Christmas is drawing to a close and I hope you have all had/are having a lovely day! I’m finishing off this post feeling very cosy, having had my fill of a delicious Christmas lunch and games with the family. Today’s post, however, covers all the upcoming sales and promotions that are running after Christmas Day – so if you’re feeling sad that Christmas is over, these offer something to look forward to! ^^

pandora boxing day sales

Pandora’s Official Boxing Day Sales – UK, Australia, Asia, Europe

Pandora will be hosting their official sales from tomorrow (the 26th), and they usually run for a couple of weeks into January. These official sales offer discounts of up to 50%, but the exact items being included vary from country to country. All authorised retailers take part in the sales, and the discounts are usually available in store or online. If you are in the UK, then you can shop the Pandora sale from official retailer John Greed Jewellery. ^^

The only region that won’t be participating at all in the official sales is North America (but you guys have your own promotion to make up for that – see below!).

Pandora Free Charm Event for North America

Pandora in the US and Canada do not offer sales, but they will be running a free charm promo instead this year! This deal will only be available from the 26th – 28th December, and it’s in-store only:

  • Spend $125 USD ($150 CAD) in a single transaction and receive a free charm, which must be chosen from a pre-selected list of 180 items (availability depends on what your store has in stock).


The free charms on offer seem to vary quite a bit in value, so it might be worth spending a little time considering how to get the best deal from this offer!

It’s worth bearing in mind that Rue La La‘s Pandora sale is still going, and will finish on the 27th of December. It’s a members-only site, but you can sign up using my invite code.

pandora rue la la black friday sale

International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards with a US-based shipping address.

Pandora Russia Porcelain Offer

This isn’t really a special Boxing Day sale or offer but, as it’s quite a fun promo, I thought I would include it! Russian Pandora retailers are offering a rather special porcelain mug and saucer offer until the 31st of December. Spend 20,000 rubles and receive this Imperial Porcelain set for free!

pandora russia mug promo

Republic of Jewels Sale

For some of the best discounts going, make sure you stop by the Republic of Jewels sale at 9am GMT tomorrow. They’re an Irish retailer, but they ship internationally and offer up to 70% off their Pandora sale items!

republic of jewels pandora sale 2015

Their Irish site can be found at, while the UK site is  A word of warning, however – they often experience very high numbers of orders, and it can take them a couple of weeks to process them and get them out. For me, the discounts are worth it – but for you they might not be!

My Comment

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what’s in the sales – I have a few items in mind that I would like to make an appearance, so fingers crossed! If I’ve missed any offers or sales running in your region, please feel free to drop me a comment.

I hope you all have had a wonderful day, and that you got some Pandora, if you were hoping for some. ;) I received two lovely pieces of Pandora, both from my OH – the new Delicate Sentiments pearl ring, and a very classic retired charm! The Princess & the Pea has been at the top of my HTF charm wish list almost as long as I’ve been collecting, so I am so thrilled to finally have this lovely piece. :D

pandora free charm promo

Are you planning on doing any sale/promo shopping? Did you get any Pandora goodies today?

97 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Boxing Day 2015 Sales Round-Up

  1. Pandora Australia estore has the cheapest stuff! Got a gold angel from a good friend for just 250 aud :) thanks so much Ellie! I’ll be quaint patiently for ROJ

    • Yes, the Australian sale looks rather fab! Some of the prices there are phenomenal, especially when you take into account the currency conversion rates at the moment. ROJ is the sale I’m most excited for! I got the two-tone braided heart clips last year, which was amazing!

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Sorry for addressing you wrongly at the beginning, may I know what are the charms that are of half price in New Zealand? I can’t get any results by searching online!

  3. Australia – Boxing Day sale. Went at 10am to our local concept store – virtually all the sale charms that were advertised online were sold out already. Went to another jeweller in our complex and they had a range of charms still available including some that werent even listed on the Pandora sale list. Got myself a murano, several pave charms, several dangles and a travel charm. Very happy with my haul.

    • Ah, glad to hear that you had more success the second time! I have to say, comparing the Australian offering with the UK sales – it seems like you guys had a much better selection. There was hardly anything in our sales worth looking at. :( My OH was going to stop by Pandora for me today to see if the in-store deals were any better, but he said the queues were so horrendous he would have been there far too long unfortunately.

      • Yes, I was surprised by the number of charms on sale. Our last sale mid-year had a very limited selection so I think they made up for it by retiring alot this time round. Not sure if these ones have already retired elsewhere but surprised to see: Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, red enamel scooter, mystic floral, dove dangle, laurel leaves dangle, pave ladybird. There were alot of charms on offer – I really had to be sensible and not buy a full bracelet of charms although I was very tempted.

        • Ah, well perhaps our UK summer sale will be fantastic to make up for this one, then. ^^ It’s nice you guys got some good deals though – I can understand you being tempted to buy the full bracelet :P. If I’d had known that ours was going to be so poor, I’d have tried to get help with the Australian one – I wanted the Forest Trinity rather badly! My brother has friends in Australia and is over there quite a lot so it wouldn’t have been too difficult.

  4. Ok, a little bit sad I know but it’s my first Pandora sale & I’ve been waiting a few months so I stayed up…

    Quite disappointing really! Only ordered 3 from the e-store, and I’ve been checking round the other authorised retailers and there isn’t anything better. Maybe it’s too soon (I was a bit eager!) so I’ll check back again another time.

    I had a whole list of charms I was interested in, only the Chinese lantern has come up. Fingers crossed for tomorrow (well later on today I suppose!)

    • Please tell me the sales are going to get better?! I’ve just been to ROJ and they have just FOUR Moments charms on sale!

      • I was also so disappointed with the UK online sales! The last couple of sales have been so much better. I was up really early to get onto ROJ and there was nothing at all I was interested in. I had a long list of recently retired that I thought might come up but nothing did! I think this will be the first sale that I haven’t bought anything in, but at least I will have extra to spend after the sales. I still have about 5 I’d like from the Autumn collection! Ellie, do you know why the sale has been so sparse this year?

        • Completely agree, Debbie! The UK sale was surprisingly poor. I also had a few things in mind that I thought would crop up, but none of them did (although they did in other regions – the Forest Trinity pendant for example!).
          I don’t know why Pandora UK opted for such a bad selection this year tbh. :( They have retired a lot recently, so perhaps they are just holding off a bit for now? :/

      • I felt exactly the same this morning KJ! I was psyched up and logged on to ROJ all excited – but it could not have been more disappointing. They usually at least have some of the same selection as the UK sales…

    • Very disappointing indeed! I was so tired last night that I fell asleep before midnight but from the sound of it, I didn’t miss much. I am very surprised that Pandora UK have offered so little in this year’s Christmas sales. There’s usually quite a lot to choose from. :( I got myself the cow and the Easter Bunny for a classic silver design I’m working on, but there was nothing especially exciting.

  5. Wow Ellie! Your Princess and the Pea charm is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful Christmas gift from your OH. I would love to get that charm at some point. My wish list never ends. Lol! I was very excited to receive some Pandora earrings this year. My hubby gifted me the Snowflake earrings and the Cool Breeze earrings. I was especially thrilled to finally get the Cool Breeze earrings since I already have the matching charm. I love the fact they actually have real gemstones! (LOVE blue topaz)! Since Pandora seems to be retiring many of the gemstones and replacing them with cz, I was happy to acquire a pair before retirement!

    • Thank you so much Carol! It is a lovely charm, and such a nice original concept from Pandora as well. ^^ I hope you find one some day too!
      Oh how lovely! I don’t have any Pandora earrings yet, but I love earrings in general (I got some very pretty bumblebee earrings for Christmas, even if they weren’t Pandora!). The blue topaz earrings are lovely; the colour is so rich in person. I’m sure they look beautiful – and yes, you’re right, you won’t see too many more actual gemstones going forward. Thanks for commenting! <3

  6. Merry Christmas Ellie! Your OH did a great job on your gifts, they are both gorgeous!

    I will probably see what the stores have for free charms and see if I want to get anything, but I’ve bought so many charms lately so I don’t know if I will get any this time, maybe I will wait for the new collections :-D

    • Thank you Natalie! He’s a keeper! ^^
      Did you decide to get your free charm? I have to say that I am too shopped out to be spending $125 USD again! I got a couple of silver charms in the UK sale, and am saving my Pandora pennies for the Valentine’s collection and the CNY charm.

  7. I’ve had a look at all the sales online, but don’t see anything I want to get. I’ll save my money for the new collections coming out next year.
    You got some lovely Pandora pieces for Christmas there. Your ring collection, is slowly growing.

    • No, it was a very disappointing selection. I guess they just aren’t retiring that much this season. I did get the cow and the Easter Bunny, but that was it.
      Thanks, Sarah! :D I am indeed building up my ring collection, haha. I just love the pearl in this one.

  8. Hi Ellie!
    usaully this post comes together with the list of the ready to be retired charms….any news??
    Hope you had an amazing Christmas!!

    • Hi Sara!
      I have not had a definitive list of retiring charms yet unfortunately. I have been told that such-and-such a bead is retiring in one country or another, but no overall list. I think the cubic zirconia letters & numbers pendants are retiring in Europe, as are a lot of the silver animals.
      My Xpressions posted a list a little while back of retiring charms for North America, but she mentioned that it may be subject to change.

  9. Hi Ellie!
    How exciting, you already have sales- here we have to wait till mid January! Did you get anything?
    Your OH has an excellent taste-his choice in girlfriend confirms it as well! :-) Really nice ring, and this charm is so elegant! Your new two tone bracelet has already some lovely pieces, how nice!
    Enjoy your new treasures Ellie! And thank you for keeping the Pandora community always well informed! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Oh dear, I thought they started everywhere tomorrow! What a shame. Perhaps you’ll have a better selection than us, however, and it might be worth waiting for. ^^ Our UK sales have been rather disappointing, but I did get two silver animals (the cute cow and the easter bunny!). I want, at some point, to put together a silver bracelet made entirely of classic silvers. So I’m picking up my favourites as they retire and are available cheaply. ;)
      Aha what a sweet thing to say! Thank you. :P I’ll let him know about his excellent taste, I’m sure he’ll be pleased to know that, haha. My two-tone bracelet is off to a very good start! I’m hoping that, like the classic silvers, I will be able to keep getting the classic two-tones cheaply as they retire. I wanted the King Crown today in the sale, but it sold out very quickly unfortunately!
      Thank you Chrysa! Enjoy your new pieces as well, especially that wonderfully significant Radiant Hearts charm of yours. ^^ ♥♥♥

      • Oh, lovely pieces, Ellie! Are you making an animal theme bracelet then? Will you add any muranos on it? I’ll let you know when the greek Pandora sales will start. Their usual reduction is 30%-40% and few pieces with 50%. If there’s anything you are interested in, I would be pleased to help you get it! Bear in mind that I’ve spotted a jewellery shop in Athens, which was the very first one to bring Pandora in Greece, and has many retired rare pieces. (I got the silver clock you proposed for my Cinderella theme, and also the silver christmas stocking and the Red poppies murano). Compared to what you pay in UK, I think that, even in their initial euro-price, the charms will be cheaper. I’ll ask about the King Crown, both availability and price, next time I’ll visit it!
        :-) Oh, yes, the Radiant Hearts is now my favourite Pandora charm! Not sure, how to style it yet! I’ve studied your review on it, and I’m thinking of combining your styling ideas in one: three silver charms and the matching murano and the Rad. Hearts between them, but in a bangle, sth truly elegant to represent my upcoming princess! :-) What do you think? For the time being I wear it as a necklace and it’s really nice that people praise me about it and I tell everyone the wonderful news! ♥♥♥

        • It’s not strictly animal-themed, but it’s going to be plain silver & murano glass – all the older style silver beads. :) I like a lot of the older animals so I think it will end up with quite a few of them, haha. I’m planning on getting a few of the classic muranos I like while they’re still around as well!
          That is so kind of you to offer, Chrysa, yes please! The euro prices work out rather well in GBP, even at full retail! :) I’d really appreciate you asking about the King Crown, as I was disappointed to miss out on it. Thank you very much! :D
          That sounds like a truly lovely way to wear your RH! Do you already have the Fascinating Blush? Try and find a nice berry pink one if you haven’t, as some go better with the blush radiant hearts than others :D How lovely to show it off on a necklace in the meantime though – what a great way to share the news!

  10. Hi Ellie what lovely pandora piece you got. I went to the sales today and was very disappointed online there are a few piece I like but not as much as there usually is. Is there anything out the sales you like.

    • Thanks, Nicola! :D It’s lucky they were so nice, as I found the sales very lacklustre as well. It seemed a bit stingy not to put the silver beads at 50% too ;) I bought the silver cow charm and the Easter bunny, which I wanted for a classic silver design I want to do. I’m sad to see the silver animals go, so I’m kind of collecting them as they go on sale and retire :) Did you get anything at all?

      • In store I got the oxidised flower clip. Then online I have ordered the cherry blossom pave bead and the five clip bracelet. I was expecting republic of jewels to have something at least because they normally have such good deals. I have just been on beadazzle and they have added some charms so I may be ordering again is there anything else you have see.

        • Oh good, those are still some nice pieces you’ve chosen! :D ROJ was shockingly bad this time around. I checked out Beadazzle but didn’t see anything extra to get. I will stick with my little cow and bunny charms haha and save my money for Valentine’s!

  11. Congrats on your lovely Xmas gifts! My OH did good too and I got the Cosmic Stars pendant (all on his own as I hadn’t been eyeing that one, but it is lovely).

    As for the sales, I’m very disappointed, it was going to be my first ROJ sales, I woke up at 7am to keep stalking the site, only to find only 3 charms. Extreme disappointment. Then I got to the nearest Pandora store to find it packed with gift exchanges and only a very poor selection of charms on sale: a dozen of very old murano designs, some birthday blooms, the wedding cake and the three wise men. Left empty handed. Well, time to start saving for the Spring release ;)

    • Thank you Lily! Congrats on yours, too, the Cosmic Stars pendant is beautiful – and how nice that he chose it without having to be nudged, haha.

      I was very disappointed, too! The ROJ Christmas sale is usually amazing, and this time around it could not have been more useless. I don’t really understand it, as they must have made so many sales from previous years. The regular sales were lacklustre as well, even if they weren’t quite so bad! I did get a couple of silver animals, but nothing too exciting. As you say – I can save my remaining Pandora pennies for whatever’s coming next year! ^^

  12. Love the 2 new pandora gifts u got. I like the princess pea charm a lot however I have a bit of ttouble makjng out what it is exactly, can u help out. I will be passing on the u.s. Free charm promo but am so excited for januray to buy some pieces when they release the vday collection!

    • Thanks Alex! :D So, the P&P is a canopy bed with a gold crown on top. Are you familiar with the Hans Christian Andersen story? In it, a princess lies on a bed with a lot of mattresses (I can’t remember how many) and there is a tiny pea hidden in one of them and she is so delicate and sensitive (being a princess) that she can’t sleep because she can feel it there. So, the lines are all the mattresses and the pea is the gold dot. :) It’s a Danish fairy story, and Pandora are a Danish company, so they made the charm to celebrate the 200th birthday of the author, Hans Christian Andersen.
      Sorry if you already knew a lot of that! I just think it’s such a fun little charm. ^^
      Yes, I’m looking forward to Valentine’s as well! And to seeing what else is coming out next year. ^^

  13. Went to my local Pandora store today and picked the
    Friendship Flower clip ($70 two-tone) as my freebie. I looked at the list ahead of time, I believe that was one of the more expensive ones available. Wanted to maximize my discount :) If I remember correctly this sale last year had a spend of $100 to get a free charm. It makes me wonder if the next free bracelet promo in March will have the $125 price point as well. The free bow bangle in November was also a $125 spend.

    • Ah, that is one of my favourite two-tone clips! Beautiful choice. I didn’t know it was called the Friendship Flower in the US – it’s called Solaris here in the UK, which I think is a fittingly pretty name. And in Australia it’s called Snowflake, so I guess no region can decide on what it actually is – flower, star or snowflake! ^^
      Yes, you are quite right – it was a $100 spend last year. It wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to put the spend up permanently. :/

    • It’s been retired for quite a long time – so your best bet would be the second-hand market on the Facebook selling pages. I wouldn’t go through eBay, as fakes are very common there. Try joining Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora Freedom for starters. They crop up from time to time there :)

  14. Morning Ellie ^^

    I was super excited to actually pay attention to the sales this year, as I had missed out on so much last year! I kept stalking the ROJ site too like one of your readers above, haha. I do remember that Pandora kept re-adding charms for sale last year – maybe they’ll be doing that again this year (lasting until the 17th of January and all…)? It just seems a little mean to hold back some of the better charms, and to keep checking back to see what they have…

    I had a look at some other online retailers, (Pandora and others) and I was also quite disappointed that I couldn’t see anything I really liked. I think maybe this is a sign to keep saving for the new collection =P.

    I’d actually forgotten about The Princess and the Pea story until this charm and your mini summary came up! Had you not actually explained the story, it would have looked like a radio box with a crown on top to me, with the gold dot as a tuning knob…lol =X sorry hahaha… But yes, it’s a very sweet charm once you know what it actually is! =D

    Speak to you soon ^^ xxx

    • Hello Suzy!

      I’m so glad that you have been able to take part in the sales this time around, even if they weren’t so good as previous ones. There’s always the next one, though! ;) I saw that Beadazzle added a few extra nice pieces, but haven’t noticed anyone else improving their selection so far. But yes – you’re quite right – at least we have more money for the Valentine’s collection! I’m really looking forward to the new pavé heart clasp bracelet. I have two Cinderella muranos waiting to be added to it!

      Nooo, don’t say that! I don’t want everyone to be asking about my ‘radio’ charm ahahaha. At least I know what it is, and that’s the most important thing – I think. ;) I do remember reading lots of HCA stories when I was little so it does have rather a sweet significance for me.

      Thanks for commenting Suzy! I hope you like your sales purchases! xxx

  15. I went into a concept but I don’t like their free charm then went downstairs into a small jewelry. I spend Can $150 get Twinkling Night clip, S clip and Chiness Doll. Free Heart Red cz ( Can $80 ) and a free 2015 X’mas oranment, what a surprise!

  16. We got to one of the Canada stores about 45 minutes early and were able to get in right as they opened, so we had a good pick of the possible free charms, but there was only about one tray’s worth of them, a third were muranos, and the others were a variety of silver and the occasional two tones. We purchased 4 bracelets and 3 charms, and got 3 free charms for some late christmas gifts and I was even able to have one free Pixie for myself, and I never realized just how pretty that charm is in person. Our other free charms were the black and white enamel flower charm and the dove of peace dangle with yellow CZ. I really think that the gifts are going to be a hit!

    • It’s a shame that they didn’t have that much on offer, but at least you got that bright and early to have the pick of them! Well done on being so organised and getting all your gifts together, aha. I never manage to time these things right, myself. ;) I’m sure they’ll go down a storm, you’ve picked some beautiful charms – I have the Dove of Peace myself! ^^

  17. Hi, Ellie! I visited the new concept store at Liberty Center near Cincinnati, OH Saturday morning. They had a good selection of free charms. I gave my five-year-old granddaughter her first Pandora bracelet for Christmas, and she is already asking me to add another charm for her birthday. I probably should have chosen one for her, but I got the Splish-Splash for myself. Bad Grandmother!!

    • Hi Angie! Aha, I think you’re probably allowed to treat yourself as well ;) The Splish Splash is such a cute charm. What a lucky granddaughter to have a Pandora bracelet already! That’ll be a piece of jewellery she can treasure when she’s older, too – very good Grandmother! ;)

  18. They’ve sold out of most of the sale charms online. Have my eye on one that was out of stock within a hour or two of the sale… Might see if a store has any left. Just wish more of the ones being discontinued were on sale in Australia. Thanks for the sales round up

      • After looking in a few Pandora stores, I managed to find an independent jeweller that sells Pandora… Ended up buying two discontinued charms! They had 15% off all charms, and they priced matched Pandora’s price on a sale charm. Felt too good to be true but they’re listed as a stockist on Pandora’s website. I think I’ll try visit more jewellers…great service and no queues!

        • Excellent news! ^^ A lot of my local jewellers have had their contracts cancelled with Pandora. It is a shame, as they are often the ones who will go the extra mile. The concept stores near us are always very busy!

        • Yes, this jeweller said they don’t get information about Pandora and what promotions are on offer. It is a shame contracts are being cancelled, they really go above and beyond to look after customers

        • Yeah, some really great shops (including online retailers) have gone since I started collecting. :( Pandora have said they want to be seen as more exclusive..

  19. I was in Maryland, so went to Jared’s. We don’t have them in NYC. I bought the prancing reindeer and the Jared’s heart shaped silver charm with pink pave ribbon, both of which I had seen on your blog, Ellie! I practically had to force them to give me a free charm ( the service was horrible), and got the pave fluttering butterflies, which retails for $65. Not bad. I figured I might as well get 2 Jared’s charms, which I normally wouldn’t come across in my shopping:)

    • Yay! I love both of those charms :D I’ve heard that the service at Jared’s isn’t so good – I guess Pandora isn’t as high ticket as some of the jewellery they sell. But at least you got to pick up the exclusives! Enjoy your new pieces. :D

  20. I went to my concept store this morning (I’m in the US) to use my Christmas gift cards and instead of choosing from a group of free charms the sales clerk said I could pick any charm up to $65 and if it was more I could pay the difference. It worked out very well since I was able to complete my 5 clip bracelet (bought from Rue La La) with all Cosmic Stars clips. It’s such a cute bracelet style, I wonder why the retired it.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog. This is my first stop for my Pandora news.

    • Even better! :D It’s nice that your store was willing to be flexible, although there was quite a good spread of charms on the list. I bet your bracelet looks beautiful with all those Stars clips – I don’t own a five clip bracelet, but it is a lovely style.
      That’s so lovely of you to say! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy it – thank you for reading and commenting :D

  21. I got an oxidized bracelet that will be used for Christmas charms, and the Follow the Stars charm for my spend, and the Sparkling Leaves charm for my freebie. I got the Sorcerer Mickey 75 th anniversary charm under the tree, so the star pave charm is to go with that one, and Sparkling Leaves is for my Midsummer Night’s Dream bracelet. The store was PACKED, and stock was dwindling at the Deer Park, Illinois location, but there were still some nice charms left. I thought about going to a jewelry store that carries Pandora Rather than an actual Pandora store, but wasn’t sure if they were participating. Thanks for the heads up, Ellie, I love a Pandora promotion!

    • What a great haul! I love the idea of using the oxidised bracelet for Christmas charms – it’s not something you see done very often, and yet it looks so effective and gives the cuter Christmas charms a bit of an edge. :D The Fantasia charm is on my wish list as well, at some point, haha – but it’s rather long at the moment, with the Valentine’s collection coming out, so it may not come home with me for a while yet.
      I haven’t ventured near a Pandora store since Christmas – the queues are coming out down the street whichever one you go to! Lots of gift exchanges and people eyeing up the sales. ^^ Glad you got your pieces though – thanks for commenting!

  22. Buongiorno Ellie ?
    Thanks for the new..sorry for the bad English that I’m probably going to use..
    I’m afraid that I’m not going to get any promotions here. It’s like the Italian Pandora hates give promotions o.O
    Anyway..I’ll be in Florence in January, I hope to find something there in the store ☺
    Speak you soon.. Giada ^.^

    • Hi Giada! Your English is very good, no need to apologise. ^^ We don’t get many promotions here in the UK either, but at least we do get the sales in the summer and winter :) Do you not have those? I hope you find something in Florence in any case.
      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • sales! I remember only once..was something like “if you buy 59€ or more of charms and bracelets, you can have a ring(you had to chose It on a list) 50% less..but only the ring -.-”
        Yep..I hope that so! Thanks for the answer ?

        • Eugh what a pity! I heard from another Italian Pandora collector recently who said much the same. I think all you collectors in Italy need to get emailing them :)

        • Yes..but everytime that we try to ask for promotions, they answer “please, stay connected to have news soon”..well..I’m here and still without promotions after more than 2 years -.-“

  23. I was so excited for the sales and hoping to find the two tone dragonfly charm in there as well and couldn’t believe how little was available. ROJ was really bare. I had a peek on their site on Friday evening and looked at an ‘outlet’ part which in the end was all they put up on their sale. A lot of the other authorised retailers aren’t even discounting that much on their small selection. Acotisdiamonds isn’t offering a half price sale but has various discounts on all Pandora including the latest collection.

    However I did get a few bits… From the Pandora estore I bought the two tone moss/bubbles charm which was on my wish list, the golden laurel dangle, earring barrels (not in the sale but I ‘needed’ them) and then a cinnamon ladybird murano for £5 so as to get free postage. I didn’t want the murano as I don’t like the ladybirds but i will give it to my niece if she likes it. I did consider buying some pearl dangly compose earrings for £19 but they weren’t really what I was after. I also thought about getting the vintage allure charm or the Japanese or Korean dolls but decided against it. They had a fantastic price on the bouquet ring (still up there) but not in my size.

    After searching through all the other retailers sales I bought 2 stardust muranos reduced to £19 each and the elephant charm from Swaguk. They have one of the best sales if you haven’t looked yet and still have the stardust muranos.

    I was going to buy 2 of the new sparkly blue muranos in the future but now I’ve got these 2 new stardusts coming I will have 4 so I might take them off my wishlist. I think the dark blue goes more with my clothes than the brighter blue would but I’ve not seen them in person.

    I really hope the summer sales will be amazing to make up for the Boxing Day sales. I’m traveling back to England for holiday this year too so I will take a trip to Bicester shopping village and see what bargains they have there. Someone told be everything is at least half price and they have retired items as well as last years stock.

    The good news is ‘my wishlist’ is shorter than ‘my jewellery’ list now! :)

    • Hi Hazel!

      I was also hoping for some really nice pieces this time around – including the two-tone Dragonflies for my newly-started two-tone bracelet. I also really wanted the Forest Trinity and felt sure it would come up. :( I got the Cow and the Easter Bunny for an upcoming bracelet design, but they weren’t even the full 50% off! ;) ROJ was particularly disappointing, I don’t know why they didn’t offer more. Hopefully the summer sale will be much better, as you say. And I have been taking part in the US Rue La La sales lately, which have bagged me some really nice classic beads. :)

      Well done on your eStore haul! You did much better than I did. I only logged on about 9am and most of the good stuff was already gone. I missed the King Crown by a matter of seconds, it sold out while it was in my basket :( The Moss bead is absolutely lovely, as is the Laurel Leaves.

      I did see the Aventurescent muranos on Swag UK, but I have mine already – I was surprised by how long they stuck around! I do want one of the new Iridescent muranos – I originally was going to hold off, as I had the Fascinating Aventurescent, but I keep seeing absolutely beautiful pictures of it and I’ve been convinced ;) I hope you receive nice Stardusts with plenty of glitter!

      My wish list is shorter than my jewellery list, but that’s not saying much – my jewellery list is incredibly over-long! ;)

    • Oh thank you so much! I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else at all. I will hang on and see if Chrysa can help me get it a little cheaper – if not, Perlen it is. Thanks again! :D

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