Today’s post looks forward to the Pandora Summer 2016 collection, which is due out in just over two weeks (where does the time go!) on the 2nd of June. :D Split into two categories of ‘Holiday Fun‘ and ‘Oriental Bloom‘, the collection offers a nice divide between the usual fun tropical motifs, and some more thoughtful cultural pieces, such as the amazing Chinese Junk Ship.

This post offers high-resolution images and detailed commentary on all the new pieces, plus pricing – I’ve also included a handful of Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 rumours & teasers at the end!

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

I am so ready for the weather to get sunnier and warmer, and I’ve been daydreaming about past holidays at the beach – consequently, I was very much in the mood for a closer look at the Summer 2016 collection!


First up, we have two new double-wrap leather bracelets – note that they have the more recent spherical Pandora clasps. Pandora stated last year that new limited edition ‘seasonal’ leathers will be a regular thing every summer, which I very much approve of; the first limited edition colour is a gorgeous ‘honeysuckle pink’. This I have to have!

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

Secondly, we have a soft light blue leather. My parents recently brought me back the blue enamel Evil Eye charm from a holiday in Greece and I’ve decided that I also ‘need’ this bracelet on which to wear it. :P

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

Both leathers will be $50 USD or ; but I’ll remind you that the free leather bracelet promo is coming up in the US for June, so it might be worth hanging on and indulging in either one (or both) of them then.


First of all, we have my very favourite new charm of the year so far – the Flower Garden murano, finally!! I have seen some stunning live images of this charm and, if anything demonstrates how far Pandora murano glass has come over the years, it’s this one. Now – fingers crossed that there are no distribution issues with this one, come the 2nd of June…! ;)

It’s priced at $55 USD.


Next, we have two new plain-silver animal charms, which I was so excited to see. These, for me, have a real classic Pandora feel to them and make for such a refreshing change amongst all the more expensive pavé. The Kangaroo & Baby charm does not appear to be up for release in the US, which is a shame; all other regions *should* get this charm.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

Then we have the adorrrable Lucky Elephant. This, by my count, makes the fourth elephant charm Pandora have made so far! With the exception of hearts or flowers, have they ever made so many different versions of a single idea before? A common complaint about all the previous versions is that the elephant’s trunk has been turned down; to be lucky, an elephant talisman should have its trunk turned upwards. Well, it looks like Pandora listened and – this time – they’ve got it right.

The Lucky Elephant is nice and affordable at $35 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

In contrast, these two new fruit charms are a little sparklier! They fit with the whole tropical theme of this collection very well, and they do look rather refreshing. ;) I got the original silver Strawberry back when Andy Murray won Wimbledon and I’m rather fond of it; consequently I don’t think I’ll be indulging in this new version, sweet as it is. It retails for $65 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Pavé Watermelon has split opinion a little, with some finding it fun and summery, and others finding it a bit blingy. I sit comfortably between both camps; I think it’s adorable, but it’s still not something I would really wear. It’s also quite pricey at $65 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Sweet Cherries charm continues the fruity theme, but adds some glossy red enamel to balance out the CZs. It’s $55 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Brazil Heart Flag adds to the set that came out with last year’s Summer collection, priced at $50 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Oceanic Starfish was a favourite from the earlier previews, and the colour looks even prettier in the high-res image! It’s a little pricier at $70 USD, but ever so pretty.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Tropical Parrot is another super cute animal offering this season, although with more enamel and pavé accents than the previous two. This is hardly surprising or really a negative, as parrots are such colourful animals; I love the use of enamel here. It will retail for $55 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

I am curious about this one, as I have a tentative bracelet idea that I might want to use it for – it all depends on how ‘mint’ it is actually in person! It looked almost white in the live shots that came out months ago; but in the stock image, it looks kind of blue. So who knows! ;) It’s $50 USD.pandora summer 2016 high res preview

For some reason or another, I have been obsessing about holidays recently and looking at these beautiful teal shades takes me right back to three years ago, when I spent a week or so in Antigua. The colour is a perfect match for that lovely warm Caribbean sea. The silicone-lined teal Shining Elegance clip is $45 USD.pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Teal Shimmer murano is $50 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Teal Shimmering Droplets particularly captures that gorgeous oceanic feel, at least from the stock image; each stone looks almost liquid. Such beautiful colour! It’s $70 USD.pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The bright reds that make up the Oriental Bloom part of this collection don’t call to me quite so much, but they are striking nevertheless. They’ll definitely come in handy if you are thinking of starting a Chinese New Year-themed bracelet at any point!

The Red Shimmer murano is $50 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res previewThe Oriental Bloom pendant is a straight-up recolour of the Spring 2016 Blooming Dahlia pendant, priced at $55 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Oriental Fan is another of my favourites from this collection; the design is rather elegant. It’s $65 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Chinese Junk Ship has been a very popular pick from the collection, and it’s not hard to see why, with its bright red enamel, stylised detailing and original design. I do wish that there weren’t the CZs on the bail, but you can’t win everything. ;) It’s $45 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The Shimmering Droplets and Shining Elegance charms for this set, however, are not red but honeysuckle pink once again. The Shimmering Droplets is $70 USD.

pandora-summer-2016-honeysuckle-shimmering-droplets The honeysuckle pink Shining Elegance is also silicone-lined and priced at $45 USD.pandora summer 2016 high res preview


There’s a small, but sparkle-intensive, set of jewellery for this collection. First, we have the Shimmering Ocean ring, which is on the expensive side at $135 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The rest of the jewellery continues the oriental theme. Both colours of the Oriental Blossom earring are $45 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

The pink Oriental Blossom ring is $45.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

While the larger, clear version is $70 USD.

pandora summer 2016 high res preview


Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Teasers

I don’t have pictures yet, but I did recently hear some hints and tips on the upcoming Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection from a source who works in a Pandora store!

Reportedly, the collection will include a new bracelet with a spherical clasp featuring the sun on one side and stars on the other, detailed in CZs. Also mentioned were new zodiac charms, in the same style as the current Vintage Letters, a Canadian flag charm, a new clip with love/infinity signs and some dangles for sisters & best friends.

My Comment

I am never quite as keen on Pandora’s summer releases, but this one has a number of charms for which I am really excited! The oriental theme was a great move, I think, and definitely makes this collection stand out a little more for me from those of previous years. The Junk Ship and Oriental Fan are particularly gorgeous.

My must-haves are the leather bracelets, the Flower Garden murano and the two silver animals, which is a pretty healthy wish list for a summer release! I’ll also be wanting the Club charm for 2016, which is gorgeous. Regarding the Pre-Autumn info, I love the sound of the new bracelet and the zodiac charms could be cute, although I have never really been tempted by previous versions at all!

Are you excited for this coming summer collection? Have you got your wish list ready? :D

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  1. Yes, yes. Definitely excited about the summer collection. Counting down to the release. My confirm Wishlist will be club charm and flower garden murano. I do not have a leather bracelet at all, the honeysuckle one seems lovely and maybe I will get that too. Thanks for the pre autumn updates. Hopefully we will have a sneak peek soon.

    • Yay, glad to hear it! ^^ those two do seem to be the most popular choices. The Flower Garden muranos are so, so pretty. They would look nice with the honeysuckle leather I think!

  2. When I saw the watermelon, I instantly thought that I just HAVE to have it! I’ve been looking for so long for something to but next to my red pavé apple charms :) I just love love love the melon! The strawberry charm I find a bit dull though, because it looks almost exactly like the apple charm.. Would not buy it. Thanks for the great post :)

    • Yeah, I also feel that the strawberry pales a little next to the pave apple – the green pave on the Apple is so cute and gives it a little something extra!
      Thanks for commenting <3

    • Love the watermelon too! I also have a pavé apple, right now I am using the ladybug for symmetry.

      I like the parrot too, it can match my seahorse :)

  3. I must say there’s a lot that I like from this release! Both leather bracelets and all the Muranos. The Flower Garden one and pink leather are my must buys and will need to think how to prioritize after that!

    • Me too! I don’t usually get so excited about a summer release, but there are some lovely pieces in this one. As well as the Flower Garden, I’d also like to see the Frosty Mint murano in person. It looks pretty! <3

      • Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing it, too! I’m getting really excited this release! I think I can swing my small bead budget back to Pandora now and I’d like to get both leather bracelets for sure. I just love my green one from last summer!

        • Ah, I love my green leather as well! It’s just so pretty. I’ve just started wearing it again, as it’s getting quite warm and sunny here <3

  4. Hi Ellie :D

    I have a healthy Summer list as well (after all my hauls in April/May). Mainly the leather bracelets, club charm, and the flower garden murano :D Lets hope I stick to it :P The rest is a bit sparkly for me, and the only other charm that has a possibility of coming home with me is the oceanic starfish charm :D The stones do look like water drops don’t they?

    I recently acquired the original teal murano (without the sparkle) so I may pass on the sparkly one for now. I’ve been adoring the non-faceted older muranos more and more! :D And the Angels group doesn’t help with all the amazing deals on everyday! (I honestly don’t know how you resist all those deals, you have to teach me :P)

    I haven’t got my head round Summer yet, and to think we have pre-Autumn updates already! :D they’ve really hit the nail on the head with collectable clasps on bracelets haven’t they? I do love the sun and star concept although I really doubt I need another bracelet lol!

    As usual, lovely updates my dear, and I can’t wait :D That honeysuckle pink is gorgeous! xxx

    • Hi Suzy! :D Your wish list is very similar to mine – those are clearly the most popular pieces from this collection. Although I do like the silver animals, too, which are not at all sparkly either! ^^ You’re right, the starfish and teal shimmering droplets charms do look like droplets; I hope the effect is as good in person!

      Aha, what makes you think that I do resist those deals? :P In all seriousness I have a lot of Pandora these days and I am pretty good at zeroing on charms I really want; I don’t tend to browse the Angels page for deals unless I already have a charm in mind. The times when I splurge are when new collections come out or when there’s an official sale on ;)

      Lol, the bracelets are becoming as collectable as the charms – I quite like that though. I’m such a magpie!

      Thanks for commenting Suzy! Always lovely to hear from you xxx

  5. When I originally saw this collection, there wasn’t anything for me. Know I’ve seen new better pictures, I do love the colour of the honeysuckle pink leather bracelet, so I will go and have a look at it when it comes out. I haven’t got any leather bracelets, so don’t know about the fit of them. I hope it’s not too big in the small size. I want to have a look at the matching clips and see what there like, as I like the colour of them, the design is ok.
    The new bracelet with the sun and star clasp from the pre Autumn collection, sounds nice. I always need more bracelets and I like different designs on the clasps.
    Thank you the update.

    • I’ve seen a couple of live shots of the honeysuckle bracelet recently, and it looks so gorgeous! It would be great with the Flower Garden murano, too.
      Ah, so this would potentially be your first leather – that’s exciting! You must have small wrists. The smallest leather size equates to a 17cm regular Pandora bracelet. I wear a 19cm regular bracelet and wear the medium leather bracelet, which is a perfect fit!
      I like the special-clasp bracelets as well! They are fun to collect and it just makes buying another bracelet that bit more special :)

  6. I really like the ocean starfish and the sweet cherries charms. I ended up getting the 2 charms from Ruelala that I put put on my “still want it” order in addition to the non sold out items I ordered so I will wait a while to get anything else. :)

    • Oh that’s good, I had a couple of success with the ‘still want it’ as well (although not the TT Dragonflies, which is what I really wanted!). It was a great sale at Rue this time around!

  7. Hi Ellie, thank you for the lovely preview. There are no ‘must-haves’ in the summer collection for me. I like the new sparkly muranos but not enough to put them at the top of my wishlist. The leather bracelets are both lovely colours but again I think I can resist for now. The silver animals are very sweet but I have an elephant and don’t want another one. I think this one is very cute though and would maybe work well as a dumbo on a Disney themed bracelet. The droplets are quite pretty but I’d like to see them in real life. I thought I’d like the starfish but I’m not sure now. The parrot is quite cute and fun. I like the idea of him but not at that price ask know I wouldn’t wear it very often. I’m the same with flamingo. Maybe if I see them on the Angels page at a good price I would buy them.
    Thanks again for the preview. Any news from your Pandora friends on when the uk summer sales will be? I’m really hoping to see the two tone dragonfly in them.

      • Angels is a Pandora Selling Page where Ladies sell their unwanted Pandora Charms New & Pre-Loved at Really Good Prices x

      • It’s a Facebook group where people buy and sell Pandora. It’s monitored quite closely and is a very reputable place to obtain rarer pieces or to get good deals on second-hand Pandora. The full name is ‘Pandora’s Angels’. :)

      • Hi Rachel, sorry for not being clearer. It’s an excellent buy and sell group on Facebook called Pandora’s Angels. It’s a great way to buy genuine preloved Pandora as well as take part in promos around the world. I’ve managed to get so many bargains since I’ve joined on Ellie’s recommendation.

    • I’m looking forward to the sale too :-D. I’m hoping I’ll have got myself straight by then as I’ve just indulged in two of the essence promo bracelets :-/. I already know what I want to get my free bracelet in October assuming they run it again but I’m looking for anything in purple in the sale :-).

      • Aha, well rumour has it that there might be some of the gold Essence beads in there at some good prices – so it’s potentially a good time to have started two new Essence bracelets ;)

      • Hi Pat, I was hoping for some purple in the sale too. Last year I got a few things in the republic of jewels sale which weren’t even on the retired list so I’m hoping to have the same experience this time. Their end of year sale was very poor so I hope it’s because they have lots for the summer sale. I was thinking the purple butterfly muranos with the sparkly purple butterfly and the lilac enamel Daisy charm. Then I would like the new dark purple geometric facets to give it bit of a mix in the purple shades. Plus the purple enamel spacers which I have seen reduced but am waiting for now.

    • Hi Hazel, you’re welcome! That is some self-restraint, haha. I usually buy one or two things from each collection, although I used to be better about leaving things before I had the blog. Now I am always looking for new things to review too :)
      Love the idea of using the little elephant for Dumbo! His ears are akimbo in a way that’s just perfect for that. ^^ I understand where you’re coming from with the parrot; with a lot of the brightly coloured summer pieces, I find that I like them but I wouldn’t wear them often enough to justify the price.
      I am hearing that the sale is scheduled for the beginning of June, round the same time as this collection is out. However, there is some conflicting information out there (some are saying that it will be earlier) – but early June is what I heard first. :) I’ll update you guys if/when I hear a specific date!

      • Ooh I’m so excited for the sales. Do you use quidco? Some of the Pandora retailers have very good cash bad offers on there which helps save the pennies. Argento do 9% cash back, John greed, the Jewel hut and swag UK are 8%.

        • Oh that’s a good tip! I hadn’t thought to try it but will from now on. :) Thanks!

  8. Hi Ellie, thanks for your detailed post and teasers. Personally, summer collections don’t quite appeal to me and neither am I a fan of murano charms. However, the flower garden murano is really gorgeous and that is definitely a must have. The junk ship would be perfect without the pave. So until the release, junk ship will remain as a TBC item on my shopping list.

    • No, summer releases are never my favourite either, but the pieces I like this time I really like, so I’m pleasantly surprised! I am also crazy about murano glass, so the recent releases have suited me down to the ground in that respect. The Flower Garden murano is one of my favourite murano beads they’ve ever done already, I think! ^^
      I also dislike the pavé on the Junk Ship – I really hate it when they do that randomly with dangle charms. It just seems so superfluous; that charm really doesn’t need any sparkle!

  9. I really like both the honeysuckle pink and pale blue colours of the new leather bracelets. I don’t have any leather bracelets but the honeysuckle pink might sway me, it would be ideal for a mini floral design. I love all the teal colours as well, the shimmering teal murano looks like it could be stunning. I liked the starfish but I’d have to take a look in real life first. My favourites are still the little elephant and the flower garden murano, I will be bringing that elephant home on 2 June! Thanks for the preview Ellie!

    • Definitely, I imagine there will be a few people putting the honeysuckle leather and the Flower Garden muranos together – they look like they’d be amazing together!
      The teal charms are always beautiful, and so great for summer. I’m also quite intrigued by the frosty mint murano, I’m hoping the colour isn’t too washed out in person! The little elephant will be coming home with me, too, along with the kangaroo at some point. I have two spots marked out for them on my travel bracelet!
      Thanks for commenting, Debbie, glad you enjoyed the preview. :)

    • Hi Susan, just so you don’t miss it – we answered your question further up the comments :)

  10. Hi, Ellie!

    I am counting down the days to the Summer release as impatiently as a child waiting for Christmas. So many pretty things! The new bracelet rumored to be in the Pre-Autumn collection sounds intriguing. I will look forward to getting more information about it and the rest of that collection–and Autumn, of course.

    Thanks, Ellie!

    • Hi Angie! Aha, I am rather doing the same :) a lot of the pieces aren’t for me, but the ones I do like I really love! Flower Garden murano, Club charm, plain silver animal character beads, pretty leathers… <3 <3 I'm also excited to hear more about Autumn, although my mind is pretty occupied by the Summer collection for now. ^^
      Thanks for commenting Angie!

  11. Hi Ellie I really like this collection and there is lots I like everything is so colourful. That’s sounds very interesting about the Autumn collection I can’t believe we are thinking about autumn already. When I was in Pandora I over heard the manager saying that there will be a sale in 2 weeks which is exciting.

    • Hi Nicola! Oh good, glad to hear it <3 I'm not really thinking about autumn yet haha, I'm still deciding where to go for my summer holiday and I'm all about beaches and sunbathing right now! ;)
      That's good news! :D I've heard several dates mentioned for the sale now, not sure which is correct haha.

  12. Hi can you tell me the dates of the leather promo in usa ? Do you know what the spend is also? Thsnks for your informative posts

  13. Hi Ellie
    any sign of a leather bracelet promo in the uk? Do we have to wait until the annual September/October UK promo? Do you have any spare friends in the US who can buy and ship for me when there is (yet another) US promo (not at all jealous!!!)?
    Love the honeysuckle pink one and, finally, I can get the long awaited Flower Garden for my oriental theme bracelet (I think it looks like oriental apple blossom). Do you think it will work opposite my Red shimmer Murano and with Chinese double happiness dangle, red Chinese lantern dangle, round the world and Chinese heart love symbol charm and two firework clips? It looks predominantly red(ish) to me.

    • Hi Ali! They cancelled the leather bracelet promo for the uK last year, and I’ve not heard anything about them running it again this year :( Maybe the Essence bracelet promo was meant to replace it. If you’re looking for a US buddy to help you out, definitely try one of the Pandora FB groups – there are so many kind ladies there! Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe are good ones, and they are all monitored so that only approved members can help out with transactions – it’s a safe place to buy and sell Pandora :)
      Yes, I love that idea; I think the Flower Garden murano would be great with the red beads. Funnily enough, a recent live image of the collection I found featured exactly that kind of combination:
      [caption id="attachment_14634" align="aligncenter" width="600"]pandora summer 2016 Image by InStyleMexico[/caption]

      • Wow yes the flower Garden Murano looks fab with the Asian theme. Can’t wait to get it.
        Also-Just had a look on the Argento website with a view to buying through “topcashback” site for 9% off as suggested in another post (can’t find it to thank them). They are selling the Essence birth sign charms for £19 (still full price £35 on The Jewel Hut site. Also red Enamel Chinese lantern only £19 and Chinese “love” heart are only £15 on estorePandora website (this is where I bought mine. you have to put in order in lowest to highest price to find them. Good to share the bargains! more money saved for more charms!!!
        keep up the great work Ellie

        • Thanks for the heads-up on the discount prices – the sale has been amazing this time around! I’ve spent too much but have got some charms I’ve wanted for a long time :)
          Thanks – hope you continue to enjoy <3

  14. I see the pear on the bracelet in the image… Is it still exclusive or are we getting it in the US to?

    • I hear that it is coming out in Europe this summer, but I don’t think the US is getting it for now. That particular campaign image might be intended for a specific region, like Europe or Asia. :)

  15. Hi Ellie! Yay! The Summer release is finally here! I love both of the leathers and the Oceanic Starfish. The Mint Blue Murano looks really lovely too. I may have to add it to my with list! <3

    • Hi Carol! I am also considering the Mint Blue murano, which I hadn’t really noticed before. I’m hoping the colour is not too pale in person :D

  16. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you so much for reviewing the summer collection. Can’t wait to see the Flower Garden Murano.
    I think it would look very nice on the pink honeysuckle leather bracelet or jyst the silver charms bracelet as,well.
    I can’t wait to see both of them in person.
    I have to say some of the colors on line are more vibrant then when u see it in person it is much lighter.
    I am also interested in the teal clips and the real murano and the droplets in honeysuckle and teal droplets,as,well.
    I also purchased the Disney Rapunzel Murano and like that it glossary in the dark but am little disappointed that it is so light. It’s not like how the pic is online.
    Did u ever get my emails with the pics of the bracelets I sent you? Was anxiously waiting for your opinion.
    What do u think of the Disney Rapunzel?Any suggestions for chsrms to match or go with the murano?
    Hope to hear from you you soon.

    • Hi Laura! I’m sure the Flower Garden murano will be just as vibrant in person; it certainly looks it from the live photos I’ve seen. I’m really excited for that one!
      Aw, I’m sorry to hear that about your Rapunzel murano. A friend of mine in the US said that they can vary in depth of colour a little bit, and that some are paler than others. I really like the Rapunzel murano in theory, and I’d try and pick one that is as deep in colour as possible. I think maybe pair it with other deeper purples, so that they work to bring out the colour as much as possible; it might also look nice with cute pinks, as it’s quite pinky in tone. I saw one photo of it with the Dazzling Daisy Fairy that looked amazing! I’ll have a proper think soon about what might go with it, especially as I am planning on getting a couple soon too.
      Ah, yes, I did get your emails – I’m so sorry, I completely forgot I hadn’t replied to you. I’ll add it to my to-do list and get back to you soon :) It’s still quite a busy time and sometimes I get a lot of emails in one go and things get buried. So sorry!
      Thanks for commenting Laura and for your patience regarding the emails :)

  17. Also I think it’s great that they are coming out with more friendship charms in September. I am really excited about that.
    I actually have made a comment to pandora that they should come out with different friend charms…hmmm..maybe they listened lol:)

    • Aha, I’m sure Pandora are listening to our suggestions really, even if they say that they don’t. And Pre-Autumn would be end of July, so even better! :)

  18. Thank Ellie for the great preview…
    I am addicted into murano recently so i’ll be getting flower garden, mint and red murano for sure. i cannot wait to see the new bracelet with sun and star clasp, OMG… Pandora seems like launching more and more bracelet with different clasp, this is really killing my budget… God bless me

    • You are welcome! I love murano glass, so I’m glad to hear that you’re a fan too :) the glass beads have been improving year on year from Pandora and it’s really nice to see them get more creative with some of the techniques!
      Lol, I was just writing up a review to go out next week and said exactly the same thing about all the different new bracelets! They are almost as collectable as the charms these days haha!

  19. I will get Flower murano and Club charm to get free bracelet. Small list for summer collection.

    • Those are definitely the two most popular items :) I’ll be getting both of those, plus the silver animals and then the two leathers in the US bracelet promo!

  20. Hi Ellie. I don’t have any “must haves” from this collection, but I definitely would like to see the flower garden murano, the Chinese junk ship, the oceanic starfish, the tropical parrot (pretty colors), the club charm, and the two new leathers. So I may end with some of those! I don’t have any leather bracelets yet, and considering these are limited, I may get end up getting them. Yes, where does the time go?! This release will be here soon. The celestial bracelet in the pre-autumn release sounds intriguing.

    • Hi Judy! Well, that’s still a good ‘maybe’ list – you’ve got lots to investigate. ^^ I love my leather bracelets and the trend of doing limited edition colours for each summer is kind of a fun (if expensive) concept – you should really consider them! They are so great for mini designs, or just for wearing without charms too :)
      Aha, I know! It seems like this year has flown by in particular.

  21. Hi Ellie. I’m so excited about the Summer collection. I love the teal charms and wish I could get all. My first bracelet that I received for Valentines day last yr was with the teal charms. The pinks are also beautiful and I know that I should be a good mum and get that for my daughter but its so hard to decide on which teal charms to choose for myself. I know that you’re the only person who could understand my dilemma. I hope the collection is launched at the same time in South Africa.
    Best regards

    • Hi Annie! Oh good, glad to hear you’re enthused for this collection <3 Haha, I do very much understand your dilemma, but I imagine a lot of other ladies who comment here also feel your pain! The 2nd of June is officially the global release date, although sometimes individual regions vary a little bit - it should be out in South Africa then :)

  22. Hi Ellie! All of the Summer releases look absolutely fabulous, however, that Elephant is calling my name the loudest. ;)

    When starting a new threaded bracelet, do you tend to fill the center first or do you evenly space out your charms throughout the three sections?

    • Hi Kate! The elephant is so cute; I have a real soft spot for elephants and elephant-themed things, too – my first Pandora charm ever was the African elephant charm!

      I evenly space my charms where I can. It’s not good for the bracelet to fill up one section and leave the others empty, as it puts extra strain and weight on that particular part of the bracelet, which can cause kinking. This did happen to two of my first bracelets, before I knew better. Luckily the store was able to repair one and replace the other! :) I’m not totally religious about spacing beads exactly evenly as I build a bracelet, but I make sure that I don’t put all the beads in one section.

  23. My only must have is the honeysuckle pink leather, I am definitely getting that when they do the free leather bracelet promo! I will probably get the Bound by Love heart/gold bow charm and another Picking Daisies for the spend. If I see some other charms I want maybe I will get the light blue leather too. These charms are all fine, just not calling out to me. I have Ohm’s pave watermelon which I love, in my opinion has better detail than this one with black crystals for seeds and rind detailing on the silver part. The animals are cute but I have the old version kangaroo and elephant which I love.

    Excited for pre-autumn and autumn/winter previews! I know that Las Vegas JCK show is when first looks at autumn/winter usually appear, and just looked it up and this year it starts June 2 so not long to wait :-) Hoping for a return to some more unique designs. The bangle with the sun and stars sounds nice, especially if they do a promo for it like they did with the Dainty Bow bangles.

    • You’ve been waiting a long time now for that Bound By Love charm, it seems! I admire your self-restraint ^^ I have an older version of the elephant, which is one of my absolute favourites, but this new one is also very cute – and besides I feel like new plain silver offerings from Pandora should be encouraged :P

      Oh gosh, that is soon! I don’t know where this year is going, it seems to be flying by. I haven’t even started to think about autumn yet, it feels like I just got finished with the spring previews lol! I wonder what themes they’ll go with for autumn. It would be nice to have them do something a little different as they went so down the beaten track with spring, but I won’t get my hopes up too much!

      • Well, I buy from other brands too when they have deals so I need to spread out my purchases a bit anyway ;-)

        I can’t wait to see what they do for autumn this year! :-D

        • I just got the Bound by Love charm, and it is so pretty, I am so pleased with it! Even my friend who laughs at my Pandora addiction said it was totally adorable! I am sure you will be happy with it!

        • Oh good, I’m glad you love it Debbie! I saw it in a store and thought it was lovely, the pave doesn’t bother me, looks like a little frame!

        • @Natalie – haha, this is why I just do Pandora. I know that I wouldn’t have the self-restraint and it would end up just being me and a huge pile of beads! ;)

          @Debbie – yay! Glad you love your Bound by Love as well :)

        • Haha Ellie, you know me too well, pile of beads! ;-) But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  24. Hi Ellie! Thanks for the preview and lovely HQ images. The Lucky Elephant will definitely be coming home with me…so cute. The Flower Garden Murano is also on my list along with the Honeysuckle Pinks and Teals. The Frosty Mint Murano has my attention after seeing the HQ images. Hoping the color will be as strong as the Oceanic Starfish appears to be. I’m still on a waiting list for Luminous Elegance Pearl Dangle from Mother’s Day release.

    Thanks for the Pre-Autumn bracelet info. The sun and stars spherical clasp sounds lovely. Wish Pandora would add some more silicone clips soon. I’m enjoying my thread less bracelets so much, but need more clips. Some two tone and plain silver would be nice. I got them for the original recommendation of wearing only five to seven charms. This is much more comfortable for me and great for mini designs.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your bracelet designs. Loved the addition of Belle Murano to your two-tone bracelet. The Heart and Crown safety chain is beautiful. BTW, I’m still working on designs for the White Rabbit. It will have to be a mini design, but that works for me.

    Have A Nice Day!

    • Hi Emily! You are welcome, glad you enjoyed them. Your picks are very similar to mine; I’m also intrigued by the Frosty Mint murano, and will be very interested to see what the colour is actually like in person!

      I expect we will at least get some more colours of the silicone clips in the Autumn collection :) I’d love some plain silver designs, but won’t hold out too much hope… or at least some more enamel designs, without the pavé!

      Thanks, Emily! More reviews are coming up – I have a few to squeeze in before Summer launches. :D Some Disney and Spring are still left to do! I have a place for my White Rabbit charm now, and I will have to try and get a photo of that design into a review soon. You will have to keep me posted on what you decide!

      Have a nice day too and thanks for commenting!

  25. Hello Ellie,
    I was just curious if you knew of Elisa Ilana and if they are a legit Pandora retailer? Anyone know?

  26. Hi Ellie,
    I am currently possibly looking to buy a gently used Pandora for my niece, she is younger so I don’t want to spend too much until we see how she cares for it. Are you able to email me so I can show you the pics and get your advice? It appears to be authentic but I would like a second opinion.

    • Hi Ashley! Feel free to email me – there’s a contact form you can use here:
      Although please bear in mind that I have a bit of a backlog of emails so it might be a couple of days before you hear from me :) I need to sit down this week and blitz them one evening!

  27. The flower garden murano us absolutely gorgeous!! I currently don’t own any muranos so this will definitely be my first one!!

  28. Hi Ellie I don’t suppose you have any more info when the sale is going to start I can’t wait much longer

    • Aha, sorry Nicola – I honestly didn’t know beforehand that it was going to be the 20th! I was told June to start with :)

  29. Hi Ellie! Awesome preview, as always! I love how detailed and informative you make them!

    I am SO excited (as I’ve mentioned many times haha) for the Floral Garden murano! My nature bracelet has unintentionally become a four seasons bracelet, so I might also get the Mint Shimmer murano since each murano I have on that bracelet “looks” like a season. Even though it’s being released for summer, I think I’ll put the mint one next to my Black Friday snowflake to represent winter :)

    Seeing the HQ photo of the new light blue leather bracelet, I might actually participate in the leather promo. Not only do I love that color (very versatile since it looks like silver) but I love the rounded clasp on the leather rather than the traditional one. And, I’ll feel better about stacking the leather with my silver bracelet since it won’t ding it up too badly. How do you feel that the leather holds up?

    Also, I noticed on the promotions page that you have an earring promo listed for July. Do you have any updates on that?

    • Hi Kristen! Thank you, that’s so nice to hear. :D Before I started blogging I always enjoyed reading other people’s thoughts on new collections so I try to make my previews as detailed as possible!

      That is such a great idea with the muranos & seasons! Very apposite for a nature theme too. I have heard from a couple of people who have seen it in person that it is very pale in colour and not very blue or minty at all, so it may or may not work for you. We will have to see if there’s any variation in the depth of colour.

      I have found my leathers very durable. I’ve not had any flaking or stretching etc, and the colour on my oldest leather (which is four years old) is pristine. However I don’t wear them as much as I do my silver bracelets and they have a pretty easy life, haha. I also make sure I stick to the charm limits (they tend to have about five charms max on them), which helps. Basically – if you look after them and don’t overload them, they should last fine :)

      Ah, yes – I do! Thanks for reminding me. I’ve just updated the Promos page. Basically, the earrings promo works in the same way as the usual ring promo. Buy two pairs of earrings and get a third pair free (which must be the least expensive). :)

  30. This week I was able to get the 2 new leather bracelets. I also got the garden murano, oriental fan, ocean starfish charm, lucky elephant, frosty mint murano and the parrot. All are gorgeous! I put the new blue starfish charm and frosty mint on the blue bracelet. The frosty mint looks white with just a hint of blue. When paired with the new blue it is gorgeous! The floral garden murano goes great with the honeysuckle pink bracelet and the orchid dangle.
    I love them all!
    Thanks for a great review!

  31. My Pandora store told me last week that there will be a promotion along with the new releases on June 2, 2016. It is a free bracelet with the purchase of $100 in charms. Go shopping ladies!

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