A quick post today to announce that the official Pandora Summer sale for 2016 has just started in Australia! The sale is running online at the Australian Pandora eStore and in regular stores as well.

Pandora Australia Summer Sale 2016

The range on offer is not quite as great as it was in the UK sale, but there are still great deals to be had. There is a surprising number of Autumn 2016 beads in there – Pandora seem very quick to pull the plug on anything that’s not a big seller these days.

The Red Robin and Fascinating Olive beads are up for grabs, for example, along with the beautiful Forest Fairy! Those are three of my favourite beads from that collection, so I guess my tastes just don’t tally with the general public’s.

Nevertheless, the flip side is always that we dedicated collectors can pick up some of these gorgeous charms at discounted prices. My brother is currently in Australia and it’s very tempting to send him over a big shopping list, but I’m trying to be good. ;) However, for the rest of you – happy shopping! :)

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    • No, unfortunately not – Pandora doesn’t allow official retailers to ship internationally. :(

  1. I just bought the cupcake and i love you cube charm for my two tone bracelet. The red robin. Is very tempting. I shall give some thought to it, just that i have no place for it now.

    • Perfect! Those two two-tone beads are gorgeous. So sad that they’re retiring!
      I put the robin on my Christmas bracelet last year. He’s very cute!

      • I think i will get it if the Robin is still around when i go to the store. Or i can call them to reserve for me. Hehe….

        • I just called my local store and reserve the xmas pudding and the last Robin they have in store. They are going in to my xmas bangle. Need a upgrade. Send you a pic of it in FB.

  2. I spent a lot a lot recently and try to control myself … It is too tempting anyway… Any idea how long is the sale period?
    I’ll be migrating to Australia mid next month, not sure if I still able to catch any of the sale :(((

    • As long as they still have those items in store, it will be sold as discounted price. I went back to singapore last year end and missed the boxing day sale in Australia. But when back late January, I still managed to find a few items I like at discounted price.

    • I see starlight has answered your question :) I don’t know how long officially the sale will last online but it sounds promising if physical stores will keep discounting the items until they’re gone.

  3. Hi,
    Being relatively new to Pandora (Mother’s Day 2016 first bracelet and charm) I bought quite a lot in this sale and every sale that comes up. ;)
    This time I got Olive muranos, blue fizzle murano, forest fairy, two-tone cupcake and a bangle all for 50%. I bought it a few days before the official sale started at one of the jewellry shops that sell Pandora and it was actually cheaper than the online Pandora store is. So check out your local jewellry shops to compare the prices! (Just to let you know – I think there’s a typo there, August 2015 not 2016) =) I’m a happy shopper but I have to let my pocketbook rest for now.

    • Nice haul Gabby.

      Sadly our local jewellery shop is no longer permitted to sell Pandora.
      Such as shame as they often had more sale stock and the staff were much friendlier than some of the Pandora store staff.

      • They’re vanishing here in the UK as well. One really great shop near me just sells Trollbeads and other brands now, no Pandora :(

      • So true! I’ve shopped at 2 different jewellery shops and the staff was fabulous: let me try on stuff, answered all my questions, told me what would go on sale, let me know rose gold is coming, had a Disney event night with chocolate that I took my daughter too, etc, etc. Went to the Pandora Concept store and felt soooo uncomfortable, it was busy, staff seemed kind of stuck up and the layout was just cold. Of course this is just my opinion, somebody else might have a better experience. Luckily, one of the jewellery shops even gives a cashback rewards on full price charms. So win-win.

    • Hi Gaby! Aha, sales are a great way to start your collection off. They didn’t do them when I first started collecting!

      Amazing haul! :D I saw that they had the breast cancer awareness on offer – I hope a percentage still goes to charity. Enjoy your new pretties – the olive CZ beads are a particularly great buy!

  4. Picked up the red robin charm ($40AUD) and the postcard charm ($30AUD). Very happy with both

    They also had the long retired 5 clip bracelet for only $20. This is one of my favourite Pandora bracelets. The sales person said 2 can be clipped together for a short necklace or 3 for a longer necklace. Neat idea but wasnt tempted to buy.

    • Great picks! I love the little red robin. He’s so delightfully chubby (and inspired a discussion on the blog last year about the differences between American and British robins haha!). I saw the five clip bracelet on Rue La La as well. It was tempting but I think I will always want to put my clips on actual charm bracelets so probably won’t get the wear out of it!

  5. Oh no Im supposed to be saving. Sale started here in NZ too, went to the pre sale yesterday and got study books, I didnt see the fairy, I really want that one. Might have to look in the shop by my work!

    • Of course, I meant to put New Zealand as well… was very tired after work last night haha! And yes, you should definitely check out the Fairy – such a lovely bead. It’s a bit discouraging to see some of the only plain silver character beads from last year retiring already!

  6. I’m very surprised those three charms are in the sale especially the fairy I thought she was very popular I have seen lots of people with her on their bracelets.

    • Completely agree, I was very surprised to see the lovely fairy in the sale. I guess that what’s popular among collectors just doesn’t translate to what’s popular among people generally!

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