Rapunzals mother lol

        • Yeah, wouldn’t it be great? :D Pandora have to make it happen, haha!
          I doubt they will do any Disney for Valentine’s Day. Disney releases tend to be for the bigger launches like Spring or Autumn/Winter. But hopefully Spring will bring some exciting pieces!

  15. & i don’t like how Pandora or Disney changed the name for this charm it doesn’t make sense that they’d change it to Mickeys holiday Wreath charm cause to be it’ll always be MINNIES holiday wreath charm as it was originally & really it has BOWS on it how can they possibly dare change it to Mickey
    Mickey doesn’t wear bows Minnie does

    To me it’s Minnie & that’s how it’s gonna stay

    • No I don’t get that either! And I prefer the Minnie designs to the Mickey ones anyhow, so I prefer to think of it as Minnie’s wreath anyway. The bows do make it seem more like a Minnie design!

  16. Christmas to me was always to be known as colors red & green & Pandora should really make more green Christmas charms cause most of mine are red as well or red is the main color anyways but your bracelets look really awesome

    • I think a lot of people would like to see more green. Pandora always used to a wider range of Christmas colours… or just more plain silver and two-tone offerings, which had a more classic look. It would be nice to see more of those!

  17. Hi Ellie!
    Minnie’s wreath (I agree we should keep the initial name- how odd to rename a charm with bows into Mickey’s wreath!) looks stunning in your pictures! I hadn’t notice Minnie’s figure in the stock image, and though I’m not a great fan of the famous Disney mice, I do love this one and I believe it’s great for Christmas! It would also match perfectly the green faceted murano, don’t you think?
    May I ask if you’ve seen live pictures of the Wishes Disney charm? It’s my favourite in this collection and I’m curious what’s on the other side!
    Thank you for this lovely post Ellie! By the way, I look forward to seeing pictures of your expanded collection, too! ;-) ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yes, it doesn’t seem like a Mickey charm at all. The bows are so cute and Minnie-esque to me! :) The dark green faceted murano would look so great with this charm – unfortunately I don’t have it though! I need some more greens in my collection. ^^ I’d like to start by getting those pretty faceted olive beads from Autumn!
      I had a little look-see for pictures of the Disney Wishes charm, and found a couple from ebay. It looks like the word ‘wishes’ just repeats itself:$_12.JPG$_12.JPG$_12.JPG
      You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I will definitely take that picture as soon as my latest lovely hauls arrive here. Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3

      • Awww I need that charm I think it looks so gorgeous
        I can’t wait to get it at the Disney parks hopefully IF it’s not sold out

      • Thank you so much for the pictures Ellie! It’s really sweet of you to search for it! ♡♡♡
        I hope it will be nice in person! A friend will help me to purchase it, I hope it’ll be here before Christmas! :-)

        • You’re welcome Chrysa! It’s quite tough to find good pictures of the Disney Parks exclusives, but eBay usually turns up a couple at least.
          I did want to get it myself, but my budget hasn’t allowed it for now. ;) I keep thinking how nice it would be for a new year’s themed bracelet, perhaps with the new Iridescence murano… Hope yours gets to you in time for Christmas! :)

    • You’re just into my mind! That’s where I plan to use it, after Chistmas! :-)) Well, not exactly on a New Year’s bracelet but with the Iridescence murano on the Midnight Love bracelet, to represent wishes on falling stars… ★♥★

    • Disney does indeed ship to Canada or the Disney Store online cause I’ve ordered on their before & I also live in Canada & I’ll never do it again cause they honestly rip Canadians off with the stupid shipping,import & dutie fees & plus paying to have it dropped off at your door that it becomes cheaper on eBay once the total adds up on the Disney Store to ship to Canada but they do ship to Canada it’s just more expensive unfortunately & Canada probably won’t get the sales as U.S does or free shipping deal their having in U.S by spending 75 dollars & get free shipping but putting in a code called shipmagic but only works in U.S

      • Yeah, it’s only really worth ordering Pandora from the Disney Store if you’re in the US. I tried once to order to the UK and I had the same problem with the exorbitant fees & insurance, and then the huge import tax charge once it did get here! So I’ve given up on that idea.

  18. Hi
    I have just discovered your blog and think it’s fantastic! I just recently got a Disney bracket with the Olaf charm and Elsa dress but want so many more. It’s such a shame they don’t sell them in the UK, my Uncle was staying in his holiday home in Flordia so got my order shipped to his address for him to bring back with him. I have now just seen the clips and safety charm which I would love so trying to find someone who is going to the US!

    • Hi Jemma! Thanks, glad you’re enjoying it :D It is a real shame that Disney isn’t sold here in the UK, but apparently it is due to contractual issues with Chamilia jewellery. :( We probably won’t see it for another couple of years at least.
      Have you tried joining any of the Pandora FB groups and seeing if someone can help you get the Disney charms? Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribes are great, and there are lots of ladies who help out with the Disney charms. :)

      • Yeah I seen about the Facebook pages on some comments on here. I’ve put a request in to join Pandora’s Angels but think there’s quite a long waiting list. That’s probably a good thing with the amount I’ve just spent when Chrostmas is not far away haha! I’ll have a look at the other FB page too :)

        • There is a really long list for the Angels page, yep. It helps to message Roseanne (the admin) to speed things up I think. Tribe is also worth trying – Pandora Freedom might also be easier to get into, as well! :)
          I’ve spent way too much on Christmas and Pandora combined, as well haha. I am on a ban now! :P

  19. Hi Ellie,
    I just noticed the Disney 2016 parks charm is available on the Disney Store website. I remember one commenter was really interested in that one, but I can’t remember where she was asking about it. Thanks for the pictures of both sides of the Wishes charm.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for the heads-up! Disney didn’t advertise that one much! I think I know who was asking, and if I’m right, they just left me a comment about it on another post. ^^
      I’d like to see a live shot of the 2016 charm, it would be good to see the whole design!

  20. HI Ellie,
    Merry Christmas! I always enjoy reading your post, they are very informative! I’m very blessed to have received all of the Disney Park exclusives plus the new Mickey and Minnie charms from my children and some friends for Christmas this year! I’m so excited, they are all beautiful! I’m just sitting here daydreaming and wondering about the next round of Disney charms to come out. Have you heard anything from them about the spring releases and the dates they will come out?

    Thanks again and I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

    • Hi Kim!
      A very merry Christmas to you too! :) Oh my gosh, you lucky thing! All of the Disney Parks exclusives is an amazing haul, there are so many nice ones in the latest collection. :D You are going to have a lot of fun putting those on bracelets, haha!
      Well, the Spring 2016 release is slated for the 16th of March – and usually the next Disney collection would be expected to be released then as well. If I hear more, I will let you know!
      Thanks for commenting and happy Christmas again!

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