Today’s post brings my next Pandora AW16 preview, with a look at the new charms and bracelets coming out with the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection! Due out on the 1st of September, this release’s signature colour is purple, with a dash of pink as well.

Image by youyourwedding
Image by youyourwedding

This preview encompasses just charms and bracelets; there will be a separate preview for the other jewellery for this collection. :)

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

First up, we have the decorative charms, which include new clips and a safety chain! In my Autumn/Winter 2016 teasers post, I speculated that the Row of Hearts and Shining Path might be for the threadless bracelet – but there’s no mention made of them being silicone-lined in their descriptions. :( So possibly they’re just regular clips. The Pavé Inspiration safety chain does not look to be silicone-lined, either.

The Floating Locket pendant is a mini charm version of Pandora’s new charm necklace concept – I’m not sure about the necklace itself, but I love this smaller pendant take on it! ^^

Pandora Autumn 2016 collection updated

Next up, we have some elegant fairy-tale and nature-themed charms! The Nature’s Radiance and Intertwining Radiance are quite spectacular, wrapping vines and roots around a faceted stone. The Charming Owls charm has a little baby tucked into her side, which is cute.

Pandora Autumn 2016 collection updated

There are also a handful of new hobby/personal inspiration beads, none of which have any pavé or cubics at all! :) There’s a shopping charm, which features a pink enamel shopping bag and a silver disc engraved with ‘Shopping Queen’, and also a Love Reading charm.

I’ve been wanting a book for readers/writers for a long time, and so I am very pleased to see this one! It has a book and little reading glasses. Either on the back or maybe inside the book itself, it is engraved with the whimsical words, ‘Ignore the things you have to do and just enjoy a book or two’. <3

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview Hobbies

The words on the Heart of Freedom charm say ‘sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you fly’. You can see the other side of it in this live shot, which features just the word ‘Free’, with a bird flying away.

Image by youyourwedding
Image by youyourwedding

As usual, we have a few love and family-themed charms, with a few focusing on specific occasions. The Anniversary Celebration has a cut-out heart at its centre, while the Gleaming Gift offers a plain-silver version of Pandora’s favourite present charm.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview Family

I’m a little disappointed to see that all the pendant charms in this section have pavé CZs at the bail. The Family Roots has a really substantial amount of gold and it’s a little sad to see that paired with sparkle that it doesn’t need.

Finally, we have a brand new open-style bangle! I don’t think you can put charms on it, but it has two Pandora Signature logos at each end, making it look quite chic as it is.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

It looks rather pretty in this live shot I found:

Pandora Autumn 2016
Image by cover en rose

My Comment

While I feel like this collection is maybe lacking a cohesive overall theme, there are a number of pieces that I really like. I am so excited that there’s going to be a charm for book lovers, and will most probably end up with that, and the Charming Owls are really cute, too. It’s nice to see Pandora go back to doing some detailed, full-bodied animals.

The smaller Floating Locket pendant charm is really rather pretty, and a nice mini option for those who aren’t completely sold on the charm necklace itself. The Fairytale Bloom is also pretty. I had quite liked the Heart of Freedom charm from the live shot, as I like the delicate swallow motif and the simplicity of ‘free’, but am not so sure about the extended quotation on it. New safety chains are also always a bonus – I have never been mad about the Inspiration Within pavé spacers, but will probably end up with this new pavé safety chain anyway! Shame it’s not for the threadless bracelet though.

What do you think of this year’s Autumn collection? Is anything going on your wish list?

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        • You’re very welcome! :) I like the Radiance beads as well. Think they’ll be beautiful in real life!

  1. Love the cz safety chain. Definitely getting that one. Plus there’s a couple more I could add into my designs.
    Thank you for the sneak peak

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear it! My regret is that it doesn’t seem to be silicone-lined, but I’ll probably end up with it anyway. You’re welcome!

  2. I will only grab the charming owl, I guess.. Nothing much caught my attention.

    The new bangle, could it be possible that we can unscrew the button at the end and slot in the charm???

      • Good point, Stephanie! Doesn’t look like there’s anything that would stop you from doing that :)

    • Charming Owl is by far and away my favourite too :)

      I wondered that about the bangle, but I doubt it somehow – still, it would be fun if you could!

    • I got to see this items today as one of the representative visited the store. Unfortunately it’s not a skrew on or off bangle. You can only put clips of you like.

  3. Interwining Radiance and Nature’s Radiance are similar to Thomas Sabo Karma bead, not a new idea, I have a Silver Clover wrap around a Rose quartz stone inside. If there is no promotion in Sep for North America, I am not going to rush for anything for this release. I will keep Pandora bead budget for Black Friday charm, LE bangle and X’mas gift set at the end of 2016.

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Pandora NA will do another promo this September as I want two Rapunzel beads :)

      • I heard one of the sales told me there might not be any promotion in Sept, she told me the free leather bracelet promotion was last one this year. She said Pandora don’t make much during promotion. I hope this is a wrong information too, i don’t mind they have free charm promotion like last year.

        • Oh dear! I really hope that they change their minds if that’s the case. There’ll be a lot of disappointed Pandora fans else!

        • Michele and Ellie,

          I was also told by sales associate the leather promo would be the last bracelet promo for the year and future promos would require a much higher spend for freebies. I would like another charm event for September. Guess that remains to be seen at this point in time.

        • I was told that there would be another bracelet promo in September but with a higher $150.00 CDN spend needed.

          The positive is that you could select one of the higher value/spend silver bracelets.

          Sounds like there will be some changes coming up for sure, higher spend requirements and maybe other modifications..

        • Hi,

          Last year one of the sales associates in my local store here in Canada said Pandora would be limiting or changing up the promo dates because it was becoming too predictable & people were only buying during the promos. This kind of fits what Michele was saying about Pandora not making as much profit on the promo.

          I always spend more than I need to at the time, this year I picked up the new threadless bracelet & the Essence Bangle. In fact I never would have tried the essence line if I couldn’t have gotten the bangle on promo.

          Lisa K.

        • Interesting…! So many different theories going round, it’s hard to keep up haha!

  4. Not to crazy about the autumn collection. Nothing is calling me to by it.
    I do like the purple murano and the shopping queen charm
    That’s me to a tee.However like you said I am disappointed with the Family tree charm as well. Way too much gold. I think they overdid it.
    Tje charms,are so dark. I think they should focus on making them more vibrant that it catches someone’s eye.
    Looks like they went more for a Gothic look. Just not my cup of tea.
    At least it will be good for my wallet lol…

    • I don’t mind the darker charms, I think it’s fun that they went for a colour scheme that’s a bit edgier than usual. I just wish that they’d done some more silver character beads, as always!

  5. Thanks for the preview, it’s what I’m looking forward to see for the past one week. However there are only 3 charms that look interesting to me. Opulent heart, fairytale bloom and charming owl. I love the owl and will get that one. I’ve got the other owl with blue CZ eyes and love it for the fine detailing. Being all silver, i believe this new owl will be very affordable.

    • You’re welcome! <3 I think the Charming Owl is the nicest one here, but I do like the Reading charm as well. <3 I have the Graduate Owl and the original plain silver owl, and I guess I'll just be starting a little collection of Pandora owls now lol!

      • You will need the green eyes owl to complete the owl collection. I think its retiring here in Australia. Saw it in the last chance to buy tray.

  6. Oh thank the heavens, something without pavé!! The shopping and reading charms are mine, as well as the family roots and the bangle is gorgeous with a lovely signature Pandora set! Hoping for more essence apart from the 6 charms coming out (I’ve heard there will be!) but I’m content with the collection so far.

    Thanks for the fabulous preview once again, Ellie! Lots of love to you! ? X

      • That would be nice! This is all I have been given so far for Autumn charms but I will keep my eye out for any more :D x

    • Haha, I like the reading charm as well – and I think the Shopping charm is quite fun too! The six Essence charms are sooo nice that I really won’t mind if that’s all there is for Essence. It’s enough to keep me busy for a season haha!

      You are very welcome! <3 So glad you enjoyed it and that you saw things you liked! x

  7. Hi Ellie!!!!! Eeeek can barely contain my
    Excitement, I absolutely adore this collection. So date since I have been collection I don’t think I have ever wanted so many pieces !! I knew the owl was cute from the blurry previous images but wow it’s way better than I could have hoped ( and now that I know there is a baby omg !!) the owl is my fave!! Another must have for me is natures’ radiance, even have a place for this charm on my bow bangle. Two other charms I love and will try to get are crowned hearts and floating locket ( I initially thought the same as u how it is an cute alternate to those such as myself who will not be going Pandora any more of my money for any “new” concept jewelry hhaha) I love the gothic edgy look of the opulent heart as well. Prince and princess are cute but not on top of must have list and last but not least I adore the cute and sweet bright birthday charm although feel awkward to get it for myself ( perhaps I will circle it and leave it on my
    Husbands pillow and pray he gets the message hahaha) on a negative note the shopping charm seems cheesy and a bit out of character for Pandora. Sorry that was long as I have quite a healthy wish list this time around !!! I am happy you want the owl and reading charm, however can you honestly say that’s ALL you will end up with ;););) thanks again !!!!!!

    • Hi Alex! Aw, yay, it was nice to read your enthusiasm :D The owl is my favourite, too, and I really like the Nature’s Radiance/Intertwining Radiance. I think those will look really gorgeous in person, even if I don’t have a place for them in my collection!
      The Floating Locket I also really like and will maybe get that, depending on how it looks in person. <3 And aha, I'm not at all committing myself to just getting those two charms! Those are just the two I know I will get. I'm also quite tempted by the Floating Locket and the pavé safety chain. The rest will depend on how they look in person... and apparently there might be more than is pictured here. So there you go! ^^
      So pleased that you saw so much you like! <3

  8. The book lovers one will be a must have for a friend of mine! I’m looking forward to seeing the dark purple shimmer, no surprise there!

    • Yay! <3 I have wanted a charm for readers for a while and I like the quirky quotation they've added to it as well. The Purple Shimmer should be really nice as well! It's a shame that I finished my dark purple bracelet a long time ago.

  9. I like the intricacy of the fairytale bloom bead. Maybe it will look good with the pre Autumn Love & Friendship bead. I like the radiance beads and the charming owls and maybe the floating locket and Happy Birthday beads. So I do like a few of the beads. Likely I’ll get some of these at the September promo. Thanks for the preview!

    • I really like the Fairytale Bloom bead as well! Maybe not enough to pay the pavé premium but it’s pretty. If there weren’t so many other pavé charms, it would probably stand out more.
      Glad to hear that you have a few charms that you like! It’ll be fun to get some live shots of these beads. Hopefully there’ll be some more previews soon. Thanks for commenting <3

  10. I am not very impressed with this collection. Only a few of pieces peak my interest.
    I will have to see the Ribbon heart, Fairytale bloom and intertwining radiance before I commit to buying.
    I have to admit I like the “button style” and the “open work” charms. The loving sentiments is a mix of both and I like it. However it is very similar to the Open Your Heart bead.
    Although the Cerise Radiant hearts charm is pretty, if it is a true dark red, otherwise these are becoming very redundant. Row of hearts and shining path a nice clips but nothing to rush into the store to get.
    The two tone Celebration of love is a beautiful piece . My anniversary is in Sept so perhaps a but in the husband’s ear and that one will more than likely be mine.
    As I said before I like the “open work’ beads and wish they had more of them. A simple bead with a sentiment for its name like the “Clouds Silver Lining” would be a great idea. I used that one to give to a friend after going through a rough divorce and it was a perfect gift. Not expensive but very meaningful. Not to mention those kind fit in on any style bracelet. Would love to see more of those.

    • Sometimes it’s a bit of a relief when only a few pieces call your name! I’m kind of happy that I don’t need lots and lots from this selection. Especially as there are so many older beads that I’m buying in the sales at the moment!

      I hope the cerise Radiant Hearts is a nice deep red, too. That would be amazing for a Valentine’s themed bracelet or maybe a classier Christmas design!

      I agree – a Cloud’s Silver Lining is a beautiful bead, and all the better for its perfect name. Sounds like a wonderful gift for your friend, and one that not too over the top or glitzy, but still very beautiful.

  11. Hmm, I wonder how the geometric facets will look like. I am a big fan but this color looks like something we already have…
    Love reading is a huge disappointment – such a lovely idea and totally poor execution – seriously, yet another heart?
    I love the radiance charms :)
    Anyway, so far, Essence wins my autumn bead budget.

    • The geometric facets is just a Moments-sized version of the Essence Friendship charm I think :)

      Well the reading charm isn’t really a heart entirely… it just has one, which is quite restrained for Pandora these days. :P I think the reading glasses are kind of a cute touch and hopefully it’ll open and reveal that quote inside, which I think is quite sweet! And there’s always the Fairy Tale book as well, which is one of my absolute favourites <3

      But yes, Essence! Totally winning the AW16 previews for me so far too ^^

    • That would be neat! Although, as Stephanie says, it does look like you could just add clips anyway?

  12. I like the reading charm, and will likely get that one. The anniversary charm looks like it has potential, but I think a more clear image will help. The floating locket charm looks interesting, as does the owl. Overall, though, the autumn line is usually my favorite, and I’m sad to see Pandora continue on the “hit them over the head with glitz” path. They must have a market for it, otherwise they’d cool it with all the CZ’s… but it isn’t with me.

    • The reading charm is on my list too! You’ve basically picked out the charms I like best, too – the Floating Locket and Owl also caught my eye. I am surprised that this collection doesn’t seem to have more of an overarching seem as usual, but the deep purple colour scheme is nice! I hear from a lot of SAs that the pavé sells well, and I see quite a lot of it out and about on people’s wrist too…

  13. I really wish that they’d made the prince and princess full bodied instead of just disembodied heads, as I loved the viking and elf from their older collections. I’ve also been looking for a charm to represent the little prince, and haven’t found anything I like enough.

    • Definitely, a full-bodied prince and princess would have been so cute! And perfect to wear with, say, the older Hans Christian Andersen charms such as the Ugly Duckling or the P&P, or the other fairy-tale beads.

    • That is the up side to not seeing anything you like in a collection! ^^ More money to spend on other frivolous things…!

  14. Hello!

    First, I want to say, “Thank you!” For posting the Autumn 2016 preview! I have been checking your site daily in anticipation for this collection. I am very happy to see a good mix of pave, metals, gems, and two toned. I am definitely purchasing the charming owl.

    I am a little disappointed the hobby charms seem a bit lack luster in contrast to the previous hobby charms. They seem very flat and simple. I think the “I Love Reading” charm is a great concept and is about time they added it to their collection, but I feel they botch my favorite hobby. It’s incredible uninspiring; I wish they would have put more attention to detail in this one. But again, I am so excited this hobby is even included to begin with as it is my favorite! Anyways, overall, I am loving this collection. Thank you SOO much for posting this! :)

    • Hi Margaret! You are very welcome <3 The Charming Owls will be coming home with me too! So pleased to see some more full-bodied animal charms.

      I do understand what you mean. It's quite a simple design. However, I think the little glasses are a really cute touch and the quotation is very whimsical and fun! There's always the Fairytale Book if you want a charm with more detail, too... I have always wanted a writers' charm too. A typewriter or a pen and pot of ink or something like that would be amazing!

      • You are absolutely right about those glasses being very whimsical and fun! ;) I wonder if I need to take a peak of that charm in person before I make such strong judgements. Again, I can’t thank you enough for posting these pics up! I am such an avid follower of your amazing blog because you are just so wonderful in keep all of us in the loop!

        Thank you SOO very much!

  15. Yay, thanks for these pics! :-D I like the opulent heart, row of hearts if it is a silicone clip, intertwining radiance (probably get the clear), and charming owls. The cerise radiant hearts looks like a pretty color too, maybe would coordinate with the ruby geometric facets? I guess the charm I thought looked like a dog with a bow on it is just another present, disappointed on that as the image my brain saw as a dog was really cute :-(

    • Yeah I was disappointed that it wasn’t a dog! It so looked like it in that photo haha. I’d convinced myself it was a chihuahua or poodle or something!
      I like the cerise shade as well; I hope it’s a deep wine-red in person!

  16. The Charming owls and the gleaming gift are cute! But I’ll probably just end up getting the new pave safety chain. Not sure how I feel about the continuation of button style charms.

    Thanks for the sneak peeks!

    • I’m pleased that they are expanding the safety chain range so much at the moment! I hope we’ll see more again next year – and I’m still waiting for one for the Pandora Rose collection too. ^^

      You’re welcome! <3

  17. Hi Ellie,
    Hum, I think that all need to see in real. If the new clip are not being silicone-lined, it is not a big problem, we can add one. The new pave safety chain is not my cup of tea, but that the way of Pandora no ?
    I have put some T.Sabo stoppers behind that chain in the new moment bracelet and it’s go on.
    I really don’t understand why Pandora don’t make some stoppers too :(
    Finally, I am waiting for the winter collection, my favorite…
    Great day :)

    • Hi Isabelle! The pavé safety chain is not my favourite SC design they’ve done so far, but I like it enough that I will probably add it to my threadless bracelet anyway, with a clip to keep it secure. I’m always on the look out for new safety chain designs! ^^

      I’m a little surprised if the new clips aren’t silicone-lined… I’d have thought they would definitely expand the range for the threadless bracelet with this collection! Fingers crossed that I’m wrong though :)

      Have a great day too!

      • I have 4 silicone lined clips. They are simply amazing. U can use them anywhere on he bracelets. The most flexible charms I have ever bought ! Hoping that
        Pandora add more to the collection

  18. Hello Ellie. Pandora’s autumn collection 2016 has some beautiful charms, but nothing out of the “ordinary” of Pandora, always the same models, heart, heart and crown charms in the shape of circles, nothing different, I liked the charm princess crown heart it seems it is crystal, but I have to see live. Kind regards.

    • Hi Aline! Yes, while there are some interesting beads, in many respects this collection does play it very safe for Pandora. The Princess Crown Heart does have pavé CZs I’m afraid, it’s not plain silver.

  19. I love the owl but that’s about it. The shopping and reading ones look tacky and could have come up with better designs. Ain’t hate that all the new dangles have that thin barrel that doesn’t even screw on the bracelet. All these new dangles are going to be a problem with customers getting them caught in things. Everything is paved and looks so cheap. Nothing is original anymore. I’m sticking to buying the older charms next promotion because this collection is just ridiculous.

    • Clarissa,

      I definitely agree that some of Pandoras designs are starting to look cheap. I am not particularly fond of the “all pave” charms and the new hobbies look like an afterthought (in comparison to older hobby charms). I love the charms that are sturdier, thicker in design and have actual features that aren’t hidden behind pave. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. The charming owl is the only one I’ll be purchasing from this collection (contingent to it looking better than the wise owl released a few years ago). We still have Winter 2016 to look forward to! Cheers! And thanks for your input! :)

      • I am collecting retired discounted two tone and silver charm from Pandora outlet. I don’t like too much paved, 2 D heart, button style and gold with paved charm. Mother’s Day release is my favourite, mother of pearl charm. It is o.k. for me because I have collected enough two toned charm for one full bracelet already. I am more into Trollbead now for something different.

    • I don’t like the thin CZ bails for dangle charms, either. I much prefer the more proper silver one that they’ve used on the reading and shopping charms!

  20. Thanks Ellie for posting this preview, I love to see the advance pics of new releases! Like a few earlier posts, I don’t think there’s a lot for me here either, although some of the pieces are very pretty. My favourite is fairytale bloom, which I may buy if I like it in person. I was just comparing these to the sneak peak catalogue pictures and it looks like a couple are maybe still to surface, the charm to the right of anniversary celebration and again to the right of fairytale treasure…which I only mention as I really liked the look of that cobweb/snowflake one and was hoping to see a better picture of it. Hoping to buy at least one of these and maybe a mosaic Essence, either the blue or the white, I’m not so keen on the pre Autumn collection….so, roll on Winter! Ha ha :D

    • You’re welcome Jennifer! The Fairytale Bloom is one of the prettiest of these, I agree :)
      I’ve seen the two charms that you mention – I’m not quite sure why Pandora put them in with the Autumn beads in that catalogue, as they are both part of holiday gift sets! That one bead is unfortunately not a cobweb, so no Halloween charms :(

  21. I am really excited about this collection more so than past collections. Love the opulent heart, the owl, the ribbon heart and treasure heart as well as the dark purple shimmer. It has a very romantic feel in a way.

    • Glad to hear it! :D I like the reading charm, the Charming Owls and then maybe the pavé safety chain and the Floating Locket as well. Which is more than enough really!

  22. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the AW Preview. The Charming Owls charm caught my eye for sure. Disappointed that the charm we thought was a dog turned out to be yet another gift…Really? I do love the color purple, so there’s hope for the murano. I was hoping for a nice TT clip, but I’ll probably end up with the new ones, especially if they turn out to be silicone-lined. The Fairytale Bloom looks promising as well as the Radiant Hearts. Overall, I’m a bit disappointed in this collection, but it will allow more for the Christmas charms I’m hoping for this year. Looking forward to a nice LE Bangle and Black Friday charm.

    • Hi Emily! You’re welcome. The Charming Owls does seem to be the most popular charm from this set, and with good reason! It’s very cute. And I do find it funny that Pandora have made yet another version of that present charm. It must sell like crazy! The Fairytale Bloom is another one I like, although I’m not sure if I like it enough to pay the price for a pavé bead!

      What Christmas charms are you hoping for? :)

      • Funny you should ask, Ellie. I’ve been sitting here this afternoon trying to decide on my Christmas bracelet design. Twinkling Christmas Tree, Ice Crystal, Divine Angel, Dashing Through the Snow, one of the ornament dangles and, even though I fussed about another present, probably the Sparkling Surprise just to name a few. I really like the Christmas charms with red, but I don’t wear a lot of red, so I’ll probably go with the Sky Blue or Blush Radiant Hearts or the beautiful princess signature muranos. Elsa’s color is one of my favorites and would make a beautiful winter bracelet. Hope my wallet holds up for this bracelet!

        • Sounds lovely! And you don’t see as many Christmas bracelets with a nice light blue theme, so that’ll be really pretty and different. I did red and green last year, which is fun but not really all that versatile for the rest of the year <3 Elsa's murano is a lovely pick and would be amazing with the Frosty Mint!

    • Same here, looking forward LE bangle, Black Friday charm and X’mas gift set. It is good to take a break without seeing any new item I like. I am going to Outlet store tomorrow for discounted retired charm, there are still a lot I like, two tone Braided Heart clip Can $120 still not the price I want to pay yet.

      • Wish I could go to the Outlet Store with you tomorrow! My wallet needs a break!!! I’ve always loved the Braided Heart Clips, but didn’t want to pay the price. Glad you’ll be getting them at a good buy. Very fortunate you have an outlet close enough to take advantage of great deals! Happy shopping!

        • I don’t want to pay Can $120 for Braid Heart clip, under $100 is o.k. Outlet has buy 2 retired charm get 1 free promotion sometimes. I got 2 two toned Lazy Daisy clips $80 each and get 14k murano free, very lucky.

        • I saw two tone Braid Heart clip for Can $130 not $120 this afternoon, even with buy 2 get 1 free promotion, still expensive so I didn’t get it. I am happy with two tone Flower clip $70 ( original $105 ), I got two of them and one free red leather bracelet last time.

  23. Thanks Ellie for the preview. However I’m disappointed in the majority of the collection. Only the Prince charm will be coming home with me. Most of the charms look goth to me lol. The intertwining radiance and nature’s radiance seem dumb to me. More of the same charm just in different colors. I will have to buy older charms if this is my selection lol. Well anyway looking forward to the Christmas previews lol and of course the Disney. I’m hoping for a good Disney release soon. Have a great day

    • You’re welcome, Linda. I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed! I don’t mind the darker purple theme for this collection. I think it’s only when you put it all together that it looks particularly gothic… you can always put any of these beads with something lighter and instantly they’ll be softened so much :)
      I’m hoping for a good Disney collection too! Last year’s autumn Disney release wasn’t that exciting so hopefully this year’s will be better! Have a great day too and thanks for commenting!

  24. Hi Ellie this collection is a bit odd with there not being an overall theme at the minute nothing is really jumping out to me but hopefully the next picture will. I do like the bangle those,I love the bangle because they are just so light and easy to wear I love them with nothing on but mine always end up with lots of charms on lol.

    • Hi Nicola! I love the bangles too, but I have way too many as it is lol! No one needs five bangles, and yet I’m still considering more ;)
      Mine have started to accumulate charms as well! If I can’t find a home for a charm on my regular bracelets, they end up being adopted by a bangle haha.

  25. Thanks for the preview Ellie. I’m looking forward to your preview of the jewellery to go with this collection, I’m interested to see what there bringing out.
    I can’t tell properly from these pictures, I need to see some better pictures and live shots to decide. From what I can see the ones I like at the moment are the row of hearts, fairytale bloom and maybe the ribbon heart.
    Hope we see better pictures soon. Also for some previews of the Disney and winter collections.

    • You’re welcome, Sarah. I’m sorry that you can’t see all you’d like from the pictures but it’s good that you’ve spotted some potential beads anyway! <3 The Fairytale Bloom is nice, and I also like the owls, the safety chain and the reading charm.
      I'm also curious to see Disney!

  26. Wow. And not in a good way. There isn’t much I like in this collection. I like the dark purple shimmery murano but that is it. I agree with the other comments about the collection not having much of a theme and looking cheap. I think it might be time for Pandora to get some new designers!
    The hobby charms don’t look like they have had much thought put into them. I really love reading but I don’t like having I heart reading on things. Plus the glasses make it look as if reading is something for old people with bad eyesight! The shopping charm is quite ugly. I much prefer the little Pandora gift bag. I think the new hobby charms and other dangles look light and flimsy. I prefer to have a bit more chunky silver. I’m not keen on the new owl either. Maybe it is better in person but I still think the wise owl with the green eyes is the nicest owl Pandora has made to date.
    Am I the only one who finds the prince and princess a bit creepy looking? Also if you squint your eyes and look at the princess in the real life photo she looks a bit like a storm trooper! ?

    • Yeah, the lack of theme is kind of weird. I do wonder if the catalogue I was given is missing some beads or something, as they do usually pull together something more cohesive.
      Aw, no, I think the glasses are cute lol! I don’t need reading glasses but I still find them quite quirky in the charm. I agree that the dangles with the pavé bails look a bit flimsy – I think the hobby charms look okay with their regular silver bails. I’m not a big fan of the CZ bail!
      Haha, I don’t know about stormtroopers but she reminds me of Princess Peach from the Mario games! :P They just need to come out with a plumber charm to go with her now…!

    • Hi Hazel,

      I agree that the Prince and Princess charms look a bit creepy! I’m sure they are just filled with excitement for the lavish day’s events, but they appear to have just seen a ghost! lol

      • My friend want me to choose a Pandora charm as a birthday gift, we went to outlet this afternoon. It is a lucky day, buy any 2 charms (regular or discounted retired) get 1 free retired charm. I pick retired 14K Rose gold Symbol of Faith as my birthday gift from my friend, she bought 1 more charm and got 1 free charm. For myself, I bought 14K Symbol of Trust and 14K Symbol of Faith ( keep it as future gift ) Can $90 each ( original $130 ) and get the last 14K Mystic Brown murano free, I am so glad to get one more Mystic Brown murano as a pair.

        • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE! Is it today or just coming up soon? Nice B’Day gift from your friend. I got my first rose bracelet during the leather promo. Don’t have any charms yet. I was planning to wait for the bracelet or charm event in September to buy two rose clips and a charm. Now it looks like we may not be having either. A higher spend would be better than no promo at all.

          Nice that you were able to get a pair of the 14K Mystic Brown muranos as freebies. You are getting some nice charms and clips at great buys!!!

        • Happy birthday for the 26th Michele <3 And amazing haul! I got two of the 14kt symbols in the latest Rue sale. Really excited to receive them!

      • She is my knitting teacher and best friend, we go out once a month for brunch and shopping. My b day is on 26th, I am going to Flower Pot Island, Blue Mountain and Wasaga Beach 2 to 3 hours away from Toronto with my husband & 7 friends for one day tour on 25th. Thank you!

        • I put 2 murano between 2 Flower clips, Family Heritage dangle at center in between 2 spacer Seattle ( $60 each and free LE 2015 Mother’s Day Always in my Heart ). Love it so much.

        • I also have LE Always In My Heart Bangle. I’ve used the pink enamel Rose Garden charms with the Mother’s Rose dangle as a center piece honoring my sweet mother. She always loved roses.

          Your bracelet sounds lovely. Enjoy the tour and have a wonderful

  27. Hi Ellie,

    I like the cerise radiant heart, the purple shimmer, and the opulent heart. I love the fairytale treasure with the diamond shape, and the plain silver openwork with hearts, which should be reasonably priced. I am not crazy about the intertwining radiance; I bought the gold cz leaf dangle and never liked the look of the cz inside the metal. Also, I agree that the reading and shopping charms, though cute ideas, are flimsy. I like the heavier silvers. The owl and baby are cute! Btw, I would think those 2 slender clips do have silicone, as they are the exact format as all of the new silicone clips.

    There is definitely stuff for me to buy, but the collection is very recycled and certainly not very exciting…

    • Hi Lisa! I know how you feel – there are pretty things but nothing very *different* to what’s been before. That’s fine, though, as I will get a few bits and pieces from this collection and save to keep buying some of the older beads as they retire at a discount!

      I can’t make up my mind about the silicone/not-silicone clips. They are a bit fatter than the other silicone beads in appearance and the catalogue I have gives quite detailed descriptions of each bead, but there’s no mention of any silicone lining for those. So I don’t know! I would love it if there was!

  28. I feel really unsure about this collection! I think this is something I will have to see in person before I decide. I definitely like the owl, the two new clips and the safety chain, and as a concept I love the Gothic looking heart and bloom charms, which I think will look stunning with the dark purple murano. It wouldn’t work with my current bracelet designs though, although I might be tempted to build a mini-design on a bangle. I have loved all the recent collections, especially Autumn 2015 and this Spring, so I have quite a lot of charms I would still love to get from those releases, it is probably quite useful if I decide I don’t need too many from this one! This may change when I see all the new charms in person though! Thank you for the preview Ellie!

    • Absolutely, I think a lot of these pieces will really come to life in person and in live shots. :D The owl and the safety chain are also among my picks, and I bet the dark purple shimmer will be gorgeous in person! It would be a great focal point for your mini-design, should you do one :)
      You’re welcome Debbie!

  29. Love Reading and Charming Owls are already on my list. I also like the Opalescent Pink and Cerise colors, but I don’t much like the Radiant Hearts style of charm. Looks like I can save money for the Christmas collection!

    • I ended up really liking the Radiant Hearts in the end! I have the blush pink from last year and wear it on a brown leather. The combination is gorgeous! I think both these new colours are rather nice, although I don’t need another one haha.

  30. Hi Ellie! There are definitely some lovely charms in this collection. Family Roots looks like it will be stunning with a significant amount of gold! I imagine that it will be quite pricey. I just purchased last year’s Family Heritage as part of my leather promo haul because I had been admiring it for quite some time. Is the Gleaming Gift actually silver?! It’s so pretty, but I recently purchased the original silver present from Rue La La! Can’t wait to see the collection in person!

    • Hi Carol! I absolutely love the look of the Family Roots, but the sprinkling of pavé on top of the charm detracts from it a little for me. It’ll be super pricey I expect yep. The Gleaming Gift is all silver yep! It’s effectively the replacement from the original silver present. I got the original present from Rue as well, it’s one of my absolute favourites… and one of the charms I most associate with early Pandora as well!

  31. Ps: How can I get added to Pandora Angels on Facebook. I’ve been waiting forever and I even messages the admin but nothing. Can someone add me? TIA ?

    • It’s a tough one! They recently cleared out their waiting for approval list to start again. It might be worth trying again now :) We’re not allowed to vouch for you unless we have actually had a transaction with you unfortunately.

      • Hi Ellie, thank you so much for your genuine concern and help. I requested to be added to Pandoras Tribe too! Yay! :) In the meantime while this is a long shot may I ask you for something? I only hoped to join the groups and be able to buy retired charms. I started collecting pandora since february and I am immediatelly atracted to older charms and not new collections. I dont have much charms yet because it is difficult to get my hands on them. I see so many fake charms in ebay and it breaks me heart. I know you cant vouch for ud and I dont expect you to but maybe if ever come accros Clover Charm 790387 or anything similar you will think of me? I would like to buy the beautiful and legit charms and if anyone sells them on these pages i would be more than glad to buy. Im in Ireland myself so if you need any deals from Ireland im more than happy to ship to you. Thanks again for your recommendations so far. Dont know what I would do without your advices and blog. Fan forever, Laura

  32. Hi Ellie, thanks for outdoing yourself again :)

    I have to say I really like this collection. It’s not perfect but it’s my favorite of the year–Spring was pretty but Summer was very “meh” to me. I like the intricate designs and the darker colors here, plus they are offering some plain, non-blingy silvers! Overall, it has a romantic and somewhat dramatic feel.

    My favorite pieces are the Heart of Freedom (I can see how the inscription might be a turn off for some, but it speaks to me :) ) and the cerise Radiant Heart. I’ve never seen a Radiant Heart charm up close, but if I like the design in person, I might be tempted by either the cerise or blush one.

    Other runners-up include the prince/princess and the other elegant, delicate designs. I wonder if the princess would be a good stand-in as a charm for drama lovers (representing make believe or acting?)–I like going to theater shows but I don’t like the two-sided mask charm that Pandora currently has.

    I’m in the minority here, but I find the owl charm creepy. LOL! I like that they represent wisdom and knowledge, but their eyes and swiveling heads are kinda freaky to me. Haha! *crosses off all owl and insect-related charms from my Pandora list* :P

    Thanks again, this post was the highlight of my day :)

    • Hi Kris! Aw, you are welcome. So nice to hear that you like so much of the collection! Dramatic is a good word to describe this collection. I think it does have slightly gothic overtones as well, which is really fun and a bit edgier than usual.

      I’m undecided about the heart of freedom! I don’t mind the inscription so much itself, it’s just that I really liked the simplicity of ‘free’ with the bird. I will have a think about that one!

      Aha, nooo! The owl is adorable! Aha. And this charm is a fair bit cuter than many owls are in real life too :P I already have two owl charms and will be a third… it’s funny which designs they keep coming back to, haha. There are like four elephants now and three owls and five dogs…

      Thanks for commenting <3 It was great to read your thoughts!

      • Hi Ellie ,
        I believe you are incorrect on the 3 owls count, there are 4 ( original silver, graduation, green eyes one and new one ) and technically 5 if you consider the study book which has a great little full bodied owl drawn on as well;)
        I cannot wait to get the new owl in sept!! He will be so good on nature themed designs as well ;)

  33. Several of these charms are very pretty to me. Purple is my favorite color and I was excited that purple was the theme of the collection. I’m not really seeing a lot of purple in these charms though. I do like the dark purple shimmer which I will definitely be adding to my collection. I also do really like the purple intertwining radiance bead. Is the cerise charm a deep reddish purple color? It’s hard to tell in that picture. I’m hoping the row of hearts and shining path spacers are silicone lined. It would make sense if they were since Pandora introduced the thread less concept in the Spring. They are both so pretty!!

    I was excited about the open bangle concept but the Pandora signature CZ style isn’t one of my favorites. I think it would’ve been a lot prettier if it was just a pave ball or something. I’m still interested in it and will wait to see it in person to decided if I have to have it, lol.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the coordinating jewelry looks like. I’m planning on purchasing the majestic feathers pendant this Fall to match the ring I have. I’m also planning on picking up the earrings so I can have the whole collection during the earring promo. Speaking of which, that starts in just a few weeks. Do you have any details on that yet?

    I’m still pretty impressed with the Fall Essence collection and am very excited about it. Do you know if it’s coming to the U.S.? I hope so!! Thanks so much!!

    • On a side note, wouldn’t it be cute if the small heart in the floating locket pendant was actually floating and not attached to anything? It is adorable and I like it much better than the larger alternative :).

      • It is floating, I think! The description of the locket certainly implies that, which is why I really like it too!

    • I love purple as well – my third Pandora bracelet was an all-purple design! But I don’t really have any plans to start an all-new bracelet with these darker purples… I want to do a new one with the Rapunzel beads, which are much lighter and pinker instead.
      The cerise charm is technically meant to be red, but I imagine it’ll come out more of a wine colour. Like a deep ruby :) I really like both these new radiant hearts colours!

      Ah, yes, the earring promo – bad news, I’m afraid. We’ve just found out that Pandora have cancelled it and put in place the usual 3-for-2 on rings instead. Sorry to disappoint :( the earring promo would have been the same concept, buy two pairs and get one free. I don’t know why they changed their minds, as it was being advertised up until a couple of weeks ago.

      But on the plus side – yes, the Fall Essence beads are definitely coming to the US! :D

      • Oh no, they have cancelled it? That is a huge disappointment! I’ve had my pairs picked out for awhile. I’m really in need of Pandora earrings. I thought they were saying this was the year of the earring and they were really pushing it. I will keep my fingers crossed that they will change their minds!!

        • Yep they have definitely changed it :( I don’t know why. They seem to have abandoned the year of the earrings thing for now. Sorry to disappoint :(

        • I had my earrings picked out as well, but I’m not too disappointed because I really want the Shimmering Ocean Ring from the summer collection. My mom and I are going to split the ring promo and each get one of these rings and, for the free one, I will probably add a third Shimmering Ocean Ring to give to my friend for Christmas.

  34. If anyone living in Toronto are, Pandora Tanger and Premium Fashion Outlets have buy two charm (regular of discounted retired) get 1 free retired charm. It is 50% off if you pick from retired discounted charm, there are still a lot of retired two toned, 14K Rose gold and silver charm.

  35. Ellie,

    I actually had to look at this post several times to see if I had the same response each time. Sadly, yes, I have to say I am truly disappointed in this falls line up. The only stand outs for me are the row of hearts clip & only because I want a silver silicone clip for my threadless bracelet & the the raidiance charm with the shuts & leaves, wish that had been an open works charm.

    The rest of the selection are not only lacking in imagination but are derivative of chamilia and I rarely by chamilia because I find their charms to over done. I know you like the hobby charm but I find the shopping one looks busy & cheap. The silver Pandora bag is better. The new bangle, not soooo new, a chamilia design actually.

    Wow! I really feel I am in a negative space about this collection. Had some of the bails been free of pave I might be more interested in some of the dangles.vwhy the roots? The family tree really captured the message of family & heritage. I know Pandora has done some interesting and original designs like the Vintage allure, tumbling leaves, and Galaxy charms to name a few. They have always done a nice job of plain silver anilmsl chars, I prefer the original snake to the new pave version.

    I have my fingers crossed for Halloween. Perhaps Pandora will show some originality on that front. Chamilia dies do a good job of Halloween, but Pandora should come out with some.

    The new owl is nicer & adorable more so than the one released a few years ago with the green CZs. However, I have the original owlwhich I am fond of, simple, sweet, rustic & vintage Pandora.

    On a more positive note I am feeling better about the money I spent on getting both leather bracelets and will most likely substitute buying some more summer charms in place of the fall charms.

    Ellie, thanks again for the post, it was very helpful, and validating for my summer spend I can only hope that someone from Pandora tunes in to read the feedback. The time & effort you put into this blog are so appreciated. How you keep up amazes me.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! It is very late here so I will keep my response short, although I read all your comment with great interest :)

      I feel the same way about the CZ on bails. I feel it’s unnecessary and detracts from otherwise solid designs. Still, the reading and shopping charms don’t have the CZ bails thankfully – so Pandora aren’t doing it with everything! And I like both those offerings, although only the reading charm will be coming home with me.

      Pandora may well keep up with feedback from dedicated collectors but at the end of the day they will go with what sells overall. It seems like the pavé beads and decorative charms are the biggest sellers, so that’s what they’ll do more of. They’re a business; they won’t be blindly making beads that no one wants. I think we just have to accept that these days. There are still a lot of beautiful beads and I still find things I want with almost every collection, especially when I see them in person. Remember, this is the year that brought us the Flower Garden murano and the threadless bracelet and a very beautiful Club charm, alongside some brand new silver animals and gorgeous leather bracelets! This is just one collection – I’m sure you will find some things you like later on <3 So I hope you feel better about it soon, which I'm sure you will do - and remember that it's always nice when you don't want to get much from a collection as it gives you some breathing space and a chance to catch up on all the beads you missed!

      I hope that was in some way helpful, haha. I'm really quite tired and a bit rambly! ^^

  36. Same here, I don’t like Summer, Pre Autumn and Fall release. If the free bracelet promotion in Sept need to spend $150 then I won’t participate, I have one 2 tone, 2 rose gold, 2 silver heart, 1 paved barrel, I silver barrel, 1 oxidized 1 Disney, 2 red single leather & 4 LE bangles all free or with upgrade. I don’t need any more bracelets unless it is free.

    • I will probably take part even if the spend is a little higher as our spend in the UK is exorbitant (£125)!

    • Hi Kris,

      This pretty much confirms what I heard from the sales associate in my area. Now we have to spend $150 Cdn instead of the $125 to get a free silver bracelet. Also a silver bracelet/two tone promo could pop up at anytime & maybe only once. A year instead of twice.

      The article was very interesting and a reminder that I had better take extra good care of my bracelets so I can get many years of wear out of them, because new ones will not necessarily come free with purchase.

      Lisa K

      • Pandora has to come up some extremely attractive new release for me to spend Can $150 for promotion. I am getting very picky after 15 months of collecting, I like classic retired two tone charm which I can get from outlet. I only spend one transaction for each promotion this year, the most is spend $550 get two tone bracelet free.

    • Hi Kris,

      Thanks for bringing this interesting article to my attention. This information goes right along with all the rumors floating around regarding the bracelet promos. I just hope Pandora doesn’t do away with them altogether. I, for one, would cut waaaay back on my Pandora spending if they do.

      • Should also say we don’t have any sales like other countries, so the promos do bring more business for Pandora.

      • Emily I agree I will cut back too! I usually buy way more during a bracelet promo and don’t they understand that when you get a new bracelet that means you will most likely buy beads to place on it.

        • My thoughts exactly Debbie! I, too, spend lots more during promos than any other time of the year. The more bracelets we have…the more charms we need to fill them up. The cost of charms far exceeds the cost of a new bracelet.

    • I remember reading that earlier in the year! :( I’m still keeping fingers and toes crossed for another promo though. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Of course there are no Halloween charms in this collection. They would look weird in pink and purple, with CZ hearts. I gave up on Pandora for Halloween after seeing your sneak peek. I have gotten a Trollbeads bracelet and I’m having fun filling it with bats, spiders, cats, a skeleton, a pumpkin and toadstools. I will come back to Pandora for Christmas.

    • No, I was sad not to see any as well. I was chatting to someone who works in a concept store recently and they were saying that the Halloween beads didn’t sell very well back in the day, which surprised me. It seems like everyone had that cute little silver ghost here in the UK at one point. I think Pandora and Halloween have parted ways for the foreseeable future – stick to Trollbeads and Chamilia for your Halloween fix! :)

  38. July 7th to the 17th is the ring promotion.
    The safety chain doesn’t have rubber stoppers just screws. The floating locket necklace and charm will be exclusive to Pandora stores only. As well as the ms. Claus that was in another article of your is a Jarred’s exclusive. The Black Friday charm looks a lot like the ice crystal charm from last years winter collection in an all red paved design. And the Disney limited edition is a button shaped charm with pave Mickey on one side and Minnie on the other. From what I know there is two new beads coming out from Disney, and one of them looks a lot like the mother of pearl love me charm but in Mickey silhouettes instead. Also there’s a new concept they are working on of a all gold bangle bracelet but I don’t know when they will release that. New birthday stone rings will be released. The family roots charms is a locket also that opens up to an engraving of Family Forever.

    Hmm that’s all I can remember for now.

    • Thanks for all of the great information Ariel! The ice crystal sounds like it would be interesting in a red design, and the Mrs. Claus sounds cute. I was looking forward to the earring promo, but I really want the new Shimmering Ocean ring, so I’m not complaining about a ring promo haha! You mentioned the safety chain, but do you know if the new silver clips–one with the hearts and one with the band of pave–are silicone-lined?

      • I want to say they arnt. I know for sure the steady heart clip isn’t. But I don’t recall the other clips being silicones lined. Don’t believe me fully but they probably arnt.

    • Thanks so much for the info Ariel! <3 So many questions I had answered! I had noticed that Mrs Claus wasn't in my winter catalogue and I wondered if she was a Jared exclusive. Great to have that confirmed. And it's disappointing to hear that the safety chain doesn't have silicone, but I thought it didn't. :(
      Ooooh Disney charms! I hadn't heard about those yet. I'm not sure that I like the sound of the LE Disney charm, but I'll reserve judgement until some pics leak. The MOP charm sounds lovely on the other hand - a more subtle way of expressing your love for Disney! I imagine there will be some disappointed collectors if there aren't any character beads from Disney this season though.
      I have the gold bangle down as a winter release. It's gorgeous but soooo far out of my price range! :S
      Thanks again for sharing! Some great info :D

  39. I was in a store today and a Pandora Rep was there with all the new fall and winter line. It is ALL absolutely gorgeous!!!!! These pictures are nice but pieces are even more bright and sparkly in person. Black Friday charm and bangle promotion are both GORGEOUS!!!

  40. Hi Ellie I just saw 2 charms that aren’t in your review. Shimmering Medallion and Alluring Cushion. I just wanted to let you know. The Alluring Cushion charm looks like a spacer but you would know better than me lol. Have a great day

    • Hi Linda! I have pics of those two as well but just haven’t had time to update the preview yet. It’s been a busy week lol! Thanks for letting me know though, it’s always so nice when people do that <3 I kinda like the medallion, even though it's pave!

      • I like the medallion too. Thank goodness cause I didn’t like many in the collection.
        Any Disney news besides the 3 we already know about ?

        • No, no more disney news…. I have been told that those three are it for the main Disney collection this year. If true, it’s a shame!

  41. The crowned hearts charm– is the pink part cz , or some type of stone or is it enamel? It’s so hard for me to tell from the pix, does anyone know for sure?

  42. Hi Ellie!

    I also noticed the addition of two new charms. The Shimmering Medallion looks nice. I’m wondering if the Alluring Cushion is a spacer or a clip? Still hoping for a new TT clip. The selection is so small at the moment.

    • Hi Emily! Sorry missed this one too. The Alluring Cushion is a spacer :)
      You are right about the TT clips! And they keep retiring existing TT designs too :(

  43. omg I love this collection the opulent heart and the owl is a must for me. my mom’s birthday is in October so I get to give her Pandora from this new collection!!! The heart of freedom really applies to my life, and my mom loves reading so I think this is going to work out <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

    • Yay! :D Those are some nice picks :) I’m quite tempted by the Heart of Freedom as well and I’ll definitely get the reading and owl charms!

  44. I added the I love reading dangle to my wish list… It’s a must have for especially. I am really keen on reading… So it’s me….love reading :-) But nothing else tempted me for now

    • It does! But Pandora have actually recalled it for now, as some of them keep coming undone accidentally while people are wearing it.

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