Today’s post brings the next in my series of Pandora Winter 2015 reviews, with an in-depth look at the new Christmas Puppy charm! I’ve been excited to do this review, being a lover of both Christmas and dogs. ^^ Additionally, as a bonus, I’ve also included an updated shot of my whole Pandora collection at the end of the review, as a few people have requested to see it.
pandora christmas 2015 puppy

For more Pandora Christmas inspiration, have a look through the Christmas tag to read previous festive reviews and features. Otherwise, continue on for some live shots and styling ideas! :)

The charm

Pandora are known for both their cute animals and their fun Christmas charms, so it’s no surprise that they decided to marry the two ideas in this adorable festive puppy charm.

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

One of the main attractions of this design for me is that it’s full-bodied; in this charm, you get all those cute little details that Pandora’s animal beads are noted for. The collar, the floppy ears, the dopey eyes – they’re all here! I love enamel detailing as well, and the red enamel hat is rather adorable – although this does make the charm a lot less versatile, of course.

pandora winter 2015 preview

I really love the expression Pandora have given this charm; it’s cartoonish, but it nevertheless rather captures the excitement and energy of a puppy. His stance, with paws placed apart, looks like he’s full of beans and ready to pounce. In a way, this makes the Puppy the perfect Christmas charm – full of anticipation for the big day.

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

The back of the charm shows Pandora’s characteristic attention to detail, with his collar, haunches and little tail detailed in plain silver.

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

You’ll find the Puppy’s hallmarks on its belly. I was a little disappointed, as usually with Pandora’s animal charms you will get adorable paw-prints or claws detailed on their feet (for example, look at the Lucky Cat!) – unfortunately the undersides of the Puppy’s paws are smooth and un-detailed. :(

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

The only thing about it is the size – it’s really tiny, as you can see in this comparison shot with last year’s Christmas Bear charm. The Puppy is shorter and narrower (if you have the Disney Eeyore charm, it’s about the same size as that). This does give the charm a cute, petite feel – but I would expect the price point to drop correspondingly, which it hasn’t. :/

pandora christmas 2015 puppy


I have just received the 2014 pavé star bangle from the Rue La La sale, so I’ve gone for a couple of bangle stylings to showcase this charm!

This is a mini-design that I’m dubbing Under the Tree, as I always used to dream of getting a puppy for Christmas when I was little. ^^  The London Guard charm seems perfect for a Christmas design, as he perfectly represents the traditional toy soldier stocking-filler. I’ve also added the original silver Present charm, the pavé Tree of Lights and the beautiful Prancing Reindeer ornament pendant. Its iridescent red enamel is just beautiful!

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

Next up, we have another simple festive bangle design. The red Christmas charms aren’t that versatile, so a mini bangle design might be a good alternative to trying to fit them into your regular bracelet designs. The clear Twice as Nice spacer is one of my favourites, and it goes with just about anything you please to put it with.

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

To finish off my Puppy stylings, we have one last shot of my own Christmas bracelet (which has been featured rather heavily over the last month, I know!) – I’ve tucked the Puppy away next to the mint green Candy-Stripe murano. I really love the fun combination of the cheerful red enamel and the light pastel green muranos, so the Puppy is perfect for this bracelet.

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

And, finally, here it is in a ‘live’ shot, on my wrist! :)

pandora christmas 2015 bracelet

As a little bonus, I’ve also included an update shot of my entire Pandora collection (which isn’t for the faint-hearted! :P). You can click to enlarge it and see all the individual charms!

My collection has grown since June (when I last took a full collection photo!) – I’ve added my Christmas bracelet, which is to the right of the picture, and I’ve started a new two-tone bracelet (pictured at the top). I’ve had the two-tone bracelet sat empty since the March bracelet promo, but with the latest Rue La La sale, I finally found some pieces I wanted to go on it! There are also more rings, another necklace, and my brown leather bracelet.

pandora collection december 2015

I also revamped by travel bracelet by adding two Sea Glass muranos and some other fun pieces, while I have finished off my Pandora Rose bracelet as well. As you can probably tell, I love murano glass! ^^


This charm is probably my favourite of this year’s Pandora Christmas offerings, although I am biased by the fact that I am something of a dog lover in general! ^^ I appreciate that it may well be a bit too cutesy or cartoony for some tastes, but I love that it’s a full-bodied design – the dash of festive red makes it perfect for a brightly-coloured Christmas bracelet. My only real reservation is its miniature size – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, but the fact that the price point remains high is slightly grating.

The Christmas Puppy is $45 or £35. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Winter collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Did you buy this charm, or is it on your wish list?

75 Comments on Review: Christmas Puppy from Pandora Winter 2015

  1. This puppy is super cute Ellie! He looks adorable in your Pandora sleigh :-D I like all of your stylings too. Your Pandora collection looks great, my it’s grown (but then so has my Pandora and other charms collection :-P).

      • Haha, I haven’t counted my charms for well over a year (I’ve been collecting charms a year and 9 months). It all still fits in my 3 original boxes (they are just more full!), I have a little box with rods that I keep glass in (I have a lot of spillover now though, so the extra glass that won’t fit is grouped by color or set in small ziploc bags and in my box I keep empty bracelets in), a small heart shaped box with empty bracelets and extra glass in plastic bags, and then a bigger heart shaped box with all my silvers.

        • Ah, so you don’t keep your bracelets together? :) That makes it easier to create new ones! Sounds nice and organised. Mine are all arranged in my Stackers boxes!

      • Yeah, I don’t keep any bracelets together, because I like to be able to use the same charms on different designs. I might keep a design together a few weeks at most, sometimes it’s just 1 day or a few days. I take it apart when I need a charm off it or I’m bored with it :-P I often repeat the same ideas, but tweak just a few things, like different glass color or change the arrangement a little. I like to coordinate the glass color to my clothes.

  2. Wow, just WOW on your collection!

    I’m gonna have to spend some time zooming in and looking at all of your charms, there are quite a few which I’ve been considering so it’s great to see them in your photo.

    • On additional note, Perlen Odense keep adding to old retired charms to their website.

      I know their relationship with Pandora is a little bit complicated but I just don’t understand where they keep getting these old charms from. For example, I’ve just gone on there now and found the 8 Ball charm. It’s sold out but it wasn’t on their a couple of weeks ago, and there are plenty of others which keep coming back into stock.

      I know we can’t tell for certain, but with your knowledge and experience would you lean towards them being genuine or not?

      • I am not 100% on the Perlen question, to be honest. I know that they were an accredited retailer with Pandora, but lost their contract. Then they started getting in some of the new collections and more retired charms, but it seems a bit haphazard as to what they stock. So I am not sure on what their official status is with Pandora anymore.
        However, they are most certainly an accredited retailer with many other prominent brands including Trollbeads, Ohm, Redbalifrog, etc. They have a very good reputation and are clearly legitimate so I do not doubt that their Pandora charms are genuine, too. :)

    • Thanks! It is a bit, um, large, haha. Although there are much bigger collections out there! ^^

      I hope it’s useful! If there’s anything you’d like to see closer, let me know and I can take a zoomed-up picture for you.

  3. This charm is so lovely I love the little tail detail it’s so cute I really want some new Xmas charms I was going to get a few last Saturday but the que was rather long I might try this weekend. Is this your last Xmas review. I also love seeing your collections it’s amazing and I love all of your bracelets,what are your plans for your two tone bracelet.

    • Hi Ellie I have just looked at my collection picture what I took in June and it seems I have purchased a few more bracelets lol. It’s crazy looking back I didn’t realise how many pieces I have lol. I will take a picture of my collection and show you.

    • It is really cute – I love the little tail and the ears! ^^ The only thing missing for me was more detailing on the paws.
      Oh gosh, I know, the queues are horrendous at Pandora right now! They’re always queuing out of the door on weekends :o The day before Valentine’s Day is always funny – lots of desperate last-minute present shopping going on. ;) I hope you have better luck this weekend though! :)
      Thanks Nicola! I think with the two-tone bracelet I want to do a really classic Pandora bracelet with all the classic two-tone charms, like the Love Bouquet and the Teapot etc. :) I’m not sure whether I want to add muranos or any colour yet!

  4. Ok ok so that last photo was to make your readers incredibly jealous I see?? Hehe j/k j/k. Simply amazing collection you have. It was amazing going to through all your bracelets and seeing all the amazing creations you have designed. I must admit I really love your pink bracelet ( the one with the pink butterfly murano) but of course they are all lovly. The Christmas puppy is adorable aside from having a cute face I love the way that he is posed ;) perfect mix of colors and festivity for Xmas bracelet as well ;);)

    • Nooo of course not! I know you’re joking, but just to make sure ;) Thanks Alex, that pink oxidised bracelet is one of my favourites! The Butterfly Kisses muranos are so pretty. The pose of the puppy is one of my favourite things about it, so cute and ready to pounce haha. :D

  5. When i walked into the Pandora store, the puppy was the first thing that caught my eye, its super cute! I love it but not sure if i will get it because i prefer to wear timeless pieces and not festive ones.

    I love your Pandora collection, so envious! Were you given most of your charms and bracelet or did you purchase them? Much have cost a fortune! Now all you need is an all gold bracelet and charms :)

      • I’ll confess – I am awful when it comes to cleaning these days. ;) I mostly just run a polishing cloth over them all every now and again. It’s too much hassle to take them all apart, haha.

    • It is really cute, but I do understand your reservations. I didn’t use to buy any of the brighter festive pieces, but now that I’ve done the dedicated Christmas bracelet I have a use for them. :)

      Well, it’s four years’ worth of dedicated collecting ;). A lot were gifts, a lot were bought – I am also lucky enough to get some charms/bracelets through what I do here on the blog. And yes, my OH keeps trying to persuade me to slow down and consider some gold pieces instead… one of my SAs some time ago also significantly folded over the page on gold charms in the booklet she gave me as well, lol! I can’t see it happening just yet though.

      • I think when i complete my first silver bracelet, i will move onto a gold bracelet. My OH only got my the buddha charm for xmas and won’t get me anymore because he thinks that charm bracelets are very childish ! :). I will upgrade to gold, then he will regret not getting me silver charms when i start pestering him for gold charms :)

        • Aha, sorry to hear that your OH is not a Pandora fan – at least he did get you the buddha though! ^^ I like your plan to start buying gold. That will definitely make him keener on getting you the silver beads! My OH started me on Pandora and had been buying charms for his mother for a few years before that, so he is up on his charms, haha.

      • Also, on a side note do you own beads from other brands like Trollbeads, elf, chamilia, etc, If so, can you do a post on how they look like against/or combined with Pandora? I’ve never seen beads from the other brands before (except Thomas Sabo) – thanks!

        • I only have two Chamilia beads, and they are quite recent purchases! They’re both Christmassy. The Rudolph was featured in my red-nosed reindeer review. If I add some more beads from other brands, I will definitely do a dedicated post to compare them all – and I will be featuring my other Chamilia bead in an upcoming review next week. I will mention some points of comparison in that! :)

  6. Your collection has grown so much! You have some great picks in there. ^^ The Christmas puppy isn’t really for me, but it is sweet. :) By any chance, does the enamel change color?

    • Thank you Cindy! ^^ I have only noticed enamel discolouration on the white enamel charms. Mine have yellowed slightly, although it’s only really noticeable when you put them next to a brand new white enamel charm. The coloured enamel looks great still!

  7. Love your stylings to go with this charm.
    Wow can’t believe the size of your collection. You’ve got some lovely pieces. Thanks for sharing with us all.
    What other reviews have you got planned?
    On another subject, have we heard anymore about whether the UK are getting the heart jewellery box with the valentines collection? Also I know it’s a while away, but I’m interested to see what there bringing out, have we got any live shots, pictures or news on the spring and Disney collection?

    • Thanks Sarah! :) I feel pride and guilt in equal measures when it comes to my collection, haha. For Christmas, I have just one more review planned – the Prancing Reindeer, which will probably come out next week. I also want to review the Black Friday charm, but that depends entirely on the Christmas post. It was posted from Canada on the 4th of Dec, but I’m hearing that a lot of mail from Canada to the UK has been quite delayed – so we shall see whether it arrives in time for a timely review! :)

      I have heard a little more news on the Spring collections, yes… more enamel primroses, pavé floral pieces with some lilac stones, and a new portrait-head style rabbit. Four new Essence charms – two in clear cubic zirconia patterns, and two very much like the Winter 2015 Geometric Facets. Hopefully some more live shots will come out soon!

  8. Hi Ellie!
    I totally agree with you that when it comes to animals, Pandora wins our approval with full bodied designs! He’s just adorable, even when sitting on the porcelain sleigh! Above all, I loved your design with the Guard and the Reindeer dangle! I think you’ve literally pictured a child’s Christmas dream that has come true! The more I see your Christmas bracelet, the more I adore it! It looks great on your wrist! Perhaps I should try a little touch of green on mine next year! ;-)
    Oh, that poor puppy had no luck tonight in gaining our full attention, though! After the picture of your collection I think we were all left speechless! And what an expansion in few months! I’ve spotted treasures in there, but I need more time to study carefully! :-) You didn’t manage to resist to the two-tone Christmas tree either, right? The clips are also new? Oh, your collection is just great! And definitely the answer to all those thinking I’m seriously addicted to Pandora, with only 2 full bracelets and 3 “under construction” (in about 20 months or so)! Ok, we might have an issue here, but it’s not drug, smoke or alcohol, so we can legally and healthily keep going!!! ;-)
    Thank you so much for the lovely post and for sharing your treasure with us, Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa, thanks for your insightful comments as always! The child’s Christmas excitement was what I wanted to go for with that first bangle design :) the Candy Cane would be great with that idea as well! And I’m so pleased that you like the Christmas bracelet. It is very pretty and fun and colourful in person! The Fascinating Olive bead from Autumn is another bead that looks great with some Christmas reds. :)
      Aha, I did worry about that when I added the collection picture in. I really like the Puppy and didn’t want to distract from him – but I guess it’s a little inevitable. Those two-tone pieces you mention are my latest pieces from the US Rue La La sale, so I got them for a very good price! ^^ Haha, Chrysa, that’s very true – whenever you worry that you’re bead-addicted, just come and look through one of my posts instead. :P
      Thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! Always a pleasure! <3

    • Thanks for the heads-up Michele, I saw that on the Angels page last night :) I won’t be taking part as the official UK sales will start at the same time, but it’s nice that people in North America have something fun as well!

      • I also saw on Angels that the U.S. free bracelet promos appear to be back next year in March and September and that there will be an earring promotion for the first time! Also, there will be the typical leather bracelet and ring events.

        • I saw that too! I’ll have to update the Promos post when I get around to it. I’m so pleased that they are sticking with the bracelet promos, but it’s surprising considering all the interviews Pandora gave about changing it up for next year for the US & Canada!

  9. Murano glass is one of the reason I like to play with Pandora charm bracelet. I have Links of London, Tous, Birks, real diamond and real gold Chinese style bracelet.

  10. If Pandora come up good design murano glass like Holly, Pink Heart, Frozen …etc one beautiful one for new release which is still o.k. Not like other brand with ton of new release to hurt my wallet.

    • That’s true. The muranos they are coming out with are beautiful, even if they aren’t as many. The thing I miss though are the whole kits or sets – like the Fizzle muranos or the faceted beads.

      • I feel like the trollbeads ones are really nice. It doesn’t make sense to me that Pandora learned how to make their muranos from trollbeads yet most of their muranos are more expensive. I don’t really think that the Pandora ones are special apart from the flower one from this spring with czs in it. That one was pretty. :)

        • Trollbeads’ glass work is phenomenal. Pandora’s is nice, but on the whole not as skilled or creative I guess. But I still like Pandora glass and find plenty of their murano beads very beautiful! Murano beads are my favourites, and every one I own is Pandora.
          On the flip side, I think Trollbeads silvers are often quite expensive compared to Pandora.

      • I feel like trollbeads stuff is more my style. While their golds and silvers seem to be more expensive, I think that they are worth it. I like that they are more detailed, and have more oxidizing as I like a darker finish. :) Nature is a big part of my life, and I like that troll beads makes a lot of nature themed beads, and not just hearts or bling. I actually like real objects.

        • Trollbeads is more your style than Pandora overall? :) Do you have a lot of their beads, then? I like real object charms as well. Trollbeads do a lot of nice beads. I expect I’ll get one of their bracelets some day.

  11. Oh my!!!!! I didn’t know you had so many bracelets!!! Love your collection! It’s way too much fun collecting these things isn’t it ;)

  12. Gorgeous collection, Ellie! Thanks for sharing. Bead collecting certainly is addictive for some of us! I’m glad the bracelet promos are returning, as I “need” more bracelets for some of my recent bead purchases. Regarding the puppy, I think it’s nice to have a cute charm every now and then, as many beads are pretty or decorative, not cute.

    • Thanks Judy! <3 It's certainly addictive for me, that's for sure. But I have never been one to do things by halves! ;) I'm pleased that the bracelet promo is sticking around as well. I'll definitely be after a new bracelet in March!
      I quite like the 'cuter' beads, and I have quite a few along with my prettier decorative pieces. The character beads, such as the animals or objects, are probably the ones I get most excited for!

  13. Holy smoker-ollies, Ellie, your collection has grown! :-) You’ve got some great pieces there, though. As usual, I see we have similar taste in charms. Thanks for showing your whole collection. It’s nice to see how you have them styled, too. What do you find yourself wearing most often? I find that I’m particularly drawn to blue, and your dark blue-styled bracelet looks similar to what I have in mind for my next bracelet. The blue Fascinating Iridescence would look nice with Layers of Lace clips and blue Eternity spacers, I think.

    The puppy is adorable. I like his little hat, and his sweet smile. Some of the Pandora animal faces I’ve seen are rather creepy, but they seem to be improving on this of late.

    So, we have a promo coming up in North America? AWESOME. Any idea if they’re allowing for pre-purchasing? I haven’t seen it advertised here yet.

    • I know! I didn’t really realise how much it had grown until I posted it all here and started to write the commentary. ;)
      We do have similar taste! What I wear most kind of depends on the time of year. This month I have obviously been wearing the Christmas bracelet a lot. Usually in winter I like to wear the midnight blue bracelet that you pointed out, and the purple oxidised bracelet as well. In general, the Rose bracelet, my pink oxidised design and my pink and white bracelet probably get the most wear. But they are all worn regularly! The Blue Fascinating Iridescence would look great as you describe. I really like Pandora’s campaign styling that puts it with the navy blue leather as well! I’m tempted by that…
      I’m glad you like the Puppy too! For me, he’s just adorable. I love the pose they’ve put him in. Which animals do you find creepy?
      I don’t know about pre-sales, unfortunately! Normally they do allow them, but I haven’t heard much about this one. I don’t know whether they want to keep this promo under wraps until it actually launches.

      • I’d say the creepiest of the creepy animal charms, in my book, would have to be the penguin. It looks a little like the kid from the Omen movies. Right before something BAD happens. ;-). The dolphin, kitty, and puppy did not have particularly appealing faces to me either. There may be others, but those are the ones coming immediately to mind. The most recent ones look very sweet, though. Definitely an improvement. I’m looking forward to seeing the new bunny charm that you mentioned for spring. I have the Easter Bunny that I bought myself last year, and he’s a favorite.

        I recently got a navy blue leather. If you wear a lot of blue like I do, I bet you’d love it. I just have a few silver charms on it right now, but it’s getting a lot of wear these days. Partly why a second blue bracelet might be in order. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself!

        • Ahaha, that’s a very good description – do you mean the original plain silver penguin?
          Aw, I hear that the Easter Bunny will be going in the sales we have in Europe and the UK after Christmas – so I’m hoping to grab him at a good price! I don’t have any Easter charms so far. And it’s funny that you mention the navy leather, as I have just been eyeing that one up! I love blue, and don’t have enough of it in my collection. I was thinking about adding the new Iridescent murano to it. I think you could probably get away with a second blue bracelet. :P Especially if you wear a lot of blue – it would be a sensible purchase, surely… ;)

  14. Pandora murano glass is less than Trollbead Unique, Diamond bead ( cz Inside ) or People Bead U.S. $56, only the mass production bead is U.S. $31. I love Trollbead semi precious bead U.S. $69 but just enjoy to see it on their site. Candian dollar is only worth 70% U.S. now. I am very satisfied with many Pandora promotion and outlet shop in Canada, 30 to 40% off with beautiful gift box and GWP. Pandora has more 20 shops here but Trollbead has only one small kiosk inside a small gift 1 hour away.

  15. My daughter let slip that she is buying me a Pandora Christmas charm for Christmas. I have my fingers crossed for the Christmas puppy. She loves dogs so I think I have a good chance. But of course, I will love whatever she buys me.

    I think I must have been following your wonderful blog for a while because I recognise most of your bracelets from all your reviews. You have a lovely collection Thanks for sharing it because it makes me feel alot less guilty about my small collection.

    I have decided that next year I will concentrate on building up my charms as I’ve got a bit bored of my first charm bracelet (which took me several years to complete) and instead of buying another bracelet, I will replace 50% of the existing ones with some new ones.

    Have a lovely Christmas Ellie with your OH, family and your puppy. Thanks for all the work you put your fab blog. Looking forward to more wonderful reviews in 2016!

    • Ooh how exciting! As you say, all the Christmas charms are pretty adorable so I am sure you will end up with something fab regardless. But it would be nice if you got the Puppy, he is so very sweet. ^^
      Haha, thank you Lozzie! I think I have featured almost all of them in one review or another. ;) It’s nice that you have got to know them! I’m glad that it makes you feel less guilty, haha – I just need to someone to post a picture of a collection bigger than mine to get me off the hook, too. ;) That sounds like a good plan with buying the charms! You could always pop some of the charms you’re taking off on a leather or a bangle, and that might renew your interest in those a bit too, perhaps?
      Thank you, have a lovely Christmas with your daughter and the rest of your family too! <3 You can be sure that there will be lots more Pandora goodness in 2016 haha. Thanks for reading and commenting, it's appreciated!

      • Just woke up to a Pandora gift bag on my bedside table and Christmas puppy inside. Yay! What a nice way to start Christmas Day.

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