*UPDATED 02/08/16 with hq stock images and a new bracelet image* Today’s post brings my first proper Pandora AW16 preview, with a look at the upcoming Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection! :D This release is a soft, beautiful one, with lots of natural materials and delicate pastels.

pandora essence

The Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection is due out on the 1st of September. Read on for a full preview!

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 Preview

This autumn, we’ll be getting six new Pandora Essence charms, in shades of pink, blue and white. It’s a small release, but the designs are a little bit different from what we’ve seen before, especially the mosaic-style beads. I don’t mind trading off on quantity if the designs are more creative!


The Freedom charm is made from cerise enamel, while the three mosaic charms are all mother of pearl! The Appreciation charm is rose cubic zirconia, and reminds me very much of the Radiant Hearts charm from the Moments collection. The Passion charm contains a cubic zirconia heart on either side.

*UPDATED 02/08/16*

And now we have an additional sneak peek at a solid 14kt gold Essence bangle, which is due out with this collection! Beautiful, but sure to be oh-so-pricey!


My Comment

For me, this is quite a stunning Essence release – I like almost every bead. It’s amazing to see such a high proportion of natural materials used; the different shades of mother of pearl are beautiful, especially the blue-grey, and the cerise enamel is lovely. I like how the botanical patterning on the Freedom charm matches the original silver version of Freedom so nicely!

I thought I was done with my Essence bracelets, but I will be needing some of these beads! ^^

What do you think of this latest release from Pandora Essence?

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  1. Wow,they are so beautiful,totally unexpected the way Pandora have gone with this. I think I need to change my job,because I wasn’t planning on getting any more essence, but I could start a new ball one……xx

    • I totally agree! I wasn’t planning on getting any more either, but I think I will add a few of these to my two-tone bracelet :D xx

    • Aha, I think a few people will be doing the same! I’ll be adding more to my two-tone bracelet, which only has four charms on it right now.

  2. I think this is a lovely collection. It does tempt me to start with the essence, but I’m not going to, as I have enough keeping up with the original collection and rings. There obviously putting more thought into the essence collection, to try and get more people to buy it. Hope we get more previews soon.

    • I started a couple of Essence bracelets in 2014 and 2015, but had been planning not to get any more. But these are so nice that I will have to start adding to one of my bracelets again <3 I get that you don't want to have too many things to follow. I only add to my Essence when I really love a new release!

  3. Omg I love every single bead such a good collection my favorite essence collection so far I have never been so excited for the essence collection. There so beautiful and so different a big big fan ?????

    • Thomas Sabo Karma bead has mosaic mother of pearl in grey and cream, the size is bigger than Essence. I am still only like Pandora Moment line.

    • Ya I love Thomas Sabo charms but they do kinda do need some new styles I mean usually when they release new charms it’s usually always as small as the pandora essence collection I just some reason think that some of the TS charms are kinda silly like for their summer release they release a hamburger charm a hot dog & another different ice cream cone I have the pointy one only but still they defiantly need some different new styles in & a bit of a bigger collection of some colors & no not shoe charms lol

      • I only like Thomas Sabo Karma line not Charm Club. Just like I like Pandora Moment line. but not Essence. It is more fun for me to go to two different brand concepts to play with bead.

    • I quite like the Thomas Sabo Karma range, but find the finish on some of them a bit off – so I’m pleased that Essence has done something similar :)

  4. Lovely collection! I have yet to start with the Essence line, but I hear the bracelets are very comfortable. Will have to put on “back burner” for now, since I started Pandora Rose a few weeks ago.

    • They are really comfortable – very light and easy to stack, if you like doing that. Haha, there are so many different Pandora lines to keep track of now! Essence, Rose, Disney, Moments… the list goes on ^^

  5. I’m not into Essence but these are nice, I’m glad they are branching out a little bit into some new designs, the mother of pearl mosaics look nice :-D Have you managed to dig up anymore Fall Moments pictures? ;-)

    • I love the MOP mosaics best! Think I’ll get the white and blue ones for my two-tone bracelet, and then maybe the cerise enamel bead as a centrepiece. <3 Really excited to see these in person!
      Well I can tell you that, for autumn, there will be a book lovers charm and a shopaholics charm :)

      • Oh yay, more info coming out about autumn! Have you seen pics of these charms Ellie? If so, did you like them?

        I really like those MOP mosaics, I think the blue more. Maybe they will consider something similar for Moments if they work out well.

        • Yes I’ve seen them :) They’re dangles, so maybe not to everyone’s taste. I will certainly get the reading charm!

          I’m still waiting for a Moments version of the pearl Essence bead!

        • I like dangles, will have to look at these!

          Yeah, pearl Moments would be pretty. I have some faux pearls from another brand I use instead, but would be nice to see a Pandora version!

        • I saw some from another brand, I think its name begins with a K – they do some gorgeous cherry coloured pearls and grey ones. So gorgeous! They don’t fit Pandora though…

  6. I like them. Very pretty and different from the usual essence bead. I’m looking at starting a essence bracelet after I’m done with my current project. Will definitely go for the generosity and freedom bead.

    • Oh you should definitely consider Essence :) it’s a really nice, lighter alternative to the regular bracelets and I always wear mine when I want something a bit dressier. Plus there are some gorgeous beads!

  7. I love my Essence bracelet. I wear it everyday as its so comfortable and elegant. I’ve been looking out for a fifth charm, to balance the number of charms on my bracelet. The Freedom charm is going to be that charm. I love it. Xx

    • I don’t wear mine every day like I do my Moments bracelets – they tend to come out when I want something a bit simpler or for a more dressy occasion. The Freedom charm is a very good pick – I think I’ll get that one for a centrepiece on my two-tone bracelet :) xx

  8. Awe omg I’m really loving this new collection and of essence charms I almost like every charm from this collection but still I wish they would come out with another creativity essence bead as I can’t get the gold one that’s out & originally I was gonna go for the plain silver freedom bead but now this hot dark pink is so much better in every way I especially love that one out of this whole collection & I love generosity & compassion a lot too

    • There is another Creativity bead, it’s green :) I think it might not be out in the US but you could always get it from abroad?
      This new Freedom is lovely I agree! I love the original silver one too though. ^^

      • My first essence bracelet that I just got at the last free bracelet promotion just before the free leather bracelet promotion is literally almost full already but these beads are so beautiful that I know I won’t be able to pass up
        I normally go for the meanings of an essence beads but for me these are extra amazing I mean you can go wrong with essence + pink + good meanings + unique designs to me that = to perfectly beautiful & some of my favorite beads

        • Oh wow you’ve already filled your Essence bracelet? :o That is very good going!
          Haha, you put it very well. Whether you go in for meanings or aesthetics, there are some really nice beads in this collection!

        • Ya I’m almost gonna have to start a new one cause of this amazing collection & I know for a fact that I won’t be able to pass this one up like as soon as these come out there’s no way I’ll be able to wait much longer for them when would they be coming out any way is there any release date for these ones yet?

  9. Hi Ellie,

    Omg I am a mother of pearl big fan, so the three are gorgeous for me, the freedom need to see in real, I have her sister…

    It’s true to say that the essence bracelet is very confortable, so I think I need to try to wear 2, to know if it’s always confortable aha.

    Nice day

    • Hi Isabelle! I would like to see Freedom in person too, just to see what colour it is properly. The pattern is so pretty!
      I wear two Essence bracelets and find them very comfortable. They’re each so light, you hardly notice them :)
      Have a great day too!

  10. I am very impressed with this collection. I too love them all and they all seem to compliment each other very nicely. I’m excited to see them in person. I love the Essence line. I have three Essence bracelets with 6 beads each on them. I love stacking them all together as they aren’t heavy and you can wear several at a time. I might have to start a whole new bracelet for these beads! The fairly new Essence bangle bracelet intrigued me but I haven’t purchased it yet. Maybe I will for these beads! Thanks for the lovely preview!!

    • Glad to hear it – it’s been so nice to read all the positive comments this time around :) I love stacking my Essence bracelets as well, I don’t wear mine on their own. The Essence bangle would be a great starting point to wear these beads! <3 I was thinking about doing the same and getting the bangle, but I think I could squeeze another three beads on to my two-tone bracelet, which only has four on it currently.
      You're welcome - glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Wow, those are nice! I see more Essence bracelets in my future! I’m glad those of us who like Essence are getting some neat designs to choose from and maybe Pandora will attract some new Essence fans.

    • That is a bright future indeed! I think it’s great that they’re branching out a bit from the original collection; it regenerates interest for existing collectors too.

  12. Hi Ellie,

    These are all stunning. I haven’t bought essence since the original release, since I felt that very little was offered that was new, and I didn’t want anymore little round pave beads:). But I will definitely but several if not all of these. The mosaics are gorgeous…

    • Hi Lisa! Yay, so pleased to hear that you like them. I’m interested to see the shape of Passion and Appreciation in person, as they don’t look like the typical Essence round shape. I think the three I’d get would be the blue and white mosaics, and then the pink enamel Freedom. They are so lovely! <3

      • After I saw your pictures of the fall essence, I did a last bracelet promo today to get the essence bangle to have it for fall!! I bought the essence pearl and the light pink crystal to get the bracelet, and will add the others when they come out. Passion and appreciation will probably be button style charms. I’m so glad they are deviating from just the round shaped bead. The lack of variety is what stopped me from buying more essence in the first place, and stopped others too I’m sure. Maybe there is hope for essence after all:)

        • Oooh good plan!! :D I’m so pleased to hear that you were that inspired! The Essence pearl is probably my favourite Essence bead, great choice. <3
          There is definitely hope for Essence! If they keep doing small, interesting collections, I'd be perfectly happy with that. It seems like their Autumn Essence releases are always the best and when they get the most innovative :)

  13. Ellie,

    WOW! It was only recently that I purchased an essence bracelet, actually i purchased some essence and charms and got the bangle on the promo. I may have to get some of the these charms in the fall and another bangle in the next bracelet promo. I wish I could say the meaning behind the charms is a motivator, but I just like the charms and buy what I like. The mosaic are really interesting.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! That’s very good timing, as this Essence release is lovely! I don’t buy charms for the meanings either. I’m not sure that many people do, haha. The mosaics are beautiful – I hope some live shots come out soon as I’d love to see the effect of the MOP in person!

  14. This is really gorgeous. I was hoping to buy the two toned hope, but this new generosity is exquisite. Ill be getting the hearts and the freedom and the appreciation.

    In short, i think ill be getting the entire collection. Anyways, still crossing my fingers hoping for a Gold Essence Bracelet. And a Gold moments bangle.

    Ps- ive been a silent reader for years. Love ur blog.

    • Aha, the entire collection sounds good! I don’t have room for them all in my Essence collection, but I think I will try and get three – the white and blue mosaics, and then the pink Freedom charm. <3
      There will be a gold Moments bangle :) Not heard anything about a gold Essence bracelet though yet!

      And yay, thank you so much for reading! Hope to hear from you again. :D

  15. I’m like you ellie love them all and thought I was pretty much done but I will for sure be picking most of these up in the September promo whatever that promo turns out to be.just a heads up I was in a Pandora concept store on Saturday to pick up a light blue bracelet and two wild flower muranos thanks to your reviews and was handed a promo card for july7-17 buy 2 rings get the 3rd free not the earring promo that we thought Pandora was going to be doing.

    • Oh that’s odd, Debbie – it was only recently that I read more details about the earring promo. I just looked online again and sure enough, you’re right – it’s been changed to a ring promo. Wonder what prompted that change…! Thanks very much for the heads up anyway Debbie. I’ll get that changed on the promos list!

  16. This is the first preview this year that I am sincerely excited about :) With all the pave that is going on with the Moments line, I slowly turn my interest to Essence.
    Thank you so much for posting this, Ellie!

    • I am so excited for this release as well! Such gorgeous beads. I’ve read a few negative responses online, but overall the feedback seems so much more positive than it has been for a while.
      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting! <3

  17. ellie do you know what the September promo will be bracelet or charm? like most of the essence and would get the book lovers charm that you mentioned so far.I have a feeling that no matter what the promo will be it will be very costly for me and many others.

    • Hi Debbie! I actually don’t know what’s happening with Pandora NA’s promo schedule. I did have a whole list for the entire year that was given to me in January, but they seem to have made some big changes in the last month (i.e. changing the earring event to a ring event). Originally, there was definitely going to be a bracelet promo in September but rumour has it that they have scrapped that now. I don’t know if that’s still the case, or if there will be a charm promo. I hope that they do something in any case! I’ll update you when/if I hear more :)

  18. I very much love the first essence charm, freedom, and I’m not usually keen of them.
    I think this collection is more beautiful compared to the others.
    P.s. this is OT Ellie,but do you know anything about the new Disney charms? :)

    • Hi Benedetta! Sorry, I missed your comment to start with :) I agree that this collection is lovely!
      I have not heard anything from any of my sources about Disney for this season yet. But a commenter on my main Autumn preview post seems to have some tips! ^^

  19. These are pretty especially the first pink one. This is off the topic as it’s doesn’t have to do with these designs but I wish Pandora came out with a Disney/Mickey Mouse line for the Essence line. I would truly love it! A girl can only wish haha.

    • Oh believe me you ain’t alone on that one for sure

      I’m a huge Disney & Disney Pandora fan I just wish all of pandoras beads were like the essence ones & no more threaded cores or open work I wish they were all siliconed like the essence ones are but Disney Essence charms would be really nice as well but I guess I can dream that too

      I wish I designed pandora charms like came up with new designs for charms I’d have so many ideas

    • Aha, it would be fun to see them shake up Essence a little! I’m sure people would love Disney. Although I guess they probably want to maintain a proper distinction between Moments and Essence. ^^

  20. These are all so interesting and beautiful !! Guess I’ll be on to my fourth essence but can’t help it I find it matches with every occasion wonderfully !!

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