Today’s post brings a small update on the upcoming Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 collections, with some live shots and info that have leaked in recent Pandora AW16 previews in the US and UK! :D

Image by youyourwedding
Image by youyourwedding

With the JCK convention in Las Vegas and a recent AW16 preview for jewellery publications and other members of the press, we have a look at some of the collection’s key pieces!

All images pictured here belong to their respective owners, who are noted in the captions; please do not reproduce them without credit.

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 Teasers

We got our first exciting sneak peek at the Pandora AW16 collections thanks to some photos uploaded to Facebook by someone who attended Pandora’s presentation at the JCK jewellery convention in Las Vegas (hat tip to Natalie for finding them!). Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the images here, as I didn’t hear back after sending a couple of requests asking for permission to share them. I apologise for this, but I’ll link to them instead and summarise here what was revealed in them. If you can’t find the photos via the link, shout and we should be able to help you find them!

Image by Pandora NA
Image by Pandora NA

The images come from a Facebook page belonging to Trân Võ: the most exciting one is this shot of the Autumn 2016 catalogue itself. Here’s what I can make out from zooming in on it:

  • Silver character charms in the top row on the left, including what looks to be an owl, a dog and little prince/princess charms
  • More colours of the Radiant Hearts charms
  • Dark Purple Shimmer murano
  • What look to be two new silicone-lined clips – one seems to be called Row of Hearts and is possibly plain silver, while the other is Shining Path and has a strip of CZs down the middle
  • Steady Heart clip with pink CZ
  • A new safety chain! Its thin style indicates that it is possibly silicone-lined as well and could be intended for use with the threadless bracelet
  • A new open-ended Pandora Signature bangle
  • Lots more pavé and heart designs

One of the most intriguing items pictured in the catalogue is a brand new necklace concept, which the Pandora CEO termed in a recent interview as a ‘floating locket’. If you’re familiar with the brand Origami Owl, the concept borrows a lot from that; it’s a customisable charm necklace. You put tiny sets of charms inside a locket with a clear front.

If you look at the catalogue shot posted by Tran Vo, you can see that there are a few sets of three mini charms – presumably to be put inside this necklace, which is pictured here in an image from Pandora UK’s AW16 preview.

pandora floating necklace 2016
Image by Professional Jeweller

You can see one set of mini charms in these preview images – they include two interlocking hearts with a crown on top, a pavé heart locket and a love bead.

pandora autumn 2016 floating necklace
Image by Retail Jeweller

I also have just a couple of stock images of some of the Pandora Autumn 2016 jewellery, including two rings and a pair of earrings. There appears to be a new version of the gold Hearts of Pandora ring, but with what looks to be an enamel strip half way along the pavé:

You can see the new pair of earrings in the campaign image, along with a pair of matching rings:

pandora autumn winter 2016
Image by S Magazine UK

Most excitingly, perhaps, we also have a look at the new Christmas and Winter charms! (They appear to have displayed some of the Christmas 2015 charms as well – there are some older pieces mixed in with the new).

Here, we can see that the Pandora Christmas 2016 collection again has a lot of red enamel and red pavé. On the left, the centrepiece of the bangle is a new button-style present charm, with red pavé and a clear pavé bow. I can’t tell for sure what the central charm on the right bangle might be: is it a gingerbread man silhouette? If so, I think I much prefer the older cute enamel dangle gingerbread man!

pandora winter christmas 2016
Image by Retail Jeweller

In the next shot, we get a closer look at the Christmas charms, bottom left. There is:

  • a little cat holding a red enamel present, which looks a lot like the Black Friday 2013 charm
  • candy-stripe enamel/pavé charms,
  • a new Christmas Tree with multi-coloured stones and what might be a gold star on top
  • Sleigh with a red-enamel Father Christmas
  • a little figure, with red enamel robe or dress
pandora winter 2016
Image by youyourwedding

(All the blue charms are from last year’s Winter 2015 collection.) You can also see some more Autumn 2016 charms at the top right, including the little silver Princess charm, an intricate Gothic-style heart charm and a silver heart with the word ‘Free’ with a little bid flying away from the end of it.

My Comment

The most intriguing pieces revealed so far for me are the new silver silicone clip designs and the new safety chain, which I would love to add to my threadless bracelet, and the new necklace concept has potential. I’d also love a closer look at the new silver animals pictured in that blurry catalogue shot! The Pandora Christmas 2016 charms are kind of more of the same.

I’m disappointed not to see any Halloween-themed beads yet, but I live in hope! Maybe there is more to see for Autumn.

What can you make out from these initial images? Does anything catch your eye?

137 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 Teasers

    • I am aware that there are a lot of new pavé charms, and that this isn’t necessarily going to go down that well with many collectors :(

      • Chamilia is another brand with pave charms; I also think Pandora is starting to look more like them as well. I am personally excited to see the Autumn charms and cannot wait until they release quality pictures. So far, the Owl, Christmas tree, and the heart that is inscribed “free” are my favorites. I may be mistaken, but does that charm right of Santa and his sleigh perhaps Mrs. Clause in the last picture? If so, that would be adorable! Thank you for posting these pre release pictures! Autumn and winter (for some inexplicable reason) has always been my favorite season from Pandora. :) Cheers!

  1. I think it might be a cat holding the red present :-) you can just make out a little ear from under the hat. If it is that will be my Christmas buy :-)

    • Ah! You are absolutely right! If you click on the image and look at it full size, you can absolutely see that. And that makes total sense as they did a Christmas dog charm last year.
      The charm I thought was a bell is also an angel or a little person of some sort. :S

  2. I think the Christmas charm to the left of the sleigh looks like a cat holding the present?!? Although it does seem to have something on its head resembling a flat cap, ha ha, so maybe not :)

    • Yes, it’s definitely a cat – a cat in a hat! :P I was too excited to put the post together this evening and didn’t look close up at all the charms!

  3. Hi Ellie! wow! so surprised to see an Autumn preview! once again….there is very little appealing me….I’m only curious about the new necklace concept….here in Ireland Argento sells a similar necklace (the brand is Stories) and I was thinking to buy one…..the necklace is quite expensive while the charms inside are very cheap even if there are only letters, numbers, birthstones and some hearts….I think now I’ll wait for Pandora’s version first! the only thing on my wishlist for the momebt will be the pink leather bracelet from summer collection and the zodiac charm from the preAutumn…..maybe I can hope in the plain silver silicone clips! can’t wait for better pictures!

    • Hi Sara! It seems like quite a few other brands do something similar, from reading comments online. It’s quite a cute concept but I’m not sure it’s for me – and it’ll depend on what sets of charms they offer to start with, too!
      My wish list so far – I would like the bracelet from the Pre-Autumn collection, the Autumn 2016 safety chain, the plain-silver silicone stoppers and maybe the plain silver animals, depending on what they are. Not sure on any of the Christmas beads so far!

  4. I really don’t like these :( I’m finding more Ohm Beads and Trollbeads that I prefer. It makes me very sad that quietly literally everything now has pavé and they’ve lost that original feel of their charms. I always look forward to the Autumn/Winter collection. I’m hoping some more plain style charms come out with these or I’m converting!

    • Exactly my thoughts. I am very thankful for the preview, but it makes me feel sad that there is nothing I would like. It is like when you already know that you will break up with your boyfriend but you postpone it because you went through so much together and there had been good times.
      I can imagine Ohm headquarters popping bottles of champaigne now :) They for sure get most of my bead budget and I bet I am not the only one…

      • Aha, Jana, that’s a very good analogy. I think I’d probably just tone down my bead collecting a lot rather than switch brands (it’s an expensive hobby, lol) but I understand why people are doing it. Ohm Beads are doing a lot of things right for people who like to collect charms properly!

    • Yeah, I miss the character charms as well – but it does look like there may be a few in this release, so I’ll wait for a better look at everything. Ohm Beads seem to be filling the gap really well at the moment – there have been some amazing and really fun designs – so I understand you wanting to switch!

  5. Hi Ellie . So excited about seeing new collections. I am more interested in the Fall collection since I can’t think about Christmas now lol. Is there any muranos in the Autumn collection ? I couldn’t tell from the link you provided. Thanks again

    • Hi Linda! I wrote down what you can see in the Autumn catalogue shot, and there is a new ‘Dark Purple Shimmer’ murano. Didn’t see any others!

  6. As a cat lover, I will definitely need the new Christmas cat charm, and I love the look of thr new Christmas tree as well. I’m definitely excited about the new silver silicone clips, and I hope they are less expensive than the pave options. I’m someone who hates my charms rolling around on bangles and leathers, so these are very useful for me, and it would be nice to have more options. I’m interested in seeing the new open-ended bangle as well. The new necklace concept looks intriguing, but it’s not the style I usually go for.

    • I am new to cat ownership (well, kind of – I got my first cat last summer!) after having dogs for years, and I think I will probably have to get that one to go with my Christmas Puppy! It’s funny that they’ve done yet another Christmas tree charm! This is their fourth, I think. I guess maybe they’re just doing one every year now haha.
      I am really excited to see them do some more of the silicone-lined clips, as well, especially as the plain silver one will almost certainly be cheaper. Charms rolling around bangles and leathers drive me crazy too, and so I’d definitely invest in more of the silicone clips if they came out with some pretty designs!

  7. Waouh Ellie !
    I have three very favorite : I saw a grany with glasses who (I think) is cooking some good things for christmas ! It is absolute me !
    The second is the tree with different color of zircon.
    And the third is the the sledge, and I saw perhaps a Santa inside ?
    The others need to saw in real, but for me the christmas are my best. I have one and a half finished, I think that I could finished my second and perhaps I will be able to begin a third of it this year ???
    eh eh jingle bells, jingle bells, and no I haven’t drink any thing !

    • Yay I’m glad you’ve seen things you like Isabelle and that it’s got you in the festive spirit in this fine month of June, lol! I think that is Father Christmas in the sledge, and the theory going round is that the other granny charm is Mrs Claus. :D

      I have one spot left on my Christmas bracelet from last year… so I will have to choose wisely ;) It will most probably be the cat Christmas charm, going off what we’ve seen here so far!

  8. Hi Ellie, I am so excited to see the post with pictures of what charms are coming out. Unfortunately, nothing really caught my eyes to want to buy. Perhaps i will be safe from these two collections. I have not gotten the white abundance of love and that is because I’m looking for something that can match and go on the opposite side of it. Crossing my fingers there will be something. Like the mysterious white crystals snow globe that leaked out last year, rumoured to be black Friday charm.

    • Hi! I have seen a couple of things that I definitely want (e.g. the safety chain) but will reserve judgement on the rest for now. I really like the little Christmas cat charm (and it reminds me of the Waving Cat cat charm, which I love).
      I don’t think they’re coming out with that other snow globe charm :( They said that they pulled it and replaced it with the two-tone version that came out. They just accidentally released the stock image as an autumn release to some retailers, including their own website! :(

      • That is sad. So many wonderful comment of it. I will have to look for something else in future collection then.

        • Hi Starlight, perhaps you should try the luminour heart charm to match your white abundance of love charm. I think this would be a great match – xoxo

        • Thanks Xoxo for your suggestion. I agreed it will be a great match. But I’m looking for something that is more interesting and not a heart design. I’m hopeful that something will come up that I like eventually. Just have to wait patiently.

  9. Ooh, thanks for these pics Ellie! And the shoutout ;-) I’m really liking that detailed gothic style heart, I think it’s called Opulent Heart from what I can make out of the blurred catalog page. It’s on my list with 2 Row of Hearts silicone clips so far. Like you, I want betters pics of the silver animals (owl and dog?). The Christmas charms are meh for me. That is a giant silver gingerbread man, not good at all, the dangle is way cuter! I don’t care for the locket having the Pandora branding going around it (I didn’t notice that before), I wasn’t planning to get it anyway as I already have one of these floating lockets in a heart shape.

    I was able to go to my Pandora retailer yesterday and got my charms and pink leather! I got the Bound by Love and Picking Daisies as planned, with new pink leather free gift. They didn’t have the Club Charm so I got 2 Ruby geometric facets to get the new blue leather free gift. They didn’t have my size for the blue leather so had to order it but I should get it in the next couple of weeks hopefully. I love these new leathers, my Trollbead silvers fit on them with no threads which is great, and I can wear it as a necklace too (I got medium size)! They also had a promo going where for every $100 spend you get a $25 free gift card to use later, so I will get $50 in gift cards! I didn’t get any of the new summer charms, the watermelon did look much nicer in person, if I didn’t already have Ohm watermelon I might have gotten it and may still get it later since it is more pink and the Ohm watermelon is more red. The Pandora watermelon would be really cute on the new pink leather bracelet.

    • Hi Natalie! Of course, I had to credit you – that was all your top-notch detective work. :P No, the original Gingerbread enamel pendant is way cuter for me as well… it’s one of my favourite Christmas charms they’ve ever done, so I’m a little confused as to why they would want to replace it with this one. It must sell well, I’m sure!

      Yay! Amazing leather bracelet haul :D I just got the blue leather myself (the pink leather is still on its way from the US) and it’s such a pretty colour in person. A soft but vivid blue :) It’s great that your Trollbeads fit on these leathers, I wonder why they’re not compatible with the regular silver threadless bracelet?
      And you got gift cards too! That’s pretty generous :o I admire your self-restraint with the Summer beads. So far I have the two FG muranos, and the two leathers. I’ll be back for the elephant, the Club charm and maybe the Frosty Mint ;)
      I saw a stunning photo of the watermelon and the pink leather on Instagram – definitely a beautiful combination!

      • I am so excited about my new Pandora, I wore my pink leather today as a necklace with my Trollbeads Boheme pendant (heart with flowers on it) it looked so cute! <3 Most of the Trollbeads won't fit on Pandora because Pandora deliberately made their bracelets too thick for them (or so the story goes). There are some Troll silvers that will fit over the threads by coincidence, but few and far between.

        That is a great haul for you too! I like the Club charm, I might still get it, but now seeing the opulent heart I like it too so I don't know :-)

        • Natalie, that sounds adorable! I finally made my way to a Pandora store yesterday and saw the honeysuckle bracelet in person. It is even prettier than it looks in pictures! I was really surprised. Mine still hasn’t arrived from the US yet but I hope it gets here soon!

  10. Chopard Happy diamond is very famous with small diamond inside a locket for very long time so Pandora just copy other famous brand. I am disappointed to see paved cz on almost everything again and again, I only like the silver princess but she is not full body. I am looking for Black Friday charm and LE bangle, long wait.

    • There are quite a few plain silver looking charms in that catalogue shot so don’t give up hope! :)
      On the other hand, I hear that the Black Friday charm is another pavé bead this year, unfortunately. :(

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I liked the Christmas tree and the cat with the present, as I have 2 cats myself. I also liked the red striped curved bead and the gingerbread man. I would have to see anything with murano glass in person. As Michele said, the necklace looks to me like a very cheap version of Chopard, and I never wear openended bracelets.

    The pictures are hard to decipher, and I’m sure some of the beads will be nicer in person. I am really looking forward to the new bracelet versions the salesperson told me about also!

    • Hi Lisa! Ooh that’s a healthy wish list to start off with :) The cat is really cute, and I think I will probably get that one too. I have a little space on my Christmas bracelet and it would be great with my Christmas Puppy charm!

      I’m on the fence about the necklace, so I’ll wait and see for that one. It’s fun that they’re trying to make other types of jewellery customisable too, but it’s a shame that they’ve copied other brands to do it!

    • I very much like the look of the cat holding the present! It’s full-bodied, cute and would match the Puppy from last year very nicely :D

  12. As always- thank you SO much for the photos and updates! I like the looks of the safety chain and am also hoping it’s for the smooth bracelet too. Nothing else is appealing to me and I agree with previous post about this collection looking like Brighton. Too much copying of other brands for my taste! I think long gone are the all silver threaded charms so many of us love and here to stay are cheaper looking open work and pave. ?

    • You are very welcome! :) I would be surprised if that safety chain wasn’t for the smooth bracelet, as it doesn’t look much like a traditional safety chain – so fingers crossed!
      There do look to be some plain silver beads in the Autumn catalogue shot, so here’s hoping that there are a few to balance all the pavé (which there seems to be a lot of, tbf!).

  13. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the news and pictures. I downloaded the ones from Facebook and I’m also intrigued as to what the plain silver animals are. I’m hoping for a nice plain silver cat. A few others look interesting but I’m really surprised with the whole necklace and mini charms thing. It seems really copy-caty as lots of other brands already have something like it. There doesn’t seem to be anything fresh anymore.

    Anyway on a side note… after buying the Essence compassion, optimism and peace beads in the sales before owning a bracelet then having to buy a bracelet and getting the dignity bundle I have now also revisited the online sales and bought the intuition bead! So I’ve gone from no Essence to five beads and a bracelet! Plus my first gold bead (even though they call it two tone I think it’s gold) bead so far. I won’t get them until I travel to the uk on July 1st! I can’t wait :)

    • Hi Hazel! I think one definitely looks like an owl, with quite intricate detailing, and the other could be a dog portrait charm of some kind. I thought it was a fox when I first saw it (which would have been soo cute!) but Natalie’s theory is better!

      Aha, that’s amazing! From 0-60 in a matter of days – just the kind of thing I do! ^^ I’m very envious of your gold bead. I almost got one in the sale but then saw they had the Saturn Flowers bead, which I have been wanting for months so got that instead. I’m hoping the Essence two-tone beads might crop up again at Christmas, or on Rue La La! Enjoy your new bracelet when you get it though, I am sure you will love it :D

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Always a pleasure reading your updates :)

    I was lucky enough to see the catalogues for the up coming releases, oh my, there are so many pretty things coming our way ! Don’t ask me to try and remember everything but let me say, there is new essence, a couple of bangles and a bracelet with a drawstring chain, so you can adjust the size :)

    Rose gold is on its way down under :))))

    • Hi! What an exciting comment :) I won’t ask you to remember everything, haha, but any hints as to what we can expect for Essence?

      And wow, what great news! Australia has been waiting for Pandora Rose for way too long :D

      Thanks so much for sharing! If you do remember anything more or get any more pics, please do get in touch – you can always email me too.

      • The Essence range is coming out with a gold bangle as well as mosaic style beads (like little tiles stuck on the beads lol) in a few different colours. There was also a flat round bead and a few other ones :)

        Moments collection the open ended bangle has the Pandora round flat logo on the ends. The new hinged bangle has round c/z across the top and is plan underneath. The other new bracelet
        has round c/z along the top and a draw
        string chain so the size can be adjusted, looks gorgeous :)))

        The new earrings have centres that come out so you can have two different

        Will try get some pictures for you Ellie :))

        • Rose gold to Australia – UrbanAngel – thank you for that update. Better start saving…

        • Oh wow! The essence bangle sounds lovely. And I’m intrigued by the sound of the adjustable bracelet! Thanks again for sharing <3

          Pictures would be amazing if you can swing them! Thanks so much!

        • Yeah, for the rose gold!! I had heard it from my local jewellery store where I’ve been buying some of my Pandora, really lovely lady there and she mentioned this but didn’t know when. Also another store on the Gold Coast, Kazaazz, is having a Disney charms presentation event tomorrow night if anybody lives in the area. There will be giveaways…hope I win something!I believe they’ve only been at Concept stores but now others will be carrying it too.

  15. OMG NOOOOO not winter/autumn again how can they already have plans for Christmas already it kinda makes me so sad I love the red one with the swerls we’ll probably be adding that my Christmas bracelet this year but still I can’t believe that people are already starting to talk about big plans for Christmas I love Christmas and all but it just comes WAY to fast I hope they come out with more essence charms this year too

    • Aha, why does Christmas make you sad? :P If you think about it, Pandora is so popular these days that they have to design well in advance just to get everything made and distributed on time! But you’re right, it is weird to be reading about Christmas when it’s so hot outside! I want the cat charm for my Christmas bracelet I think :)

      • No the idea of Christmas doesn’t make me sad it’s that time is moving so so fast that I can barley keep up with it & then 2017 will be here before we know it & I’ll just keep getting older & I don’t wanna be old I guess it’s just scary to think about of how fast time really goes so it’s nothing really to do with Christmas I’m like one of the biggest Christmas fan there could be i especially love getting gifts for people that’ll make them happy my favorite part of it is shopping for other people

        Anything on the Disney charms yet for Autumn/winter/Christmas?

  16. Christmas appears more promising than Autumn to me. Since I am a cat person, the gift-giving kitty looks like a possibility, along with Mrs. Claus and the red enamel/pave swirl.

    It is harder to make out the charms for Autumn, but I would like to see the owl. Thank you for the teasers, Ellie. This has been a real treat!

    • Yes, the cat is really cute! I actually quite the button-like pavé present as well, although I don’t know what I’d do with it. Maybe use it on its own a bangle, as my Christmas bracelet is relatively pavé-free as it stands!

      You are welcome, so glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Autumn/Winter Teasers. The owl and dog caught my eye. Could that be a poodle with a bow? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part as I would sooooo love to have one. I had a poodle with a teddybear cut for 14 years and he was definitely the boss at my home. Most of the charms are very difficult for me to make out except for the Radiant Hearts. I’m hoping the one on the right is lavender or a light purple. I do like the vintage look of the RH. I have them in the blush pink. One of the charms looks like Radiant Splender with a heart shaped stone. I’m sure more charms will be nice once we get better pictures. The necklace doesn’t do it for me. Not my style plus it looks cheap. As for Winter, I do like the new Christmas Tree, but will go with last year’s Twinkling Christmas Tree since I’m planning to use softer colors. Mrs. Claus is cute and the sleigh, but again, I’ll be going with Dashing Through the Snow without the red. I was told this week DTTS sleigh is on the chopping block.

    I also got some disappointing news regarding the bracelet events. Was told Pandora was losing too much money with free bracelet per $100 spend and would limit free bracelet to one
    per customer or up the spend to $500. I’m hoping we have the charm event this September, but the spend may change for that also. Have you heard anything like this, Ellie? I do know my store was only allowing one bracelet during the leather event, or that’s what I was told by SA who helped me last week. It really wouldn’t surprise me if this turns out to be true especially with the price increases we are seeing now. I feel like this will hurt their business because those free bracelets/charms events give customers an incentive to purchase more than they normally would at any one given time.

    Thanks again for the teasers!

    • We have no problem to get as many free bracelet as we want in Toronto. This free leather bracelet is from June 2 to 19 so I don’t see long line up like March 4 days promotion.

    • Hi Emily!

      Yeah, I thought maybe a poodle for the dog or perhaps a Chihuahua? It looks quite fancy, lol, although it’s hard to tell anything for sure from the photo. It would be lovely to have a dog to represent your poodle – I would still adore a spaniel charm, as I have always had spaniels and I just love them!
      The Radiant Hearts on the right looks like it might be a pretty pastel purple, which would be exciting! It would be great with the Spring 2016 charms.

      Oh no, that’s rubbish :( I think it does vary on what each store will allow… my friend in the US who very kindly shops for me doesn’t seem to have had any problems doing the bracelet promo a few times, so I think some stores stick to the letter of the rules more than others. :(

      You’re welcome Emily!

      • My store has had a big turnover in employees as of late so I’m hoping the information was wrong. I do plan to check it out before the promo ends. I have always been able to get a free bracelet per $100 spend. On two different occasions as many as six at a time including two tones. Same thing with the charm event last September…10 free charms. If this info turns out to be true, I will shop the other three shops in town who sell Pandora to max out my freebies.

        • Jared opened a store here in May. That’s a positive note since they have Pandora exclusives.

        • Fingers crossed that they let you do the promo multiple times! I can’t see how that doesn’t work out better for them tbh :)

  18. I think I’ll be safe from the next couple of releases…. nothing really appeals to me… :(
    The Christmas tree is almost exactly like the Chamilia tree from last year bar the gold star on top…
    I hate that Pandora is just copying concepts from other brands and just stamping their own branding on it… they’ve lost their unique and original concept along the way :(

    I think some of the character charms may be appealing, (again, another leaf out of the Chamilia catalogue from last year) which doesn’t scream Pandora at me, but we’ll have to see when the collection comes out later in the year…

    I have, like everyone else, started to pay attention to other brands more (Ohm and Trollbeads). Sad that Pandora have deviated so far in the past couple of years….

    But again, thanks for another brilliant update Ellie :D I may change my mind again when I see these charms later in the year hehe… <3

    • I saw that someone on Facebook had pointed out the similarities between the Chamilia tree and this new Pandora tree… it’s a shame as I think the older Pandora Christmas trees are nicer than either!
      A lot of the brands borrow from each other, but there are a few things in this collection that do stand out as being a bit borrowed :S

      Sorry to hear that you’re sad and disappointed Suzy! I will wait and see what I think when I’m actually in the store and looking at the new beads for myself… as discussed, that can often be quite persuasive haha! :) You’re welcome for the update – thanks for commenting <3

  19. Thank you Ellie for providing the link and giving us this preview. It’s hard to tell from these pictures, I will make a proper decision when we see better pictures. I can’t wait to see more live shots and stock images. Can’t wait to see what comes out in the Disney collection.
    The Autumn collection is appealing to me more than the winter one at the moment, but I know we haven’t seen all the full collections yet. The row of hearts silicone lined clip looks nice and a few others have got my eye. I like a mixture of pave, plain silver and enamel. There looks to be quite a few plain silver designs this time, which is nice.
    I love Pandora and don’t mind when there’s only a few pieces I want to get, as it can becomes so expensive. I’m not bothered about any of the other brands, they don’t appeal to me.

    • I just got the UK pandora catalogue and it’s got the pre Autumn collection in, so I have the prices if you need them. The love and friendship charm has writing on the side, which I’m not keen on, so might leave that one. Think I’ll just be getting the infinity heart clips from this collection. I can save my money then for the Autumn and winter collections.

      • Thanks, Sarah – I got one on Saturday as well! Was v. excited to see the Pre-Autumn stuff in there. I’m not sure I want any of the charms from Pre-Autumn tbh… the bracelet is the only thing that really grabs me!

    • You are welcome! It’s too early for me to say what grabs me most at this point – I always love seeing new Christmas charms, and it looks like there are a few cute & quirky offerings this year, which is nice, even if they’re not particularly different.
      I have a couple of Chamilia pieces but don’t usually stray far from Pandora for long. I’m a bit of a purist! :)

  20. The Christmas tree stands out to me. It has a nice streamline design. I see why people think it looks like the Chamila one, but I really like this more stylized approach to the tree. I want the Mrs. Claus charm. When I was a little girl I was Mrs. Claus in our school Christmas play one year.
    That bangle bracelet on Tran Vo’s facebook page is very interesting. Was one of those rose gold? Do you think that those solid color charms on the end are silicon lined? The ones I have on my treadless bracelet slide all over the place. Although it doesn’t look like those are clips.
    I don’t know about the new necklace. I don’t like the sample charms in that necklace. I wonder if you can open it and add/subtract. If so, it might be interesting to put a picture in it the way you do in a traditional locket.

  21. I’m disappointed in the Christmas charms i must say :( Was hoping for some green this year…green enamel tree would of been great ….can only hope for next year now. My other wish would be for a green leather to put the Christmas charms on…fingers crossed

    • I agree that green charms would make a welcome addition to the Christmas collection. I already have quite a lot of red. I second your ideas for the green enamel tree and a green leather bracelet. Those would go to the top of my Christmas list!

    • Yeah, they have gone for bright Christmas reds for three years running now! I hope they do some green for you next year :) there’s always the 2015 green summer leather, too, which might work?

  22. Hi Ellie! Some things are cute, but nothing really new. Here in Brazil there is this brand Vivara, with a collection named Secrets with this concept -a capsule with mini objects inside. You can customize everything…. I found this collection disapointing…

    • Hi Carla! Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. It seems like many brands have done the necklace concept before, from the sound of it. :(

  23. Thanks for the teaser! I don’t see anything that grabs me, but that could certainly change after I see sharper images. I usually like at least a few beads.

    My husband gave me an Origami Owl necklace pendant/locket (just like above, the circle locket with small charms inside) for Christmas a few years ago but I rarely wear it. It’s just too big for me to like as a pendant. So that is something I won’t be interested in.

    I’m happy to hear (per UrbanAngel) that there will be new Essence beads. I got my first Essence bracelet this spring and I like it a lot so I’m glad Essence will be around a little longer.

    • You’re welcome! I’m sure I’ll find a few things that I need too. So far the new silicone spacers and the new safety chain are on my list but I’m sure that will increase!

      I’m really glad to hear that you like your Essence bracelet! I love mine, and they’re so great for a lighter alternative to the regular Pandora charm bracelet. I don’t actually want to add much more to either of mine, but it’s still nice to see Essence continuing.

  24. Ooh interesting there seems to be lots of purple from the catelog. The bangle looks like a cuff bangle do you think you would be able to add charms. I like the new necklace concept I’m looking forward to seeing more pics.

    • Yes, I’m always happy to see purple as a colour scheme too! I’m not sure about the bangle tbh! I’m not sure I’d ever choose it over the regular bangle :)

  25. Hi Ellie, long time no write! For a while I’ve been busy with work plus vacationing out of the country, but I’ve been keeping up with the blog. Thanks for all the updates and ideas. Side note, I’ve finally indulged in the vintage letter charms (K) and think it’s quite sweet. Sometime soon, I’d like to get a letter to represent my boyfriend too.

    Anyway, I’m sad to echo the others, but some of the newer releases from Pandora appear rather uninspired. The two new club charms you posted about previously (the ones to vote on) are embarrassingly unoriginal and bland. How can they compete with other brands with those ideas? While I do like hearts, they’re going overboard.

    However, I’m very interested in the “free as a bird”-themed charm here (99% sure I’ll buy that). Plus the Christmas cat and little prince/princess are very cute.

    Thanks as always for your hard work!! :)

    • Hi Kris! Lovely to hear from you! Glad to hear that there’s been some vacationing as well as work keeping you busy. ^^ The Vintage Letter charms are very sweet – I got one for me and boyfriend as well. :D

      I think that, while a lot of their new releases are quite generic and therefore a miss with dedicated collectors, they must do well on the wider market… otherwise I can’t see why they’d keep doing it. I imagine all the OHs and sons etc. go for the hearts when they’re not sure what to get more often than not!

      I like that free as a bird heart too! It matches one of my favourite t-shirts rather nicely too haha.

      Thanks for commenting Kris! <3 Was great to read your thoughts.

  26. Hi all,

    First time commenting here but been following for a couple months, my favorite Pandora source by far. I’m relatively new to Pandora so I want to ask for advise. Looking for some inspiration online, I came across, a site selling suppossedly original Pandora at very discounted prices. Does anyone know if it’s real or fake? It sure seems too good to be true. And sorry for the out-of-topic comment!

    As for the post’s topic, I have to agree with the previous comments that the new collections don’t seem that interesting (but at least my pockets is happy).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi! I can’t get on to that site, the link doesn’t appear to work? I would imagine that, if the prices are discounted, then they are likely to be fake Pandora. Pandora only tend to discount things in their official sales. There are a handful of exceptions to that, but that site isn’t one of them as far as I’m aware!

    • Hi G,

      I saw them listed in Ripoff Reports as well as numerous complaints from people being sold fake watches, etc.

  27. Hi, this is a bit off topic but I hope I can ask it here. I live in the Netherlands, and the Dutch version of the pandora site is currently having a 30 per cent discount on some charms. I was wondering if that automatically means that the charms that have this discount will be discontinúed? I hope not because a lot of those charms are on my wish list :(

    • Hi, no worries about going off topic! It’s best to post questions on the most recent post as I often don’t see them otherwise :)

      Usually, if a charm goes in the official Pandora sale, then yes unfortunately it does meant that it is likely to be retired soon. :( That has always been the trend in the past.

  28. It’s exciting we are talking about Fall already and the Summer collection just debuted a few weeks ago!! That’s why I love your blog!! I love the sneak peaks and insider information ;). It’s hard to tell whether or not there are many charms I like yet because it’s hard to make out what they look like in the pictures. I am interested in the open work bangle because I think that design is really pretty and seems to be pretty popular right now. I also like the silver earrings with the “hook” design. I like how you can see the balls on the earlobe and under the ear. It is a very chic look to me. I am excited that one of the colors is deep purple. I think that is a great color for Fall and I hope there are a lot of pieces to reflect that!!

    I do NOT however like the fact that Pandora is making a “living locket” necklace. I do have my own origami owl necklace which I like but I do not think that it goes with the rest of the Pandora line. I feel like there are lots of copies of this concept out there and it doesn’t seem very original for Pandora to do their own spin on it. It just doesn’t match the rest of the line to me and I was a little disappointed to see they were doing it.

    • Haha, and Christmas too, in the next post from today! We like our previews far in advance :P
      Yes, it is rather hard to tell the specifics from these early teasers, but it gives you a certain flavour for the collections I think :) People do seem to have reacted quite negatively to the charm necklace idea, primarily because it’s a direct copy of other brands I think. It will be interesting to see how well it sells!
      On the plus side, there does seem to be a lot of purple for Autumn – so hopefully there’ll be lots you like! :D

  29. Awesome post! You did a way better job than I did lol! I wonder why that girl never got back to us, I tried contacting too and no response.

    • Lol that’s not true! I just went back and read your post, it was a great read. I was also puzzled that she didn’t reply to anyone, and according to my FB messenger, the messages weren’t even read – but then again, she is on holiday in the US and probably isn’t checking her messages/that bothered by over-excited charm collectors messaging her lol! :P

    • Too funny, I love how her pictures are now circulating all over the charm blogs, Victoria Endangered Trolls and Leann Charms Addict both have her catalog shot posted up now. She’s famous and probably doesn’t even know it!

  30. I saw a two toned threadless Moment bracelet with thin safety chain fro Charm addict and clearer catalog.

      • Yes, I saw it too. I really like it and will go well with two tone bracelet I’m building. I guess it will be cheaper than the existing gold clasp thus more affordable for me. Looking forward for more beautiful pictures on the collections.

        • I see this two tone thread less bracelet too! I like the idea of a gold design on the silver clasp. Should be much more affordable.

        • I just got 2 retired two tone Flowet clips which will look good on two tone clasp bracelet .

  31. I love the Christmas bracelet but am unable to find the sparkly purple/pink/blue/green? beads beside the blue ones that I can find.

    Has this been answered? I would love to get those beads and the dangly pendant type charm.


        Scroll down on that link and you’ll see a collage of four photos. You’ll see the sparkly ones I’m interested in. This is the caption below the photo:
        “(All the blue charms are from last year’s Winter 2015 collection.) You can also see some more Autumn 2016 charms at the top right, including the little silver Princess charm, an intricate Gothic-style heart charm and a silver heart with the word ‘Free’ with a little bid flying away from the end of it.”

    • Hi Joette,

      I believe the charm in question is Radiant Bloom. This charm is all clear cz. I think it’s just picking up the blue from the other charms on the bracelet. You will find Radiant Bloom listed with the Nature charms. It is priced at $80 USD. Hope this helps.

  32. You mentioned no Halloween beads… Now this is probably waaaaaay wishful thinking on my part but don’t you think, looking at the catalogue image, that on the left hand page, bottom row second one in , there is a cobweb type charm? Im fantasising here I know…

    • I was chatting to someone else about this and I did wonder whether that same one was a cobweb charm! It looks a lot like it, but the writing underneath it just doesn’t look like ‘cobweb’. If it does turn out to be a cobweb though, I’d have to get it :D I’ve been wanting a cobweb Halloween charm for some time!

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