*A full preview of this collection is now available here* Today brings another little sneak peek at the upcoming Pandora Spring 2016 collection, with new campaign images of a selection of the new charms and jewellery! The collection focuses once again on floral motifs, taking its inspiration from daisies, primroses and elegant English embroidery.

Image by pietnadonna

The Pandora Spring 2016 collection has been confirmed to be due out on the 17th of March, which is a little later than previous collections. For more sneak peek images, see my first post about the collection here. All images are by Pandora, unless captioned otherwise! :)

Pandora Spring 2016 Sneak Peek II

First up, we have a sneak peek of the new Spring 2016 colour drop rings, inspired by dewdrops. I quite like the look of these pretty gem rings, especially with all the colours worn together as in the campaign image – although I expect they will be on the pricier side!

pandora spring 2016

In my previous preview, I mentioned some jewellery inspired by daisy motifs and English embroidery, and previewed a necklace in that style. Here, we have a look at the other pieces, with a new clip and matching pendant! The clip’s 3D shape is similar in style to the Petals of Love clip coming out for Valentine’s Day 2016.

Additionally, you can see a clearer shot of the gold pavé spacers that I also previewed previously. These are silicone-lined and, as you can see more clearly in this photo, hinged as well – they look like they can be clipped on!

pandora spring 2016 sneak peek

In addition to the clip and the pendant, there are also English lace earrings and a matching ring (pictured in the stack to the right). Nestled in the central stack is also a new Sparkling Primrose ring, which looks quite pretty!

pandora spring 2016

To finish off the floral pieces, we another shot of the smaller plain silver daisy pendant and of the larger daisy necklace.

pandora spring 2016 sneak peek

Finally, here’s a look at some of the new pavé geometric jewellery pieces for SS16. pandora spring 2016

You can see the gold ring pictured in this Spring 2016 campaign image, from a recent preview!

pandora spring 2016
Image by flyershots

My Comment

While I like the simple plain silver detailing of the daisy pieces, I still haven’t seen anything that I have to have yet – of course, it is early days! I am most intrigued by the hinged spacers, which will be incredibly useful for making bangle and leather bracelet designs (although I wouldn’t be able to afford the gold one, haha). I hope there will be designs available that aren’t pavé, too.

What do you think of what you’ve seen so far?

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  1. Ellie ^^ I adore the hinged spacer/silicone/clip! Although like you, I’d probably look for alternative versions of the design and not in gold haha =P.

    I liked their concept of lace, but the button style lace-daisy doesn’t really appeal to me (and they’ve done hearts on the sides again!!) lol. What I’ve really liked is the their new bracelet concept, clips, and maybe the Ribbon of Love. I think I’ll have to see it in person first. If only we could get a rose-gold clip =DDD (new hinged spacer style!) that would really make my day =))


    • Hi Suzy! I love the idea of having the silicone stoppers, particularly for bangles and leather bracelets. At the moment I don’t like to use the eBay silicone stoppers as I find them hard to get on the bracelets and it’s a bit of a pain to have to buy clips and then get the rubber inserts at the moment. :) These will be a nice alternative!
      I might be wrong, but I don’t think those are heart cut-outs on the sides of the daisy clip – I think it’s a continuation of the daisy pattern :) Also, I love your idea of having a Pandora Rose spacer/clip! That would be fab :D xxx

      • I thought Pandora do the little rubber inserts for free? Or do you mean the full circle “O” stoppers? I’ve heard those are a pain to get on and off bracelets, but the C-rubber inserts that Pandora do work pretty well. I know some UK stores charge for them (silly really, considering the price spent on charms…) but some nicer stores do offer them free with purchases in store – always worth asking =).

        Maybe it’s my eyesight and because Pandora tend to do hearts anyway, I just auto-guessed the cut outs were hearts! haha =P. The large pendant daisy lace is very pretty at a second glance, but it’s too delicate to go with anything I currently have.

        I have yet to invest in the new “coin-styled” pendants that TS and Nikki Lisoni have brought about =P, I really have to curb my spending for a while to recover from my previous splurges =X. Fingers crossed for a rose clip though! xxx

        • Here in the UK you have to pay £1 for a pair I think, which isn’t much but it’s a tad annoying. And the C stoppers do work very well. But I actually meant that I don’t want to have to add clips to every bangle or bracelet design so that I can use the stoppers :) the pavé spacers should be a little less intrusive!
          Aha so did I until I looked v. closely after your comment… but I think they are a continuation of the petal motif. I guess we’ll know when proper pics come out!
          Aha, I’ve spent too much as well. But I know that I’ll be getting something to tide me over once Valentine’s comes out anyway ;) I have my eye on the new bracelet! xxx

      • Aha, my bad, I get you now =P! *chuckles*. What they could do, is copy the essence line over to the moments line, and then we wouldn’t need clips at all, and everything would slip on, no clashing, scratching of smooth bangles and bracelets, and we can space them how we like! =D

        I have my eye on that bracelet as well, I can’t wait to see how it works, and how they’ll market it! =D xxx

        • Haha, maybe they’ll do that if the Essence line fails! It does seem like they are borrowing some of the best bits of it for Moments.
          Do you mean the pavé heart clasp bracelet? I’m looking forward to that one as well :D In fact I’m looking forward to all the new ones this year haha. xxx

  2. Thanks for another great update Ellie. I can’t wait to see the full collection and some live shots. I can tell I’ll be buying quite a few from this collection. Spring was my favourite collection from last year.

    From these pictures I like the look of the English lace pendant, I can’t quite tell with the ring to match or the pave geometric ring,I’ll need to see more pictures of them. I really like the look of the sparkling primrose ring. I do like some of the primrose pieces from your previous post. I’m interested to see the pieces that match the ring with flowers and purple stones on from your previous post, as I like this design.

    Hopefully we’ll see more of the collection soon. Not long to go till the valentines collection is released. Have we had any live shots from this collection yet?

    • I’m excited to see more as well, and I’m really pleased to hear that you like what you see so far. :D I like a lot of it (especially the coloured gem rings actually) but nothing has wowed me yet. It is a little hard to see some of the pieces in these campaign shots but they are the best I could find so far! ^^
      We’ve had a couple of Valentine’s live shots, but only of the murano glass bead so far really:
      I have found a couple more which I’ll be featuring in my January round-up, but they are still rather few on the ground. I expect retailers in the US & Canada will be getting their stock in soon and then we will see more then! :)
      Thanks for commenting Sarah!

  3. The hinged clips seem very much like the clips that Chamilia have. My reservation about getting a bangle so far is that the charms would swing around too much – these new clips look like a good, reliable solution to that issue. Damn it, I may now have to buy a bangle!!

    • Aha! Pandora have finally got you ;) The spacers will be especially good for the bangle, I think, as it’s such smooth silver and it’s prone to scratching and looking quite dull when you have a lot of threaded charms moving around with it. I’ll definitely be looking at trying them out for mine! :D

  4. Nothing for me yet, I have to see everything in person. I will wait until April 2016 promotion for my next purchase, my wallet need a break after Black Friday and After X’mas sales.

  5. Ellie,

    Thanks for the Spring Collection update. I echo Suzy’s sentiments for a rose gold version of the silicone hinged spacer. Of course I would love some non pave styles in the hinged spacer. Gold is lovely but cost prohibitive for me certainly at this point anyway. I might be tempted by the daisy lace charm (reminds me of a hand crochet doily) but because of its thickness I would most likely use it as a centre piece on my neclace or bracelets.

    Still haven’t bought any rings but I do like look of the geometric design.

    Thanks Ellie for giving me the chance to ponder spring, especially since we are to be hit with more snow, ugh!

    All the best in the New Year!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I will third that sentiment, as I love the Rose collection and would love to add some more beads to a bangle design, now that I’ve filled up my Pandora Rose snake chain bracelet. ^^ The daisy clip does look quite large, so I expect it would make a very nice centrepiece!
      Oh dear! Hope the snow doesn’t prove too bad. We have been having an unseasonably warm autumn/winter here in the UK so far, not even a hint of frost let alone snow. I’ve barely had to wear my winter coat – it’s kind of unsettling to be quite honest!
      Wishing you the very best for the New Year as well and thanks for commenting! <3

  6. I really like the daisy pendant (to wear as a bracelet dangle). I don’t like the clips at all, but I definitely like the pendant/dangle. An open work bead with this design would be pretty, but it would probably be too similar to the Picking Daisies bead. I’ll be interested to see if there are other beads with this theme.

    • Yes, I like the daisy pendant as well – especially as it is plain silver and should be reasonably priced! I am reserving judgement on the 3D flower clips until I see them in person. They look quite big in that campaign shot!

  7. love the collection of English lace, and the few drop rings. I’m very excited for spring as it turned out better than I thought. I’m excited for the new year as so many exciting releases are happening. I’m also excited because my Trollbeads order has arrived, so I get to see it when I get back home in about a week. ^^:) <3 ?????I'm so excited :)

    • Excellent, glad you’re enthused! I’m hoping there is still a lot more to be seen as well. Spring previews always seem the most exciting for me, as I think the pictures always come out in more of a trickle than with Autumn/Winter. ^^
      How exciting about your Trollbeads order! That will be a nice present to come home to. :D

      • I flew home today welcomed with lots of snow. :) My trollbeads package was amazingly beautiful <3 I really think that you should try getting the bracelet with no threads. You could mix different brands on it. :) I got a bow lock ^^ , a bracelet, and necklace, and two glass beads (lake eye and nougat flowers). Trollbeads glass are really beautiful.

        • Yay! :D It’s always nice to come back from holiday and find some Pandora waiting for you. ;) It makes up for it a little bit, aha.
          I’m glad you weren’t disappointed! I love the bow lock – when Trollbeads were doing their lock/bracelet promo, I was very tempted by that one. I looked up the two murano beads as well – they’re both very pretty too. I’m always quite entranced by their purple murano glass – I think that’s the colour I’d start with! Enjoy your new haul :)

  8. Hi Ellie! Thanks for yet another preview!

    I love the English lace motif! I may have to make my first Pandora ring purchase as a result :) It is so delicate and vintage, and such a great utilization of an all-silver design. On the other hand, I love the Sparkling Primrose ring! I love the white enamel one too, but after reading a review from you a while back that the enamel yellows over time, I was leery to make the purchase. I know last year they came out with the Sparkling Daisy so I’m so glad that the Primrose followed suit! Thanks for the updated info., and I can’t wait to see more :)

    • Hi Kristen! I like the English lace as well, especially as they are plain silver designs. :D Even better if it convinces you to start a Pandora ring collection – I started mine this year and have five now. They are beautiful! ^^
      Yes, it is a shame about the white enamel. It isn’t a terrible yellowing, just a gradual move to being a bit off-white – but I expect that would be worse & more noticeable in a ring. :( But the Sparkling Primrose would be a lovely alternative!
      Glad you enjoyed this second sneak peek. Hopefully proper pics will follow next month! :)

  9. Thanks for these sneak peaks Ellie! :-D I don’t really see anything here I instantly want, but am very interested to see photos of the other charms that will be coming out.

    • You’re very welcome Natalie! ^^ I’m excited to see more as well. I’m particularly intrigued by the Disney princess rumours circling around. I’d love to see what they come up with for Sleeping Beauty!

  10. Hi Ellie I really like the new do drop rings the colours are really pretty and look lovely stacked together, why do you think they will be expensive. I also like the new clip they look really elegant and pretty.

    • Hi Nicola! They are lovely, especially with all the colours together like that. Just going on previous rings, it seems like they will put the price up for gems as big as those – regardless of whether they are authentic or not. :)
      Glad to hear you like the clip too! I’d like to see a live shot of it, just to get more of a sense of how big it is person.

  11. Hi, Ellie! Thanks for the additional sneak peek. The spacer/clips may help nudge me into wearing bangles, but I am still hoping and waiting for a Wow!

    • Hi Angie! I know exactly what you mean about waiting for a wow. ^^ But it’s very early days and these are just some initial sneak peeks. I expect there’s a lot more to be seen, and in better quality!

  12. :-) I have no idea what’s up with Pandora – haven’t heard from them in a while.
    That’s why I’m so happy that you are showing us all these pretty things.
    I have to say that I really like those colorful rings on the first picture. But you know how it goes – you see something on a picture and say “yay” and once you see it in the store you think “nay”.
    Thank you very much and I hope you can enjoy the days between the Holidays? :-)

    • Oh yes, you’re normally one of the lucky ones who get to go to the collection showcase events aren’t you? :)
      I’m glad you enjoy seeing some of the new pieces here anyhow. It’s always nice to read your thoughts on them! Hopefully the pretty rings will be a ‘yay’ both on the screen and in store. ;)
      Thanks for commenting – I will certainly be enjoying some time off over the holidays and hope you will too! I had rather a hectic Christmas week. ^^

      • :-) I don’t know if Pandora have a new agency or planning on changing something. Normally I do get to see the new things, but there was nothing heard of them in fall and neither for Christmas. So I have no clue… well, you’ve got all the infos :-)
        Relax and enjoy the time off! :-)

        • Aw, that’s a real shame. I liked reading your posts on those preview days. :) I hope they get in touch with you again in the future!
          Thank you! You too! :)

  13. Happy ☆ New ☆ Year’s ☆ Eve ☆ Ellie!

    So hard to readjust to everyday’s rhythm after holidays! Your post was a lovely break especially due to the spring aroma you brought now that weather became wintry!

    I still haven’t found sth really special, which is kind of relieving after the beautiful Autumn/Winter/Christmas collection! I still have pieces of those collections on my wishlist: the White Facets, the Fascinating Blush murano, the lace clips for the new bracelet (the design matches perfectly the pave barrel clasp bracelet for some reason-the feathered clip I was thinking at first seemed “poor” on it in person), let away the Valentine’s collection!.. I’ll also be needing more pink this year, and it’s a colour that is totally missing of my collection! :-)

    I loved the new rings though! Wonderful colours! The ones on your first picture are also new?

    Thank you for all the new information and pictures Ellie! My very best wishes for today’s celebration! Have a great time! Talk to you next year! :-)

    • Happy new year, Chrysa! <3 I'll borrow some of your stars again – ☆☆☆ :P
      I haven't seen anything that's a must-have yet, either, but these are only little snippets! I'm sure there will be lots of lovely things we haven't seen yet. :D If pink is what you're after, I expect there will be plenty of that coming this year – starting with Valentines. It's funny as pink is the most prominent colour in my collection, haha. I need more blues and greens!
      Yes, all the pictures in this post are new! :) I really like the new gem rings as well.
      You're very welcome! :D Best wishes for the new year as well – I look forward to more Pandora chats in 2016! ^^
      <3 <3 <3

  14. Hello,
    Do you think the new smaller silicone clips (hinged?) in the upcoming range will also work on the traditional momento bracelet clip section?
    Thank you.

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