Yet more news today as we have a surprise sneak peek at the Pandora Disney Autumn Winter 2016 charms! This season’s collection returns to the basics with some new Mickey & Minnie designs, detailed in mother of pearl, enamel and cubic zirconia.

pandora disney parks exclusives spring 2015

The charms pictured here are part of the regular Pandora Disney line, and will be available both in concept stores and Disney Parks locations. The Pandora Disney Parks exclusive charms for this season have not been leaked yet.

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

I know that a lot of you have been eagerly anticipating the next Pandora Disney collection; however, it looks like there are only three new charms due out this season. These are all Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed, with a mother-of-pearl Mickey silhouettes charm, and two pavé button-style charms.

Pandora Disney Autumn Winter 2016

These new charms should be coming out with the Winter 2016 collection in early November.

My Comment

This is a surprisingly small set, even by last year’s standards – it’s a real shame not to see more characters introduced into the line. It does seem to establish a pattern for the Pandora Disney range, however; we can expect lots of new beads in Spring and much fewer in Autumn. And, you never know – there might be more for the Pandora Disney Parks exclusive collection!

I do prefer this year’s LE Pandora Disney charm to last year’s Mickey & Minnie pavé heads, and imagine it would make a very cute centre piece for a Mickey/Minnie themed bracelet. I have avoided a lot of the Mickey/Minnie pieces, so am not sure that I would have a use for it in my collection though.

Previews have been coming at something of a fast pace this week – which is fun but very busy in terms of blogging! There are still more to come, however, so look out for more!

Are any of these pieces going on your wish list? Going forward, what characters would you like to see from Pandora Disney in the future? I’d still love Bambi, Dumbo or any cute Disney animals!

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  1. I can’t believe how small this collection is, I was hoping for some more character charms. Have to wait for the spring collection. It will be interesting to see what they bring out for the park exclusives, as these are usually Mickey and Minnie ones. The three there releasing look nice, but I won’t be buying them.
    I’d love a full bodied Tigger, Olaf and some other character charms. There are so many they could do. I wonder if they’ll be some Beauty and the Beast ones next spring, as the live action film releases in March next year.
    Looking forward to more previews.

    • It is tiny! Even in comparison to Rose or Essence collections. Last year we at least had a new princess! Ah well. Less temptation to spend!
      Of these, I’m kind of tempted by the LE one – but I don’t have a dedicated Disney bracelet and I’m not sure how well this would blend into a general design.
      Oh my gosh yes – Tigger! I need a Tigger charm :) Hopefully they’ll keep trickling out more Winnie the Pooh charms, as they’ve been doing. Keeping track of new Disney film releases is probably a good way of predicting which charms they’ll do next – so Beauty and the Beast is a good prediction! ^^

  2. OMG I love them!!! I need to buy the last Disney bracelet with Cz, and this charms are going to look amazing in it!! I’m a Disney and Pandora addict, so I have to get them. I would like to see more Beauty and the Beast charms like Ding Dong, Chip and Potts, and maybe another Eeyore. Thanks for the good news!

    • Yay! :D I got that Disney bracelet in the March promo but so far am not planning a dedicated Disney bracelet. It would look great with these new charms though!
      Cogsworth and Lumiere would be adorable B&B Disney charms! And I still want a murano with the Beauty and the Beast rose inside the glass… how lovely would that be!

      • Ellie, you should submit that idea to Pandora! That would be so beautiful, and i would buy ig right away!

        • I’ve mentioned it before haha. I know Pandora officially don’t take ideas but it would be so nice! And they are releasing a new Beauty and the Beast film next year… so it would be good timing for them too ;)

        • Yes! Although I think Stars Wars is too edgy for Pandora… they’re too married to the hearts and flowers and feminine side of things!

  3. I was really hoping for full body style Tigger or Piglet! I love the Pooh and Eeyore charms but have held off buying them until I feel like I could have enough for a Pooh themed bracelet.

    • That’s something I’d *love*: a Pooh-themed bracelet. I have the Pandora Pooh (both) and Eeyore charms; like you, I was really hoping for more Hundred Acre Wood characters. Tigger and Piglet would be ideal (full-bodied style is definitely my preference also). I’m disappointed in this release.

      • I’m hoping that they will keep updating the Winnie the Pooh collection as they go along! I’m sure they must sell well. Eeyore is so adorable!

    • I would adore both of those <3 Winnie the Pooh characters are just so adorable! I have Eeyore tucked into a foresty design and he looks quite at home there.

      • I NEED more Pooh! I so want to do a Pooh-themed bracelet. I carried around a little sticky-pawed (Velcro) Sears Pooh Bear my entire childhood. I can’t really do that in my late 40’s without looking quite strange, but a Pooh Pandora bracelet would be much more socially acceptable, lol! Kanga and Roo in a charm would be very sweet for Mother’s Day. And Tigger and Piglet are just mandatory.

        Oh, and I would also love to see Bambi and Dumbo. I used to sing “Baby Mine” from Dumbo to my girls when they were small, and I always thought Bambi was the sweetest movie. I’d love to see Bambi, Thumper and Flower come out.

        • Awww! I don’t think I had any Pooh toys but I had the videos and the books and I adored both of those. I have hopes that we will see more of the Pooh characters in the future though, as so far we’ve had new ones every spring :)

          Ah, Baby Mine – I watched that scene from Dumbo again recently on YouTube and had forgotten how moving it was. I didn’t really appreciate the horror of it when I was little! Older Disney films often didn’t pull the punches.

  4. I was always a fan of Esmeralda of Hunchback of the Notre Dame, I would love to see what they would do with those characters/story.

    • I used to have an Esmeralda locket when I was younger so it would be fitting if I had an Esmeralda charm now haha!

  5. I’m not a huge Mickey and Minnie fan but I did see the limited edition one in person and it’s one I’ll have to have.

    • Oh I’m glad to hear that it’s nice! That’s the only one of these I would really be tempted by.

  6. I have heard from a Pandora retailer owner they have been told that there are villains of Disney charms coming out like Maleficent ursula etc and some secondary characters hope they’re not going to wait and launch them next spring

    • They’re probably gonna wait. I’ve seen all the autumn and winter collection in person and nothing about villain charms, they would have mentioned it to our store owner. But hopefully they come out soon!

    • I’ve not heard of anything like that for this season from any of my sources but would absolutely love that. Fingers crossed for next spring :)

    • That would be a great addition; I’d definitely want the Cheshire Cat…I have the White Rabbit and love him! They just need more full-bodied character charms from classic favorites like Alice In Wonderland, Bambi, Winnie The Pooh, etc.

      • I love my White Rabbit too. I agree that more characters be wonderful, and full-bodied would be even better!

    • Yes, more Alice charms would be amazing! I’d love some more charms on a fantasy theme full stop.

  7. Hi Ellie I would love to see a lion king collection, I like them they are very different. I loving all your post.

    • They’re not allowed to sell Disney Pandora in Europe yet as chamilia have the contract with Disney here until 2018….hopefully after that it’ll be available here too.

    • I know :( it’s the only Disneyland that I can feasibly get to as well. Pandora in Europe don’t have the rights to sell Disney charms – that right belongs to Chamilia for the time being.

  8. I would very much love a Cheshire Cat bead! I have both of the Chamilia Cheshire Cats (the newer head, and the very old full body), but i’d love to see what Pandora would do for him. I was quite surprised to see that Pandora did any Alice in Wonderland ones (but VERY excited and immediately bought all 3!). I know it’s unlikely, but i’d love to see any more from that movie :)

    • So would I! And it would be so fun if there was a murano bead in his colours too :D I was also pleasantly surprised by the previous Alice beads. More fantasy charms would be amazing! Like a pocket watch charm etc.

  9. Overall I would cite this collection to be weak however I like the LE charm and would love to see it in person, if it’s big and super sparkly I would consider it, like you Ellie so far I have managed to steer clear of the Mickeys and Minnie’s from the Disney collection, so i wonder should I start now ?
    Thanks !

    • I have a couple of Minnie/Mickey beads, but quite subtle ones – the Minnie Mouse cupcake, clip and the little Mickey spacer. I’ve steered away from the others as they don’t blend so well into other designs. However I quite like the look of this new LE charm too. I’ll wait and see photos of it!

  10. Ellie,

    Wow, loving all these posts this week! Thanks for the Disney sneak peek. I have yet to get any Mickey Minnie charms, but the LE charm looks nice. The Disney Parks Exclusives definitely have my attention though. Doubt I’ll ever get there in person, but my hair stylist has offered to pick up anything I would like to have. He’s going later this month. I’ll have to think about it a little more.

    • Hi Emily! I know – the previews all seemed to come in a rush this week. But they’re very fun to come home and put together after work, especially when it’s a nice distraction from all the crazy politics and things that are going on at the moment.
      Aw that’s so nice of your hairdresser! You should definitely pick a couple out :)

  11. I will grab the LE piece to match with last year LE. I am hoping to see piglet full body charm to match with my pooh charm. I love them so much :)))))

    • Great! And yes – I constantly hear from people who would like to see more Winnie the Pooh charms from Pandora so hopefully they’ll take note!

  12. I think these look great but not sure if i will purchase. i too want to limit the amount of mickey amd Minnie charms i put on my Disney bracelet. I mostly like the parks exclusives and the Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella charms with the light blue being the overall color theme.

    • Yeah, if I were doing a Disney bracelet I’d be most interested in getting a wide range of characters on there. I never really saw anything with Mickey or Minnie in when I was younger funnily enough! Light blue sounds lovely for your Disney bracelet, nice and different :)

      • Thanks, I should have said Cinderella blue muranos which also works for Alice’s dress. I think the white enamel Daisy meadow clips and spacers would look nice too.

  13. I think these look great but not sure if i will purchase. i too want to limit the amount of mickey amd Minnie charms i put on my Disney bracelet. I mostly like the parks exclusives and the Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella charms with the light blue theme color .

  14. Ohhh…Bambi characters would be wonderful (per your suggestion)! Thumper is my absolute *favorite*! Admittedly, I’m disappointed in this release; I was really hoping for more Pooh characters (especially Tigger and Piglet. I do like Mickey and Minnie, but not really these particular styles; maybe a full-bodied version would be more appealing. I can’t believe how small the release is, either. *Sigh*.

    • Gosh how adorable would a Thumper charm be? <3 And Bambi himself!
      I was slightly bracing for a less than exciting Disney release as I'd heard rumours that it was going to be quite limited. It surprises me but at least it's one less avenue of temptation ;)

  15. Pinocchio, Aristocats, Lion King characters, Dory & Nemo, more Eeyore and other Hundred Acre Wood forest animals, Thumper, Bambi…so many character charms I’d love to add to my collection! Very small release this time.

    • Mm and I’d add more Alice in Wonderland beads to that list as well! I love the fantasy beads and the cute animal beads <3

    • I totally agree with you on Aristocats, Kim! I know it’s not one of the most popular films, but I adore it and would love to see a Marie charm! I know Chamilia has made one, but I’d like to see a Pandora version. I also agree on Nemo & Dory and would love to see some of the other Pixar movies represented as well.

  16. I love the princess and alice themed charms but would love a tigger or anything from lion king or maybe lady and the tramp or bambi and thumper

  17. Not a fan of the new winter 2016 Disney charms could bebetter but i know i will buy the limited edition. But Villians would be even better then the Princess collection.

    • Villains would be amazing! I always thought maybe that was too edgy for Pandora (who are all about the hearts and flowers these days) but maybe they will prove me wrong!

      • I would love a Maleficent charm but would definitely pass on Ursula. I was terrified of her as a little girl, so she doesn’t exactly bring back great memories for me haha!

        • Aha, I don’t remember being too scared of either although I was quite young when I watched them both.
          I used to be terrified of the headmistress from A Little Princess, if you ever saw that though – clearly I found real people more scary! ^^

  18. Thanks Ellie! I’ve been waiting for this :)
    The limited edition charm is cute and so is the other button one. I wish they would do more characters instead of just Mikey and Minnie, though. They have so many of those already. I would love to see Bambie, Peter Pan, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Honestly, I can not believe they haven’t made any Pixar characters, especially with Finding Dory being out right now. I see that Alex Woo has some really cool Finding Dory jewelry, maybe Disney gave them an exclusive license for jewelry.

    • You are welcome! :D
      I like the LE bead as well but was also disappointed not to see more characters. Peter Pan is another one I would love, and had forgotten about – fantasy beads in general would be lovely. The NIghtmare before Christmas would give them a great excuse to do some Halloween beads!

  19. I think the Mickey silhouette bead would be much nicer with black enamel. I think a Dumbo bead would be cute. Like many others, I’m also hoping for more Pooh and Alice beads. I’m glad this is a limited release!

    • Good point! They used to do a lovely version of the original MOP heart bead in black MOP, too, come to think of it – that might have worked well too.

  20. I personally love the Minnie and Mickey kissing charm. I saw a tshirt like that in Disney World on my trip a few months ago and I came so close to purchasing it. I find it very romantic and ecstatic they have incorporated it into Pandora charms.

    • It is cute! They did another version of it when the Disney collection first come out, you’ve probably seen it:

      This one is a bit more sparkly!

    • No one is sure. Chamilia have the contract currently, apparently until 2018 – it’s unlikely they’ll come out here before then :(

  21. I think I might just wait for the new Disney exclusive ones I think I love the new essence ones that are coming out a lot better than these
    These don’t really live up to my expectations maybe the mother purl one might look cute but I’m not really much of a fan of Disney & pave together like nun of my Disney charms have almost to no pave on them

    • Yeah it’ll be interesting to see what they come out with next for Disney Parks! Some more Christmas beads would be cute.
      Yeah, I get why a lot of Disney fans will be disappointed with this collection. Lots of pavé and no new characters!

      • Ya I hope though that this isn’t all it for the normal pandora stores this fall & winter i always get the Disney Parks New Years charm I feel like it should be more of a peach color it would look so different & a color that Disney has never done
        The 2015 one is blue & so is the 2016 one except darker but it’s still blue
        I’d really love a pretty peach charm cause my Disney bracelet is colorful anyways kinda so I’d replace my 2016 one with the new 2017 one

        Going to the Disney World Parks again in April of 2017

        • I hear that this is it, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up :) there might be some more Disney Parks pieces though!

          Peach would be amazing! My blog colour scheme is peach so it would be nice to have a charm to commemorate that haha.

  22. I would love to see Pandora bring out a Disney Lion King charms…
    My favourite Disney movie of all time ?

  23. Hey Ellie,
    I love your blog, thank you so much for taking the time to have such an incredible site. This is my first time commenting and I’m not sure if this is the right place but I think it is most pertinent to this entry. I was looking at the Pandora website yesterday and I saw two new Disney charms (a chef mickey head dangle [all silver] & Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary castle dangle [all silver except for a little bit of blue around the 45th]), they have since been taken down. Do you know anything about them?

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