Today’s post brings my next Pandora Christmas 2015 review, with a closer look at the new Red-Nosed Reindeer charm! This has been a popular choice this holiday season, and I’ve seen him on more than a few Christmas designs. I love cute reindeer motifs for Christmas, so this was always a charm I was going to be excited to get. It also means that I’ve acquired a few other reindeer charms with which I can compare this one – including Chamilia’s much-coveted Rudolph design.

pandora winter christmas 2015

If you’re looking for more Christmas inspiration, my previous Christmas reviews for this year have included the Christmas Holly murano, the Red Robin, and the Disney Parks Minnie’s Holiday WreathOtherwise, read on for some very cute reindeer and some festive bracelet ideas!

The charm

Pandora’s Red-Nosed Reindeer is quite simple and cartoon-like in its detailing. For me, the most appealing thing about him is his cute red enamel button nose, and his cute little smile as well. These aspects combined make for a very cheerful & friendly version of Rudolph. As you can see from this picture, the silver finish on this charm is very smooth and shiny – it is difficult to photograph as it’s so reflective!

pandora red nosed reindeer

The Red-Nosed Reindeer is in the portrait-style that Pandora have favoured for their animal charms recently, featuring just the head and not the body. This does help with the tangling issue that collectors have had with the antlers, legs and hooves of the full-bodied reindeer pendant charm, but I feel like it loses something as well.

pandora winter 2015 preview

The antlers are pretty cute and defined, and they don’t have any sharp edges to catch on loose threads or beloved jumpers, which is great. However, it has to be noted that otherwise the back of the charm is pretty empty of detail.

pandora red nosed reindeer

The same goes for the base of the charm, except for the hallmarks. The shape of the charm does mean that it sits nice and evenly on your bracelet, and isn’t prone to flipping.

pandora red nosed reindeer

For comparison, I recently got the Chamilia Rudolph charm (my first non-Pandora charm ever, incidentally – something of a milestone, eh!), which is an elegant, slim, full-bodied design. Chamilia’s Rudolph is rather adorable, and every detail of the reindeer is fully-realised, down to his tail, hooves and glittering scarf.

pandora red nosed reindeer

Chamilia haven’t lost anything by making their reindeer full-bodied; it sits nicely on the bracelet and its antlers and ears hardly catch on anything at all, unlike the 2013 Pandora Reindeer pendant (pictured below).

pandora christmas 2014


I actually like this charm quite a lot more once it’s in place on a bracelet, if that makes sense. Its simplified look is offset by other more detailed pieces, and its little dash of red is a nice addition to a festive bracelet design. It looks great with other cheerful reds, and for this styling I have gone for a nicely traditional red and white colour scheme.

pandora red nosed reindeer

On the other hand, if you want something less conventional, this design is drawn from the idea of Christmas Eve – but it focuses on the idea of the reindeer chasing across a midnight sky, rather than the people sitting cosily around the fire at home. Here I’ve used the midnight and white Fizzle muranos (or Effervescence, if you’re in North America), and some starry clips to go with my Reindeer and Sleigh charms!

pandora red nosed reindeer

Finally – we have another shot of my own Christmas bracelet, all finished and ready to go. The Reindeer’s shiny silver finish looks great with the red faceted murano, while his little button notes contrasts rather sweetly with the pastel green muranos.

pandora red nosed reindeer


This is a fun, sweet charm – it’s affordable, offers a little dash of festive colour, and looks great when paired with the right charms on your bracelet. Having said that, I would prefer to see some more full-bodied designs from Pandora. The portrait charms are cute (Pandora says they’re inspired by cake pops) but they lack the sophistication of detailing that Pandora’s animal charms always used to be known for.

The Red-Nosed Reindeer is $30 or £35. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Winter collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Did you buy this charm, or is it on your wish list? Do you prefer the full-bodied or portrait-style animal charms?

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  1. Such a cutie, Ellie! I think I like the Chamilia reindeer best of the ones you show here, it is so sweet and well done! In general I prefer full bodies animals to just heads :-)

    • I like both, but prefer the Chamilia one overall. I just love the cute little details that go into the full-bodied animal charms – the hooves, the tails, the pawprints, etc. ^^

      • I know, me too! The Chamilia one is just so cute, I can see why you could not resist a non-Pandora charm! If I was going to get another reindeer charm I would probably go for that one!

        I have the Ohm Baby Reindeer, bought in one of their 50% off retired sales. I like it a lot, it’s mostly just a head and neck but it does have a cute little tail on the back. It’s plain silver, I do like the red noses but with the plain I can wear it on woodland and zoo themes when it isn’t Christmas too.

        • Yeah, I’ve been tempted by quite a few other brands over the years, but this is the first time I’ve actually gone for another brand. I have the Chamilia Rudolph and Gingerbread House now!
          Aw, the Ohm Baby Reindeer is sweet! It reminds me of the Pandora retired mouse, but with more detail.

  2. Rudolph is on my wish list! He was my favorite of the Christmas release from day 1 of your sneak peek photos. I’m hoping he’ll be under the tree. If not, I may have to get him for myself. He’s really sweet!

    • He was one of my first Winter 2015 must-haves as well, along with the Christmas Puppy! I have been wanting a proper reindeer charm ever since Pandora did the 2013 pendant. And I had to get the Chamilia Rudolph as well, so I am building up a little reindeer army! ;) I hope you find yours under the tree!

  3. I don’t really like the reindeer charm. I prefer the Chamilia. Chamilia have some lovely Christmas designs this year. I like your bracelet with the blue/white/silver design the best from these ones.

    • I know, this year’s Christmas collection from Chamilia is so lovely! Very sweet and whimsical, and packed with fun colours and creative designs. I have the Gingerbread House as well, and I was quite tempted by the Santa’s Brew as well. ^^
      And thank you, I’m glad you liked it. I wanted to do something a bit different from the usual festive colours!

  4. The pandora reindeer is really cute but I much prefer it is it was made/sculptured more realistically – I just find the more realistic pandora animal charm, for example the recent elephant, to be a lot more artistic from a creative point of view. This reindeer is super cute but has a Disney child-like-ness which is not I would wear a 31 years old

    • I prefer the full-bodied charms as well. This Reindeer charm is really cute put with other festive pieces on a bracelet – but to look at on its own as a charm, it doesn’t have much detail going on! I’m hoping Pandora move away from the cartoony portrait charms soon, as I miss the detailing of their classic animals.

  5. the reindeer is os cute ^^ I wouldn’t really put it on my bracelet because reindeers don’t really mean anything to me except that their cute. My mom loves deer so maybe it would be a great holiday goodie for her. I like this review as always. <3

    • Haha, I get a lot of my charms just because I think they’re cute ;) I love little reindeer ornaments and cards and wrapping paper designs for Christmas, so getting a complementary charm for my bracelet is a bit of a must. ^^ Thanks for commenting Cindy!

  6. Although he fits in well on your Christmas bracelet, he’s not one that I will be getting.

    I’m expecting to be in the minority with this opinion but… I’m actually not keen on the cartoony portrait style that Pandora have started going for.

    • You are not in the minority – I agree with you, and I think quite a few others do too. The portrait charms are sweet, but on the whole not particularly to my taste. I like the more detailed animal beads more!

  7. Reindeer is the most cutest portrait charm with the red noise but I don’t like to put the bracelet into animal’s head, look odd to me. Chamilia’s Rudolph is cute as a pendent but not a charm, it is too tall as a charm. I am so sorry to say that!

    • I felt like that about some of the older, more realistic animal heads – the retired pig, horse and bear heads always creeped me out slightly. The realistic detail made them look a bit like hunting trophies or something, for me! But I don’t get that so much with these cutesier pieces.
      You don’t need to be sorry, Michele! ^^ It is a little taller than most Pandora charms, but it works quite well as a centrepiece for that reason.

  8. I like Jared Jewelry The Prancing Reindeer dangle which look like a X’mas tree oranment. If there is chance in Las Vegas, I would like to get this one.

  9. I received this charm for my 50th Bday, I actually love the charm, it’s one of my fav classic character. I love all the designs that you posted. Thanks for the review.

    • Thanks Karen, Rudolph is one of my favourite Christmas characters as well – hence why I bought both the Chamilia and Pandora versions, haha. I’m glad you love this one. <3 Happy birthday for your 50th as well, whenever it was! ^^

  10. While I love my Pandora charms I prefer the Chamilia Rudolph charm , in fact I have both a Pandora & Chamilia Christmas bracelet . They are both Beautiful in their own way. I Have never had any problems with it catching on anything.

    • I like both charms, but ultimately I prefer the Chamilia one as well! I was so happy when they re-released it this year. I bet your Chamilia and Pandora Christmas bracelet is stunning! I am planning on putting the Chamilia Rudolph and Gingerbread House charms on a bangle with some Pandora pieces myself :)

  11. This is my fave of the winter collection charms and I have this charm as well. It is such a good addition to my mini Xmas bracelet. Although not a massive fan of portrait heads i do appreciate the red enamel nose (i like details since there is no body) and i too think they did a good job with antlers to make it seem even more realistic. overall i hope that if they continue with head only charms then i hope they add enamel at the very least for more detail and festivity :>)

    • I am glad that you got this one, it’s so cute on your little Christmas bracelet! <3 I prefer Rudolph to the other portrait heads, as I think his little red enamel nose does save him. ;) His antlers and ears are also super cute! I still prefer the full-bodied animals over all, however, and I hope someday Pandora make a third reindeer in that style. :D

  12. The Red-Nosed Reindeer is cute, and you have done him justice, but I am going for the more elegant snowflake designs for Christmas this year. He just might make my list next December. Thanks, Ellie, for the variety of your designs. Your Midnight Ride bracelet is quite an inspiration.

    • Thanks, Angie! I’ve kind of done the opposite to you this year – I went for the more elegant starry/midnight charms for the most part last year and did a Midnight-themed bracelet, so this year I’m focusing on the cheerier Christmas reds. ^^ Glad you liked the midnight theme – I love your name for it, too!

  13. I got this charm and have used him to make a Christmas bracelet paying homage to the Bass & Rankin stop-motion Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. I watched all the xmas movies as a kid. I also used the Chamilia gingerbread house and elf (my absolute favourite xmas bead of all time), 2013 Snowman, Pandora Santa head (from last year?, pairs really well with Rudolph), red enamel gift , original sleigh and letter to Santa, redbalifrog’s north pole, Santa sack and Avery elf. Added some chamilia red and green glass for colour. Trying to find something to represent the Abominable Snowman. Any suggestions?? Best I could think of was a snowflake.

    • I think the Pandora white enamel snowman could be a perfect abominable snowman! A lot of people think it is scary or creepy looking. I actually thought so too, but then it grew on me so I had to get it and now I love it! Brings a smile to my face everytime :-) I might put it on my Halloween bracelet next year though as a joke.

      • That is a great idea Natalie, and the closest I can think of to the Abominable Snowman! It would be hilarious on your Halloween design. My OH doesn’t really like any charms with faces on, haha, he finds them a bit creepy. He used to joke that my gingerbread man charm was cursed. ;)

      • Aww, I love the little gingerbread man! The faces usually don’t bother me, I did think the white snowman was creepy (reminded my of a clown I guess, or the snowman in the horror flick Jack Frost) until it grew on me and now I think it’s cute but I can still see it being creepy. Here is an example, or just google Jack Frost Horror Movie, look at images, and you’ll see what I mean…this is a tame image!

        • I don’t like the humanoid faces as a rule, as they can be a little eerie. Little cute faces like on the teddy bear charms or the gingerbread man are fine!
          Aha, no, Jack Frost definitely has the Snowman beaten for creepiness. It’s only a slight sense of uneasiness I get with the Snowman. ;)

    • Oh, how cute – I really like your ‘Christmas movie’ twist on traditional festive bracelets, and the beads you’ve picked are really nice! I keep meaning to get the Black Friday red enamel present charm myself, it’s the only one I’m missing.
      The Abominable Snowman is a tough one! I love Natalie’s idea of using the enamel snowman, as he does have a slightly scary/vacant face to me, haha. A snowflake is a good, and more subtle, alternative – or a white murano, possibly, like a cloud of snow?

  14. Hi Ellie I think this charm is so cute why are the other cake pop charms £25 and this one £35. I’m thinking about purchasing some Xmas charms this weekend. Do you put your chamilla charm on your Pandora. I really like that reindeer to and I’ve seen the ginger bread house too and that’s really nice. I’m always a bit scared to buy chamilla charms because I don’t know if they would make the Pandora bracelet go funny.

    • I use Chamilia with Pandora all the time with no problems. But I think in the Pandora fine print for the warranty they say it is void if you put non-pandora beads on.

    • I put all types of beads on my Pandora bracelet, never had any issues. You just never want to force a bead onto a bracelet as it could get stuck and not come off if the core is too small to go over the Pandora threads smoothly. If your bracelet did break for some reason, all you need to do is take all non-Pandora beads off it when you take it to the store (really it shouldn’t have any beads on it anyway if you are trying to exchange it or have it fixed).

    • Hi Nicola! I can’t see much reason for the mark-up on Rudolph, other than that he’s a Christmas charm and people tend to spend more on presents around that time. The enamel detailing is negligible, so it’s hardly a reason to push the price up much. Have you noticed the difference in US and UK pricing as well! He’s only $30 there, whereas he’s £35 here ($53!!). Bah! ;)
      I am putting my Chamilia Christmas charms on a Pandora bangle, yes. :) They go on it fine, no problem – same with the regular snake chain, too. Most Chamilia beads are compatible with Pandora. The only issue is that, as others have mentioned, Pandora say that the warranty on your bracelet is void if you put charms from other brands on it. So you would want to take them off before you go to a Pandora store if you ever had an issue with your bracelet :)

      • Ok thank you I really like the reindeer you have got I’ve seen a ginger bread house to and the nutcracker. But I think the nutcracker is part of a set and I don’t really want the full set I will have to look further into it.

        • I love the Nutcracker set too, especially the Sugar Plum – I would absolutely love that charm, and I was so disappointed that it was part of the set. I like a lot of the charms in it, but not enough to spend £300 or so!

  15. You make all the charms look better than the stock images that Pandora puts up! This charm is not on my wishlist but it’s adorable!
    I’m hoping your next review is going to be the christmas puppy ?
    Thank you for the review Ellie!

    • Yay, thank you Marina! I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the review. :D The Christmas Puppy is indeed my next review – he’ll be on the blog next week. He’s probably my favourite of the new Christmas charms! ^^

  16. I think both of these are cute. I like the reindeer on the ornament dangle charm as well. Will you be reviewing this one? as I’d love to read what you think of it and what you put it with. It’s one I might get in the future.
    I like it on your Christmas bracelet, it goes well.
    Thanks for another great review.

    • The Prancing Reindeer dangle is so beautiful, and I will definitely be reviewing it! :) The red enamel is such a nice shade. I’m just waiting on some pieces to arrive from overseas that I want to use with it for review stylings.
      Thanks Sarah, I’m so glad you enjoyed it – thanks for commenting!

  17. Ellie,

    Very interesting post and certainly generated some wonderful discussions. My first thought when I saw the new Rudolph charm was, my that looks like the Pudsey the bear charm. I liked the bear but not fussy about the reindeer. I have to agree with the majority that the Chamilia Rudolph is heads & tails (pardon the pun) above the new Rudolph, that being said you do a lovely job of making it work in your design.

    The chamilia discussion was very interesting. Pandora is very proprietary about their jewelry but It is a hard thing to police on their part. I have been encorporating Chamilia charms for a number of years, particulary some of their Halloween beads. The jack-o-lantern with the orange CZ eyes & flying witch are just lovely. None of the Chamilia charms have ever damaged my bracelets, they thread the same way as Pandora charms. As much as I adore Pandora sometimes they miss the boat on a design. I never worry about the warranty because it is my understanding it is only valid for one year after purchase, if I’m wrong about that let me know. Like you said one wouldn’t return a bracelet with the charms on it.

    Again really enjoyed this post.


    • Hi Lisa! You are quite right, it does look a lot like the Pudsey Bear charm and the other portrait animals (especially the giraffe, as Cindy pointed out :P). I think the portrait style means that they do all look quite similar to each other, unlike the full-bodied animals which have their own character and style. The Chamilia Rudolph is beyond cute – I’ve wanted him for some time, but had to wait until they re-released him this year! <3

      Oh yes, I absolutely love the Chamilia Halloween beads! If Pandora don't bring out any new ones for 2016, I will be getting some for myself, I think. ^^ Chamilia are great with whimsical, cute beads like that. I can kind of understand why Pandora say that non-Pandora beads invalidate the warranty (as they can't guarantee that they are compatible/of a similar quality and won't break your bracelet) but it does also seem a bit cynical/proprietary as you say. The warranty in many countries including the US is one year but happily it is now two years on sterling silver in the UK!

      So glad to hear you enjoyed the post, Lisa, and thank you for commenting! It was great to read your thoughts.


  18. Hi Ellie =D

    When are your charms arriving? I’ve just received my BF purchases, and am loving the Bow bangle and pumpkin coach! Lovely discussion about Chamilia by the way, I was going to ask whether their charms would fit on a Pandora bracelet =P. I saw the Nutcracker set going on FB, and decided to have a look at their charms. The detail and colouring on their charms are so festive!

    Like everyone else, I do prefer the full bodied Reindeer to just the cartoon-styled head… as you said somewhere above, it really does feel like a hunting trophy haha. The Chamilia Reindeer is so adorable! It’s cute but not as cartoon-fied as the Pandora reindeer head, which I prefer =P

    Lovely lovely post! Keep them coming yay! =D

    • Hi Suzy! My Rue La La haul arrived yesterday (so many goodies! It was kind of like Christmas come early :P) but my Black Friday pieces were only posted on the 4th of December from Canada, so they haven’t turned up yet. Hopefully soon! I am pleased to hear that you have yours, though – what do you think of the Black Friday charm itself? :D
      The Nutcracker set is gorgeous (apart from that hideous enamel King charm! :P), I especially love the Sugar Plum charm. I find Chamilia a bit hit and miss – some pieces (like the Reindeer) are so adorably designed and well-made, others are a bit flimsy. It pays to see the charms in person I think! I feel like they are more adventurous than Pandora in many ways, and offer quite a few designs that Pandora are lacking. :)

      Absolutely! I don’t get the hunting trophy idea so much with this Reindeer charm, but the Chamilia Rudolph is nevertheless a lot cuter I think. It’s just nice to have all that detailing with the hooves etc there, and his little face is so sweet as well!

      Thank you so much for commenting Suzy, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I will definitely keep them coming ;)

  19. Hi Ellie,
    Did you notice that there is another Ruelala sale in about 14 hours? I suppose it will be things from the last sale again, but I’m interested to look through it again. :)

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for the heads-up! I did have a little look but you’re right, it’s all stuff from the last sale. I went a bit crazy and got everything I wanted last time around, so I’ll sit out this time. :D

  20. Ellie, it’s a bit offtopic, but would you mind telling me/us with what equipment, settings and software you are taking the wonderful photos?
    I’m trying to take photos from my charms creating one failure after another. Finally I took my daughters Nikon DSLR and it’s getting better – a better mess *sigh*
    I don’t know how to put the right light on it, it’s always a bit out of focus … and I fear I need a special lens for macros (or how ever that’s called in english … I hope, you understand it somehow).
    Advice would be appreciated soooo much! :-)

    • Hi Jessi, I don’t mind at all! It’s nice to be asked. ^^

      I also use a DSLR – not a very expensive one, it’s an old Canon EOS that my dad doesn’t use anymore – but I do have a macro lens, yes. I have the most basic Canon 50mm one, and that seems to do the trick for me. A DSLR is definitely not essential, though – a good mobile phone camera can take lovely photos, if you have the right light and set-up. :) Usually, I take pictures in natural indoor light, by a window. I like to have something pretty but not too obtrusive in the background, like ribbons or a jewellery box or flowers.
      This one, for example, is taken on my windowsill with some gysophilia and a Pandora ribbon in the background:
      However, at the moment, the weather has been perpetually appalling here in the UK, so for the last month or so I have switched to using a light box to take my pictures (as in this post). This gives the pictures a more artificial quality, but you avoid the horrible shadows you get when taking photos without sufficient light.
      Finally, I then use a photo editing software to crop, brighten, sharpen and add borders/watermarking. :)
      Hope that helps! If you want any more specific advice feel free to ask. :)

      • GREAT! Thank you very much, Ellie! That should help for my further testing. I googled this light boxes … nice things :-)
        But my next step will be to pick a macro lens that’s not too pricy.
        Again: Thank you :-)

  21. Hi Ellie!
    Finally I had the first relaxing afternoon (after an extremely stressful week) so it was great I spent it at home drinking coffee and reading your reviews! I’ve read lots of your older ones! You’ve become both a super writer and a professional photographer through these years! (Your reply above says it all!) I was sad there where no comments back then. It seems most of us have discovered Pandora and you quite recently! :-)
    To the subject: To be honest I’m not fond of the latest Pandora’s head charms fashion! The only Reindeer I totally love is the one on the dangle! I’m so glad you’ve got it! I remember reading your hesitations on getting this one as you’ve already had two older similar dangles, and can’t avoid smiling! :-) They are never enough, aren’t they?
    I hope this dangle will be on my bracelet till Christmas! I’m driving to my hometown next week, to spend holidays with my parents, and my mom mentioned there are already 2 Pandora bags under the tree! ;-) (Christmas is a double festive day for me, as I also celebrate my Nameday.)
    Your styling is perfect as always! I was sure that every single christmas charm, would look great on your festive designs! What is really amazing though, is how you’ve turned a funny charm into a lovely, necessary piece of a Midnight design!!!
    By the way, do you still have space on your Christmas bracelet for more? I’m under the impression you’ve got charms for 2 bracelets (if not more) ! ;-) Can’t wait to see them all finished!
    Thank you for this post and all your great work, Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I’m sorry to hear about your stressful week, but how absolutely lovely to hear that you relaxed by reading the reviews! That is so nice to hear and has really brightened up my evening. :) The blog is only about two years old, and it really took off about January this year – it’s great that people come and chatter in the reviews these days. Photography has definitely been something of a learning curve but I’m always trying something new lol!
      No, the portrait charms aren’t my favourite either but I do like the Pudsey bear and the Red-Nosed Reindeer – I think the addition of a little enamel detailing wins me over! Aha, you should never listen to me when I say that I’m not going to get something I like. ;) No matter how much I believe it at the time!
      Oh, your birthday is on Christmas Day? That doesn’t surprise me, as you seem such a lovely cheery person! ^^ I’m sure there is something lovely in those bags under the tree.
      Aha, thanks! I wanted to do something a bit different with the Reindeer and the midnight design was what I could think of, haha. I have room on my Christmas bracelet for maybe one more charm. I do have other Christmas charms, like the silver pendant Reindeer and the Sleigh etc, but they are part of other designs and I like to keep my bracelets together once they are finished. I might move the Robin off my Christmas bracelet after the holiday season is over and free up that space for another Christmas charm next year.
      Anyway, thank you for your lovely comment as ever Chrysa – glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  22. Wow! That was quick!
    What a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much! Only that Christmas Day is not my birthday (that’s on 24/8, Virgo freak explains all that attention to details and symmetry lol), but my nameday. Greek tradition has it that we celebrate our nameday, the day of the Saint we took our name from (mine comes from Christ-check in english and pick the letter H, you’ll find Hrysa, with all its different spellings!). In fact, the nameday seems to be more important than birthday, accompanied always by plenty of phone calls, friends’ and family’s visits, presents and a lot of food! That explains why I get more presents at Christmas than the others! :-) Hope I wasn’t too tiring in explaining this! It’s nice we learn about each others traditions through your blog though! Your posts gave me the motivation to read and learn a lot about Chinese Calendar and Halloween, recently! ♥♥♥

    • Eugh sorry Chrysa – I knew it was your birthday a few months ago as well! This is what comes of replying to comments late in the evening ;) I have never heard of a name day before, thank you for your explanation – how interesting! It’s not tiring at all, and you’re absolutely right – learning about other cultures and traditions is one of the most fun things about having such a varied and global pandoea community! ^^ I will definitely have a little read about name days. Does that mean that everyone in Greece must be named after a saint? :) <3 <3

      • Oh, no, don’t feel sorry! Noone expects you to recall all our personal details-we are so many in here and share so much information! That would be impossible even for Superman or his cousin ;-)
        Well, not everyone here is named after a saint, at least not anymore. I know that several decades ago, priests wouldn’t permit a non- orthodox name in a child’s baptism. Through the years though, as more and more parents chose ancient greek names from history or mythology, church has put those names in the calendar. That’s why young children have more interesting names lately! :-) There also names related to Easter that have different date of nameday each year. My mom is called Anastasia, “anastasi” is the greek word for resurrection, so her nameday is always on Easter day, and always on Sunday of course!
        Too complicated, I know! I looked for your name! Unfortunately you don’t have a name day, unless your name comes from Elizabeth (does it?) who is celebrated on 24th of April! :-) ♥♥♥

        • Aha, thanks – but I do remember quite a lot about my regular commenters – and I did remember it being your birthday, I just forgot at the time! ^^
          Ah, I see! How very interesting. Anastasia is a very beautiful name, although I did associate it more with Russia than Greece – but then, they have the Orthodox church there as well don’t they. My full name is Eleanor, so I don’t know whether I have a name day – I think it means ‘light’ in some language, but I am not sure whether that has any tie with name days.
          <3 <3

    • My dear Eleanor (I love this name-reminds me of my first best friend in kindergarten!), the language you are looking for is Greek! :-) Your name comes from the ancient greek word élé, which means “shining light” and here is actually a variant of Helene! So your nameday is on 21st of May!!! Inform your OH, friends and relatives that a friend from Greece has found you a good excuse for spring (almost summer) party and presents! ;-)) ♡♡♡

      • Aha, that’s so exciting!! I had a feeling it was Greek. :D I have already informed everyone that they have to make a big fuss of me come the 21st of May, haha. It would be a nice interim celebration between Christmas and my birthday in September… ;)

  23. Hey Ellie!
    After being ill for absolutely ages, I’m finally back to reading your blog regularly and actually collecting pandora again :) I love your Christmas bracelet, it’s super quirky and cute, which is exactly what I love about Christmas in general. I’m debating about buying the reindeer as the lack of body is a little weird for my liking… Fab post as always x

    • Rachel! It’s so nice to hear from you, although I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been ill :( I had no idea – I hope you’re feeling better!
      Thanks, quirky and cute is exactly what I was going for! I love bracelets with a little whimsy, haha. The lack of body is kind of off-putting, but it looks so much better when it’s on a bracelet and surrounded by other charms. Have a look at him in store and see what you think ^^
      Thanks for commenting, it was lovely to hear from you! <3 x

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