Today’s post brings a little fun holiday sneak peek, with a preview of the limited edition gift packaging for the Pandora Winter 2016 collection! :D For those who are new to Pandora, every year they release limited edition gift bags and wrapping paper for the holiday season – the bags are always very pretty and, of course, very collectible!

I usually just include a little sneak peek of the holiday packaging in my news round-ups, but the November round-up is aages away and I just thought this year’s was so cute that it deserved its own post!

Pandora Christmas 2016 Gift Bag & Packaging

So this year’s colour scheme is red, which is adorable and rather a nice complement to all the pretty red enamel festive beads that are coming out this year. It’s also a little bit different to bags from previous years, which have tended to focus on wintry blues or purples.

This image is reproduced with the kind permission of Teesh Shuttleworth, so please do not share it without crediting her! <3

pandora holiday 2016 limited edition gift bag
Image courtesy of Teesh Shuttleworth

The Christmas gift packaging is usually available worldwide, and stores often start offering it either at the launch of the holiday collection or a couple of weeks after it. :D

My Comment

Making a special trip into town to choose my Pandora Christmas present and to get one of the special gift bags is something of an annual treat & tradition for me (and my OH!) – it’s always so exciting to see the new designs each year. I really love the festive red of this year’s bag, and it’s going to look lovely on my shelf with my other LE Pandora bags!

It’s so not long now until the launch of the Pandora Winter 2016 collection itself, which is due out on the 3rd of November! <3 You can preview the collection here, but I will be posting my HQ images preview soon – so look out for that!

What do you think of this year’s LE holiday gift bag?

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  1. I am an avid collector of special Pandora bags/packaging, so I am always excited to see the holiday packaging every year. This bag is different than past holiday designs, but I love it and can’t wait to add it to my collection! Thankfully, the Christmas bags are typically available in North America, so I won’t have to hunt it down like I have to do for the Valentine’s Day packaging!

    • I keep them for a while because they are sooo pretty! But rather sooner or later I must do a cleaning out and they end up in the paper container. I also have bout charms which have been simply put in my bracelet in the store. That saves you the grief that comes with having to throw the bags away (lol).

    • Me too, Joanne! There is something just so nice about getting your purchase in one of the special bags <3 I don't know why NA don't get the Valentine's packaging. Pandora NA are usually so good with offering little extras, it doesn't make sense to me!

  2. Hello Ladies…. I do have a question, slightly off topic. What does everyone do with the mountains of Pandora pakaging that you aquire over time? Thanks for your advice, :)

    • Melinda,
      I wondered the same thing. I don’t see much point unless you plan to gift it. I do like the boxes they come out with like for Valentines etc

      • I display it on top of my bookshelf in my bedroom. But I had a clean out last weekend and threw quite a few out. Also, when I buy charm/s for myself now, I ask them to just put it in the small Pandora pouch rather than go to the trouble of wrapping it in the special gift bag. The pouch is alot less bulky and can be safely stored in the zippered pocket inside my handbag until I get home.

        • I do the same thing, and a couple of times a ask them to put in my bracelet directly because I know that I’m going to use it only in that one

        • I do the same Lozzie! But often when you order online, even if you specify that you don’t want packaging in the notes, you get it anyway… so my bags and boxes still accumulate at a reasonably fast pace! Often in store I will just wear my new purchase out :)

    • Hi Melinda! I keep the ‘special’ edition packaging – e.g. for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or Christmas – and give the other regular bags back to the store. I just put them all in a bag and then drop them off from time to time :) the special edition packaging I have on a little shelf in my wardrobe, just so that I can admire them from time to time!

      • Thanks Ladies…..I’m going to the keep the special boxes and packing. I offered all my bags back to the store but they said they didn’t want them. So in the recycler they go. They are just so pretty to throw out. ❤

  3. :-) The Christmas packaging is cute.
    But I’d honestly prefer a nice, special edition box, like the pink heart that was available for Valentine’s Day.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

    • I like the boxes, too, but you often have to spend a certain amount to get them – it’s nice that, with the bags, you get them regardless of how much you spend :)

      Have a lovely week too Claudia! <3

    • Last year! I had the opportunity to get one of the Jared porcelain Christmas trees, but passed it up as I’d spent too much – I now regret it a lot, as they are super hard to come by!

      • Yes, it was definitely hard to obtain. It could not be ordered over the phone, and only one of the few Jared stores in my area had the ornament, It was a bit uncomfortable shopping in the Jared, as others have alluded to in the past, but it was worth it, as the ornament is lovely! Ellie, do you know if there will be another Jared ornament this year?

        • I don’t know for sure, but my guess would be yes – Pandora and Jared have strengthened their relationship recently and I guess the exclusive ornaments are a part of that? I hope so, as I do love the ornaments and having more to collect is always fun!

      • Last Xmas we didn´t get any special packaging in Spain either which is absolutely fine with me as Pandora´s bags are always soooo beautiful and anyway I must throw them away from time to time. But I can´t wait to the yearly x-mas box promotion, which is one of the few things we manage to get free from Pandora :(

  4. I like the festive design! There are several new Christmas charms I want to get in November, so I am looking forward to getting the extra special packaging too!

  5. Hi Ellie!

    I really like the special Christmas packaging/wrap for this year. The red is very festive and fitting for the season. I especially like the way the flap folds over the top and closes with the red bow . The red cord is a nice touch also. I do have quite a few pieces on my list from the Winter/Christmas release and I’m looking forward to getting this pretty bag. It would be nice if the Black Friday Snowflake bangle and/or holiday gift sets were offered in a leather box this year.

    My husband gave me the Anniversary Celebration charm last week since we were celebrating our 37th. Such a neat little charm and I loved getting it as a gift.

    I enjoyed seeing this post and I’m looking forward to seeing the Winter/Christmas release HQ images! With temps still in the 90’s here, I need something to spark my Christmas spirit.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Emily! I agree, I think it’s lovely. The red is such a nice change – I’d like to see them go red for Valentine’s Day next year as well, both with the jewellery and the packaging!

      Aw, congratulations on your anniversary – what a lovely way to commemorate it! :D My OH usually gets me Pandora for our anniversaries too, but funnily enough I always ask for the most unromantic charms haha. For my first bracelet (which was a Valentine’s Day present) I got the elephant charm, and the year after I got the Zodiac dog! ^^

      Glad to hear the post sparked a little holiday spirit. I have a few more festive previews coming up, so hopefully that will keep it going for you! Have a lovely weekend too :)

  6. thanks ellie for sharing can’t wait to hear more about holiday gift sets black Friday charm and snowflake bangle packaging, I’m ready to start spending some money on the winter /holiday collections. I have made appoint of not going in the Pandora concept store in my mall. Hope they release the collections soon. Do you know if the holiday gift sets will be released on the 3rd of nov.? may wait to get the charms and gift sets that I want for the release of the holiday packaging.

    • You’re welcome Debbie – I have made enquiries about the NA gift sets and hope to hear more soon :) info has been a bit thin on the ground this year!
      The holiday sets should either be out with the holiday collection on the 3rd or with the Black Friday bead. I will let you know if I hear more :)

  7. Oh my goodness, that bag is too pretty!! I’m like you Ellie, I like to pic out a little treat for myself for Christmas and the packaging makes it feel that much more special. Even if you are giving Pandora as a gift, this packaging makes it so you don’t even need to wrap!!

    • Isn’t it just! It’s something of a long-standing tradition between my OH and me (one that I am keen to keep going for obvious reasons, lol) – we go to a Christmas market in the evening, get hot chocolate and then I pick out a little Christmas charm to take home! It’s always better if they give me one of the special bags at the same time ^^ as you say, it just makes you feel that much more festive!

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