Today’s post looks forward to the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 release, with an overview of the upcoming promotions and gift sets for multiple regions including North America and Australia. It still feels odd to be writing about Valentine’s Day in the middle of the Christmas season, but everyone in the Pandora world always keeps an eye on what’s coming next! ;)

pandora valentine's 2016

There are a number of romantic jewellery sets and GWPs coming up for the Valentine’s Day, and OHs looking for gift inspiration will have plenty to choose from! These images also offer some inspiration for the collection, with some pretty pinks and floral motifs.

The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 collection is due out on the 14th of January – for a full overview of the collection, including details on pricing, please see my post here!

Pandora US & Canada Valentine’s 2016 Gift Sets

I have mentioned the details for these North American gift sets before, but I now have some great campaign images that showcase them very nicely.

First, we have the Filled with Love bracelet gift set for $180 USD, which includes the plain silver heart-clasp bracelet, the Feathered clips and the new Ribbon of Love charm. This comes with a white leatherette wristlet, which you can sort of see pictured in the background of the image!

pandora valentine's 2016

The Petals of Love gift set will retail for $150 USD and be presented in a heart-shaped gift box. It includes the necklace and earrings pictured below – the necklace is particularly pretty, I think, and will come on a 90cm chain.
pandora valentine's 2016

In North America, the Love is Forever charm will be offered in a special heart-shaped gift box for $70 USD, as an in-store only promotion. It will be sold without the box as part of Pandora’s regular collection from the 15th of February 2016.

pandora love is forever offer

I also have a few other images from the North American Art of You campaign, which showcase the new pieces rather nicely. It’s striking how different the pink enamel In My Heart charm looks, depending on the campaign image. It’s hard to work out whether it’s redder or dark purple in shade.

Pandora Valentine’s 2016 Heart Box GWP for Australia & New Zealand

This next sneak peek comes courtesy of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, and reveals details on an upcoming Valentine’s 2016 promotion for Australia and New Zealand. This white leather heart box will be available as a gift with purchase – it features cute quilted stitching and a heart-shaped zip.


The promotion will run from the 28th of January until the 14th of February, and will be available with a $120 AUD ($150 NZD) spend.

pandora valentine's 2016 sneak peek

My Comment

The Ribbon of Love charm looks even nicer in the campaign image above, and it’s one I’m looking forward to seeing in person! On the other hand, I am ambivalent about the Love is Forever bead – it’s quite simple and elegant, but not particularly exciting for a special release charm, I think.

I do love the pink florals in Pandora’s Art of You campaign images for this collection, and I wish that the idea of petals of love had translated into some prettier designs than the pavé clover-esque charms. I know that Pandora do flowers to death, but I have a weakness for them and would have preferred to see them over more hearts, in any case! :)

This latest heart-shaped gift box for Australia is also so pretty – hopefully the same box will be offered in the UK this Valentine’s Day. It would make a great little travel box!

Are you tempted by any of these offers? Have you decided if you’re buying anything from the Valentine’s collection?

86 Comments on Preview: Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Promotions

  1. I love the heart shaped box Australia are getting, I really hope that will be available in the UK, as I definetly would get one. Hopefully we’ll hear soon if it’s going to be.
    Great to see some more pictures.
    I’ve got my list of ones I like the look of. I like the ribbon of love and captivated hearts charms, the linked love ring and the heart bracelet.

    • It’s gorgeous! I think Australia and the UK got the same Valentine’s GWP box last year, or at least very similar ones, so fingers crossed we will get this one too! :D It’s so pretty!
      Yes, I quite like the Art of You campaign images Pandora NA put out. They give more of a sense of what the jewellery actually looks like I think. My picks from this collection remain the same: the pavé bracelet, the hearts murano, the Ribbon of Love and the Filled with Romance heart charms! The rings are really nice too, but I will hold off for now.

  2. Hi Ellie I really like arts for you charm charm it simple but I really like the colour do you know of any promo for the uk. Do you know if the ruby petit faceters will be out.

    • Hi Nicola, which charm do you mean? The enamel heart? :) If so, I’m looking forward to seeing what colour that one proves to be in person!
      I’m not sure on a promo for the UK yet. I expect that there will be another gift box GWP, seeing as there will be one for Australia. I also don’t know about the ruby facets for now. Seeing as they’re pictured in that campaign bracelet with the In My Heart enamel heart charm, I wouldn’t be surprised if some regions are offering it for Valentine’s instead of Winter 2015 :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these new pictures, Ellie! I don’t think any of these deals will be for me, but I am still coveting the ruby facets (my usual store never did get them yet, and I am fine waiting for the next promotion) and the CNY piggy (guessing this will be Spring release for the rest of the world). I also saw an Italian Pandora catalog for Valentine’s and it had the pave pear charm pictured, so maybe that is getting a wider release! I’m curious to see what types of promotions Pandora will be offering in 2016 too, since they seem to be backing off the usual free bracelet promo.

    • You’re welcome! I’m not too excited by these bundles either (although the campaign images are lovely), but I never get that excited over gift sets anyhow. I usually like to pick out my own pieces with which to start a bracelet.
      I saw the catalogue with the pear too! I didn’t see the Pear listed in the US catalogue for Valentine’s, but perhaps it will follow for North America in Spring. :D I’m glad that it’s seeing a wider release, as I always really liked it, but it was so expensive to import. Hopefully the UK will get it too!

      • Yes, I think the pear is a really nice charm, I’ll get it if it comes here to the US! Maybe US will get both the pear and CNY piggy for Spring! I can’t wait to see the rest of the spring collection, I’m always so impatient :-P

        Yeah, I don’t really go for the gift sets either, as I really don’t need more bracelets unless they are free in a promo. I’d rather spend on items I really want even if they aren’t on sale than buy something discounted that I don’t really want.

        • It would go great with the pavé apple, ladybird, robin etc! :) I’m hoping that some of the Spring 2016 pieces would go well with them too, as I’m considering a bracelet along those lines. Haha, I am more patient these days about seeing new collections ;) Mainly as it means I can do some low-key blogging in between times. I’ll be getting increasingly excited as January approaches I expect!
          The bracelet promo is an offer I get excited for – I could do with another silver bracelet (seriously! :P), and it’s a bit annoying not to know that I will definitely be able to get one in March! I guess we will have to wait and see what they do instead next year.

      • Oh yes, I want to do a bracelet featuring those charms too, some of my favorites of the newer stuff ;-) Hoping I will like at least a few in Spring Collection!

        Yeah, will be interesting to see how the promos go, I’m less motivated to get another silver bracelet as I don’t keep bracelets together so I really don’t need to have that many, I already have 1 silver barrel I barely wear anymore, and 2 heart clasp silver as well as barrel 2 tone gold and rose, plus bangles (I use the medium size same as a snake chain) and bracelets from other brands. I might upgrade to a pave clasp though if they do the free bracelet promo as I don’t have that one.

        • Fingers crossed! I liked so much of this year’s Spring collection, so I wouldn’t mind if next year’s was on similar lines.
          I keep my bracelets together, as I get quite attached to particular designs and ideas I had when building each bracelet. Individual charms might get swapped, but each bracelet overall stays as it is. Pandora bracelets are also somewhat fiddly to take apart and put together, so I like to have them all there and ready to go! ^^ I’m not sure how many of the regular silver bracelets I have off the top of my head, but it’s quite a few! I will be getting the pavé heart clasp bracelet as well :)

      • I loved last Spring too, I went back to look and see how many charms I bought then, and I got dazzling daisy, sparkling primrose, sparkling ladybug, pave apple, Rose sparkling butterfly, and Rose love and appreciation heart. I guess I like bling after all :-P I still may get the Wildflower muranos from that collection, I think they are really pretty!

        Yeah, I know most people keep their bracelets together, my mom keeps hers together too. I just can’t, I don’t get bored with my charms but I do get bored with combinations and want to change them all the time, or I take it apart to use a charm on something else. I kept my Rose pink and girly bracelet together for about a month, I think that was a record for me, but now I took it apart and made a Rose and Christmas bracelet! I will post a pic for you to see :-D

        • Haha, I got a couple of the floral beads too (I loved the white enamel beads) and quite a few of the hobby/character charms too. It was a really nice mix! The Wildflower murano is so pretty – I have it with my Rose pieces. :D
          Aha, I do understanding getting bored with them – but I tend to be quite cyclic, some bracelets will be in favour for a bit and then others. I just get too attached to each design to tear it up! I think if I had more brands, I’d probably want to change it around more. I like the Pandora combinations I have! :) I would love to see your Rose/Christmas bracelet! I remember Pandora did a Rose/xmas combination in one of their campaign images that I always really liked.

  4. Aww I wanna spend 150 dollars & get this box for free but I live in Canada

    What box does Canada & U.S get for Valentine’s Day?

    • Pandora outlet at Cooktown and St. Catherine has LE 2014 paved Star bangle with Light of Tree come with round beautiful box for Can $110, if you spend 125 get the 2014 free Sleigh oranment. $85 bundle come with 2 toned Tree, retired Gift Box and Santa Elves. Birthday Bloom buy 2 get 1 free.

      • You are always very helpful with your knowledge of the outlet deals! :) Thank you for sharing. I just got the 2014 pavé star bangle from Rue La La – it seems like there are quite a few of them hanging around still.

    • The only box that North America will get (as far as I’m aware) is the heart-shaped box tha tcomes with the Petals of Love gift set (no pics of that yet tho). The Filled with Love gift set gets a wristlet instead this year!

  5. I’m not too impressed with the Us promotion, but I might get it for my grandma. I’m envious of the people who live in Australia as they always get the best deals. Are the boxes real leather or fake?

  6. Fingers crossed for the Australian heart-shaped box to come to mainland Europe too.
    The campaign pictures are very beautiful, and are making me reconsider those petals of love clips (I thought they would be quite big in size, but they look balanced on the bracelt).

    • I hope it will! I’m sure we will get something similar in Europe, at least. :)
      I know – even though I am not planning to purchase a gift set, I love the campaign pictures Pandora have put together for them! :D The Petals of Love clips do look nicely-sized in that bracelet shot. Apparently there will be enamel primrose clips in the same style for Spring, so hopefully they will work well too.

    • Aha, it is funny to be writing about Valentine’s Day in the middle of Christmas. But there you go. I’m enjoying my Christmas bracelet as well, I’ve hardly worn anything else this month!

      • I am very happy to have two mini X’mas bracelet. One with Cinderalla Coach, 2015 BF, Holly, Star & Moon with Layer of Lace clips. One with 2 toned X’mas tree, Star of Light tree, Present Box, Santa’s Elves and 2014 BF with Circle of Love Clips. I got the the second bracelet charms at outlet with 3 free 2014 Sleigh for such a good price. I am a new Pandora fan since just March, after I got this 5 retired charms then I understand what is the classic Pandora means. Simple yet original design, I love it!

        • Sounds gorgeous Michele! You have a lovely mix of classic and new Pandora there. :) I am on a bit of a classic Pandora kick at the moment as well, although I gravitate towards the animal charms as well, which I don’t think you like as much?

  7. I think its interesting how people are jealous of what we are getting (I am in Australia) Normally I am Jealous of America in particular xD
    I hope the UK is able to get this box too!
    If I like the box I might try to get a couple, I need to catch up on buying some of our normal releases, I have been spending a lot of money trying to get brand new Disney Parks stuff in particular, etc ^w^
    I dont know if I will be able to help anyone get the promotion box, but I can certainly try! Its quite easy for me to go to multiple stores and we even have a official online store via our official page x

    thank you for the post again MoraPandora, I loved your ‘minnie’ wreath review, best pictures I have seen, you also confirmed how the green stones are not as dominate as how they where expected to be.

    • Aha, we are all jealous of each other at various points, aren’t we? ^^ The lovely thing is that people are so willing to help each other out (as you have just demonstrated with your kind offer!).
      Absolutely – it’s always good stock up on your wish list during a promo ;) And you have just had the Disney line launch there as well!
      Wow, thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Minnie review. :D The green stones definitely don’t overwhelm the design.

      • Yes very true xD
        yes its great! my personal shopper is the best, I cant wait for the day where the exchange rate is more equal (hence I can buy more haha)
        Thank you :) I try. Its kind of fun, I remember getting these animal charms for a lady in america because they where not released there and I was able to go into the store and see them for myself/ get receipt and whatever I wanted for myself along the way.
        Thats true, its a great start, I was mega surprised when we also got the limited edition Minnie and Mickey heads! I loved them ever since I saw them online <3 their my treasures haha.
        You're welcome! :3 yeah :D , I wish they didnt 'officially' name is mickey haha, I was so happy it was minnie as i didnt like the bow minnie one but yeah that failed. I might still get it though, I am trying to keep it equal of how money things i have of both characters kind of thing.

        • Oh yes, I know the exchange rate isn’t much in Australia’s favour at the moment. The GBP seems pretty strong these days, so buying from pretty much anywhere broad works out a better deal for me, which is nice!
          Aw that was nice of you! I love shopping for other people too, I must admit. You get to go and look at all the pretty things, buy some and not feel any guilty. ;)
          Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Mickey/Minnie LE beads released in Australia and Asia too! And with their cute boxes, which was also nice.

  8. I’m hoping the enamel heart is indeed purple. I think it looks amazing. Can you refresh my memory is the purple Facet new ? I’m really not into purple but I love the combination. Thanks for all the new previews

    • I’ve just realised that it is the same enamel that’s used in the Family Bonds charm, so if you go and have a look at that one in store, you will get a good idea of what the In My Heart charm looks like!
      I think that Facets bead is meant to be the Ruby facets. :S There is a purple one, which came out in Autumn 2015, but I don’t think it’s that one!

    • It is really nice, isn’t it? I love the quilted design. My brother is in Australia a lot at the moment, so I may have to make him do the same if it doesn’t come to the UK! :P

  9. I haven’t seen the leather boxes before, are they small enough to be used for travelling?

    I’ve already got a Stackers box but need a smaller option.

  10. Hi Ellie!
    Something tells me the pave heart clasp bracelet will end up pink when it will come home! Pandora designers make more and more pink charms that I like! The Orchid is the best example! The Valentine’s murano will match perfectly and so will the enamel “In my heart” charm, which has started growing in me! And I thought Valentine’s collection wasn’t that interesting… :-)
    The heart shaped box has the same pattern as mine, from the German promo. I think it will be gorgeous in person! I’m really thrilled with mine! :-)
    Thank you for another great post Ellie! ♡♡♡

    PS: Since I’m not really good with technology and might have done sth wrong, I wonder if my comment on December’s News appeared on your post. Let me know, I’ll write it again! ♡

    • Hi Chrysa! Aha, I will probably end up putting a little bit of pink on my pavé heart clasp as well. I love pink, and have so much pink already in my collection, but Pandora keep producing more! ;) The Orchid is beautiful, that one was definitely my favourite of the summer collection. I would like to move away from pink a little bit and explore other colours, but Pandora are making it hard!
      Yes they are very similar styles aren’t they? I won’t feel so bad about missing out on your box if the heart-shaped one is offered in the UK! ^^ They are both gorgeous.
      Oh no, Chrysa, I just saw that lovely comment you left on the news round-up. It posted fine, but for some reason I wasn’t notified for it. It’s a bit complicated, but I reply to all my comments through the wordpress app on my phone or the notifications system on my laptop – I don’t tend to go on the actual posts themselves – but that particular one didn’t appear in my list of unread comments for some reason. Sorry again, and I’ll go and reply to you now! <3

  11. I’ve always wanted a pandora jewellery box and I really like that heart shaped one, but like all of them, its made out of cow skin :(

    • Most of them is not leather just fake leather made with vinyl. I have 2 stack box mirror inside, 2 round one. Only the recent rectangle Glistening Wonder set box is real leather. The heart shape one is fake leather too.

  12. Not a fan of the jewellery box. Colourwise, I prefer the pink from last year to the white but having looked at them in store last year, I think they are too chunky. I prefer the slimmer charm boxes you can get from storage world.

    The free bangle promo has started in Australia today. So I;m off to Pandora tonight to spend my $150AUD and get my third free bangle. Yay! Might even two if I go back before the promo ends.

    • I like both boxes in terms of colour, but they are relatively chunky I suppose. I still find them really handy as travel boxes however!
      Yay, how exciting! :D I’m glad you decided to get a bangle in the end. What are you buying to make up the $150?

  13. I wish all this kind of promotions were available also in Italy, I like the heart shaped jewel box, but unfortunately, I don’t know why, the italian pandora is verrryyyy passive in promotions:((((( I think it’s so unfair:((( we are also paying enough money for these jewelry pieces and would appreciate so much that thay could give us the chance to take advantage of all the promotions that exist in so many countries. If there are italians that read my comment, let’s think together of how we can make the italian representatives of Pandora take into consideration our opinion and suggestions.
    Thank you

    • Hi Marina, I totally understand your frustration – we get very few promos in the UK either. I tend to just get help from abroad these days with the North American promotions. With the currency conversion, it works better for me anyway :)
      I hope that Pandora Italy hears you and offers something better in the future!

  14. North America Pandora has the most promotion, Rue la la and outlet store. In business world whoever has the biggest volume get the best deal from manufacturer.

      • So you guys didn’t get anything? Not even the box? That sucks so bad!
        Let me know if you need help! I buy from a physical shop so your receipt would have all the store details and etc :)

  15. hi. do u have a list of the 2016 pandora promos? like the free bracelet promo of last year. tnx. is there a free gift box for the cny charm?

  16. I saw the gift sets this afternoon. Bracelet sets is Can $225 come with a plastic look wristlet and the jewelry set is Can $180 with simple heart shape box. 2015 X’mas Glistenting set is much better value for the same price. Pandora should include the paved Heart clasp bracelet instead of the basic Heart clasp bracelet for this price.

    • I think the pavé heart bracelet was originally included in the gift set for a higher price, but then they swapped it out for the plain heart clasp. I’m glad they haven’t bundled the pavé heart clasp though as I imagine a lot of people will want to buy that one on its own!

    • A jewellery box GWP is not on the schedule for the US unfortunately :( there are often special boxes that come with gift sets, etc, but it’s rare for Pandora North America to offer a GWP box on its own.

  17. I received an email notification from Pandora today, to notify me about the start of the jewellery box promo here in Australia and the stock images that were provided showed a pink jewellery box (the exact same box as the UK). Thought I’d just clarify that.

    It was a pleasant surprise for me because I think I prefer the pink version anyway!

  18. I received an email notification from pandora that heart shape jewellery box will be on GWP starting today at pandora australia with aud120 purchase… Anyone got it so far? I wish I’m there now… At the sametimes, singapore is having musical box GWP with sgd350 purchase if i not wrong…

  19. I would love to know what the heart box look like inside…if there’s dedicated spaces for a bracelet to sit etc. Do you have a photo of the inside?

    • Hi Becca – have you tried joining any of the Pandora Facebook selling pages? Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe are good. There are a couple of ladies there who are helping out with that promo. :) Otherwise, let me get in touch with someone I know in Hong Kong and see if she can help you. I’ll get back to you and let you know if so! :)

    • Hello Becca, I can help you, although I’ll have to check if my local store still has stock (of the music box ). You can drop me an email at suzyjyu (at )gmail (dot )com. If you check the Pandora Hong Kong website and let me know your list of charms in your mail that would be great ? my time is 23:54 now, Monday 8th. We’re celebrating new years at the moment, the earliest I can get to a store would be Wednesday. Let me know so I can call ahead and ask them for some favours ? good night for now! Xxx

  20. Hi all, anyone knows if Australia is having another GWP event after Valentines GWP?Someone from Pandora called me that they have new jewellery box GWP but i’m oversea and they requests me to put 20% deposit if i would like to on hold it.. Anyone from Australia can help to check this out? Appreciate if there is photo to share, i’m really really keen to own it if it is nice since i missed the pink jewellery box

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