Exciting news for Pandora fans in the UK, as the official summer sale starts today! :D There were a few conflicting dates floating around as to when the UK sale was going to start, so we didn’t have too much advance warning – but I’m not complaining. ;)

The sale is being offered online at all official retailers and in store as well. My recommended retailer is John Greed Jewellery and you can shop the Pandora sale online from their website. :D


There are some great bits and pieces included this time around, including two-tone Essence beads and some beautiful gold/two-tone pieces – the Dragonflies are particularly lovely! I’m amazed at how much is included this time around, especially considering how rubbish the Boxing Day sales were last time around.

There are a number of muranos, including the Wild Flower Tribute poppy design, pretty much all the two-tone clips, lots of silver character beads (especially from recent collection) and both clip-on safety chains! We’re completely spoilt for choice when compared to last time.

pandora wildflower murano tribute

However, the flip side to any sale is always that these gorgeous beads are leaving the collection for good. It’s sad to see so many character beads up for the chop, especially as some of them are so new. It doesn’t bode well for plain silver or character charms in the future, if Pandora are axing even their most recent ones…

In any case, happy shopping! <3

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    • Hi Moji, I was told that it ends when the Summer collection comes out, so 1/2 June, which makes sense to me! :)

      • THanks Ellie. I checked the T&C’s on the estore and it s says 12th June. I bet most things will be sold out by then :)

        • Oh, good catch! That gives me some time to weigh up whether I need anything else ;)

    • Hi Emily. Don’t feel too bad, we only seem to get one decent bracelet promotion a year and we have to spend the equivalent of $150 to get our free bracelet. In general I think that you guys get much better prices than us all the time and more frequent free promotions. I am always really jealous when I read you folks from the US listing how little you are planning to purchase to get your free bracelet (or two)! I do a lot of my buying when visiting the US in November.
      Do you want to swap ? ;)

      • Lol, our promotions are poor in comparison with the US! £125 is a much higher spend than $100 USD. But on balance I probably enjoy the sales more – especially when there are so many good things included. ^^

    • Emily, it seems the US gets a lot more promos than the UK does, but the only sales we get are on the Rue La La website, which sells genuine Pandora. Rue La La is a website that you sign up for free and they have “events” that last a few days at a time with discounts on top brands. They have been having more Pandora sales lately–at least one every two months or so. However, it is only on items that are retired.

      • Rue La La is great! There are a lot of gorgeous pieces being retired at the moment, so there always seems to be at least a few really great bargains in each sale :)

  1. Thanks for the info. Emailed John Greed to see if they do international shipping to Australia but no go. Do you know if any of the stores there ship international? Or does anybody know if there is a UK forwarding mail service?

    • Hi Gaby! Um, I think Mococo ship internationally – and so do Republic of Jewels, but they’re not running the sale currently for whatever reason. I’m not sure on a UK forwarding service, I expect there is one you could use – perhaps try having a quick Google? You should try joining a FB Pandora group, there are usually approved members there helping other people with country-exclusive sales like this one!

  2. So spoilt for choice! So much is being retired, I can’t believe it. Did you get a good haul Ellie? ? xxx

    • I know! I’m kind of thrilled and saddened by the extent of what’s included this time, haha. I did get a good haul… I was going to sit it out because I just bought some goodies on Rue La La. But I couldn’t resist in the end (quelle surprise!) as there were some pieces I’ve wanted for a long time in there! Did you? xxx

  3. Thanks Ellie! So pleased to get a couple of two tones I really wanted, including a half price snowflake clip :)
    I was also pleasantly surprised by the wide range included in the sale this time around.

    • Yay! I was tempted by the snowflake clip but persuaded myself not to. I did get my longed-for Dragonflies bead and the Evening Floral though so I am very happy!

      • Great you finally got your Dragonflies! :) I’m considering going back for Evening Floral myself and maybe a bargain Essence?!?

        Oh, am I right in thinking you have both the Viking and the Windmill charms? Could you tell me if they are similar in size, or is the windmill not as small and dainty as the Viking? Thanks Ellie!

        • Aha, I just received my Evening Floral in the post – it is so lovely! And it’s quite large too, it would be a great focal point on a bracelet.

          Yep, that’s right – they are of a comparable size, if anything the Windmill is a little smaller. It’s a very petite charm. They’re a good match in terms of size!

  4. Thank you soooo much. Although my bank account won’t thank you lol. I’ve just placed a massive order and got some pieces I’ve wanted for a long time. Libby xx

    • Ps here my haul: Purple forest spacer x2
      Red single leather bracelet, pink fluttering butterflies, waving cat, Chinese doll pendant, bicycle pendant, mouse in the cup and happy valentines (love letter)
      But I’m annoyed that I didn’t add the red lantern and now don’t want to get stung £5 delivery on it ! Shall I order it ??? Help am I being greedy lol. I want a lucky red bracelet to which I will add the new lucky pig. ?? Xx

      • No, lol ;-). Try the jewel hut, john greed or swag as they have free P&P :-). I got the purple forest one too as I got one a few weeks ago to make up the £95 for the free Essence bracelet so I wanted its partner ;-). I got my haul from Swag; plus if you are a member of top cash back you get 8.08% cash back, win win and not greedy at all ;-).

        • O wow thanks Pat, I’d not heard of Swag. I will go take a look right away. Thanku xx

        • Ps I ended up getting the lantern from Pandora as nowhere else has it, I also got the Wildflower Murano. Eek. That’s me definitely done with the sale now. I just need the new Pig money box charm and I’ll have my perfect good luck bracelet :-)

      • Awesome haul!! You picked some amazing pieces. As Pat very helpfully notes, there are other sites that still have the Chinese Lantern (I think) and they don’t charge delivery like the eStore. The eStore ships from Belgium, which is why it’s so expensive. Other retailers do a much better deal on postage and it’s quicker too! xxx

    • Lol, my bank account is not thanking me either! I have had to drastically reduce my planned Summer 2016 purchases – but they’ll be around for a little while, these deals won’t be ^^ xx

      • He he l, I’m glad our bank accounts are in the same boat lol. I like you’re thinking, these charms won’t be around!
        I think I’ll still get the new summer red double bracelet as its limited ;-). Thanks again for giving us the heads up. Looking forward to seeing your haul xx

        • Lol yeah, I will get the summer things I want eventually – but just not straight away. Need to give my bank account a little time to recover ;)
          You are welcome! Most of the things I ordered have already been dispatched – exciting! xx

  5. Wow…what a great selection. Some are already retired last June or Dec here in Australia. However i spy the gold vintage pearl heart that i really love to get. Wonder if it will be offered here at half price in Australia. If so, i will be super happy and might just close two eyes and buy it.

    • Yeah, I was amazed when I logged on this morning! So many lovely pieces this time. I expect the Australia sale will be good this year too. Pandora are being quite aggressive with what they retire, which is great for sales in the short term but kind of sad in the long term.

  6. What a great sale for those of you in the UK! If these beads are targeted for retirement, then it’s a good heads up. My local retailers usually clear the retired beads pretty quickly, so it’s good to know what will be retiring. Ellie, from sales like this in the past, have you seen/noticed most or all of the sale beads be retired soon after, or are some of the beads merely on sale, perhaps to alleviate too much stock? If these beads are all targeted for retirement I’ll take a closer look just to know what I better scoop up soon!

    • Well, retirements do vary from country to country – Pandora UK have been super aggressive with what they retire lately. If you go on the GB version of Pandora.net and look at the discontinued jewellery, they have retired swathes of charms in the last couple of months that are still available in the US. The US might follow suit eventually, but it’s not for sure! Some charms sell better in some regions than others, and each regional office gets to decide what they want to keep selling in their area. I don’t know why Pandora UK have cut down so much but at least we get some good deals in the sale!
      As a rule, any bead that goes in an official Pandora UK sale is up for the chop and is either already retired or will be retired afterwards. So anything you see in these sales will be retired in the UK, sooner or later. It’s mainly going to be flowers and pave left after this… and practically no gold and little two-tone!

      • Ah, thanks for your detailed response. That certainly makes sense for retirements to vary by region. Then I won’t expect all these beads to be retired soon in the US, but considering the US may soon retire some or many of the same beads, I’ll be sure to consider which ones I think I really would like to get. If the US starts retiring a lot of beads too, the Rue La La sales will have even more beads to choose from.

        • You’re welcome! I am slightly bearing in mind that some of these charms could crop up cheaper on Rue – it makes me feel a bit better about not buying some of them, haha.

  7. Wowowowow.. That’s really great deal, anyone from UK can help?
    I have the same wisI,h as starlight, i hope there will be similar sale for Australia..
    There are many manIy item caught my eyes, omg. I’m so broke now…

      • Aw! Definitely try the Angels or Pandora’s Tribe pages. :)
        BTW, I have seen your email and will reply to it when I get a moment over the course of the weekend. Going to try and blitz my inbox!

    • Hi Piggy, are you on the Angels page on FB? There are a lot of trusted ladies that are helping people with the sales at the moment. If you are, just make a post and someone should help you xxx. If you’re unsure, double check their good sellers list as well. Good luck xxx

      • I know that and I have put up many request through messages to the admin but it has been many months that I don’t receive any response so I kinda give up…
        I am praying hard there will be similar sale at Australia in Q3 or Q4 this year as I will be there. :)))

    • There will be a similar sale for Australia; not sure when it’s starting though :) I’m sure you’ll get a similar selection and the prices will probably be even better!

      • I’ve been asking in a few different shops that sell Pandora on the Gold Coast in Australia and they all say that the bigger sales are in June and December. I haven’t been to the concept store yet so I’ll have to go there and ask them, they would probably know more. I’m crossing my fingers hoping there will be a huge variety on sale. I just got my first bracelet, charm and 2 clips for Mother’s Day so I’m looking forward to this sale.

        • My fingers are crossed too! My brother is currently out in Australia and it would be great if he could get me something from there, as your prices are even better than here. Last time the boxing day sale was pretty good for you guys so hopefully it will be great again this time!

        • The sale in Australia usually happens in mid June and after Christmas. Which means it’s not long to wait.

  8. I paid £20 for the sparkling purple forest spacer a few weeks ago when I got the free Essence bracelet and I was intending to get its matching partner by getting 3 at £35 plus that for my free bracelet in October but it’s in the sale for £10 :-O! I got that and two purple faceted muranos for £15 each :-D. I need the FMN dangle and two of the purple CZ faceted ones for my free bracelet now in October but I’m still £10 short of the target :/. Maybe there’ll still be some sale stock left ;-). I’d like to know when the sale ends too as my credit card can’t take anymore spending until after the 7th of June :-(. I’m very tempted by the telephone box ;-).

    • Oh fantastic! :D I’m amazed by all the beads on sale – the catalogue is going to be pretty decimated after they retire all these lovely charms.
      I heard that the sale is finishing just before the Summer collection comes out… so before 7th June I think. In the past they have extended it though, so you never know :) the telephone box is adorable! I was tempted by that one too!

  9. Thank you Ellie, ended up getting the lovely blue Topaz ring and a matching topaz dangle bead, gorgeous colour for summer. Treated my daughter to a two tone ring that she had wanted for ages. Such a good sale this time, could have bought so much more!

    • You’re very welcome, glad you got some good deals! The topaz beads truly are a lovely shade :) there were some beautiful rings on sale, too – I’m surprised that some of them aren’t better sellers.

    • Darla, it seems the US gets a lot more promos than the UK does, but the only sales we get are on the Rue La La website, which sells genuine Pandora. Rue La La is a website that you sign up for free and they have “events” that last a few days at a time with discounts on top brands. They have been having more Pandora sales lately–at least one every two months or so. However, it is only on items that are retired.

    • Sorry, I missed your comment – officially, Pandora NA does not run sales like these, but the shopping site Rue La La gets all the most recently retired charms at 50% off or so :) Joanne explained it well!

  10. I’ve looked on a few websites, as some have different stock to each other and there’s a lot bigger selection this time. There’s some lovely pieces. I’m tempted, but I’m being good and not buying, as I’ve spent a lot on Pandora this year and need to save for future collections.
    Have you bought anything?
    Thanks for the update.

    • I know, the selection is amazing! I am very impressed that you aren’t buying :) that’s some will power! Unfortunately there were some pieces that I have been waiting for for a long time, so I *had* to get them ;) I got the Dragonflies, Evening Floral, Miss Hedgehog and the silver clip-on safety chain. I have also just seen another bead that I’ve been wanting for ages so may well get that too. Send help! ;)

      • Yeah it is taking some will power, but I just keep thinking of all the new collections still to come out this year and know I need my money for them.
        Sounds like you got some lovely items.

      • You will love miss hedgehog Ellie. The detail on her is amazing! I love her feet and prickles. I got her in the Germany end of year sale :)

        • She arrived today, Hazel! You are right, she is so cute and detailed – her feet are adorable :D It makes me sad that they might not do charms like her so much any more.

  11. Hi Ellie
    got your message about the sale at the same time as the email notification from the Jewel Hut. Had the Pandora e store page and The Jewel Hut page open at the same time comparing both!
    I was absolutely delighted to find the Sprituality essence charm for £19 (rather than £35)as it was the one I was going to get for me new Essence bracelet anyway as I don’t have any charms for it yet!!! (that never happens does it?) anyway also got Stability Essence charm that I had never seen before, some daisy stud earrings, the Tropicana charm (had my eye on that for a while as well) and the Daisy Clip that I was only considering more seriously as a possible buy just the other day. Fantastic Haul £155 worth for £100. I had put much more than that in my shopping bag originally (£200)but had to cut it down as wanting to buy in duty free then in Spain in July for others on my list. Missed out on the red leather bracelet—was out of stock.
    Just succumbed to having another sneaky peak.. HAVE—-to—-Resist—

        • Can’t belI eve it. Ordered from the jewel hut online at approx 12 noon yesterday and my order dropped through my letter box at exactly 11.30 this morning! Now that is a good service especially as no postage costs at all no matter how little ordered. I was beside myself with exitement opening up the package as it was so unexpected that soon. Now the proud wearer of the daisy earrings and stability essence charm. Pandora order due Wed. Just popping into town to see what is left in store. Knew I couldn’t resist more. Ordered the ditsy daisy clip and tempted to get a second one.

      • Reading the information about delivery, Jewel Hut does ship to the U.S., but unfortunately, they are not permitted to ship Pandora products to any location outside the UK. :(

    • Hi Ali! Aw, that is serendipity – a couple of beads I was going to get anyway came up on sale too and I snapped them up (Miss Hedgehog and the two-tone Evening Floral). Yay!
      That is a great haul – it’s so much fun reading about what everyone got! Aha, it is so tempting to go back and just have one more look…. I am doing the same thing! ;) There’s too much choice this time around.

      • ARRGHHH. knew I wouldn’t resist. No queue at the Pandora store in town(surprising!)so I ended up browsing and buying a second Ditsy Daisy clip !! looks lovely in real life. It would have been SO rude not to! I have lots of daisy and flower beads but strangely enough it had never been on my “to buy” list until this week when it suddenly stood out to me as “another daisy theme clip” (and less expensive than the others) when it hadn’t really done so before. Not sure why. Went on “the list” on Wed, went on sale (YEAH)Fri, bought one Fri, bought another Sat. Lurvly.
        Going to a birthday “afternoon Tea” tomorrow so all new purchases that have arrived will be worn.
        Oh yeah another thing. Pandora store still had the Essence charms that were on sale online at full price. They seemed surprised when I told them.

        • Aha, I like your thinking – it would be impolite not to take advantage of all the good prices! ;) I have a lot of daisies as well but they are some of the prettiest charms!

          That’s weird about the Essence beads. Come to think of it, I didn’t see any Essence beads in the sale tray at my local concept store either. Wonder what that’s about!

  12. I’m disappointed that Republic of Jewels doesn’t seem to have the sale since they ship to the US. Oh well…I guess I will have to enlist the help of one of the Angels.

    • Yeah, I’m surprised by ROJ. They normally time their sales with the UK ones. Perhaps they’re just not doing online sales anymore? :S

    • Hi Maya. Do you know if the Republic of a Jewels Ireland website will have the sale? They ship to the U.S.!

    • It’s funny that Pandora Ireland are having a sale but ROJ aren’t! Enjoy your discounts anyhow :D

      • Yes Ellie, i bought snowflake clips with gold at the center, from €59 become €17, it’s a big deal ?? And wedding ring charm from €99 become €49, also family tree charm with gold leaves ??

        • Oh my gosh! What an amazing price for the snowflakes :D They are so gorgeous too!

  13. I only came online an hour ago and then rushed to see if the dragonflies were still on sale. As they were in my basket on the Pandora estore they sold out but I managed to find them on another site plus got 8% cash back which makes it £69 instead of £75 (sounds a lot better!). I hope I don’t get a nasty email saying it was out of stock really.
    I have been really good an only bought that one bead even though the purple spacers, flamingo, pearl shell, trinity dangle and green seaglass were all calling me. I’m trying to resist. Might not last though :p …As I was typing that I just went back to the site and bought the flamingo, pearl shell, trinity dangle and two green seaglass muranos! :O

    • Yay!! I got my Dragonflies, too! I was so disappointed to miss out on it at Rue La La – but now I finally have one on its way to me. :) I forgot to do the cash back thing but I’ll have to remember for next time!
      Ahahaha! I love that we effectively saw that change of heart of yours in real time! :P Great haul, I very much approve your decision to get more. I was tempted by the pearl shell as well. Still might get one!

      • So I definitely have a problem. I was checking all the sites to see if any new things have been added and I saw a few essence beads I thought were pretty: peace, compassion and optimism. They were reduced to £15 each and I was thinking of how they were actual real stones and not just coloured cubic zirconium but it’s a shame as they are being retired and how pretty they were and how just wearing one at a time on a bracelet would be really pretty and elegant… And I bought all three of them! What’s the problem you say? I DON’T EVEN HAVE AN ESSENCE BRACELET! I can’t believe I have widened my addiction to essence! Now I’m going to have to find a good priced essence bracelet on Pandora’s Angels… Oh dear oh dear… ?

        • ????. That’s sooo funny. You defo won’t regret getting an essence bracelet though. Out of my moments, leather and essence bracelets, my essence is the one I wear all the time. It’s so light weight and elegant. I’ve got 4 charms on mine so I need one more to balance it out. I’ve got Love, Dignity, Peace and Balance.

        • Aha Hazel! That is amazing – welcome to the Pandora Essence club, even if you have accidentally found your way there :P

        • After looking on Pandora’s Angels I decided to buy the essence and dignity bundle which was still available on swag, that way I could get the correct size and have a nice new one, plus the dignity pearl which I admired from your review. I am definitely spent out for Pandora though! I am going to visit the outlet shop at Bicester (do you want me to look out for anything for you?) in July so I might get something then but other than that I will have to be a on a self imposed ban.

        • Really beautiful choice, the Dignity Pearl is my favourite Essence bead by far! That is so nice of you to ask re Bicester – I am on a bit of a Pandora ban myself now (with the exception of some summer bits and pieces……… which I have deemed ‘necessary’ :P) so I will probably hold off, but thank you! <3

  14. Hi Ellie,

    I just placed an order for the sale on Jewel First! They ship to the US for 10 pounds! They had beads I’d never seen before. I ordered the moon and the fishbones charms…very excited!

    • Hi Lisa! Oh good! :D Jewel First have a v. good back catalogue of older Pandora charms. It’s so funny seeing how much Pandora has changed…

  15. Just to add: I couldn’t go too crazy, there are a few things I want from the summer collection which is coming out next week…

    • Eugh, I’ve had to reduce my ‘day one’ Pandora Summer 2016 planned purchases because of the sale. ;) It’ll be the Flower Garden muranos and not much else as it stands :P

  16. Ellie, thanks so much for this post, I had just been in town on Thursday so wouldn’t have gone back yesterday if I hadn’t seen your post notification :-) So I made a special trip into town yesterday (though justified it by also getting the kids’ vitamins from Boots :-) I’d looked on the eStore beforehand to make my list, but prefer to see things in person if possible before buying.

    I was amazed by what was in the sale this time. Sure, some things were obvious in the light of ‘updated’ replacements, such as the camera, elephant, kangaroo, but there were things there from as recent as just last spring! I had so many possibles on my list, I could have bought so much more, but I’m a multi-brand collector so couldn’t afford to go too crazy! In the end I limited myself to the viola bloom pendant and birds & branches for my family-garden (/-meadow/-woodland) theme, which had always been in the plan for that bracelet but among the pricier ones, so very happy to get them on sale :-) *And* – completely not part of the plan but too lovely to resist in person – I got the large pave outlines rose ring (don’t know it’s official name.) So beautiful! Very tempted to go back for more, but I *must* save for the flower garden murano, and the trollbeads anniversary bracelet, so I am trying to stay strong!

    • You are welcome, glad it was useful! I think the sale this time was definitely worth the trip ^^

      Ah, I very much approve your purchases! The Viola Bloom pendant was my first ‘high-ticket’ Pandora item, and was a special 21st present from my boyfriend. It’s beautiful and I’m still sad/surprised to see it retired.
      The Flower Garden murano is a very worthy reason to hold back some money – I’m doing the same. We can do it! ;)

  17. Evening Ellie,
    Well I have succumbed to the Sale even though I was on a Pandora ban. It had to be done especially when I found out that these charms are being retired. I’ve gone for the Gingerbread Man, Owl, Turtle and Elephant.I’m still debating getting the Queen Bee charm as it is reduced to £25. Let’s see if it is still in stock come payday.
    I think it’s a real shame that Pandora seems to be getting rid their Character charms in favour of what seems like a million hearts, flowers and sparkles. At the age of 39 these just don’t appeal to me. Also what I like about the character charms is they remind me of places, events and I can have a real “feeling” about them if you know what I mean. If this is the trend for things to come in the company then I’m not sure how many more charms I will like, I may just have to enjoy the charms I already have.
    Hope you had a great haul and I’m looking forward to seeing what you purchased.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Agnes! I was also on a Pandora ban, one which evaporated as soon as I saw all the pretty two-tone pieces :o The Gingerbread Man is adorable – I can’t believe he’s on sale! I am very sceptical that he doesn’t sell amazingly well every Christmas. The Queen Bee is gorgeous and a real Pandora classic; I hope she sticks around for pay day for you!

      I couldn’t agree with you more. While it’s exciting that all these charms are available for a discount, it’s also pretty sad that Pandora are so blatantly changing direction from these quirky and unique little pieces. Pavé and flowers are nice, but for me they need the character beads to give them personality and a bit more flavour. :(

      I will definitely be showcasing my newbies across reviews and other posts over the next few weeks. So pleased with my new pieces – I’ve been buying much more older Pandora than new at the moment! Enjoy your beautiful new pieces too :)


      • Thanks for your response Ellie, it’s so lovely that you take the the time to respond to your subscribers/fans. I really hope Queen Bee will still be there on Thursday when I get paid. I will have to run it past my hubby as I don’t normally buy so many charms in one go, but if they are retiring it would be rude not to.
        Definitely agree with you about the character beads having personality and flavour. Just how many flowers and hearts do we need? Let’s hope that they aren’t completely changing direction. I feel like a lot of Pandora customers like me love the character ones, to remind them of something special. Pandora, please don’t become too samey samey. I look forwards to your next posts.
        Have a good night,

        • Chatting with people on the posts is one of my favourite aspect of blogging! It’s always so much fun to see what people have had to say about each one :) I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your queen bee!
          I know – I wonder if they will backtrack at some point in the future and add more character beads, when people start to miss them. You can’t even really mark out important events in your life, unless it’s graduation or an anniversary, as they have retired a lot of those specific beads.

          Have a good evening Agnes!

        • Hi Ellie,
          It’s great how you can find a little Pandora community through your blog, there are a lot of us Pandora fans out there. I’m seriously considering my Queen Bee, but wanted to ask you a question. I don’t own any other charms with Yellow Gold on them, but I do have a Pandora Rose Gold bracelet. Do you think that the Queen Bee would match with the Rose Gold or would they clash? I can just wear it on my all Silver bracelet as well, but I was just wondering what you thought, does a charm with a bit of Yellow Gold go with Rose Gold. Thanks again for your help. Have a lovely day.

  18. My Pandora order has arrived!!! It’s come in two beautiful Pandora boxes. My red lucky bracelet looks fabulous, I’ll post a pic on Instagram.
    One very happy lady in the house !! Thanks so much Ellie xxx

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