Today’s post brings a long-overdue review from the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection! <3 Today we’re looking at the gorgeous Fairytale Bloom charm, which is one of Pandora’s many recent pave offerings.

pandora autumn 2016

Read on for some styling inspiration and close-up shots of the charm’s detailing! :)

Pandora Fairytale Bloom Review

I think, a lot of the time, you have to find the right pave charms for you – I often get a bit turned off by the very sparkly charms, but this one hits the right spots for me as the sparkle is coupled by intricate, sweet detailing. The fact that they called it a ‘fairytale’ charm also adds to its glamour for me, for some reason – it’s just marketing, but it did add a more vintage-y gloss to the whole thing somehow! There’s a lot of power in a name. ^^

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

In person, the charm is pretty true to the stock image – but you do get to appreciate just how nicely it sparkles and how sweet the details are. It’s not too big or small. It manages to be delicate and quite showy at the same time, and it would probably work well as quite a focal piece on your bracelet or as a complement to other brighter colours. I find that clear sparkle can really bring out some of the soft enamel pieces, for example.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Fairytale Bloom

The only thing that gives me pause about this charm is the large gem in the middle – close-up it can look a little bit cheap, I think, which is certainly not what you want from a £50 piece of jewellery! But it just doesn’t look like a genuine stone. However, tucked away on a bracelet, it looks perfectly lovely and sparkly, and all the intricate detailing is what shines.

The S925 hallmark is tucked away to the side and is not too noticeable, as you can see in this photo.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Fairytale Bloom

The edges of the charm are plain silver, and they have a lovely rippled effect.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Fairytale BloomStyling

My first styling features one of my favourite colour combinations – brown and pastel pink! This is a simple spring-like styling that mixes in a dash of autumnal colour with the brown leather bracelet.

And, if you want to be really matchy-matchy, you can also throw in some of the gorgeous cherry blossom and dazzling daisy rings, too! (I love the whole of the Cherry Blossom collection so much! <3)


This next idea is a bit more experimental, mixing the Fascinating Olive and blush Radiant Hearts charms from last year’s autumnal collection. I was feeling quite nostalgic for that collection, for whatever reason, and so I also added in the gorgeous Arabian Coffee Pot, easily AW15’s stand-out bead for me!


Finally, I’m adding my Fairytale Bloom to my teal Jasmine bracelet, on the Starry Sky bracelet! I love teal and a little dash of clear sparkle, too, and the hints of gold give it a little more richness.

pandora jasmine bracelet


This is a very pretty and versatile little bead, although a little pricey at £50, maybe. It is sparkly and yet not too gaudy, and would look good as part of a fairytale bracelet design or simply as a decorative piece. However, I’d definitely advise going to see it in person before purchasing it, and just making sure that the finish is for you.

The Pandora Fairytale Bloom bead is $65 USD or £50. If you’re in the UK, you can buy these muranos along with the rest of Pandora’s collections from authorised retailer John Greed.

Have you bought this charm or is it on your wish list?

37 Comments on Review: Fairytale Bloom from Pandora Autumn 2016

  1. Hi there,
    It’s a first post for me, as I just recently discovered your blog and became a huge fan!
    I too love the fairytale bloom charm. I purchased 2 of them as well as 2 of the fairytale treasures and a cerise radiant heart. With the clear pave clips, this combination becomes a very dressy piece on a bangle for dress up holiday glamour. Then they can be broken down and used with other charms to add the vintage appeal that is so popular this season.

    • Hi Deborah! How lovely to hear from you, so glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. That sounds lovely, I can just imagine how nice the reds and the clear pave look together – the cerise Radiant Hearts is gorgeous. I already have the blush version or I’d have been tempted! <3

      • Hi again Ellie! I love my cerise radiant heart. I can’t wear really strong reds with my skin tone, but the cerise is just pink enough that it works. It’s my first radiant heart, but probably won’t be my last. I have the blooming dahlia clips and dangle from a summer splurge, so the blush pink one would probably go well with that grouping. Like everyone else, I’m trying not to go crazy again after my September binge!

        • Hi Deborah! Sorry for the delay in reply, it’s been super busy! Blush pink looks amazing with the dahlia pieces from earlier this year – definitely try that combo!

        • Hi Ellie! I’m a bad girl… Just bought the glittering hearts in pink. They go great with the dahlias and the fairytale blooms. Soft and delicate. I find the enamel charms difficult to pair sometimes, so this combo took some work.

  2. Hi Ellie
    Good review and great ideas for styling as usual ;-)
    When I first saw the stock image of the Fairytale Bloom I was not sure but when I saw it in person I was definitely convinced. This charm is sparkling but not that much, at least for me. It is really beautiful and delicate. And I really love the intricate detailing. I have not purshased it yet but It’s definitely on my wish list. And I thinking on put it on a bracelet with some of my fairytale pieces.
    Have a beautiful day

    • Hi Valerie, thanks! :) It would look so nice with the fairytale pieces – I personally like it best when it’s put with some older, two-tone fairy tale charms. My favourite way to wear new Pandora is to mix it with old :) the intricate detailing definitely offsets some of the sparkle, too!
      Thanks for commenting, have a lovely evening too!

  3. Moshi Jewelry shop send me an email said that Pandora have terminated licence for 600 shops across U.S. & Canada, they have to send Pandora items back to head office immediately. I know this will be happened one day wihen I see many concept stores, feel so sad for small business owner who try to make Pandora famous and popular, Pandora don’t want them anymore.

  4. Thanks for the review. It is on my wishlist too. I like it as a focal piece and, like you, I think it is perfect to style it either for party looks with more sophisticated and sparkly charms or for an everyday casual outfit arranging it with more plain pieces. I also love its size. It is a bit smaller than the radiant hearts, so it is easier to wear and ideal for tiny wrists ;) So far I have seen it only at the store window, through the glass. I don´t dare go in and take a closer look at the new pieces because of my ban!!! So far i only allow myself to get to the store window and take a look from there but absolutely “no trespassing”. Still ;))

    • I totally agree with you re size (can’t remember whether I mentioned that!) – it’s just about perfect as a focal piece without being huge and overwhelming and sparkly. Aha I think we’re all on a ban at the moment – I have definitely indulged too much in this collection so I am trying to wait until the Christmas collection comes out before buying anymore..!

  5. I was not sure about this one but I think your review has just pushed it onto my massive wish list! I can just see it by the castle on my fairytale bracelet, it makes me think of the vines winding round the gates of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, in a sparkly form! I like the smaller more delicate beads, but I also like a bit of sparkle and this one seems to suit me better than some of the other bigger sparkly pieces! Thanks for the review Ellie, as if I needed more temptation haha!

    • Haha, I am very glad to hear that! I love your idea about the vines and Sleeping Beauty – that’s the nice thing about this bead. It sparkles, but it’s also delicate enough for that kind of romantic interpretation! <3 Thanks for commenting and reading the review, even if it tempted you haha!

  6. Hi Ellie
    Good review and great ideas for styling as usual ;-)
    When I first saw the stock image of the Fairytale Bloom I was not sure but when I saw it in person I was definitely convinced. This charm is sparkling but not that much, at least for me. It is really beautiful and delicate. And I really love the intricate detailing. I have not purshased it yet but It’s definitely on my wish list. And I thinking on put it on a bracelet with some of my fairytale pieces.
    Have a beautiful day

  7. Lovely review. I really liked this from first seeing this in the stock images. It didn’t disappoint when I saw it in the shop. I bought 2 of this charm. I love the beautiful delicate and intricate design and a bit of sparkle. It is a versatile charm, which can match most charms. I’ve put mine with the ice crystal from last winters collection, the alluring cushion spacers from the Autumn collection and the lace clips from last autumns collection.

    • Thanks, Sarah! Your icy styling sounds beautiful and I immediately wish I had tried something like that for this review – maybe in a future one :D

  8. Hi Ellie I have seen this charm in person and really liked it, I wasn’t sure about it in pictures but I really like it. That’s happened a few times. We’re I like them more in person than in the stock image.

  9. Hi Ellie,

    I’m still on the fence with the Fairytale Bloom. While I love the intricate detail and the pretty rippled edge, I am a bit put off by how dull the center stone looked in person. With that said, I do like this charm. I can see the FB making a nice focal point using the new Nature’s and Intertwining Radiance charms. Thanks for the review and I love your brown leather and pink Cherry Blossom bracelet!

    • Hi Emily! The centre stone is the only thing that slightly gave me pause in person as well – it can look a bit dull/cheap in certain lights, although I’m not sure that you notice that when you’ve actually got it on your bracelet as part of a design. :) Thanks Emily – I love the cherry blossom collection, and it’s always my go to for fairy tale stylings!

  10. Love your styling. Haven’t seen it yet as I am on a self-imposed Pandora ban until Christmas. I want the GWP (hopefully) snowflake bangle so waiting til that promo before I make any more purchases.

    • Thanks Lozzie! <3 I am on a semi-ban as well at the moment, at least until the winter collection comes out as well - not that that is too much of a hardship as I've done pretty well lately. There are a couple of Christmas beads I'd like this year but nothing too big!

  11. This bead was on my must have list after seeing the AW stock images. It’s so intricate and delicate, and yes, the name adds to its appeal! I like the “big” stone in the middle. I think it provides a good focal point with embellishments around it.
    Pandora seems to be producing some really fancy, exquisite looking beads these days. (But I don’t want all of them to be super fancy! We need some simpler pieces as well.)

    • I agree wholeheartedly, initiallly,Pandora promoted their charms as a way of creating a story or snapshot on ones life – those special moments. It is hard to create a story if everything is so similar as I find with the pave.
      Fortunately, I gave a good stock of silver & other charms from way back so I can create themes & stories.
      I hope they continue to produce the simpler charms of animals, places & things.


      • You’ve put it really well, too, Lisa – I wondered what happened to the whole ‘unforgettable moments’ thing, when they’re retiring all the individualistic beads – the hobbies and the animals and the characters. But then, their slogans are more about abstract things – ‘unique as you are’ or ‘the art of you’, which kind of suits the more vague pave pretty decorative they do these days!

    • You’re quite right! A little bit of fancy is very nice, but all the time. :) Which is why I’m not 100% against pave or even against it at all – it’s just that it would be nice to mix these beads in with some of the good old classic silver beads too.

  12. Hi Ellie, i like how you put the fairytale bloom with the coffee pot. Their intricate design compliment each other. My Aunty manage to get me the coffee pot on her holiday to Eastern europe. I’m so looking forward to try it out with the fairytale bloom charm.

    • Hi, sorry for the delay in response! It’s been such a busy week and I’ve not had time to update the blog or even look at the comments! So glad to hear you got the coffee pot charm – it’s very intricate, and I’m sure it will complement the fairytale bloom wonderfully!

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I am loving the Disney Princess muranos and some of the crowns. I’m not too keen on the dress dangles. I think it would be pretty cool if they did princess portraits like they did for Minnie and Mikey mouse. I’m looking forward to seeing what other disney they come out with for the princesses.

    • Hi Ashley! I’m always excited to see what’s next for Disney, too. Spring is normally the season where they introduce new concepts or characters for the Disney line, so that will be exciting :D

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