A nice surprise for Pandora fans in the US and Canada today, as the 3-for-2 ring promotion for North America has just started! It was originally slated to be an earring promo, but Pandora have changed this to the more traditional ring promo and moved it forward in the calendar. The promo will be running from today until the 17th.pandora north america

The promotion rules are very simple: buy two Pandora rings in a single transaction and get a third of equal or lesser value for free. The promo is not available online, but most of the major retailers will accept phone orders. Pandora retailers are not allowed to ship outside their region, so international readers will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help them.

I won’t be taking part in this promotion, as I’ve actually been enjoying some retired rings that I picked up in various sales recently! <3 But it is a great deal, and such a good opportunity to start a ring collection if you haven’t already.

pandora rings stack

Are you taking part in this year’s ring promo for North America? If so, which rings do you have picked out?

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  1. i’m bummed..was hoping to snap up some earrings..so many friends have had issues with stones falling out,breakage etc I don’t buy the rings..

    • I know, it’s weird that they changed it at the last minute :( I don’t have much experience with the pavé rings but I’ve never had a problem with the rings I own from Pandora! They get a lot of wear, too.

  2. I am bummed too. The rings don’t fit me and i too have read too many negative comments on the rings to try them even if they were my size. I was looking forward to getting some earrings too! I even bought a pair to test to make sure they would be ok in my ears because i heard negative comments about them too.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear they don’t fit you. I have not had a problem yet with any of my Pandora rings, although I have heard of some of the more heavily pavéd ones losing stones. I have the New Beginnings butterfly ring and the Dazzling Daisy ring and neither of them have thrown up any problems so far :)

  3. Your ring stack looks lovely. I love my rings and have quite a few and wear them all the time.
    I’m interested to see what rings they bring out for the Autumn and Winter collections.

    • Thanks, Sarah! :) I wear mine lots as well. I added quite a few of the beautiful older ones to my collection recently :D there are some nice rings coming out, but they’re quite pavé-intensive!

  4. Even though I do love Pandora rings (I have about 20 of them and love them all) I was also really bummed to hear they weren’t doing the earring promo. I have several pairs I have my eye on I need to work into my budget now. Maybe they will surprise us with it in the next few months? On a side note, I’ve never had a stone fall out of any of the rings I have and they all wear beautifully!!

    • An earring promo seemed like a good idea; people tend to collect the rings or charms, so it might have got a few people interested in those as well. I’d be interested to hear why they changed it. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed! Maybe they’ll run it at some point in the future.
      I’ve never had a problem with any of my rings either. I have a couple of pavé rings (dazzling daisy and new beginnings), which seem to have held up fine.

  5. Wow Ellie… You’re working a lot with all previews and reviews!!! :) I don’t have any Pandora rings but I’m thinking to buy some in this special sale, I really want the Radiant Embellishment and the pink Poetic Droplet Ring. Thanks for your amazing help, I love your blog!

    • Aha, I know, it’s been a busy week – I’m hoping to take a little break over the weekend! I had my preview schedule all planned out in manageable chunks and then a whole bunch of new ones leaked online aha. It’s all good fun though! ^^
      Lovely choices! The ring promo is a great time to start – that’s how I started my ring collection as well. So glad to hear you enjoy the blog, thank you so much for reading!

  6. I bought three rings from one retailer via phone today and stopped by a store to buy three more on the way home. I haven’t had an issue with the rings, and they are very easily worn in multiples.

    • Yay! Glad to hear it. Which did you go for? I’ve not had problems either, and love to stack them too :D

      • I got these: Infinite Shine, Floral Daisy Lace, Droplets, Intricate Lattice, and Hearts of Pandora (x2). The Floral Daisy Lace is a little chintzy (the band is really thin and the entire ring doesn’t feel very substantial, but I like the pattern, so I got it.

        • Oh lovely rings! Those will stack beautifully. I thought the same about the Floral Daisy Lace ring – it’s quite slim, but the design is so cute! I’d like to get that one some day. Enjoy <3

    • Must be a valuable ring! I am much more sensible about rings than I am about the charms & bracelets, but I still have quite a few.

  7. Hmm, very tempting! I have two good friends (the beads n’ coffee gals) that love Pandora rings. A few years ago, when one of them had a birthday, the other friend and I went in together, each buying a ring and then we gave the third ring to our friend! Might do that again!

    • Aw, that’s a very sweet way to take part in the promo. <3 Your beads and coffee sessions always look so fun!

  8. Hi Ellie,

    I don’t have any of Pandora’s rings or earrings yet. Had thought about trying some of the earrings during promo. The Luminous Elegance pearls would have been nice since I bought all of the matching charms when they were released. I was told back in March this is supposed to be the year of the earrings…guess not. Rings have to be sized to fit me, so I haven’t been down that road. More money for charms.

    Like your rings in the picture…especially the pearl.

    Thanks for all your hard work to keep us informed on the latest!

    • Hi Emily! I don’t have any Pandora earrings, although I have quite a few rings these days. I have some older earrings and lots of lovely pairs that I’ve picked up over the years, and I just don’t feel the urge to buy Pandora ones, for whatever reason.
      It is weird that they changed the earrings promo… I guess they abandoned the year of the earrings thing. Maybe they decided it just wouldn’t do as well as the rings.

      Thanks Emily! The pearl ring was a recent buy from one of the sales. That whole pearl collection is lovely (the Viola Bloom/Flower Odyssey set). I have the charm as well!

      You are very welcome – thanks for commenting <3

  9. Your stack is beautiful Ellie! I don’t have my eye on anything for this promo, but I do love the 2 Pandora rings I have, Sparkling Leaves (bigger bypass style) and Sparkling Lace. I guess I like the larger statement ones! I haven’t had any problems with stones falling out.

    • Thanks, Natalie! <3 I'm really loving my Pandora rings at the moment. You have two lovely ones as well! I find myself drawn to the older floral designs, but I like the statement ones too. The New Beginnings butterfly ring is a favourite of mine.
      Glad to hear you haven't had problems with stones either!

    • Hi Nicola – I’m not sure tbh. Rumour suggests that they will but I’ve not heard anything concrete. :)

  10. You have got a beautiful stack of rings there. I only own a few rings. Spend most on charms. I would like to get the little bow ring with pearl on next ring promo in Australia.But the free ring is only limited to selective $49 range. Not as good as the one you have there.

    • Thanks very much <3 My ring collection is tiny compared to my bracelets and charms, but I do so love the ones I have. I got a few older designs that I've always liked from the recent sales and am really pleased with them.
      The ring with the pearl is adorable - I got it for Christmas last year. You should definitely get that one :) It's a shame that the Australia promo isn't as good as the UK/US ones, how mean of them to limit it!

  11. dear Ellie and all other ladies in this blog. may I ask you if this is a legit charm??? the writing is really of in here but maybe its normal? http://imgur.com/sUDkGs4 since I cant join pandora angels or pandoras tribe I am considering to buy from ebay :/ but im concerned if this is legit

    • Hi Laura, it’s hard to tell just from that photo – but the ‘925’ part of the hallmark looks a bit mangled? In a way that doesn’t look like regular wear & tear. I don’t ever advise buying from eBay these days either so I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. Why can’t you join the two FB groups?

  12. I’m excited about this promo! I love Pandora rings. I have many of them in silver, silver and gold, and gold, with stones and without, one of them with enamel, and never had any issues. I’m sorry that some people have had bad experiences with their rings.

    • Oh good! Sounds like you have a gorgeous collection; glad to hear that you haven’t had any problems either. I have a lot of older designs, and a couple of pavé ones too, and they are all perfect still! <3 Enjoy the promo :D

  13. I was disappointed. I went to my store today with the intention of getting three Shimmering Ocean Rings (my mom and I were each going to get one, and I would give the third to my friend a a gift). However, they were out of the ring in sizes 5, 6, and 7! They are not sure when they are getting I back in, but I am on a call list. I am thinking about calling one of the online retailers, but we’ll see.

    • I have had great success calling and ordering from the Pandora store at the Mall of America. They ship very fast, for free, and there’s no sales tax unless you’re in MN.

      • Thank you hrhdhd. I have ordered from the Pandora Mall of America website before, and they were great. I was able to find a store a little farther away from me that has the rings in stock, and they put them on hold for me. I prefer to actually go to the store to try them on because the ring sizing seems to be pretty inconsistent for me. This particular ring seems to be very popular–or stores didn’t get many in stock–because I also called a local shop-in-shop and they had very little stock as well.

        • I am glad you found what you wanted. I agree that the different rings fit differently even when sized the same, especially the wider bands like you’re interested in.

    • Oh no, that is such a shame! Could they not let you pay for it and reserve one for you for when they come back in? Or, you could always order them over the phone as I see has also been suggested :)

  14. I was waiting to take advantage of this promo to buy the My Princess ring for our 6 nieces. I went in this weekend and left with 6 rings. The salesperson was kind enough to put them on one transaction, even though my wife was with me in case we had to make two. Now the wait begins for their quinceneras or sweet 16s. Hopefully, we made good estimates in choosing their sizes as these parties are still a good few years away.

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