Today’s post brings another AW16 sneak peek, with a preview of the limited edition Pandora Christmas ornament for 2016! This will not be available until much later in the year, but we already have sneak peeks at this year’s design. :D

pandora christmas tree ornament banner

For the uninitiated, the Christmas ornament gift-with-purchase is a tradition that Pandora have been running for a few years now; it’s one of the most fun promos that Pandora run all year and it’s always fun to see what ornament design they’ve come up with each time! To see previous designs, have a look through the Pandora Christmas Ornament tag – otherwise, read on for a sneak peek at this year’s!

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2016

The Christmas ornament for 2016 has been revealed as a rather lovely porcelain present design, with quilted detailing and little silver baubles. It features the usual ribbon to hang it from your tree (not that I ever do with mine – I’m always terrified of them smashing!).

This sneak peek is published with the very kind permission of the lovely Pandora’s Angels Facebook page; please do not reproduce without crediting them.

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2016
Image courtesy of Pandora’s Angels – please do not reproduce without credit

The ornament is usually available as a GWP promotion, and historically has been available in a wide variety of regions including North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. More details as to the promo dates and the spends will be available closer to the time – you can typically expect it to run during December in North America. :)

My Comment

This is one of my favourite Pandora promotions; it’s another fun thing to collect, and it always gets me into the Christmas spirit when I see this promo advertised and all the Christmas gift bags in store! This year’s design is another lovely one, I think; I imagine the little hole in the side of it is to put a gift bag with a charm inside – the perfect way to present to someone their Pandora Christmas present! ^^

This is my collection of ornaments so far; I think this new one will look very nice alongside them! :D

pandora christmas ornament 2015 snowflake

Do you like this year’s design? Do you have any ornaments from previous years?

38 Comments on Pandora Christmas Ornament 2016 Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Ellie my first decoration was last years which is lovely I can’t believe it’s June and were already seeing pics for Christmas. It’s crazy how advance they are but I guess they have to with making all the new designs. I wasn’t going to get last years but when I added some Xmas presents I was going to get from there it hit the spend. So I will probly do that again.

    • Hi Nicola! Aha, I know… it’s always surreal getting the Christmas previews in the summer. :D I have just two, the 2014 and 2015 ornaments, but at some point I might go back and try find some of the older porcelain ones!

  2. I like this years design. The quilting detailing and silver baubles on it are nice. I don’t have any of the ornaments yet.

    • Yeah, I like those little details as well! <3 I don't really collect the ornaments properly, but I've started trying to get them each year if it works out with what I'm buying!

  3. Love and will be getting it. I have every single Pandora Christmas Ornament. I even have more than 1 on some of them. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your comments.

    • Oh wow, amazing collection! I am tempted sometimes to go back and try and find some of the older porcelain ones – but there are always new charms to buy, so it falls by the wayside haha.
      Glad to hear you enjoy the posts & comments – thanks for commenting! <3

        • Wow, three! I’ve not even got one haha. I wish I’d got one at the time now!

        • Wow, I didn’t know they had three haha! I just got the Christmas Tree ornament from last year. I also have the snowflake from last year and the sleigh from 2014. I will definitely be getting this one as well. I love the quilting detailing on it! I wonder, with the popularity of Jard’s ornament last year, if they will be doing another one too.

  4. Hello
    Wow! Christmas teasers already! This newest ornament looks lovely and will fit in beautifully with the previous designs. With the exception of the very first one and the Jared’s exclusive last year, I have all of the ornaments to date. I am pretty confident this one will be coming home with me too. Thank you for sharing this lovely bit of news.

    • Hi Janet! I know, it is very early to be starting to think about Christmas. ^^ But kind of fun, nevertheless! I think that Jared exclusive ornament is going to become quite HTF… I regret not getting my hands on one at the time!
      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the preview :)

      • Yeah, I had trouble getting my hands on the Jared ornament last year. Only one out of the three locations in my area had it last year, and they didn’t have if available to order over the phone.

        • I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed my chance of getting it for a reasonable price – if they do another Jared ornament this year, I’d be very tempted to get it there and then this time around!

  5. Wow, love this year ornament! I have the ornaments from 2011 to 2015. I don’t like the previous ones since they are not ceramic. The hardest one to find was Jared’s ornament from last year. I’m glad I found it. Can’t wait to have this, to keep with my collection. :)

    • I’m only really interested in collecting the ceramic ones too – they seem like more of a set :) I so regret not getting the Jared tree when it was around, as I’m sure it’s going to be the hardest to find in the future. Congrats on finding yours! ^^

  6. Ellie,

    Well, it seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas, then again we are having a rather cool June in my part of the world, even had yo turn the heat back on in my house to take away the chill. I have four Christmas ornaments, the Santa, stocking, snow flake & sled. I like the Christmas present. And the idea of it holding a charm. I am relieved it isn’t a

    I will have yo plan my husbands Christmas shopping to coincide with the release of the ornament.

    Very nice of the Pandora Angels to send the sneak peek.

    Thanks Ellie.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! It is ridiculously early to be thinking about Christmas but fun nevertheless! The weather is doing all sorts here in the UK as well; it was very hot and humid and unpleasant last week, and now it’s gone cold and I had to wear a coat today. :S
      Aha, they’ve not done a heart Christmas ornament yet, that’s a good point. But give them time! ;)

      Thanks for commenting Lisa!

  7. I also have the ornaments from 2011 to 2015 except Jared exclusive one. I definitely cannot miss this one when it comes…

    OMG, Ellie, i’m in Xmas mode now, it seems too early to say that but i am really really excited as i will be celebrating Xmas in my new house this year, i wish to setup a nice Xmas tree for this year…

    • Great collection! I have missed out on a few of the ornaments, but maybe some day I will go back and find them all. The problem is that there are always charms I want more! ;)

      How lovely that you’ve got a new house to start some new Christmas traditions in! :D it is funny how these previews put us in Christmas mode way too early, haha. I had my Christmas bracelet planned out over the summer last year! ;)

  8. Wow! I need this one in my life. Desperately still looking for the Jared’s exclusive Tree. I’m soo excited for Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time ? Thanks for sharing Ellie.

  9. Ellie,

    With temps nearing 100° and a heat index of 107° today, I welcome thoughts of Christmas! I have never collected any of Pandora’s ornaments, but I would like to begin my collection with this years lovely present design.

    Thanks for the pictures, Ellie!

    • Haha, I know the feeling! The weather was so muggy here last week, although it seems to have got a bit colder this week. It was so unpleasant in the office, even with the fans going!

      This ornament is lovely and a great way to start your collection :) a lot of the older ornaments are quite inexpensive, so you could always expand your collection later too!

      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting!

  10. Hi Ellie! I am a Pandora fan and absolutely love your blog! This comment is off the topic of Pandora ornaments though. I had just received an e-mail from Rue La La that they will be featuring Pandora starting tomorrow (16 June) at 11 AM ET. Thought you and your readers might want to know! : ) Emme

    • Hi Emme! Thank you so much for the heads-up! I would not have seen that otherwise, so it’s very much appreciated <3 I notice that there are a couple of rose gold pendants and some other new things advertised, so hopefully it'll be another good one :D
      So pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog, and thanks again for sharing. Ellie

  11. How can I get added to Pandora Angels on Facebook. I’ve been waiting forever and I even messages the admin but nothing. Can someone add me? TIA ?

  12. I did not know that Jared also provided Pandora ornaments. Can someone tell me when this started so I can start collecting their ornaments also?

    Thank you

  13. Hi, just wondering what you have to spend to get the annual Christmas ornament or how does it work?

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