Today’s post brings an updated look at the upcoming Pandora Chinese New Year 2016 charm, with high quality stock photos and beautiful campaign images! :) For those unfamiliar with this particular tradition, Pandora have a history of releasing special charms each year to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The charms are usually initially only available in Asia, before being released worldwide with the Spring collection.

The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, and will fall on the 8th of February in 2016; the charm itself will probably launch some time in mid January. This year is the Year of the Monkey, but Pandora have opted for a very adorable pig charm to celebrate the occasion instead.

pandora chinese new year 2016 red envelopes

I love that this year’s campaign bracelet features the beautiful Orchid pendant – the pink, red and gold is such a rich combination. The new charm for 2016, the Lucky Pig, is tucked away next to the Monkey pendant! Read on for more pictures and info. :)

Pandora Chinese New Year 2016 Charm

This year’s charm is possibly my favourite to date – it’s a lucky pig charm, with an adorable full-bodied design. :D I have not seen or been given any other stock images for the Chinese New Year 2016 release, so it’s possible that this charm may be it this time around.

The highlight of this cute charm for me is a gorgeous red enamel bow –  the eyes are detailed in black enamel, as well.pandora-chinese-new-year-2016-pig

I have found some pictures that really show off how well-detailed this charm is, right down to its curly tail and beautiful eyelashes! I have also heard this charm called ‘Piggy Bank’, which fits in with the idea of luck and fortune, but you can’t tell from any of the stock images whether it has a slot on its back.

pandora chinese new year 2016

You can expect Asian retailers to start receiving their stocks of this charm in mid-January – around the same time as the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s collection –  although it can also vary by region too. When I hear about any concrete dates, I will update this post! :)

My Comment

Of all that we’ve seen so far for 2016, this is the Pandora piece for which I’m most excited! It’s a full-bodied design, full of cute little details (look at the tail! <3) and it has the gorgeous red enamel that we have come to associate with Pandora’s lunar new year releases. I will definitely be getting mine as soon as it’s available.

Like many, I have my CNY Pandora charms on my red leather bracelet. My favourites up until now have been the existing red enamel pieces – the Lantern and the Chinese Doll – but this cute new charm may well have them beaten.

pandora chinese new year 2016

Are you excited for this year’s Pandora CNY charm? Have you collected any of the others?

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  1. I love this little piggy charm, I definitely want to get it but will probably wait until it comes to the US. I’m not really into Chinese New Year and don’t have any of the other past charms, but I like this just as a cute pig with a red bow :-D

    • It is super cute! It actually works cheaper for me to get it from Asia most of the time, so I will probably go ahead and get it early. :) I think I will put it on my Asian red leather – as it will look so cute with the red lantern in particular! I’m not into CNY at all either, but I really love enamel detailing, particularly in red – so these charms really appeal to me!

    • Isn’t it lovely? :D I am pretty sure it will be launching in the UK. It would be a nice Valentine’s launch I think, but they usually hang on to the CNY charms until the spring.

  2. This charm is really not my style, but I’d think it would look great on you bracelet. I think I like this charm more than before after you showed your bracelet though. :) Thx for this review as I love to see what others think of certain charms.

  3. Ellie, I usually don’t like animal charm but I like Lucky Pig which is so so cute. I have 2013 LE two toned Bear and Santa’s Elves from outlet. Lucky Pig is very popular in Chinese culture, you can give it as a wedding gift to bless the couples to have baby soon or as a new born baby gift. I will put this Lucky Pig next to Bear, ha! ha!

  4. Cherry Blossom pendant & clip will fit CNY theme. I have retired orange enamel vine and dot orange murano might fit too. Chinese like to go to flower market to cut a peach blossom tree ( just like X’mas tree ) and choose mandarin orange tree, fuschia orchid, narcissus, gladiolus, peony … before CNY to decorate their house.

    • Sounds like you’re on to a really beautiful combination there! I like that you’ve added the Pandora Rose in there with the others, that’s kind of peachy as well and goes with your lovely idea of the peach blossom tree. You always have some really nice insights into the culture, too! :) I have seen a few people combine with the pink cherry blossoms with the red enamel Asian pieces and it looks so good!

  5. Although I always liked this piggy charm, I like it even more now that I’ve seen Live Photos of it. I am pretty sure this charm will go on my many Asian themed bracelet instead of the Buddha what do you think??

    • Yes, doesn’t it look so cute and chubby? ^^ I have to say, I think this charm is just adorable and that you should definitely include it on your Asian themed bracelet :D I like the Buddha a lot, but this piggy is particularly nice!

      • Yep I am gonna go for this one 100% and it will go perfect on my mini Asia theme :) also one of the things I think I like most about This pig is for me it resembles a piggy bank pig more than a regular pig, looks similar to the one my son has in his room actually ( minus the red bow haha)

        • Yaaay! ;) Well I have seen it called ‘Piggy Bank’ so maybe it has a little slot on it that isn’t visible in the stock image? It would be interesting to see!

  6. Hi Ellie

    It’s been awhile, again! Hope you are ready for the Christmas season! <3

    I have browsed your Christmas items and they are indeed lovely. For me, I choose to go with older charms. I didn't get the blue iridescent murano in the end. The glass beads just don't appeal to me. I'm sure they will, when I keep looking at them, lol. I didn't get the holly either as I have already filled up my Christmas bracelet with Olaf (of course), Anna dress, a moose (from Chamilia), a pair of Anna muranos and Elsa muranos, and others.

    But the most important thing is that I finally completed my life story bracelet! It took me over a year to slowly come up with the design. I should share with you the photos soon! I nearly cried with joy! :D

    Haha, too much excitement. Anyway, I have explored some options with Trollbeads. To be precise, Trollbeads bracelets. They fit Pandora and other brands as they are smaller and have no threaded core. As we speak, my life story charms are staying on the TB bracelet. It's very comfortable and light. Their charms may not be for me but the bracelets are here to stay. :P

    And as usual, I can help your readers pick up the pig charms for those who cannot wait. <3

    Kelly xx

    • Hi Kelly!

      It’s lovely to hear from you! I am definitely in the swing of the Christmas season, and doing the Mora Pandora reviews has been a lot of fun. :D I hope you’re enjoying it too.

      I have a lot of the older charms – they are beautiful, and I wish Pandora would do more in that classic style. However, this year I decided to embrace the festive reds and really build a colourful Christmas design. That’s been really fun, but I’d like to see some different next year! Your Christmas bracelet sounds lovely, and a lot more subtle than mine – the Anna and Elsa muranos are some of my favourites, and they look beautiful together. I have two on my leather and I call it my Northern Lights bracelet. They do have a beautiful, wintry feel to them. I have to say that murano glass beads are my favourites, so that’s where we differ, haha! ;)

      That’s wonderful! I would love to see photos. I know how much thought you have put into that design. I have never tried on the TB bracelet, but I do love how beautiful the locks are. I have been tempted many a time to indulge in a TB bracelet whenever there’s been a promo on, but I haven’t yet. I’m sure I will someday!

      That’s so kind of you to offer! I know that you’ve been a great help to a lot of collectors. <3 I'm sure there will be plenty of collectors who want this cute charm too!

      Thanks for commenting Kelly! xx

    • I so want the lucky piggy bank. It is not available here in the United States. I have had no luck with being able to find a reputable seller to purchase and ship one. I would love any help with this! I have tried Republic of Jewels but cannot get signed on. Keeps saying incorrect password. Even after changing it.


  7. It’s so cute! Even though I do celebrate CNY with my bf’s family, I can’t decide if it should go on my wish list or not!
    It would be really cute if it did had the coin slot, hopefully we’ll see the back of the cute piggy soon! :)

    • Aha, if you have any of the previous CNY charms, it would be perfect with them. :D Otherwise, I can imagine it being a little hard to style! I like the lucky charms and have them spread out through my collection – so I think I’d get this charm on that basis alone anyway, haha.
      I would love it if there were a little coin slot. :D Hopefully live shots will come out soon!

  8. This little piggy is at the top of my Pandora shopping list for 2016. She’ll find a place reserved for her on my red Spring bracelet.

  9. I love the colour combination of pink, red and gold! It looks so vibrant and apt for CNY. I love the details of Little Piggy and it is a must for me. By the way, my order from Rue La La arrived and I heart the single leather bracelet a lot! It is in pink and there is a slight metallic sheen on it which I was surprised to see and actually prefer. Little Piggy will look right at home on it. I intend to pick up the Halo Monroe and Blush Monroe muranos from Elfbead to pair with Little Piggy. It will be a burst of pastel pink, vibrant pink and red! Thank you for sharing more pictures of Little Piggy Ellie, I honestly cannot wait to get one, and oh, the Chinese Doll too!

    • Me too, Ariane – the Orchid is a particularly beautiful addition to the campaign bracelet! It’s very tempting to break up my existing CNY bracelet to try and add some pinks in! I think I will hold off though and just experiment a bit with my review stylings for this charm instead. ;)
      Yes, most of the pastel leathers have a lovely metallic sheen on them these days! The pink leather was my first ever leather and I love it as well. Reds would go really nicely with it, especially the cute pig. I had to google the Monroes, but they are very vibrant and beautiful colours as you note – perfect for celebrating CNY! :)
      Glad to hear that you are excited for this one too Ariane – thanks for commenting!

  10. The pig is really cute! Reminds me of Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. When we were very young, my relatives would call my cousin and i ‘piglet’ and ‘mouse’ bec we were born in the year of those animals, respectively, and she was fat and I was very petite … Hehe I think I might get the charm bec it reminds me of my ‘piglet’ cousin

    • Aw, that’s a nice thought! I loved Charlotte’s Web. The red bow makes this piggy seem quite girly though, haha.
      Aha, your poor cousin! The nice thing about this year’s charm being a pig is that it doesn’t have to be about CNY at all. ^^

  11. This is such a cute charm. Although I have no plans to buy it, I imagine it will be very popular. I also love the poppy murano on your CNY bracelet. It is my favourite Pandora murano. I

    • Yes, I’m sure it will be popular! It’s a fair bit cuter than previous CNY charms.
      The poppy murano is beautiful, and it goes so well with the red enamel charms as well! That bracelet gets a lot of wear. ^^

  12. Personally, this charm isn’t for me, but I do really like the design you’ve done with the red leather bracelet.

    I think the Asian doll charms are really cute but unless I can get them on sale then I’ll probably just get the Chinese dolls as she’s my favourite. I was considering the lantern too, and seeing it on your bracelet has made me like it even more.

    • Thank you – the Lantern is one of my favourites. :D The red enamel is particularly beautiful! The Asian dolls did go on sale in the European and UK sales in the summer – I grabbed the Korean Doll to complete my set. Might be worth keeping an eye out in December! :)

  13. Hi Ellie!
    I usually don’t like animals unless they’re elegant like the swan, but this one is really adorable! I love the red bow, its long eyelashes and that funny tail! :-)
    I always thought, red and pink do not match well, but the picture you’ve posted made me reconsider. Perhaps the combination is successful only when the second colour appears in details, such as piggy’s bow! What do you think?
    Thanks for the latest info and pictures! ♥♥♥

    • Hi again Chrysa!
      Glad to hear that you like this one. I like almost all of Pandora’s animals (apart from the portrait ones!), cute or elegant. I just find the level of detail they put into them so fun to discover when you have the charm in person. ^^
      When it comes to Pandora, I’ve always quite liked pink and red designs (although I wouldn’t wear pink and red together when it comes to clothes). The Cherry Blossom murano has pink petals and a red centre, and it looks beautiful. I think that you’re right that having a smaller amount of red in the pig helps, and it probably depends on the shade of the pink, as well – the pinks they gone for in the campaign image pictured here are quite rich and warm anyway, so they go well with the red, I think. And I think having a third tone with the yellow gold pieces also helps!
      Thanks for commenting! <3 <3

  14. I know this is nothing to do with this charm but the 2016 Disney New Years exclusive charm has just RELEASED at the Disney parks & im there right now & im going to go get it today & I’ll try take some live pictures of it more

      • Omg I got it & it sold out
        Each store in Disney that gets them really don’t get that much in stock they only get like 5 to 10 of depending on how popular the charm is so they sell out fast & usually they said they sell out mostly in the morning before it gets busy right when I got mine
        but it’s so so beautiful I love it so much especially the music notes

        • Yay! I’m surprised they get so few of each charm, or is that for every single day? If it’s for every day, then that’s not so bad I guess. I’m glad you got yours and that you love it! :)

  15. The pig is ADORABLE. I have no particular affinity for pigs, but it’s just so darned cute. It’s really nice to see some cute animal charms coming down the pike. And it’s something completely unique and different from the hearts and pave overload. I may have to get him just based on that fact alone. :-)

    • Yes, absolutely – I would be all in with this charm purely based on the fact that it’s so original and fun! ^^ And it is so very cute. I’m looking forward to seeing some live shots of it! Pandora’s CNY releases always tend to be quite well thought out and original.

  16. I will get the pig to accompany my other Pandora animals like cow, horse, dog. I like the full body ones, not the ones with the head. I’m also putting together a CNY bracelet but keep sitting on the fence abt the Chinese lantern.

    • I agree, I also like the full bodied designs. :) The pig will look great with your other animals!
      I absolutely love the Chinese Lantern. It’s a beautiful use of enamel, and so striking in person. Have a look in store and see what you think, if you can! ^^

  17. Hi Ellie, I love this little piggy – unfortunately I live in the US and my local store doesn’t think they’ll be getting it in. Do you know where I can order it from? I would love it in time for CNY.. Thanks!

    • Hi Mairi

      I am from Singapore and I can help you get the pig. Just drop me an email at fluffyby [at] hotmail [dot] com :)


    • Hi Mairi! I see that Kelly (fluffyby) has very kindly offered to help you (she has helped out a number of people here and on the Pandora pages with Asian exclusives) – she is a star! Your other option might be to check in with Republic of Jewels ( or on Thursday, as I think the UK will be getting the Piggy with the Valentine’s collection. They ship internationally.
      Hope that helps! :)

  18. I just bought the pig charm past weekend. It is retailing for 71 sgd and there is a slot on her back. So I do think that she is a piggy bank:))

    • Yes I think you’re right! ^^ I’ve seen some picture of it with a piggy bank slot in it. Can’t wait to get mine too!

  19. I want this adorable little charm for no other reason than she is adorable. I live in the US and its not on the official US online store, so I’m not sure where to tell my boyfriend, who started my bracelet and buys all of my charms, to look for it. Any advice? thanks!

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