Today’s post looks forward to the Pandora Spring 2016 collections, with a round-up of sneak peeks and hints from various sources! There have been a couple of press previews, and a smattering of pictures and info have emerged online. There are some interesting pieces included and it looks like flowers will once again dominate Pandora’s Spring release for 2016. We also have a complete look at the Pandora Essence Spring 2016 collection, which only contains four charms this time around!


Pandora’s spring releases début in March, and I would predict that this year it will be out on the 10th of March. 

Pandora Spring 2016 Sneak Peeks

Flowers are the big theme again this year, with primroses and lilac forget-me-not motifs. This ring and this necklace are both from the upcoming collection, and I hear that there will be charms and other jewellery based around both designs.

The necklace is supposedly lace-inspired, and Pandora reference classic English embroidery in their inspiration for this collection.


Meanwhile, I am told that there will be matching charms and other jewellery to match this design with the delicate purple stones.


I also found this live image of the ring from a Pandora Spring/Summer 2016 preview in Amsterdam:

pandora spring 2016 ring sneak peek
Image by imfongliu

Continuing the floral theme, there will also be a number of new enamel primrose pieces – this live shot is from a preview in Vienna. To be honest, I had my fill of enamel daisies and primroses this year, but it would be interesting to see the stock images for these to get a better idea of them.

It looks like one of the charms is shaped into an openwork heart – and the flowers inside it look to be a mixture of pink and white primroses and daisies, when you zoom in. And the primrose spacers look like they might be hinged, like a clip?

pandora spring 2016
Image by Kirsch Blog

We have one more live shot here, also from Vienna. On the bracelet, it looks like there are matching enamel, heart-shaped bride and groom charms, and a charm that I can’t really make out in the middle – it could be a dummy/pacifier or a bell, perhaps? Or a dancer, maybe. I think that’s the Valentine’s Love is Forever bead on the left, as well.

pandora spring 2016
Image by Leonie Rachel

In addition to this, we have a few other sneak peeks and hints! The following images are not the best quality, but they give you an idea of the concept at least. They are published here courtesy of a kind reader with a little editing and collaging from me, so please do not reproduce these without credit.

Next up, we have a sneak peek of some new Vintage letter charms coming out for Spring 2016. These have intricate openwork detailing surrounding the letter itself, which are decorated with pavé-set stones. Obviously, while only A-D are pictured here, there will be the full alphabet, haha.

pandora spring 2016

There will be a new bracelet coming out for Spring, and this is one of the pieces for which I’m most excited – it’s a Moments version of the Essence bracelet, with a circular bangle-like clasp and no threads on the chain at all! So, it’s basically the Essence bracelet scaled up for the Moments collection.

pandora spring 2016 sneak peeks

As the bracelet has no threads, you might be wondering how charms are going to be held in place on the chain. Pandora are releasing two new pavé spacers, each lined with silicone – just like an Essence charm. These will keep your beads in place on the threadless chain. I think, from the look of them, they will clip on as well – there seems to be a line going down the middle of them.


Finally for images, brownie points for any new jewellery pieces you can make out in these SS16 preview images (you can click the images to enlarge them)! In this first one, I think I can spot some new pearl jewellery (which I hear will be Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 releases), including earrings, a necklace and a centrepiece on the bracelet, too. There’s another floral disc necklace, and a strange snow-globe-shaped charm, which is pictured to the left of a pavé clip on the bracelet.

pandora spring 2016 preview missagnetha

pandora spring 2016
Image by Cover En Rose

I also have some details on a couple of other items coming up for Spring 2016, but no pictures!

  • A rabbit charm, in the same portrait/cake-pop style as the Autumn 2015 animals
  • A fairy charm

Pandora Essence Spring 2016 Sneak Peek

Finally, we also have quite a nice sneak peek at the four upcoming charms for the Pandora Essence collection (you can click the image to enlarge it) – this is from another Spring 2016 preview. There are two new faceted charms in deep pink and deep blue, much in the style of the Pandora Winter 2015 Geometric Facets. There are also two new clear pavé charms pictured here, with geometric/abstract patterns.

pandora essence spring 2016
Image by pietnadonna

While only releasing four Essence charms might be disappointing for fans of the line, I am also hearing rumours that there will also be an Essence bangle!

My Comment

So, I realise that there is a lot of rather fragmented information in this post – but you get a sense of some of the new themes and colours. There is nothing shown so far that particularly grabs me, as I had my fill of flowers this year. The heart-shaped bride and groom charms are a little bizarre to me, as well! I like the new Vintage letter charms a lot, although I probably won’t indulge in my own initial. ^^ The only thing I am really intrigued by is the new Moments bracelet without threads – I’d love to know more about how that one will work!

None of the Essence charms are must-haves for me either, which is a relief as I loved so much of the Autumn 2015 collection! The prospect of a bangle is also intriguing. The US & Canada did not receive the AW15 Essence release, but I’ve heard from a few sources that Pandora NA is going to give Essence another shot and relaunch it in the Spring.

What do you think of these initial sneak peeks? What are you hoping for from Spring?

121 Comments on Pandora Spring 2016 Sneak Peeks & Teasers

    • Yes, that’s a popular request! It would be nice if they made one for the Pandora Rose collection. They were going to come out with a bangle with a solid rose gold clasp a year ago or so, but it got shelved for some reason. :/

  1. I really like the Vintage letter charms. They are my favorite design of all the birth stone/letter charms. They are a big change from the letter charms that were in The last Ruelala sale. Those primrose spacers look interesting to me if they are clips.
    Have you gotten any word on the Disney charms for the Spring release?

    • I like the Vintage letters as well! They’re a big improvement on the letter pendants, I think. I’ve never been that inclined to buy my initial, or my OH’s, but maybe I’ll be tempted if these are nice enough in person!
      I have not heard about Disney yet, no. Someone mentioned that they had heard that charms for Aurora will be coming out, but nothing official yet!

  2. I love the look of the forget me knot ring and I am a huge fan of English lace and embroidery so it sounds quite exciting however there does seem to be a lot of pale pink again.

  3. Hope the new bracelet similar to Essence does not mean they will phase out the original Essence collection, will be disappointed if that happens. Love my smaller, dainty essence bracelet.

    • Well, it does sound like they are planning a big re-launch for Essence in the US next season, so I don’t think it’s over for Essence yet! And there are new charms coming out in Spring, as you can see here. Although four isn’t really very many :( I can’t wait to hear about the bangle too!

  4. It is exciting to see the first previews, thank you so much!
    I hope we will see some nice two-tones as well ^_^ I need more two tones :D

    • You’re welcome! ^^ I want some two-tones as well, as I’ve just started an all-two-tone bracelet. Some nice classic character ones would be nice – they seem to be doing a lot of two-tone hearts in recent collections!

  5. Most of this collection doesn’t interest me, not really one for flowers being a lad! Although this new bracelet idea boggles me (we’ve heard nothing of it in store) and I have no idea how it’ll work if it’s a snake chain because the clips and threads are the main way to stop the original bracelet over stretching!! Still, this’ll be exciting to see when it released.

    I’m gutted if that’s all the essence that’s being released, I want more!

    Thank you for this fabulous preview though, can’t wait until we see more in the coming weeks and months!

    • Ah – not liking flowers does rule out a big chunk of Pandora’s spring collections! ;) I have to say that I have probably had enough of flowers now, as I have got most of the Darling Daisy and Primroses pieces from last year.
      This is the bracelet and item number:
      Yeah, I hear that the four charms and the bangle is all there is for Essence :( You are very welcome, I am excited to see more as well!

      • Wow, that’s essentially an essence bracelet! I’m so confused about this whole concept, how will the safety chains work? Will there be an exclusive set of charms for this (like essence) as surely filling that would make it massively oversized with the stretching from the weight of charms if there’s nowhere to put clips? I’m so confused haha!!
        Quite like the sound of an essence bangle, wouldn’t be for me but a nice thought. I still don’t understand why there’s no essence safety chain though; where’s the logic when literally everyone asks for it? – employees and customers!

        • I hadn’t thought about safety chains! That’s a good point. I have no idea as to the rest of your questions. I only got given the picture and the spacers. :)
          According to Lisa in the comments, an Essence safety chain is in the works! Finally! ;)

      • It looks like Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet, I have 2 free bracelets from Sept promotion with 2 Rose Quartz, 2 White Jade, I Lotus ( Rose Quartz with silver ) and 2 chubby size silver stoppers ( silicon inside ), very beautiful. I will keep my Thomas Sabo bracelet strictly semi precious stone on. I think Pandora get the idea from Thomas Sabo Karma which is very comfortable on the wrist, I love it ! I don’t understand why Pandora has to come up this bracelet to confuse Moment & Essence fans.

  6. thanks for the preview! I’ve been waiting for this post :) Nothing grabs my attention yet, and I am glad not to see any super sparkly pave charms ….yet. I really hope there will be a sewing machine charm in 2016

  7. I’m very interested in the vintage letters. Vintage inspire design is what I look forward to in pandora pieces. The ring with the purple stone looks lovely. Other than that, I can’t really make out the other charms. Hope to see more clearer pictures. Thanks for the sneak peak. It really brighten my day to see new season pictures.

    • I love vintage-inspired designs as well! I’d like some more vintage object charms too – top of my wish list is a typewriter charm. Well, from these pictures, the primroses are quite visible and the Essence charms as well! :) You can click the pictures to enlarge them. It is funny thinking of these lucky people getting to go to previews and not taking close-up pics like we would haha!

  8. That ring with the purple stones is definitely on my wish list! I almost wanted to get the cigar band style ring they released in the Fall but opted for a few different rings instead. Purple is my favorite color and I’m glad I didn’t get the Fall ring now! A bracelet without threads seems strange to me. Isn’t that one of the things that made Pandora so unique and popular? I agree with another blogger in that I would LOVE to see a rose gold bangle! I thought about starting a rose gold bracelet as my next bracelet and I love loading the bangles with charms! Thanks for the sneak peak I can’t wait until the full Spring preview comes out!

    • Yay, that seems like serendipity! ^^ The ring with the purple stones is really pretty, now that I look at it a bit closer. I always take the most notice of the charms first, and then come back to the jewellery haha.

      Yes, threaded bracelets does seem to be Pandora’s USP, but I guess they’re branching out. And this bracelet seems like a contingency if the Essence collection does get retired? A Pandora Rose bangle seems like it would be super popular – and the openwork style of all the Pandora Rose charms seem like they would be perfect to go with a bangle!
      You’re welcome! :)

  9. I was hoping for more travel and hobby charms. Do you know when Pandora will be releasing more in these categories?

    • I expect there will be some hobby charms in the Spring release – there usually is. This is only a teeny-tiny sneak peek based on the snippets of information I’ve managed to find. There will be a lot more we haven’t seen!

  10. Hi Ellie,
    I think the central bracelet piece on the picture with the jewelry for Mother’s day has the same concept of the rings in the top left of the picture with the bride and groom….looks like an opalescent 3D daisy….or something similar….In the same picture of Mother’s day jewelry I see and heart shaped claps on the bracelet…like the hearts we saw in this autumn collection.
    What do you think??

    • Hi Sara!
      Yes I think you’re right – there’s a similar opalescent daisy/primrose pendant in the middle of that bracelet isn’t there? And well-spotted on the bracelet!! It does look like a pretty chunky heart clasp on that bangle. I’m not sure that I like that, haha, it looks a bit too much like a charm and not like a clasp. I guess that makes the pave clips on that bracelet new too then!

  11. Thanks for the post. I love the pendant in the first photo u posted, if there are any charms with this design I would love to be them ;) overall from what we know from above I am not particularly keen on the overall collection. The bracelet with one flower enamel piece after another is pretty hideous in my opinion. I wish pandora did something fresh and new :( on that note, I luv the letter charms they are so pretty and I simply adore the enamel tux and wedding dress and believe I will end up with both ( perhaps they will be great on my sad silver ???) we still have to have hopes that we will be blown away with the disney collection. Also the mothers day collection might be a cute one?!? Oh and that pacifier ( if it is a pacifier) look terrifying hahaha

    • I think I was told that there will be matching charms for both the lace design and the forget-me-not pieces, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t like the look of the bracelet with the enamel primroses much either, but then the lighting in these previews doesn’t always do the pieces justice! ^^
      But yay, I’m glad you’ve spotted some things for your sad silver :P… I thought you would probably like the bride and groom pieces, and they would fit with the charms you have on there nicely as well! You could maybe get your initials to go with them as well (or is that too cheesy?). I have big hopes for the Disney collection as well, especially as I didn’t like anything from AW15 that much!

  12. Thanks for the preview. I’m not excited yet. Like Brittany, I’d like to see travel and hobby charms, rather than more flowers, especially flowers so similar to those from last Spring’s collection. Perhaps violets or pansies would be more intriguing (and challenging).

    • You’re welcome! I’m sure there will be some hobby charms that we haven’t seen yet. I do think it’s a bit disappointing that they keep revisiting the same motifs, especially when they’re doing them in the same style every time. But ofc there will be more to see!

  13. Hi Ellie

    I feel like you are writing blogs on a daily basis, one after another! <3

    I have seen the upcoming Valentine's as well as Spring/Summer collections. It's safe (?) to say, for now, that my wallet will get some time off to recharge itself. I might get a pair of the new heart murano from V-day collection, and for this one, I think I'm done with enamel. I have a rose clip that was originally baby pink. After a couple of months, the color faded to nearly off white. :(

    The vintage letters look cute. But for some reason, I find that the two upcoming collections remind me of another brand. Enamel, sweet as sugar, cute as a button, that's Chamilia for me. Perhaps it's time to hunt those older charms. LOL

    By the way, I am waiting for Disney Spring collection to be out. Someone on Angel page mentioned about Aurora will make a debut. And if that's the case, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a pretty pink murano for her. Hahah!

    Thank you for your wonderful blogs, I enjoy reading them as always.

    Kelly xx

    • Hi Kelly!
      Aha, really? I do hope that’s a good thing. It never feels to me like I post that often, haha. I’m always trying to pin down my next post! ;)
      Ooh you’ve seen the lot, all of spring? Do you have any more info to share? :) Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your clip. My baby pink enamel pieces are still looking pristine, but I do find that the white enamel yellows a little. Off white is not good! :(
      I think a lot of people are on a retired charm hunt at the moment – myself included. The Rue La La sale was a bit of a killer for me this time around. ;) I will reserve judgement on this collection until I’ve seen it all though!
      Aurora would be great – although I do hope that they do something other than princesses as well for Disney. A pink murano for Aurora would be sweet, and the great thing about it is that the Disney muranos glow blue in the dark – and that way you get the whole changing from pink to blue like they do with her dress in her film! ^^
      Thanks for commenting Kelly! <3 xx

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the sneak peek. Once again I don’t think I see anything to add to my wishlist. However the English lace theme of the necklace is very pretty and if they have something like that as a charm I might be tempted!

    I really liked the white enamel Daisy in last springs collection but I don’t like the pink enamel. I do like flowers though and would like to see more full silver or two tone flower or nature charms. For example the pine cone charm is very pretty but I would like it without the red enamel ribbon which limits its uses.

    Did I notice a gold heart shaped clasp on the bracelet or bangle in the centre? Is that new?

    I’m not too disappointed if it turns out there is nothing I like as my wishlist is still crazy long! I’m hoping to shorten it in the end of year sales though! Have you heard when they will start?

    Thanks for all your hard work in the world of Pandora :)

    • Hi Hazel!
      You’re very welcome! I like the English lace necklace as well and I think I was told that there will be a matching charm to go with that. Not 100% on that though!
      I’m not sure on the pink enamel either, it looks a bit salmon – although the preview lighting often doesn’t do the charms any favours. A plain silver pinecone is such a lovely idea, and so simple too! I would buy that!
      Yes I think you do! I don’t know that it’s gold, but there is definitely a bangle with a rather large heart charm acting as a clasp. Not sure how I feel about that one ;)
      They should be starting from the 26th – or, at least, the one in the UK is. I think they will be starting on Boxing Day in most regions, but I will doublecheck that nearer the time!
      Thanks for commenting Hazel! <3

  15. Thanks for more sneak peaks, Ellie! I’m intrigued by a Pandora bracelet without threads, that would be nice for wearing small cored charms on, and I do like the spherical clasp better than the barrel clasp. I spotted some mother of pearl flowers I think, will want to see better shots but they look pretty, and maybe this means they are returning to at least some natural stones. Like you, I’m not that excited about the enamel pieces, but I won’t rule anything out until I see the collection because I always end up changing my mind :-P

    • I am intrigued by the bracelet as well, especially if they include a few options with the silicone stoppers too. Ah, do you think they’re mother of pearl? That would be so lovely if they were! Using natural materials would be a nice return to classic Pandora.

      You’re very wise, Natalie! :P The number of times I’ve done a u-turn on pieces I thought I didn’t want… ;)

      • Yeah, they do look like mother of pearl flowers to me, a pendant in the middle of the bracelet and then a charm on either side with lined up mother of pearl flowers. I hope so, would be a step in the right direction IMO.

        Yeah, I thought I wasn’t into the pave 2D charms, but turns out I must really like them as I ended up with Dazzling Daisy, Sparkling Primrose, and the Pink Sweetheart! And the enamel snowman, didn’t like it at all and now I love it! So I won’t pass judgement until I see in person, I always end up changing my list and getting something I hadn’t previously wanted.

        • I would love that! I do hope that you’re right! I did go all out on flowers this spring, so idk whether I would get these as well – but then I am still tempted to do a nature-ish bracelet with the olive facets, so perhaps they would be nice with that!
          I am with you on that one – I don’t own any, but I loved a lot of the 2D pavé beads a lot more than I thought I would in person. Especially the Sweetheart bead!

  16. Do you have any idea if the essence collection will be released worldwide this time around? Thank you for another great review.

  17. do you know if the dignity essence will be released in NA like the idea of bangle essence and the moments version of essence bracelets but not really seeing anything else. will have to wait to see more in the future. thanks for the posts and all your hard work

    • I don’t know for sure, unfortunately Debbie! It’s possible that you will get the Dignity bead and the rest of the AW15 collection when they relaunch Essence in NA, but I haven’t heard anything concrete yet. You’re welcome, I hope more pics are out soon!

  18. I’ve been waiting for this and I’m loving what I’m seeing so far. There is quite a lot I’ve seen, that I like the look of. I can’t wait to see more live shots and proper pictures.
    I’m interested to see what the new bracelet will be like.
    Thank you for the update, you’ve made my day.

    • Yay, it’s nice to hear such a positive reaction! I’m excited to see more too, even if nothing I’ve seen so far has absolutely grabbed me.
      You’re very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  19. A little bit disappointing, there isn’t really anything that takes my fancy. I think that enamel flowers quota was already filled.

    On the flip side though, not adding any new items to my wish list means I can spend my money on older items instead!

    • Yeah, redoing the enamel daisies/primroses for the third year in a row seems a bit redundant. I will be giving those a miss I think, although I’m intrigued to see more from the classic lace range.
      I’ve been hunting down some retired pieces as well lately – particularly the classic two-tone beads and the cute silver animals! ^^

  20. I am very interested in the new moments bracelet and the pave clips with silicone inside. I also would like to get the essence bangle. The new ruby essence looks very similar in colour to essence passion, which I already own.

    • I will be looking forward to hearing more about the Essence bangle as well! It’s nice that they are still investing in the range. I did think that about the ruby Essence and the existing Passion as well – they might look nice worn together!

  21. Hi, v excited to read about the new releases. as a sales assistant, I am happy to know that there will be new letters now that the hanging CZ alphabet is retiring, we are also hoping for new Moments zodiac charms, as there is quite a demand for those.
    I am wondering whether the Essence safety chain will already be released with the Spring collection…..

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear you’re excited! I didn’t know that the letter pendants will be retiring, do you know of any other retiring beads? Is that for North America? :) I can imagine that zodiac charms would be popular for Moments, but Pandora seem to have retired all their zodiac beads they’ve done in the past.
      I’ve not heard anything about a safety chain for Essence unfortunately. I’d have thought that I’d have heard about it if there was one, but you never know!

      • the hanging letters are retiring in Europe, and so are the Essence zodiac charms.
        I know for a fact that a Essence safety chain is being made, and so is a beaded Essence necklace.

        • Ah, well that makes sense – I think those pendant letters looked nice on necklaces, but I have never liked them that much on actual bracelets.
          That is so exciting to hear about the Essence safety chain! A lot of people are going to be thrilled when they release that. At last, eh! ;)

  22. Hi ellie im rather intrigued about the new moment bracelet I would love to know more about it do you think only specific charms will be able to go on the bracelet. I’m also excited about the essence line I’m looking forward to the bangle. I also like the look of the necklace in the first picture.

    • Hi Nicola! No, it looks like you will be able to put any charms on it. It is not threaded at all, not even at the clasp. But I’m not sure how exactly it will work with the pave stoppers etc.
      I’m excited for the Essence bangle as well. I hope pics are available soon!

      • Ellie, the new Pandora new bracelet is the same idea as Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet. Slip any beads on and put one stopper to hold the beads at one end, the clip act like a clip. Or put beads in the middle then put one stopper at both side od the beads, the beads will sit in the center of the bracelet. I have 2 TS Karma bracelet, 5 stone and 2 silver beads and 2 stoppers to play with. More fun for Pandora fans mean more $ to spend.

        • Ah, that’s interesting. I’m not that familiar with the Karma range, unfortunately. I need to keep up with other brands a little better ;)
          While the bracelet is interesting, I think the pavé stoppers would be absolutely fab for keeping charms organised on the bangles and the leathers as well. A lot of people buy silicone stoppers on eBay at the moment!

  23. May I know how long usually will pandora’s limited edition item be around for? Like 2 months or so? I’m interested to wards the limited edition Mickey Mouse charm!

  24. Great preview post, Ellie!

    I have two bangles and I absolutely love them, so I’m very curious about this new Essence bangle! I’ve been long resisting the Essence line, but that bangle might just change my mind. If they release the Essence bangle in the Spring, I wonder if it might coincide with the North American free bracelet/bangle promo that we always get in March each year.


    • Are you sure that there will be a free silver bracelet promo this March? Because if yes, I am starting to prepare my money for this promo right now!

    • Thanks Tia! I am very curious about the Essence bangle as well. ^^ Coinciding with the bangle promo would be rather nice timing! You’ve done well to resist the Essence range so far, especially as you’re a Karma fan. I held out for a year before I got an Essence bracelet, lol! ;)

      • Ugh… I’m super sad about my Karma bracelet right now, actually. A few weeks ago, my bracelet broke so I took it in for repair. It’s covered under warranty but I’m still really unhappy about it. :(
        Maybe when the Essence bangle comes out, I will “convert” to Essence. Haha…

        • Oh nooo, that sucks! :( especially as you’ve been without it for a while by the sound of it. My Pandora oxi bracelet broke and I had to have it sent off for a week, and I wasn’t happy even about that haha. I hope you get it back soon!

        • Oh dear.. I’m pretty gentle with my jewelry, but I can be a bit rough with the Pandora bracelets since they appear to be rather hardy. I guess I should exercise more caution!
          LOL, I probably won’t get my Karma bracelet back until the new year which is a bit of a bummer since I received a couple of new Karma Beads for Xmas which I can’t wear right now, haha.;-P

        • They are pretty hardy, or so I’ve found, but the snake chains can kink if you’re unlucky :)
          Eugh how frustrating that you can’t wear your new beads! :( It’s a shame that they didn’t just replace it if it broke completely, that’s what you’d want really.

  25. Thanks a lot for this preview! I am looking forward to seeing the whole spring collection! You mentioned that there will be a fairy charm. What do you mean by word “fairy”? Is it something like tiara or castle (“princess theme), or you were saying about mythological character, like fairy from autumn 2015 (which is sitting on the mushroom)?

    • I’m excited to see the rest as well! I’m hoping there will be some nice character charms alongside all the flowers. ;) I’m afraid I don’t have any further clarification on the fairy – that’s all I was told! I would prefer one along the lines of the Autumn 2015 fairy, but we will see…!

  26. Hi Ellie =D

    The new Moments/Essence concept is a lovely idea, because I spotted the clip on “spacers” – essentially thin clips, which you’d probably have to use with the silicone stoppers as you mentioned. That gives you more freedom where you want your bracelet to start and end – essentially without safety chains I’d assume =D.

    It always intrigued me how Pandora promotional pictures managed to show people wearing bracelets at odd angles, but with each charm evenly spaced and set on the moments bracelet =O. I guess this must be the answer, I can’t wait to see what they will do with it, haha.

    The pacifier…. it looks like a Fairy/Witch mix to me… the top looks like a wide brimmed Witch hat, and I guess (my imagination) I’m seeing arms and a little dress…hahaha…

    I think I forgot to reply in one of the previous posts about the BF charm, sorry =S. It’s much better in person than in the stock pictures, I think it’s because you’re not zooming in on the charm, so the clear pave that surrounds it has a “glittery snow” effect, which is quite pretty in the right light and on a bracelet =D. The pearl base is a lovely shimmery white colour, like the Abundance of Love charm, and it works with a variety of colours! I have blue, white, gold (my tt charms, yay!), and silver on my bracelet now, sort of like a Midnight snowy Winter, with bits of gold =DD.

    I hope your parcel comes soon from Canada, I’d love to see your review and styling posts! I need a bit of inspiration =))). Thanks for another lovely post Ellie! xxx

    • Hi Suzy!

      I completely agree with you, and wouldn’t the silicone spacers be fantastic for bangles and leather bracelets as well? Especially if they do the silicone stoppers in a range of styles…! Aha, I don’t trust Pandora’s promo pics at all – their bracelets are always immaculate as they say, with all the charms facing exactly the right way. They must have to get the models to stay very very still, lol.

      Yes, I couldn’t work out whether it was a dummy(pacifier) or a dancer either! It does look like the ballerina charm, with arms above its head! And I thought a dancer would fit more with the wedding charms, but who knows.

      Oh I’m glad you like the BF charm! I can imagine how beautiful it looks with the blue and gold. :D And nope, mine has not arrived from Canada yet (although packages from the US have come in the same time or after!). From reading other comments online, it seems like Canada Post have a backlog of up to a month or more when it comes to international packages – so perhaps I won’t be seeing it for a little while yet. :( If it arrives in a reasonable time frame I will certainly still review it of course! <3


  27. I like the vintage letter charms, although I wonder if the bracelet itself will seem too visible when the charm is on a bracelet. Like Alex V., I hope there are charms that are based off the necklace pendant in the first picture. The geometric flower design (lace) is quite nice. Like Kelly, I’m also hoping for some pretty pink Aurora signature muranos!

    I’ll be happy if the AW 15 Essence beads are released in North America. There were a few beads from that collection I was really interested in.

    A moments bracelet without the threading is interesting. Although I really like the clip stations because I mostly do “mini bracelets” I think the option of a bracelet without the clip stations is nice. (You could easily buy another brand bracelet without the clip stations, but it would be/will be nice to buy a Pandora brand bracelet without the clip stations). I’m looking forward to seeing more of the spring release, but I’m hoping I like only a few beads! (As I still have beads on my current wish list.)

    • They do have quite a lot of open space, now that you mention it, but I’d hope that seeing the bracelet chain underneath wouldn’t dilute the design too much…. :) There are in fact charms based off the floral lace pendant, including a clip I think.
      The AW15 Essence collection was so lovely! This new Spring collection is a bit disappointing in comparison, but how exciting for you guys in NA if you get the Autumn beads with it! :)
      I agree, I think it’s a really interesting concept – and the silicone pavé spacers would be so useful when it comes to bangles and leather bracelets as well. Especially if they just clip on! I gave up on the silicone stoppers you buy on eBay as they’re so horribly fiddly to get on the actual bracelets!

  28. Another fairy? You have my attention, Ellie! I’m looking forward to hearing more about that one. I also like the new letter charms. Past letters haven’t appealed to me much, but these are pretty.

    I’m not into pink myself, but have one of my three daughters who is working on a bracelet in pinks. I think she’d love primrose clips. Since you like your pink, I’d be interested to know (as more information comes out) if the pink would go well with the Pink Hearts murano that has the little pink CZs in it.

    • Yeah I was told fairy, although I have no idea in what form or style. :) I like these letter charms best of all the styles they have done so far as well. They probably have the best chance of sticking around, I think! The pendants were nice on a necklace, but they didn’t blend into bracelets that well…
      The pink primrose clips are quite peachy/salmon in shade in that picture, whereas the pink hearts murano is a lot cooler… but perhaps the primroses will look different in better lighting! :)

  29. Hi Ellie. I truly love all your posts and I look forward to reading them. Unfortunely with my bad eyes I really can’t make out too much from the pictures. Hopefully better ones will come out soon. I am liking the idea of the new bracelet and the rabbit charm. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks again

    • Hi Linda! Sorry to hear that you can’t make out too much from the pictures – hopefully there will be better ones soon. ^^ I think you can make out the primroses and the Essence charms without too much difficulty, but those bride and groom ones are rather blurry. You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the post regardless! :)

  30. Ellie,

    Thanks for the pics and info on the Spring 2016 release. Not a huge flower fan but I did find the new initials interesting. They seem a little reminiscent of one of Camilla’s designs, however, I think Pandora has done a better job. I passed on all the previous and current initials. The first ones seemed too masculine for my taste and the recent pave dangles seem too flimsy. I would love to incorporate mine and my husband’s first initial on my valentine bracelet, so if the actual initial’s in the Spring ’16 collection measure up to the pics you posted then I will most likely purchase them.

    Several people commented on the need for a Rose Gold Bangle, and I have to agree, this past year I made a significant investment in the Rose Gold, not only because they are lovely but because I am never sure if this will catch on so I didn’t want to miss out on a too tone option. I love the Rose Gold with turquoise. After visiting the Tower of London this past summer and viewing the Royal Jewels I played around with various combinations of red, green and black mixed in with the Rose Gold – and created my own Royal Jewel look. I hope the rose gold collection continues to grow.

    For me the Essence Collection albeit an interesting concept I have given it a miss. Even though the gals at the stores I visit say it is doing well, I have not witnessed anyone buying or even asking to see the collection when I am there. Of course that is based on my own experience. I certainly have been asked if I want to look at them and decline each time. I like the idea of my charms being able to fit on my bracelet, ear-ring bales and necklace. Once I learned the bracelet was smaller I really shied away – only so much money to spend and I want to maximize my purchase power. Some of the charms for essence are pretty and had they fit my regular Pandora jewelry I would have bought some, I guess I am not ready to start a whole new collection.

    I have a question about one of the photos. In particular the bangle that features all enamel flowers (4th or 5th image down), are there flower enamel clips on the bangle? If so, they are look smaller than the regular sized clip but slightly larger than a spacer) I liked those and if they came in white I would consider buying them. Unfortunately, I miss placed my glasses so I might really be off in what I viewed in the pic you posted.

    As Always Ellie, a fabulous post. I so love reading them.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!
      Spring releases are always very flower-heavy, but there are usually some interesting character charms in there as well. The Vintage initials do look really nicely done, so I’m excited to see better pictures of them too.

      Oh yes rose gold and turquoise is such a surprisingly rich and pretty combination! You wouldn’t think it in theory, but they do go really well together. Your bracelet sounds beautiful and very suitably opulent for a Royal Jewel style. ^^ I would love a Pandora Rose bangle too, especially as it would be a much more affordable option than having a regular rose gold clasp.

      Essence does well here in the UK, from what I can tell. I see people wearing the Essence bracelets a lot, and a few people I know have them too. But Pandora is so huge here that I think people just buy most of the things they promote enough! I love my Essence, so I hope it picks up elsewhere and the range continues! :) It is an investment though, and I know a lot of people don’t like that it’s incompatible with the Moments bracelet as well.

      I think there are some primrose enamel clip/spacer hybrids on that bangle haha! They are like spacers in size and shape, but there definitely looks to be a hinge of some kind running through them. Perhaps they are silicone-lined too? :)

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the post Lisa! It was great to read your thoughts too, as always. Thanks for commenting! <3

    • I personally don’t think the Pandora stores promote the Essence Collection as well as they could. I have been in two recently and had to ask to view new beads as they were not on display. Older beads were on view and I was told they did not have room to have them all out!

      • No, that’s true. When I went to buy my AW15 Essence charms, the same thing happened – they didn’t have any of them out on display. But they do usually have banners up advertising Essence somewhere in most of the stores I go to in the UK – you just have to ask to see the new pieces.

  31. I’m super excited to see all these new pieces, looks like this spring is going to be a huge collection. I’m looking forward to essence too! Here in the USA we didn’t get last spring collection from essence so I feel like we are a collection behind. I’m curious to see if we will ever get that collection on top of what you are talking about, fingers crossed!

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing what else they’re coming out with. There are so many new lines to keep up with these days, though, haha – Moments, Essence, Rose, Disney. ^^
      You guys are a collection behind with Essence, but I heard that you will be getting the AW15 charms in the spring. So fingers crossed!

  32. Hi Ellie!
    It’s so nice you made us think of spring in the middle of winter! :-)
    Is that really a gold heart clasp bangle? That should be interesting! I’ve been dreaming of a two tone bracelet since we “met” with Pandora and I hope I’ll be able to buy one some day… It’s good they tend to offer more options in two tone bracelets too!
    Seeing the new flower collection I got the feeling they did it better last spring, but on the other hand we should not be strict without having seen stock images or clearer photos! The vintage letters are really nice though, and a good idea for present! We’ll see!
    Thank you so much for the sneak peek and all the new information! Can’t wait for more! ♡♡♡

    • Ellie? They usually make posters with paper-made versions of the coming collection, don’t they? (Like what they did with feathers back in autumn.) As on your very first picture we see paper ladybugs, do you think it’s possible we should expect a new ladybug charm? An enamel or a pendant one? I would love a bright red enamel version! ♡

      • Ah, Chrysa, I’m so sorry – that’s a Spring 2015 campaign image that I adapted as I didn’t have anything for Spring 2016. I didn’t think anyone would look so closely. ^^ An enamel ladybird would be so sweet though – you know I love my enamel beads!

    • Hi Chrysa! <3

      I think that it is a heart-clasp bangle (well-spotted!) but I think it's just the lighting and shadows on the clasp that makes it look gold. I can't see Pandora doing one of their special bangles at such a high price point! I have a couple of two-tone bracelets, but they were got on special offers or discounts. At full price they are a biiig investment!
      I agree with you – it's probably best not to judge until we have seen everything! Repeating the primrose motifs does seem a bit redundant at first, but perhaps there'll be some other really interesting bead to go with them. The Vintage letters are cute and maybe they'll be the first beads to persuade me to buy my initial (and maybe my OH's!).

      You're welcome Chrysa! I'm excited for more too. <3 <3

  33. I must say i am deeply dissapointed!
    I was hoping for an essance collection that would dazzle me and make me dream all day long, but this is just unoriginal. Its just autumn/winter in an essance version.

    For the moments! Im intriguied with the vintage alphabets, though i dont really like spelling my name on a bracelet. But so far, its one of the best version of alphabets we’ve had so far. (imho). As for thr flowers, i feel as if iM seeing a reminecence of spring 2015. Not anything that really catches my eye in the coming collection.

    Still we’ve got to see it with our own naked eye. It may be excuisite, delighfully charming for all you know. And if its not, really hope summer/autumn/winter 2016 will be AMAZING!!

    • Yeah, I can appreciate that you’re disappointed – four designs is not much, and two of them are borrowed straight from Moments! A bangle is an interesting concept though, isn’t it?
      I agree that these new Vintage charms are probably their nicest alphabet series so far! They are a lot more delicate than their previous plain silver offerings, and less blingy than the CZ pendants. :)
      There will be a lot more that we haven’t seen so it’s probably best to reserve judgement until it’s all been previewed!

  34. Essence bead has silicon inside to stay on the Essence bracelet, I don’t like the limited selection of Essence bead ( I don’t have Essence bracelet ). The 2016 new bracelet solve the problem without the thread, you can slip any bead on ( threated or hollow ) as long as the bead hole can go through the bracelet. You just need to buy the silicon stopper ( different style ) to hold the bead in the middle section or at one end. The bead without silicon inside can’t stay at one spot like Essence but more fun for charm lover. I love Pandora silver Moment then Thomas Sabo Karma out of all the brand. ( I did a lot of research already ).

    • I agree with you that this Moments/Essence hybrid bracelet seems like a fun combination of both concepts :) although Johnny makes an interesting point when it comes to safety chains. I suppose you could just fix one in place by having a stopper after it on the chain?
      You do seem to have done a lot of research about other brands! I look at lovely pictures etc online but stick with Pandora for the most part.

  35. I only like Pandora Moment and Thomas Sabo Karma because they both have concept store here for me to go for charm hurting. I only want to stick to Pandora like you, Pandora has more selection and promotion which I love for fun. Thomas Sabo Karma will be just one semi precious stone bracelet and that is it. I won’t expand to other charm brand to confuse the style, Pandora is already enough fun for spending.

  36. I don’t want to comment other brand here but I can say Pandora has the best quality and the promotion price & GWP which I still can afford win my heart. Thomas Sabo German has good workmanship but less selection and most of the bead is too expensive.

    • You’re welcome to talk about other brands! It’s not embargoed at all, and it’s fun for me to learn more about them. ^^ Pandora do have some of the best GWPs and promos, it’s a fun brand to collect.

  37. I just noticed your mention Ellie that there may be an Essence bangle, I’m not particularly interested in the Essence line but I may be interested in the bangle to wear my charms that won’t fit over Pandora’s threads. I could get the bangle and 1 Essence bead to use as a stopper (the freedom bead with its silver swirls looks pretty) and put my other beads between the clasp and 1 Essence bead! Hmm, will definitely have to check it out this spring!

    • Yeah, I’ve heard a couple of different sources mention an Essence bangle which would be great. That’s an interesting idea about using the Essence bangle with other charms! It would be sturdier (I imagine) than the regular Essence bracelet and would probably be better equipped to support heavier beads. :D

  38. Good evening. Do you happen to know if the feather clips will be released on their own (not part of a gift set) anytime soon?

  39. Hi Kim, sorry – I just realized I told you the wrong thing! I was thinking of the layers of lace clips for some reason. The Feathered clips will be available individually from the 15th of February. Sorry for the confusion and happy holidays to you too!

  40. Hi ms. Ellie…
    Happy New Year!.. just want to ask if you be so kindly direct me to the post where you showcased all your personal Pandora collections.. chanced upon it one time but couldn’t find it anymore…please?!… i take inspiration from you for building my own collections as well…?… thanks in advance… ?

  41. Thanks for the preview! I can’t make out if the pink enamel hearts charm is a clip or if it’s just a charm from the photo after the rings by kirsch blog. I need a clip and can’t decide if it’s a clip so I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’m glad to see that maybe pave style is dying down a bit, pandora’s taken that just slightly to the extreme for me. I’d love to see two puppies together as a charm, or a set of balancing scales to represent law or even an enamel rainbow charm… Or a nutcracker in 2016’s winter collection- even though we’ve just had 2015’s lol!! Thanks again xx

    • You’re welcome! The hearts charm looks like a clip to me, but it’s hard to be sure from the photo. It looks like there’s a hinge on the one on the left, perhaps?
      Well, here’s hoping for more plain silver beads! :) Two puppies would be adorable and such a nice complement to the existing kittens one. :D Thanks for commenting! xx

  42. I was hoping for a green theme :( LOL i chose the worst colour theme for my pandora bracelet. olive green. all i have is the green oval lights, the olive faceted murano, and forest trinity. they’ve retired all the other peridot or olive-ish coloured charms -_- If I went with pink I would have had soooo many options.

    • Aha, perhaps there are some unseen green beads. :) Pink is definitely Pandora’s most-catered-for colour. I have so many bracelets with at least a little dash of pink! I am going to start a bracelet featuring the olive facets, and it’s going to have some pale pink with it as well I think.

  43. I took a very good look at the somewhat blurred picture of the “Unknown” Bead/Charm.

    It kinda looks like a “Dangle” Piece… Maybe a Black or Grey pearl(?).

    But also, Looks like a Pacifier also. (The Shadow doesn’t help.).

    What exactly are these? The use for them and difference??.
    -Beads Vs. Charms.
    -Silicone (? Whatever they are for.).
    -Rubber Stoppers.

    Thanks if you can answer some of the questions.

    • It looked to me like a pacifier, or a dancer possibly? But possibly a pearl as you say! It’s so hard to tell from the picture. :)
      Beads/charms – they are the same thing. The words are just used interchangeably.
      When I mention silicone-lined beads, it basically means that the silver charms have silicone inside them which holds them in place on the bracelet chain.
      Rubber stoppers – you can get black rubber inserts to go inside clips from Pandora. This will also stop them moving about on a bracelet chain too. Or you can get unofficial rubber stoppers from eBay to stop the charms from sliding around on a leather bracelet or bangle, which have no threads.
      Hope that helps! :)

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