Happy news for Pandora fans in the US – today’s post brings the news that US shopping site Rue La La will be running a sale on Pandora jewellery this evening! The sale offers significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches.

This sale is particularly exciting as there are some brand new inclusions – Rue La La are advertising it as ‘PANDORA: Featuring New Styles’. The last few sales have been pretty samey, so I can’t wait to see what’s on offer this time around. In this campaign image, I can see the gorgeous two-tone Song Bird, the red enamel Poppy and what looks to be the 14kt gold Big Smooth Heart as well!

pandora rue la la april 2016

The sale is a bit unusual, in that it’s due to start at 8pm ET (from what I can work out – it’s starting at 1am British time, ack) and is currently listed on the Rue La La site.

rue la la pandora apr

The best discounts tend to get snapped up fast, so I’d suggest that you check out with the items you want sooner rather than later. Readers should note that Rue La La sometimes take a while to dispatch items – a month is not unusual. When adding items to your cart, take a look at Rue La La’s estimated dispatch date in the items’ descriptions (see below). :)

rue la la shipping

For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards, if you submit a US billing and shipping address – although it is a bit hit and miss as to whether this works or not.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi Ellie I have just seen on Facebook about the essence promo just wondered if you had any more info thankyou

    • I know – I’m kind of glad that I’ll be asleep when it starts because I do end up spending each time they have a sale haha!

  2. Hello! I was wondering, have you experienced any issues with Rue La La? I have followed all of your posts for months now and have seen that you have posted a few different promotions from them. I did some research on Google and it seems like they have some pretty bad reviews and that is why I have held off on purchasing anything from them in the past. Hoping you can tell me what your personal experience has been! Thank you.

    • Hi Emily! No, I’ve had no problems with them. They used to take a little while to post items out (up to a month) as they used to run the sale and then order whatever people wanted into their warehouse, but they’ve been pretty speedy lately. I’ve bought from them many times and I get a friend in the US to forward on my packages for me :)

  3. The two tone song bird and red scooter were items I tried to hunt couple months back and I managed to get them else this is really good time to catch them at lower price. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what is new sale from Rue la la since last few sale were the same items. Good luck all and enjoy the shopping!

    Thanks Ellie for the posting and I believe you will grab something if it is really good deal :)))

    • I hope you managed to get the song bird and scooter! :) I missed out on the Dragonflies, but got a couple of other pretty things – and a couple of rings, too!

      You’re welcome – glad it was helpful!

      • I had a peep and saw the dragonflies when they were sold out too! I’m hoping that as they made it into the sale they will be in the summer sales in the uk too :) I have managed to get a few things off my wishlist from Pandora’s Angels though: the two tone lazy Daisy clips and a hawthorn flower/he loves me charm (brand new for £55!) so I’m really happy about that!

        • That’s true, all hope is not lost! :) It’s just that the US price is so good. I did see that they restocked a lot of the two-tone items today, but either I missed the Dragonflies or they didn’t add that one in again. I’m still hoping!
          Yay, those are a real bargain! I got both of those a couple of sales back and they are beautiful!

  4. I just went on and discovered I had one day of free shipping left from my last purchase (the last Pandora sale), so naturally I had to buy a couple of things. I got a ring and two of the vintage purple charms. There was a lot of new stuff, and I liked how they divided it into categories, although I really skimmed quickly so I wouldn’t miss anything. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. I really really wanted those braided heart clips… and as I was about to checkout… they sold out :( So sad!!!

    • Hi Suzy, I was having the same issue here.. I love to have that too.. In the end I decided to get TT flower clip instead

      • I did exactly what you did! I tried to console myself by buying something else, haha. I ended up buying the Nightingale that I missed everywhere else! So I guess it’s not too bad :D

    • I have almost always received sold out items later when I put them on the “still want it” list. I have never had an issue with Rue except that they are slow to ship at times.

      • I wanted to get the two tone flower clips, but they sold out, so I chose the “still want it” option. I figure since the clip was so recently retired, it will be restocked. I’m glad to hear “still want it” worked for you in the past.

      • That’s encouraging! :D I really am gutted that I missed the Dragonflies, and I have my fingers crossed that the ‘still want it’ will come through for me.

      • Suzy, I didn’t! :'( I am bereft! The sale started at 1am British time and I’ve been so tired all week – I decided to be sensible and not stay up for it. Had I known the dragonflies would be in it, I’d have done things differently :P
        I’ve done the still want it thing but am not hopeful. Kicking myself!

    • Oh nooo! :( I got two of those in the ROJ sale a couple of years back. I hope they come up again for you!

  6. I am really annoyed with RLL. Site refused to take my password and I tried so many times that it locked me out. Then it took the site 2.5 hours to send me the link to reset it. I missed out on everything good.

  7. Hi Ellie! Thanks so much for the Rue sales alert! I was actually able to snag the silver present this time! Yay! I had been trying to get that charm for some time. There are indeed a variety of new charms to choose from. I had to restrain myself a bit though, because today I picked up the clear pave star dangle from my local shop. My celestial bracelet is finally COMPLETE! Is it just my imagination, or are Pandora sales on Rue La La occurring more frequently as of late? :D

    • Hi Carol! You’re welcome <3 glad you got the silver present, that's one of my favourite of the Pandora classics! I feel like I should do a post showcasing some of my recent retired Pandora haul, or some of the charms I've had from Rue as there are some real beauties in there.
      The sales definitely are happening with more frequency at Rue! I think Pandora must be supplying them with more stock. The sales are also running for longer these days. It's very bad for me and my little Pandora habit ;)

  8. I finally made my first Rue purchase in almost a year! I had a credit from the last sale I bought/returned from, and that credit has been sitting since last July haha! Everything they’ve had since has been charms I didn’t want or charms I already had .

    I was able to get the Easter Bunny for myself! My mom was so bummed because she had wanted to get it for me for Easter but didn’t know it was retired. I told her to wait and see if Rue La La would have it and they did this time :D My mom has always loved my elephant charm (the older of the two) so I was able to get that for her as well…and he is sold out this morning! So many things went so fast. It’s amazing how different the sale is when they add new items haha!

    This was a good way to keep me distracted from the fact that there’s still over a month before the Floral Garden murano is released…I can’t wait!

    • Awesome! I wish I could say the same but I think I’ve pretty much participated in every Rue sale the last few times. It just works out so much better than the prices here in the UK, and with my US friend to help me keep the shipping costs down, it is very good value! And I love the older charms so much, it’s nice to go for some of those instead of the newer-style pavé beads too sometimes.

      The Easter Bunny is a great pick! I got that one myself in the UK xmas sales last year. The sale definitely heats up a lot more when there are new charms added… especially when they have a little gold or two-tone! I missed out on a bunch of things I’d have wanted – that two-tone safety chain, the TT floral clips and the Dragonflies. That’ll teach me! ;)

      Aha, I’m also impatiently waiting for the Flower Garden murano. It’s probably going to end up being my favourite purchase of the year!

  9. Ugh… so disappointing that Canadians cannot purchase from Rue La La.

    Anyone with a proven work-around? I have a US shipping address; however my billing address is Canadian.

    • I’ve heard that some people have had success by setting up a US paypal account and using that to pay. Also, some cards should still work if you put your billing and shipping address as your US address… that’s the only way I’ve managed it so far.

  10. Thank you for your info on Rue La La! I just got my first pandora bracelet as my 18th bday gift. i only have 3 charms which not much and this site made me purchase 15 charms + 3 bracelets hahaha! Im from Indonesia and so far my credit card seemed to work just fine with this site as long as i put my billing+shipping address toa friend’s place in the us. Do you know other sites that offers pandora sales?

  11. Hi all, Ruelala on sales again, but only 24hours, 60% off!
    I managed to get two tone christmas tree charm (been thinking for sometimes, in the end just grab it since nothing much for this sale)

    Another good news is, i managed to get 2x braided heart clips after in waiting list for couple of week, huray!!!

    Will share more in my IG when I received the items, quite sometimes never have new post, feel free to follow me -> flying.piggy.28

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