Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for October 2016! This month we have promo details, some info on product recalls, Halloween inspiration and a mini haul of my latest purchases too. ^^

pandora autumn 2016 cover

There aren’t any big launches this month (we have to wait until the Winter release at the beginning of November for our next drop) but there are few promos and exciting little tidbits to keep us going until then!

In terms of blog news, those long-promised Autumn 2016 reviews are on their way – I have one finished and ready to go this week, and more in progress. ^^

Pandora North America Earring Promo 2016

Possibly the most significant event on the Pandora calendar this month is the start of the Pandora earring promo for the US & Canada! The promo runs from the 6th October until the 15th or 16th, depending on whether your local store is open on a Sunday, and offers a free pair of earrings up to $65 USD in value when you spend $100 USD or more in a single purchase.


I love the flexibility of this promo, and I think it’s a great way to get people to branch out a bit from the charms & bracelets, and perhaps the rings. I don’t own any Pandora earrings, and if I wasn’t on a ban after spending so much on Pandora last month, I’d be more tempted!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Floating Locket Recall

There always seems to be an issue with a particular product or two in each new collection at the moment – but unfortunately I have news of another product recall. You might have noticed that the gorgeous new Floating Locket charm has been pulled from your local store or online retailers you like to visit. This is due to issues with some batches of this charm, wherein the locket opens accidentally while you’re wearing it.


Apparently this issue is only related to certain production batches, but it’s worth keeping a close eye on yours if you have one, even if it hasn’t shown any sign of a problem yet. I’ve been told that they will be redesigning it to prevent this from happening and re-releasing it at some point down the line.

This does not affect the larger floating locket necklaces, which use a different opening system and don’t have the same problem.

Pandora Cleaning/Care Kits

There’s been a little bit of buzz lately about some new official Pandora care kits that have launched in UK Pandora stores lately, which contain instructions and tools for maintaining your jewellery – both Pandora Rose and regular items!

pandora uk care cleaning kit
Image by Conroy Jewellers

While quite expensive, the list of goodies that come with the kit is quite nifty, and they are beautifully presented in their little box:

  • Pandora clasp opener
  • Soft cleaning brush
  • A white polishing cloth and white cloth pouch, suitable for Pandora Rose pieces
  • A black polishing cloth and anti-tarnish black pouch for regular Pandora items
  • Care guide instructions

These are currently available in the UK for £15, but I hear that they will be coming to other regions soon, including North America. :D They’d make a great stocking filler for Christmas. I’m not sure I would get one for myself, but I will probably ask for one from someone. I also kind of have a lot of bracelets at this point, and I get very lazy about cleaning them!

Image by friendly*angel
Image by friendly*angel


Unfortunately these days Pandora seem to be pretty focused on feminine, light motifs – hearts, flowers, cute animals, decorative sparkle – and quirky holidays like Halloween don’t seem to feature in that program. However, dedicated collectors can be very good at tracking down retired beauties and there are some amazingly cute Halloween-appropriate beads from Pandora’s past collections! ^^

pandora halloween inspiration

So, for some seasonal spooky inspiration, please do check out my past Halloween posts. I won’t be making a new one this year as I have literally added nothing new to my Halloween bracelet, but I live in hope every year that eventually Pandora will bring out new spooky beads!

My Comment

As I have indulged in some serious Pandora over the past few weeks, October is going to be slightly quieter for me on the bead front (or such is the plan, at least).

My latest haul from Rue La La is on its way from the US (photo courtesy of my lovely helper!). I was so, so excited to finally get my hands on the garnet cabochon (long retired – not sure how it came to be on Rue again, but I got one!) – I also got the silver poinsettia, which I’ve wanted for a while. The purple Python murano and blue pave star were impulse buys, but I’m sure I’ll find places for them somewhere. I might just wear the blue star on a necklace!


I also may have picked up a couple more beads for my birthday… there’s no rest for the bead collector! The Dazzling Daisy Fairy from Spring 2016 has finally worked its way into my collection, and I also got the Love Reading bead from the latest collection. :D So I’m going to be recovering a little from my bead purchases this month – not that that will stop me planning out my Christmas purchases and designs come November!

What are your Pandora plans for this month? Are you planning a Halloween bracelet – or are you taking part in the earring promo?

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  1. So nice! I am from Brazil and through a friend I got my long time retired desire, the lovely bird cage! Pandora became popular in Brazil only two years ago , so the retired charms never came here.. I am so happy that I got the brid cage from Rue LA La ! Now my next target is the retired teddy bear holding a golden heart! Hope to get this one day! I am a fan of Mora Pandora! Love this blog!

    • Oh perfect! <3 <3 The Song Bird is one of my favourite ever Pandora charms - so glad you managed to get that one, and at a good price too!
      Thank you for reading and commenting - enjoy your new charm! :D

  2. I’m not surprised at the recall on the Floating Heart Locket Charm. I was heartbroken to find my locket open and charm missing, this happened mid day as i was already out and about all over. The next morning i miraculously found my charm on the couch!! Later the same day my locket opened again and that’s when i decided to return my charm. I’m happy to hear they will be fixing the closure of locket because i really loved that locket charm. Looks like i will invest in a new one in the future.

    • Oh noooo :( that’s such a shame. At least it looks like they will be redesigning it so hopefully we’ll be able to wear them with confidence in the future. It is a really pretty charm and such a cute concept – I’m surprised it passed quality control though, with such a widespread issue.

  3. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the post. I heard a few were concerned about the floating locket charm before it was released as the card charms used to open a lot too.
    I’m on a semi Pandora ban too but I made an exception for the Russian fish which a nice lady helped me to buy. Your goodies from Rue lala look lovely! A nice haul!

    • Hi Hazel! That’s a good point – I hadn’t really thought about the locket in relation to the card dangles, seeing as they looked to have a completely different mechanism and you’d *think* that this locket charm would be more thoroughly tested, seeing as it actually has something precious inside! Hopefully they get it sorted soon :)
      Thank you! They’ve arrived with me now and I will be getting out all my bracelets this weekend to have a reshuffle to fit these newbies in :D despite all my efforts, my philosophy still seems to be buy first, design later……!
      P.S. I just saw your message on FB (sorry, I don’t check my Mora Pandora FB account as often as I should!) and replied to you. :)

  4. Nice review Ellie, looks like you got some great charms in your haul! :-D The care kit reminds me of those kits they make for dolls like with a little hairbrush and stuff. I actually use the old white Pandora pouches they used to hand out for a polishing cloth, it works great! I have a whole stack of them, I don’t really like how they look for storing charms anyway. I too wish Pandora made Halloween charms again, would be fun. Too bad about the locket, does seem Pandora has some production quality issues lately.

    • Thanks Natalie! :D I have a few of those white Pandora pouches, too, I got them in a couple of Rue La La hauls – I really like them, I didn’t know you guys didn’t get them in the US anymore. We’ve never had them in the UK. They are great as anti-tarnish cloths as you say!
      I know, it’s too bad about the Halloween beads :( every year I have a slight hope and every year I’m disappointed, haha. Chamilia do some amazing ones and they are super cute, but it’s just not quite the same for me. ^^

      • So funny how Pandora varies so much region to region! I think you have mentioned they are stingy with the boxes too in the UK, in the US they are always wanting to give me boxes and I say no. The new dark colored Pandora pouches look much nicer, but those white ones sure make great polishing cloths!

        I have a lot of Halloween charms from other brands, I know you are more of a Pandora purist though. You did stray for that cute Chamilia reindeer, such a sweet charm!

        • And the Chamilia gingerbread house! That’s another of my favourite favourite beads :D

  5. I just got a Sterling Silver with PANDORA Rose Heart Clasp bracelet as a birthday gift when I went to the store to find some charms for the bracelet the associate told me they were told not to sell any more of those bracelets here in Mexico; I was just wondering if there was anything wrong with them. I hope not.

    • Oh how strange! There’s nothing wrong with the pandora Rose bracelet as far as I’m aware – it just saw a worldwide launch, for one thing. I certainly haven’t had any issues with mine, so I don’t imagine it’s for quality control reasons if they’re discontinuing them in Mexico. How odd!

        • Oh okay – I will see if any of my sources have heard anything. I know there were issues with the heart clasp bracelets, haven’t heard about this one

  6. You have some lovely new beads! The Dazzling Daisy Fairy is one of my favourite charms ever, it is so delicate and pretty, with the little fairy hidden away in the flowers! October will have to be a quiet month for me as I took part in the free bracelet promotion last week, I had a list of charms I wanted to buy, but when I got to the shop I tried on the starry sky clasp bracelet, and that was it! I bought the bracelet and the matching clips with the moon and little stars on, I absolutely love it! I’m wearing it as it is right now, and in December I am going to put my Christmas charms on it, because the big star on the clasp will represent the Nativity star in my theme. For my free bracelet I wanted the heart clasp pave, but unfortunately they were out of that one in my size, so they gave me a pave barrel clasp, and asked me to bring it back and swap it when they’d ordered me in a heart clasp. But now I like the barrel clasp and I don’t know whether to keep it or swap it! A nice decision to have to make though! They had the care kit in the shop too, it looks really good, but I am sadly very keen on cleaning my jewellery. I already have a designated cleaning brush and a clasp opener and I use a large polishing cloth. I find the best way to keep the sparkle on my jewellery is anti -tarnish strips in the boxes I keep them in, the strips are quite cheap and really effective! So I dont think I actually need the care kit but I might get it anyway!

    • Hi Debbie!

      I picked up the Starry Sky bracelet along with the Twinkling Night clips during the Spend/Save promo last month. It is absolutely gorgeous! One of my all time favorites. I’m anxiously awaiting the Vintage Night Sky charms being released on November 3rd for it. It will also make a beautiful Christmas bracelet. I love your idea of the large star on the clasp representing the Nativity star. Like you, I passed up some charms on my list to get this bracelet. It’s a must have once you see it in person!

      The Pave’ Barrel Clasp is another beautiful bracelet. I received it as a Christmas gift last year and picked up the matching clips when they were released with the Mother’s Day collection. It’s gorgeous with the pearls and Mother-of-Pearl charms. I don’t think you would regret keeping it, but the Pave’ Heart clasp is equally as lovely. Like you say, it’s a nice decision to have. Either way…enjoy.

      • Thank you for your lovely message Emily! I think I will be keeping the barrel clasp pave, and now you have got me thinking about the barrel clips too, they must look gorgeous on that bracelet! I can see I will have to start saving hard….!

        • Yes Debbie…the matching clips really set the bracelet off nicely. I’m thinking Pandora will come out with matching clips for all three colored paved clasp bracelets. Maybe with the spring release. That would be neat!

    • Thanks Debbie! The Dazzling Daisy Fairy is one of my favourites they’ve done this year as well, for some reason or another it’s taken me all this time to get one for myself – there’s always been something else on the wish list! ^^

      Aha, that is a very nice decision to have to make! I always find it really hard to swap or exchange something if I have it hand. Both bracelets are gorgeous – my favourite is the heart clasp, but the barrel clasp is also very versatile. <3 I might get the care kit as well at some point, just to say I have it, but I don't really feel a massive urge to go out and buy one as I don't clean my bracelets all that often and I find that a soak in some soapy water and a town talk polishing cloth do the trick already!

  7. I am so happy for the invite to Rue La La. And I have made some purchase I bought the purple simmering bead. The little boy dangle The letter Z for a gift and the ice skating dangle. Love my purchases. Now I’m patiently waiting. I live in Jamaica

    • Oh lovely!! Hope they arrive soon :D the retired beauties are some of the most gorgeous charms around at the moment!

  8. I love Halloween too and have the retired jack-o-lantern but I hope to find the ghost charm one day. I wish Pandora would make more Halloween charms…I’d love a sugar skull charm

    • The ghost is my favourite of the Pandora Halloween beads! :) A sugar skill would be really fun, I just can’t see Pandora doing anything that edgy :(

  9. Hi, Ellie! I assembled a Pandora Halloween bracelet with the few Halloween charms they have produced and a selection of orange and black charms a few years ago. I have never been quite satisfied with it. This year, I gave up on Pandora and put together a Trollbeads bracelet with bats, a jack-o-lantern, skeleton, spider, owl and cat. I like it much better than my Pandora Halloween bracelet. Pandora does Christmas better, but Trollbeads rule Halloween!

    • Hi Angie! Oh absolutely – other brands have Pandora over a barrel when it comes to Halloween, but that’s hardly too difficult, seeing as Pandora show a complete lack of interest each year haha. Trollbeads did that ah-mazing glass bead last year or maybe the year before, with all the Halloween characters in it. Just stunning! I still find my Pandora Halloween leather bracelet quite cute though and will continue to wear it in October, even if I’d love to be able to add to it :( I’m sure your Trollbeads bracelet is really gorgeous and fun!

  10. You are right, these days Pandora’s designs are more feminine and girly. So disappointed that there is nothing on Halloween charms.

    Truth to be told, i have shifted to purchasing and updating myself with Thomas Sabo collection. They have a lot of cat charms and other variety of designs.

    • Me too – I’d be surprised if new Halloween beads didn’t sell at all. It seemed like everyone had that little silver ghost at one point a few years ago, it was very cute.

  11. Hi Ellie!
    Thanks for the roundup! Wow your recent haul
    Of old and new is quite impressive. I love the animal print Murano- that is such a fun look, will you add it to classic silver animal bravelet?
    How sad I feel like yesterday you and I were commenting on October 2015 and here we are October 2016 and not even once single
    Halloween bead! Pandora did an amazing job with the 3 silver retired ones I can’t believe they won’t throw us a bone with even one new silver Halloween bead! Yey I’m
    So glad you got the dazzling fairy, she is so sparkly and fun, I have her on my navy leather and really like the contrast of light and dark. Where will you put her? Speak soon xo

    • Hi Alex! <3 No, the print murano is, I think, going to go on my purple leather bracelet, or maybe my navy blue leather :) the classic silver bracelet is all done and dusted, I don't think I'll be adding any more to that!

      I know, every year we talk about Halloween and nothing ever comes of it! Maybe some collection soon they'll take a punt on just one little Halloween bead for us ^^

      Thanks, I am so happy to finally have the fairy bead! Bet the pastel pink looks amazing with the darker leather. Mine is on my Flower Garden bracelet, she looks lovely with all the other girly flowers etc! The poinsettia bead has gone on there with her as well, they look really nice next to each other - old and new Pandora together! ^^ xx

  12. Hi Ellie! Although I already have the small floating locket, I’m glad Pandora is planning to redesign it rather than discontinue it. I really like mine, but it sounds like I need to be careful with it!
    Gee, no Halloween beads yet again. Maybe one of these years!
    The cleaning kit looks nice. That might me worth getting (or asking for, as you noted).

    • Hi Judy! I hope yours doesn’t throw up any problems – it did sound like the problem was limited to some batches, so hopefully yours will be fine. :)
      I know – the Halloween situation is disappointing! I guess they know their target market and what sells etc, but it’s one of the most common requests I see every year, so idk..!

  13. Ah, that explains why the locket charm is missing. I was about to buy it, but I couldn’t find it on the website. I really wish they would make more Halloween charms, but I put the pumpkin, owl, and my beads with black enamel on my orange cord bracelet.

    • Ah, that’s too bad :( I hope it comes back soon so that you can get one! That Halloween bracelet sounds amazing – the orange cord bracelet is perfect!

  14. Thanks for sharing. I found the news on the locket very useful as I was considering to get one myself. The reason for wich I still had not bought one is purely that I am still on a ban for Pandora too!!!!!! In my case I indulged too much on my holidays, so I decided to put me on a shoestring budget for a couple of months to made up for it ;). Perhaps I will indulge on the I love reading charm now in October. It´s not an expensive one and it has been calling my name since it was released :).
    Changing the subject, do you happen to know ig the cleaning kit will be launched on the Continent too?

    • You are welcome! It’s a shame that you can’t get the locket but the Love Reading charm is adorable – I just got one and the spectacles are such a cute detail. And as you say it is a fair bit more affordable! :D
      I don’t know yet, sorry – but I will keep an eye out for any further details :)

  15. I don’t think I will take part in the earrings promo. I will not be purchasing from the winter either more than likely. I’m still catching up on other collections. I was curious about the morning star butterfly dangle. Is it retired or retiring? I saw it on the website yesterday. I saw it in my stores retired case back in September. Does anyone know for a fact?

    • Hi Ashley!

      I often refer to Denmark Style Saint Louis regarding retiring charms. They give a good description of charms, as well as, a nice clear picture. The Morning Butterfly is listed as retired and no
      longer in production with limited quantities. It’s quite confusing when you see a charm in the last call tray and then it comes out in the newest book. Usually, if I see it listed as retired on Denmark Style, it’s up for the “chop” soon afterwards. Hope this helps.

    • Oh, do you mean the Morning Butterfly charms, in pink and purple? Those are on the latest retirement list, I’m pretty sure. They have retired here in the UK for sure, and I’ve seen them on the North American retirement list, even though they’re not down as discontinued on the US yet…

  16. I’ve bought the cleaning kit. The member of staff who served me told me the clasp opener retailed for £35, so this set works out as a great deal. I’ve already used the clasp opener, which is so useful and opens the clasp really easily.

  17. I have the new floating heart locket which i bought as a xmas gift and am now worried if mine has this problem of opening when do i find out which batch mine was from?should i take it back 2 the store?any info much appreciated please.

    • As far as I’m aware, you can’t just look it and tell what batch it’s from – I’d advise taking it into your local store and seeing what they say. A lot of stores are either exchanging them straight away or advising you to keep an eye on them and to bring them back if you have any problems.

  18. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the October Round Up and latest news. Enjoyed your Halloween inspirations. I’ve never dedicated a bracelet to Halloween, but I think the pumpkin and ghost are so cute.

    My purse is still suffering from the Spend/Save promo last month, so I plan to sit out the month of October. Trying to save for the Pave’ TT Signature bracelet being released here November 3rd. I picked up the LE Bound By Love during the promo thinking it would be nice for the new bracelet. I did some serious damage during the last promo, but I did finish my Christmas bracelet that I started right after spring.

    The Care Kit looks nice and would make a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. I might have to ask for one of those closer to the holidays.

    Can’t wait for the Winter release. I’m planning to add the Vintage Night Sky charms to the Starry Sky bracelet with Twinkling Night clips I picked up during the promo last month. Such a gorgeous bracelet!

    Looking forward to future reviews of your latest hauls!

    • Happy belated birthday, Ellie. I knew from a previous post you were a September baby like myself. Just didn’t know the exact date. Hope “your day” was special!

      BTW, have you seen any prices for the Black Friday charm or the “Unique As You Are” snowflake bangle? Looking forward to seeing those in person. Any more info on the holiday gift sets for the US ? Kind of wondering what the Vintage Allure gift set will include since we won’t get those pieces until the holidays here.

      Hope you are having a nice week.

      • Thanks Emily! :D It was a lovely lovely day and the OH and I also went away for the weekend. It’s a bit tough this week at work after having such a nice time haha. Hope your week is going well too!

        I don’t know about those yet, sorry – I will see if any of my contacts can shed any light on them and get back to you. :)

        • Ellie I had the same request as Emily trying to decide how to budget the winter and holiday collections, do you know if the vintage allure gift set will be released on nov. 3rd? thanks for all the updates your blog is a life saver.

    • Hi (again!) Emily! I never thought I’d do a Halloween themed bracelet either, but then I kept seeing everyone’s amazing designs and the orange candy-stripe was just calling out to me – so I rearranged my black leather into a Halloween design and loved it so much!

      Ah, that winter design sounds perfect. I’m looking forward to seeing the Christmassy beads from the winter collection myself, as I’ve finished my midnight bracelet, but the starry beads are always super nice in person!

      Thanks Emily! Next review coming up soon! :)

  19. Hi Ellie I hope you had a lovely birthday, the earing promo sounds good. Like the you I’m on a Pandora ban but saying that I’m going away in 2 weeks so if there a Pandora shop there may be purchases. I’m very excited to see the Christmas collection Christmas is my favourite time.

    • Hi Nicola, I had a wonderful birthday thank you! Got thoroughly spoiled ^^ Hope you have a lovely time away, where are you going? I am determined to stick to my ban for a little while at least, as I want to get a couple of Christmas beads myself :D

  20. Wow I envy UK Pandoragirls about the care kit.. Question: Does Pandora sell earring clasps? I’ve recently lost not one but TWO! I have two pairs of Pandora silver earrings, so I can still wear them, but it’s driving me nuts.

    • Argh I have that happen with my earrings all the time – and even worse if it then results in you losing the earring as well! I have not heard of them selling the earring backs on their own, but it might be worth checking in store. :/ If not, perhaps you can buy some from eBay or Amazon or a regular jewellery store?

  21. Hi Ellie, happy belated birthday. I too just celebrate my birthday last week. I’m currently on holiday in Singapore and suprise to see Rose line bring release here too. Even more pieces than Australia. Contemplating if i should get the openwork infinity bead here at higher price or wait patiently for it to b available in Australia.

    • Hi, thank you! <3 hope you had a lovely birthday too. Yep the Pandora Rose line has pretty much seen a worldwide release now I believe - and about time too! I'm not sure when more pieces are coming to australia so I'm not much help to you when deciding on that one haha :)

  22. Hiya, this is a bit of a random comment but has anyone noticed the price increase of the wildflowers murano? It has gone up from $55NZ to $75NZ! How can they justify a $20 increase? Wishing I had bought it earlier…

    • Hi, yes it’s the same in the UK – it just went up in £ a fair bit too. I’m not sure why this particular murano went up by so much – perhaps they’ve encountered production issues with it. :/

      • Australia also increase to $65 same as the to be released star muranos. In my opinion, its really too pricey.

        • I read a complaint about the same issue on FB some days ago. It seems that Pandora new politics is to sell at the same price all over the world and this has caused that prices go up in some pieces and down in others. At least that was Pandora´s answer to the person who reported having bought a murano for 39 Euros last summer and seeing it listed for 45 in the new catalogue.
          Me, I haven´t seen any prices going down. But I can confirm that muranos used to be sold for 39 euros.

        • I think Pandora charms should be consistent in pricing worldwide, but not cool that it’s just all about raising prices vs. lowering them. I doubt we will ever see any price decrease unless sales plummet.

          I wonder if they take into account though the differences in how sales tax is handled in various countries. In Europe there is VAT that is already part of the item’s price. In the USA sales tax is added to the item’s price later when you are buying it. Pandora doesn’t ship out of region but with other charm brands, if you live in the US there is a clear advantage to buying from Europe if the base cost is the same because we can deduct the 20% VAT for shipping out of EU. It’s also good for USA to buy from Canada due to favorable exchange rates. I do think this might make it difficult for US retailers to compete though.

  23. Thanks for the Halloween ideas! I went on ebay after reading your blog post and have ordered the ghost! he is so cute. Have never ordered a pandora bead from ebay before, so fingers crossed.

    • You’re welcome! <3 eBay is very dubious when it comes to buying charms so I'd take great care when buying from there. Hope you got the genuine article!

      • Thanks Ellie! I was SO disappointed when it arrived :( It wasn’t the genuine article. They had taken the photo of the ghost bead in front of a Pandora bag so they were definitely trying to sell it as the real deal. I think I will just throw it out and chalk it up to experience,because every time I think of it I get sad and mad! Have you ever written an article about how to get good retired beads?

        • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that :( you should be able to get your money back if you claim through eBay! I haven’t, actually – I always recommend joining the Pandora FB groups, but I don’t think I have an article about it specifically. I will add it to the to do list!

  24. I was sad to read that the mini floating locket charm has been recalled :(. This was actually the first piece I purchased from the Fall 2016 collection. I had trouble finding it in the store so I had to order it online. I love mine!! At first I didn’t like the idea of Pandora doing a floating locket concept but it has really grown on me. I wear it a lot and now I’m paranoid it’s going to open. The closing mechanism seems pretty tight so hopefully mine was out of a good batch. If it becomes defective and since the item has been recalled, can I exchange it or return it for the new one?

    I went to Jared and got my free earrings over the weekend. Like another reviewer, I had a great experience there!! They let me do two transactions which got me 2 pairs of free earrings!! And they didn’t give me the cheapest ones for free either. They gave me the closest ones to $65 for free!! They also gave me a free Pandora travel jewelry roll for spending $100 bucks!! Score!! My Jared redid their Pandora section so now they have a Pandora “boutique”. It is beautiful how they have the jewelry displayed. The earrings I got are: majestic feathers clear CZ (free), elegant beauty white pearl (free), sparkling elegance clear CZ, and the dazzling poetic droplets clear CZ. I also got my 5th Essence bracelet and an Essence necklace. I have four beads on each of my Essence bracelets and I love them stacked together!! The sparkling elegance earrings are my fav pair. They look so cool in the ear and are very sparkly!!

    Now that we are well into October, I am getting excited about the Winter collection next month!! Do you have any details about the Winter bangle coming out? It’s not in my Fall catalog and I was interested in getting it. Is it part of the black Friday deal here in the U.S.? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Jackie, so sorry for the delayed reply! I missed out this post when checking my comments. You should be able to exchange your Floating Locket as all stores have been brief regarding the issues with the closure :)

      Sounds like you got a gorgeous haul! I sat this one out as I wanted to save for this latest Rue La La sale, but glad to hear you got something! <3 5 Essence bracelets is very good going!!

      I am still chasing info about the upcoming gift sets :) In the US & Canada, I'm pretty sure the bangle will be a Black Friday release, but need to confirm details still!

  25. Dear all, I want the retired charm. Do you know the full address of Canada Pandora Outlet Store ? Please help, many thankyou.

  26. Hello, I am so happy to find your blog! I have a mother’s day charm, it’s a card that is supposed to stay closed and it doesn’t. I took it to a local retailer back at that time (this is over a year ago now). They examined one they had in their case and it did not stay closed either, so they told me that is how it is. I have not been satisfied with that, and I was wondering if you had any info or have any ideas what I could do about it? It drives me nuts how it hangs open, so I am not wearing it. It is a special one though, so it really bothers me. Any thoughts you have would be great. Thank you

    • Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. I have the Valentine’s Day card and it has started to do a similar thing. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that you can do, as far as I’m aware :( it’s just a flaw in the design, and they start to do it with time!

  27. i read about this too late. yes, the charm within my locket dropped and its too late when i realised it. however, i’m glad that pandora took it back and refunded me for it together with the extra charms that i bought for it. definitely waiting for it to come back in store again. i love it.

    • Well I’m glad to hear that they refunded you no problem! What a shame about the locket though, I hope they fix it soon!

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