It’s a bit of a Disney week on Mora Pandora as I’m following up Monday’s White Rabbit review with an updated preview of the Pandora Disney Parks collection for SS16! Included are the full set of high-resolution images, additional information and some live images.

This year’s set of Disney Parks charms have some unique and really fun designs, ranging from cute candy pinks to sophisticated rich golds and ambers.

pandora disney parks spring 2016

Once again, the release dates for these various charms have been staggered and there are also regional restrictions. I’ve laid them all out here so you can see what is available where, and when!

Pandora Disney Parks Spring/Summer 2016 Preview

Hong Kong

A number of these Disney Parks charms have already been released, including those for the North American and Hong Kong Disney resorts. The Hong Kong exclusives are particularly cute.

Now, this murano is quite special, I think – the Luck & Prosperity bead features a beautiful gold and amber design, and an unusual level of detail for a murano glass bead. I love both the meaning behind it and the uniqueness of the design.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

This enamel Hong Kong Disneyland Ten year Celebration charm is more par for the course with the Disney Parks beads, featuring the typical deep blue enamel and clear cubic zirconia.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

Finally, we have a new pink version of last year’s D23 glittering blue Sleeping Beauty castle.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

You can see all the charms really nicely in this live image from Instagram:

All regions – HK, NA and Shanghai

This next set of Disney Parks charms & jewellery will, eventually, be available in all three Disney Parks regions – North America, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The gorgeous Spaceship Epcot Earth charm offers a floral twist on the regular version of this charm – I love this one, and it’s definitely a pretty design in its own right. I’m tempted by one, although the price tag of $70 USD seems high for what it is, even considering the Pandora Disney branding.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

The Marvellous Mickey murano is also available to purchase now, and offers a super cute baby-pink design with different coloured Mickey Mouse silhouettes. I’d have preferred it if it were a Minnie design, as I associate pink more with her – but hey, that’s probably just me stereotyping. ;) This is $55 USD.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

The Pink Mickey enamel charm matches a lot of existing Disney Parks merchandise, and is $70 USD.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

The Minnie All Around spacer is a nice partner to the existing clear CZ Mickey spacer, although wouldn’t it have been cute with little bows? This one is $55 USD.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

You’ll probably have noticed that the next two Shimmering Mickey Swirls pieces have not been released yet – it has been announced that they are releasing in North American Disney Parks locations on the 29th April, so there’s not long to wait now!

pandora disney parks spring 2016

The first of them is particularly exciting – a brand new Disney Parks exclusive two-tone bracelet! It has a slightly psychedelic-looking Mickey CZ design on the clasp, set in 14kt gold. If you can’t afford this two-tone version, then there’s always the new silver Mickey Moments charm bracelet, or the regular silver Disney Parks exclusive bracelet, too.pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

The Shimmering Mickey Swirls clip matches the bracelet, and is also 14kt gold. I don’t know the RRP of this one yet either, but I can only imagine it will be pricey!

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview


The final set of charms are exclusive to the upcoming Disney resort in Shanghai, which is due to open on the 16th of June. As most of these charms are entitled ‘Grand Opening’, I guess these will be available from then.

Let’s start with one of the most impressive pieces – this gorgeous 14kt gold charm, which looks super dramatic in combination with the black enamel! There are little cubic zirconia in the stars and Mickey cut-outs. If money were no object, this would be the one I’d pick to commemorate a trip to Shanghai.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

We have another opulent 14kt gold offering in a new version of the Mickey Ear Hat dangle, set with black cubics.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

I love the Castle pendants, and the Shanghai one is just as cute and detailed as the others!

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

Finally, with a very simple design, we have a new engraved version of the Unforgettable Moments dangle.

pandora disney parks spring summer 2016 preview

My Comment

Just to summarise – the remaining release dates to look forward to are:

  • 29th April for the gold Shimmering Mickey Swirls pieces
  • 16th June for the Shanghai charms

As I’m sure you could have predicted, I love the new pink Mickey Minnie pieces – but I have so much pink in my collection already, I just can’t justify it! The new floral Epcot Earth charm is also gorgeous, and I may come back for that one – the price is just super high.

The other one that really catches my eye is the Luck & Prosperity murano, which is such a fun and different glass design. Maybe if I ever do get to visit Hong Kong, I can pick one up…! Any of these charms would make a great momento of a trip to Disney land.

What do you think of these new Pandora Disney Parks designs? Have you purchased any yet, or will you be trying to track them down?

64 Comments on Pandora Disney Parks Spring/Summer 2016 Updated Preview & HQ Images

  1. Hi Ellie,
    What a great review ! I agree with for the Spaceship Epcot Earth, it’s gorgeous, may be the price is for the work carried out on the charm, rather than for the silver in itself.
    I fall in love with the Shimmering Mickey Swirls, bracelet and clip, if you don’t know that is for Mickey, you can’t guess I think. For me it’s special because I have a ring with swirls, in white gold and diamonds, so it will be perfect together… Ah I need the help from the angels aha !
    Sorry for my silence, but some times…

    Nice day Ellie <3

    • Hi Isabelle! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I am dithering myself about the floral Epcot Earth – it’s lovely but so expensive! I expect the high price tag comes primarily from the Disney branding than the intricate detailing – although it is more than some of the other charms listed here :S
      Ahhh, well I hope you end up with them! They are way out of my price range but I can always admire other people’s ^^

      Nice to hear from you Isabelle – have a great day too and thanks for commenting <3

  2. OMG I love the Shanghai exclusive castle charm… I don’t think I will be visiting there in the near future, will need to get someone help to get it… Ellie, great preview again, never disappoint us, great Pandora fans

    • No, I’m not likely to visit any of these Disney parks any time soon! I did go to Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago but of course they don’t stock any Pandora. :( Maybe some day!
      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting! <3

      • DLP stocks Pandora now or will at least from Spring. But nothing exclusive so far. I got 2 of the exclusive Hong Kong charms, picked them up when we were there.

  3. Ellie,

    Wow! Okay this is a Disney Collection that I am attracted to so well done Pandora. Particularly the Luck and Prosperity Murano; plus the Spaceship Epcot. Earth The latter does seem a little pricey but I agree with Isabelle, it might have more to do with the design.

    I would love to have the help of an angel for the Luck and Prosperity Murano. Both the amber and gold are beautiful. I remember when you showed the first images of this charm a few months ago, I loved it then and I love it now. The meaning behind it is so positive who wouldn’t want to wish someone good luck and prosperity in their lives.

    Ellie, again, you have done a terrific job of highlighting Pandora. There is a maturity and flexibility about this collection I like. I guess you are never too old for Disney. I grew up tuning in every Sunday night waiting for the Disney movie or special.

    Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can connect with a Pandora Angel to help me.

    All the Best
    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that you like the collection – I think it’s a good one too, this time around! Lots of pretty generic beads alongside the more Parks-specific ones. And the 14kt gold adds a nice dash of luxury, even if it is beyond me & my price range!

      The Luck & Prosperity murano is amazing! So different from their other glass designs. I think it would be my pick of this collection, followed by the floral Epcot Earth bead.

      I hope you find someone to help you out, Lisa! It’s going to be a little tougher with these HK & Shanghai beads than the North American ones I guess :) it’s a shame that they’re not available online. My fingers are crossed for you!

  4. I like the pink Marvellous Mickey murano and pink Minnie All Around spacer. I have the silver Mickey Swirls openwork bead which would look nice with the murano and spacer. I’m not sure if I like the Pink Mickey enamel bead. I really like the silver Spaceship Epcot Earth bead, but it sure is expensive for a silver bead. Thanks for the Disney update!

    • I quite like the pink Mickey beads, but I have an aversion to Mickey Mouse on my jewellery for some reason and I would much prefer to have Minnie beads than Mickey aha! So the Minnie spacer is probably the only one I would really consider. I have the little Mickey All Around spacer, which was given to me as a gift and I do love that, as it’s quite neutral and cute. The more explicitly Mickey stuff I don’t get on with so well!
      The Epcot Earth is so expensive! I think I will probably pass on it ultimately, which is a shame as it’s cute. :/

  5. The shimmering mickey swirls clip would be nice in silver.
    I managed to see the rest of the Mother’s Day collection today and it looks better than the stock images. The luminous hearts charm I really liked, the colour was lovely. I bought two of this charm and it has gone on one of my spring designs. I’ve got the blooming dahlia pendant as my centre piece, then the 2 luminous hearts charms either side, then either side of that the blush pink radiant hearts charms and the blooming dahlia clips. It fit perfectly which these charms.
    Once I get paid next week, I’m going to get the White rabbit charm.

    • It would! Knowing Pandora, they may well come out with the same design in silver at some point :)

      Ah, your design sounds great! You go for some very coordinated, feminine ideas :) I saw it again last weekend as well and finally saw the Cupcake properly. I thought it was really cute in person but still not something I’d get – and there’s also the fact that I have two cupcakes already!
      You should totally get the White Rabbit! And then let me know how you style it as I am still thinking about mine ;)

  6. Wow, I really like the pink Mickey/Minnie ones! While I’d love to buy them, we just booked a trip to WDW for Christmas, so we have to save up money for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some pennies for at least one, maybe the Spaceship Epcot Earth!

    • Good catch – this new one has its own item number and name but I guess they’re just recycling it. The stock image is slightly different. I’ve removed it for now just until I can double check it as I’m out and out and can’t do it now!

  7. Hi Ellie, What a lovely preview and HQ images of Disney Parks collection! Thank You!!! Never thought I would be so “in” to the Disney pieces, but I like so many from this collection. I got two Mickey bracelets during recent bracelet promo just waiting for some of these cute charms. The Pink Marvelous Mickey murano, Pink Mickey and Minnie All Around would make such a cute bracelet. The Mickey Swirls bracelet and matching gold clips are gorgeous, but out of my range for sure, The 14kt gold with black enamel Shanghai charm is stunning! I’m pretty sure I’ll never see these on my wrist. Wishful thinking.

    • Hi Emily! Thanks, glad you enjoyed the more detailed preview! I think the HQ images do add something. It’s nice to see as much detail as you can. :) The Mickey Swirls pieces are also way out of my range, but I still think it’s a fun thing to offer. I could imagine, if you had the money, buying one as such an amazing souvenir of a trip to Disney. That gorgeous black enamel Shanghai charm gives me more pangs of envy. I just love the look of it for some reason!
      But hey! We can always look and admire other people’s. And there are always other charms ^^

  8. Hi Ellie!
    This is a lovely collextion overall because I like that they incorporated lighter shades of pink which will appeal to people who have pink themed bracelets! I have yet to purchase any Disney stuff from the parks collection but I am sure I will in the future. My two faves from the above are the light pink Murano and the enamel pink castle ( the one that matches the blue sleeping beauty from the last release). I am a but confused though as too why most of these pieces are in fact so expensive.

    • Hi Alex! This is definitely a versatile little collection – there’s a lot of girly pinks but also some more dramatic pieces. :) I have a couple of Disney Parks charms – three in total, I think. They’re usually too related to the Parks themselves, which I have never been too. I like to go for the more generic Disney Parks charms, like the Cinderella Castle, or the safety chain. It’s nice to see more of those generic charms in this collection with the pink Mickey pieces!
      They are all super expensive. I guess it’s because previous charms are selling well and they’re just milking it!

  9. Thanks for posting Ellie – great pictures and information!

    Regarding prices for the gold Shimmering Mickey Swirls bracelet and clip, Disney posted on their blog “The bracelet will have a retail of $450 while the clip will have a retail of $400. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.”

    • Hi Nancy! Oh, fab, thanks for posting those prices. I missed those prices – I was too busy eyeing up the pretty campaign images, haha. They are going to be pretty expensive, just as I thought :S

    • Hi Claudia! The Mickey Mouse charms are really pretty but I have so much pink in my collection already and I don’t go in for Mickey Mouse themed jewellery that much. It’s a good thing as I have already spent waaay too much on Pandora recently what with the NA promo! ^^
      Have a great week!

  10. I would love to have the pink mickey murano and the shanghai castle. I like this castle dangle better than the other two. Hopefully i can get help from my cousin or a dear friend that go there for work trip regularly.

    • I have the original Cinderella Castle and love it, but the only thing is that it’s quite heavy… The castle pendants are very nicely detailed there. :) Hope you find what you’re looking for!

      • I can imagine how heavy it must be as it’s one piece of solid silver. But i still like it for the details. By the way, i got the family forever bangle. It’s beautiful. In fact i go for two, one for mum and one for me.

        • I felt the same way – it’s definitely detailed and pretty enough to be worth the extra weight!
          And yay, the bangle! A good choice to start your mum off with, I think :)

  11. Hello Ellie! I agree with you regarding the Spaceship Earth charm. It’s quite lovely and versatile! The price, however, is rather outrageous for a silver charm. But, it does have beautiful, intricate detailing. I realize that the price reflects the Disney branding, but I’m not sure if I want to spend quite that much. I will be in WDW in June and will be sure to check it out IRL! I also want to check out the Cinderella’s Castle dangle as well. That Disney charm is a bit more reasonable. :D

    • Hi Carol! It does have intricate detailing and oxidation, but nevertheless – that price is so high for a plain silver bead. Seems to me that most of the extra comes from the Disney branding, and I’m not sure I want to spend that much either! There are other nice floral beads to be had for the price :) The Cinderella’s Castle dangle is a really nice one, and one of the only Disney Parks beads that I own! It’s heavy on your wrist, but so beautifully detailed and a really iconic little piece of Disney too!

  12. Sadly for me the gold ones are out of my budget of what I can afford however they do look exteamly beautiful in the 14k gold but if they also came out with rose gold than maybe I would of considered getting the clip & new exclusive bracelet I mean it would of looked just as pretty maybe not as gorgeous as the 14k gold obviously but at least most people would be able to afford it & it would look pretty enough for me personally & going up to rose gold would be a step higher for me anyways as I don’t have anything in Pandora rose but I’m not really as motivated to start a rose line yet of course unless Disney releases something in rose & so far they haven’t yet hopefully they will someday especially once they find out that their pure gold pieces aren’t gonna be selling as good
    Putting the gold pieces aside for now I do love the new castle for the new park opening but I don’t think I’ll be getting that one either for two reason & first off I’ve never even stepped foot in Shanghai in my life or anywhere out of North Amaerica for that matter so it wouldn’t really make sense much to just own the castle by its self as I can’t afford the other pieces
    I like the murano piece (not the pink one I mean the other one) but I personally don’t really like putting murano beads on my bracelets cause they stick out from the other charms & beads that I have one with it & their big & they start hurting my wrist so I much prefer them on a necklace stacked
    I’ve wearing murano beads on my bracelet & it just doesn’t work for me as well & I have the pick Mickey one on the shimmering rose necklace & it actually looks really awesome on it
    & now for the best for the best part the Pink Mickey bead charm my favorite one from this release actually I put it beside the flower & garden bead from Epcot & it looks great
    I was so so happy to actually find out from your previous Disney posts actually that Disney is finally gonna release a pink exclusive Pandora charm I didn’t care what the theme of it was as long as it was pink but not to bright & that it was exclusive & it had a threaded core inside & my wishes came true & it’s true it goes with a lot of my Disney merchandise especially for this year the Disney park merchandise is kind of a funny color combination this year dark blue & pink but I guess that’s Disney for you they’ll pick the most random colors that you’d never think of putting together & there it is you see two unusual colors together lol like I have a dark blue hoodie & a bright pink Disney t shirt that both say 2016 on it lol

    though I would of preferd it in being Minnie themed as when I look at pink & Disney together you automatically think of Minnie Mouse but oh well that’s not much of a big deal for me & after all pink is my favorite color especially light pink so I can’t be too picky as nothing is EVER perfectly perfect in the way we want it but it’s very beautiful & I would definitely recommend it to any Disney or to anyone that’s just simply a fan of the color pink as I am

    • Oooh Pandora Disney & Pandora Rose together would be really fun! Although I don’t know what designs they’d do. ^^

      Aw I’m sorry to hear that you don’t get on with the murano charms on your bracelet. I am a bit of a murano addict ^^ They do stick out a bit but I like the texture that they give to a design and the symmetry…. and I make sure that I get my bracelets in a size where I can add the murano charms and it doesn’t get too uncomfortable.
      I’m sure that your murano bead looks great on your necklace too of course! <3 The pink is super cute, I didn't realise that Disney Parks picked a colour scheme for each year. That's fun!

  13. Shanghai Disney ticket was sold out until Sept even though the Resort is not open yet. Pandora Disney Grand Opening gold piece will sell well in Shanghai for sure. I won’t buy any Pandora without promotion so Disney Park exclusive is not my cup of tea. Save $, just don’t bother.

    • The Disney Parks usually don’t have the promotions for their Pandora stuff as regular Pandora stores do cause for couple reasons actually 1 if they do have a promo on Disney these Pandora Disney exclusives the promo would NOT last long actually it would only last for a couple hours or even minutes which is not really much of a promo cause you don’t have much of a chance in getting the charms you want 2 Disney Parks only get a limited amount of exclusives to sell for the week which is why most people go to Disney parks several days & they sell them on several locations in the parks 3 they are very special & rare so if the Disney parks did the promo guests that aren’t interested in the promo wouldn’t be able to get that special charm they’ve wanted to remember their Disney trip cause normally when most people go to Disney parks & like Disney Pandora they 99% of the time guests will go for these special exclusives cause they know that they can’t get a hold of them in person other wise & 4th reason the biggest reason of all is according to Pandora the Disney Park exclusive charms are just that bit tad different from what the retailers sell at the normal stores meaning a different company makes them & produces them & they have a bit more worksmenship by the Disney Parks personally so to design these exclusives Disney & Pandora work together on them with a totally different company that’s what Pandora was basically telling me

      So say if the Disney Parks decided to come out with an oxidized exclusive bracelet & Pandora knows what’s exclusive & what’s not cause they get a list of EVERY single charm that’s coming out even the ones their personally not getting meaning even all the exclusives around the world so if you happen to say buy a oxidized Disney exclusive bracelet at the parks or online & need to get it re oxidized normal Pandora will not touch it cause they don’t consider it purely their product cause I was also over hearing how this person wanted to get this exclusive charm done like make the writing on the charm a little darker cause it does start to fade with time & they wouldn’t touch it cause they said that it was exclusive & of course she was trying to say it wasn’t & of course they pulled out their huge book of charms & stuff out & of course they found that it was a special exclusive charm
      I know this cause my local Pandora shops have actually showed me their book of exclusive charms cause they were showing me the Disney exclusives that were coming out that’s how I found out about Disney exclusive charms is through Pandora cause they knew how much I loved Disney charms

      • I am going to Hong Kong to visit my family in May. Disney Hong Kong has special offer Can $90 ticket with a full meal, not bad! There is a Disney subway station with Disney special train bring traveller to the resort. If I have a chance to go, I will allow myself to break my rule to pick up Luck & Prospersity murano as a souvenir.

        • You should definitely do that Michele! Luck & Prosperity looks like such a gorgeous murano <3

    • The Disney Park exclusives are super expensive, and seem to be getting more so, so I understand that :) I buy Pandora at pretty much any time of the year, promo or not aha.

      • Ya I know same here

        I resently had actually just started on a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet it’s so pretty I honestly love collecting charms but again Thomas Sabo is also expensive but I love it & I love how their deal works that if you get 10 charms you get a free charm when you fill up the little card they give you with the stickers they put in it each time you buy a charm there they’ll add in a sticker promo or not & Pandora they’ll only do it at promo

        However the only negative about shopping at Thonas Sabo is that they don’t give refunds & Pandora does TS only gives store credit & an exchange but no refunds even if bring the resipt they don’t care so that’s the only thing that sucks kinda that you need to be carful at Thomas Sabo for

  14. Hi Ellie,
    Have you seen that Rue La La is having a Pandora sale in about 14 hours? There are new things there, possibly the Chinese girl charm and some others I haven’t seen there before.

    • Hi Steph, I saw the two tone bird cage and red scooter which are really nice piece to collect but I have both already. Will check out tomorrow if there are other new piece worth to buy.

    • Steph- I just saw that too and wow there seems to be a ton of new stuff, I spotted the scooter right away ( which is one of my fave charms ever)
      Wonder why it is a night time sale this time around ?

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for the heads-up! I just logged on and it is down for tomorrow, as far as I can see?

    • Oh wait, I think it’s just adjusting for me being in the UK. Starts 1 am my time! That will be fun! ;)

  15. This new Disney collection is very pretty. I received the new Disney sterling silver clasp bracelet during the bracelet promo and I absolutely love it!! I think I told you I hadn’t planned on getting it but after I saw it I had to have it for my blue Cinderella bracelet. I think the spaceship epcot earth charm is very pretty and detailed but does seem a little pricey for sterling silver. I love the pink marvelous mickey murano!! I also love the 14K shimmering mickey swirls bracelet. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate souvenir? Going to Disney, having a wonderful time, and bringing that bracelet home? It’s not in my plans but that would be so much fun!! I love how they styled the bracelet with the pink murano. Although I like these pieces I do not plan on purchasing any of them. I already have my Cinderella bracelet full. Unless they come out with something in the future I have to have ;).

    • Ah, I got that one too! :) It would be great for the Cinderella blues – I love the periwinkle Cinderella blue with clear CZ,they really go well together!

      Yes – going to Disney and coming home with some 14kt gold Disney Pandora would be amazing! :D I doubt I will end up at Disney USA any time soon, but that would be the ultimate way to remember your trip. That 14kt gold Shanghai black enamel charm would be equally as fun!

  16. Very pretty but the prices..? I feel like they keep going up. Thanks for the review, I always come to your page to see what’s new ?

    • Thanks, Lyn! :D The prices are definitely creeping up – I can’t believe how much the new Epcot Earth one is! That’s crazy money ;)

  17. Hi, I just received the Minnie all around spacer today and it does in fact have tiny little bows (like the Minnie on the heart of mickey CZ safety chain). I tried to get a good pick of the little bow but my camera can’t focus so close!! xx

    • Oooh that makes me like it so much more!! Now that I go back and zoom in on the stock image, I can actually see the tiny little bows. I may have to reconsider it. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your new charm! :D xx

  18. Hi, is the gold Shimmering Mickey Swirls clips and bracelet available yet? I can’t find it at the online store. Can someone help?

    Thank you.

  19. I don’t suppose anyone knows the price breakdown for the Shanghai park charms yet? My daughter is going there soon, and I’d like one but would like an idea of what I am asking her to spend. Thank you very much.

  20. I am very interested in buying some PANDORA Hong Kong Disney and Shanghai Disney charms. Is there a way you could connect me with some reliable resources to buy them? Perhaps just point me in the right direction? I live in the US. Thank you so much!

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