Today’s post brings a heads-up of a Pandora Essence promo for the US & Canada, starting today! The promo includes a bangle and a sterling silver Essence charm, and offers a great way to get started with Essence, or just to enlarge your collection. Essence bracelets are lovely and light to stack, so adding a bangle to wear with your existing Essence bracelet would look great!

Pandora Essence Promo banner

This is a great time to start a new Essence collection/bracelet, too, with some really beautiful beads coming out with the new Autumn collection! <3

The promo runs in stores from today until the 31st of August, and the rules are as follows:-

  • Purchase the Essence silver bangle and one select, plain-silver Essence charm for $75 USD/$85 CAD (RRP $95 USD)

This offers a saving of $20 USD on the set. The poster below shows the eligible charms:

pandora essence promo

As you can see, they are all the plain-silver Essence options! There are some gorgeous options here, although my personal favourite is the original Freedom bead (third from the left).

Anyway, happy shopping! Are you going to be taking part in this offer?

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  1. Thanks again Ellie for a great post.
    Although I like the essence collection, I will not take advantage of this promo as I do not consider it a great one.
    I find that Pandora’s promos are not as good as they used to be. I always looked forward to the ‘free bracelet’ promo in either March or September as it permitted me to start friends on a Pandora bracelet for girlfriends for their birthday and get them ‘addicted’…however, now I hear the September promo will be quite different and of no interest to me. I am VERY disappointed…
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent.
    Keep up the good work

    • I appreciate that this one perhaps doesn’t offer as good a deal in terms of pure savings as other promos – but it is an extra addition to the promo schedule and better than nothing I suppose!
      I am surprised that Pandora feel the need to move away from the traditional bracelet promo, as surely people will come back and buy more charms to fill up their free bracelets? But nevertheless, the upside to the new format is that you can apply the savings to whatever you want – there’s a nice freedom to that, I think. I’m looking forward to planning out what I’m going to get from the autumn collections :)
      But I do appreciate your disappointment. People look forward to the March and September bracelet promos all year round and it’s something of a surprise to see it changed at the last minute. I certainly hope that the bracelet promo isn’t gone for good!

      Anyway – thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts, Mickey! :)

      • Hi! I’m one of the few ladies who appreciates the new promo because I am new to Pandora, and here in the Phils the free bracelet event never took place. If you still remember, I mentioned before that Pandora here is too pricey compared with the US or Canada pricing, 40 – 50% mark up. So If I will avail the USD 75 essence bangle set ( with the help of my sister in NA) I will save not only USD 20 but USD 63 (essence bangle is only USD 60!). No intl shipping because my sister is also planning to have a vacation.
        So I intend to participate in the sept spend and save promo. I totally agree when you mentioned that these promos are better than no promo at all!

        Thanks again for the update, and like you I also love the new essence mosaic beads!?

        • I would like to add that the essence bangle + 1 charm here is Php 6430 or USD 138! So USD75 is really a good deal right?

        • Hi! Glad to hear that you can save so much through shopping abroad :) no wonder Pandora limit retailers from shipping internationally, as it is always very tempting to shop around and see where the exchange rate best works out for you! My brother is in Australia currently and it’s always tempting to send him a wish list ;)

          You are welcome! And I can’t wait to see the Essence mosaics for myself!

  2. I won’t be taking part. I have all these beads already! It would be a better promo if there was more flexibility. Instead, they just offer us their cheapest charms.

    • Yes, I suppose it’s not so much a promo as a discounted gift set that’s available for a short period of time. But it is nevertheless a rather nice way to start with Pandora Essence if you haven’t already. I can appreciate that it’s not as appealing if you already have a substantial Essence collection!

  3. I simply love Essence. I purchased this bangle when it came out along with the Love essence silver bead. I do have a question regarding this promo, is it only the silvers beads you show here that is in the promo or do we get to choose whichever bead from the essence collection? That will make the promo worth it but if it’s only the ones shown, then I agree with Mickey and Melanie. I own all those already. Would love to add some of the new ones. Anyway. Thanks for the post Ellie!

    • Me too! I am a big Essence convert, and I’m so excited for the new Autumn Essence beads :D
      According to the official rules, the silver beads pictured above are the only ones included in the promo unfortunately. It’s limited to the cheapest plain silver beads unfortunately. :/
      You’re welcome, Sara! Thanks for commenting!

  4. A similar promotion in the UK would certainly interest me. I feel quite frustrated that we don’t get the same variety or frequency of promotions available to us, but it is what it is.

    I hope some readers will be taking advantage of it, some lovely charms are included…Freedom is my favourite of them too. Meanwhile, I’m waiting patiently for the Autumn release and those mosaics….! ;)

    • I know, North America gets such a lovely regular promo schedule! There’s almost always something to look forward to. However we have had more promos here in the UK this year than in most recent years, so that’s something!

      Oh me too! I’ve been seeing some live shots of the new Essence beads and I just fall more in love with each one ^^

    • Hi Susana,

      The store I visited today said no substitutions or upgrades. I decided not to take part because I didn’t want to pay even $15 for a bead I don’t want

      On a better note, all of the new essence beads are beautiful. I took some home:)

      • Ah I’m so envious Lisa! I can’t wait to get a couple of the new mosaic beads. The new enamel Freedom looks a bit bright in live shots but I am prepared to change my mind and fall in love when I see it in person…!

    • Officially, it shouldn’t – perhaps your store are allowing upgrades. Pandora’s official rules state only those silver beads pictured above..

    • I heard some stores were doing that, but I couldn’t find any posters or literature on it. That’s a great deal, too, and certainly a lot more flexible!

      • Hi Colleen,

        My store did the same thing. As long as my Essence purchase totalled the
        minimum$110 Cdn I could get $25 off. My purchase totalled more than the $110 but I got $25 off & the charm I wamted. My store had permission, but you won’t find it on the posters.

        Maybe it is only in Canada
        Lisa K.

  5. the Canadian market is allowing customers to choose any Essence product equalling $110 (or more) and we will take off $25! And it is stackable, if you choose $220 worth of product, you’ll save $50, etc!! The new Essence beads are to die for ;)

    • Awesome! Thanks for letting everyone know :) I had heard rumours but couldn’t find anything official. And what an opportunity to stock up on the new Essence beads <3 <3
      So pleased to hear that they are as pretty in person as they looked in the pictures!

      • I saw the new beads in the store today ,I didn’t take part in the promo because here in the states it was just the six to choose from. I did ask the prices of the new beads so here it is if anyone is interested,mosaics are 60 the freedom pink bead is 45 the two czs are 65 each. the grey mosaic for me was the standout the freedom bead was ver bright but the texture was interesting the pink mosaic was also on the bright side not nearly as much as the freedom it reminded me of the breast cancer pink ribbon. the blush cz same as the moments just smaller and the heart cz was really nice hope this helps . they didn’t have any of the moments fall collection in yet but did say catalogs should be in any day.

        • Oh I’m so envious! And thanks for sharing the prices, that was nice of you :) I thought the new Freedom might be a bit bright from the live images – I might give that one a miss and go for two of the mosaics instead.

  6. With the Autumn Collection about to launch, do you happen to know what the price will be on the Gold Essence bracelet ?

    I look forward to your posts !

    Thank you !

    • I’m afraid not – I have not been given prices for North America ahead of time lately :(

      but thank you! That’s really nice to hear <3

  7. Hi Ellie, l got the Essence bracelet in the last promotion and it’s lovely, so I’ll take part of this promotion, but not sure which charm I’ll take home, because I want love and freedom. :( I hope that once in the store the decision turns easy. Have a nice weekend!!

    • Hi Priscilla, do let us know which charm you went for in the end! ^^ Both those charms are lovely, so you know that whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong!
      Have a nice week!

  8. I am going to one Pandora concept store anniversary celebration tomorrow, there is snack, drink, spin the wheel as less $25 coupon max $100, I got $30 last year. If you spend $150 one free gift, don’t know what yet. If I like the Essence set then will be super good deal, but I am not Essence fan, will see.

  9. My store is celebrate anniversary today, $150 purchase get a black beautiful round tall 3 tiers jewelry box ( last year was a tote bag, I suggested to manager jewelry box for 2016 ) . She really listened to me, I never see this Pandora jewelry box anywhere else yet 8″ tall 5″ round with handle on top.. Every $45 extra spend get $20 off after $150, very good deal. I got my first Essence bracelet with Love and Pearl total $150 to get the beautiful jewelry box, perfect!

      • Don Mills center at Don Mills and Lawrence in Toronto. Every year they have their own anniversary celebration with extra gift to fans.

    • Oh, I hadn’t seen this comment when I just replied to you haha. Sounds like a perfect haul.. I adore the pearl Essence bead, and pretty jewellery boxes are always welcome!

  10. There are two Pandora outlet store in Toronto area, Targer outlet Cooktown and Premium outlet Niagara on the Lake. You go on their Facebook will see they have their own special sales for already discounted retired item, super good deal, like 50% off. I got most of my retired two toned charms from Cooktown, very happy to choose my own charm in person for fun.

    • I don’t own one, but they have small, medium and large sizes, much like the regular bangle. They’re 16, 18 and 20cm. :)

      • The bangles are different in size than the moments bangles. I like a medium in moments but the medium essence is too small, so I get the large which is too big:(

        • Yes I saw the small…which is my usual size but it looked super small. Ended up getting the medium but it’s kinda loose. I guess I should’ve tried both sizes :( Unfortunately the store I went to the sale associates were all so I unenthusiastic with serving me…I was their only customer too! I just wanted to get out of there…now I might end up bring back to try the small.

  11. During the June leather bracelet promo I paid $5 to upgrade to an Essence bracelet, so I won’t be participating in this promo. But I’m glad to see Pandora promoting Essence instead of winding it down.

  12. I hope they run essence promotion here in Australia. I intend to start an essence bracelet next year after I completed my existing projects. Those beautiful new essence beads made me want them more.

    • Ellie, need your advise on the choice of snake chain or beaded essence bracelet. I like the beaded one but just afraid not as study, as its rather thin compare to snake chain. Which o e do you think will ‘s a better choice for first essence bracelet?

      • Ops… silly auto correct or rather incorrect. It sturdy not study. Which one will be a better choice for 1st essence bracelet? Thanks.

      • For your very first one, I would go with the Essence snake chain – I really like the beaded Essence bracelet, and I don’t think that you need to worry about sturdiness, but my personal preference is to stack that with other bracelets rather than wear it on its own. :)

  13. Hi! I would like to know your opinions, which is better, an essence snake chain bracelet or an essence bangle? Thanks.

    • An essence snake chain is better
      The bangle is nice too but I personally prefer the snake one or there’s a beaded essence bracelet too that one is nice too
      which might be my next one next time for my next essence bracelet so far I only have the snake chain & I love it

    • Hi! I don’t own the Essence bangle, but I prefer the snake chain bracelets over bangles generally, as you can get more charms to them without the rigidity of the bangle getting in the way and being uncomfortable. The bangles I tend to like putting just a few charms on and stacking with other things :) the snake chains I will wear on their own!

        • I guess I would still ask my sister to buy the essence bangle set for me while in promo and would still get the essence snake chain bracelet. In case I would end up lovng the snake chain like you guys do, I can always give the bangle set to a friend or a client as a gift. ?

    • I prefer the snake it seems a bit sturdier the bangle which I also have is very thin and delicate. I wear the snake chains most of the time.hope this helps

    • I definitely prefer the Snake chain! During the free bracelet promo, I was choosing between the bangle and the beaded essence bracelet but I ended up choosing the beaded because the bangle just seemed too thin and didn’t look as nice to me. I think I personally prefer bangles without charms.

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