Happy new year everyone! :D Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up for January 2016, with all the details on what’s coming up for the month. Included are some updates for the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 collection (including new live shots), the Pandora Chinese New Year charm 2016 release and a variety of upcoming promotions!

pandora valentine's 2016 collection

In terms of blog news, I’m planning some changes soon to the website design and other features (new year, new look!) – so keep an eye out for updates on that. Thank you so much to all of you who read or comment – I look forward to chatting Pandora with you in 2016, too! ^^

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection Release

The most exciting event on the Pandora calendar for January has to be the global launch of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 collection on the 14th of January. It’s a typically Pandora affair, with lots of hearts & pink and pavé detailing – for a full preview, please see my post here!

pandora valentine's 2016 collection

I have found a couple more live shots, which cover the majority of the new charms coming out (there aren’t too many). Here, you can see the new Petals of Love clip and openwork charm, plus the new two-tone heart charm. The Petals of Love pieces look quite sizeable – I like the openwork charm more in this shot, and can imagine it looking pretty and contemporary on an oxidised bracelet chain.

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by beautyglace

You can see the new pavé heart clasp bracelet in this next shot, alongside the new Wild Hearts murano and the In My Heart pink enamel charm! The bracelet is definitely on my wish list, as is the murano. :D

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by donatella_sgroj

*UPDATED* We now have two beautiful pictures of the Wild Hearts murano, courtesy of Sue Lloyd. It is made from dichroic glass and should glitter rather nicely in person!

pandora valentine's 2016 murano

pandora valentine's 2016 murano

Pandora Chinese New Year 2016 Release

The other release to look forward to this month is the Pandora Chinese New Year 2016 charm! We don’t have a confirmed release date for this one, but I would expect it to be making its debut in mid-January, based on previous years. It’s the Year of the Monkey, but Pandora have opted for a more generic CNY design – this year’s charm is the adorable Lucky Pig (pictured on the bracelet below).

pandora chinese new year 2016

I absolutely love Pandora’s bracelet styling for this year’s Chinese New Year campaign, utilising the pink ruby Geometric Facets, red enamel beads and a dash of yellow gold. It’s quite an usual combination but it looks so pretty and rich!

Pandora January 2016 Promotions

You can expect a number of Valentine’s promotions to run across most regions, but we only have confirmation so far on those for North America and Australia:

In North America, there will be a number of special gift sets and LE boxes on offer, starting from the 14th of January.

pandora-valentine's-2016-collection-petals-of-love-ringThere will also be a Valentine’s jewellery box GWP for Australia – I would expect a corresponding one to be offered for the UK as well, but there are no details on that just yet!


More information on all Valentine’s promos can be found in my dedicated post here!

Pandora 2016 Promotions Page

The Promotions for 2016 page is now available for viewing – it’s already surprisingly full, as we have advance notice of the 2016 Pandora promotions schedule for North America!

Pandora Promotions

These dates were first reported by the Pandora’s Angels FB page and have since been confirmed by my own source:

  • Free Bracelet Event: March 31st – April 3rd. Free silver bracelet with purchase of $100 USD/$125 CAD or more. (Further details to be confirmed).
  • Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Sets: April 14th – May 8th.
  • Free Leather Bracelet GWPJune 9th – 19th.
  • Earring Event: July 7th – 17th. Details to be confirmed.
  • Free Bracelet Event: September, dates TBC.

So, we can all breathe and look forward to the fact that the free bracelet promo is back again as usual in March – if a little later than usual. ^^ I’m already planning my purchases, haha!

My Comment

I am looking forward to the launch of Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection, and would love to see more live photos of all the new pieces  – but the highlight of the upcoming month for me is undoubtedly the CNY Lucky Pig! Its fully-detailed design and cute little face have totally won me over. ^^ From the Valentine’s collection, the pavé heart clasp bracelet, Wild Hearts murano and the silver openwork Filled with Romance heart are my must-haves – but it will be interesting to see it all in person!

Also, another reminder that Pandora’s official sales continue in many regions until mid-January – I have not picked up too much in them this year, as I found the UK’s sales rather disappointing. I did get two silver animal beads that I’d been wanting for a little while, however – I’m collecting my favourites before they retire for good! ^^

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you going to be getting any of the Valentine’s Day pieces?

68 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for January 2016

  1. Happy New Year ! Thank You for another great update. I was wondering in the very first picture what is the color of the facets and the spacers. I am looking forward to the enamel heart and the murano. Even though in some pictures the enamel heart looks pink at times. Looking forward to more updates on upcoming collections.

    • Happy new year, Linda! In the first picture, I think those are the Winter 2015 Ruby Geometric Facets and the matching ruby eternity spacers. :) The In My Heart enamel heart charm does look very different depending on which picture you look at – but it is in fact the same enamel as the existing Family Bonds charm, so if you have a look at that one in live shots or in store, you can get a good idea of what the In My Heart actually looks like!
      Thanks for commenting Linda! :)

  2. I’m excited for the earring event as I love Pandora’s earrings. :) For some reason, none of the other promotions seem appealing. I feel like now I’m buying a lot of random jewelry :P . Also, are the other prices going to be listed? Two weeks until the release date. :(

    • Oh good, glad you’re pleased! Pandora charms & rings are my only vice so far, but the earrings are really beautiful too. ^^ I am always most excited for a bracelet/charm promo but it’s fun to see them change it up a little with an earring event!
      I don’t have the other prices yet, I’m afraid – sorry!

  3. Happy new year Ellie! Thanks for the updates, in the past I was debating getting the pink enamel v day heart, however after seeing live shots I decided I don’t have much need for it at the time. I very much look forward to piggy and the filled with romance heart. I can’t wait to see if there Any awesome fresh pieces being released from the disney collection. <3

    • Happy new year Alex! What’s changed with the In My Heart charm (the enamel heart)? Is the shade not quite right?
      I am looking forward to the piggy and the filled with romance as well! I can’t quite decide where the Filled with Romance will go yet though. ^^ Rumour has it that Aurora will be making an experience for Disney Spring 2016, although that’s unconfirmed so far. There’s also been mention of Rapunzel at some point too. :)

      • Hi, no it’s not the color that bothers me, although I’m atill uncles if it’s fuschia pink or purplish-pink, I think it’s more that I haven’t got a spot for it and much rather hold off for some funkier piece during the spring and disney releases. Also I am gettin the filled w romance heart so I think that’s enough in the heart department for me on a single release! ;)

        • It’s the same enamel as the family bonds chsrm – have a look at that one if you get a chance!. Although I’m sure the In My Heart will be in stores soon :) and I really love the Filled With Romance so I think that’s the one I’d pick too if it had to be one of them!

  4. Happy New Year! I like the enamel heart and Murano, as well as the CNY piggy, but will have to wait a while to get them. This might be a worthy goal for the bracelet event in March!

    • Happy New Year, Martha! The March promo would be perfect to pick up those pieces – I love the CNY piggy as well, but I don’t expect that I’ll be able to wait. ^^ I need a new silver bracelet for a classic Pandora design I’m planning, but I’m not sure which charms will be on my list. Need to see some more SS16 previews!

  5. Hi Ellie! I am so glad the bracelet promotion is back for both March and September.
    Regarding the Valentine collection, I still like the Wild Hearts murano and In My Heart enamel bead. In the live shot of the enamel bead, the bead doesn’t look as purplish as it does in the stock image. I prefer the color in the live shot. Thanks for the updates and I’m looking forward to seeing what changes you have in store this year for the website design!

    • Hi Judy! Me too – I need another silver bracelet, and will have to be patient and wait until March to get it. ;)
      No, it is hard to work out the exact shade of the In My Heart, isn’t it? When you’re next in store, have a look at the existing Family Bonds charm – as it’s the same enamel used in both charms! :) Thank you, it’s about time Mora Pandora got a bit of a facelift! It’s looked the same for an awfully long time, haha.

  6. I am hoping the September promotion is charms like 2015. I need more charms than bracelets. In fact I wish the March promotion was charms over bracelet.

    • Happy New Year Michele! :) Those are my two favourites as well, although I would very much like to see the murano in person – as it looks quite different in various live shots!

  7. The Valentine’s collection is all a bit too pink, hearts and sparkly for my liking. I was originally keen on the murano but I think I’m going off that now. I definitely prefer the older Pandora stuff, all this pavé is getting too much for me! To me a charm bracelet should be able to tell a story, like places you’ve been to or hobbies you have. I know this is a Valentine’s collection so the theme is love, but it just feels so generic for me. What we’ve seen of the Spring collection seems the same too.

    I’m hoping the jewellery box promotion does come to the UK, I’ve got some occasion specific designs I want to do & just need a few charms to finish them off so a promotion would make the spend a little bit sweeter!

    • Yes, you put it very well – I do feel like Pandora are too focused on making generic charms that will sell well across the board, rather than the interesting ones that they used to make. It seems like anything that isn’t an instant best seller gets retired, which is a shame as a lot of the more quirky/unique beads get the chop quite quickly.

      Me too on the jewellery box front! The white one for this year is really quite nice and I expect the pavé heart clasp bracelet will make up quite a bit of the spend. :D

  8. Hi Ellie, Happy New Year :) any news on the Abundance of Love white enamel charm? Suppose to be released here in Australia for Valentines!

    Love your reviews and bracelet ideas :) looking forward to what’s happening in 2016 with you :)

    • Hi Julie! Yes, I hear that the white Abundance of Love is still on track to be released in Australia & the UK for Valentine’s Day. :D

      Thank you so much! That’s really lovely to hear – I look forward to reading your comments too ^^

  9. Hi Ellie! I am so pleased to see the return of the free bracelet promos in the US! The free charms event sounded good in theory, but I think that it became problematic because of the price point issue. In September, I was expecting to be able to upgrade to a $75 charm which I had been coveting since last winter (Everlasting Grace). My favorite jeweler had previously allowed upgrades. Unfortunately, I was told that for the September promotion Pandora was NOT allowing upgrades. So, I chose another charm, but was quite disappointed. However, the following day I was at another jeweler and was informed that Pandora had decided to allow the upgrades after all! Needless to say, I promptly exchanged my charm for Everlasting Grace. With this recent charm promo, choices were quite limited. It seems to me that many customers are more interested in the free bracelet promos. I am also thrilled to see that the spend is $100 instead of $125 US! I definitely NEED two more bracelets this year. One for a dedicated summer/nautical bracelet and one for the dedicated Christmas bracelet that I have resisted for years, but ultimately decided that I must have for next Christmas! :D Happy New Year!

    • Hi Carol! Yes, I’m pleased about the bracelet promos too (although it’s disappointing for those who were very keen on the charm event instead). I need a new silver bracelet and will wait until March to get it ^^ I think you are right about the issues with flexibility when it comes to the charm promo versus the bracelet promo. And Pandora NA themselves noted that their profits took a downturn when they switched to the charm event instead of the bracelet promo – which is probably why they have returned to the usual format this year! I’m pleased to hear that you will also be starting a Christmas bracelet this year :D I had so much fun making mine this time around. My free bracelet will be for a bracelet filled with classic Pandora silver charms, mainly the retiring animals I think. I want to get them before they’re gone!
      Happy new year to you too! :D

  10. Happy New Year, Ellie! Here’s wishing u a Fabulous 2016! Can’t wait for the petals of love clip to be released. By chance, do u have any idea when the free bracelet promo will be for SG?

    • Happy new year, Charmaine! :D I’m afraid I don’t know about any SG promotions for 2016 yet, sorry. I will keep an eye out for any information and update the promotions page when I hear.

  11. Happy New Year Ellie. I’m very happy to find some of the retired charm in Australia, but still available in Singapore and also on sale. Although they are more expensive, I still got them as it might be my last chance to get hold of them. They are the mouse in teacup, bell with a pearl dangle and the golden bird in cage. They are all lovely pieces I’ve missed but fortunate to find them here. I also manage to get two Disney park exclusive, fantasia charm and the soccerer hat dangle at Hong Kong Disneyland. My wallet is crying dry. Will probably give the valentine collection a miss except the pave heart bracelet. It’s too pretty to let go.

    • Happy new year! That’s a fantastic haul – they are all beautiful pieces, and I have and love all three myself, as it happens. As for me, I missed a couple of things in the UK sale that I am now kicking myself about! Particularly the King Crown and the Saturn Flowers bead. Hopefully they will crop up elsewhere. :o It’s good to know that the Disney Parks exclusives are available in the Hong Kong Disney parks as well! I’d like to get the Fantasia charm at some point too. ^^
      Enjoy your new charms! :D

      • Not all park exclusive are available there, jus a handful. But as long as they have what I want, that is good enough for me. The Minnie mouse wreath is available there. I was contemplating to get it or not but decided to let go. The two charms already set me back SGD $200. Very pricey to me already.

        • I did hear recently that more Park exclusives might be coming in the spring to Hong Kong parks, so that would be good! I have the Minnie Wreath and it’s gorgeous – but you can always get it next year!

  12. Happy New Year Ellie! I will definitely be getting the heart pave clasp bracelet from this collection. I like the ribbon of love and captivating hearts charms and the linked love ring. I’m really hoping we get the heart shaped jewellery box in the UK, as I would love one.
    I’m looking forward to more news and pictures of the upcoming collections. Hope we get some promos this year.
    Have you got any reviews planned?

    • I’ve just seen on Facebook, a picture of the essence safety chain, which is going to be released in March with the spring collection it said.

    • Happy new year, Sarah! I will also be getting the new pavé heart bracelet – I have two Cinderella muranos waiting to go on it, and I think I’m going to put them with the new Wild Hearts murano too. Hopefully we’ll get the heart jewellery box and then I can put the bracelet towards the spend! ^^ The Ribbon of Love charm is also nice.

      Well, I will definitely be doing Valentine’s 2016 reviews – I might squeeze in another Winter 2015 review between now and the Valentine’s launch as well. :) I still have the Dainty Bow bangle that I could review, and I’m tempted by the Fascinating Iridescence murano still, too…

      • Just read your comment on the abundance of love charm releasing here with the valentines collection. I’m interested to see what this one looks like, as I can’t quite tell from the live shots I’ve seen.

  13. Hi Ellie I looking forward to seeing this collection in person I really like the look of the murano and bracelet. Wow America have got so many promo I hope and wish we get the same, my bank account would probley hope not though lol. An earring promo sounds rather interesting lol, earring are the only thing I don’t own from Pandora lol I get mesmerised by the charms always lol.

    • Hi Nicola! I’m looking forward to it as well – my provisional wish list is the pavé heart clasp bracelet, the Wild Hearts murano, the Filled with Romance heart charm and maybe the Ribbon of Love. :D So that’s pretty sizeable, haha.
      North America do get an amazing range of promos! Hopefully we will get the jewellery box promo at least in the UK :) If not, there are usually lovely ladies who will help out with the US & Canadian promos. ^^ Earrings are the only Pandora thing I’m missing as well! I have soooo many charms (as you know! :P), a handful of rings and two necklaces. I don’t feel the urge for earrings too, for some reason, even though I wear them a lot!

  14. Happy New Year Ellie!
    Wow, $40 for the In My Heart charm. I’m definitely getting that one. I was expecting it to be quite a bit more. Now I’m trying to decide if I want to do the Australia jewelry box promo or the US March bracelet promo.

    • Happy new year Stephanie!
      Yes, I had to double-check the In My Heart price too as it seemed pretty reasonable, and less than other enamel charms in a similar style. :D I guess it’s inexpensive as it’s an openwork and a fairly simple design. I will do the jewellery box promo if it’s available in the UK, otherwise I will give it a miss and wait for the March bracelet promo! I’m already planning what I’d like from North America that I can’t get over here in the UK ;)

  15. It’s a pity because I was looking for free charm promotion (like in September). Soooo, I am going to take part in free bracelet promotion. I am wondering about bangle bracelet, just because I think it will never leave my hand because of its form, that’s why I will not be afraid of losing it:)

    • Ah, that’s a shame. There’s always a chance that the schedule will change (they do sometimes change it up midway through the year), but from reading the news it doesn’t seem like the charm promo did anywhere near as well as the bracelet promo.
      I love my bangles! They are so light and easy to wear. :D

  16. Hi again I just heard that the murano is made out of dichroic glass. I’m not sure what that is lol. Also that the price is $55 isn’t that more expensive than other muranos ?

    • This is what I found:

      “Dichroic glass is glass which displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions.”

      I did think the glass for this one looked a bit different to the normal ones, kind of like a shimmery undertone.

    • Hi Linda! KJ beat me to it with a great description of the dichroic glass. :D I am curious to see how it works in person! Perhaps it will be kind of iridescent, like the opalescent beads.
      I guess the special glass makes it more expensive! I’m hoping it won’t be much more than usual in the UK, though – any more than £35 is pushing it a bit.

  17. ☆ Happy ☆ New ☆ Year☆ Ellie!!!

    2016 wishes from me to you for a wonderful and creative year! And plenty of stars to cheer you up on our first chat this year!:-) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    The new murano is just gorgeous! Not even close to the stock image, as if they wished to discourage us from choosing it! Same thing as with the Holly murano! I think this one will be a best seller, too! I find it great that they tend to use different techniques lately to make rather beautiful muranos!

    I’m curious and excited about the changes on your blog, though I love its present design! :-)

    Thank you for the lovely round-up Ellie! Meeting you was one of the most pleasant things that happened to me last year! ♡♡♡

    • Aha, thank you for all the stars Chrysa! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ They definitely cheered me up! :P Happy new year to you too! ☆
      Isn’t it just? And Sue did such a great job with that photo, it’s so lovely. Pandora are definitely being more creative with their muranos – it’s a shame that they don’t make the murano glass sets anymore, but we do get some interesting individual glass beads as a nice trade-off.
      Thanks, Chrysa – I’m hoping that I will be able to make some changes soon. :D I am nostalgic about the present design but feel like the blog could do with a bit of a facelift – something cleaner and more modern! :)
      What a lovely thing to say – once again you have made my day! ^^ It was a great pleasure meeting you as well, and I always look forward to your thoughtful comments on each post that goes out. :) Here’s to many more chats in 2016! <3 <3 <3

  18. Pandora has beautifully murano glass in 2015, I have Pink Heart, Frozen, X’mas Holly which fit classic Pandora style extremely beautiful. I won’t purchase other brand murano which is not my style as my husband told me.

    • I like Pandora murano glass too. Although Elfbeads/Trollbeads murano glass is often stunning, Pandora have produced some really nice beads in 2015 :D I’m looking forward to the Wild Hearts!

      • Pandora murano find their own style, simple and classic. I use jewelry to match my daily wear. Other brand has nice murano but hard to use it to match my daily wear, kind of too busy and fuzzy. I can’t wait for Wild Heart!

        • That’s a really good point about having murano glass that’s suitable for daily wear. :) I am always amazed by how innovative Elfbeads’s glasswork is, but now that you say, it’s a lot more detailed and ornate than regular Pandora glass and maybe not as easy for casual wear. :)

  19. Ellie, I don’t want to say anything bad for Elfbead/Trollbead, I have 7 Elfbead and 7 Trollbead as a trial and error experiment. I am planning to knit a triangular shawl and put 7 Elfbead as a knot on the 7 fringes, I think it will look nice on the shawl. I will keep my only Trollbead bracelet (original bead bracelet inventor ) to wear once for a while to match my country style dress in summer.

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