It’s finally here – the day that UK Pandora collectors have been patiently waiting for. The annual Pandora free bracelet promo for the UK begins today – and, more excitingly, the choice of free bracelets on offer has been increased, too!


The promotion will run from today until the 2nd of October (Sunday). Read on for more details!

Pandora UK Free Bracelet Promo 2016

So, the rules are as follows:-

Spend £125 and receive one of the following bracelets:

  • Regular Silver Barrel Clasp Bracelet
  • Silver Heart Clasp Bracelet
  • Silver Charm Bangle
  • Silver Smooth Threadless Bracelet

Spend £145 or more and choose from any of the four bracelets above or one of the following bracelets:

  • Pandora Rose Barrel Clasp Bracelet
  • Pavé Heart Clasp Bracelet
  • Pavé Barrel Clasp Bracelet

So that’s quite a big choice compared to normal! What I do notice, however, is that the Essence bracelet doesn’t seem to be included this time – I guess that’s because there was a separate Essence promo for the UK earlier in the year.

The promotion will be offered online, as well as in store, and you can purchase your free Pandora bracelet online from John Greed Jewellery! However, as ever, Pandora retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their region – so for any international collectors want to take part, you will need to find a friend in the UK.

My Comment

I won’t be taking part, as my haul from the North American spend & save promo literally just turned up… and I can’t really justify any more Pandora spending right now. But I’m very excited for all the UK collectors who have been patiently waiting for their chance to get some freebies!

Here are my goodies from the NA promo (the Charming Owls and the Luminous Floral) on my bracelet. Apologies for the rubbish pic, it was taken very quickly and in much excitement last night after I opened the package. ^^


Are you taking part in this year’s bracelet promo? If so – what are you getting? :D

29 Comments on Pandora UK Bracelet Promo 2016 Starts Today!

  1. I was up early this morning and got seven sale charms from swag to get the pave barrel clasp bracelet free :-) I didn’t think it would work with sale charms but it did so I’m thrilled with that. I got five Christmas charms (the sleigh, the pudding, the snow globe and two dangle Rudolfs)the flamingo and the owl, all perfectly adding up to £145 :-). Then I went to the jewel hut and got the logo safety chain, the parrot, the forget-me-not dangle and the dark purple shimmer Murano; £150 to get the heart pave bracelet for free. I’m pleased with this promo but since I already own these two bracelets, I would have liked to been able to spend more and get that new two tone bracelet, and I would also have like the starry night and the rose heart clasp to have been included ;-), those were the ones I really wanted. Should I buy the rose heart bundle and get another free bracelet? Mmmmmm, I guess I’ve got until Sunday night to figure out where I can lay my hands on another £125 ;-).

    • Oh wow, sounds like you have cleaned up this time aha! Getting those sale charms was a genius idea :) the dangle Rudolph charm is adorable – and I keep meaning to get the Christmas Pudding bead myself!
      It seemed a shame that the new two-tone bracelet wasn’t included, but then you could have always included it in your spend and just got another bracelet for free perhaps? The Rose heart clasp bracelet is gorgeous too… that would be the one I’d love to get the most! But I already have three bracelets in progress… can’t start another just yet. :P

      • I have 3 on the go too, now ;-). My blue one also seems to have taken on a bird theme so I need one more sparkly bird charm in blue or clear to finish that (I already have the graduate owl, swan and peacock) so I think I’m waiting for a new release for that one ;-). My purple bracelet needs 3 more, another dark purple shimmer and, I think, 2 forget me not buttons. I’ll also need more for my Christmas bracelet too but I’ll probably wait and see what goodies we get in the sales of the future since that one will only be worn one month of the year; plus I already have a Christmas Lovelinks one :-O. At the moment I don’t think I can justify/risk getting another bracelet ;-), so I think I’ll probably hang on until next year and hope that the rose heart is on offer then :-D. Of course, if they decide to offer the new two tone one then I’ll be forced to get two deals again next year ;-).

        My Jewel Hut order arrived this morning but I’m still waiting for my Swag order, hopefully it’ll arrive in the post tomorrow morning, but not too early on a Saturday, lol ;-). x

        • My Christmas Swag arrived on Saturday and I’m very pleased with it all :-). I’ve also put my 2 green flower garden (?) ones with it and last night I decided to put my robin off my red bracelet on it too ;-). This meant that I was one short on my red bracelet so I decided to get the ladybird since that’s in the sale at Swag too. Oh well, I thought, might as well make it up to get the rose clasp bracelet for free ;-). So I got 2 orange faceted, 2 gold faceted, 2 orange flower and the red poppy; another excellent haul of sale charms and another free bracelet :-D. I still want the rose heart clasp for my blooming dahlia clips and dangle and now with getting the rose barrel clasp I have somewhere to put those clips on the rose heart bundle ;-). I thought of that too late :-/, so now I’m wondering how long the limited edition offer will be going for? and will we be getting a deal on a free ornament thing at Christmas this year again? I’ve over-spent (again) so I can’t afford to get it for at least another month so hopefully I’ll be able to get it with a free gift ;-). I have to get a deal, me, lol ;-).

        • Oh wow! You really went for it ^^ Seeing as this promo only rolls around once a year for us though, it is sensible to get all your big purchases in now though. The green muranos and the robin sound like a gorgeous combination!
          I don’t know how long the Rose bracelet is going to be part of the bundle – probably until Christmas, but that’s just my guess. But there will be a Christmas ornament promo (which is one of my favourite promos of the year!!) so there’s always that too :)

        • Thanks, Ellie, that’ll be my plan now, get the rose heart bundle with the Christmas ornament thrown in :-D. Better get saving up…..again :-/. With all the talk of Halloween atm I might just try something like that with those orange beads that should arrive today :-D.

        • The gold facets didn’t look as nice with the orange ones as I had anticipated, but they do look great on my Christmas bracelet :D. The orange facets and orange flowers are on the rose clasp bracelet and they look really bright, summery and cheerful :-D.

  2. So lucky!!!! I am so desperate to have such promo here in france. That would be so great! we do have a promo starting today that is spend for 69€ and have a ring for half its price. Nice promo but not as exciting as the other countries unfortunately….
    Love your luminous floral bead i did not know it exists! Have to take a closer look at it!

    • Thanks for the heads-up on the promo! I think they are just finishing that same promo in Italy :) it’s better than nothing… but not better than a free bracelet promo, haha.
      Yes, it was one of the Mother’s Day 2016 releases! It’s so beautiful in person – the mother of pearl shimmers gorgeously.

  3. I’m so excited, I’ve been saving up for this! I am going in tomorrow and I want the pave heart clasp bracelet, so I am really glad they are giving the option to spend more and get the more expensive bracelets. I am hoping to get charms I have wanted for a while rather than the newest ones this time, I would like the flower garden murano, the little elephant and two clips for my new bracelet but i haven’t decided which ones yet! I know i will spend all this evening making a list with my nose in the catalogue!

    • I’m so excited to hear it! I know that a lot of people have been dying for this promo to roll around. I also went for a couple of older beads in my US promo haul… the Essence safety chain and the Luminous Floral (plus the new Charming Owls). The Flower Garden murano is beautiful -you definitely wouldn’t regret getting that one! ^^ But at least you can rest assured that whichever you get, they are all great choices!

  4. Hi Ellie

    This bracelet promo is better than previous years. I like that it gives you more options. I’ve actually decided to not take part, as I don’t need any bracelets. I’m loving all the new designs on the bracelets they are bringing out. I have all the different bracelets I want. I’ll save my money for some different bracelets, from future collections, when I need another one.
    Hopefully they’ll keep with the same idea about different bracelets for future years.

    • Hi Sarah! I agree – it’s about time that UK collectors got a better choice for the promo! The spends are still high but the rewards are much better. :) I’m sure they’ll keep making the promo better… it would be rubbish if they went back to the basics next year!

  5. Hi Ellie I’m definitely taking part I’m planning on getting the castle charm and the carriage charm to finish my fairytale bracelet. Then the cat charm so I can try and do a Halloween theme. This promo is the best ever for the uk with all the bracelets to choice from.

    • Hi Nicola! Oooh I love the sound of all of that! Halloween will be so much fun – I have the cat head charm on my halloween bracelet, with the orange candy stripe :) and those are two gorgeous fairytale charms, the carriage in particular is beautiful! Enjoy :D :D

    • Hi Nicola!

      I too am trying to complete my Fairy Tale Bracelet – the Castle and Carriage Charms are such wonderful and beatuiful additions! It sounds like you, too, are going to purchase some charms before they retire (I have been focusing the last few purchases toward retired charms).

      I love your idea of a Halloween Theme- Thank you for the idea! (had not thought of that one) :) The fairy tale and halloween charms can be mixed between both Halloween and Fairy Tale Themes – depending on what you are going for! Sounds like your bracelets are going to be just lovely. :)

      Kind Regards,
      Margaret :)

  6. Thanks so much for the heads up about the free bracelet promotion.

    I have just placed my order with Swag just in time I think!

    I ordered mainly sale charms (christmas pudding, snow globe, elves openwork, Pink Delicate Rose Bead, Openwork Enamel Flower Bead) and the autumn 2016 rose gold infinite shine. for £147 and got the pave heart bracelet. So pleased as the one I already have is rose gold. It means I can swop and change. The christmas charms are for my daughter who is 8 :) who got a Pandora bracelet on valentines day from us. She only has the one charm. and I had two on mine, so very excited!

    • You are welcome! Glad you were able to take advantage. :D Going for the Swag UK items was a great choice – I keep meaning to get the Christmas Pudding bead as well! It’s super cute but I’ve never got around to purchasing it.

      Aw how lovely that your daughter has a Pandora bracelet too! I’m sure she will love her Christmas beads. That is very exciting for both of you – I miss the excitement of when I first started collecting and there were all the beads to choose from! ^^

  7. Any more up dates on the Moments Bracelet promotion that takes place in thr U.K. around September/October time.

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